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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. olivia says:

    Hello I am posting this in hope you can help me and my family, My mothers name is Vanessa she is a strong woman, as a child she took in many children who had issues at their own home, she also had 4 daughters of her own.My mother has been single for about 8 years, Until she met the man who was to change her life, he was cqring , loving, he taught us girls the power of prayer , and he always had so much faith in god that he did not care for material things, if hard times occurred he always would say "God has a plan for everyone", my mother and he had been together for 2 years and throughout that she would tell me how she was finally happy and this was the man she was to marry,she would talk about her dreams with him and the plans they had for her first house that she had finally owned, She was also changing her lifestyle by eating healthy, Exercising, going out to nice places, Just things generally that showed us she was finally happy and settled with her Prince charming .Recently she received a knock at the door,of was the police, already knowing something was wrong she said "please just tell me who it was", it was Her partner. He had been called in to work the day before, on a random shift that he had not been scheduled for, at the train station working security. A man had found him at 4:30am.They checked the cameras and it seems he had passed of a heart attack around 3:00am, on his own, nobody was there to help him. My mother was traumatised, heartbroken and devastated, as were all her daughters. He was due to go on a holiday to Bali with the family 2 days after his passing, he also was expecting a granddaughter (my baby) in 2 months, he had so many plans for her as he did not get the chance to have his own children this meant a lot to him and I made it clear she was going to know him as her papa, He had a doctors appointment in 5 days to check his heart, and the worst part of it all was that when my mother was going through his stuff she found an engagement ring in his pocket, his causing had told her he was saving up to buy her that ring and he was going to propose in Bali when they went on their holiday and he had asked my grandfather for his permission. The wears that ring with so much pride, and we are sad that she never got to walk down the aisle, which was always her main dream with him. She now currently lives in her house with my little sister and my other sister with her children live in a little house out the back, she does not have much money we always just made do with what we had, its sad to say that we live in Australia , but I always watch your shows and I know that your show do perform miracles and I'm hoping you can for my mum, please I pray to go that you can help her out through this horrible time, other than her daughters her house is the only thing she has. I have so much faith in this but as a wise man told me,God has a plan for everything.
    Sincerely ,

  2. Tracey says:

    Hello, I have watched your show and absolutely love everything you do for everyone. My husband and I bought a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house 4 years ago. Everything was good up until about a year and a half ago. The drain that goes from the basement to the ditch got backed up and started flooding our basement. The kitchen sink and the washer also empty into that drain. We have paid 2 different people to come out to fix the problem but after a while (a week from one guy, 6 hours from the other guy) we were told we have major problems that's going to take thousands of dollars to fix, then they gave up. I spend about 1-2 hours a day with a shop vac cleaning it out to try to keep the mold out of the house. However, there is dampness and a musky smell threw the house no matter how much I clean. My husband works 10 hours a day 5-6 days a week and I am a stay at home mom. We have 7 children (2 that live at home) from the age of 2 to 24 and we are also a foster/adopt family, so we normally have 6 children in the home most of the time. I am at loss as to how to fix our home. I am doing the best I can to work with what we have to keep the house clean so no one gets sick. Please help!

  3. Jessica Hardgrove says:

    My brother is a US Marine who did two tours of duty in Iraq. The second time he came home, he was struck by a car and now has TBI. He can't walk, talk, eat, or do anything on his own and fully depends on me for everything. I am his sister and full time caregiver. I have reached out to different organizations in hopes to get help with an accessible home for my brother and all of the medical equipment required to care for him. What we live in now is unexplainable. I will gladly post pictures to show the deterioration. All I want is a better home for him and my son. I am a single mother taking care of both my two year old and my 29 year old brother.
    Here is a link to my brothers Go Fund Me page if anyone would like to help. Thank you so much.

  4. Roxanna Honeycutt says:

    My name is Roxanna and I'm 15 years old. My mom Kelly is the most generous person I've ever met. When she was around 20, she had major back surgery and now has a steel rod in her back. She works 12 hours a day as a hairdresser and my dad Greg works at BMW with a permanently injured shoulder and elbow. We can barely afford our bills, and our house is literally falling apart. We've thought about selling our double wide and renting a smaller house but we couldn't afford it and no one would buy our house anyways because of the damages. My mom is the most important person in the world to me and she deserves so much more than this house. She gave birth to my brother, dakota, in 2006 who was born 2 months early with double pneumonia. I love seeing the work you do for people and I would love even more to see something be done for my mom.

  5. Michelle says:

    I just thought I would go for but me and my husband r in the worst possible situation. We just lost of home and bought ourselves a fith wheel home using all the money we had saved up. We r expecting our first child in 5 wks and this place is not livable for a baby. When we bought it, We askd if we would need to put anymore money into it becuz that was all the money we had and we just can't afford it with our daughter coming so soon. Well, we got ripped off and we r in desperate need of help. The winter is coming and we just need a healthy, secure environment for our baby. Its smells of mold becuz when it rains we get completely flooded out. Its ruining this place more and more and I just don't know where else to turn.

  6. Ingrid Mills says:

    Hello extreme home makeover I'm from Mississippi I have 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl I am in desperate need for a home makeover I love caring for people I will allow individuals to come and live if they don't have anywhere to go but I'm writing because my house is falling in the floors are week and bathrooms need repaired I live in a 40 year old trailer that has low ceilings and my sixteen year old son stand 6ft 7inches in height and he has to duck his head to walk in. I was praying for your help in remodeling my home I'm very grateful for anything you don't have to build me a new home if you would only help to fix mine I will be very grateful for whatever assistance that you would give. I have always been a hard worker who always provide for whoever is in need but I now find myself in need for help my doors are always open to individuals whether it's food, clothes, or even a place to lay there head so I ask if you would please help me thanks

  7. josie wingard says:

    hey I'm writing to tell you about my aunt she is a single mother of 4 kids and the house she live in really needs a makeover its to small and always needed work and she doesn't have to money to fix it and it would be nice to see her happy in a nice home and see her kids happy they don't have much but she works hard to make sure they get what they need and I wish she could get this to make her dreams come true.
    Josie wngard

  8. Shacara Floyd says:

    Hello, my name is Shacara. I want to enter my Grandmother to get her trailer made over. recently my cousin passed away leaving her 3 boys behind ages from 7, 9, and 13 leaving my grandmother in a very sad position: mentally, physically and financially it is taking a tole on her. There isn't much room int the trailer where we live now, its just a 3 bedroom/1 bath and which one of the rooms isn't available for sleeping in. The kids all sleep in the living room, each share a couch. I'm crying out to you to please reach out we are in desperate need for help of a new home. I'm doing the very best i can but i just need a little bit more support and help.

  9. Jason Kirk Bartley says:

    I love your show. It's awesome. My Mother is disabled going through double knee surgeries in less than a year and she is fighting to make ends meet. Her blood pressure has been through the roof. Her house is falling apart around her. Her furnace has quit working. Her basement has leaks. The roof is very old and is missing some pieces. The house was built in 1949. She has no gutters because they have fallen down. The house needs painted. Upstairs plumbing does not work. Downstairs bathroom
    needs repaired. The steps to the upstairs are cracked and busted in halves. My Mother cannot climb the upstairs anyway. The upstairs is also in bad shape. My sister and her children live with my Mom and help out where they can. God bless. Thank you.

  10. Shawna says:

    My name is Shawna.My mother-in-law's name is Beth she has Parkinsons' Disease. Her house is now going into forclosure and she has only her disability check to live on. She recently took my daughter and I in due to my divorce. She has a big heart and has been struggling to own a home her whole life.She is supporting four people on her fixed income.Her domestic partner had a heart attack so he is not able to contribute much finacially. She has tried to save this house three times from forclosure and can no longer do so because the house now has a lein on it. We will soon have to move out and have no resources left to do so.This house we will soon have to leave is not worth saving because it needs $30,000 worth of work and it is only worth 1/4 of what she owes on it.She bought it in 1999 and became disabled in 2006. Her grandaughter was born in 2009 and she had Brain surgery in 2010.She has paid $10,000 alone just saving the house from forclosure the first two times, and has no money left to her name.She is literally living disability check to disability check, while everything else is falling down around her. She has a 1963 Cadillac DeVille which she cherishes dearly but has had no money to restore or maintain it.Soshe is left driving her boyfriends 1991 honda civic which is parked because we can't even afford a timing belt for it.Please Help.We don't know what to do and she has nowhere to turn.She deserves a chance to not struggle with all that life has thrown at her.She is stressedto the max which only makes herParkinsons' worse. All she wants to do is enjoy watching her granddaughter grow and continue teaching her piano which is her life.She can barely play anymore and needs some sort of relief out of life instead of constant disappointments.She can'thandle much more and feels like everywhere she turns it just ends up becoming more of a disaster.PLEASE HELP! She could really use it.Thank-you.

  11. virginia apps says:

    Do you makeover family homes in British Columbia Canada

  12. Jonathan Hetheringtin says:

    Hi my name is Jonathan Hetherington. For the last few years is seen my dad bBarry Linville and Jackie Linville my step mom been throw a lot with being in and out the hospital and trying to take care of my younger sister Julie. Now they have me, Rana and three grandchildren that need a place to go to. My dad has a house up in ermine Ky off magnolia lane / craft colley rd. They been having trouble try to make the house payment because the power bills keep going up and and doctor appointments. I guess I would like to see my dad and step mom be happy back in their own home. Rana and I and his three grandchildren are homeless and need a place Togo to it is a five bed one bath house here thanks for ur time

  13. Jherika winkler says:

    Around 2004,2005 my pap wanted another edition on his house and being the determined man he is he started it and my great grandma was going to help pay for it but then she died. & to this day my pap is tryjng so hard to finish this house but he's getting way to old and has to many health issues to do it. All he wants is for his to be finished before he dies he just doesn't have the help to do it. Please please help my pap have the house he's always wanted.

  14. Cindy says:

    Our Family has been through a lot…I recently moved into my boyfriends home and he has 2 daughters and I have my Mother and my Son. I have been taking care of my Mother who is an insulin dependent and I myself have Crohns disease. The house we live in currently we are renting…The landlord is ignoring the black mold issue and we have no extra money to move. We would like to have a farm with horses and a newer home with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. Thank you so much

  15. DIANNA says:

    Hello I am writing for a Mother I work for who is a Nurse. She had the tragic experience of losing her first new born daughter 13 years ago. She became a pediatric nurse do to her lost. She had a healthy son 4 years after. In 2008 she had a lovely daughter who was diagnose with MLD when she was 2 years old. This beautiful girl was told by MD that she would not live more then 6 months she was admitted to hospice do to her dad decline. Her daughter stop walking at age 2 and after the diagnose she lost mobility control of her body and lost the ability to talk. Thanks to God she has cross her 6 years of age with ups and downs in her health. She is an amazing little girl with a smile of an angel. She has difficulty holding her head up. As her muscel tone is like a new born baby. This mother had the support of her own mom who would help her with the children. Her mother (grandmother) was diagnose with canser this year and is now in hospice. This family is having a hard time dealing with two love once health issues. The grandmother that has canser has a house that is small not appropriate for a handicape person. The home is under her daughters name. Who is currently renting a home that has more space for her daughters needs. Before her mother was diagnos she had hope in getting her own home. Now that her mom is having Canser she was considering living with her. The home is just not atiquate for 4 people it is a two bedroom home with small space. At the moment she is caring for her daughter and mother in a rented home as they are having no choise. This wonderful person is really a great deserving person with a deserving family. I hope some one takes interest in this story and bless them greatly.

  16. Tanisha Hines says:

    My mother needs help, her floor is falling in, my stepdad passed of leukemia on June 20th 2014. my mom is a nurse and she had to stay home and take care of dad. He had plans to fix the floor but due to all of his illness. CHF, Diabetes. HTN. their finances were depleted he also had a major auto accident, causing exstensive surgery. my mom was by his side often neglecting her own health. she suffers from fibromyalgia as well as Diabetes and HTN. I would like to see my moms home fixed for her she has helped so many over the years. I would like to complete my PHD but am not sure if my mom will be ok.

  17. Christy says:

    I am writing this for a senior couple that had medical problems and don't have the ability to fix there home. The gone was built in 1921 out of logs it is now to the point we're it is invaded with termites and the basement is caving in. These people were like second parents to me the most kind heated people I know. I had to go over there and put up plastic around the back of the house we're you could see the insulation. I'm so afraid that the house is going to give out and cave in on them one of these days. I'm trying to find help were ever I can get it but not having much luck. I myself can only afford so much for them to at least be warm through this winter or I would replace their home myself in a heart beat. Days and nights like these make you wish that you could be the lucky one to win the lottery and be able to help those in need. I'm praying that someone will be able to help sooner than later. Thank you for letting me write and give me hope that maybe they will get help. Thanks Christy

  18. Tamara Floyd says:

    Tammy says
    Me and my family are trying to move into my father-in-laws rent house,we started redoing the floor cause we found a little mold well a little turned into removing the whole floor then we had to do the walls well come to find out it's in the whole house we've gotten way over our budget that we can't finish this and now where having to move into a house that has a half of a floor no wall in the middle of the house the bathroom floor is half out kitchen cabinets are falling apart I have no one to turn to my parents has passed away and my siblings could careless. This was the only way I could think of to reach out to someone for help. Tammy

  19. Shannon Specht says:

    Do you guys come to Canada at all ? I know a man who is a paraplegic and his house is literally fall down around him he has two children he shares custody with and his home is getting to the point where mould is a big concern and his health is getting worse if you guys come to Canada at all or know of a company that is here and we can contact please please let me know thank you very much and I think you show is awesome and very heart warming it's good to know there's still kind hearted people out there willing to help people in need love the show and I think each and every member are angels

  20. Theresa Carrillo says:

    My home was left for me I AM AT THE END OF MY ROPE I HONESTLY NEED MY HOUSE DONE I WILL NOT MOVE THE COUCH,AZ loves looking outside, thee is a crack in the foundation which has been hit by a tree and about to be hit by another with the apple tree about to tale out 3 houses

  21. STEPHANIE Knowles says:

    I would like to enter the makeover for my house our house burn to ground in 2011 we moved into the other one my husband had before we got married its in bad shape my husband was ran over by kid twice my floors are in very bad shape a lot other things house is very very old we have very little income my husband has none we have Lil girl 9 years old if ya could help us I would LOVE IT IM NOT ONE TO APPLY FOR THIS BUT I NEED HELP REALLY BAD GOD TOLD ME TO APPLY SENT ME RIGHT TO U….

  22. Nycol says:

    Karen is my mother who has the biggest heart. Growing up she let several kids move in that didn't have homes, her house was always an open door policy. She grew up in foster care so she never wanted to have anyone out on the streets. My mother recently was forced to go on full time disability and not work. SHe has worked all her life to support my sister, brother, and I. She has homecare nurses come to the house when we are not able to be here. She has copd, emyphsema, seizures, respitory failure,oxygen dependent. SHe is hospitalized at least 4 x in the past 6 months. My sister moved back home to live and help financially. We all help finanacially bu are drowning. My brother is an US Airman and will be deployed in May 2015.So it will be just my sister and I to care for my mother. She needs 24 hour care.
    Her house is falling apart, I believe there is even mold or mildew in the walls. We could never afford to fix the house the right way so friends would do favors to fix it but nothing was truly fixed. The roof needs to be redone, when it rains that walls in my broters room and living run with water. The bathroom is a closet and falling apart. Windows are falling apart half of them don't have glass in them just screens. When it snows in the winder snow comes thru the windows and the house has radiators that are broken so the heat come out burning hot or not at all. We would love to have our mother living in a house that is safe and comfortable. The basement floods everytime in rains and that is where the washer and dryer are. We would love to have her in a safe home where she deserves to live. She is our heart. Help please

  23. Brad Talbott says:

    Hi my name is brad Talbott. My wife Crystal and I have 3 children 2 daughters; Madison 5 and Liliona 4, we also have a son Blake who was born on July 4th. My wife has had a severe stroke July 12th 8 Days after having our son. The doctors told us that there was not much hope that she would make it and that if she did she would never be the same. She was left with speech problems and lose of function on her right side. She has come home on Sep. 26th and needs 24 hour care. Our house is a fixer upper and it was built in 1911. The house is not in very good shape and I have had to take of work to take care of my family. So I do not have the time or money to fix the problems. We also quickly realized that the house is not wheel chair friendly. The main bedrooms are upstairs so we are using a small spare room on the main floor. The doorways a norrow and hard to maneuver through. The bathroom is too small so we have to use the bedroom. The only place we were able to put in a ramp was off the back and she has to go through the yard to get to the van. We would very much would appreciate and need the help with our house

  24. Helen Rodriguez says:

    Hi my name is Helen I'm 25 years old about to have my first baby I recently moved into my husband home and have been here for a year. My husband and his sister inherited the house from their grandparents. Since they are no longer here we have been trying to fix the home the thing is my sister in law works full time and has two daughters an 8 and a 2 yr old she has no money for day care so since I am pregnant I watch over them my husband has tried to fix the house little by little but hasn't been successful with it. The house has been run down has mold, walls are constantly falling, and to top it off a very very bad roach infestation. We have fogged got exterminator but nothing works im afraid for the kids health since they are so small they all have asthma and allergies. I have never been in a home like this it would be great help too have you help our little family. It would help my sister in law alot since she is currently the main bread winner in the house hold she has so much stress and to top it off I know there is something not right with her health but she will not stop working to check herself because she fears losing the home for her daughters. I care for them so much and would hate for anything to ever happen to any of them due to all the mold and cockroaches and the house just falling apart, please please please help us it would mean the world to us

  25. Roxanne Holland says:

    I am writing on behalf of Hospice of Montgomery. We are the only independent, non-profit Hospice in our area. For several years we have been planning and working to build a Hospice Home to serve those people who have no appropriate place to spend their last days with the kind of care and comfort we can provide. This past year we were generously given a wonderful facility where we can build this much needed resource for our community. The site is an abandoned country club which is in desperate need of renovation. The original building was designed by a famous architect but has deteriorated over the years. We hope to use the main club house for our new offices, administrative areas, meeting rooms, and community resources. Over time, we will raise the funds to complete the rest of the structure where we can house our patients. It is our fervent hope that your renovation experts would be willing to help us with the first phase of this project. We serve everyone in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. We know that this resource is desperately needed and our small city simply does not have the population or resources to cover all the expenses, in spite of a dedicated, hard-working board of directors and many committed community leaders. We have architectural plans already drawn up and would love to discuss whether your program could help us with this overwhelming but worthy project.

  26. Nichole says:

    My family has been the most important thing in my life since before I could even remember and right now I feel as though our beautiful home has gone to bits and has greatly impacted our own family. The stress of all the tinkering that needs to be done, has gotten each of us stressed we just simply do not have the money to be able to have any repairs done to our home. Although, this home is solely my mothers its home to us all we've housed many people, who needed shelter, and even had events and parties growing up with the house wearing down not only has it really worn down itself literally I see it taking its toll on the people living in it. I just feel, that our home deserves to be as bright and open and strong as each member in this house and that with a little help it can give us all a jump start. I would love this to be a gift to my family and have nothing holding us back.

  27. Dajana Knight says:

    My aunt and her two children are without shelter right now due to some teenagers catching their house on fire while they were upstairs watching TV and right now she is struggling to provide for her kids , my grandmother is letting them stay temporarily until they can get on their feet my cousin is only 17 and she is taken on so much responsibility she works and goes to school. My aunt created a site for people to donate to help her regain some of what she lost so far it has been beneficial but in the long run I know god has a plan for her. Please help her and her family

  28. Heaven Mcinnis says:

    Hi my name is Heaven and Im 16 years old. my family and I are living in a town house in greece Ny. All my life my mother has been abused and all she does is tries to be the best mother to my brother and I. I lost my stepfather at the age of 9 from a homicide. My mom has been on her own ever since. People alwayd pick on my brotherband I on our clothes because we don't have the things they have. My mother does what she can but it bothers me because my brother and I are always getting bullied. I tried to end my life so many times. This house would mean so much to me and my brother but mostly my mother. My mother deserves this because she's the strongest woman I know. Ty if you could help us this would change our life forever.

  29. Alexandra AcMoody says:

    Hello! I am writing this to nominate my landlord and his wife for this wonderful experience! They have just the most amazing story and are the most giving and generous people ever! Adu grew up as a farmer in Ethiopia and after an accident made an epic journey to the states. Here he met his wife who had a similar crazy story (everything from almost being decapitated to making her way to the states). He went on to go to college and get three masters and a doctorate degree. He and his wife now put all their money towards helping people in Ethiopia. They have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to go towards building up towns and schools in Ethiopia, support people from there moving to America to start a better life, and they have donated tens of thousands of dollars personally towards this. He currently has two homes on a small piece of property in a college town (where his sons goes to school) and he has split the two homes into multiple apartments and rents it out at low prices to college students (including my husband and I). He is an incredible landlord, wonderful person, and a generous person. Next month (November 20, 2014), he and his wife are going to Ethiopia for five weeks to work on the school and other projects they have going. His son and I thought that this would be such a wonderful way to thank him for the amazing things that he has done with his life, for the sacrifices, time, and money he has put into other people, and the support he has given hundreds of people as he has helped people create better lives for themselves and their families. Please consider him and his wife for this show. We have a HUGE volunteer workforce here in Angwin, CA that would quickly volunteer to help do this! He and his wife are very green and care about the environment. They do not waste anything (she waters the plants with dirty dish water and any water she boils potatoes and pasta in) and they have supported us (tenants) in any green venture we have done (rain barrels, green houses, and organic gardens). They are incredible people and it would be amazing to have them be on this show! Currently a writer is writing their biography because of how incredible their stories both are! His son told me that if we can get on this show he would gladly tell their story so the whole world knows of the incredible work that these two selfless people have done! Please please consider us!

  30. Rhonda Smithers says:

    Hello I'm not really sure how to say this without just being open and honest. I have a wonderful man in my life that I met sometime back. When I met him Chris Oakley is his name I knew that he had medical problems. But that never stopped me from going forward with him. Chris has stage 5 kidney failure outsude of having to do dialises 3 times a week he has 4 lovely children that he has full custody of. One is 15 14. 25 and one that us 11 that this wonderful man took in to raise because she didn't have a good home. Although he suffers he never lwta that stop him from giving all he has. Chris lives in a house that his father gave him that is not suitable for him and his kids let alone enough to accommodate UA when the time comes for us to marry. I have a son myself and I would accommodate them in a heart beat but I don't have room myself. The home he lives in is three bedros 1 bath no heat no air and the worst is he to sleep on the couch and in the codintiom he is in with his kidneys thia tears me up. There are construction problems as well but he can do this alone money on disability doesn't allow it. He dad told him he would help but Chris mom has
    ALS and she needs him a lot as well. This family needs help bad and are such wonderful God believing

  31. jeanette henderson says:

    Hi my name is Jeanette and I live in georgia but was born and raised in crawfordsville Arkansas.My mom and dad worked hard all of our lives with me being the oldest of 5 children being raised in the country on a farm.my father was a farmer all of his life.we were raised with no inside bathroom or running water no central heat or air and no telephone.when my grandmother and grandfather on my moms side of the family passed away the home that they lived in at a nearby town was left to my mom so my parents moved there it had running water inside bathroom telephone but still no central heat and air.over the years the home has become of major repairs that we are unable to pay the cost for. My dad is a diabet patient on dialailys 3 times a week which earlier this year he had a stroke and has not been able to work.in just recent months he suffered a heart attack which required a opened heart surgery with a double bypass was in hospital for period of weeks .there home is in highly need of a major makeover of up to date living standards.the ceiling is coming down in some parts the floors needs repairs there is just so many things that need to be done to the home for them to live comfortable. I really wish that you can help me with my parents.thank you for allowing me to post this I truly hope you can help.

  32. Katherine Lipscomb says:

    Hello my name is Katherine I am 20 years old and my mother was in a horrible car accident may 5th 2014 and left her as a double leg amputee above the knees. she is currently having to stay at her parents house and it is tearing her emotions and her relationship apart. before her accident I was still staying at home with her and her boyfriend of 17 years. now I am having to stay with my boyfriend and she cant be at home and that is al she wants. we have been very grateful for everything we have received but our house just isn't coming along. we have a 4 bedroom 2 bath house and only 2 bedrooms and 1 bath is functioning, the roof has fallen in the 2 other bedrooms and the floor has fallen in the bathroom. We DESPERALTLY need help getting my mom back in her home. Please respond to this message. I promise it'll be a great story and we'll be forever thankful.

  33. Rick Van Diemen says:

    I am writing on behalf of a friend and his family that has given to many people at the expense of their home life. My friend was given a piece of property from his grandfather and instead of letting it sit there he decided to make something of it in honor of his grandfather. He and his wife with two kids have lived in a RV for the past three years and instead of putting their little earnings into a home, they have put every penny and hard work into building a motocross track for the Texas motocross community so that there is somewhere for all of us enthusiasts to ride and race. They have recently purchased a used mobile home which is on their property and instead of putting money in to get there water and electricity hooked up they once again put their own lives aside and spent there earnings on holding another event. They barely break even when they host an event so until they can build this facility to the point of being a more desired place for families to spend there weekends they will continue to struggle. If you could consider helping this most deserving family, that help so many other families stay together by being together it would be appreciated not only by me, but many other families in the motocross community. They both work other jobs and helping them build their dream of making this facility something they can make a living on and have something more than a small RV to live in would be a huge asset to not only them but thousands of others lives that they effect. Your time and efforts to change lives are sincerely appreciated.

  34. Sharon Valentin says:

    Hi I am a single mom with two boys.My oldest son has adhd n my youngest son is allergic to everything im looking for help in how to make my home allergic free n open space in my home. I live in a mobile home with one bedroom. Im in desperate needs as they are getting bigger and my home is getting smaller not only is the space but my home needs extreme work on it i have a few things that need work on it… Me and my family need your help. Thank you so much.

  35. Dawn lefebvre says:

    My name is dawn, back in 7/7/2014 my husband was taken to the doctors, to find out why his neck and head was swollen, only to come find out when they did a chest exray they found a mass between his lungs and the mass was pressing in his main artery. While putting a stint in his artery and taking a byopsy the pieced his lung the collapse his lung 20% coming to find out they thought he would not make it out of the hospital and his daughter was getting married on 7/19/2014. He did make it to his daughters wedding and took her daughter down the Ali on a scooter. Mark has stage 4 lung cancer. Mark is the type of person that would do anything for anyone in the community from working on mowers fixing cars and making visits to the elder. We live in a older home that has mold and work that needs to be worked on. I need a safe environment for my husband to live in for the remender of his life. Mark lives live for his girls and family friends and stranger on the street to help. We know what time he had left would like to make his life comfortable for the remaining of his life. He is our rock and world. If u can take this cancer away I would. I know you have a lot of request, I want to take some worry away from him. Thank you taking my request and may god bless you.

  36. Linda says:

    I was wondering if you come to Canada


  37. Dorothy Seidle says:

    Hi my name is Dorothy and I love watching your show and seeing the joy you bring to people. It really brings me joy and inspires me to do something to make a difference in the future. I really need help with my house because my family all 10 of us does not feel comfortable in it anymore because of all the bad memories. First my mom gave birth to 9 KIDS. My dad works as a police officer. He started to beat her and she had to start walking around with bruises on her and he cheated on her with another women. He begged for forgiveness and she forgave him because she felt her 9 kids needed a dad to support them. Then my mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer a week before my birthday it's was a very aggressive type of cancer. While she had breast cancer my dad started to cheat on her with a different women again. My dad gave my mom a urinary tract infection while she was taking chemo therapy. She was nearly on her death bed and she almost passed away. My mom had a friend who also had the same exact type of stage and cancer. She became cancer free as well as my mom. and my mom and her were very close buddies. Then my moms friends cancer came back and she passed away. That made my mom very depressed and stressed that the cancer will come back and that her 9 kids won't have anyone to take care of them. He continued with the beating and cheating before. Then my dad left us. My mom became cancer free but she has to raise 9 kids by herself and is currently putting 4 kids threw college and struggles with loans and bills. She's looking to rebuild our house or find a new one so we can forget all the wholes and broken doors my dad caused when he used to beat my mom. Were a very religious family and my mom is a very strong women she tells us to keep praying and never turn to evil. My family prays everyday and we stay strong together we won't let anything break us. I love my mom she's a very great role model I really look up to her. If you could give us this chance and make my mom smile again and my family I would really greatly appreciate it! It will also be a very great birthday present because today is my birthday!

  38. Dannie Chapman says:

    Mom and Dad bought this house while back, and dad built on. He left us and the house is falling apart, and he isn't a carpenter. There isn't 1 thing wrong with this house, its everything. Mom has had 3 strokes, and has epilepsy she can't use her right leg so she can't get in and out easy the only time she does is for drs appointments. We have black mold, the chimney is falling in, during the winter its very cold in here, we have blankets up over the windows. Plastic over some doors, mom can't use her bedroom in winter because dad didn't put in heat ducts so last year she used a electric heater and fell on it because she is unsteady and she got 2nd degree burns. You can see the ground in some corners. Spiders and mice have taken over no amount of killing gets rid of them. Mom isn't even 45 and the one place she can't get away from is gonna kill her. If you can help, please help her.

  39. Shannon Hitchcock says:

    My name is Shannon Hitchcock & I'm writing you because I'm not sure where else to turn for help. I've been a single mother of four kids, ages 11,13,14 & 16 for eleven years. Nine years ago I bought my house with the intentions of supporting my mom who is a severe asthmatic & also suffers from COPD. I ended up out of work due to a back problem & back surgery that didn't go as well as planned. Gradually things started going downhill for our family & this house. My oldest son suffered a severe concussion playing football in school which he suffered short term memory loss from, a couple years later he was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease which left him so sick & in so much pain that for a year he was unable to attend school & has lost most the feeling on the entire right side of his body. Luckily, thank god & his will to fight as long & hard as he has he is starting to do better, he's back in school & is very smart (he's 16 & is taking some early college credit courses). Unfortunatly, due to his health, Drs bills & the traveling I have to do for him to see the appropriate Drs, money is limited & bills are stacking while the house is falling apart. From electrical problems to major leaks which has caused mold growth in our basement which is a disaster for my mom with her asthma & COPD. I don't really like asking for anything but at this point I feel it's needed for not just me, but for my mom who's been the one helping me as much as possible & for my children, for everyone's health & safety… Thank you for your consideration… Also, I apologize if this posts more than once, it kept saying post failed :p

  40. Gloria Day says:

    Hi!, I'm not writing for myself I'm writing for your dear sweet 82 year old friend of mine and her little dog Abby who lost everything in a house fire last December she even lost her little dog Charlie who she burnt her hands trying to save him and still cries when she talk s about him yelping and her not being able to get to him. No family close by. 2 son living in Maryland one of them did drive home to get her last winter. Her being from a small town in Laporte Minnesota hated to leave and she stayed till April then wanted to come home so bad every time I called and talked to her she would cry because she wanted to come home, hated it there. Said her sons acted older the her. Lol All she could afford was a small camper/trailer that she has pulled up to the parcelly burnt deck that was left. It does have heat and she bought some bales of straw that we packed around the camper to help keep it warm. We live in Minnesota and the winters can be very very cold I know she's one tough cookie and she'll make it but I worry about her she's welcome here to stay with me and my family anytime she likes but she is too proud and she is not use to people helping her. She has no running water. She does have a pump house with a old hand pump and we help haul water. Going to be tough in the winter. She has to use a out house because the toilet in the camper doesn't work right. She has land to work with. She is also a diabetic and has lost a few toes. You'll love her once you meet her. Her name is Eileen.

  41. carolyn says:

    mY niece has stage 3 liver cancer hepatitis C their house is falling down around them they need help with medical expenses and there house is really back ..and they have no money too fix it up…it's taking a tool on the family. .Thank so much ..carolyn

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