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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Renita says:

    My family me Renita my mother and sister could use a new home because our house is falling apart around us the ceiling leaks the floors feel like they are going to give way it is always really hot in this home during the summer and really cold in the winter things got bad here when my father died three years ago and we were paying insurance but when he came time for his funeral the people at the insurance company said we had no coverage so we had to collect money from relatives just to have him a nice funeral my dad was a hard working man and loving father and I'm still trying to cope with his death he was in the military marines but the goverment would not give us any money to help with expenses since that time we have been struggling to pay bills my mother hasn't worked since she had me and I am 25 she had a heart attack when I was young and had been disabled every since after the passing of my father her health has gotten worse she stopped walking as well as she use to went to the hospital this past February because of vaginal bleeding and while checking her out they pulled one of her legs the wrong way and she walks very little so I cut back hrs at my job to very few so that I can take care of her during the day and I work a few hrs at night all of my bills are behind because I cut my hrs but I don't care I'm just happy to have mother alive we really need a homemake over I have tried ever other option she is in a wheel chair and we don't have a ramp so getting her to doctors appointments is difficult she uses oxygen so during the summer it is difficult for her to breath well in our very hot home if you could we could really use the help

  2. Diamond Mills says:

    Hello my name is Diamond Mills I live in Detroit Michigan. Me an my family are struggling right now to make ends meet. I'm 13. My mom dad brother and sister and I live in the same household. Our house is falling apart. The ceilings leak once and a while when something goes wrong.Are basement used to flood. Our sink is broken in our bathroom and if we turn it on the ceiling will flood. We have a washing machine with no dryer. We are really in need for your help you probably never came to Detroit with your team but just please hear us out. Please email me back as soon as possible.

  3. Jamal Jackson says:

    Hey Wassup? My Name is Jamal Jackson and I'm from Dallas Tx. My grandmother has been staying in her home for over 40 years where she raised all of her 10 kids and it has been a rough time for us. About 20 years ago the house caught on fire in the middle of the night due to a overheated plug. During this situation my grandfather (65 years old) was trying save everybody that he could. Once he got everybody out the house my cousin Preston was still in the house when my grandfather realized that he was in there he went back in to save him. Preston was a special kid and was afraid of the fire so he did not leave because of his fear which made my grandfather stay in there with him. After this terrible situation my grandmother was left to keep hold of her 10 kids and of over 50 of her Grandchildren. I also have an Uncle who had an stroke several years ago. In the matter of this his wife left him and took him to my grandmother (82 years old) house to stay. And as hard as it is for the family rite now, I hate to see them leaving in a house where the plumbing is completely ruined! There roaches everywhere! No air conditioning! & and many other problems to add on to house. Please help me out and my family and turn this house around!

  4. Jan Fletcher says:

    My son just had a great deal of damage done to his home from an arson caused fire. We found out after the fact that he has no fire insurance. He is a single father of 5 kids(6 to 15 years of age). He is a hard working person and we really need some help. He lives in Boise, Idaho. How can we get help?

  5. nashanti morman says:

    hi this the two little girls nashanti and nazihah morman nazihah is the oldest we have a trailer 4 bed rooms and 2 bathroos my mom and dad struggle two have a nice home. we have 10 people an our home. because we took 2 people in one of the people who we took and is our cousin aaron southerland because he was homeless and his famly threw him out they treated him really bad. the other person is our step-grandma she has a failure kidney and she struggled to leave an her home so my family took these people in. i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. my mother quit working to take care off us and my dad try his best to work and they struggle to pay the bills so were praying for you guys to help us thank so much

  6. Nicole Roberts says:

    My name is Nicole Roberts I live in Phoenix,Arizona and I'm only 16 years old. I live with my dad,mom,and older brother and our house is horrible. I have never had a friend over because my house is so old that everything inside is literally falling apart and no matter how hard I try to clean, it still cant look good. My dad cant afford to fix up the house at all, neither can my mom since shes a brain injury survivor who barely has any money at all. We live in shame because of our house and we don't let anyone in ever. Its clean, but its just way too old and damaged. Everything breaks and the tile floors are coming up. There is way more to this house trust me. PLEASE HELP US. My mom and dad would really love this.

  7. Mary Vance says:

    Hello! I would like to nominate my sister and niece for an extreme homemaker. My sister is the music teacher at Hayti Elementary and High School. She spends the majority of her time doing good things for others. She bakes cakes for extra income and has given piano lessons after school. My niece lives with her Mom while trying to achieve her RN license. My sister Rebecca and niece Alison live in a 1930's style home. It is literally falling down around them. The roof leaks in around the chimney.(Which doesn't work). There is no heat source except two electric heaters. The bathroom is leaning so badly that the toilet water is at a slant. She has a hole in the hallway and master bedroom ceiling where a waterfall come through this winter as a result of extreme cold the water pipes burst. My sister does not like to stay at home because it stresses her out so badly. I have seen the wonderful ways you have helped others in desperate need. My sister is loved dearly by her students, staff, friends, church family, and especially her family. Please help my sister!

  8. Elizabeth moore says:

    My husband has always done everything himself… He has gone through cancer treatments and now has no strength to do anything… All house is not complete and I don't think it ever will… I have an inoperable brain tumor so now I'm no longer working and can't afford to hire anyone to do it. Even though I would love to have a completed home the worse part is that I'm not able to have my grand babies over… When they visit we have to stay in a hotel… Now when thy want to visit they yell mommy that they want to go to nama's house so they can swim and go bowling an shop.. They think our home is the motel…. Even my mom battling breast cancer had to stay in hotel… I would love to have my family just be able to stay and be able to just cook a meal for my family… My poor husband has lost south weight cause of our living conditions…. We would love your help

  9. Andrea trahan says:

    I'm 27.single mom to two kids ..living with my dad who's on a fixed income .living in a three bedroom trailer need minor repairs my dad has no money after bill d he's retired and disabled due to heart prombles and health issue s me and my kids have asthma just need a Bette r home for us…

  10. Christine Pollaro says:

    Hello, my name is Christine Pollaro. My fiance, Devin Perez and I wanna help out his grandmother Cindy Knapp. She is 65 years old and she has done so much for us both. So we wanna return the favor. She has 7 broken vertabres in her back and is having trouble walking around. The house is currently in her mothers name and she is having trouble paying for the back morege. When it rains the back of her house gets flooded. She has a crawl space but the stairs have collapsed. The treases in the roof are snapped. One part of her kitchen floor can collapes at anytime. The front of her house is sinking from the flooding. All the wiring in the house is tube and wire and could cause a fire. So please help her out!! Devin and I have been so greatfull for her helping us out but we cant do anything to help her and the house wont be kept in the family much longer which she will be homeless when the bank takes it. She wishes to keep it in the family as it has been a 4 generation house. So please she could really use the help!!!

  11. mariela says:

    My name is mariela I have 3 kids there are 14 Kassandra 9 Alexander 8 alexsandra. My 8 year old Alexandra has high myopia and esothropia in both eyes she is in a wonderful school for her vision she had eye muscle surgery she also is a DVD I have 16 steps to up to my house I be very scared that she will fall and hurt herself my house has mold in the basement the roof is leaking there water coming through the walls my 14 doesn't want to be at this house but I have a mortgage to pay my fiancee live with us I been engaged for 5 years the money he gets is for the mortgage and I pay the bills we can't afford to move out I know that mold will spread all over the house but we don't have no where to go but live here please help us my name is mariela Rodriguez I live in Philadelphia

  12. Joetta says:

    My husband and I met in 2nd grade. Can't believe that one day he would be my husband…..I am now 43, my husband and I purchased our first home. We were aware that it needed a lot of work but were up to the challenge. Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Needless to say all projects on our home were stopped. After 3 rounds of chemo and 3 surgeries I am now diagnosed with brain damage or what they think is Parkinson's Disease. Different doctors have different opinions. We are a one family income because I do not have the ability to work. At one point we almost lost our house. We have a leak in the garage that has caused mold. The work this house needs is far too much to list. Through all my treatment my husband has been incredible. My son is now a United States Marine and was the only one that could help him. I really would love to show my husband how much I love and appreciate all that he has done for me. He is the greatest man I've ever known. Thank you for your consideration.

  13. chantell thornton says:

    Hi abc my name is chantell i would like to write for my self but i think there is a more imporant person that person is my grandma ada the reason i say this is because she has been there for me my whole life she has helped me in any way possible even if she didnt have it to give she will help any one she has let me an others over the years live with her she has tookin care of all of us an our kids she has always been willing to let someone who has no where to go live with her all though she dont have the room her house needs some repairs i i just rhink its time for her too bw appreciated she doess to much n dont ask for anything i appreciate this lady more than anything she is 73 Years old and she still lets all of her grand kids move back home when we need a place to go she still watches our kids i just hope that one day i get to bw wherw she is i respect . Love this lady with all my heart she also has heart problems but always says tes to us no matter what.

  14. Kristina Kotansky says:

    My name is Kristina, I am 32 years old I am from a small town New Jersey and I have not watched one episode of this show and did not cry..I love what you do abs I hope to one day be able to help people the way you do. I would love to see my grandmother (who raised me )get a home makeover.She's been through alot she raised her two boys,then helped my dad raise my sister and I she adopted my sisters daughter who is disabled she was born blind in one eye less then perfect vision in her other eye small glands which means she had to have a shot every night she's now 11 . my sister passed away almost 3 years ago fighting her own diseases. She is also helping me raise my son and My father also lives here.She is always doing and doing for everyone she's going to end up losing her foot if she dose not stop doing so much she broke it pretty bad by falling out of the attic because the latter to it was broke a few years back ,she has had Open heart surgery her bank is really bad and now she's got to have knee surgury we also found out she's got to have another surgury on her heart herhouse is very old,its been in my grandpas family for a very long time so he don't want to leave.They also have a heart for animals no one wants so she takes them inas . I just want her to have more room so that everyone has a bedroom cause she don't even have a room her and I sleep in the living room,she had to go in the basement to do laundry,and its just very very hard on her..She's the glue that holds family together she always does for everyone nithing for herself there is so much more to the story,i just hope to be able to see her happy as well as my niece and son my grandmother had done a wonderful job with them they are always trying to raise money to help out animals ave other people who have it worse then them. They have such good morals and my grandmom is to thank please help Ty please !!!thanks so much !!!

  15. Brittney says:

    Hey Ty and crew,

    My name is Brittney, I'm 21 years old, engaged and a stay at home mom to a ten month old little boy. We live with my dad and his house is in need of help in a bad way. He works 60+ hours a week and never has the extra money for the things he needs. The floor in our kitchen is gone and is just wood that's starting to go. There's soft spots all over the floors and I'm worried one day my dad is going to go through one of them due to him not being a little guy. All our bedroom doors have holes in them and the door frames are wasted. We have no heat or a/c so our winters are freezing and our summers are horribly hot. My dad being the great guy that he is has given up the master bedrooms in the house. My fiancée, son and I share one of them and my brother who doesn't even live here anymore has the other one. He comes and stays but not often. My dad has the smallest room in the house and doesn't have room for anything. Our spare bedroom is full of all the stuff we can't fit in our rooms due to the sizes of them. Our house is falling apart slowly but surely and we can't get the money to fix it. Just when we think we have enough to do one thing something comes up. My dad ended up in the hospital in December with gallstones and had to have his gallbladder removed. He's diabetic and overweight, so his health isn't the best but he still tries and does what he can. So if you could help us it'd be a blessing.

  16. Katherine Donovan says:

    My name Katherine Donovan and I am asking for help for my parents. My mom is unable to work ad my dad is a disabled vet who was in Iraq. the outside of the house has asbestos and it is to small for me to take care of them and my two year old son. please if you can help the would be great. thanks for considering my family.

  17. Rachel Johnson says:

    I would like to nominate my parents, Raleigh and Deb Johnson. All my life my parents have gone above and beyond for myself and others, even when they did not necessarily have the means themselves. My dad has had diabetes for as long as I can remember. He began to develop complications just over ten years ago. It began with vascular issues leading to necrotic vessels and ultimately the amputation of both legs below the knee. His kidneys also became non-functional requiring him to go to dialysis three times a week. At the epicenter of the decline of his health and increase of medical bills my parents lost their dream home. Thankfully my mother had a rental property they could fall back on, they have lived there for over five years. However,the 1970's house trailer is in need of complete overhaul, we have patched the roof and made repairs to the floors and tried to make it as handicap accessible as possible. My mother has been doing what she can here and there for work, but primarily cares for my father and elderly grandparents. In addition, my parents have also become my 16-year-old nephews legal guardian. There is so much I want and wish I could do for all the things my parents have done for me. To have the help of Extreme House Makeover would be one of the greatest blessings. Thank you for taking time to read our story and consider us.

  18. Agatha Thiessen says:

    Hi, my name is Agatha.
    I started to write a long paragraph explaining why my mother should be on the show this year, but honestly, I just want her to have the house she has always dreamt if having….she works 13 hour days to support my 3 younger siblings, and I know she will never be able to afford to do all the things she wants to do to her house.
    There's so much more detail to the story, but it would take a while to type it all.
    Anyways, I hope you consider her.
    Thank you for your time.

  19. Angela Wise says:

    This is very difficult for me to do. I am writing asking help for my brother who is suffering from Severe MS. He lives in a trailer in Knoxville, Tennesse. Randy has been in and out of nursing homes for the last two years, now the next time he might have to stay because his home is not handicap accessible. While he was in a nursing home someone broke in and stole almost everything he had. His heating and cooling unit was taken his dog that are his world ran away and he came back from a nursing home to find this. Randy also is a veteran, and because he did not serve during a war he is unable to live at a VA. he is also on 54 years of age. I am asking for help to make what time he has left enjoyable, he would love to be able to do for himself like he use to. He is a awesome person with one neighbor that has helped fix meals and make sure he is ok. His trailer need a new floor, new kitchen so he can work in it from a wheelchair. maybe a new bedroom that he could get to and transfer to his bed by himself easier. I live in Michigan and my heart aches that I can not be there to help and support him. We are adopted and have lost our parents years ago and now have each other. I have been blessed with a awesome husband and daughters and now a son-in-law. I am going in late August to see what I might be able to fix but I would love to see him receive help. He has two dogs and two cats that mean more than life to him and is what has given him the strength to go home from the nursing homes. We are hoping this touches you heart and maybe you can help.

    Thank you for reading

  20. allen hardman says:

    my name is allen i am 21 years old and have atism and live with my parents who are strugleing to make the house pay ment car and other payments the house is a project it has electrical problems and the water dont run like it should we have a sink in the small kichen and underneth we had to tear the flooring up and there was a leak that went to the down stairs bedroom and caused water damage the celling down stars collapsed and we did our best to fix it we have galvinized pipe the upstars bathtub is broke my grandma is sick and has been hospitalized 2 times and almost died my mom has had 4 kidney surdgys and we have so many medical bills i dont know
    what to do my mom is so stressed she crys at night my dad has had sholder replacemen and a
    nee replacemen he died for a 1hour and came back to life becuse of staff the house is just to much i dont like to see my mom stress
    it makes me hurt we have a major leak under the sink wich cusred roaches that we can not get rid of and it is no health for my dad i dont want to lose him agin. plz can some one help us u are our only hope

  21. Jennifer Madeira says:

    Hi my name is Jennifer and I am 24 years old. When I was 13 years old my family became a foster family and we have had fosters kids since then, up until 2009 when we made the decision to adopt three children. The oldest was a 10 year old boy, then a 5yr old girl, and the youngest of the three siblings a toddler who we took in right from the hospital. This now made us a family of 9! I am the oldest, I have an 18 and 17 year old sister as well and a 22 years old brother. Years ago my dad was let go from his job due to new management and the fact that he made too much money. Since then he has struggled to find a good job that pays him enough to provide for such a large family and our home. The job loss was very unexpected and we were not prepared for this. It was been a great hardship and has taken its toll on the entire family and my father feels like a failure. I have never met a more hardworking caring man in my life; he had always been here and has always done whatever he could for us. He is an amazing father and I wish I could help him. As the years went my parents grew apart until they finally split last September. My mom moved out and took the youngest two. Mary and Kayden (the youngest 2) are still here majority of the week because we babysit them and they stay here every other weekend. We do not even have enough bedrooms in the house either. Mary stays in my one sister’s room when she is here and Kayden stays in my one brother’s room. Mary is now 10yrs old and had had many issues that we began to notice when she first came to live with us. She had been to many doctors, therapists, and neurologists and we can’t seem to get an exact diagnosis. She has been diagnosed as being mentally retarded, she has ADHD, she PTSD. She also had a disorder called Landau-Kleffner Syndrome which causes her to have seizures, and she has great difficulty understanding and using our spoken language. This can be sudden and gradual; can last for a few weeks to months. There can be progress and relapses as well and there is no cure for this disorder. She has to be in special classes and has to have a therapist come to our home every week. She sees a total of three therapists each week and has to take medication multiple times a day. Our mother has really been a close part of our lives and has never really had a great or close relationship with any of us. Myself, my boyfriend, my two brothers, and two sisters still live in our 20yr old house with my father. Due to the struggle over the years and my mom leaving us we have fallen far behind in our mortgage and have not been able to keep up with the maintenance of the home. On top of that myself and my oldest brother are both in college and we have loans that we need to pay back and that have also affected our financial situation. We have been to the point where we just about had to file bankruptcy and foreclose our home. We are in desperate need of help with our home so that we are able to stay here and not have to move. This is such a great home and just needs some time and work. We have so many memories here and have grown up here. It's an amazing house with so much potential in a great area. We would absolutely be devastated to have to give the home back to the bank. We cannot afford a new home especially one big enough for all of us. We would all greatly appreciate being considered for this show and to be helped. For years and years it just seems like its always one thing after another and we cannot catch a break. We have been put through the ringer as a family and just need to start getting things back on track and back to normal. At this point we are praying for a miracle!!! Thank you.
    The house needs: A new roof, new windows, new shutters, new light fixtures, it has original bathroom fixtures, and has original carpets, the basements flooded and has never been redone, there is a slab of cement off the back room where we were going to make an addition before everything happened, basically the entire interior of the home needs a remodel and to be updated.

  22. Joe Looper says:

    I am contacting you on behalf of my wife's brother and his wife. He is in his mid seventies. His wife is mid sixty. Both have continuing health issues and very limited income, They are unable to work and live on his ss disability income. The house they occupy is a fifty something year old single wide trailer home. It has so many issue it is almost uninhabitable. He is very proud and tries to keep the place presentable. The kitchen cabinets are falling apart. the bathroom toilet has the flooring almost gone. They take care of two small grand kids while the parents work in the local fruit industry. At this point there is little or no possibility for improvement in gthe situation. We live in a primarily low income area of fruit growing land in Douglas County Washington between two small agriculture orentiated towns. Any consideration would be a god sent gift never to be forgoten.

  23. Gabrielle says:

    My grandmother is 64 and for the second time has lost a husband she now takes care of my baby cousins my nieces and nephews. She is such a loving strong women she always has open arms and doors to my family anyone in need she is the first in line to help. I believe a bigger home for her and the family would've great she deserves that much.

  24. Eliza Burgess says:

    1) KITCHEN
    3) WINDOWS
    4) DOORS


  25. Michelle L Ham says:

    I am a 36year old disabled mom with tons of health and mobility issues with two kids who both have emotional disabilities my boyfriend of 18 years also is in the process of applying for disability we take care of my 83year old gram who has many health issues including lukema we also run a thrift store and donation center that we take all the proceed from the sales to pay for us to pick up and drop off donations to families in need fire victims churches organizations etc. Our house is very old and in need of much repair but if we could build a new one further back we could use the old one as the donation center instead of the portable three season garage we are using now any help would be greatly appreciated

  26. Robyn Assuncao says:

    Hi my name is Robyn I have a 5 year old daughter and my son will be 2 in September he has breathing problems he has been doing breathing treatments since he was about 6 months old, he has been to the hospital twice for having a seizure and stop breathing on me the last episode he had was a couple of days before Christmas he was life flighted to Texas children's hospital. I have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home it was my boyfriends great mothers house it used to be a shack over time they had added on but it is falling apart our walls are just Pyle wood we have some sheetrock walls, I think we have mould under our stink there some spots on the floor it feels like your going to fall through, its so small my kids really have no room to play,we have some carpet and no central ac we have no insulation so our house gets very cold during the winter and very hot during the summer. With my son having seizures we have to go stay the night at my moms house so my son doesn't have another seizure. I just lost my job my boyfriend is doing side jobs to get is by we try to remodel the house but we don't have enough money. We tried getting loans but we don't qualify for them, my mom helps us out with everything! We are a young couplee that are trying to get on our feet and make a better life for our children this is our last resort if y'all could help it would be a blessing to our children!

  27. sean canfield says:

    Hi. Im a single father of three children ages 6,10,13. I work with the Sheriff's Office at night for 12 hours. My youngest child has austim and behavior problems. He has a therapist see him every week and see the doctor every month. My oldest son has a learning disability. My daughter has music lessons and always keeps to herself in her room. I been slowy over the years replacing,fixing,and buying items for the house. Do to normal life activities, not getting an increase in wages for years and not having enough time to do everything. My home keeps falling behind and needs a make over badly. I was able to replace some floors in the house with my tax refunds, but it still wasn't enough to do all my floors plus other repairs. I have many plans for my home and family but just dont have the income to do such. I can get small things now and then but Im not handy to install them. I also don't have green thumb. A lot of plants I had but in the ground kept dying off. I really would love my home to stand out and have that wow factor. Could you please help my family and I have a home that we can enjoy.

  28. Emily says:

    Hi my friend Katelyn Campbell was recently diagnosed with transverse myelitis she it paralyzed from the middle of the back down her home is very small and not wheelchair accessible she is in Madonna recovery center right now and can only stay 60 days because that's all her insurance will pay for I was wondering if you could help make her life the safest and fun

  29. morgan says:

    Hi, my name is morgan and i have a great family and i love them all my brothers and mom and dad, and they have done so much for us for as long as i can think,but my parents have been are heros ever since we where little and we thank them every second of it. but my mom's dad just passed away back in January of cancer, but not only that every one is just so strong , but my mom and dad have been trying to get married for ten years and has not been able to cause we do not have the funds for it, and it would make me happy to see that they have got to do somthing that they have all ways wanted to do . and you know they all ways put us before them selves and like they never get there birthdays cause they are all ways spending all there money that do have on us and we live pay check to pay check and i know that is hard on them and i would just like to give back to them for all they have done i cant say it any more for all they deserve , and we live in a double wide and we have water leakage it are roof and are bathtubs are falling through we dont have shower foists to turn the water on so it just comes through the shower nasal, and then are living room in one of are corners is rotting and in the kitchen and my room is falling in from the roof and we have always had BIG dreams but we are never able to for fill them cause we are paying for my grandmothers house and bills and are bills and car insurance and my brothers car insurance and it has just been hard past couple of years we would just like a fresh new start on life i would just love to give back to them for every thing and surprise them that i actually can do something, my parents try to get jobs but my mom has to be a stay home mom cause a year ago or two she broke her leg so she is not able to work and also has to watch us, and my dad is disabled so is also not able to get a job either, but i mean we have such unconditional love for each other its crazy. we try and help others before we help are selves , and ty Pennington and all your workrs are amzing and yall Change peoples lives not just for that time but for the rest of there life so i would just like to reach out to you guys. but not sure that yall will get this but i hope you guys see it and no how much yall mean not only to us but all the people yall have helped like the correa family , and the scott family and just every one. and im the youngest out of my family so i try to help out as much as possible , but any ways thanks for your guys time.

  30. ALICE LAVULO says:

    Hi my name is Alice but everyone calls me Lisi. I am 22 and come from a very close family. I grew up with a family of 13 siblings. 9 girls and 4 boys, we are not blood siblings but that does not make it any different from the love we have for each other. My dad is currently retired from the army and has raised us all on his only paycheck. He was suppose to retire out in Hawaii but when he got the news from our family in utah of my grandma passing, away, he was brought to tears and he needed to come back to utah. When we got to utah my uncle (father brother) told my father he can no longer take care of my grandma house. My father bought this house for my grandparents and siblings back in the 70's when he brought em to America. This house has had all of his 15siblings and kids living under this roof. With this house it had alot of memories of us family. We've been trying to fix this house up so many times but it always has another problem. With this house it has been refinanced so many times by greedy people who ran with the money and left my dad to fix himself with the little money he has. I remembered the first time we moved back to the house, we had to clean the basement and had so many beer bottles with urine inside, I could not let my father clean alone due to his heart problem so me and my siblings all helped him clean it. We also had to fix the roof and no one came to help but me and my siblings with my father because we could nt afford for someone else to do it. My dad has been having lots of heart problems. The first time he had a heart attack was when he was in training fir the army jumping out a helicopter and then another due to all the stress. My mother is also diabetic and has bad asthma. With my father he has the most biggest heart that it can barely fit in his chest. He is always willing to give and help with what little we have. Sometimes I would get really mad at him because we are struggling with house and he does not make em pay for the services he gives but yet always tells us "count your blessings for the lord is watching and he will give for those who serve in his name". So please help my father and my family.

  31. David Flynn says:

    Hi I am 44 year old father of three, grandfather of two. I have been disabled due to diabetes, arthritis, coronary artery disease, and heart attacks. I was a volunteer fire fighter in the community where I live and one night after being called to a wild land fire, I suffered my second heart attack. I went to the hospital to be told I would have to have a 6 way bypass. During the surgery I suffered complications which resulted in the loss of my left leg above the knee. The diabetes caused slow healing of some open wounds that kept me from getting my leg right away, but I was eager to walk, so when I finally got the leg, I immediately started therapy to learn to walk again. About mid way through the therapy I suffered another heart attack. Two of the vessels that were bypassed did not take. I was told to hold off on the therapy until I could get the surgery needed to open the vessels. The surgery was successful but during recovery I had a muscle spasm that caused me to move which dislodged the clot in the vein they went into and it caused a hematoma. Now I am waiting for that to disperse so I can try walking again. I live in a 14×80 singlewide mobile home that I can walk up to wall and almost poke my finger through to the outside. I have several holes in the floor, and I cant get to one bedroom and bathroom because the doorways are too small. My bathroom was somewhat remodeled to make it accessible, but I have no privacy except the bedroom door. I could use help to fix the holes, insulate the walls, and make it more handicap accessible. I thank you for your consideration. David Flynn of Flippin Arkansas

  32. Kimberly Jackson says:

    Hi my name is Kimberly. I want to tell you about my little family. I'm a mother to a 1 year old and a 2 month old. I have an amazing husband who has to stay home to watch the babies so I could work. We were in the moore oklahoma tornado last year (it hit my job the first day I had came back to work after having my son) and so I was car less and my lease ended at my apartment. So my husband's grandfather had let us rent a house. It was completely trashed when we got here. We cleaned it up and tried to paint to make it look decent. But we only have 1 small room. So we have to all fit in our room. We don't have a closet so we keep our clothes in several baskets. WE don't have gas in the house so we have to drive to my mother in laws house to shower. I work very hard to keep this house livable, however it's getting hard for us since we have 2 babies and just 1 small room. I try to help feed people in need and clothe them with every extra clothes I know I would never wear and with food I buy because it's on sale but wouldn't eat it. I just want to be able to feel safe with my 1 year old running around in the house and not have to worry about him getting hurt. Our flooring is only 1/2 done. I don't have a stove or oven. We have to use a toaster oven.We don't have all our windows so we have to put boards over them. And with only having me work we can't afford to buy such a big house. I would greatly appreciate any help. Please consider us. I really do feel that my family has been put through our hard times to get to better times. And I'm praying that it would be soon. Thank you

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