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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2015

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  1. Jane Stegall says:

    My Husband and I moved into my Mother's house to assist her and help keep her in her house and not in an elderly care facility. My Mother is 97. Her house has one small bathroom, and presently there are now 4 people sharing one small bathroom since our oldest son has moved in also. My husband and I have been living with her for 4 years now. We would like to have a bathroom in her basement. This would greatly improve the "morale" around here. I am sure you realize that sometimes people take longer times in the bathroom than normally. My husband was permanently laid off from his job of 20 years in a well known design/build local company and is working part time at Madison College. Our son is in the construction field and after working all day does not have much energy but has amazing ideas and abilities for building and remodeling. He did remodel part of her basement into an apartment for my husband and I which I think you would enjoy seeing. A new bathroom would greatly help our living conditions. Please greatly consider this request.
    Sincerely, Jane Stegall

  2. Brittney Gulsby says:

    Please make dreams come true for my family because we lost everything due to a house fire including my mom and our family pet. we lost everything. We are trying to get back upon our feet. My husband and cousin lost their job shortly after the fire. We have a total of 5 kids in the household. We are living off of 500 dollars a month. Our rent is 300 of that. We are trying to make ends meet.so please im begging you to please choose my family

  3. Chelby says:

    I would like to nominate my home for a makeover. My husband and I and his 2 daughters bought this home in 2009, since then we have had a child. We are running out of room. My husband works so hard to give us the things that we need, but we are starting to get cracks in the wall and the siding is coming off the outside. Our son is now 4 and would love his own room. Please help us turn our home into a place that we all want to be.

  4. Shylla says:

    Hello Ty,
    My name is Shylla Erickson and currently on our family we have My Fiancé Devon Turner our son Steven Turner and are currently pregnant with another little boy due July 8th. My fiancé Devon Turner is an extremely hard worker has been working in the coal mining industry since 2011 right out of high school. He is currently working underground. The saddest part is Devon lost his father when he was just 7 years old and is trying everything In his power to make his dad proud from up above and just wishes everyday he could just have a house he could call his and not have to be renting anymore Devon would be ecstatic at the opportunity to be on your show and be able to continue to make his dad proud in his own home. Please Ty keep us in mind and help us.

  5. Becky Smith says:

    Hello, I'm Becky. I live in Huntington, wv. My husband, daughter and myself live with my parents. We just can't get ahead in todays economy. My daughter was a miracle baby. We didn't think I would ever have children but I finally had my daughter. I was diagnosed with uterine cancer in August od 2013 and had a complete hysterectomy September od 2013. I was devastated of not ever having another baby. It's been hard on us living with my parents. My daughter is embarrassed to tell her friends. They all have a home to spend family time with. We have promised her a home of our own but really, I justddon't see it in the near future. She's such a good girl with a loving heart. She can draw just about anything and lives basketball! I'm not asking for a big fancy home. We would just love a place to call home. We have property but still owe on it. Please consider helping us out. Thank you all for all you do to make peoples dreams come true!! Becky

  6. Deborah Allen says:

    I'm a retired mother of two mentally impaired sons. Their father died in 1986. They are not interested in going to group homes. I have worked with them over the years to have them as responsible and independent as possible. What I haven't been able to do is make separate living quarters for each of us in our home. I would like an apartment created in the attic and in the basement, with me on the ground level. I would appreciate any help available.

  7. Danielle Powers says:

    Dear, Ty Pennington

    Hello my name is Danielle i am 18 years old and i love watching your show and seeing how much you impact a family. Thats enough about me though i was contacting you to see if you could help my sister, Tristenne. My sister is 25 years old and she has two kids. my sisters first child was born she was 7 weeks early and had to stay in the hospital till her due date. My sisters second kid also came early, but he was 13 weeks early, we didnt even know if he would make it. He was born weighing 3lbs but with my sisters water breaking at 21 weeks justation, he had developed BPD also known as bronchopulmonary dysplasia which is a chronic lung disease, which caused him to get pneumophoras is air on the outside of his lungs. he had eight chest tudes total to remove the air. He had a grade 3/4 brain bleed, he then developed hydrocephalus which is fluid built up around the brain, he had to get shunts put in to stop the fluid from building up, he also developed ROP which is Retinopathy of prematurity. He had to get laser eye surgery to stop him from getting blind. He is still in the hospital and we hope that soon he will come home. As you can see my sister has been though so much even more then what has been said, it would mean the world to her if you could help her. She would appreciate it more then anyone i know. she has tried so hard and cant seem to get no where so Ty Pennington please help her out it would mean everything to me. All i want is for her to feel good about herself and make her feel happy.

  8. Ocean snache says:

    Hello my name is Ocean, I'm 16yrs old my mother watches your show, she's always crying tears of joy and gratitude for the things you do for people. I watched with her one time when we were on vacation, it made me think of my brother Jesse, he could use a little blessing in his life. When he was 28 when he had a spinal stroke, he was paralyzed from above the waist down, he had no control of his bowels or bladder, and could not walk. After a couple months of therapy he got control of his bowels, slowly gained movement in his legs, he can now walk, but his legs are weak and still has no feeling, of hot cold even pain..he walks kinda like he is drunk, he now has control of his bowels but not his bladder, he will be on a Cathadar for the rest of his life. My brother can be very stubborn about what he is able to do and isn't. So he is always staining himself trying to do everything he can, it would mean a lot to and my family to see him have the things he needs to make the everyday tasks he deals with easier. He has since had one of his big toes removed due to cellulitis, because he could not feel his foot he did not know he had an infection.. He still has no sensation from the waist down. My brother, took over the mortgage payments of my moms house & still has not yet payed it off. The house needed many repairs before my brother got sick and is in need of even more now. He has difficulty climbing stairs and need everything to be on one level, I would love for him to have access to all the equipment he needs to get stronger legs. The house he lives in now is not suitable for his conditions and I know he needs the extra hand even though he would never say so. This is my big brother and I would be extremely grateful to have your help . Thanks very much .. If you could call that would be great to .. :))

  9. Nichole says:

    Hello ABC and Ty Pennington,
    I would like to nominate my home for the home makeover. I am a single mother of 2 and struggle to keep food in the cabinets let alone save money for a home remodel we so desparately need! I have come from the struggle of a broken home. As a teenager with out my mother I got pregnant at 15 years old. Thru all the trials and tribulations of life, for the most part, I have my life together! I bought my house 3 years ago on my own and do my best to provide the best life for my kids. My daughter is now 14. I want to show her the luxury of a beautiful home inside and out. Please choose my family for your home makeover! We will be forever greatful!

  10. Ann Bina says:

    I would like to submit my brother’s family, for consideration for an “Extreme Home Makeover”. My brother and his wife are from a small rural town located on the west side of Wisconsin. Several years ago they bought a small hobby farm and immediately began remodeling. Unfortunately a series of health issues resulting in job loss has prevented them from moving ahead with this project. In fact, my brother’s family is currently living with relatives about 30 minutes from their farm in the hope of saving some money to continue this project.

    Unfortunately 2015 has continued to be a struggle. My brother has applied for and been denied disability. Although this is currently with an attorney, until it is resolved there is little income for the household. My sister-in-law is also on disability, which was approved about two years ago. At this time my brother currently does animal care for clients in the area. I know that being able to buy gas has, at times, been a struggle. It is difficult for their children (ages 27 and 16) to understand the circumstances that their parents find themselves in. In January of this year our 49 year old sister died and my brother took this extremely hard. I believe it is difficult for him to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I continue to try and think of ways to make life easier, which is why I have decided to submit this recommendation. I would love for them to feel that something good is happening for them!

    Although my brother and his wife would be limited to the amount of help they could provide to the Home Makeover Team, I am confident that other family members would find any support needed to ensure the project is a successful one! Thank you so much for your consideration. –Ann

  11. Jade says:

    Hello, I'm writing you about my mother's house. It's falling apart and we can't afford a new house. The basement floods and there is black mold in the walls in the basement. One of our walls in the dining room is shifting away from the floor. She is currently in bankruptcy and I try to help with the bills but I just don't want her in this house anymore. I've even tried entering to win the PCH contest so we could afford a better home that isn't falling apart. Please help her get her dream Home.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Yesterday I was notified that my cousin will be loosing her home. My cousin is a single Mom who is disabled & lives with her two daughters, one of which is also disabled. Among a list of health issues she & her daughter have fibromyalgia. My cousin tried so hard to keep up with mortgage payments & repairs of the home. However, when it came to her daughter's health or the house, she had no choice but to choose her daughter's health. The house has roof, plumbing, window & foundation problems. I believe the home is going into foreclosure & the sale of the home won't even pay for the balance due on the mortgage. She lives in the Western New York area just outside of Buffalo, New York & needs help ASAP.

  13. Jennifet Smith says:

    My name is Jennifer Smith and I live in Gulfport Mississippi. Last year I went from working as a nursing assistant to sent home without pay because my job could not reasonable accommodate me due to my illnesses. I am crippled and 50 years old it has been a struggle having agency help pay your bill and other people or going without. I was in the process of tea ringing down my grand ma house next door to my shot gun house to build a larger house where me and my disabled husband can enjoy our 14 grandchildren and have room for wheelchair access since I will soon need one with my reuhmatoid and osteoarthritis.right now my house is small and I have trouble getting around with the walker. We have one bathroom and a tub I cannot fit in. The bedroom floor is going up a hill and I have to use a plug in light in the bathroom. I am writing because my granddaughter with special needs said grandma I wish I could makeover your house so I can be with you more. I saw the ad for auditions and I am applying in good faith.please feel free to contact me

  14. Marsha pavlovsky says:

    I am marsha and I am in a very hard position right now. I am currently unable to work due to osteoporosis and atrhritis in my spine. I help my brother care for our mother who is paralyzed from a stroke. My two daughters ages 20 and 21 who are in college live here as well jorden who is 21 has a four year old daughter miyah and my 20 year old Sarah also in college has a two year old named KAIDEN who has a condition called C.C.H.S which is a genetic disorder that causes him stop breathing when he sleeps. He is on a vent and has a treak. He has nurses that come twelve hours a day. Sarah also has a nine month old baby girl named kayleigh. We're trying very hard to stay together but are afraid because we only have three bedroom house and kaiden and my mom have alot OF equipment and we just don't have sufficient space or income. I'm about TO have court about MY ssi. Im unable to provide the care mom needs so my brother must be available to her at all times. Then the girls have school. We would be so eternally grateful for the opportunity to get into a home that would accommodate us.we can't even get moms wheelchairs into the bathroom. I am so afraid of loosing our precious family unit. We buried our baby brother Tony in 2009 .he was murdered. Since then i have tried my best to keep us together. I'm getting scared that we wont last much longer if we don't get some help.I'm praying that YOU consider us.God bless you.

  15. Annie wiebe says:

    Hi my name is annie I'm 13 and I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters including me so we have 8 people in my family and we live in a small farm house where it's quiet and and not much people drive by:). When I was 11 my mom had to go to winnepeg hospital because they said that my mom might have cancer they said they would call once they got the results but no call still so I'm worried when my dad got in a car accident it worries me more then he had to be hauled away with a ambulance because he had a siezsher( I'm not sure how to spell that) then a while later the same thing happend to my sister who is 7 years old and I thought she was dead she was all blue and was not moving I was so scared but she survived after all that has happend I realized not to take life for graned and to live life to the fullest so I thought surprising my family with a new house would be awsome. We're not asking for like a half a million dollar house;) I'm only asking for something bigger so if I get chosen great if not we'll scat happens man lol;) bye

  16. sarah says:

    I am from a small town in nova Scotia in Canada.. I am writing you because my mother is deprestly in need of new house she is living in a house that is 100+ years old our house is shifting in multiple places inbout house theres leakage from the bathroom in out laundry room i believe my mother is a good canidite because she is the most amazing women i know she has a heart of gold she will help anyone out from the goodness of her heart . there is myself my husband and my 4 year old daughter living in the house with my mother ..

  17. Cheryl says:

    Hi ABC I watch your show all the time, I just finished watching a episode and was drawn to apply. My sister at 27 found you she had stage 3 medullary thyroid cancer she had just finished school just got married and found this out she spent months 4 hour drive from home. No one really knows the story as she is a extremely private person. 12 years ago my husband and I bought a farm a few miles from town my sisters and I were raised on a farm and horses were our therapy I started giving riding lessons but working full time raising a family being a 4-h leader which all while she helped me with going through all of this. So we offer kids in our area lessons for a very reasonable price just so kids can have a get away place some times there is 30 kids and there families out here well now my health has been compromised so we have not been able to offer as much help and a get away for these kids as much as we usto. Our story doesn't seem as tragic as a lot of your stories but I am very proud of my whole family, my husband works round the clock so that we can offer what we can for these kids, it is now even adults that are finding the calmness in the horse personality. My job is hearing peoples stories and them coming out and saying OMG I am at pease out hear. I would love to expand and offer more but with health issues for both my sister and I its really hard to work enough to keep up THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME I was just compelled to write thanks again Cheryl

  18. Elena collar says:

    Hello, my name is elena I'm not asking for myself I have everything I need but I am asking for someone else that has a huge heart for children and adobtion I'm writing to your show so that you may possibly consider this family for a makeover. Their name is Dawn and Kenny martini they are the most loving most giving people in the world that would accept anyone into their home with loving arms! They have 3 beautiful adopted girls Bella,Olivia and lizzy and just recently they adoboted 3 more beutiful little kids because they didn't want then in the foster system.. Dawn is an amazing mother.. She has helped so many couch baby's become great people she loves like no one else I have ever seen… Kenny is a great role model of a father that has a unconditional ability to be kind and be strickt and set you on the right path.! They do so much for their neighborhood and their community.. They just give and give! Above and beyond their means they have a small home and needs to be fixed their is nice but small with one bathroom for so many people but they make due! If would be a huge!!!!! Blessing for them and our comunity if you can make their home more livable and more space for everyone… If you met them you would understand why these people deserve a bigger home.. Please consider them
    Thank you so much for changing people's lives!
    Elena collar!

  19. Amy Hassey says:

    I currently live in a small community in Texas we are in need of a youth complex make over we are non profit the city does not have a budget to help us we currently have 12 board members that try to make our current complex what it can be for games we started a football field but do not have what it takes to finish, started a tball field as well. These kids deserve to have a wonderful place like any other town but we do not have the budget to update anything, we run strictly off of donations and registration costs after uniforms are purchased. Our youth deserves a great complex we have the men and women willing to volunteer time and work we just do not have the budget or means to do so. Alot of our work is done by the sports directors and coaches. You would make alot of kids very Happy if we could make this happen. This is the one thing in my life I would love to be a part of.

  20. N. Doucet says:

    My mother is 79 and she is blind and has been all her life she has had 3 tragedy's she lost 3 of her children in 3 tragedy's she helps anyone she thinks needs help.she raised 7 of her own children and helped raise almost all of her grand children and plenty foster

  21. Melissa says:

    My name is Melissa and I am a young newly wed with two young children under 2. My house burnt down and my daughter was only 4 weeks old and 2 months premature. We have had a battle with the insurance and have gone to the public about our problem. We have the funds given but just want our home back together! please help! My children are so young. We only have one income and my husband is a police officer who works 12hour night shifts. I am in a rental home with no a/c, washer and dryer that doesn't work. My children need their home back.

    Please help

  22. Leandra Perkins says:

    My name is Leandra Perkins , I am 20 years old .. I am from Matewan West Virginia . I'm not reaching out for me , I'm reaching out for my parents and my family . My family has been through a lot of trauma through the last few years .. My brother passed away of cancer at 17 just a few years back an my grandmother right before that passed away .. Recently my dad who has always worked and tried to make ends meet is 45 years old , he's in congestive heart failure and just had a stroke a month ago . He's lost all coordination and slurs when he speaks now .. But he an my mother after all our losses have took on new obstacles even with there illnesses and have started foster care . Trying to reach out to other kids .. We are from a small town and my family is well known an deserving anyone in the area would tell you .. Where we come from we don't have much and what little we do have we cherish . Our home place is falling apart peice by peice , slide by slide . My family would be so appreciative for help .. We struggle everyday to help everyone else an kids in the system an would love to have a better chance at making there home bigger to help more kids , an more family's in hopes that one day maybe someone could care and help us .

  23. julianka says:

    Hlo my name is julianka I'm frm south africa I live with my parents whom is unemployed for some tym nw and my 2sisters our 3 little girls we hav a 5room home whereby our space is nt enough me and my 2girls are sleepng in the living room where the tv is also and we have 2 sit until every1 goes to bed and get up before they also get up in the morning we would appreciate it very much if you could help us ty

  24. Jennifer Perez says:

    Hello my name is Jennifer,
    My father was in a car accident on June 29,2014 he was in a coma for 6 weeks he broke 8 ribs, punctured his left lung, had sweeping and bleeding in his brain, dislocated his left hip, messed up his spine,and his organs starting shutting down he was on a ventilator for almost 3 months. My aunt takes care of him 24/7 and is having a very hard time paying bills and her house isn't designed to get my dad around and in a wheel chair. They need this makeover to help them she gave up her life to help my dad who is her brother she is married and her husband is the only person working to pay bills. And they deserve a home that will fit their needs please help them they don't ask for anything and this would make life a lot easier for them!
    Please help us,
    Jennifer Perez

  25. Misty Bigelow says:

    Hello my name is Misty..I am doing this for my grandparents….My grandfather is 80 years old snd a retired veternan and suffers from sever astmah and he is still working everyday…he is too old to have to work on his house when he gets off work…there house is falling apart but he does the best he can in fixing it and take care of my sick grandmother…she is 78 and is in very bad health she is un sble yo really walk she has to be in a wheel chair to get around and there place is not big enough for her to get around…i hope you pick me so that i can help my grandparents this would mean the world to me to give back to them…

  26. laura jones says:

    my name is Laura Jones and as many others I need help. I am at the point that I look for excuses for my kids to not have company over and it breaks my heart. I have always dreamed of being the house that all the kids want to hang out at so I know all are safe and have a safe place to be. my yard looks like Sanford and son some days I think I hear the song from the show when I pull up.
    we did a addon to our mobile home many years ago to make room for our twins and it leaks and is molded and my 10 year old boy girl twins have to still share a room. My husband is so capable of doing some of the work but being a fire chief of a volunteer fire dept and 1st responder and taking care of his widowed moms farm he doesn't even have time to take our kids fishing let alone repair work on our home. he works 70 hours a week as a truck driver leaves at 6am and finally home around 10-11pm some times 6days a week is rough. his dad died many years ago from complications after cancer surgery so taking care of two homes takes away any fun time so things have just been piling up–we don't even have a lawn mower and have to use electric fence and occasionally bring his moms horse over to eat things down. I just want to be able to have the kids friends over without being embarrassed or the kids being picked on (this has happened) thanks in advance from a firefighters wife and family

  27. Scarlet says:

    Hi Ty, my name is Scarlet and I have a mom who is so dear to me, she is so caring, giving, loving and loves with all her heart and unconditionally.My mom is disabled and yet she helps me with my son when I go to work and helps her elderly aunt with all her needs as well as the senior citizens in her neighborhood and community such as run errands for them, get the mail, cook a meal or simply graces them with her sweet personality because she can beighten up even te grumpiest person on their worst day and does it with a smile on her face and never wants anything in return. In addition my aunt which is her sister lives with her who is also disabled and a recent breast caner survivor and my mom helps her as much as she can but it wears on her but never complians. My mom has problems with her neck and arms due to an injury from twenty years ago. My mom and aunt inherited her childhood home and although it has beautiful memories it is a beautiful disaster. This is a home where we meet for family gatherings and holidays and it would mean so much to us and our family if this home could be fixed.The roof is in great need of being repaired and the house is now slanted because the foundation is in great need of repair. My mom and aunt are on an extremely fixed income and barely makes ends meet. Ty please help my mom and aunt, it would mean so much to us!

  28. Adriana says:

    Hi, my name is Adriana and I would like to be part of making a dream come true for my hard working husband of close to 18 years. He has not been dealt an easy hand coming from a home of divorced parents who were both alcoholics at one point. My mother in law recently passed and my husband finds it incredibly hard to even talk about still. His sister was killed back in 1999 and we helped raise her children along with ours, in later years we also took in more children, some with mental disabilities and behavorial issues as well. Although Our home has mold, pieces of the ceiling in the living room and other parts of the house leak when we get rains or melting snow, we tried our best to make it home for ourselves and others. The insulation job was not done well at all, so its cold and drafty in the house. The siding looks atrocious thanks to a service that was injecting our home with insulation, they put big huge unsightly circles on our house. My hhusband has been through spinal fusion surgery and rotator cuff surgery following an on the job injury, along with recent attacks of anxiety that wound him up in the hospital for almost a week undergoing test after test, trying to figure out if it was his heart or something neurological since his speech had became impaired on and off.All of this because he just refuses to give up on the american dream and hard work in hopes of a better future for his family.I do believe the mold is a possible cause of some of the health issues our daughters have had. It would mean the world to me just to be able to do something to help take some of the release and pressure off of my husband's worries for keeping a decent roof over his family's head, who he works so hard to keep intact and afloat. I pray we hear from you!

  29. Dave Matheasn says:

    Dear Ty, I'm sending this email to request help for a friend and his family.A Few months ago my friend was told his 9 year old daughter has a rare eye disease and will lose her sight. She is legally blind now but has peripheral vision. 1 month ago his 3 year old son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and was told his son would be in a wheelchair before 12 years of age. The family live on the farm where my friend grew up. The house will need remodeled to make it wheelchair accessible. The community is pulling together to help raise money thru benefits but don't know if that will be enough. If there is any way you would consider helping out this family it would be greatly appreciated thank you for your titime . sincerely Dave Matheason

  30. Amy Fulghum says:

    The past 8 months our world has turned upside down. My brother in law was diagnosed with brain cancer. His first surgery was not what we prayed for or expected. Doctor stated that it was inoperable and gave him 3 mos. to live. Two days after his surgery my father and mother in law along with my husband were getting to the hospital early to be there when the doctor did rounds. They were going to find out if the cancer was malignant. While walking into the hospital doors my father in law passess out. He had a blot clot in his leg that had moved to his lungs. Then because of his breathing he ended up having a massive heart attack and died. My husband and mother in law watched as they tried to bring him back to life, not once but three times. Its a memory my husband said he would never forget. My father in law had made one request prior to his heart attack and that was to get his oldest son more help for the brain cancer. My brother in law struggled and held on for the next 6 mos in and out of the hospital, but inevitable the cancer won. My mother in law has gone through so much in the last 8 months from losing her husband of 48yrs and her oldest son at such a young age of 45. My husband and I decided to move our family in temporarily with her. To help her during this time. She has asked us to move in permanently and we started closing in the garage to make another bedroom, painted as much as we could afford. It always seems we get one step ahead and then something sets us back. Tonight we noticed that the pipes were backing up. My husband spent money on buying something to unclog, but it has not work. We realized the floor was wet near the washing maching, and pulled it out to find that the entire wall is soaked, but the worst part is this house is built 2 story with the bottom being underground. My father in law built it with his own two hands. The washing machine is on the main floor which it the 2nd floor and it has leaked down the wall and realized its caused damage to everything. My husband stated that to fix it would cost so much money, that we don't have. My mother in law doesn't deserve or need to worry about these problems, she is still trying to grieve her husband and son. It breaks my heart because I know she or we can't afford to fix it. I pray that you will pick my mother in law for a home make over, I feel that she needs this to help start a new life. We need it so we can live with her and help take care of her for the rest of her life. I appreciate you listening and God Bless. Amy Fulghum

  31. Kayla Smeltzer says:

    My name is Kayla and I would like to nominate my best friend Kendra and her family. They had a beautiful two story house in a friendly and safe neighborhood that was recently (just over a week ago) destroyed (foundation also destroyed) in a horrible house fire. Their neighbors house was also destoryed. They lost everything. All their memories, pocessions, everything went up in flames. The most painful thing they lost, however, was their family pet, a Yorkie named Jinx. They are an amazing and caring family, and to just lose their house in a horrible accident like that is something they did not deserve. I would love to see them be able to rebuild their lives and even get a new family pet. Please, come help them get back on their feet and not have to think everyday of the tragedy that struck. I hope to hear from you soon.

  32. Rebecca Gresham says:

    I am trying to get help for my dad and mom. They have worked hard there whole lives raises eight kids. It has in no way been easy but my dad has been their for all us. Then when we had children of our own they took care of my sister and her four children. Still today taking care of one. But they don't complain. They are the strongest people I know. The last couple of Years my dads health is failing him. The place they got seems to be failing apart faster than they can fix the last thing to go wrong. If he doesn't get help to fix it up I believe he won't make it to enjoy the end results with my mom.they have deserved this so much. Thank you for your time. Rebecca

  33. Pam says:

    I am applying for a couple who just lost everything they own( house, cars). Couple is in their 60s. The man just had one leg amputated below the knee and the woman had a stroke a few months back. This past month a flood came and flooded everything but then the house also caught on fire and burned. Due to health and finances- they did not have insurance. I talked to the lady and she states," I don't even has a washcloth towah my face with" . I have known this couple for about 15 years. If anyone needs help it would surely be this couple. I'm praying for a Godly blessing in this couples life.
    Thank you for considering this couple for this application.

  34. raena ramirez says:

    The reason my family should be chosen to be on this TV show is because OUR SWEET LITTLE ANGEL Nevaeh was born woth a rare chomosome deletion. 6q16.3 22.3 our mobile home is just to small. her wheel chair and walker are just confined to the storage because theirs just not enough room. To use them around the house. Nevaeh need the room to be able to get around the house as she would love to walk in her walker every were or be wheeled around in wellchair if their was the space she would. Our princess deserves all the room she can get. Right now finances are very tight we just don't got it were trying our best to remodled right now our mobile home is a construction site we Ned the help Tha KS so much and god bless

  35. Maureen Popple says:

    My oldest son and his family are a U.S. ARMY family. He was deployed 4 times to the middle east. His wife cannot emotionally withstand another deployment and my son "Nick" has PTSD. They were blessed with triplet girls in 2008 and a boy two 1/2 years later who is now 4. Nick requested to be a recruiter and is situated with St. Joseph Missourri Armed Forces recruiting station. Nick and Lisa Popple buy products now to help out the wounded warrior project. Nick hopes to put in his time where he is and get out of the Army. They have found Troy, Kansas( a small community across the river from ST Jo) to be the place they would like to make their home. They were able to buy a small home on an acreage. The entire place is in need of a remodel. and they are hoping to close off and finish a garage for their three daughters bedroom. They are a hard working couple of people that I would Love to see Extreme Makeover make his "American Dream" come true.
    Lisa is a service cooridinator\supervisor for the disabled and those with life altering disability. out of St Jo.MO

  36. Alysse Benavides says:

    Hi, my name is Alysse I live in Harlingen, Texas. I'm applying to ask if you wonderful people could possibly help my grandma Rose fix her house. She and my grandpa lived there for over 25 years. Just a couple of years ago my grandpa past away cause of a heart attack.. my grandma lost a big part of her life and if that wasn't enough, last year the city busted some water pipes and flooded her house. My brothers had to move all her belonging to the garage and throw away anything that got wet. Which was most of her appliances. She is now living with my sister and has no money to fix her house. So please please help fix my grandma's house Iknow it would mean the world to her. Thank you, sincerely Alysse Benavides.

  37. alyssa says:

    please read my app my family really need your help ..

  38. jamie says:

    hi my name is jamie i am 39 year old i have copd and i am on oxygen i cant work because i have neck and back surgery. I owned a 3 bedroom trailer that have mold and the floor is really old and need to be replaced. My elderly mom use her social security check to help me please help me i live in diamond city,arkansas

  39. Tracey Haith says:

    Dear Ty, my name is Tracey Haith and I writing you on behalf of my future husband Lonnie Thompson. Lonnie was in a car accident on January 14 2015 and then he lost his mother the very next day. He was unable to be by her side because he was very hurt. He has only recently returned to work and he is still not completely healed. His mom was in danger of losing the trailer and the land because her medical bills and her medicine was taking every dime. Lonnie has three kids that he is raising all on his own without any help and he is not the type to complain about anything because he says there is no reason to because you still have to do what you have to do. I was a full-time student at Guilford Technical Community College until I took time off to help him with his mom and his brother who has also moved back home to continue his operations that he needs. Not once have I heard him complain or get mad about anything. The mantle of responsibility that this man wears would make the average man stumble. Now that I have lost my job as well he is paying my bills as well. The house needs a lot of work done on it and it seems that every time we get one thing fixed something else major breaks down. The wiring, the water system, the heating and cooling system has decided to quit working all at one time. He is the only bread winner right now and he is drowning in debt from his mom's medical bills and the bills from the house and land taxes as well. This is not the type of man to just give up; but he needs help and he needs it bad. There are the animals that belonged to his mom as well. We take care of them but there is not enough room for all of us and the house really needs some work. We are still job hunting but I miss school. Please help him if you can; he is what every one calls a gentle giant and if you meet him you will see why. His mom was the type of lady that would not see anyone go homeless or hungry and he is the same way. He really believes in helping his fellow man. I hope that you can help him Ty because this man has a beautiful soul and a very generous heart and he really deserves a break. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you can help him. Thanks again.

  40. Randy Kellar says:

    Hello my name is Bradley Kellar i am 11 years old my dad and me have lived in are motorhome now for the past 4 years. The reason I'm telling you this is that my daddy Randy Kellar has worked so hard to keep us together only to come home April the 3rd 2015 to are burnt down motorhome. We lost it all everything we owned. My dad is such good man he will do anything for anybody. My dad when it storms or we have bad weather he will go around town here helping the sick and the elderly. This past few weeks he has been really depressed because he knows summer time is coming and he has no home or any thing for me to stay with him in and he tells me it's gonna be ok he will sale his only truck or transportation he has just so I can come see him. I'm not begging but if you only new my daddy and new how much he helps others for nothing and to see him smile after he knows he has helped another person. My dad will actually give you his shrit off his back. I just ask for my daddy to be giving a chance or help so he can also have a house or camper to call his home again. God knows my daddy will pay it forward as he all ready is doing I love my dad and I'm 11 and always hear people saying how much he has helped others. Thank you and I hope you can help my daddy as he has helped others in a time of need. Thank you so much from a son who admires his daddy. Bradley Kellar

  41. Robert Barnes says:

    I know of two families that live in Arkansas. Both are single moms due to events that have occurred in their marriages. Both also have children that are autistic. Amber is a mother that has one child that is autistic and her sister Sherina has two children that are autistic, but the saddest part about this is that one of her children, Johnny who just turned 6 is also fighting cancer. Sherina also look after her ailing step dad. When Johnny has to go to the hospital or make his frequent visits to the emergency room, Amber watches the other children for her. Johnny is going through chemo,radiation and other treatments. They live in a house that needs lots of work. Amber told me that her house is old and need work too but she said that her sister's house needs more work than hers. Sounds like she is so unselfish when it comes to her sister and her nieces and nephews. We have all tried to raise money for trips back and forth to the hospital and to assist with bills but it seems that everyone in the world would rather give money for someone to have a big wedding than to give to a needy family with a cancer stricken child.

    Hope I hear from you.

    Semper Fi
    Robert R. Barnes
    USMC Service Connected Disabled Gulf War Era Veteran.

  42. Tabitha says:

    Hi my name is tabbie I'm 21 years old.my daughter is going to be turning 3 this year. She was diagnosed with a birth injury when she was born. Which resulted her have cp. And severe brain damage. Last year we lo St her father and it's been very hard on us. He wanted to fix our house up for her as she grows. We live in a small house and my daughter shares her bedroom with a bathroom! But after he passed I'm unable to do anything he wanted! Out house is literally falling apart! It's been a rough time for us not knowing what to look forward to for her future! If you would please help us out

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