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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Kammy McKenna says:

    Hi, I am a freelance artist who just moved from the hustle and bustle of LA to my hometown in southern Illinois. I was shocked to see that a major monument to my childhood has fallen into despair. Our art deco single screen theater is falling apart and no one seems to know how to save it. It opened in 1941 and many of us would do anything to save it! It sold for auction in 2004 but was found to have extensive mold, so it has been left to sit. If you could use our theater as an episode or even a short series, our entire town would be forever grateful!

  2. Angela says:

    Part :2 And its hard for us everybody have there reasons to be here and this is mines not for me but for my family i'm tired of moving and for once i wanna live in a home without any worries or issues i want my family to live a happy life

  3. Angela says:

    Hey My Name Is Angela I'm 17 years old i want to be part of extreme makeover so i can help my mom get a better home theres nine kids and only 7 of us living in the house we are in a bad condition a month to move and we found no house long story why but we live in a 3 bedroom house not very comfy when theres 7 of us and 2 adults my mom she can't work ever again because of her condition she caught a stroke a couple years back and sometimes she can't see from her eye and her legs get swollen and she can't walk and when she caught a stroke things started getting worst for us and its hard finding a job in my city because i try helping her becuse she the only one paying for everyrhing
    Not easy but hey its life she pays all the bills

  4. Sharon Easter says:

    Hi. My name is Sharon Easter. I'm in need of a home makeover. I live with my husband, daughter, nephew (whom we have custody of ), and grand baby in a 3 bedroom 1 bath house. My daughter is pregnant again, and the baby is due January 2015. I have notice mold on the base of my hall wall. I've also notice mold around my bath tub. I'm scared for the health of my granddaughter, and nephew. We've had custody of my nephew since 2002 when he was two months old. He's now twelve. It is our responsibility to see that he's life living a healthy, andh

  5. rory says:

    Hi my name is rory I'm from sa. I'm looking to build a new home for my mom and dad my mom and dad look after abandoned babies and babies that don't have homes its a very tough job! The place is small please help

  6. angelea says:

    My names Angelea and the love of my life is mark we are an amazing couple who have waited so long to find eachother he is a veteran and a very amazing manwe are coming up on a year of being together an found out that we are going to have a baby in April he's a hard worker but everything seems to go wrong we want to give our child what we never had but our home now is a veteran70s trailer we have no carpet the screws stick out of the floor we have holes and are missing some walls our outlets don't always work an the lights are falling from the ceiling it's very cold in the winter an too hot in the summer there's a trailer across from us that we've been trying to get into but it needs new floors an has holes in most of the layout we've done all we can to fix it but we aren't carpenters we just want a home tgats not going to stress us or hurt our child we make it week to week we aren't asking to be on tv just iv watched your show a lot an he laughs cause I always cry on the big parts we don't have money to help but would be more then grateful if there was anyway you could help us finish this trailer if anything thank you

  7. Kristine moore says:

    I'm hoping that you might be able to help. My fiancée russell lehr was in a tragic diving accident while we were out on a hot day in July of 2014 with our children. The accident left him a Tetraplegic which means he can not feel or move anything from chest down. It has been incredibly rough. He had no health insurance and we are in the process of fighting to get him disability. He was in a trauma unit from July 2 till the first week in August then was transferred to Magee rehab in philadelphia. He was recently released to come home but was only here with us a few short days and is back in the hospital battling pneumonia. The hardest thing is about half a year before the accident he bought a home in as needed condition. Basically a fixer upper. It was abandoned and had leaks in pipes. Leaks in the roof, termite damage and the list goes on. He was starting on all this when the accident happened. Now on top of the house needing repairs we also need modifications done to it to accommodate him. Ramps, bathroom remodeled, lifts and it's hard because we don't have the money to do it. I have a 10 year old daughter and Russ has a 14 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I'm trying to work just to get some of our utilities turned on. Almost everything was shut off because they couldn't be paid for. I hate to ask for anyone's help but this family truly needs it. I'm trying so hard to make things as normal as possible for this family but really need all the help I can get. We would forever be in your debt with anything that you could help with. Even if it were to just get our story out there then that would mean the world to me. I don't know how much time we will even have left with Russ but all I know is that I want to give him the happiest life possible. If you are interested in helping any way I can be reached. My name is Kristine Moore. Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and why this family could benefit from your shows help.

  8. Amy says:

    I'm writing on the behalf of my parents.they are renting a house because their house fell in years ago.my father has been Ill for over 19 years.and they are in need of help to be able to go home.they don't have the money to rebuild and neither does the kids.and all my dying father talks about is going home.if you all can help it would be greatly appreciated.
    . Amy Hinkle

  9. Michael Lee says:

    Subject: extreme homes make over
    Your Comments:I have some one that would be great for you to help her name is Mary Hanlin . she has had a very ruff live from child hood to now . she has been beaten . cheated on nocked down . she slept in her car just to protect her kids . still after all that she brings people into her house to give them help . she also keeps her son home that has some meat trouble .she has not enough money for her self but is willing to give what she has to help others the church there has to beg her to let them help some . 3 years ago she lost her husband passed away . 22 days her daughter passed away and is now on her way to her brothers funeral . she had her daughter living with her to help them and her grand kids not enough moneey to eat and pay all her bills but makes it work she live in Duncan az 105 elm st . you can call me or contact the mormon church in Duncan az they her her there

  10. mark parsons says:

    we are a family of 7 2 kids ages of 2 and 1 we have 5 adults and we live in a two bedroom trailer and the kids dont have a room of there own i am on disability been on it all my life and its hard to try and make things meet when i try my hardest to help others out and i cant get a job due to my disability the trailer is falling apart its not stable for these kids thats all im worried about is my kids a better home to live in please help us we could really use the help thanks!

  11. The Tensfeld-Ruska Family says:

    As you noticed, there are two family names. It started with Cheryl Tensfeld, and Clyde Ruska, my dad. As long as he can remember, it has been a long road for him and his fiancee. Always moving from place to place to be with and help family members. There were times when they lived with no electricity or running water, but they still put others before themselves. About 2010, while living in Arizona, they found themselves again, Cheryl, her daughter Sara, and my dad, homeless while helping a cousin. May 18th, 2010 Cheryl was diagnosed with a massive blood clot in her left leg. Sara was told to find relatives to live with, because the doctors did not think Cheryl was going to make it through the night. They moved to Washington, and Cheryl was diagnosed with yet another blood clot in October. The home they moved into was left vacant for five years, yet there was something still missing. I, Jonathan Ruska, haven't seen my dad, Clyde, in over ten years. After I graduated high school in Colorado, we were finally reunited, and our home was complete.The following problems with our home are: 1) the roof leaks in three different rooms. 2) the furnace has not worked for two years, thus making us use multiple space heaters. Which in turn overload the electrical panel. Meaning if we need to do laundry, we must turn off the heaters. 3) Everytime we need to wash dishes or take a shower, we must go to the basement and reset the water heater. 4)The roof and floor to the back porch are rotting due to leakage. 5) It's a daily struggle to save what we know can be a beautiful home. Three of the four are disabled, thus making it a financial struggle to keep our home running. By watching your show, we have seen the miracles you guys perform. We are writing you because two nights ago after my dad said his prayers, it came to him to reach out for help, and ask for one more miracle. Please consider us Cheryl Tensfeld, Sara Tensfeld, Clyde Ruska, and Jonathan Ruska. God bless you all!

  12. Mykayla says:

    I'm applying to help one of my moms friends, they love in a small trailer and they have had multiple problems while living in the trailer from bathroom problems to kitchen problems. They don't have the time or money to remodel or look for a new home. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help them out. Thank you so much!

  13. Susie Haley says:

    MURDERED! I am writing on behalf of my Uncle Vern and Aunt Deb. Their son Trent Mallory was murdered by his girlfriend on March 6, 2014. She was just found guilty of 1st degree murder on October 18, 2014. Trent has a 5 year old names Carson. My Uncle and Aunt were making plans for retirement, that has all changed now that they have a 5 year old boy to raise. Not only are they raising their own grandson but they are also raising HER (the murderer's) 6 year old son because she is going to prison. My Uncle and Aunt are the greatest people in the world. They live in an OLD 2 story farm house that costs a fortune to heat and is very run down. Normally, the upstairs is closed off but with the boys living there now the open stairs must be heated as well. They are in the process of putting in a new drain field as we speak because the system can't keep up with the extra laundry, baths, dishes, etc..
    They need help!!! Plain and simple. Not only are they grieving the loss of their only son but they are trying to cope with the fact of raising two young boys at retirement age. Please help them if you can.

    Sincerely, Susie a very caring niece. My heart is breaking for them. Thank You

  14. Kit Knight says:

    I have a friend/neighbor who deserves some help. Her whole life has been the sort that would cause anyone to feel like "why me", but never has. Abusive parents (emancipated at 16). She moved to New Orleans and married young. First son was born premature and has cerebral palsy, second one has immune order. After 1st son was born they found she had nasopharyngeal carcinoma and used both radiation and chemo at full force. She survived but with no help at all from her cheating husband. She moved across the street from me in N.O. so she could get her boys into a good school and be close by. I was always impressed by her upbeat personality and devotion to her kids (3). They started to have health problems and found stachybotrys. They moved out, lost the house relocated. She divorced horrible husband and received NO child support. She didn't push it because she wanted her kids to have the possibility of a relationship with him some day. He was so vindictive, she didn't want him to take it out on them. She also felt she had so much radiation/chemo damage, she wouldn't live to reach old age (40 yrs now). We moved to Covington at different times and she bought a house down the street from me. She took a job at the local high school so she could be there for her boys. Things were going well for her and she was happy. Then she was kicked in the throat by a special needs student.Drs misdiagnosed her for a long time. She now has a trach and a feeding tube.She and her boyfriend were renovating this large home and he left when she needed him. Now she I trying to finish the home. Living with sawdust is bad for her trach and she is overwhelmed. She also can no longer work and has to live on a very tight budget. She is trying to keep her boys in college. She is a very beautiful woman inside and out. With a son with a wheelchair (or support) and other with health problems, and her issues, she could use a stroke of good fortune.

  15. Douglas Orange says:

    Hi, My name is Douglas Orange and I am a Grandfather that is raising 3 of my grandchildren in a house that I had set up for just myself. I have COPD and heart problems also and not that I have had my babies for over three years and they have really grown my house has shrunk if you know what I mean there ages are 6,8,&10 and we have very limited space. I truly am not one to ask for help but I could really use the help if you could fit me in. I know you can't help everyone but thought I would try and if not I still love the show you guys do even watch the reruns all the time when I can find them. You people really do good stuff for people am glad to see that it is happening. About my house, to be honest about it if I could just get some added room to it not anything fancy I would be so greatful for that and again Thank you for all that you do

    Douglas Orang

  16. Aaron Davis says:

    Sorry, I forgot to tell you…. That My Mom is limited to what she can do and it really is nothing at all…. Lifting is 0 to 5 Lbs. she can't bend over. or squat…. She walks with a Cane. She can't really even walk around a store, either…. My Mom has tried to get help else where….But, Nothing or No One Can Help…. So, Please, Please, Can You Help Us…. Thank You & I Hope To Here From You Really Soon, Like Tomorrow, Joke…. Thanks again….Aaron David of Ky….

  17. Aaron Davis says:

    My Mom has been suffering to keep our house after My Dad, died in July,2007. My Moms health has been getting worse, she found out this past December,2013 that she has Osteoporosis besides her disc are deteriorating in her lower back, neck, with having other problems with her health. My Mom always kept our house so clean but she just can't do it anymore. Our house has so many problems walls and floors are cracking, besides needing walls painted, and carpet torn up. Bathroom has so many leaks from the plumbing, bathtub, my Mom can't even get in and out of it, anyway with her legs with the neuropathy that she has of not having the feeling in her legs all the time. Bedrooms are in need of carpet ripped out, walls need to be painted, ceiling needs to be fixed, because of the water coming in from the roof in all 3 bedrooms. Basement has flooded about 4 times in the past couple of years, carpet is dirty, I think there might be mold under the carpet, but, I am afraid to look, walls are with black like mold on them. There are probably more things that are wrong with our house but, I don't know for sure. Besides we might loose our home……. I Pray To God, Each And Every Day That We Don't Loose Our House and That Someone Will Help Us……..Please, Please Help Us…….Aaron Davis from KY

  18. Brenda Ramirez says:

    Hi, my name is Brenda Ramirez I live with my mom who is a single mother of seven children. Lesli who is 18, me who is 16, elias who is 9, Berenice who is 8, Ismael who is 6, and twin sisters who are 3. We are living in a shelter for about three years and can't get a home because of certain things. One my mom doesn't know how to speak inglesh so it's really hard for her to communicate with people who only speak inglesh and second she doesn't know how to read or write. Sometimes we don't have anything to eat and she would go down to her friends asking for food just to feed us. I can't stand seeing my mom struggling and crying in the night thinking about what she is going to give is to eat the next day if we don't have money. We practically live out off food stamps i im trying to get a part time job after school to at least bring in some money into our "home" to eat. I don't consider a shelter my home because I don't find peace in this place everytime I go to school I don't want to go home because all of our problems just stands there and waits for us. We started living in a shelter because of a situation that happen to me and my sister with our step father. From the moment that we started living in a shelter we don't find out way out. Nobody want to help us in any way to be able to move out of the shelter. I can't do this anymore I can't even invite friends over because people who live in the shelter could only enter and they will laugh at me knowing I'm living in a shelter. This place brings problems to our family my mom and sister are constantly fighting about trying to get a place that is not another shelter im afraid that because of this my sister could leave the house and not come back. We have been in so many shelters around New York we have verbs in the Bronx to Brooklyn then back to the bronx. I can't see my family suffer no more we have been going through so many struggles that I will love for you to help us not only me but to my mom that's so inspiring because she is racing seven kids and is still standing strong. Please abc help us get a home not only a home but a new beginning . Thank you
    Sincerely brenda

  19. Cierra Ann Perez says:

    Hello my name is Cierra! And I know that alot of people try to get yalls attention. And right now I am trying so hard to get yalls attention right now to ! I have a grandpa and his name is Daniel Campos. And he lives in Beeville Texas, and I know that it is really hard and far away from where yall are located. But alot of people out of Texas come to Texas. And down here its really hard. So people font give a crap about us ! Especially where I live, I live here in Berclair Texas. Yes its far out but as I was saying about my grandpa, he loves in a rotten old torn apart trailer and with no tank or light and water ! He doesn't eat on the regular. Sometimes he drives over here to berclair just to eat and take a shower and lay down in a nice cozy bed. And he works, but nobody down here had a great to give him a job, and he has so much experience. And he has his own land that took him a long time to get paid off, and she he passes away, which is not happening anytime soon, he's only 56. Well that land goes to me and my sister and my cousin Anthony. We are his three main grandkids who actually are there and help him. We have other family but they just don't care. And my grandpa doesn't take advantage of anybody and he isn't doing good at all,and I have a disability. And I try so hard to help him in anyway I can. And I'm 15. And I would really appreciate if yall would have the kindness to come all the way out here to help us out. We just don't have the money to do anything like yall do. Yall are amazing and have big hearts. I cry everyday for him and pray and pray that God will help him and lead him into the right way and I have a feeling its yall ! Thank you for your time ! Please get ahold of me!

  20. kalea gibson says:

    My names kalea. I'm 16 years old and Recently my grandpa passed from leukemia. He had also had lung cancer that spread into his liver and all over his bones until it finally hit his brain. When i found out how sick he was i moved in with my grandma and my uncle. My uncle was in a wreck about 7 maybe 8 years ago. He was paralyzed from his waist down and it can be kind of hard for him to get around. Its very hard trying to find a house that's handicap accessible. we only have 1 ramp. and it can sometimes be difficult to use. we live in a little 3 bedroom trailer and its very old. My grandma, Anita is 58 years old. she has problems in her neck where she has to get shots in her neck. and its difficult to find a good house with medical bills for my uncle, grandma, and recent hospital bills for my grandpa. And with me going to college in 2 years it will just be worse for them living by themselves. i really want them to have something that can last them the rest of their lives not having to worry about hospital and medical bills and everything else. we live on quite a few acres of land that my grandpa inherited when his mother died.. which is my great grandma. but without my grandpa there's no one to keep everything up. thank you for listening. i greatly appreciate the opportunity for this

  21. Anna-Jean Bailey says:

    Hi guys, im from Ohio and my parents house needs help badly. My step dad is a Vet and has server PTSD and has a TBI. My mom takes care of all of us, i have a 9 year old sister who is living in my moms bed room and my parents sleep on an air mattres in the living room. Im 17 with bad Astmah and the celling is falling and sturing up dust and it gets hard to breath. My mom tries so hard to keep me out of the hospital but its hard with this house and we really dont want to move. Please help us we cant keep living like this

  22. Kwabena Adubofour says:

    My name is Kwabena, a single dad, born and bred in West Africa,Ghana. I am working for the Renton School District and before that Tukwila School(4yrs) District and Seattle School District(9yrs.
    My house is falling apart and I need help. I have no relative nor family member living here with me. My funds are not sufficient enough to remodel the kitchen and the bathroom.
    Moving from culture A to culture B is no joke and I think I am doing my best to fit in but am socially inferior, economically disadvantage but determine to live up to the American dream.
    I have a story to tell and hopefully get the chance to share my 19years in America story. I hope it will lift up both citizens and outsiders that "if you put your mind to it, you can make a difference.
    I am available to discuss, explain and share my experiences with your audience if possible

  23. Chelysamira Figueroa says:

    I'm leaving my comment about your show. I absolutely. Love what you guys do. I desperately am in need. My boyfriends mother who is in need of a home make over. I later. Found out that she was a candidate for the show. Eledy turn down the help…she felt blessed, that she a least had a roof over her head. He felt someone needed it emore than her. Please help me help hee selfless heart. She became a widow in 2003 when she lost her husband to cancer..it is now 2014 and her home is in worse condition. She has raise her grandkids with out the support of her daughter.. Please, she would not refuse your services again.
    My name is Chely.

  24. Shanda Beck says:

    Hi my name is Shanda I'm contacting you for help my parents live in a 2 bed 1 bath house with myself, my husband and 2 kids ages 1 and 2. We live in my grandmothers house and she is no longer around my dad is on disability he has heart disease an has had multiple back infusions, my mother fell and broke her knee cap in 2 places she has a job at a small truck stop she is also disabled but does not draw a check for it she never regained her knee back to its full potential I cannot work because I Cant afford child care my husband workes but we live check to check and barley have enough to get by we could really use your help as far back as I could remember my parents have worked to support or family and its time to do something for them in return.

  25. trinity price says:

    I was wondering if yall come to Edmond OK? My mom need a home make over !!

  26. maddison says:

    Hello my name is maddison I'm 17 and grew upin a hard life me and my man Thomas have been together since I was fourteen. We got this trailer house is mom owned and its falling apart the roof is caving in there's holes in the floor I'm prevent but I Dont want anyone to know yet plz help us we could do it are self's but we Dont got the money .. Were Lucky too have food all week plz contact me back

  27. Melissa Gonzalez says:

    Hello. I'm hoping you see this. I'm nominating my cousins for a home makeover. Such wonderful people cursed with terrible tragedies. My cousins husband has cancer and we are not sure how long he was going to be with us, but to top it all off she lost her oldest son in an electrical accident while he was working… It was so sudden and so tragic. His name is Alex and he was extreamly talented and the kindest soul you will ever meet. All he wanted to do was help. Help his father batteling cancer, help his mom, help te family get a better home.. His death is heartbreaking and completely unexpected.. I really hope you can help my extended family they really truly deserve it.

  28. mike dollard says:

    my house was hit by a tornado on 4-18-2013 and the people that repaired it have had to be called back twice to fix it right and still my house is in bad shape. Please advise. Thank You, Mike Dollard

    I have pictures if you want to see them.

  29. Tammy Bloom says:

    I am so hoping someone can help us here in South Africa? My son who is now 6 was very sick when he was 1 onwards. He had childhood interstitial lung disease. He spent most of his time in hospital, having biopsies and living on oxygen. Our whole family went through a hell of a lot, including my now 13yr old son. We live in a 100 square meter house which needs so much work done. Many windows are cracked, Cords lying all over. The house hasn't been painted in 10 years and the window sills are cracking and our kitchen is falling apart. We are really battling, this month I can't even pay school fees. We never go out to eat, to movies but spend our life in our little house. I would really appreciate any help if you do have any contacts in South Africa. Please ABC

  30. jessica morales says:

    hi my name is Jessica i want to surprise my mom by rebuilding my moms home because in 2005 my family and i lost my dad to cancer and about 2009 my mom was bit by a spider that almost took her life my mom had to have about 5 or 6 surgery's to take all the poison out she was in Lubbock TX for about 6 months. My mom has been through a lot she has been a very strong woman i would love to give her this makeover thanks jessica

  31. Theresa Yates says:

    Hi my name is Theresa Yates,I am writing to you on behalf of my sister and brother-in-law.Their names are Sherry and Leon Bonds.They live in Florence,Alabama.They are very good people that are always helping others,but never them selves.They are both disabled and have very little money to fix their home. Through the years they have raised over a dozen children,3 of their own,3 that they have adopted and numerous other children that they have taken in. The most recent child they adopted has been in the last year,and she also has medical problems that they deal with every day.It takes a toll on them emotionally as well as financially.Also in the last few months they have taken in our mother who is 85 and has frontal lobe dementia.I know this sounds like it can't be true but it is.They truly do put others before them selves,and I would so love for them to have something for themselves without them feeling like they are not worthy of someone caring what condition their home is in. They have never done any of this to be rewarded or praised.They just do because of the love they have for others.I truly hope you will consider them as worthy of help.Thank you for your time. Sincerely Theresa Yates

  32. Diana Cooper says:

    I'm writing to you about my uncle and his family from Brookings, Oregon. My uncle has a nine year old son that was recently diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, which is cancer of the brain and spine. He has had a tumor removed and will be undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for the next year. The main issue is that the house they are living in is not considered to ba as sterile as it would have to be in order for him to spend this year at home. My uncle is very hard-working and has been a mechanic in this small town for quite some time now. He is a generous and kind man who would help anyone, and always seems to be in a good mood. They have another child that lives in the home as well. My aunt and uncle are determined to have him home during the treatments as they want to spend as much time as they can with him in case, God forbid, it doesn't go well. They are trying to get enough funding together to at least redo his room, but then he will be completely confined to his room even if they are able to get it done. There is much to do and none of us want him to have to live in the hospital. They also have to travel quite a ways for the treatments and it isn't covered by their insurance. Needless to say, they are in desperate need and no parent should ever have to see their child go through this, let alone be in no position to make his life comfortable while he is going through this. I'm reaching out for help, and I know that no matter what happens it is God's will. Thank you sincerely for reading, as I'm sure every story touches your hearts as it does mine.

  33. Farah Saeed says:

    I have watched your show for as long as it has been on the air. My mother in law to be is renting to own a two bedroom one bath house. My fiancé, myself and his two children are currently living with her until my fiancé can pass his state boards for Nursing. We have tried to do some remodeling our
    selves but fell short due to financial difficulties. My mother in law has worked endlessly since her teens, raising three boys while working 2 and 3 job just to pay the bills. We are struggling to keep the lights and water on each month and just have given up on finishing the remodeling and repairs. My fiance, an Iraq war vet can't even take the time to study for his state boards for worrying over bills and how we will make it til the next day.

  34. Haley Kistler says:

    Hello my name is Haley Kistler and I am 14 years old. I have ne'er been able to bring my friends to my house because I am so ashamed of it. We have always been a very poor family. My dad left my mom and he moved to Kentucky and left us here in this horrible house. it doesn't have central air or heat so in the winter we freeze to death it we're not two pair of pants and wrapped up in a blanket. and in the summer it is so boiling hot that I'd rather stay outside because the inside of the house is hotter. our house is very old and we don't have any money or any choice to fix it. my house is very far from my school. we have rats, snakes, roaches, spiders, you name it. we have it. our house stinks of mold because there is so much moisture and it just turns to mold. a while back, my father was going to renovate the house but he ne'er finished and the kitchen is cover in sheet rock. he made the stairs and they don't even have a rail on them and it is an extreme hazard. we have wood floors in our bathroom and laundry room and my mom has already had her foot fall through the floor while doing laundry. I hate living like this and I can't take it anymore. just to use the bathroom we have to turn on the blow dryer to heat ourself up while using the toilet. this family has been through enough and we still have to deal with this. I know that you probably aren't even going to see this but if you do pick us for your show we would be so blessed and thankful you don't even know. so please I'm begging you. I will pray every single night. thank you, Haley Kistler. P.S. my mom doesn't know I did this so I kind of want to be a surprise!! PLEASE.

  35. kedric brissette says:

    Dear Ty hi my name is Kedric Brissette I am a home owner and have build a mech. shop from word of mouth , and i would like to tell you a little story …my first son was born with c.f. which finally took his life at 23 he had a great life as much as i could give him what a blessing he was through those years he taught me what life was all about and how i should live it even when his mom and me had gone our own ways what a son it was 7 years Oct 13 that we said our good by..as the years past i got into buisness with my dad started a shop that i now run and hope to own some day. then i found my wife she had a 6 month old son at the time so small so cute we got married and had to more kids a daughter and another son 9 years has gone by and still to this day all of are love is strong then the older child Gavin started getting head pain ,double vision ,now this is a child that has never been sick never mist a day of school which he loves took him in first they said it was a ear infection then they said he had a double ear infection we are like look there is something going on with this kid and it is not a infection then we finally got a M.R.I. at that point 6 months later they all start to freak out life fighted him to Portland Oregon we live in this small town Harbor Oregon 7 hrs away they tell us he has a tummer on the back of his brain. So at this point as you may know our family's life has just changed we find out that he has Medulloblastoma and that he has to go through six weeks of radiation then two weeks of chemo and then two weeks rest then back to the radiation and the chemo this will continue for a year or more ( he is only 9 years old ) we live in a 30 year oil mobile home that is so falling apart in all ways, right now i have started to make him a clean room which has used up all i have to to this and now my other son which is four has to sleep with me for our home was only a three bedroom my 7year old daughter has her own room which it took me two years to build out of the master bathroom first time i ever did a remodel wow! anyway Ty my town has given us awesome support just look at my face book page (Kedric Brissette jr) but our needs are out weighing the support the biggest worry i have is getting this house ready so he has a safe and supper clean place to go when he is not at the hosp.i hope and pray you really do read these and some how i have touched your heart as my son has touched ours and many others who have grown to know him i only have untill Dec. 12 2014 to have this done or almost done at least i will have his room ready. We have never asked for anything. We have supported the town with all we have when some one needed something to help them because of needs we where there…thank you Ty for all that you have done for this world .It needs more like you …(kedric Brissette )

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