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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Laura Eckroat says:

    Hi … My name is Laura Eckroat and I work at a Charter School in Texas. Our school is five years old and on a very limited budget since it is a Charter School. We could use new flooring, painting, some cool bulletin boards put up (to make our hallways and classrooms beautiful) AND … our bathrooms FIXED …. we have 2 toilets NOT working in the girls room …. leaving only 3 for about 300 girls! and the boys restroom could use a FIX! WE also could use a teacher "lounge" even though we eat lunch with the kids in our classrooms and also one more STAFF bathroom — male and female teachers share one bathroom … not cool! I know you don't normally do schools … but ours really could use a GOOD SPRUCING UP!!!!! H E L P!

  2. Jamie says:

    Hello, my name is Jamie I am writing to you on behalf of my Aunt Caroline, her only Daughter and Son-in-Law were killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident on November 22, 2014 they left behind 3 small children ages 6, 4, and 7 months my Aunt will now be raising the children along with her 2 other childred ages 15 and 20 she lives in a home with only 3 bedrooms and will need more space for the children she works as an LPN but with gaining 3 more small children she is unsure of if and when she will be able to go back to nursing. She has remained very strong thru the last couple weeks for the sake of the children but it is all piling up. As we all know this is a terrible tragedy for anyone to expierence at anything let alone so close to the Holidays. This has been very hard for the 6 year to cope with as he has more understanding of the situation. I feel if anyone would be deserving of your help it would be this family Please Please consider. Thank you in advance


  3. John Kennedy says:

    Hello my name is john I have recently moved in with some friends and their house is falling apart.The floors are going in some places they have very little heat no doors on the rooms electrice is not good.The people that I stay with are in their 70. They have to keep the water running so it don't freeze.They can't afford to fix it up so I am asking for your help

  4. Janet Nettles says:

    I'm asking for a home make over for my sweet husband of 35 years. He has terrible breathing problems which has him in the hospital right now, we have been there 9-times this year. I have really old carpet with pet stains that I try to keep clean. We found out his little dog is diabetic which has added to the problem. I put down plastic table cloths and piddle pads for her. Also he cannot climb into the tub to take a bath so we bathe him the best we can. We have worked all our life just have come on hard times with his health problems. My heart cries everyday that he does not have things he needs to live a better life when he has given so much to others and me. Even through his sickness he always wants me to have things which breaks my heart. I want nothing ,I only ask for him. To finally have a tub to bathe in and clean air to breath. A hospital bed so he won't get any more bedsores. Thank you for listening.

  5. Donna says:

    First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my story. My name is Donna, I am 52 years old and a single mom. I own my home which I have lived in for 32 years. It's a 3 apartment house that my parents had owned. Then when I was married my husband at the time and I bought the house from my mom. The part of the house that I live in was 1100 square feet at the time with 3 kids. In March of 1999 we put an addition on the house to have a couple more bedrooms for the 5 of us. We did work on the addition as we had the Money to do the work. Needless to say it went slow and the addition never did get done. After being married for 24 years my marriage ended as he was no longer happy. I ended up buying him out of the house so that my girls would not loose there home also. It has been a major struggle financially as I have managed to put 2 of my daughters through collage and kept a roof over our heads. I have so many repairs that need to be done as my garage roof is leaking and is going to cave in soon. My house has cold air coming in as it's not insulated in some areas and my furnace runs and runs. I have 2 apartments that are not rented as the pipe in the upstairs burst and water came through downstairs apartment. Need to fix them so I can rent them and I have no money. I am to the point where I am truly feeling defeated as I work hard and am there to help everyone that I can and alls I want is a decent, warm and dry home for my family to live in. Thank you again for reading my story. I faithfully watched your show and miss it not being on. What you do for people is truly a blessing! God will truly bless you all for all the good your doing.

  6. Courtney Dempsey says:

    Hello Mr.Ty Pennington My name is Courtney Dempsey I live in Sardis Mississippi.I am 13 YEARS OLD I'm not really sure how this works or if u help people that rents homes.But I believe that my mother is the perfect person for u to help.here is our story My mother has tried to buy two houses for us but the people she was buying them from sold them out from under here she put all our money into the houses. So now we are renting. My mom is the kindness and most honest person. She is very good hearted to anyone in need. She had a car accident two years ago. Now she can't work. She has good days and bad ones. My step dad works very hard for seven days a week. We live off pay check to pay check. They always put me first. I wanted to write you because I would like to take the worries off my parents. All I would like for Christmas is to help them. We are not rich. We are poor and she doesn't like to tell anyone. She is very sad because we have nothing under our Christmas tree. She watches your show everyday and prays for your goodness. She always says that it would be a miracle of god for something like that to happen to us. I really don't know how this goes but theres only two people I have talked to about this and its you and God. We don't have extra money ever and my mom and step dad has been together for 13 years and have been married 8. They have never been on a trip or honeymoon. My mother has medical problems but doesn't have the money to go to the doctor. They have taken very good care of me and I would love to give them a little peace like they have me. They wouldn't want much because they are not those kind of people. A trailer would be fine with them. A place where we could call our own and not to keep moving. It is Christmas and we are going to have to move again because the house we are renting has black mold in it. Now she is worried again. My mom would not dare ask you for help. That's why I'm doing it because I want to give her the best Christmas ever. We will in Mississippi and I have never seen you come to Mississippi so I don't know if you can help us or not but I just wanted you to at least please keep us on your prayers if you can't help us. That's all I'm asking for Christmas. God bless you and we love you.
    Thank you
    Courtney Dempsey

  7. Nidia Garza says:

    Hello my name is Nidia the reason I'm writing is because I have three nice young step brothers of age 22, 21 and 16. They had to grow up fast. Two or three years ago my Dad got deported he was taking care of them and on Nov.10 2014 he past away. Threw the years they been working to pay all the bills and take care of their disable Mom who is my step Mom. The 16 year old is in the 10th grade. They live in Shepherd Tx. a hour away. They live in a trailer that is falling apart. Even though every thing is falling apart they see the good things off life, they laugh and joke just like kids. They have stayed strong to take care and raised each other. I would love to see them get a home makeover they really deserve it. Thank you.

  8. Karen Lindsay says:

    My name is Karen I am wanting to help my mom she is a hard worker and never has time for her self. I am disabled and going thru some hard times I went thru surgeries after surgeries and still no hope, my mother has struggled since I can remember, we live in a small 3 bedroom home with no space for a wheelchair I am always in due to a serious car accident my mother has tried so hard to provide for me and my son who also is disabled. I want to give her something that would ease her mind and not work so hard trying to provide, our home is falling to pieces and can't afford to keep up our foundation is so bad our floors are sinking thru the panels on the house is falling as well. I want my mother to not have to stress because with trying to make our home ok she is going into debt and need surgery herself she is always sick but continues to work in order to keep our house. I am asking for help hoping in some way it happens I don't ask for nothing I try my hardest to help but not being able to stay on my feet long enough it gets hard my mom is a wonderful person who helps anyone who needs it. I have never thought or considered doing this but she needs the help badly I am looking at more surgeries meaning my mom has to miss work and not be able to pay some bills so there is a lot of struggling I am asking please help if possible. Thank you

  9. minas osso says:

    My name is minas osso . I live at home with my daughter my husband and His mother. Me my daughter and my husband all share a small room and a full size bed. Our pipes are leaking all over . our basement is covered in Mold.I recently got diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer , I had to quit my job my husband is only able to work part time because he has to take care of our daughter because I can't do due to the cancer . me and my husband want to be foster parents since I can not have any more children , but , we need q stable home to do so .

  10. Jennifer says:

    Recently a close friend was in a motorcycle accident. He was very lucky and had no head injury but he broke his back. He is in a rehab facility now while he works to recover as much mobility as possible. He and his wife have four young children and live in an old farmhouse that is not wheelchair accessible. Friends and community members have been working on getting the home ready for him to come home but it will be a difficult transition because the home was built in 1920 and has a lot of narrow doorways and stairs. It would be amazing to help make this house more accessible. This couple has always done things for others. They have raised foster kids and are always adopting stray animals in need of a home. It would be so great to be able to help them by making their home work with his new wheelchair.

  11. Erin B says:

    HELLO! My name is Erin. I live in TX with my fiance' David, my 2 sons, and his son. Our story is a long one. My fiance' is a disabled Army veteran, both my sons have moderate to severe autism and his son has ADHD. We have 4 amazing dogs that take time also. Needless to say we are BUSY! We live in a 3 bedroom 2 bath house built in 1957. I purchased the home on my own, as a single mother before my fiance and I found each other, so it was perfect for my family when it was purchased. Also I purchased the home from the FIRST AND ONLY OWNER! That's right, the woman I purchased this home from was the first owner! She is the sweetest lady, but her husband had just passed away. She found herself in a position where she couldn't take care of the house herself even with the help of her family. I thought that this was the perfect house! Sadly, I was mistaken. Being a single, working mom with 2 children that are disabled, I had no idea the kind of upkeep a house built in 1957 on a pier and beam foundation would need. The 40 hours I spend at work along with therapy appointments for the boys, our time is very limited. My fiance is in school to rehabilitate into a civilian career so his time is limited also. We have discovered that the main bathroom floor is rotting and the only bathtub in the house is at risk of falling through the floor. Did I mention the house is on a pier and beam??? My fiance and I have the daunting task of addressing many issues with this house as our family has over grown the home, and major repairs need to be made in main portions of the house as well. We have several settling cracks throughout the house, separating of slats of the hard wood floors, cracked tile, etc. Also because the house was built in 1957 and the original owners never saw the necessity to upgrade the electrical system. The electric is not grounded! This could serve as a safety hazard for our children. We have attempted to do some repairs on the bathroom, but have not had the time to see it through. Currently our main bathroom is locked up as unusable because the tile is broken up in an attempt to repair the sub-floor under the tub. So we are a family of 5 using a 3/4 bathroom with a stand up shower only. We also need a 4th bedroom for my fiance's son to be comfortable. We could use some help. Thank you!

  12. Gabrielle Wright says:

    Hola, my name is Gabby I am 18 years young. I live in Atlanta Georgia with my grandmaparents. I just graduated from high school in May 2014!!. I have lived with my grandparents majority of my life and I still do as of today. Growing up, I have watched my grandmother(62) struggle just to keep the roof(with little help) we do have under any and everyones head that was in need of it. Shes a god fearing women of God that asks for her prayers to be answered everyday with every pinch of hope she never gives up. She never gives in and pushes nunstop. In addition my Padre has just came back from deployment and currently lives here too… Thats four people in a two bedroom bumping shoulders just to get down a hall.WE watch as things fall apart slowly day by day. My grandma deserves what she wants and she always watched the show and I'd watch it with her TO SEE THAT EVERY TIME SHE WOULD SAY "I SHOWLL WISH I COULD GET THAT BLESSING". AND IT HURTS THAT I CANT DO ANYTHING TO HELP.I just want to attempt with faith to do anything to pay back my grandmothers hard work and commitment.And thats she would leave this world comfortable in a home that she has been in for 40 YEARS WITH NO REGRETS AND WITH A smile on her face..HAPPY TEARS IS THE ONLY TEARS I WANT TO SEE OUT OF THE WOMEN THAT RAISED ME, TAUGHT ME BETTER, MENTORS ME AND LOVES ME TO DEATH. Its tiring and it hurts to my soul to see her struggling and IN pain for so long with nobody..THATS NOT WHAT SHE DESERVE.

  13. Mollie Baker says:

    hello my name is mollie i am 13, i would like to apply my single mother with 7 kids, i am mentally ill and shes been through depression & ups and dows and still stuck by my side my younger brother also is diabetic i also have 2 more brothers and 3 sisters my father dont get involved in anything and our house is unbearable to live in we have gas pipes sticking out everywhere and its horribal and embarrassing to invite anyone in because of my mental health issues my mum is never happy and can not invite no friends over i am also suicidal and depressed & my sister has to bring a baby in there on febuary o just thought it woild be nice for me to make the whole family happy after everything ive put them through

  14. Lori Beard says:

    Good Morning,

    This will be tough to write as the pain is great. My son and daughter inlaw lost their 5 1/2 mo old child a year ago to encephalitis most likely caused from his 5 mo. shots he had received a couple weeks early. My daughter inlaw awoke like any other morning and went in to find her son dead. I can still hear the horrifying screams that day in my head as she called me. It has been one year ago December 3rd that this happened and it still hurts. My son works very hard and both my son and daughter inlaw have done so much for so many people. Since little buddy died, they have been unsuccessful to get pregnant again with 3 miscarried pregnancies. Every morning my daughter inlaw wakes up in that house and walks down the hallway to relieve that morning she found her son. This is so hard for her. They can not afford to sell or relocate. They are buying their house. I have prayed that God give me the funds to be able to totally remodel that home so it no longer looks like it did on that morning. That would be such a blessing to them so that they can move forward. Even the thought of if they did have another child ever putting that child back into that room leaves them an emotional mess and yet they have no choice. Please pray on this and if it seems well to you, please consider helping to give their tiny home a fresh new look. It will not take away the pain but would breathe some hope into their broken hearts. The story goes much deeper than this, but I crying too hard to write it all down. I know this isn't written well, but it is with a true heart I ask this of you.
    Thank you for your consideration. God Bless you all for all you do.,

  15. Sabrina Wilhelm says:

    Dearest Team,
    I write in hopes that you can help our family and my mom out. Less than 3 years ago, my mom; Faye and her new husband Jerry bought a house for us to call home.
    We were all happy. My Dad(Jerry)and been fighting throat cancer and was now 3 years clear of it.
    My mom and him were looking forward to the next 20 years of happiness.

    So we enter into this fantastic new home a place to call to our own. BUT WAIT.
    NO heating system or air conditioning system in the home. That'll cost 5,000 dollars please.
    NO water….You just need new pipes throughout the house another 5,000 please.
    Slowly my parents savings went to all these repairs.

    In the mean time, my Dad falls fail again. A side effect of the radiation. He drops weight from 150 to 75. Night and Day my mother and I cared for him. My mom staying all night in the hospital for him and dragging herself to work every day so the income can still be coming in.

    Finally all their dreams are gone and my Dad passed to the other side of the veil.. Leaving my mom alone and struggling to make ends meet.

    Only to discover that on top of Dad passing the house needs a roof. That's another 10,000 dollars please.

    Now with no saving and the house payment and loans my mother had to take to keep food on the table and gas in the car she discovered that her bedroom has black mold, and the flooring throughout the house wasn't put in right and is lifting and causing my mom to trip and she has fallen just walking down the hallway.

    If you can please help my mom get the house up to healthy living conditions I know that would ease a lot of the stress she is in.

    Family Includes:
    Faye Lema (60 years old, my mother)
    Sabrina Wilhelm (me) (33 years old, disable daughter, going to school to complete my child care degree)
    Cheala (my daughter with ADHD and 11 years old)
    Gabi (my soon to be step daughter who is a college student working on her JD and 20 years old)

    In June I will have my other Soon to be step daughter Rebecca and she is going to be a Senior in high school and 18 years old.
    Then there is Fawn, my mom's service dog and a MAJOR part in our family and she is 18 months old.

    July 3, 2015 we have a family vacation planned for a week to Disneyland (we are taking the 2 older girls for the first time)

    Please pick our family for a make over and new home. I know my mom would really truly love it.


    Sabrina Wilhelm

  16. Kimberly Stewart says:

    HI ABC, i am writting to let you know that i no longer live in riverdale georgia, i had to move, the landlord there, would not get tings fixed properly, so we had to move, we had a very bad sewage problem, every time you use the water from upstairs, the downstairs den, bathroom would flood, with sewage, it was awful, now i,m in another house that is one level and i like it but it needs work also, i am renting from a realty company, and i don,t think they are very good,, so just keep me and my family on your list…

  17. Ashley Tyler says:

    Hey, well my mother in law is in need of assistance for her home. It just burned down today. She is disabled, has diabetes, and doesn't draw very much a month. Especially for her, her daughter, and her two Grandbabies. She lost her daughter when she was in her early twenties,to cancer. Her ex daughter in law took her 5 grandchildren away that she helped raise, about this time last year. Her husband passed away almost 2 years ago on Easter. And now they lost everything, even her dog she has had for so many years. She deserves something good in her life instead of everything going bad, she is on the verge of giving up and we want her happy again. We are from Winchester Arkansas. Please help her. She would deserve every bit of it!

  18. Preciss says:

    This is preciss austin , I m deaf , my mother is gones we i. Is her my mother , I can tell ty , that not my HUD apt for 6 or 7 year live in durham nc , I honset with you , I don't have no job and no car , we I have a hard myself my bills , I try my better place , very old furture , told table , chair small and TV small and fan Olny it. Very hot here wall there , I was old 6 year my hand finger one rigth , I show u my cam , you can pray for me thank y and my family not support for 12 year done , my family never gave my happy birthday and xams and not good trips never my life m I am poor deaf , I still cry myself , thank you

  19. Pam says:

    Just need help my husband was diagnosis with NMO Devic's Disease . Can't get in the bathroom with his jazzy chair. He worked all his life and now his not able. I'm still trying to work and take care of him. He has to take treatment that cost 48,0000 dollars every six months right now,but if he has flare up could be more. We live in Swords Creek Va and we need help.

  20. Cornella Y. Furches-Brown says:

    I have always given of myself. I volunteered everywhere I could. I volunteered at local schools through their PTA's as the vice president, the special events coordinator, and the parent representative at the administrative level and helped start, chair, and run an after school program at one of our local elementary schools to help children in a low-income community to assist them with their homework and other school related projects and other enrichment activities. My oldest son and daughter volunteered to help tutor the children also. I volunteered with other organizations to be a help in the community. I was an AmeriCorp Volunteer and I volunteered as a community organizer at a local office that aided community leaders and neighborhood associations with their efforts in their prospective neighborhoods called Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods and provided training for them to be able to do their work. I became a volunteer with Habitat for Humanity where I helped with building homes and would volunteer to help build during a blitz which meant several homes would be built at the same time during a certain weekend. I even was involved with the dedication of the Chris Paul house where the NBA Basketball Player Chris Paul who played for Wake Forest University and now plays for the LA Clippers sponsored a house for a family that Habitat for Humanity built. In fact I served on a committee with Habitat for Humanity during the time Chris Paul sponsored a home for a family. Our purpose was to assist families with the process of going from being a renter to becoming a homeowner and to encourage them not to accrue any more debt while they were waiting for their new home to be built. There also was a group of children I would take to every vacation bible school all summer long from the time school let out for the summer until students returned to school for the next school year and every other youth oriented event held throughout the community. We would go from one church to another and at various times throughout the year and beyond. I would make it a point to include other children in every youth oriented event in the triad area along with my own 5 children.
    I watched your program diligently and always admired how you would go out of your way to help each of the families you served by providing them with a safe, beautiful, architecturally creative and fully functional home that meets the desires and expectations of not only the parents but of every family member according to their own interests and gifts, one that others could not help but to admire. I have seen families who's lives were completely changed and almost without anything to call their own who finally gained hope and some sense of contentment because you were willing and able to go that extra mile to help them not only with a house but with a home filled with all the furniture and other amenities that made it truly their own. Besides all of that you would send them on a fabulous and much needed spectacular family vacation. This was just icing on the cake that gave the family a time to enjoy time away with each other without all the constant worries these families no doubt had encountered since they had suffered such loss and devastation.
    I have admired what you do for years on end and have always desired to have you come in and provide for my family what I have always longed for, A dream home. A home that exhibits features and characteristics of my family because it was built with love having them in mind. Too often I have been in the habit of doing for others and not taking care of my own needs. Whenever I was needed to take care of anyone who may have been encountering an illness whether it was family or whoever stood in need due to an injury and was unable to work, not only would I go and help take care of them until they were able to do for themselves but I would also go out and seek after assistance in whatever capacity by securing funds whether it was securing donations or whether it was getting sponsors or assisting them in filing for temporary disability so they would not have to struggle so much to get caught up on their bills while they were recovering from their illness or injury. I truly believe you have to help someone and give of yourself, your time, your gifts and talents to see that others needs are met and when it is your turn , your needs will not go unmet. I mean I would go all out for someone else so you could imagine how it was for me to suffer a tragic event in the life of my family and have nowhere to turn until I saw how you help families in my same similar situation.
    We had a fire at our home and have been displaced every since, even now. I remember it so vividly. It was late in October when all of a sudden late one Sunday night as I was preparing a plate of food for my husband to eat for when he came in from work later on that night I decided to bake out some biscuits for him to eat with his dinner when I happened to go back and check on the children who were sleeping only to discover there was a fire that had broken out at the entrance to my bedroom and was already 2 feet high once I went to the back of the house. I then had to hurry and wake all of the children and get them out of the house to safety before I could even call for some help. It devastated me so that when I ran next door to call 9-1-1 and they asked me did I get everyone out I had to run to our van and began to count heads over and over again and keep calling each of their names to see if I had been able to get everyone out. Can you imagine what it is like to stand there and see your house burning and there is nothing you can do about it. My husband, daughter, 3 sons and myself were first put into a hotel by our local Red Cross chapter then were placed in temporary housing through a local organization which places families in temporary housing while they seek out permanent safe, affordable housing. With us, it never occurred because in our case my husband found us a place that his employer owned and operated only to be out of there in less than a years time due to the property having some major underground pipe and water leaks which then placed us in a situation where we needed a place to live all over again. During the time of the fire I was placed at bed rest because I had been taken to the hospital because I was hemorrhaging and the doctors could not find out why. One thing after the other kept happening. We had the house fire, my mother got sick and died and before anything could be done about it I lost our unborn child. We suffered so much loss during that time and right after even with the loss of my husband's mother that it seemed that it was going to be hard to come back from. My desire and my only hope is for ABC with it's affiliates and with the help of Ty Pennington and his team of designers and decorators and last but definitely not least the designers, architects, and builders who go all out to allow their creative juices to flow to create a spectacular dwelling and living experience for me and my family. I have never seen any other who can in any way match what you are able to do and it doesn't help that you always have the greatest people who come out and want to help sponsor the home for the family as I hope someone would want to sponsor mine.

    With much love and appreciation,
    Cornella Yvette Furches-Brown

  21. Renee Wilden says:

    Hi there my name is Renee Wilden. I am writing this in HOPES of getting a miracle. I live in a small town of Coshocton County in the state of Ohio. My husband asked me 5 years ago for to be out of our marriage of 14 years. So started looking for a small place with very little ground. I found this very cute cottage looking house. I loved how it flowed. When I bought this house it stated that it had leak issues and it had been fixed. First month in the home is poured in my kitchen ceiling and in one of the kids bedroom doorway. It even ruined kitchen table and the ceiling know has a long cracked line that spreads across the room. From there anytime we had a hard rain my house leaked. In the years following I tried repairing roof. I had someone come in to put on metal roofing and they never finished it and some community members came together to finish it. Now it has leaked in my closet, in my bedroom doorway, in kitchen, in the den that connects too the kitchen and in the back child bedroom even in the room. I am writing this now, as I hear the water dripping from the ceiling thru a light onto floor in dining room. My step dad and brother came to put rubber roofing under my metal roofing on most of my roof. Have spent over $9,000 on fixing a roof that is still leaking. All due to how house was built (roof is funky). House is old but has had a lot of updates and additions put on before I bought. I thought I was getting a home that wouldn't have any major issues till appliances started breaking down. I have been told by a couple of contractors that my foundation is leaning or falling away from house, but the contractor that first looked at house 10 plus years ago said it hasn't moved any and would be fine. I also have areas of floor that isn't level.
    Now a little about me. I have worked full time as an State Tested Nurse Aide all my life. I was currently working at a hospital in Zanesville full time (3 years ago) When I developed a auto-immune disease that causes me to have leg wounds. They still to this day haven't healed. I have gone from full time to part time to on call as a sitter only. So for a parent on a single income I am stuggling. I pay for repairs as I get the money saved. A lot of little things need repaired, but roof comes first. Unfortunalty that comes into the thousands each time. I have months where I am late with some bills, but make sure electric, gas, mortgage and car payment get first dibs on the money that comes in.
    To end my story I am a foster parent. I was doing it with my ex-husband. When marriage was over, even though I knew it would be hard I wanted to continue. God didn't grant me kids the normal way. I don't have money to adopt. I am great with kids, especially with teenagers. I currently have two in my home and have room for three. I couldn't see my life without them. I am afraid my house is falling down around us. I need to provide a safe home for them and me as well. I am not asking for a huge house and all the awesome things that I have seen on your shows. I would love to have the same size now. Just a leak proof roof and a foundation and floor that is safe. Or if you can just fix those areas.
    I have stuggled all my life and I still keep my head held high. But with this disease I have things aren't getting done like I had hoped for. All because I can't work like I used too. Doctor has said I keep working the way I am I will loose a leg or both. I am no good with no limbs when I am raiseing teen girls and helping them with all there baggage that they are dealing with.
    I am not a lucky person. I doubt I will hear from you. I do hope that you read this.
    I do not like hand outs I get by, it is just I am at a point I have to do something. Can you please help a 44 year woman out that has a huge heart. Thanks From little town in Ohio Renee:)

  22. Leslie J Sebo says:

    I used to love the rain and the peace it seemed to bring with it….now, I've been in retraining each time I hear the sound because I truly feel like a hurricane victim every time. For the rain brings basement flooding and has ruined furniture I can’t afford to replace, created the inability to enjoy my already small home, and I sit in water, even now, as I write this letter. The misery of this house goes beyond anything I could possibly put into words. But I am going to make an attempt at it at least. My story is this… I met a single father some years back and began this painful journey with my depressing dwelling. The man and I dated for nine years and lived together in his grandmother’s home that he owned for much of it. During this time, his construction job didn't allow for assisting, but on occasion, with finances; so the burden of him and his son (my son in my heart) and also my own son was solely on me. Luckily, but also unfortunate as I would find out in later lessons, I had fantastic credit. So as I delved more deeply into believing I had a family to put first; which included some of his family members living in the household as well when they hit hard times, I kept giving beyond my means. I maxed out old and new credit cards for home repairs for the old home he owned and worked extra hard to make it a livable dwelling. This included finishing the basement, some upstairs termite repair, new roof, extended deck, refurbishing hard wood floors, tiling the bathroom, new retaining walls, and replacing old doors, windows, and a staircase. The home was slowly beginning to feel comfortable for everyone. But as I struggled to pay the upkeep to it all, he could not help with his mortgage payments and I began having difficulties doing this for him. He decided the best thing would be for me to buy the home so that I could get the payments down to a more manageable amount and just keep his name on the title so that it is “our” home. It is probably obvious at this point that I am not the type of woman that puts her heart in front of her intellect…. Right? Well, as it turns out, I did, in fact, purchase the home (I actually didn't want to own) but did manage to get a great deal on lowering the mortgage. And actually, since he wanted gifts such as guns, 4 wheeler, camping popup tent, etc….. I spent the overage on exactly that! He paid ~$60,000 years ago and I paid ~$98,000; not including the credit cards that got it to appraise at this amount. What a bargain! We broke our relationship off a few times during our venture and I moved out because he had an “emotional” attachment to the home. But each time he could never pay the mortgage so I paid it; though I didn't live there. The final time this happened, I decided I was not moving out if I had to continue paying for the home… so he moved and made it clear that he was glad due to the home being worth more if it burnt down than if it was salvaged. Wow… I’m such a sucker! I was then stuck with the home so I resolved myself to having big hopes and dreams for it. The relationship has been over now for almost three years and thinking of the hell I went through with the home during the relationship is nothing compared to after the final curtain call. Come to find out, the basement that I spent around $18,000 to have him finish had raised flooring with wood braces that had deteriorated over the span of many years and the space underneath the flooring was filled with black mold from years of leaks. I was wondering why my health and my son’s health had been progressively going downhill…. Now I knew. I know you and I both realize by now that my intellect is on the highest level in some areas… so as you can guess… I proceeded to strip the basement of all flooring and drywall and cleaned out the mold on my own. As this happened, there were other issues arising; old wiring and many areas of live wires that are freely open and hanging, the breaker box and wiring to the home not at the right capacity (in fact, one was arcing because it was the wrong size), the plumbing leaks from the upstairs bathroom, the tub surround tile coming off the wall due to rot and mold, ventilation system broken, pipes from the washer and sump pump exposed across the middle of the floor (this was under the floor before I tore it out), asbestos siding with a lot missing, gaps between the concrete and the home, we continue to be sick and rack up doctor bills from the mold, and unsure what else may be lurking for my home ownership pleasure. Unfortunately my home still sits as it is for these years trying to drain all the hope right out of me. But I fight back! I love trying to hang on to pieces of hope by way of watching home renovations and I cry right along with the ones you help! I don’t want to take away from anyone else who may need you more than I do but I was just wondering…
    Will you consider rescuing us?

  23. Renee says:

    My cousin and his wife have 3 children and have adopted 3 more foster children for a total of 8 counting the two of them. Each one of the adopted children has, in their short lives, lived through unspeakable situations. My cousin hurt his back a few years ago and they have been struggling ever since. They have a small 4 bedroom home that is literally busting at the seams and in desperate need of repair. They have given so much of themselves, as has the only son they have together, by opening their hearts and home to 3 children who had nothing. If anyone is deserving and in need, it is this family. Please feel free to contact me to discuss their circumstance in detail. I think this situation is most worthy or your consideration. Thank you!

  24. Janette Smith says:

    Hello, My name is Janette Smith, I am 58 years, old. I am going through a 2nd Modification, don't know if I will get it. I lost my full time job five years ago, working for a non-profit..I kept up my house payments for ten years, but last year my son moved out. I am working part-time as a caregiver for my disabled older sister. I have been looking for another part-time job, but to no avail. My son is in college and he wants to move back with his best friend, my foster son who just got back from Afghanistan. My son is working a seasonal job right now, only three days a week, three hours a day plus college..The friend is in the Army guard and is working full time at 10.00 an hour. My house was built in the 70's..Its a homemade home. I say that because it has no drywall, and is tongue and grove, all wood throughout..It has potential..but I cannot afford to fix it up. My washer and dryer are in the kitchen..open kitchen, it is three bedrooms, is one story..the bathroom needs plenty of work..plumbing is good, but needs new shower frame, and linoleum.I think it is pretty unique. You would have to see it to understand. I think it is worth saving if I can get my payments lowered. Thank you for your time. I appreciate it.

    Yours Truly,

    Janette Smith

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