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The Thundermans – Nickelodeon

The Thundermans - Nickelodeon
The Thundermans – Nickelodeon Auditions

The world’s leader in family friendly programming is ready to bring another high concept sitcom to televisions everywhere this year and the search is on for undiscovered talent to be a part of the fun. Nickelodeon’s all new production The Thundermans will be hitting the airwaves soon and casting calls for a number of fantastically fun roles are being organized now. This could be your chance to realize your dream of joining Nick’s impressive group of comedy stars.

The Thundermans will tell a hilarious The Incredibles-type story of a super powered family transitioning into a new neighborhood and a new non-super life. When the Thunderman parent turn 40 they are forced to leave their superhero town of Metroburg as per the rules of the Hero Council. What comes next promises to be a warm, witty and action packed show that chronicles the family’s five children – Phoebe who possesses not one but 12 superpowers and is very happy that she has the chance to attempt a “normal” life, Jack who’s life goal is to become a super villain, Oliver a magnificently smart kid with an I.Q. of 212 and mischievous twins Nora and Billy who are always finding ways to get into trouble around the house and neighborhood. This project is exactly the kind of entertainment that Nickelodeon is famous for, uproarious fare that is perfect for the whole family and exactly the kind of casting opportunity that any up and coming performer wants to be involved in. Auditions for a several supporting, day player and extras roles will be held very soon and those interested can submit themselves today. To apply for consideration to be chosen for the cast and for more information on the production you can head here facebook.com/pages/KoczaraShevchenko-Casting/132340606804072. As always we will keep you updated with audition details on this and every Nick project so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment in the space below and tell us why you want to be cast in the all new superhero family comedy The Thundermans.

The Thundermans are ready to take the television world by storm and producers and casting directors are looking for talented people just like you to be a part of the Super fun. Apply today for your chance at a star-making role in The Thundermans.

175 thoughts on “The Thundermans – Nickelodeon

  1. Hi I'm Ariel Escobar. I am 12 years old. I love the Thundermans show and it would be a true honor to be apart of the Thundermans cast. Contact me for any updates on the following project.

  2. Hi! my name is Jada .I really like the thundermans and i have wanted to be an actress since i could talk.The problem is i live in Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean but i dont have a visa.I dont know if i might ever be able to leave but u have to try right.my complexion is caramel brown,my hair is medium brown with a mixture of light auburn and my eyes are chocolate brown.I am about 5'1 and weigh about roughly 140-50.Please call me

  3. Hi my name is Tyreece Dickinson I'm 12 I would love to be the new max thunderman because I'm evil and miss Devious I've watched this amazing show since it had started and I'm about the same size at #jackgriffo so I would look more like a teen and I can remember 10 pages or a script in a day but if I was picked I could remember a lot more of script pages and my whole family is humorous so I am very comedian like so I would be very good at the funny joke lines look I wouldn't mind if I was billy or a school child on the program I would be amazed from hearing from u

  4. HI am jack.my talents are acting and dancing. my dream is always to be a nickelodeon star.it would so good if you gave me a chance to act it would be a great pleasure please reply on my email. Thanks for your time

  5. I am Abby and i have done some acting before and i have an acting teacher. I am 12 years old and 4'11. I am a singer, dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader, so i can do flips and things like that. I can play a bit of the piano and ukulele. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I can play emotions very well and i can fake cry. I can do a bit of singing as well. I have a lot of self esteem and i am not nervous to be a big role. This would be a cast of a lifetime. Please consider me, Thanks!

  6. My name is Ann i love the thundermans and i'll love to act onthe show i've always loved acting since when i was a little kid. age 13

  7. My name is Ann I love the thundermans and I'll love to act onthe show I've always loved acting since when I was a little kid. I would like to play an extra role can I audition.
    Age 13

  8. My name is kunle am from Nigeria right from when I was still a young kid have been meaning to act in one of a video series in nickelodeon, but still I am 13 year old… I wish to perform in this show thunderman, because I love it so much…. Contact me.. .. God bless you!

  9. my name is chisom louis i am 10 I dont want to act because of money or fame i just want to make people to laugh when they are going though bad times e. G sicknes, poverty just give one chance i promise i will not fall thank you.

  10. My name is Keith and i'm 10 I like the thundermans and would like to be on the show as Baron with ice superpowers if I'm not on it at least I tried.

  11. Hi i'm, Abbie Marshall and I would love to become a part on The Thundermans!I am a good singer and have sang on the radio before! Every day after school I sit down with my younger sister and watch The Thundermans up until 10:00pm! Here is some info about me:

    Name: Abbie Marshall
    Birthday: September 7th 2005
    Hair colour:Blonde/Brown
    Eye Colour: Blue
    Language: British
    Live: London/Manchester/Middlesbrough
    School Year: Year 6

    I may not get a part but I would love to be even an extra! It has been my dream since I was 5 to be on the show and I would do anything for a role/an Extra!!! 🙂

  12. hey i watched this show its really good i want to take part im 14 and live in wichita kansas i really hope u would contact me i can draw, act i think, make beats for music, i play sports and my teachers say i write excellent with a lot of voice

  13. Am Naomi. From Kenya. Am 13 years old. I love to act since I was 10 year's.. I would love to act in the thunder man's show. But good luck to the one who gets chosen.

  14. Hi my name is maddy. I'm 12 years old. I do dance hip hop and tap and jazz. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes I have light skin color. My dream is to be an actress on the thundermans. I'm wanted to be an actress on your show for 4 years and I was watching your show for 4 or 5 years my dream is to be an actress so bad. every kid has a dream and this is my dream. I'm really good at reading and acting.

  15. Hi, I am Bolu and I am 17yrs. I have and will always love Nickelodeon. I just want to be on any Nickelodeon show like Game Shakers, The Thundermans, Henry Danger etc. It's my dream to be a Nickelodeon star

  16. Hi my name is ashley ramirez live in Miami I sing ,dance ,act and I want to be an actress when I grow up.I am 12 years old and I would really want to audition ? I would be really cool and I have acting experience

  17. Hi my name is Enrique Nur Teay. Im 10 years old and im a big fan of the thundermans. I watch all of their episodes and I hope one day i get to be in a thundermans episod

  18. Hi I'm dove I'm 5'10 brown eyes brown hair light skin play basket ball I have acting experience I would love to be on a Nickelodeon show to be a lead or a friends to which ever Nickelodeon character so please accept me thank you

  19. Hi my name is Maddie and I would love to audition for the thundermans. I have dark hair I'm 5'3 and I can sing, dance ,act well I'm more like talented in my family. I have so many ideas for me too come out in the show (if I will ) like Max, Phoebe, Billy, and Nora's, long lost stepsister. Hank once dated a villain named Expactra (screaming ability) before he and Barb meet. This was one big lie Hank never told to anyone. P.S stepsister will be as the name of Renai. Renai is 16 years old who has the ability to fly, super hearing, super vision, super strength, indestructibility, and telekanises. If u do want me,send me an email.

  20. Hello, I'm Crystal Thomas. Im 13 years old and I always wanted to be a actor and have a career, I always wanted to do what's best for me is to become a actor I am a strong leader. I will do my best for what's right for this actors role. Please I just want to live my life with a dream come true. I have faith in me, I have passion, I also am a hard worker. Let me tell you about my self, I have blonde Ombre hair I run track I also am a lovable person So May I please get this part? And one question… How much is it to audition? Also where and when?

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