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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2015

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  1. Emma Smith says:

    Hi my name is Emma Smith,

    I am writing on behalf of my 22 year old son Kristian Smith Jr from Atlanta who was involved in a car accident on 4/18@15 at around 7:30 am as he was on a job assignment in Detroit. He had only been there for 2 weeks. One of the most dreadful calls we received in our life was to be told that The driver of the vehicle that he was a back seat passenger in fell asleep at the wheel the car flipped 3 times and my son was ejected and airlifted to the hospital. Kristian broke his neck and is paralyzed from his waist down. My husband and I had to drop everything to go and be by his side. The earliest flight for Detroit was to depart from Atlanta at 4:30 pm helpless not knowing what we were going to be faced against we headed for the unknown. While waiting waiting for our flight we received a call from the doctor stating that they had to do an emergency surgery that was needed. We arrived at the University Detroit Hospital around 9pm. After being there for 2 weeks Kristian Died for about 3 minutes but was resuscitated , His left lung collapsed as he had a mucus plug. We were totally in a strange place , not knowing anyone in Detroit all of our family left behind in Atlanta. While in Detroit for Kristian , our 17 year old son Devaris was approaching graduation and prom. As we were there supporting one son the other had been left behind and as we tried to be there for them both , it was very hard. We had family to step in and make sure that the future graduate stayed on track. Thanks to my older daughter , son, sister, brother , sister in law and niece and many calls to home from mom & dad we made it happen. After being in Detroit for almost a month we were able to return home on May 8th on the date of the youngest sons prom . Kristian is now at The Shepherd Spinal Hospital in Atlanta , and Is progressing well. He was diagnosed with a Complete C-4 Spinal Cord Injury. We are Grateful that he is alive. Our challenge is that he will be released to come home on 6/25/15 and our house nor vehicle is accessible. We are in need of your help in anyway that you can. Thank you for hearing our plea!!

    Sincerely Emma Smith

  2. bpsvf says:

    Please help my school. I'm a school counselor in Mira Loma, California. Our school is in need of a makeover. Though my school is very clean, our classrooms are outdated, we needs materials, tools, office equipment etc. Let me please tell you why I feel my school would benefit from this make over. Our school helps people without an education get an education. We serve the community and have given many free scholarships for free to deserving students. I have a passion for teaching and helping students. I ask that you please help me beautify my school. It would mean soooo much. It would boost student and teacher morale. The majority of our students are immigrants and are below the poverty level. We are in need of a school make over. Our school is not very big but its big in heart. We love teaching and love our students. I hesitated soo long before writing you but in my heart I believe in miracles and Extreme Make Over-Home Edition can make this dream come through for my students and my school.

  3. LaDrenna Brooks says:

    Hello! My name is LaDrenna Brooks. This letter is in regards concerning my family and I .Yes! We need help. I'm 26yrs old with three beautiful children. I'm currently going through a divorce and learning to adjust as a single-parent mother.My husband abandon us this pass yr due to an addiction he struggled to overcome. With him being our main support system at that time we had no where else to turn to other than home with my parents.Living adjustment has not been so easy. There are only 3 bedrooms with a total of 8 of us dwelling here. This includes My 50 and 46parents, My brother 20 yrs old,My baby sister 11yrs old, Myself and my children Two Daughters 5&4 and a Son 2yrs old. My Mother had a heart attack on April 15 2015. My Father injured his leg on the job prior to my Mother having a heart attack. To be honest I don't know exactly how the home is being met financially . My brother has given my children and I his room so we can be comfortable and the children can be a little free. He sleeps on the floor in our living room. There is not enough room so I keep my belongings in my Van in the yard. Its not working properly so I can work and provide for my children better. What motivated me to write this letter and to seek help is not just because I'm in a situation where me and my children need help, but because my parents are so compassionate to compromise their living arrangement to try and help meet my Living needs so I can get myself together. Also Because of their Love they are deserving. And they are hard workers. We would be greatful if we qualify for this opportunity….Thank You.

  4. Alex says:

    My cousin is a single mother with 4 kids who took me when I was 21. When no one else did. She works really hard and try's her best to give her kids everything. She just got into this new home that needs so Much work. And she can't do it by her self. If you can help her that would be great

  5. Gina says:

    Hi my name is Gina and we are desperately needs of a home make over we have no kitchen there is a big hole in the roof the bathroom is sinking I have three little kids one of my kids is artistic my husband has muscle cirrhosis someone stolen our Ac unit we need help please help

  6. Katelyn Charrington says:

    Hello everyone!
    My name is katelyn. I'm a 22 year old living in a small hamlet just outside of Sarnia Ontario. I have lived there for around 20.5 years!! I have a family of 4, my mom, dad and younger sister Joslyn. Joslyn is 20 years old and is the brightest most talented girl I know. She loves baking, playing guitar, playing basketball, riding her horse, and so on!! The thing most people don't know about my sister is she was born with a congenital heart disease. She has one valve that is too narrow and one that has a leak in it. When she was 3 she had heart surgery to insert a stainless steal coil in her heart to help it flow better. She is on medication every night before she goes to bed to maintain this congenital heart disease! When she was born she was confined to an incubator until she was released from hospital, due to being 2 months premature. She needs heart surgery in the future but we're trying to prevent it happening anytime soon. Joslyn just graduated college for hospitality and tourism! My sister is very special to me and when I think about her health issues I just want to lay down and cry wishing why someone has to go through so much just to live a happy and some what healthy life. My sister and I both have hearing aids as well. I was diagnosed hearing impaired at the age of 6 and had hearing aids since then. Joslyn was around the same age as well. I'm very self conscious and get depressed about it a lot. Wishing I was normal and was like other people who have the privilege of hearing. Joslyn and I are both on disability because of it.
    I work in a nursing home in Sarnia as a Personal Support Worker. The job means so much to me because I love helping out older people. at the end of the day I feel amazing for being able to be there for someone who needed me. My parents names are Jenn and Jeff. My dad is a Machinist, for about 12 years now. He isn't in the best of health either. He's been in and out of the hospital with multiple bowel obstructions. Has had a major surgery that has left him with a noticeable massive scar. He also has bad arthritis in his knees and neck. My dad lives landscaping and gardening in his backyard! You should see the pictures. The past few years he has found it difficult to be able to do what he loves due to his bowel problems and his artheritis. He's he most hard working man I have ever known. Even through all these health issues he managed to work loads of overtime to provide for his family. It breaks my heart to see his health deteriorating and I stress and worry about it every day.
    My mom was unemployed for a few years. She went to school and became a esthetician. Worked for a few years in a spa and then broke her ankle and they wouldn't allow her to have her job back. So she decided to rent a place down the road for our home and open up a spa. That didn't last long because my parents couldn't afford the rent and the mortgage on the house. So now her dreams of opening her own spa has been crushed. All her hard work that she put into it went down the drain. She then couldn't find a job and went into a big depression. She now just got hired on at the post office in our little hamlet and I couldn't be any more proud of her.
    Now about our house. It isn't the prettiest place in the world. Our home is full of black mold, we can't even use our vents because of the black mold. The winter time it's so cold. And the summer time it's way too hot inside. The house has no insulation what so ever. And the outside is made from barn board. The inside is all wrecked and awful. There is foam in the windows to prevent the air getting through the cracks. Ceiling and walls are pealing. Basement is a crawl space or what we call a cold and wet dungeon. We have a washer and no dryer. They tried to do some renovations on their budget but they couldn't ever finish because of my dads health and them having to claim bankruptcy. The "dining room" is all drywall and mudding. With a glass table and no chairs. The kitchen is not finished but it's ok. The living room was recently done but not the best. My parents are sleeping in the old kitchen that isn't even finished. The walls are barn board in the room as well as drywall. All the wires are hanging everywhere. Mine and my sisters room is upstairs. Only 2 bedrooms up there and that's it. The smallest rooms you could ever imagine. With massive drafts in the windows. We only have one bathroom for 4 people. I know it doesn't seem like a sob story and it's hard for me to type it out without my emotions involved but my life isn't the easiest. I have bad lungs because of the house and all the black mold. It's not somewhere someone should live. The backyard is perfect!! Just our 120 year old house isn't. I think my parents would be amazing canedates because not only the health issues but because they have been through so much in the years and have given up so much. My parents can't even have their own horses on their lot. They have to pay someone else to board them. I think with the life we had my family deserves a new beginning and one that starts with a new home!! If you would like to see pictures I have them all ready and more then willing to share.
    Thank you so much!
    Katelyn charrington :)

  7. Wayne says:

    Hi I'm writing you for my mom she really needs help she's put everything she's had into a house every pay check went towards bills and renovations to the house she had a mortgage on but my brother and sister and me and my wife and all our kids moved in with her to help get her ahead but my brother and sister ended up not being much help and took advantage of a free house and she lost the house and now has moved into my father who has passed away now and it was full of mold and had everything to be ripped out she is currently working at the job she has been at for over 10 years and is trying to rebuild everything her husband now is doing the work and me and my wife help as much as we can but they are getting older now and need all the help we can get they have no floors no walls foundation is cracked and looks like it would fall any moment if you would please not for me writing this but for a mother who has giving literally everything to take care of her kids and grand kids please please help her

  8. Sharon Bolin says:

    Hello, I am writing this to ask for help for my sister Barabara and her husband Gary . I know they would never ask help from anyone. Gary worked at the same factory job for around 30 yrs until he retired becaused of health issues , my sister worked as a CNA for as long as I can remember even though she has had a rough time because of RA ( rhuematoid athritis)and a few years after Gary retired she had to go on disability also. Gary had been working on building them a home for years , doing a little at a time when his health would permit and he had a few extra dollars. They live in a mobile home that they have raised 3 children in , the oldest now 36 , and this place is falling apart and my brother in law isn't able to finish the house he started building . Gary has Diabetes and is sick alot , he falls down alot because of his knees are bad and sometimes his sugar is outta of wack and his neck has a crack in it from a wreck on his atv due to health related issues , My sister has alot of problems with swollen hands , feet and a whole host of RA related issues. They are only in their mid 50's , what I am afraid of is they will never be able to finish their house because of health reasons and financial reasons and the place they live now is so old and is falling apart.I know they are really Good People and Deserve a better hand than they've been dealt in Life . Thank You for hope you give to those in need :)

  9. Jackson Nicholas says:

    Hi I'm foureen years old. I am friends with this great family called the Best family. I'm best friends with the three of the five kids. I've known them for three years and they have moved five times because they continue to need help. I hang out with them every weekend more or less. Their dad moved to Ohio and their parents are divorced. Their mom works very hard for the stuff they have. I help them lack and clean their house all the time. They love the sports they play but they struggle to get rides because they have one car. I look to their mom as a second mother. They deserve a lot because they are great people. They are currently moving again. I have been helping them pack for the last few weeks. Please help these great people.

  10. Lori Beth Whorton says:

    Dear ABC extreme home makeover,
    My name is LoriBeth and I'm 17. I'm about to be a senior in high school and my family is currently in a situation. My mother (Regina Whorton) has tried to work so hard to give me and my older brother the best life she could but due to her fibromyalgia she is on disability and we live off of $800/month. That barely covers our bills much less anything else we need. She is in a relationship with a man named George and he works so hard from sun up to sun down. He tries to make sure we have anything we need no matter what but sometimes life gets hard. My mom owns a 3 bedroom trailer but it is falling apart. There's holes in the floors, the floors are sinking, all the carpet is either ripped up or needs to be and there's mold growing because water is leaking into the house. Finally we were going to move to georges 2bedroom trailer but the only thing is that the master bedroom had a tree fall on it and someone ran into it. The floor is falling out and the roof has caved and mold is on everything. I am currently staying with a friend because my mom stays in the one bedroom there and there's not much much room. It's almost my senior year and there's not much time left I will be able to live with my mom. I miss being with her every night and things are getting so hard but we don't have the budget to fix either trailer. Please help reunite us. Our family is falling apart.

    Sincerely, Lori Beth

  11. glenda cantrell says:

    I love your show it's awesome to see how many people that really need help from you guys.I'm living in a camper because I can't afford no were else an I got three house dogs my camper is a fifth wheel camper I wish I had the money to remodel this but living on fixed income I just don't have to do it I wish some day I will have my dream home on wheels

  12. Christina S says:

    First of all may the person reading this be abundantly blessed for all the hard work and dedication you put forth in helping others in their time of need. You are truely a vessel.
    Yesterday my family experienced a sad moment with our grandmother. She has always been a very strong woman. She is a great cook, and wonderful story teller, she has so much faith in Christianity and loves all her grandchildren equally. For as long as I can remember grandma did everything she could do to help anyone in need. If ever anyone needed a prayer they called upon her. There was just something about grandma that drew others to her. It has to be her kind heart and her caring ways. She and my grandfather will soon be celebrating their 67th wedding anniversary. My sisters and I always ask them what the secret is to staying happily married for so many years. She says it's just "love."
    Yesterday my grandmother was rushed to the hospital via ambulance due to sudden lower limb weakness. She couldn't walk or hold herself up and she suffers from restless leg syndrome. She was treated and released but the EMS had a concern that a wheelchair nor a walker would fit in her home to allow her the space she needs to manouver.
    Since the hospital visit grandma has been getting depressed. She's used to being able to do for herself. Even though grandma has never asked anyone for anything she surprisingly has reached out to my sisters and I in tears due to the fact that she doesn't feel she will ever be self sufficient in her home with the lack of space she needs for her power chair. It absolutely breaks our hearts to see such a strong woman become so vulnerable. You have no idea how much our family would appreciate anything you can do to help my grandmother.

  13. Kendra says:

    My dream house is now finally mine, the problem is I don't know how to fix it up. I am a 33 year old mom of two, with a newly wedded husband who has seen me through losing both my parents, as well as leaving my home town to make a better life for my kids. My husband is disabled veteran and takes care oft children while I work. We could use this dream come true!

  14. Charlena B says:

    Hi I'm Charlena, I would like to tell you about the man of my dreams. He gave me four beautiful children, and makes sure we all have a smile on our faces every day. He works 50 hours a day and rest of the time his out on the field Intel long pass sunset. For hopes that he gives us all that he can. But I know all that work is taking its toll on his body. I really wish I could take his place, he loves us very much. I fear for him every day he's at work, he never goes to the doctor if he get injured or hurt at work. He keeps pushing for his family. He would tell us someday we would have our own place. We all share on room. A 10×10 room.. we live with my parent and siblings. That's 15 people in a three bedroom trailor. When I cry at night his there to wipe my tears. Please help us fulfill he's dream. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

  15. marryann quiroz says:

    Hi, I have a friend that has a son that is disable, and has a sick father and mother she care for and two other children . she has a heart of Gold with all she has on her hands she took me in I was homeless living in a shelter in another state when I called her with out hesitation she sent me a ticket .she has been a Blessing to so many and has tried to help anyone she can she is on a fixed income and has been thur two house fires and has been trying for three years to redo her home that is in much needed repairs . I hope you will think of her when you make a decssion thanks for taking the time to read my comment . love and God Bless Marry Ann Quiroz

  16. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Hi Ty and the gang I now it's a long shot but my husband and I have been in our home for about 15 years we have raised our kids and now were on our own our home which is I guess is consider a double wide mobile home was built in 1980 it has been a great home on 5 acres but now age is now taking its toll we have a roof that leaks, front porch falling apart, floors have holes etc I can't seeing us being able to afford to fix or even replace it financially my husband is in a local plumbers pipe fitters Union which has been detrimental to us falling behind on bills because it's not stable not steady work never mind having money to fix our home I do work too we sure good use a blessing thanks for taking the time to read this

  17. cindy kimura says:

    My name is Cindy Kimura. I am a Board Member at Country Estates Community Association, in Burlington, Wisconsin.
    We have an extraordinary park manager named Cynthia Louise Ganka. Cynthia has been a manager of our mobile home park for 11 years and has done nothing but superb work. She runs 3 entities (water, sewer, and association) at once. She came to our park in 2004 trying to keep our Sanitary District from bankruptcy. Which she has done successfully to this point in 2015.She has written 3 grants to help our community.
    She has gone above and beyond her job description doing whatever it took for each and every one of our 206 residential mobile homes and the residents that live in them. Her help ranged from trapping nuisance animals all the way through to the government documents, including all the professional work that needs to be done. It all saves the park money. She does everything to save our park and hold onto her own house, as much as possible.
    Her father, a 20 year Navy veteran(retired), was in hurricane Katrina and he lost everything. Cynthia has given him a place to live since then, and with her son and sometimes roommates to make ends meet.
    Her father has now had a stroke and needs adjustments made to Cynthia's house to accommodate his needs. His wishes are to be at home with his family. Can you please help our manager?

  18. Estrellita Salgado says:

    Hi, my name is Estrellita but go by star. When I was a teenager I would watch your show. Now that I have no cable I unable to watch it. But the most thing that amazes me is that you guys would help people rebuild thier homes. I'm writing to you because I really believe my parent's deserve a new home. A home that is safe, and good living home. Since right now in thier kitchen thier's a big hole covered with a piece of wood. My mom is losing her vision slowly due from her diabietes, my youngest sister has autism, and my dad he has health issues been hospitalised twice this year. I just wish I could help but as is I have my bill's to pay. Thier examples of excellent parent's doing everything they could to give us what we needed. We didnt go in alot vaction's since my parent's focused in bill's. And I'm grateful for that. Which I believe they deserve a home that's safe, clean , not falling down, and a home were they can come home to and relax. Not worrying that the walls can fall down, or if the floor will break causing an injury. I hope they get thier home they really appreciate it.

  19. Brad Sears says:

    I am writing this for my mother, Becky Sears from Broken Bow, Oklahoma. She has been working at Wal-Mart for over 20 years to support her and my father. My father has been dealing with COPD and dementia for over 15 years and just recently passed away last week at the age of 60. Her house was recently damaged due to a busted hot water heater flooding it out. She works so hard to have a good place to live and can never catch up to make ends meet. I would love to see her get the house she deserves and be able to enjoy life without trouble. I am hoping that one day I can see her truly happy again.

  20. Kelly D says:

    Hi there. My main question is do you help people in Canada? Make a long story short my husband and I separated a few years ago. Took my car and my house pretty much scammed and lied to get what he wanted. I hit rock bottom and had to put myself on assistance I have a almost 5 year old son who is my world, the only reason I'm still living. We have been living at a motel for almost a year. I have been looking for an apartment but because I was on assistance I've been denied so many places. Or because I have a child I've been denied. I just got a job after all these years. But it's so hard to even make it even. I borrow my brothers car to get back and forth to work but can't so that forever and I don't want to lose this job. I do everything I can for my son I cry every day and night. I feel I'm a failure to my son because I can't find us a home. I've sometimes wonder if he is better off with out me but I love him so much I still try every day for him. I guess if call myself homeless.y son wants his little friends to come and play but I tell him not today cause there's nowhere in a small motel room for kids. There is bed bugs here ( not my room so far) my son isn't aloud to play outside for more then 5 mins. I would love to give him a home again. Please!!!

  21. Jennifer Bramlett says:

    First I want to say that I've watched your show for so long and I of course cry every time. You all bless so many well deserving people that it truly touches hearts across the country. My story I pray is enough to make my family a consideration. My husband and I have 3 biological sons and we found our home where we live now about 5 years ago. It was a foreclosure, with that most of the time comes with two things. A great deal on a home as well as a tremendous amount of work to be done. We made it liveable but still there are so many things that NEED to be done that we are overwhelmed. We had a small savings put back for our kitchen……. then we were blessed to become foster parents to three more little youngsters. Our hearts were full. We spent our savings on everything they needed. Beds, clothing, school supplies. Anything and everything they needed. Our case is different than most, therefore we do not get the foster premium for having the children. We actually get no help at all. Well then my husbands job slowed so much it almost stopped. We were devastated. Our home is not completely out together and we do not have the finances to do what needs to be done. Our plan is to continue to foster, specializing in older children because they are passed by daily because of their age. I can't express the feelings and thankfulness we would have if we could fulfill or home and family needs. I tried not to go into harsh detail. I hope this makes it to you and I hope and pray that we hear from you all. With our family of 8 (at the moment)we thank you all so much for even taking time to read this. Thank you.

  22. Fantasia says:

    The outside of the house is losing its color. it's a mobile home so the color fades. the porch is collapsing so it's hard for my grandmother to maneuver in and out. the floor has rot and mold from leaks. there's no water really cause it's ran off of well water. so that may have run dry. pretty much roach infested very hard to get rid of. I just want better for my grandmother in particular. I'm trying to get a better job to do it on my own but I'm taking a chance with you guys. I appreciate the opportunity even if we don't win. thanks. it's just me and my grandmother just really tired of seeing her live like this and I don't wanna leave her here, and she doesn't wanna leave sadly.

  23. Jordan lutz says:

    Hey my name is Jordan I don't really know what to say or how too start but we have a small family now a son that 2 months old that was 8 weeks premature an we need a good home for us to bring him home to our house is old it would be blessing for us to have house for him we stay at my mother laws house now but she going to have to start chemo next week because she got stage three breast cancer so I hope this good start for yall to read God bless yall

  24. Elna Kotze says:

    May God bless you all…

  25. Angelina Daniels says:

    My name is Angelina Daniels and I am 14 years old, getting ready to start a new school for the 9th time. And we will be moving once again but finally in our own home. My grandpa recently passed away and left my dad and my uncle his house. My dad has decided to remodel this house to make it our home in which we will stay in. Our family had been through a lot. His wife, our mother, left us eight and a half years ago. My father is a disabled veteran who had to take care of 3 children all by himself. We are now 14, 13, and 10. This project is way to big for any of us to handle and he has taken this project on and he cannot afford to do everything that needs fixed. My dad needs a new start and is trying to give us a new life in our new home. I think he is a man who deserves a break. He is a good man with a kind heart. There is nothing I wouldn't do for my dad and I'm writing in hopes to get our family some help with building our dreams of our own home.
    My name is Angelina Daniels, I am writing on behalf of our family for some help to remodel our new house. But my father does not know I am contacting you about this. I would like to surprise him on this. My grandmother, Janice Robbins, knows about this. The home is located in Campbell Ohio. Thank you for reading this.
    Angelina Daniels, Ohio

  26. Kristin Musa says:

    Hello, so I am doing this for my Mother and Father-in- laws! They are two amazing people. They have owned their home for years, it has been passed down in there family. My Father-in-law was an electrician for many year, and has been working since he was about 14 years old. A few years ago he had a heart attack (one of many) while at work and got laid off and told he could no longer work with the company he had been working with for 10 + years. When he had the heart attack he thought that was the only one he had, but it wasn't he had many before that one. He had about 5 heart attacks, which meant he had to get a 3 way bypass. He also found out part of his heart was dead it is the size of a quarter. His heart attack put him out of work which effected him majorly being that he has been working his whole life. Not only did he get laid off but he can't have his social secretary, disability or retirement! The only source of income they have is his wife's checks she gets for going to school, she is going to school to be an interpreter for the deaf. They have 4 kids, plus me and their grand baby living in a 4 room home that is extremely out dated. This house needs help, the deck is falling apart which is unsafe for the baby when she gets over. It need to be painted really badly, we need another room, bathroom has mold and the ceiling is falling in, the kitchen is horrible and the sad thing is that they don't have the money to even re paint the home. I would love for my in-laws to be able to enjoy having people over instead of dreading it.
    Thank you very much for reading my brief summary .

  27. Dakota hutchinson says:

    My brother is in the hospital.he just had brain surgery a week ago and the doctors told everyone he wasnt going to wake up.I want to something special for him and my family.

  28. Tanya Welch says:

    Hope y'all are having an awesome weekend!!
    I have been keeping an eye to see when the submissions would start again. This is not for myself. I am contacting the show producers in the hopes of my husbands aunt being submitted for an extreme makeover.
    A little information about our aunt. She has worked at the local store after her now ex husband was injured on the job. She has worked so much and had so little.
    She is the most wonderful person. She always has a smile on her face no matter what she is going thru. She is the lady always at the local gas station that makes everyone's day just to see her.
    Her husband had left her and now is moving on but her home needs much repair. She has a leaky roof and much needed updates. The house is pretty old but it's her home and she loves it very much. Even tho we have family and friends that would love to help with the makeover we are having trouble with funding the makeover. We have high hopes that she would be considered for a Extreme Makeover.
    We do hope that you keep her in consideration of the Extreme Makeover.
    Thanks for reading!!

  29. Jamie Burch says:

    My mother is helps other people before she will help herself. My mom got in bad health and had to move back to kentucky so i could help her get well again. In the mean time she let my step brother stay there for no rent just pay utilities. While he was there my moms sister inlaw moved in with her son and daughter inlaw. Well they moved out and he moved in some other people she didnt know. They sold her tiller her furniture there is nothing left but a couch and a chair. They broke her windows and knocked in the back door. Shes been disabled since 1996 She is a very independent woman and hates to ask for help. The rooms opening are not made for wheel chair. She cant walk very far cause she gets out of breath. This house belonged to her last husband who she married november 6th 2010 and he died november 20th but they were happy and it came on sudden the cancer in his lungs. She cant stay there cause they stole her beds that were my grandparents one was cedar and the other one was oak and they were antigue. Everytime she helps other she usually loses out. This time shes ready to go home and stay there. Also there is no ramp so she has to pull her self up by the iron that holds up the awning to get in the house and her best friend helps get the wheel chair up on the porch to get it in the house. Please help my mom. She desperately wants to go home in indy she was happy there. Thanks for listening Jamie Burch

  30. laurie says:

    I was gonna ask for help. for me, my 94 dementia mother I care for 24/7, and my disabled son who lives with me and my mom. but I see many others who are more in need I guess. will just keep trying on my own here, but when I'm done, I'm done. it's not really safe here, and I'm doing all I can with all I have. sigh. feel free to refer me to ANYONE anywhere who might help with my home to make it safe for us. thanks

  31. jose perez says:

    I have a brother who has a girl who got kicked out of her house and my brother and her needs a place to live.

  32. Ashley Henson says:

    Hi ABC Extreme Home Makeover! I would like the opportunity to have our home made-over due to my sons medical condition and handicap needs. Jaxon is 18 months old. He was born 2 months premature and spent 92 days in the NICU. When Jaxon was born, we had no clue that he would be battling a life threatening medical condition. On the 85th day that Jaxon was in the NICU, he was diagnosed with X Linked Myotubular Myopathy. XLMTM primarily effects the skeletal muscles causing Jaxon's entire body to be weakened. XLMTM is extremely rare, effecting only 1 in 50,000 males. There are about 350 known cases in the US, and up until about 4 months ago Jaxon was was the only known case in SC. Due to Jaxon's muscle weakness he breaths with the help of a ventilator, feeds through a feeding tube,can not walk, and requires in home nursing to help us care for him. Despite Jaxon's physical abilities, he is a bright, fun, and loving child. He has so much potential in life, if given the proper tools. It is my life's mission to make sure that he has the fulfilling life that he deserves, and you all could help us with that! As Jaxon continues to grow, it's going to become more challenging to move him around. I would like our home to be more handicap accessible, so that Jaxon can continue to be as mobile as he is use to being. Please consider giving our family this opportunity, so that Jaxon can have a bright fulfilling future!

    The Henson Family

  33. Keri Abbott says:

    Hi my name is Keri and I'm a 30 year old single mom of 3 wonderful kids. 5 years ago my mom passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. She was the most warm Christian woman you could ever hope to meet and loved her family more than anything. My dad who was left a quadriplegic after a terrible diving accident at age 15 was alone now after 43 years of marriage so I left my job as a hair stylist and my kids and i moved in so I could help take care of him. He helped support my kids and I as I helped to support him through this very new and difficult time. After spending a year trying to get used to this new life I decided to be a substitute teacher for grades pre-k through 5th. It was something I enjoyed and on my lunch break I could come home to fix my dad lunch so he was not left alone for very long at a time. My dad passed away in April of this year from a fast growing cancer that was found and surgically removed in late November 2014 and we spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. Upon returning home we had to learn again a new way to live. It was thought to be gone but in April 2015 it grew back with a furry and in 1 week after finding out it was back he passed away. Once again my life has been turned upside and it's been very hard for my children to accept that not only is grandma but now grandpa is no longer here. Substitute teaching is not enough and does not go through the summer so I quickly had to find a job to support my kids and all the financial burdens on my own. There has been massive flooding this year which has left the downstairs of my house with too much damage for me to handle on my own. With mold growing I do my best to control it but I'm worried it's gone beyond my control. I grew up in this house and my children have spent most of their lives here and it has a special place in our hearts and I pray for your help please! Thank you!

  34. Brynn Jones says:

    Hi!!! I don't just want to be apart of your show, but I know I need to be. I mean my family of course. We live in parkville Maryland, not the most interesting place in the world by far I know. However we have been living in this residence for about four years and it's gotten worse since the day we moved in. I live with my Father, step mother, my older brother and I have a little brother (he's my half sibling). I am 15 years of age, young to be sending out an application I know but let's just say I'm the beat freak of my house and I like to get things done. However that's the problem, which is why I'm doing this. Money is really tight, and I fear for how much longer I will be living here, especially with the conditions of this place. I've lived in apartments since the start of grade school. I grew up with my grandma because my dad needed help while he worked day and night. My family and I we're thrilled to say we finally had a home and now it's falling apart. Closet racks fallen, flooring coming up, caulking undone, the railing on the stairs came out of the wall do to no support, bathroom toilet seats broken, ants in the kitchen (everywhere) a cabinet in the kitchen fell off the wall as well, mold in the basement, constant flooding when it rains,bad clutter in the basement and everywhere else. I stop eating because I can't deal with the ants and mess of this place, I mean where does it end ?! Please, I know you hear this too often but we desperately need your help so that we can call this place our home again and this time for good.

  35. Melanie Hooper says:

    Help, our house is falling down around us. My husband who is 45 has Parkinson's since he was 30 and it is extremely difficult for him to maintain our home. It desperately needs an overhaul. It's a two story and I know at some point he is going to need a bedroom on the first floor. It's so hard for him to go up and down stairs. I work full time as a nurse plus spend many hours a week watching my 1 year old grandson. We want to make our home comfortable but livable, unless a cure or Parkinson's comes along soon, there will still be plants growing in our gutters and weeds growing up the side of the house. Wood on the back side of the house is breaking down, home and deck. I just can't do it all. Thank you for your consideration.

  36. Darlene howard says:

    I have a story like NO other! I have read every one of the stories on this site and though they are all sad and in need, my story tops them all.

    I could not find the link for the application so I can't apply, if possible could you email me an application?

    Thank you for the WONDERFUL work you guys do to change people's lives.

    Darlene Howard

  37. Leonie Bekker says:

    Hi, I'm Leonie and I feel that my mother could really do with a new house. I was in an accident with my fiancé where he passed away and I was paralysed. I had to move back into my mother's house because I need her help to assist me and my 3 year old son. Her home needs to be adjusted for a wheelchair chair and my needs. As we have money available we changed the bathroom but there is so much that needs to to be adjusted for me to access all areas of the house. It will be a dream come true if you are able to make my mother's house wheelchair friendly and enough space for my son to have his own room as he is sharing the room with me. Thanking you in advance if you can make my dream come true. Leonie Bekker

  38. Ashley Leuenberger says:

    I am writing this on behalf of my mother and father. They are both on disability. My father has a terrible disease called Meniers. It's where your eyes, ears and brain are off kilter and you are constantly dizzy, nauses and sick as a result. My father is not able to work much because of it. My mother has been disabled since a young age and cannot work at all. She has hurneted disks and got surgery and the surgeon put the screws in her back wrong and caused them to break in her back. They struggle every and it saddens me to see. Extreme make over would be a blessing for my family considering our house is falling apart and they are in such debt. My parents deserve to live in a home where they are safe and it contributes to their disabilities. They need this. Our home is falling apart and there is nothing they can do about it.

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