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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hi, my name is Jessica. I am 26 year old mother of 4 who recently married the man of my dreams in december 2013. His name is Dustin and he has 2 kids whom we just won full custody of. Together we have 6 kids and my 17 year old borther lives with us as well. We are renting our home for the time being and it just isnt big enough for a growing family of 9. We are a blended big family. Although we makes ends meet we really want to build a home that our kids can grow in and have the space to grow in. I have 6 year old twins, one of which has severe epilpisy and is Altistic . he doesnt like to be crowed and it cause him having fits more often that the kids are all growing and space is starting to get limited. Please let me know how to appy and what needs to be done to get the help needed to get my family into a bigger home and most of all Dylan into a safe enviroment to where he doesnt have to be crowed and he wont have as many episiodes.. thanks in advance . God Bless !

  2. Shuna Underwood says:

    Hello i am writing to you for my grandmother her name is Mary Reed. She has been in this house for 36 yrs and they are saying that she owes more than the house is and she is disabled and retired plus since the morgage has switched hand with about 4 different companys she is behind on her property tax as well. I lost my mother in 2012 that cut out some of the help on the bills and my granny is taking care of my little sister that is graduating this school year. The house has alot of problems the bathroom floor is falling in and there is alot of electrical problems in the house. it is a 3 bedroom one bath i wish i could help alot but i am disabled and struggling with 3 teen boys myself and she trys to help out with them when she can. she has so many bills piling up she is behind on alot of them. the ceiling is falling in in the kitchen. i will send a video if i have to please help i really dont know what all i need to say but she really need the help. we cant find any help in our city of memphis, tn.

  3. Shelby Caswell says:

    Hi my name is Shelby and I'm writing in regards to my aunt Lynette. She isn't my biological aunt but I've known her my whole life. Recently she took in her handicapped disabled sister and her house is a raised ranch and isn't wheelchair accessible. Her mother who was terminally ill passed away just a few days ago and I know this would help make her life a lot easier. They have been through so much and I would love to see them get their spirits lifted. Please consider them for the home improvement opportunity! Thank you.

  4. Teresa Amaral says:

    I am writing about my Neice Lynette McGill. She has a home in Hopkinton Rhode Island. It is a raised ranch. Recently her Mom died and she is caring for her Special Needs sister Lisa. Lisa was born with the fibular bone missing in both legs. She is 32 years old and still walking, but with much difficulty. In fact she crawls or walks on her knees much of the time, which is taking it's toll on her knees and hips. She will most likely be in a wheelchair very soon. She already has been fitted to one. Lynette has been struggling for years just to keep her home and and the upkeep on it. She has opened her home to her handicap sister without hesitation to keep her out of group homes. I would love to see her get a make-over so her home could be wheelchair accessible. God Bless you all for all you do, and thank you for your time reading this.

  5. Emma Estes says:

    Hi My name is Emma. i,m 70 years old i live with my husband he is 75. and our grandson is staying with us. my husband not doing to good.we need help we live in old house the window is broking need to replace 7 window i have try to get a loan. it,s going to take almost 5,000 to replace 7 window we dont have that kind off money if there is any you can us please do

  6. mare says:

    I nominate my father in law for his dream house, he diserves to have his place fixed he cant live in it because it is unlivable from the floors to the roof. he is special to me because he took my husband in as a youth as his own son (no blood relation) , treats everyone like gold and if you need anything he jumps to help just because he wants to. even in his age of 60 taken on 2 toddlers to live with him and his partner. I wish he could be happy in his home again and have something work out for him. He is described as a solid, caring motorcycle enthusiast.

  7. Cindy Heck says:

    Hi my name is Cindy, I am my mom's primary care
    giver and have also this last year gotten power of custody of my 3 year old great great nephew. My mom's health is not the greatest, she has had 2 by-pass surgery, 2 hip replacements, she lose's her balance. We only have 1 bedroom and made the dining room into a bedroom, which is my bedroom with the 3 year old nephew. My mom's bedroom is falling into the basement, and we don't have the money or anybody in our family to fix it.
    The basement wall is starting to cave in. The electric in the kitchen needs to be redone and the water when we do laundry will back up into the toilet and tub sometimes. We need help really bad. So please help us if you can. Thank you very much.

  8. sharon says:

    Hi my name Sharon need help with my home and medical bills I am 57years old I havestage4lung cancer can't work and I am going to lose my home and it is falling a part.going in hospitals on the 3rd I have a blockage I+ my heart can you me .Please help me please.god bless You.

  9. Cora Dees says:

    I am writing you because on September 5, 2014 our home burnt down completely, We are blessed no one was home. Me, My husband Brad, and two boys Grant and Garret were at the high school football game.
    We loss everything. We have been blessed to
    have such a wonderful community, The very
    next day we had a family welcome us in, and
    give us a temporary home. A friend started
    a Go Fund Account for us that collected
    3600.00 in 2 wk. High schools in the
    surrounding counties collect money for us
    at their football games. News channel 3 in Chattanooga done a story on us. So many people have came into our lives these few weeks. I never would have dreamed that me and my little family would be homeless. For years my husband has helped kids coaching, teaching, and just being there when they needed a friend or father figure. Brad was a local cop that had such a big heart for trouble teens and kids that he went back to college to get a degree so that he could teach school and coach baseball and his sons football team. He is a wonderful and loving husband and father. Brad wasn't raised up with not a lot of Love , after his mother die when he was 8. His father became a alcoholic. I would love surprise my husband with a new home. To show him that we Love him so very much. I work for the local EMS as a EMT-Iv I see so many people Grundy County TN that need help and I feel so bad to ask for help for myself. But I see my kids eyes that they are home sick, that it breaks my heart. So I am asking you to help the Dees family get their home back. Thank You so much for reading my story. God Bless you all for what you do..

  10. gloria ortiz says:

    Help my name is gloria ortiz i,am a fan of your show which is very touching to those in need just like me aim writing cause my mom pass 3 years ago, and even when she was alive she had the same problem and issues with her home ,now she gone and the house got worse , my brother is the only one living there now which my mom left the house for all 5 kids ,she was our only living person we look to and now she gone now we are in need of repairs which we can't afford , the roof is leack the celling are falling and electric is bad too due to the water leak my brother try he's best but we can't afford a new roof and work in side the house of plaster falling from celling and water pouring down like rain when it rain I'm asking with all my heart to get help cause we would not like to lose our home that my mom work for so hard for to lose so please consider my letter as soon as possblie cause that roof well not go though this winter then real lose the thing we have memories of and i pray to god every night that my prayers be answer though you the house is really really in bad shape and my brother can't not live in that condition its not health for him his ill already with breathing problems and still grieving for my mom and wording about the house please if only see to believe hope to hear from you soon and thank you for giving me this chance in life. sincere yours Gloria

  11. Gloria ortiz says:

    My name is gloria ortiz I'm hope that you could help me as soon as possible my mom pass away 3 hers ago which we still have the home and my brother primitive ortiz is still living in the house but my moms home is in danger it as so many water damage from the roof which by this year if we don't get it repair is going to come down we try to repair with tar but still its bad very bad and we are still grieving for our mom and trying to look for help somewhere before we lose it to water damage from the roof the electric is bad from the leaks so bad my brother is so depress when he can't repair cause we don't have the funds i pray every night to be rich or ring a good job but time is running out and it just o the matter that i turn for your help and asking from the bottom of my heart to please help us save our mother house please even if this was my last wish please help us .hope to hear from you soon hank you. sincerely yours Glori ortiz

  12. Melissa Ganoe says:

    Hello, my name is Melissa Ganoe. Im 38 yrs old and have lost both of my parents. My mother 19 yrs ago and my father a week ago. When I was 13 yrs old my parent's bought our first house. We lived in a mobile home when I was growing up. My dad was an alcoholic and never really cared about anything but himself. This home they bought was an old farm house that set in a middle of a sub division of brick homes. This was the first home ever built in that sub division. It needed some remodeling done on it. My dad did some minor remodeling to it. My moms wishes was to remodel the whole house, but she never got to do it. My mother got sick and had to be put out on disability where she fought for several yrs to get her Social Security Disability. She passed away 6 yrs after she bought this home in June 1995 when I was 19 yrs old. She never did get to remodel her home like she wanted to. I left home after she passed away, where I was on my own. I had two beautiful daughters in the next few yrs after. My dad was still drinking and my brother was an addict and at 40 yrs old still an addict. My father got sick 3 yrs ago with lung cancer, he had surgery and overcome the cancer. In march of 2013 my father started having mini strokes where he had 8-10 within 3 months. I brought him to my home and he lived with me for several months before leaving and moving in with some friends. I live in a Mobile home with my two daughters 14, and 17 yrs old now. Wasn't much room here to provide my father with the proper housing. my mother and fathers home has been vacant for over a year now. My father got sick two months ago and finally agreed to go to the doctor three weeks ago. The admitted my father into the hospital where he stayed and was being treated for pneumonia in his right lung. They thought his cancer had came back and was spreading fast. They released him from the hospital on Sep 17, 2014 and he passed away at my home on Sep 19 2014. I was bringing him back to my house to take care of him but it was too late. my mom and dads house is still setting there with no one living in it. I want to grant my mothers wishes and get this home remodeled so me and my girls can move in it and keep it in the family. Otherwise I will have to sell it and get rid of my mothers only home she ever had. The house needs a lot of repairs just to be able to live in it. Its needs heating source, electric redone, roof, siding and minor repairs in the inside. I really don't want to loose my father and mothers home, but if I cant get it repaired to live in then it will have to be sold. I would like to be nominated to take part in the Extreme Home Makeover and have something to remember my parents by and grant my mothers wishes of having her only home remodeled the way she always wanted it done. Thanks Melissa

  13. jose rodriguez says:

    I am a single father of two girls dat bought a house anthat gets ssi and only get 696 a month. and people keep brakeing in my house and stoleing stuff. i lost a sonand want to leave my houze to my kids when. i die all im askn is for some help to fix my kuds house i dont know what to do i never beg no1 for help can someone please help my kids i dont want help for me but for my kids tried i never beg but i am begging know for my kids please someone help me thank u nomatter what you guys diside

  14. Mindy tackmier says:

    I am writing in hopes of getting my home makeover. I have a wall that is lifting off the floor and it has a space where I can fit my fingers under the wall between the floor and wall and an arched doorway with a crack big enough to fit fingers in. It is not a load bearing wall but to remove it I have to rewire electrical and redo all the flooring between the two rooms. Then I have carpet that is lifting in the bedroom and the dogs have begun chewing it and would like to replace with tile. I am a special education teacher and can't afford on my salary to fix these issues. I work so hard for my students to make their lives better I just want to come home to a house without cracks in ceiling and walls lifting. Please help!

  15. Cindra says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can get help for my son. He's a Veteran, He came back from Iraq and has PTSD. His house caught on fire two months ago. He is trying to put it back together and nothing is being done right. And a very big struggle for him. Some boards are even rotten and should be replaced. Insurance was useless. His house in not livable. He has two children that this is starting to effect emotionally also. He and his family have to stay away from their home till he can get it fixed. its been so hard on him to get things done. To think about it has effected me too, I've been praying for God to help them. No one seems to have time to help out. There is no shower there that is working and no kitchen and no beds to sleep on. I have pictures and video but don't know how to get them to anyone that can come and volunteer to help us put this puzzle back together before Christmas. Will someone respond please? Where can we go to help this family?

  16. Celeste ferrary says:

    Hi my name is celeste and I wanted to share my story with you. I am 24 yrs old and am living with my bf and his family. This family has brought me in like I was their own. This family deserves a beautiful home. This family has been through a lot. This family has suffered for their kids , the mom is most sweetest lady I have met she took me in as her own daughter and does so much for each of her kids and for other kids she takes care of. His dad works in janitoral in swing shift . My bfs parents are co pastors to a church near by and they have helped so many people spiritually. They have also suffered from alcoholism in the family and still pray for those you seek it. This house we live in needs a lot of Renovation done. It has been hard to even do because our incomes it's just my bf and his dad taking care of bills and morgage. I help out with rent and food. We also have two dogs that we love very much. I believe with in my heart that this family deserves so much more ! It's hard but what makes us close is being a family. The parents have sacrificed so much for their kids before they moved to this condo. Before they did love in a one bedroom apt with 7 -8 people in it until 2005-6 I believe. They have come a long way but I really want a miracle for them. Thank you for reading my story . I'm praying and hoping that we make it . God bless you !

  17. katlynn says:

    My name I katlynn I sent yall a letter to that address yall should be getting it soon it's under the watson and carlisle please help we need ur help please and thank you

  18. Odessa Johnson says:

    I am writing about my daughter Valerie, She is such an amazing person with such a big heart. Valerie is a single mom working 2 jobs raising 4 kids. My daughter has always gone above and beyond for others. She volunteers at the women shelter always find money to donate at least 2 toys to toys4tots at Christmas and is currently coaching her daughter U12 soccer team which she also volunteered for. My daughter has been raising her nephew for eleven years now and just took in his oldest brother whom was kicked out of foster care 3weeks before his 18th birthday. I know it may seem right to kick a young adult out at 18 but he hasn't yet turned 18 and he is still just a junior in high school. Valerie has so much on her plate she can never just turn a child away or anyone whom may need help; her whole belief is "we go be ok", "nobody will be without", "if I got it so do you". She helps feed others when they are in need of food knowing she does not have enough but you wouldn't know that cause that's her. She works minimum wage and has been passed over for promotion several times due to her attendance but it wasn't her fault her be so sick. Her daughters suffer from emotional issues after they dad left, her nephews also struggle with anger and emotional issues but she hasn't given up she still fights making sure they are all making there appointments on time and receiving all the emotional and loving help that they need. Her youngest daughter suffers from sleep apnea and asthma she often goes into work late or has to leave earl due to a flare up at or before school or work. Valerie often neglects her own self due to the children's needs my daughter also suffers from severe anxiety, absent seizures, and migraines. I'm afraid that one day she may go to sleep and not wake up. It's hard for her but yet she manages to keep a smile on her face at least around people who do not her. Raising 4 kids is hard especially when 2 of those kids you didn't give birth to but you can not tell her different cause nobody is ever left out and she treats the all the same. My daughter is currently living in a very small cramped 3 bedroom apt that has a lot of issues. Her kids have no room to play outside, the vents in her apt are always full of dust, she lives on the main floor so bugs get in very easily and yes her youngest daughter is highly allergic to bugs(she swells up) due to her daughter severe asthma her apt has to always be cool or it could cause a flare up. I just wish and pray that she will get the help that she deserves and can use due to her pride she refuses to ask for any type of help so I am asking please help me help my amazing beautiful daughter who deserves the world.

  19. Patrick Craft says:

    My name is Patrick, and I'm weighting this for my fiancé and I, about 8 months ago her two little girls were taken by the department of human services, she was soon to have another little one a baby boy, when he was born he to was taken, the house that she and I live in is falling apart and have bad issues, broken windows the sceptic doesn't work right, the bathroom sink leaks, the water heater is out in the open and is jerry rigged, the breaker box is bad, the roof leaks, constantly crawling with roaches and spiders, the landlord wont help fix any of it we have trouble paying bills, and the having food for the home, I just got a job but it still doesn't seem to help, and fighting to get the kids back is hard to do cause the house is not up to speed and to their standards, I would greatly appreciate it if y'all could help with our problems, we don't have enough money to go anywhere else, and paying rent is getting harder as the landlord raised it.

  20. Latrenda says:

    Hi,my name is latrenda. I am 15 years old and I .live with my mom. She is a single parent and pays all the bills by her self. We have a 3 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms it small. Me,my sister,my mom,aunt,and uncle,and my friend are currently living here. And my 4 year old neice. I really hope we get selected so that my moma can be very happy for a nice beautiful home. I really want our family to get a nice beautiful home.

  21. vertaisha torres says:

    Hello,my name is vertaisha I'm 19 and I'm writing this in hopes of getting our house done. I have lived in this house since I was 3 years old and we have been struggling since then our house has been burned down in 2000 from then our house was also remodel in 2002 the construction worker who remodeled our house in 2002 and didn't do a great job our electric is bummed anytime we go to I sink it shocks us under our kitchen sink is has sank in, its mold everywhere from the water, also the water that leaks from the pipes from the sink in the kitchen floods to my brothers room. the outside of my house has a flower bed in front of my room window that floods anytime it rains.I have two children of my own 2 year old terrance and a 5 month old named terraji I have had so much horrible times with this room being that its mold in my room and my walls with the children in here and I'm not able to go to college due to me only being able to provide for my children and helping my mom when I can. my mom walls are falling out by the chunks because they're dry rotted also because it's molded and walls are too soft we have to sleep in the house with air conditioning units which is also leaking on the inside of the house not the outside we can only take a shower in my mom's bathroom because the tub in the bathroom has a hole in the wall in the hole shower is distraught our bathroom is not even all the way finish under the sink is molded.my mom shower is starting to dry rot also her toilet is falling apart Plumbing is always needed because her toilet is stopped up continuously needed. we have a four bedroom 2 baths.my mom is struggling to pay her mortgage we're going through rough times such as loss of Our home due to foreclosure, my mom helps a lot of people she has taken care of 20 different family members children and she hasn't had any help from any of them she took them in on her own and try her best to take care of anybody's child that she could help when we need our own help and I love my mom for doing that because she is a blessing to our community she takes in anybody's child as you want to eat my mom will feed you she will give you somewhere to stay she will help you get on the right track for school she wants you to graduate and everybody Knows her by a aunt Angie. my mom is a loving person she only has two children me myself and my brother Jakari and my cousin Tevis who was place with her by the courts. We don't have a suitable backyard for anybody to be in. Let alone the house. My brother has severe bronchitis asthma as well as my 2 year old son. They are always at the hospital. In ICU. My 5month old Terraji is suffering from a heart murmur. My room is so small and us three can't all fit in here but I make the best out of it for my children. My and I are suffering from high blood pressure. She also is on the verge of being a diabetic. I love my mom for everything she has done for our family and all of the children she has helped. She cries almost every night because of our house we have no money for no repairs to be done. My mom is self employed with her small cleaning business which is only enough for bills and sometimes bill aren't able to be paid! We were living out of a hotel room for 2 years because my mom didn't have any work and the lights were turned off. We've slept at relatives house. In the car. We've been through a lot. I just pray that we can get a beautiful completed home that's safe to live in. Please please, please!!! Help us!

  22. Peggy Miller says:

    Hi, I'm Peggy. I really need help. I take in children that really have no where to go. I only have one right now. The condition of my housr is in bad shape. Can't take in any more children till something done. Roof leaking. The bedrooms all have mold. Floors falling in. Ceiling needs replaced. Need new electrical and plumbing. Bathroom sink doesn't work. Need heat. Need new septic. Need more room and another bathroom. We are sleeping in living room right now. I sleep in chair child on couch.

  23. jeremy says:

    Hi my name is Jeremy I'm doing this message for my mother she lost her job about five years ago and she been struggling for a long time with no food in the house I'm her second oldest child, and I seen her struggle she lost a lot weight she been trying to pay on a house mortgage she can't afford I love my mom so much and I'm tired of seeing her struggle she lost her father a few months ago and its only gets worse and I don't what I'm supposed to do BC she did so much for me and I can't do the same I'm at lost so please help

  24. Alissa says:


    From the bottom of my heart please answer the prayers and help our family we lost 2 close family members my grandfather is barely making ends meet with the bills he's approaching 70 and suffers many health problems and is suffering depression from my grandmas death. My mother is barely being held together. This house is my grandmas house I don't want it to see it come to ruin but give it back the heart it deserves. It's hard for me as well as I am practically raising my teenage sister on my own . To have a new home would put less stress on my family I know there are many deserving family's and you might pass us up but please help please I feel like this our last chance as family to unite as a home . My family gave everything to help church their friends I really want to give back to them . I am young and I know I can't give them much but at least this please

  25. Tyler Yurganov says:

    My name is Tyler Yurganov and I live in Baltimore MD with my mom,dad and sister Kayla and brother Cameron. i am in 7th grade. My dad lost his job 6 month ago and my mom works real hard to make ends meet . Dad trying to find something but no luck so far. Past year our family had such a bad luck with everything and it takes toll on my parents.Our house is falling apart, we had water pipe broken at night in upstairs bathroom and it flooded the house from top to bottom. My father tried to fix it but he is not that good. so we have a big hall in the dining room and upstairs bathroom with no tile. My parents love each other and us very much and all the little money they have they spend on us,kids.I go to private school and they pay for it and for my sister school and my brother daycare. I dont know when we have money to fix our house because of all the bills they have to pay. Please help us, because i am afraid that my parents will fall apart just like our house did.
    thank you

  26. Rodney lee says:

    My name is rodney lee. I am asking for this makeover for my wife, she is a loving and kind. She has took in people that had no place to live. All our kids are grown. My step daughter is the only one at home, but she is living with her grandmother. My wife had the ideal to go green got 2 classrooms and put together we are living in the bedroom stepdaughter don't have a room cause we can't finish it.we have a roof but no heating or cooling. My wife has made a statement that she want ever see the house done. I know there is people needs a house worst then her and stories are better then hers but she deserves it just as much. She don't want a big fancy house she just wants a home. She has put others before her and has done without its time for her to have something. Thanks and God bless

  27. zan brooks` says:

    My name is Zan Brooks and im writing for my grandmother Kim Jackson. She has arthritis in her legs she needs two hip replacements, also she have cataracts. She and her daughter and granddaughter live in the house. The house has a bug big problem the yard is a mess. There are rodents and stray animals in and out the yard. She is hardly able to pay her bills, but she gets by. Everyone in the community knows her. She is a good person.

  28. Jemma says:

    Im writing because i need your help. I am only 21 years old and have a child with a disability , which causes her to be blind. I currently stay on the 11th floor of a high rise tower. it is unsuitable as my child cant and might never walk. Also its not very clean and my child suffers bad excema which tends to flare up reguarly. Been fightin for a back and front door for a while now and no further forward , i really need a 3 bedroom to get a sensory room built in to help my daughters development. And i know yous could help out with this. Please please consider and make mine and my daughters lifes easier.

  29. Rebbecca Garrett says:

    Hello Extreme Makeover Team. This is hard for me to do because I do not want anyone to think I am complaining. I am 31 years old and I am married to the most amazing man. He works for months at a time away from home in the oil field to take care of all of the people in our home. He is a disabled American Veteran as well. Six years ago, his father passed away and then six months later his mother had a stroke that left her completely paralyzed in her right arm and partially paralyzed in her right leg, leaving her wheelchair bound. She also lost her ability to speak. I quit my job, that I had at the time, to take care of her. In the last six years, we have also taken in his Aunt, who found that she has severe arthritis in her arm, both legs and a twisted pelvis, and a long time family friend who has peripheral neuropathy in her legs, leaving her dependent on a walker, and a compromised immune system which makes it very easy for her to get infections. While we appreciate that there are places for the elderly to get care, we also feel that it is our job to care for them as they took care of us, until we are no longer needed. With combining so many households, we also have quite a few pets (9 cats and 2 dogs) that we are not willing to part with. We were doing very well for a while, living as we are, and recently began to purchase a 5-acre parcel of land that we had hoped to build on. Unfortunately, circumstances have arisen that require a couple of years to correct and we thought that we would have a couple of years where we are currently living to get those circumstances taken care of. We were told last week that the owner of the house we are renting is unable to keep paying her mortgage and this house will go up for auction or sale fairly soon. There are few places that allow for even a single pet, let alone 11 pets, with enough space for all of us to live in. Our land has a house on it but it has been gutted making it completely unlivable, and we cannot afford to fix it up and we don't have the time, now, to do so. We are exploring our options at the moment and trying to figure out just how much time we do have and what we can do to find a home for our family, including the furry ones that our hearts cannot part with. I have designed our dream home already but, like I said, it is going to take several years to be able to accomplish this and I have absolutely no idea what the future holds and that scares me. I don't want anyone to feel sorry for me or to pity me because I chose to give my life and my time to this family and I do not regret it. I only regret not being able to provide all that I should and all that I promised to them. I would absolutely appreciate any help that you could be or any suggestions that you could make that would help our circumstances. Thanks so much for providing the services that you do for all of the people who need help. I love to watch your show and often shed a few tears for the families myself wishing that there was some way that I could help also. Thanks so much again.

  30. Dee Howard says:

    Hi, My name is Dee Anna Howard , I am writing your show on the behalf of my mother, Louise Charlton! She has presently inherited my grandma's house! And it needs alot of work done to it! I came back to take care of my mom and dad because they both are really sick! My mom is suffering from MS, slowly loosing her ability to walk, slowly getting dementia, has seizures and takes meds totaling over 400.00! They are on a set income and really can't afford the up keep of the house!!!! By the time she pay the bills she has no money. The bathroom in the house is so bad that there is a bad odor all threw the house :-) I think it's making the whole house smell! I am asking to please my parents. I would like for my mother to not have to worry about anything, cuz that can cause the seizures and could possibly speed up the dementia! Thank you for your time

  31. jackie says:

    Hi my name is Jackie stone me and my husband have five kids and my house is falling apart and it is small. I can not get the appllication to down load and I realy want to get my home re done mail me the application or call me because we don't have the inte net or and cameas please help thanks Jackie

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