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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2015

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  1. Ruby Caldera says:

    I have 2 siblings we get along very well with each other. I'm about to have a daughter. Our life was easy we had everything our dreams were to go to college, but about 7 years ago my world fell apart my dad was deported back to Mexico. We were hurt for months and months we cried and cried. Several years later passed and we have only seen him once out of all these years. We need bigger space for us our trailer is a disaster. My sister sleeps with me, my daughter needs a good environment we have bugs in our house it doesn't feel comfortable. We have bills after bills. So please help us!

  2. Katie Johhanson says:

    My husband and I live in Seattle, and we have two active children. In May 2012, I was laid off from my job. In October 2014, my husband's work contract ended. We have been struggling for 4 years, finding work whenever possible, in order to provide a stable environment and raise our children in our 1956 vintage rambler home. Recently our daughter was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, requiring ongoing medical treatment, and I was diagnosed with Diabetes. We are now at a crossroads and each new decision can make or break us in a battle to overcome life's challenges. A remodel with a rentable basement apartment would change our lives and allow us to keep our home, and our future dreams alive. Thank you for your consideration.

  3. cynthia vassar says:


  4. Danielle says:

    Hi. My names Danielle. My mom is a paramedic &; my step dad is a fire fighter/Emt. My parents are the two most giving people I've ever met &; would give anything to anyone who needed it and would risk their lives for a complete stranger. My parents have always always worked hard to provide for us even when my step dad didn't have any kids of his actually own, but he is MY dad. My sister and I now have a brother that is 10. I remember when we were little, we lived in the apartment and my mom would work nights while my dad would work day shift And leave as soon as she got i. From work. Finally when I was about 6, my papaw gave them a house. They still live in this house today. It is falling down around them and a hazard for me to bring my kids to and for my mom, dad, and brother to even live in. They have tried remodeling themselves but just do not have enough money to pay people to do it and it is falling down still. The ceilings in the bathroom looks like it could fall at anytime. They both work 24 hour shifts and hardly ever see each other just to make ends meet &; that's life but i would love to be able to see them
    In something more safer because they try so hard and help so many others and save lives &; I would just like to help get my parents into something where we can have family gatherings with the family &; just simply something for my mom to be proud of. Thank you home extreme make overs.

  5. Christy Myers says:

    I am an RN. Went through college as a single mother of two. I worked two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. I taught Sunday school also. After graduating I found an amazing job and new I was on my way to providing for my family and then some. I was very proud of my self. I found the man of my dreams and didn't think life could get any better. We found a home with several acres that needed that na of work and to bonus it was close to the Rarity Mountain resort and golf course development. We knew the property value would go up and we could sell out, turn a profit and finally own a working farm. 3 years into my carrier I was injured at work. 2 broken vertebrae, 3 slipped discs and periformus syndrome. 3 surgeries later it has become a struggle to keep up my daily chores as a mother. I walk with a Cain(recently came of the walker) and for a 36 year old successful RN it has been very humbling to say the least. After two years my workmans comp ran out. My fiancé is now working 14 hour days 6 days a week. I have recently lost my car and we struggle everyday to keep up the mortgage payments and utilities. I went from contracting help to attempting to do it myself. What it used to take me a day to complete it now takes a week or more depending on my physical capabilities. I have mold in my shower, I have a second bathroom 1/2 completed for the past year. I have a kitchen light that hanging down and I have no idea what's wrong with it!! It's a new fixture. I have a private well that is full of cooper colored water. I have 2nd had upper kitchen cabinets sitting on my back porch for months now. My kitchen floor has laminated flooring that I put down back in the winter and it's almost completed. I just can't get down in the floor to finish it. My daughters 15 & 11 do their best to help but they can't put the flooring together and I can't bring myself to teach them to cut. My fiancé gets one day of a week. I try to do my best not to have a long honey do list for him on Sundays. We use Sunday's to attend church and as hard as he works through the week I can't bare to ask him to start a project between church sevices and and maybe take a month to complete. I need my bathroom and can't wait a month for it to be finished. He does his best and so do I but its not enough. It has taken a lot of courage and humility to ask but we need help. I feel I have failed my family. Although I'm home with them now, doing simple things such as laundry is excruciating. I'm not lazy in the least. Im not making excuses. I get up at 5:30 every morning and make breakfast and lunches. I clean my home and do laundry and cook supper for them. I've always been taught to grin and bare it. I just never imagined what the weight of that statement would bring. I'm tired. Im at wits end and I pray for help. Being disabled was not apart of my future goals. If I do not qualify for your program please remember us in your prayers.

    Thank you,
    Christy Myers RN

  6. Paula says:

    Hi, my name is Paula. I couldn't see where to post a request for an extreme makeover. This request is not for me. This is for a friend that I work with. We have been working together for almost four year. Her name is Jolanta. She works two jobs and struggles to make ends meet. She got married about 20 years or so ago, she was not blessed with children. Her husband has gone down hill in the last few years and she has stuck by him although she is suffering deeply. He began renovations to the house and never finished it. He is not working, and is becoming more and more depressed. She is just over 50 and see's no future for herself. She has no family here and little friends. Her husband a few months ago he fell down the stairs and broke his hip. He had three surgeries and is still not walking great. She does not drive and goes and comes to work by bus. Just recently he fell off the couch and broke his shoulder. She can hardly pay for her mortgage and keep up. She leaves 7 am and gets home around 7pm. Jola is always smiling but I have seen her tears and pain. She is always bringing extra lunch to share with others. She is a very loving sweet lady that deserves a chance. I wish I could help her. This is the best I could think of. Please help her. I know you have others and lots of sad stories. If you could only meet her, you could see. Thank you Paula

  7. Erin swarm says:

    Hi, im writing to you to try to get help for my sister,Megan she has three beautiful children and a loving husband, but her life is one of envy and yet great sadness. Her and her family are volenteer fire fighters, and she is also an emt here in our small town.she always strives to help any and everyone .but she cant help her self she has very bad social anxiety. And panic attacks, fiber mialga..cant spell that lol.. and it puta her in alot of pain and yet she still has tge hear to put her problems aside for others.she has been trying for years to fix her home that was a fixer when they bought it..brad her husband does what he can but being the fire cheif and also working for the township.he is quite busy..and money is tight.i just have to say that i have never met anyone like her is all about how she can help someone eles and i wish someone could do something for her.her home needs so much work and i watch first hand the stress it puts on her.Please home makeover help me give back to he the help she always gives others..thank you for reading..

  8. cindy carkoski says:

    Hi my name is Cindy I'm writing today because my home is in need of much repair. Currently I have two toddlers in the home which I help take care of as my daughter goes to nursing school. We have s kitchen , bathroom falling apart .We are in need of space also. We live in a rural area a small town of around 3,000. I would love to use my home as an example of how you come out to small town USA as well as the big cities. Love the show and I look forward to hearing back from you.

  9. Jophyllia Kee says:

    Hello I am requesting this for my parents Joe and Lena Kee. We reside in a small community East of Pinon,Arizona which is named Whippoorwill. They've had their home since I can last remember which is since I was a little girl. My father's parents had passed their home down to my mother and that home had been collapsing, roofs were caving in,and moles were forming so they decided to tear down the house the begining of the year 2014. Up to today they live in a small shack that once was their storage room, and I think they deserve a better and more reliable home. My mother had been battling breast cancer and she had fought her way through but as she kept going to treatments her doctor told her she still had cancer and just a month ago she was notified that she has no more cancer . So I'd like it if you'd come out and help my parents build their new home they've been wanting . Thank you.

  10. Shirley says:

    HI my name is Shirley I live in a 2 bedroom house and it needs alot of work on it we are renting to own and i have custody of two grandkids one is 16 and the other one is 11 both girls ive had custody of the 16 year old sends birth and the other one for 10 years i am 61 years old and my husband is 60 we been wanting ti fix theis house up and have a 3 bedroom so the girls can have their own rooms but we cant aford to do it both the girls has ADHD and they both get SSI. but this house needs to much work on it and we cant give the girls their own bedrooms the 11 year old sleeps down stairs on the couch and i sleep on the other couch in the living room and i wish this was paid in full to call it are own. so i hope you can help us out Please.

  11. Sabrina Murphy says:

    Blessings and good luck to each and everyone that has applied for the extreme home makeover. I've read many of your stories, struggles and circumstances and I wondered if I should even tell my story. They made my troubles seem so small. First I would like to introduce myself; my name is Sabrina Murphy, a 57 year old single mother of a 17 year old daughter. About 17 years ago my life change drastically when my parents became ill. I had to give up my life as I knew it and move back home to Como, North Carolina to take care of my parents. So I took my then infant and moved home to be the primary care takers of my parents. My father had many illnesses but mainly congestive heart failure. In 1999 my mother was told that she had a blood clot on the brain and it had to be removed asap. So during 9 to 12 hours of surgery my mother had 2 strokes and it left her unable to use the left side of her body and it also left her blind in the right eye. After her surgery, they had to go back into her head to take a piece of skull out due to her brain expanding, and put the piece of skull into her stomach. And when the brain subsided, the doctors had to go back into her stomach to remove the piece of skull and put it back in her head. When my mother came home from the hospital, my dad and I took care of her. I worked a full-time job, took care of my infant and my parents. In 2001 we lost my day to congestive heart failure. I continue to take care of my mother, infant and worked. It had taken to be so that I couldn't take care of my mother anymore so I had to make the decision of putting my mother in a nursing home. So in 2003 my siblings and I decided to put our mother in the nursing home. I continue to stay in our home to pay the mortgage and taxes on our family home. Over the last several years our family home has come down a lot and I'm afraid that my daughter and I may be homeless if I don't get some kind of help or assistant. I have had contractors to come in and do some work and they just took my money and messed up the house even more. Once our dinning room caught on fire and burned part of the room. I paid this contractor to come in and take down the paneling and put up sheetrock, well he left the paneling on the wall and put the sheetrock on top of it and know its coming off the walls and he didn't put any of the molding on at the top or bottom. And in the bathroom I paid a plumber to put a new floor in and he just did part of the floor and a few months ago I feel in the hole in the floor in the bathroom and know the whole floor is falling in. Soon we won't be able to go into the bathroom at all. My daughter and I had to move out of our bedrooms because of severe black mold and mild dew in our bedrooms. We had to throw away our bedroom furniture, some clothes. I'm going to have to throw out the living room furniture next, because the mold and mild dew has gone into the living room. All around the ceiling on both sides. And our home has a bad smell from the mold and mild dew. Our roof leaks and both of our ceilings has cracks in them. From the holes in the roof. And know there are soft spots all over the house where all the floors are begging to rot from the septic tank over flowing in the back yard. It goes under the house and water stays in our back yard that causes the floors to rot out. I can't bring my mother home anymore on the week ends because she may fall through the floors. I had to use a kerosene heater this winter, because our heating unit went our and again I paid someone to fix it and it still didn't work. I fell so bad that my daughter have to live like this, not being able to have a safe home to live in. I've gone to agencies in the county, but they say it may be years before they can help me. I don't know how much longer we can stay there with it falling down on us. The ceilings in the dinning room and kitchen has a crack also and the island in the kitchen, the cabinets over it is falling from the ceiling. I don't know what to do or where to go. When we come into the house the door is full of mold and mild dew, I've clean it off, but it keeps coming back. I'm starting my nonprofit business to help homeless veterans and their families.I'm hoping that you can help me save our home, so that I can have my office in my home and I won't be afraid to allow people to come into my home office. My daughter and I would be so ever grateful. This is a passion of mind to help them because they served our country and they deserve all the respect, love and help. I Keep telling my mother she will be able to come home for a visit soon, but if I don't get help, she may never be able to come home for a visit again. So to the crew of Extreme Makeovers, please save our house and make it a home for us again, because we have no where to go and I can't afford to rent an apartment or house anywhere with the money I make. My daughter is so humble that she never asks for anything or make a fuss when I say we can't do that or we can't do this. I would to see her back into her own room. Again help me save our house and make it our home.

  12. Samantha Castanon says:

    Hi my name is Samantha and I am writing for my grandparents and father. My mother left my father and I when I was 8, we've always been on our own. We started living with my grandparents shortly after my father got me back from my mother after she kidnapped me and took me to Mexico for 6 months. My life isn't perfect like all the kids in my school think, sure I may get everything I want sometimes, but I have never gotten my own room. We live in a 3 bedroom mobile home, I share a room with my grandma; isn't that lovely? Our house is basically torn up inside, there are many walls that are destroyed, we don't have the money to buy a new house or to repair our walls and other damages. Our family don't help us, yet we help them, so there's no use in asking them to lend money. Please help us out, I want to live a normal teenage life like all the other girls at school, I want to have a sleepover in my own room where I can be me. I can be by myself, I can be concentrated on school work in my own room. Please please help us, for me and my father and grandparents.

  13. jessie gandner says:

    hello my name is jessie im 16 years old im doing this for my mom my mom does a lot for people when they need food water what ever they need i just want my mom to have a house that she can call home we live in a trailer are plumbing is bad we have no air no heat it gets so cold at night and in summer it gets hot please home extreme makeover give my mom a house that she can call home

  14. Samantha Dones says:

    Hello, Im Samantha Dones and im here trying to get help from you wonderful people who help one another with homes. This request is not only for me but mostly for my hard working mother. My mother trys her best to make us ( her family ) happiest as possible. She always signs up for these kind of things but never got the opportunity to get a home makeover. I may not know much for a 13 year old but i do know that my mother's future goal is to get a home make over that she's been dreaming for a very long time. Please help me get my mom her dream house. She's done so much for me it's time for to do what's best for me and my family in return. Thank you. p.s my mother's name is Wanda Nazario.

  15. Ronnye Hicks says:

    My grandmother was born in 1938 in Kentucky, her family soon after moved to Michigan where she met my grandfather when they were 13 years old in the fifties. They got married when they were 18 years old and moved around a bit before settling in a small town named Omega, GA. They raised 3 children while living in Omega and several grandchildren.They owned a small mobile home company and dabbled with a couple of 'mom and pop' country food restaurants and were very successful. While my grandfather was managing his mobile home company my grandmother was working at a local day care and got offered a position as an Activities director at a local Nursing Home in the seventies. She quickly devoted her whole life to the residents and they quickly formed an attachment to her. My grandfather owned a mobile home on one of his sons properties and one day it caught a blaze and burned completely to the ground saddly along with all of his and my grandmothers savings. In 1996 they decided they were going to move to a larger town near by named Tifton, GA. They thought this move was going to be smooth and easy sailing from then on out, but my grandfather was diagnosed with diabetes soon after and it put a toll on the whole family and in 2001 my grandfather passed away from lung cancer that none of us knew he had. He was always the backbone of our family and always took care of everyone, he would give his last penny to someone in need. Now all alone in her house she had only been in a couple years with all of her children grown my grandmother drove herself into her work at the nursing home and spent every free second she had making the residents lives more comfortable. I am one of 4 sisters, each of us, each of my cousins, and all of her co-workers as well can tell you, if we ever wanted to visit my grandmother we could find her at the nursing home. Sometimes she worked until midnight arranging rooms, visiting residents, doing paper work, etc. Every resident will tell you that their lives were changed for the better after meeting my grandmother. Me and one of my sisters moved in with my grandmother after our parents split up in 2009 to try and keep her some company and soon we both found ourselves wrapped around each and every resident we got to know and we got to finally understand why she loved her job so much. In 2011 the nursing home my grandmother had been working at since the seventies was going through a change of hands and as a result my grandmother was wrongly fired from the job that was more than a job to her, it was like having her second home and family being ripped away from her. It was National Nursing Home week and the activities department grilled hamburgers on a grill outside as usual for the residents at lunch time but one of the residents at the nursing home was on an all puree food diet, meaning he could not have solid foods, but by law he is allowed to request solid foods if he wants them but it must be cleared by his nurse and the dietitian. The man requested a hamburger to both the dietitian and his nurse and both cleared the request and so my grandmother served the man the hamburger that day at lunch. The next day the administrator from the new company claimed the request had not been cleared and my grandmother was then fired. She filed unemployment shortly after against the nursing home and won her case, but that was only for a few months, and for the first time my grandmother found herself without a job. At 73 years old she was back on the market for a new job and soon after landed a position at our local Cracker Barrel, the only place that would hire her with her age. We are all thankful she got the job, but it does not pay near enough for her to even support herself. In November 2014, I got married and moved to a neighboring town that is 15 minutes away and my sister still lives there with her but theirs only so much we can do to help. My grandmothers house is in shambles, her ceilings are only about 8 feet tall and leak, her floors are falling in, her house is at the bottom if a hill and water sits under her house and mold grows underneath it badly, and every week or so its a new problem that she cant afford to fix and now she is needing a new washer and dryer and her car is barely in running condition. My grandmother owns her house and the house that is on the neighboring property, but can barley afford the taxes on her house or the other house so making renovations on her house is out of the question and she cant sell or rent out the neighboring house because the renovations on it got put to a haul't as well when she got fired. My grandmother has taken in and sheltered several people over the years until they can get back on their feet, including taking care of her first two grandsons when her daughter had them at a young age who is now in her 50's and is almost completely paralyzed due to a horse back riding accident and is not able to put forth any expense to help her, my grandmother actually pays a lot of her daughters expenses instead, and one of her sons suffer from a motorcycle riding accident and does not speak to her, and my dad does not speak to her as well. She now drives herself into projects at her Church. She is one of the deacon and is in charge of decorating for the vacation bible school every year now, all of the back drops are purchased by the church but all other supplies such as tape, glue, staples, paint, scissors, etc, are paid for by her. My grandmother has given so much over the years to everyone, she is so deserving of this Extreme Home Make Over. For the rest of her story, pick this deserving woman, named Mary Lou Kirby, as your next Home Makeover. Please.

  16. misty says:

    Hi,i am writing this for my husband,he is 30 years old and is the strongest man i know,at the age of seven he was abused by his step dad until he moved to tennessee with his other family at the age of 13,where he was just left by his mom to make it on his own he had two sister ,one with a disability,and a brother his mom left with his siblings to be with another man when he was 16 he meet me and i was 14 we were in love i wanted to be there for him because no one else was we ended up pregnant when i was 16 when our daughter was 2 he got ti finally reunite with his family through the internet,they came to live with us With my parents in a two bedroom appartment then they finally got on their feet to get their own placeand at the age of 20 my husband bought a house for our family our family keep getting bigger we had three kids over the next 5 years then he got the worst news that hia mom had cancer and it was progressing fast,so they came to live with us again our house was packed it was us me,my husband,our 2 kids and my mom and dad my sister and his mom,two sisters,and brother,so my mom and dad and sister moved out so we could take care of his mom in 2010 we were expecting our third child he was supposed to be born july7,2010but he was born early on may 27 2010,he was kept in the nicu untill his due date and we were not able to hold him for a hole month due to all of this when he got sent home it made me a nurvious wreck i ended up having a nervous break down and was unable to take care of my kids through all of this my husband held down a full time job and took care of the kids and his mom i was able to regain myself and some what get by to normal and everything seemed ok for once his moms cancer was in remission and things were ok then in sept.of 2011we found out that i was pregnant and his moms cancer was back and this time it had spread fast and we had no choice but to put her on hospice i will never forget the look on his face,i could tell he was scared and worried but he kept going working as much as he could to take care of all of us then in feb.2012 the worst day of our life happened we got a call from hospice that his mom was gone,life changed right before our eyes he noe had to became a brother and a father for his disabled sister and to a new baby boy but being in his home the one he worked so hard for was to much for him now that his mom was no longer with us,so we made a drastic change and decided to move but he still was not happy he was still hurting and grieving, he would have nightmares and so after a year he decided to move back into his house he worked so hard for and so everyone could be together,finally everything was good the kids were happy we were happy and everything was coming back together. On november 21,2013 we were out christmas shopping for the kids we wanted to give them a wonderful christmas because of everything they had been through, my mom and dad rode with us that night,we dropped the presents off and stored them secretly in our attic amd were on the way to drop my parents off and pick the kids up from my siters on the way home we were talking about how excited we were for this christmas and how happy we were that everything had falling back into place,when my phone rang and it was his sister she had stayed at home while we picked up the kids because she was tired drom shopping,i could hear that she was scares by the tone of her voice so i asked her what was wrong and she said the house was dark and she couldnt breathe it was smoky,i told her to get out of the house and run across he street to the neighbors house,while i was on the phone with her the neighbors called my husbandand told him our house was on fire i called 911 by the time we got there our house was in flames we lost everything and because we had moved out for a while our house insurance on coved the house not our stuff,so we had to move to a hoteland because we could not afford ti stay in a hotel and pay the house while it was fixed we lost our home,now we are living in a home for rent and we r very greatful,but living here and renting he couldnt let his other sister come livr with us to help her until she got back on her feet and its tearing him up inside i would just love to have your help to give him a home of his dreams for all his hard work and support for his family,i want to give him back for everything that he has given and i know having a home for his family to be together would be his dream to be able to have some where for all his family to be together!

  17. Tonee Chandler says:

    Hi Extreme Makeover… My twin sister Tosha and I have been longing to get ahold of you but were quite skeptical because we know there are people worse off. Typically, we are not ones to ask for help because we like to stand on our own two feet. But now our need of help is much greater than our pride. You see, on December 18th 2013 at about 3 am we woke up to the top of our home on fire. There were 4 adults and 4 children in our home. My sister and I each have a child, a girl and a boy, age 6 and age 4. My mom and dad took in their two great nieces at two weeks old and almost a year old. They are now eight and nine years old. We all made it out safely just in the nick of time. The fire departments said it was a miracle that we had all survived. We had lost two of our cats in the fire. We stood outside our home watching the fire disintegrate everything within minutes. All the floors fell through. It was a total loss. The inspectors wouldn't even try to go in our house after the fire because it was a complete danger zone. That previous fall our insurance had lapsed and we had no insurance on our home due to the hard times we were facing. We lived in our house for ten years and we had lost ten years of memories in our home within minutes. It still feels like yesterday that this had happened. We are all still very shooken up and face depression and anxiety in our own way. We still have no closure and are trapped frozen in this treacherous memory. We live on our property in a two bedroom trailer aside our burnt home. We use a porter potty and our water froze two months ago due to the fact that we don't have a place to put our holding tank. After the fire we lived in a motel room for two months until Joe Polisko gave us a two bedroom trailer so that we all could stay together. We are battling moving forward and are trying to gain stability in our lives but are so unsettled. It is hard to move forward due to our financial status. Shortly after the fire my twin sister's son was diagnosed with a rare heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson White Syndrome. About 1 out of every 400,000 children have or may develop this. He has been flown by helicopter and rushed by ambulance many times to Dartmouth, New Hampshire. We had just found out that he has another pathway in his heart. Also that his muscles in his legs and feet are decreasing and he now needs braces on both legs. The eldest of the four children lost all of her hair and eyebrows and is experiencing a great deal of stress as well as all of us. The children are reminded of this event every time we walk out the door. All of the children are experiencing nightmares. We need something positive in our lives. Please Extreme Makeover, help us fix our broken family! We'd like to take a moment to thank you for helping those in need. We thank God for people like you and the good work you do! We'll be praying for you and your staff! Thank You! Sincerely, The James, Chandler, and Carson Family.

  18. Linda Knight says:

    Hello, my name is Linda and I am in desperate need of a few home repairs. I have applied for a grant from my city's "Home repair for eldery and disabled" only to be told that the repairs are too meny for the grant. They can't help me. I am the kind of person that takes in anyone who needs a helping hand. Now my house is falling apart, and Im afraid I will no longer be able to take in those that need a helping hand. And am afraid the city will comdemn the home where I have spent over 20 years and where my husband passed. Please Ty I just want the bathroom tub fix so the young family I have given refuge to has a place to wash up without having to use the small shower in my bathroom.

  19. Tina Brown says:

    Hello extreme makeover. I'm writing u because I really need ur help. My name is Tina Brown and I'm 41 years old. I have four kids and Four grandkids. After 22 years and four kids my kids father woke up for work on morning and said to me he was leaving us. I had no job at the time because I got laid off due to down sizing in my company. I found myself and my kids and grandkids homeless. We slept here and there but mostly inside my four door Honda. I was looking for work and a place to live. I was riding after dropping the kids to school and drove pass a small for rent. There I met a old man name David Warner. I explain to him my situation. He said I will help u and your kids if you promise to go back to nursing schools and find a job. My was breaking down on me at the time but I that would. He gave me the keys turned on my lights and hot food for my refrigerator. I couldn't thank him enough. Two weeks later I signed back in nursing school. He motivated me the whole way through. Now Mr Warner needs help with his home. The roof is bad. The garage is falling in and he is 71 years old. He is so giving. Every Christmas no matter how cold it is he and friends are feeding and clothing the homeless. He has done great things in his. Now I want to do something great for him. Pls help. God bless u all,

  20. Cass says:

    I spent most of my childhood living in the Saginaw area. It only made sense that I would want to settle down and make a life for myself in that same area. In July 2007 My husband Robert and I thought we bought our Dream house, it’s in a great neighborhood, it’s quiet, close to the grocery store and the perfect distance for me to drive to work! All the things we wanted. It was the perfect location for us.

    Fast forward 8 years and we bought a nightmare! We have serious structural damage in need of renovation. We have rotten floor joists; the main support in our living room isn’t even attached. We have Cracking drywall and water Damage in the Laundry Room (due to land grading issue). Our uneven floors leave much to be desired. Outside we have some issues too, A Land grading issue where water puddles up against the house instead of draining away. To top it off we might have rotten wood behind the siding. It wouldn’t hurt to slap a coat of paint on there either…. It definitely couldn’t hurt.

    When we bought the place we had plans to make it into a home, once we started making changes we found our floor joist problem and stopped. We got quotes to fix our two main concerns the floor joists and Land grading. Jaw dropping moment!! Quotes: $15,000 to tear up the floors and replace the joists; $45,000 to raise the house and fix the land grading. We can’t afford that! We are in need of some serious help! My husband and I wonder how long we will be able to continue to live in our house. The thought of bankruptcy has crossed our minds. People ask why we stay…. We stay because we love our neighbors, we love the old timey safe feeling. We stay because we can see the potential for greatness.

    If we had the repairs we needed it would give us a chance to focus on other things in life. We could give more money more often to our favorite charity. I want to make the world a better place one life at a time by adopting another feline friend. We could afford a newer vehicle one more suited to my husband’s medical needs. We could host family gatherings and holiday parties. The biggest one is we could finally renew our wedding vows. We would really like to celebrate our love with friends and family by renewing our vows. We would finally make our little house a home.

  21. Tosha says:

    Hi my name is Tosha. I am applying for my family who lost our house and everything we had in a fire at 3:00 am on Dec 18th 2013. We are thankful to be alive. We had watched everything we owned go up in flames. There was no insurance on our home and we are struggling everyday. There are 4 children ages 4,6,8, and 9 and 4 adults ages 25,25,47, and 53 living in a 2 bedroom trailer next to our burnt house. We are using porter potty. We look at it as if we were camping. My dad is disabled, my mom gets sick often, my son who is 4 has a heart disease and his muscles in his legs are decreasing and he is getting braces on both legs. He wakes up with nightmares to this day. Everyday the children play in the yard they are reminded of this day. We are so thankful for the help of our community. We try to stay positive but it is hard. We are broken. Please help me to put my family back together. God bless. Thank you.

  22. Sharol Carter says:

    Hello Extreme Makeover Home Edition, I am writing in hopes to help my dear sister in law and her family. Jackie Hoffman is more like a sister than a sister in law, even though my brother passed away suddenly several years ago in his early forties of a massive heart attack. Even though Jackie had a rough time she never lost hope and was always there to help anyone she could. She moved in with her son a few years ago after he went through a divorce in order to help him. My nephew Jerry was buying his first house and Jackie wanted to help him. Well since then Jerry met another young lady and she moved in and they now have a one year old son. The part I haven't told yet is why I am writing for your help. Two years ago, while standing at the kitchen sink, Jackie lost feeling and use of her legs. The doctors do not have answers as to what caused this but diagnosed her with transverse myelitis and she has been bed ridden ever since with many complications. Besides wounds related to improper care at the hospital, Jackie has to have a Foley catheter and a colostomy due to problems with serious infections. Jerry's house is very small and has inadequate space to accommodate Jackie's needs. Their bathroom/shower is not adequate so Jackie has to have bed baths and is not able to be out of bed as often as she should be. There just is not space in the house as it is. Unfortunately, due to Jerry's serious back problems he is not able to assist as much and is not able to work. Jackie's daughter Amy comes and gets Jackie up as much as she is able to but unfortunately, Amy has many responsibilities as she works full time and also cares for her husband who just had a liver transplant in January. I feel this family really needs and deserves an extreme makeover, please consider helping this family.

  23. william says:

    I have a friend that could use a house makeover she would do anything she can for any one but she don't have time to do her home she has live in for 48years and her husband can't do anything now because his disabled can breath and now she is having ant in the home and the kitchen floor is peeling she just don't have time to fix everything she is the best friend ever.

  24. steven ormsby says:

    Hello ty and the home makeover staff i am writing you to tell our story on the road to our American dream. we started 8yrs ago when i helped my wife and my 8yr old daughter escape from a violent man that was hurting them we went on the run and we finally escaped him we lived in a fifth wheel for 1yr and half helping a nice lady with her ranch can she needed help while there we had our 6yr old daughter then we found out that we had another child on the way so we had no choice but to move we moved to Washington where she was born early and live the first 1yr pretty much in the hospital and i was volunteering as a fire fighter. then we had friend talk us into moving to tn where we started trying to get the American dream owning our own house and work with animals which is my 6yr old daughter and wife's dream rescuing abandoned and abused animals we finally started started buying in a rent to own about three yrs ago not realizing all the issues with the home. when we moved here our house that we lived in i was a property manager so i did not think of restarting my businesses there and we have been struggling to get them running then the 1 vehicle we had died and we have been without one so between that struggle and the struggle to remodel this 110yr old house and building the outside area for the animals(dogs) and there expenses my wife and daughter passion. We have not been able to get anywhere on this and not able to get to my dream to open a rec outreach center with food pantry for the community. And now we have the state involved cause we cant get all this done i am begging and pleading for help i am a very prideful man and to ask for this help is very hard but i want my family to have the American dream and the American way please help.

  25. Julissa Modesto says:

    Hi my name is julissa & i would like my mom to get an extreme home makeover. If you would see our home we have cracks on our floors & ceiling. We have bugs & rats running around too that's disgusting & i alwYs watch ya's show & i love it my mom has no idea im doing this for her & she's gonna be surprised if we get picked to get a new house. We dont have any money right now so we can't afford to buy or make a new house ourselfs otherwise I wouldn't be doing this for her.

  26. ashley stone says:

    my name is ashley stone and i'm 16 years old. i've lived in the same house all of my life. i was an only child for 9 years and then my mother got pregnant with my baby sister. my dad left us when she was 9 months pregnant and since my mom was unable to work at the time, she wasn't able to pay the bills for our house. our house is a 2 bedroom, one bathroom trailer. we moved in with my grandmother for 2 years till my mom was able to pay for the over due bills for our house. she met another man and he helped us re-model the inside of the house. they got divorced and our house was not finished on the inside. she is now married again and very happy with her family. we still live in the 2 bedroom, one bathroom house. my mother had 2 kids, me and my sister, whenever she met her husband now. he also had 2 kids and together they had one, my little brother. all together there is 7 people living in my house, and it is too small. we don't have money to move or to fix what needs to be fixed in our house. the pipes are messed up and in my bedroom and the bathroom, ths floors are falling in. my parents and little brother share a room, and then i have a room with my stuff along with my step brother and step sisters stuff in there. it's a very small room so there isn't room for the others to stay in there with me so my step brother and step sister sleep in the living room. my little sister, who is 7, doesn't like to stay at home with us because there is hardly any room for any of us, so she stays with my grandparents most of the time, who lives behind us. my mom and step dad do everything they can for us and i want to be able to say i did something food for them. thank you.

  27. Dion Augustine says:

    Hi, I live in Durban, South Africa, I know this is a long shot because this show is based and filmed in America. I own my one bedroom apartment for about 15 years. In 2012 I lost my job, I have been managing to pay my mortgage so far but unfortunately I took out an investment and now the company is under-investigation. My 78 year old mum and my nephew live with me. For over ten years I have been sleeping on a couch in the lounge. I am 48 years old. I am diabetic, have hypertension and also HIV positive. Since the investment did not work out I have to now put my apartment on rent to save it and make sure my mum as a place to live in. The sad part is that I have to move out. Also I am selling my car and had to cancel my medical insurance. I have just been going through a very bad time since I have lost my Job. If there is anyway you and your team can help me. I would appreciate it. Take care and God bless. Keep up the good work. You and your team are absolutly amazing.

  28. Nicholas Arnold says:

    Hi. My name is Nick I don't know how to start this really I've always taken care of everything and everyone else I came down with a very rare bone cancer it's a blue cell cancer and very fast growing I have fought this cancer three times in two years I recently got re diagnosed again and they have done three backsurgeries on me as well I'm disabled and don't know if I will make it again I recently lost my home my wife and everything I own I have a two year old son I have to worry about were he will live if I make it and with whom if I don't I don't have a home at all and my full disability check is only 600.00 a month I can't afford to rent a house or apartment I don't have the income so we're having to share a storage slash spare room at my mother's I'm 3yrs old I am not asking for a fancy home I would be forever grateful for a nice travel trailer and a spot set up for it I can hook that up to my mother's place if that's what I have to do I have never asked anyone else for help through the three fights with cancer but I can barely stand myself knowing I can't give my son a home even a small two bedroom cabin would mean everything to us there is so much sadness and pain to deal with thank u for your time.

  29. Jamie slater says:

    Hi extreme home makeover. I would lIke to apply for extreme home makeover for my soon to be husband's mother in law. I say mother in law because he lost his wife almost two years ago to a heart disease. He still remains close to her mother and she is such a sweet loving women who has seen a lot of pain and heartache in her life. She not only lost her daughter to heart disease but she also lost two husband's to heart complications as well. When he last husband passed she found herself a single mother of 4 children. They live in a small home that is falling apart. We helped her fix the floor in her kitchen because it was caving in and my heart broke as I looked around at the home that is now falling apart. She works hard to support her family and she deserves a blessing of a new home. Her toilet doesn't work,ceiling caving in, her washer in the middle of kitchen with the drain hose stretched out the window so she can wash clothes. All this and she never complains and says she is rich in other things. I would love to see her blessed beyond measure and I know this would be that blessing (:

  30. Jeff blanz says:

    I have been take care of my two daughter's over three yes now and they keep telling they want a house and a play yard. (Thanx for reading). Shy. Star

  31. Jeff Burleson says:


    Four years ago my family and I were victims of a truly bizarre incident at our home in 2011 involving an overzealous process server who wouldn't identify himself.

    I met the man armed only after he pounded on our front door off and on for over twenty minutes.

    He falsely accused me of chasing him down the sidewalk with the weapon inches from his face.

    That simply didn't happen.

    Facing 15 years in CA State Prison, I wouldn't plead to a felony; I was determined to clear my name.

    On 12/13/11, I was found 'not guilty' of the felony charges; but convicted of the misdemeanor on a technicality.

    The technicality? The prosecution argued I shouldn't be allowed to present my 'self-defense' claim BECAUSE I didn't point the gun at the man.

    Needless to say, as a result of my conviction I was sentenced to four months custody.

    It was a truly horrendous experience being away for 80 days: adding insult to injury was the fact my appellate lawyer abandoned me in custody. (The CA State Bar has since sanctioned him for life).

    Fortunately, the CA Appellate Court REVERSED AND REMANDED MY CONVICTION on self-defense grounds.

    I thought that would be the end of it.


    Literally on Election Day last year, I was called by my trial attorney and told 'the DA wants to try the case – again!'

    As hard as it may be to believe, they still didn't give up.

    Four years AFTER my arrest, MY CASE WAS FINALLY DISMISSED!

    After a FOUR YEAR ODYSSEY which cost our family my business, nearly cost us out home and over a half a million dollars, my wife and I are emotionally exhausted and would be overwhelmed with an opportunity to START FRESH!

    I think our account would be fascinating for many Americans who have no idea how fragile their freedom is.

    Would you have an interest in this story?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Jeff Burleson

  32. Amber Hutto says:

    I have never had a stable home in my life. I have moved from city to city since I was born. Now I have a family and we still have to move from home to home. My husband and I have a son that's almost two now and he is going though what I did when I was growing up. I want him to have a stable home and not have to worrie about what I did. My only dream growing up was that when I have a family they wouldn't have to go though what I did. I try every day to do better and pray that something will change for us. My job is hard and doesn't pay much but I do it to provide for my family and to get though ad much as possible. We live with my mother in law at the moment. We have land of our own but can't seem to get the money saved for a Traylor to put on it or a septic tank. We could use your help badly. We have no idea where we will end up next

  33. Yvette says:

    Hello my name is Yvette Perez I am writing you guys in need of your help. I am 27 years old and a single mother of three beautiful kids. Aniyah 9, Christian 4 and Tatiana 3. Recently my mother helped me make a big descion that really saved all our life's. She moved my kids and I all the way from California to wyhoming to get us away from a very dangerous abusive situation. We left everything behind only bringing my kids birth certificates on the plane.On her own she flew us here and found us a home bought my kids and myself new clothes to get by and for my babies to start school. I am so thankful to my mother she only works a 9$ hour job.with all the extra stress on my mom she hurt herself at work and will be out of work until healed. My mom wanting to move next to us to be with her grandchildren and help us has been hard on her. She purchased a mobile home next to mine that she has worked hard to get for us. It's beautiful on the outside but inside is terrible. It has no walls no insulation no flooring, a horrific smell unworking stove. I need your help please. God had blessed us so far with safety and a new home but my mother deserves the same and I can't give that to her only own. Find it in your hearts to please pick my mother for this makeover. She deserves it. Thank you god bless

  34. Karen Keyes says:

    My name is Karen Keyes, and I am applying for a friend of mine. Her name is Sharon, and she has no idea I an applying for her. She is 58 and is currently living in an old single wide trailer in Metairie, Louisiana. She moved into it with her parents when she was 15. Her mother and brother are both deceased, and her father is in a nursing home. Sharon has a learning disability, but she can mostly care for herself. Her aunt is in her eighties, and she is who primarily helps Sharon. I live about an hour away, and I help when I can. Sharon's home is falling down around her. The floors are beginning to sag. There is a hole in her bedroom doorway that she has to step over. The wiring is very old, and I worry about a fire. Her septic system also needs some repairs. Sharon's father is a navy veteran, and he has always provided for her. He is now in a nursing home due to a stroke, and he can't help care for her or make the needed home repairs. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

  35. James Maxson says:

    Hello my name is James Maxson I live in Cairo ga on 12.8 acres with a 4 acre fish pond I help my mom out with my little sister who has hypotonia which is a low muscle tone I work 5 days a week and don't really make enough for her needs it would be a great honor if u could surprise me my mom Sandra and my sister vera sometime I don't have a video to post but I will be honored if u would come to ga

  36. Michelle Weatherspoon says:

    My name is Michelle Weatherspoon.I would like my moms home to be made-over.My mother is a breast cancer survivor.She went through a double mastectomy about 3 years ago. Her life was salvaged, but her home is crumbling. I don't know where to start. I am a 35 year old woman who continuously tries to repair everything all alone. The pipes are rusted and corrosive. The roof is water damaged and rotting. I'm sure there is an abundant amount of unseen mold present. I have tried to repair the roof. It lasted about 4 years now it's leaking again. It is a flat roof by the way. The house is a old ranch style home. There is well water that needs to be converted to a regular city water system. My mom still owes a lot of money on her home. Her health is deteriorating and I don't know how much I can fix. My mom has had a nervous breakdown and stress is one of the main things that causes cancer to reoccur. I need help. I am begging. Mom mom's life depends on it. I know she's living in a mold motel, but I can't fix it alone. I am willing to help. I have pictures of the repairs I have done already. I'm in tears praying that GOD brings you to my mom. Please consider us as a makeover option.

  37. Mary Yiga says:

    I would sincerely like to apply for the extremes makeover for my mum aka my african queen. My mum is a single mum of eight children and countless more she has taken in over the years. Growing up we all saw the physical abuse that she endured from my dad which forced us to take her to court to get a divorce for him as she doesn't believe in divorce. My dad was asked to pay child support but we never saw a penny and she never asked for one. To make ends meet we sold sweets and small snacks from a house that was borrowed to us . We moved countless times as my mum could nit adored to look after all of us. So we stayed with friends but, my mum worked so hard that eventually we were all together. My mum was a professional hairdresser and she made ends meet by making hair. But because of all the psysical abuse she endured she could no longer use her hands as my dad broke them so she could have nothing. It truly a miracle how we all ended up graduating from high school and university. It was a struggle as we went many days without food but somehow our african Queen put food on our tables for all eight of us. We would walk to church for over two hours at least three times a week as she made sure she was always at church with us. Even though the divorce was better for my mum it was still a huge pain she had to overcome .

    In 1997 the unimaginable happened when her 15 year old son was run over by a bus and died. Our world as we knew it came crashing down. We were still struggling to make ends meet so we had to go out and find bursaries, scholarships on our own to contunie studying. Things were starting to come together as my mum managed to open a small business which through a friend grew to insure she would make a living for herslf. After a few years of having this business she bought land and began the journey of building her dream house. Anyone who knew us knew this was just amazing as how this could be as in my small town everyone knew how destitute we all were.

    A few years after my mum building her dream house she began to get sickly and found out that through all her physical abuse she had athirties. Her Ill health starting getting worse with her needing a knee replacement, her getting high blood pressure and , gallstones and a couple of other surgeries she had to go through. In 2009 her business partner died and this is when everything tuned. The landlords of the shop she sweated blooded over refused to lease to her anymore which meant after almost 15 years she had to walk away with nothing. My mum opened her shop to everyone. People know that hpthey could bring their parents in for free coffee and more. She gave her heart and soul to there job and it was beyond devasting having to walk away without even a penny. As soon as this happened her health went even worse a s she was broken. During this time she was admitted to hospital no less than four times.

    There was nothing we could do for her. We. Knew at least she had the house and we were in the process of trying to rent out the house as we had come to a place where we knew nothing else to do. Financially mum my mum was in a big hole and renting or even selling was our only option. During this time my mum became very forgetful and was mentally not fit to do a lot of things.

    We were in the middle of consolodating all her accounts when the even more unimaginable happeded. We were called to say my mums dream home was burning. My mum rushed home only to see from the sky that her house was going up in flames. It was the worst that I ciuldn ever imagine. Why to my mum. She has been through so much she is the most generous person I know. She opens her heart and home to everyone in need. Whoever needed a place to stay knew they could come home. She would make her kids sleep in the floor so that others can be hosted in beds and feel loved, valued and welcomed. After four hour drive to my mums place it was now real that this has actually happened the house had
    S really all burnt down. The house that she dreamed of and built. In the morning we called the insurance only to find out even the worst that two months had lapsed without her paying her house insurance. We all knew that she was struggling finacially but not to the extent that her insurance would bounce back. We are not at loss of even what to do or where to go. I have quit my job and will be moving to my brothers place where my mum is being housed as she is so weak that she needs all the mental support one can ask for. As a family we dot. Like to ask for things. We rather be those that are giving as God has shown us how to be generous in all that we have be it little or much. Please please please help me help my mum. I have no where to turn to. This has been beyond painful and to look at my mum in the face is even unbearable as I see all the hurt she has had to endure. You will never meet someone as loving and generous as my mum. I don't know how she gets the strength that she has. At the moment we have all moved into a small house that belongs to my brother, his wife and their two kids. My sister had moved in with my mum to help as my mums health was bad. She had moved in with her furniture stored in our Garage. She was staying home with my 7 year old niece and 3 year old niece. At the time of the fire the older niece was there and we are beyond thankful she is alive even though she is so traumatized about all that she saw. My sister is. Is moving home to home with her kids and they is no space for them now. It is for sure better than being in the street but we are crying out for hair help. Please help me. Please help us Ty and your team. You need to meet my mum you will fall in love gauantred . Love Mary Yiga

  38. shelby moore says:

    Hi my name is shelby moore, i dont know how to put this, but my uncle passed away a few months ago, my grandma is letting me stay their with my boyfriend. He has a 3 year old son.The house was built in the 18's n my uncle stayed in one room. We are trying our hardes to remodle the house, its hard for us. We bothe work n dont have the time or money to pay for everything that we need…were trying to keep up with the bills…right now the house is in no condition for us to be staying their with his son. we have replaced our water line n now we have to replace it again, we had to rebuild two sets of stairs. The down stairs steps had colapsed as i was takeing my last step up them. Thanks to my boyfriend helping me i didnt fall with them.. the second steps are still their , we couldnt fit anything over 4ft up the stairs so we had to make new ones which r steep they r going to have to be redone…the upsairs havent been lived in since my grandmother was a child. It has no electric except for the first room. We had to put electric in it to start working on the room…the electric box itself is the original one…we keep blowing the fuses…the only heat that we have is a woodburner it dont have a fan on it i dont know what happend to it and we dont have the money to buy another one.. so we have a carocine heater n two plug in heaters to heat the house up… we also have a gas leak in the house somewhere so our gas is off untill we can get someone to come out and find it. My grandmother n grandfather are trying to help us out the best that they can to help us out but its hard for them to… im young n want to start my life n i thought this would be a good olpertunity to do something but unfortinetly its alot harder to do.I wish i could do more to make my home a home where i can have my family their n feel safe but one thing after another everything goes wrong or one we fix it we have to replace it. This would be a blessing for me and my small family to have a home and make my family bigger but were trying to hold off on haveing a child untill we have a home of our own and that is in a good condition to rais one.

  39. Crystal L. Harrigan says:


    My name is Crystal and I am writing on behalf of my family. My mother's kidneys failed when I was 15 years old and she still works the minimal hours she could being on disability. She has a small house and lot that she owns and it would be great if the home could be made into a duplex so me and my husband could take care of her. She has taken care of me and raised three girls. I live across town however when she gets sick and it would be better to be closer to get to her in time of going to the hospital. I worker a hospital and take of people everyday and would love to be able to come home and take care of my mom.


  40. Chasity Webb says:

    Hello my name is Chasity Webb. I am applying for the extreme home makeover for my parents. On Jan 29, 2015 they lost their home and pretty much all of their belongings in a fire. We did manage to save a few changes of clothes and a few small items that we were able to grab. To give a little bit of background on my parents. They have been specialize foster parents for over 20 years and currently have 2 foster sons. Both boys are currently in school. The youngest is in high school and the oldest is taking a carpentry class at the local Technology Center. They are both also active in Special Olympics. They lost all of their metals and ribbons from previous Special Olympic Games in the fire. My Dad is also disabled and diabetic. He was in in an oilfield accident about 26 years crushing his left leg resulting in lots of leg and back pain. He has also had 5 heart attacks and numerous surgeries. They are currently living in a camping trailer in their driveway. The insurance company is giving them grief on everything. All the stress from the insurance company is causing additional blood pressure problems. Moms blood pressure goes sky high when dealing with the insurance. Staying in a camper can be a difficult task for a short time but my parents and foster brothers have been Living in one for going on 2 months and for many more to come. We would appreciate your help to give 2 awesome boys and my parents their dream home.

  41. Kayla Villastrigo says:

    North Powder OR 97867

    Hi, this is a shot in the dark but I guess it worth a shot! My grandma has taken care of people her whole life she ran an adult foster home from the time I was born (22 years). She raised me from the time I was a baby. She has recently retired and is still caring for her parents! She drives from her house 100 miles so 200 miles week just to care and clean house for my great grandparents! I am renting from her but the house is crumbling beyond beliefs! It's an old trailer house. My grandma has been looking into selling her house so we could put a new trailer in on the lot I am renting from her. I know she doesn't really want to sell her place since my great grandparents will be moving in a year with my aunt! So my grandma won't be driving to care for them anymore. So she is considering keeping her house now! Her income will be very low considering she will have to pay taxes on 5 city lots on her own. If she could get a nice trailer or a remodel done on the house I am living in I could stay in it and she wouldn't have to cover the taxes on her own. So the floor in the bathroom, the bathtub, and the ceiling is all caving in. The roof is some sort of tar stuff and is way past it's warranty and is leaking everywhere when it rains or snows. So I know it's like winning the lottery and my odds are very slim but it would be amazing to have a new place so my grandma could keep hers. I love the show and have wanted to enter but never have. So I hope this is more than a shot in the dark. Good luck to everyone else as well as whom ever the winner turns out to be!

  42. Buffie Helso says:

    I use to work for Wendy's International out of Atlanta Game. I dressed up as Wendy and fed everyone.

    My Sister In law has a few problems. When I say a few, I mean they won't stop piling up.

    Some years back she went from bring a stay st home wife with 4 children to a divorcee. Educated but zero hands on work experience. Finding employment has been rough, well nonexistent.

    She got the house in the divorce. It is old, best-up & run down. Worst of all its in a bad neighborhood.

    6 years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes a rare form.

    Struggling with her last child on 800.00 a month she is successful by the grace of God.
    Her daughter will graduate. She will lose the child support but her daughter will be doing well.

    Now, now we find out she has stage 2-3 endometrial cancer. AND a fatty liver.

    If she had a nice home she would be more comfortable.
    She owns the home but has virtually no additional money to repair it.
    She doesn't want to leave the area her children are in so she continues to live there.
    The grass isn't mowed, no mower.
    It rattles, the floor is going to fall through.

    Please help,
    Loving Inlaw

  43. Megan faison says:

    Hi my name is Megan and I really feel like just giving up sometimes but my daughter's and my father in law keep me going….I have had it hard all my life growing up in forster care I lived in a lot of houses but never till now a home!! The only thing is the place I call home is sinking into the grond literally the whole back side of our home is going into the grond

  44. Carlod says:

    Hello Ty i would love to be on the show and work with you, you all are inspirational and i love to give back to community and there is only one problem i live in the UK cheltenham gloucesyt

  45. Laurie Powell says:

    Is Jamaica too far to go for Extreme Makeover-Home Edition? I am nominating a wonderful, giving, generous American couple i Jamaica for a home makeover–Jim & Penni Koch. They are living in a large home in Whitehouse, Jamaica that was donated to their cause. They work with a non-profit organization (Kingdom Builders). These are the most giving people I may have met in my entire life. A few weeks ago, 28 high school kids and adult sponsors stayed with them to help work within the very poor community. Ironically, there is a very large all-inclusive resort right down the street which does not represent the poverty in the community whatsoever. Jim and Penni have dedicated their lives to raising orphans, fostering children, helping with the start of a school, helping children, teens, single mothers, and the elderly in their community. The home is very large, and houses not only children and single mothers, but also volunteer groups who come in short-term to help Jim and Penni in their work.

    This couple is so generous, they would want any help (financially or otherwise) to go toward helping the locals or the people they are helping. However, after staying there only a week, I believe if their home could be improved (nothing extravagant–they wouldn't want that), they could host more volunteers, be able to house more needy mothers and children.

    This couple come to the United States once in awhile in order for Jim to work (he's an electrician) and to visit their children/grand children.

    Again, I need to stress that, if chosen, they would not want the house to be extravagant–actually the only thing they desire is for them to be able to continue dedicating their lives to helping the poor in Jamaica.

    I hope you will consider Jim and Penni for an episode. There is so much good to do and in the area where they live. It was a life-changing experience for our entire group that went down there just to witness and work with Jim and Penni. I'd be happy to send you photos if you'd like.

    Thanks so much for your consideration!!!!!

  46. Dena Pepe says:

    I have a friend that has been diagnosed with the advanced stages of Parkinson's Disease.
    He has been divorced for many years and lives alone in a home, that is in my opinion, uninhabitable. He has several roof leaks that he is unable to repair, which have damaged the home. The house was built in the 1940s or 50s and is adequate for him in size, but he will not be able to stay in the home once he is wheelchair bound. He will not be able to access the hall, bath or bedrooms. Nor will he be able to use the shower, as it is a bathtub unit.

    He was in the military, supported children that were not his own in his prior marriage and has to continue working despite his physical limitations (he is in his late 50s) because he is trying to save money to fix his home before his disease completely disables him.

    He does not make much money and I am very concerned for his future.

    He has always helped others in need and gives as much as he can to support his god son and his god son's mother as well as taking care of his own family members.

    His ex-father in law lived in the home for the past 20+ years. (He made a promise to the ex-father and mother in law they could remain in the home for the rest of their lives and he lived up to his word, even though there times that he was homeless.

    He is a saint that never asks for anything in return. I am praying we can make it possible for him to remain in his home for the rest of his life. This would be an incredible gift to give a man who has always been self reliant and giving to others.

    Dena K. Pepe

  47. Terrilyn says:

    I see a lot of heart felt stories people pouring their Hearts out on here but if you google home extreme make over. There is not anything on there. I did my story every year on here and never heard anything.I wonder if anyone is listening, other than people typing there stories. I work full time single MOm . 2 autistic children with know one else or family to help & my house is falling a part around me. I even wrote to senator. There are no housing grants for people that work. If you dont work there are agencies that help. Its frustrating scraping money together to survive & being scared of whats going to happened to you & loves ones. I pray for all the people that are typing there heart felt stories on here get some type of help.

  48. mattie Howard says:

    we are my family and me are in need of a home repair or anew house is what we need , we have lived in the same house for 20 years, our floors is falling in . in two rooms and our bath room is in bad shape we need a new one my two grandchildren lives with us trere mom my daugther died with breast cancer, and we are raise them ,I had surgery on my right knee 3 times in 2014 i only have 42% use i it now if we dont get some kind of help i dont know what we are going to do , my husband has a budging disc in his back we both is disable . and my daughter has 4 kids and has a hard time we have been trying to help her when we can, I have always dream of living in a new home with a nice kitchen. with enough room for my family, we tiied to get a home inprovement lone but did not qualfy. I an 63 years of ages and in need of help , i have always watch your show and dream of some day it would be me and my family, i would be the best thing that has ever happen to us, more like a mircle and a dream come true.thank you mattie howard. Pulaski tennessee.

  49. Jessica Martin says:

    Hello. I know you get 1000 of home requests. This is not a request for me. This isa request for a dear friend of mine, Karl Hall. Karl just recently had one of the most horrific events happen to his family. He lost his home in a house fire right at Christmas 2014. In that fire his 7 year old daughter sadly lost her life. Karl has had to start over fresh. He lost everything. He also has 2 little boys. He injured his hand pretty badly trying to save his little girl.
    I truly feel like his family deserves this. He is having a very hard time accepting his little girl is gone. I know his family is struggling and this would be huge. Please Home Extreme Makeover, bring my friend home. Thank you.

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