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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Thomas Doney says:

    Hello my name is Thomas I am a full time student at Adrian College I am a member at tke a fraternity house here on campus. being in this fraternity has really changed my life because of the guys in this fraternity i have decided to continue my studies I was prepared to leave and be like the rest of my family and never receive a college degree. I love this fraternity but there is many problems with the house we live in right now we have nine guys pilled in a small house with a broken kitchen holes in all the walls broken windows with no screens. We are afraid if we dont get the house fixed soon they will shut us down and we will lose are fraternity. Please help us.

  2. Kelly says:

    I'm contacting you because a friend of mine needs y'all help. Her name is Cortney Odom. She lives in Waynesboro, Ms with her husband and her 5 year old son. Her son Tucker got Spinal Meningitis when is was 8 mths old. The doctors kept misdiagnosing him with an ear ache. Later, they discovered that he had Spinal Meningitis. The baby had a few major surgery and has made some progress. He is still fighting the seizures that he's having due to the spinal meningitis. He is disable all because of this. He is a very sweet and loving kid. His parents, family and friends are truly blessed to have him in our lives. The family is having to steadily take him to have test done and I know that this can drain a saving and banking account. They truly need help so they know that their angel will have what he needs.

  3. Tiffany Harrison says:

    I'm asking for help for my friend she is a single mom of 8 and has just found out that she is pregnant with twins now. Her youngest child was born with heart problems and they all currently live in a 3 bedroom home that is in desperate need of repairs. Her father was her help until he unexpectedly passed away 1 1/2 years ago. Please someone help her.

  4. Vanessa Avila says:

    Hello my name is Vanessa Avila, I'm from Portland texas & im writing you for my parents. The sweetest most well knowned married couple in our community. My mom works at the cafeteria at the junior high school(has been there for 8 years) and volunteers at our friday football games. While my dad works for the city of portland (has worked for them for as long a I've been alive and I am now 27 years old) he also works overtime every night to spray for mosquitos around our town. They will do anything and everything they can for a person but they struggle everyday for themselves. You see my mom used to work three jobs when we were younger to help support her family (me and my twin sisters) while my dad has been a hard worker his whole life. . . .My two sisters & their families are now living back with my parents due to life struggles and my dad is now having to sleep on the living room couch because he has giving up my parents bedroom for my sister to have. Well not to long ago a gas pipe broke and they spent over $3,000 to fix it and just yesterday a water pipe busted and their house was flooded with water seeping to all the bedrooms! I have really bad allergies and i cant stay in their house more than 30 min because my eyes start watering and hurting, i know they have mold it is a very old house. Not to mention they have a really bad roach/rat problem that they have been trying to take care of for years but just cant seem to fix. Im so afraid for their health and there well being and thats the reason why im writing you today. My parents deserve better and dont have the money to make it better. They need your help and they dont know that i am writing to you but i Feel its all i can do for them & hope and pray that you choose my parents and help them live in a more safe and liveable home. . . .


    A concerned & hopeful daughter

  5. Sara Tortorello says:

    Hi, I'm asking for this makeover because I've married to my husband for almost two years now and we are a blended family of 7. My husband is in the military so we were lucky enough to get a home of our own (our very first home). The only thing is since owning this home we have has issues we have found black mold in nearly every wall in the home and here where I live there is no professional to remove so we have had to try and do it our selves. Because of the mold my now 11months old has suffered many breathing problems and starting at 6months he had to use a nebulizer to breath. The realtors said there is nothing to be done because there is no prof it was there when we bought the home. Looking at our home you wouldn't think it had it but all the green board that we have up would tell u other wise. We spent a great deal of money into this house so now we facing even more debt just trying to get our home into not just livable but safe so we aren't sick. I'm grateful for the oppertunity to ask for your help.

  6. Nyasha says:

    My name is Nyasha i always watch your show and love what you do to people in need.I am from Zimbabwe i know its miles away from USA but i would really be greatfull if you would consider coming here and do a makeover for my Parents they have been there for me through thick and thin all i just want is for them to be happy .My dad is 79 years and my Mom is 73years i was born when they were in thier old age and they did everythng to give me the best childhood and with our situation in zimbabwe Job shortages i am struggling to look after them.so i am kindly asking please please can you just consider this application.

  7. Daniela H. says:

    I am a single mother of 1 child that is 2 years old, we have been through a lot these past 2 years. When I was pregnant I ended u being diagnosed with Preclampsia and had my son at 33 weeks. He only weighed 3 lbs 7 oz and had to stay in the hospital for a while. Since he was a baby we have been in and out of the hospital for surgeries and his asthma out of control. Since I'm the only parent he has in his life I've lost my jobs many times. We had to move out of the house we lived on, which is on land my family owns due to mold and the floors needing to be replaced and many other problems. Which was not safe for my son or my self. It seems like we can't catch a break for nothing, and Now I'm working two jobs and trying to make ends meet.I believe god has a plan for everyone in this world and everything happens for a reason. Just have been trying to hold everything together for my son just seems hard most days. We are really needing a makeover, so I know my son has a home thats ours.
    Thank you for your time…

  8. Iesha fletcher says:

    Hi I wanted to see if you guys could surprise my mom with a house makeover. 2011 she lost her daughter @age33 due to breast cancer. Now she left raising her 4 children. Her health started to decline due to lung issues it forced her to get disability cause she could nolonger work and currently waiting for a lung transplant. 2012 her son passed away @31 years old due to an heart attack and was left raising his 2year old son cause his mom didn't want him. She has five kids in the house with three very small bedrooms and bathroom she is now using an electric wheelchair and is on oxygen. She can not get around with the chair so she walks around in the house which has her out of breath. It would be such a blessing to have her being able to get around in the house and more space to raise her grandchildren. Thanks in advance and is looking forward to hearing from you guys thanks again

  9. Kailey Curley says:

    Hi my name is kailey I live in wheat fields Arizona 3people live in this trailor with no running water this house is also very messy me kailey always wanted a little sister because I'm the only child some times we run out of money an try to get enough money to have food I just hope my life changes soon with the extremely make over edition hope it comes soon

  10. Sierra Bolgrean says:

    I thank you so much for all that you do in the world, and taking the time to view our application. My family really needs this home makeover. My husband and I have two boys, Charles 5 and Anthony, 2. Anthony was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) about a year ago. This is a nuro-muscular disease and he will be in a wheelchair the remainder of his life. He is so intelligent and just an angel. We are currently living with my husbands foster dad in a double wide trailer. It has been really hard to find handicapped accessible housing that will fit the whole family. My husband has not been working in order to take care of Anthony so with our price range it is nearly impossible. Once again thank you.

  11. charles wilcox says:

    Hi my name is charles wilcox and I would love to have help in giving to my wife a make over on our home. My wife and I devote all of our time and finances help raising our children and grandchildren. My wife and I have been married since sept.26th 2003, we met on the internet and I moved 3and halfhours from all of my family to sacrifice to be with the love of my life. My wife and I always put our family before us. I have a daughter with aspbergers and adhd that my wife adopted her after we got married. My wife and I both I injured our backs at work. I was a pop merchandiser at 7up and my wife is a nurse in labor in delivery. I lost my job to workers comp and now work with the disability in there own homes part time so I can be home with our daughter with asphbergers. I've tried different jobs but she doesn't do well with change so I work part time to make it easier on her so that she functions better at school bc my wife works long hrs at times and schedule can change frequently without warning.my wife and I adopted and raise our grand daughter. We have a child at bowling green college that we pay for him to attend college. We have a 26 year old that lives at home with hdh and has a hard time keeping a job bc of his dissability but does not get social security so my wife and I fully suport him. He has a son and we too help support our grandchild. My wife injured her back falling on her tailbone at work and has a stimulator for pain implanted in her buttocks to help block nerve damage bc nothing they can do for her tailbone. She has been told she can get disability but continues to take pain meds along with stimulator bc we could not make it on my income and her disability. We almost lost our home twice. Once when my injury accured then again after mine when she fell. They found a tumor when thy did mri rapped around her spine. Thank our Lord Iit came back not cancer. We have three daughters of one is our grand daughter we adopted. And we have two sons and three grandsons. I am 36 and my wife kelly I 47. We coucouldn't afford a wedding, she was married prevously and felt bad we couldn't aford a wedding bc I never had a wedding. I've always wanted to take her on atleast a honeymoon but never could offord it, actually she eould love to take her kids to disney world. If I could ever afford it id love for tht to happen just so I could see her smile bc she give everything she had to her kids and grandkids. We took our money we recieved from our injuries to pay off bills and almost losing our home twice while being off of work, I was off for couple years and fighting workers comp.I hope u were able to get through all that bc the most reason id love for this dream to come about is bc we've tried to remodle ourself and spent all the extra we had and now projects are left not completed and id love for just to be able to give her something bc she sacrifises and will give anyone the shirt off her bck. We just live for our kids and live in our meens can't afford vacations but we have one another. I tottally understand if u pick someone else im just thankfull u took the time to read my story. Thank u so much.. I hope to hear from u soon.
    Id love to surprise her. Thank you

  12. Margie Davis says:

    We are a family of 5 in a 2 bed room mobile home . It has been very hard as my hubby is the only one that works I am a stay at home Mom . I would love to live in something bigger that the roof did not leak.

    Thank you so much for your time ,

  13. sierrea says:

    You guys are so helpful;}

  14. jack martin says:

    hi I am currently living with 3 other roommates for the last yr we all work low wage jobs and can't afford much sept 13th of last year we had a fire at the apartment complex due to another tenants kids playing with a lighter we lost everything and my 3 roommates had lived there for 20 plus years

  15. Cecelia Tuttle says:

    my parents r in need of a make over cause of black mold growing in the celing, floor needs leveling, plumbing needs to be redone ,and back room falling off house . they r disabled and live on a fixed income and cant afford repairs . they also have serious health problems and cant do the work them selves. thank you for taking time to read this and consider them for a makeover

  16. Cecelia Tuttle says:


  17. Meletia Davis says:

    Hi, I grew up watching this show always knowing that your helping people who couldn't do it themselves. And i personally never thought I'd be the one asking, but i am. I am 16 years old. i live with my mom dad grandma and 2-3 siblings. Currently only 2 because my sister is at basic training. My dad has many medical problems that make it extremely difficult for him to get/hold down a job. He threw out his back years ago trying to stop a car from falling on a coworker of his and has suffered ever since, and due to the fact that never been able to afford health insurance, hes never fixed any of the problems that came with it. My mom works as often as she can, to try and pay the bills; but its hard. She was also recently in an accident that dis-aligned her spine, causing her sever pain. Many of her medical conditions are neurological, including Epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and chronic migraine. My grandmother can no longer live on her own, and hasn't been able to for awhile. About 3-5 years ago she suffered a fall and broke around 7 vertebrae in her back along with her arm. Me personally, haven't suffered any major injuries, but suffer from anxiety and horrible chronic migraine, along with my mother. I recently started working to attempt to help with the overwhelming expenses. My little siblings,Charles and Sarah have their own problems too. Charlie was born with a defective lung. and he now lives constantly coughing and wheezing, all because he only has one lung. Sarah at only the age of 9 has been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. This makes everything a challenge. This is everyone who CURRENTLY lives with me, in our (originally 3 bed 2 1/2 bath) house. Seven people in total when Sam my older sister returns. The house we live in is a cookie cutter house. One that was made to only last about 10 years and as of now its 17 and falling apart. all the walls are cracked, its caught on fire multiple times, the foundation is cracked and causing the house to shift and break. there's constantly mice or another creature running around. the inner walls are starting to rot away thanks to the part of construction where they neglected to put a moisture barrier on the walls before the siding. The overall condition of the house is horrendous. the roof above our attic has holes where it leaks, where we have fallen through the flooring. There's a crack running through the floor underneath the tiles and flooring. its to the point where my family's health is being compromised and is becoming worse and worse. Pleas please please help. I cant stand to see them all suffer the way they do. The feeling of helplessness has crept in on all of us, but i refuse to give up. Thank you for taking the time to look at this. Sincerely the entire Davis family.

  18. Linda says:

    My daughter and soninlaw have been thu alot, married 16 yr, has a daughter Justine now 14 was 1 lb 12oz when born alot of up and down,but she made it. They have adopted 3 girls from being foster parents,Lilian ,Dokato and Aspen. They have lost 2 boys ,Justin be 5 yr in nov 24, she was 8 1/2 month preagrant.. Zack has been 3 passed at age 15 months got sick on sunday passed the folling sat, They have Isiah now 3 waiting to adophed ..,also have part custody of Lilian brother he's 14.. They really could use your help,lives in 3 br trailor girls have bunkbeds ,their running out room ,The dad had a break down on secondy yr Zack passed please help ..They just cant say no to taken in kids.. I pray with all my heart you can help,my daughter works at a factory want to go back school to be a nurse, she is a very careing women and very strong .she holds the family in tact..PLEASE HELP>>

  19. Stella Davis says:

    My family and I could really use some help with our home. Not long after we bought the home we started having plumbing prolbems (drainage to be exact), prolbems with the windows not shutting correctly and found out that the A/C was too small for the house. The siding was not of quailty and started warping. My son has only one working lung and now my mother in law lives with us and has many health problems including COPD and has broken many vertabret in her back the house is not very accessable for her with her walker and not accessable at all when she has to use her wheel chair. My husband has a bad back and he nor I can lift my mother in law when she falls in the bathroom. We need help to make our home a safe home. My husband and I have walled off the loft and even the garage to get enough room for everyone to have a place but that in its self has created a safety hazard as we have to use space heaters to heat our room (the garage) and that has almost caused a fire several times. Please help, Thank You
    Stella Davis

  20. amanda bratt says:

    Just lost both of my parents in the last year … I have 2 children 10 and 5 … I just lost my job and are trying to sell my parents house .. but I'm having a hard time because we want to keep it in our family as it has been for 30 years I am the only one that doesn't have there own house . I live in a coop were people smoke pot .. and screaming and yelling .. my kids want out of here I want better for my children the .. i am a hard working woman ..I was at my job for10 years .. was not being paid farely .. I don't know what to do I cry everyday.. im 31 and have 4 brothers .. please consider, helping

  21. Quintin davis says:

    Hi my name is Quintin and I am replying because my grandparents live in a nice 2 floor home but my grandma has really bad back pains and can't do the steps and she needs help. every morning she has to do the steps when she need to use the wash room she doesn't want to because it's too much pain they live in Windsor on and I was praying you could come to help us if u can't I understand but if you have time please come sincerely , Quintin davis

  22. Chris Schulze says:

    We are the Schulze family. We currently reside in Durant, Ok. In may 2013 my wife's dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. We have 3 children and my wife was pregnant with our youngest during this time. She spent the entire summer in and out of the hospital with her father taking care of him. Our due date was supposed to be August 24th 2013. Early on at week 8 of pregnancy my wife spotted. The ultrasound tech at 11 weeks said her neck fold was measuring big and it could be a sign of a chromosome disorder, the obgyn was out of the office and the NP and tech were saying she needed a specialist but instead called the obgyn and he said to come back the following Monday where he performed the test himself and said we only had like a 3 percent chance and didn't send us. On July 8th my wife noticed our daughter wasn't moving, on instinct she went to our local women's center and monitoring showed our daughters heart deceling in the 70s. We were only 33 weeks 3 days. They could not tell what was wrong so they decided to take her. Her first night of life she was careflighted to Baylor hospital in Dallas tx and was intibated 6 times. My wife was in college pursuing nursing, I work 50-60 hours a week as a warehouse assistant. Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to go through. She had a grade 1 brain bleed, echo revealed a vsd, ASD, and an open PDA, she could not tolerate any liquid by mouth and she would have seizures where she would turn blue and stop breathing. She failed the state acid test 3 times for severe combined immunodeficiency. She had a paralyzed vocal cord and malacia. We decided to go ahead with a trach and a g button. We had medicaid in Oklahoma but were in Texas because this hospital was closer. After they put all this together they checked her calcium levels and decided to do a fish test. It came back positive for 22q11.2 deletion aka digeorge syndrome. We could not apply for home nursing out of state so we had no choice but to send her to Oklahoma city, Ok to a rehabilitation center. From there things for worse. She has ghas gerd so we had to change to continuous feeds and switch to a gj tube that bypasses her tummy. She refluxes and cannot swallow due to pallet abnormalities so she aspirates. We then after rescheduling due to sickness 6 times finally had a vascular ring repair surgery. She is currently 3 hours away and our other two children are 5 and 6 so we don't get to see her all week long, she has been there a year now. Donations have ran dry and we are on one income and cannot afford to move and pay rent on a house. We recently applied for the home ventilator program and I have a nursing company ready to help get her home but she was denied. She is on cpap mode and will be strong and breath on her own for a while but she gets tired and falls back, and has a weak immune system and bronchomalacia so when she gets sick she requires vent support. We want her home more than anything and have fought foe her every step of the way but we aren't close enough to a Childrens hospital and where we live now my dad owns it and we pay mortgage to him. We are desperate to be there for our daughter, and to be able to get her home. She will she 6 specialist and her diagnoses include: grade 1 brain bleed, vsd,ASD, vascular ring, dyspagia, trach gj tube dependent, low t cells (she can't have live vaccinations) and takes bactrim 3 days a week, she has developed chronic lung disease from pneumonia so much, asthma, bronchotracheomalacia, dysphagia, gerd, so far. She is scheduled for a Nissan fundoplication but it has already been rescheduled twice due to sickness and we do see a craniofacial team October 17th. I know the show is about makeovers but I just had to try. The one thing stopping us from moving is we cannot afford to pay rent especially with the type of home that will be required for her to have. She is currently at the Childrens center in Bethany OK and her Facebook page is Facebook.com/prayersforbabybrooklyn We need a miracle in more ways than one :) thank you for your time.

  23. William Gonzalez says:

    I'm writing this in behalf of my mother. We have been going trough hard times. We all work hard but do to the economy our income its not what it use to be, do to that her house is in forclosure and in need of repairs. I dont know what our future holds for us, we have been trying to get modifications on the house but all the applications have been denied. Its hard to even sleep at night knowing we can get evicted at anytime. My mother dont know I'm writing this, all I want to tell her is that everything is gonna be ok. Please I hope you guys can help our family out.GOD BLESS.

  24. Linda Halbert says:

    I have watched your show many times and have been overwhelmed with the heart felt concern you have for the people you help. I am sure that thousands ask for your help everyday, and it must be hard for you to choose. I have a younger brother with a wife and 7 children still living at home ages 3 and up. they live in a very run down trailer with an addition that the boys share that leaks .. also there are holes in the walls and floors. My brother is disabled and my sister in law is unable to work to bring in any other monies because of the cost of child and daycare. so all they have to live on is Jr. disability and food stamps. These kids have lived a tough life. but my brother did the very best he could to give them what they need in life.. he is unable to do work on the home for lack of money it takes for the repairs. I would give anything to see the looks on those childrens faces to walk into a home where they finally don't have to share a room that leaks and is so cold in the winter months. words can not show you how much this family needs an improved home. not asking for something that cost a whole lot. just something that they can be proud of. these sweet children have dreams and ambitions too. A nice place to live may encourage them to dream big and give back to others some of the kindness that could be shown to them. I could take a video of this place if you would like. If I could I would do this for them, but I am just getting by myself. I am praying that
    God would move your hearts to take a closer look at this one. This family deserves to have at least one good break in life. thank you for your time.

  25. sharlene odom says:

    My mom Kay F Odom home caught on fire last year a week before Thanksgiving she is living with my baby sister in her trailer behind her home the house is still standing because she has no money to rebuild my mom is 80 years young and never had a home she can really call her own her mother had that home built in 1945 my mom is in need of her own home can you help her please.

  26. Rachel Brown says:

    My parents are in need of a new home due to mold growing in the roof everywhere, where it has leaked for years. When it rains or snow melts my parents have to put out about 12 bowels and pots to catch the water. The water has rotted the roof out so bad that it is falling down on them. It is rotting the floor where it leaks, separating the two trailers due to warping, and just makes it so stressful for my parents to live. We have tried repairing the outside and inside of the roof several times and it just don't work. There house is two trailers put together about 35 years old. My parents don't work as my mom is disabled and has severe COPD that jumped two to three stages in just a few months from have the mold and dust in her house. My dad use to work but has worked so hard his whole life to make best for not only his family of ten but others around the community as well. My parents are the type to give up everything they have to give to someone else who may need it. Right now my parents have my oldest brother and his girlfriend living with them and my elderly grandma has to come stay a week or so at a time so my mom can help her shower and keep her going (grandma don't want to live in a nursing home). My parents are to shy/embarrassed/good hearted (they think others can use the help more) to ask for help themselves so my sister and I are asking for help for them as a surprise to them. The trailers are also so small with our large family for holiday dinners, we can barely fit in it all together. Mom has all the dinners at her place and wouldn't want it any other way. We are hoping you will take them into consideration so that my mothers health can improve and my families stress about her health can disappear, so she can continue on being the extrodanary person she is. The mold an dust are going to eventually kill her as she is on oxygen full time now due to the jump in her health. Please take them into consideration as we are in a small community and don't have many options.

  27. Gloria Russell says:

    My son, Stephen Gipson is a disabled veteran; suffering from a closed head injury and has problems making sound decisions. He was sold a home that is basically uninhabitable. I am asking for any help with making his home liveable.

  28. Justin Diamond says:

    My nname is Justin Diamond. I'm 39 years old and currently live in Memphis, Tennessee. I'm writing this for my older brother Steve Diamond. I grew up my entire life as an only child of a single mother. My mom and dad were divorced when I was 16 months old and I never knew my father. My mom would tell me how my dad was a famous stuntman who doubled Clint Eastwood for 17 years. He's doubled Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, Elvis Presley, Charles Bronson, James Garner, and many more! He was responsible for helping to organize the stunt guild in Hollywood. I got some info from my mom, and using people search, I was able to find my biological father after 37 years! The part that was difficult was finding out that he's dying of terminal stage 3 prostate cancer. It has spread into his hips, spine, and back. Nobody including my dad think he'll make it through the winter of 2014. I had gone to El Dorado Springs, Mo in July of 2013 for a week to meet my father for the first time. Talking to my dad I found out a great deal about my heritage on my dad's side. I found out I am one of 7 kids. My oldest brother Bobby in California, my oldest sister Storm and my brother Shane in Washington, my brother Chris and my sister Kim in Missouri, my brother Steve in Oklahoma, and me in Tennessee! What a blown mind I had! I've met all but Storm and Shane. From the moment I met Steve we've been tight. Brothers for sure. Steve is a gulf war combat vet living in a beat up house in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. He owns the house, the land, and the house next door that is vacant and also in serious need of work. The bathroom floor is caving in, the sink in the bathroom doesn't work, the house is in serious need of repair! My brother works 2 jobs and teaches when he's not seeking another degree. My sister – in – law Dana goes to school and works 1 sometimes 2 jobs, and my nephew Layne goes to school and works. No one has the time or money for home repairs. Please help me give my brother, a vet with a big heart a proper home. Thank you,
    Justin Diamond

  29. Hannah oberry says:

    In 2011 I was shot t1-t2.I struggled for almost three years to get a doctor due to not being as to get medicare even though I was receiving my full SSA of $743.that left my mom as the only one to take care I'd me because I am only 35 and she refusers and I agree I do not want a nursing home.due to no doctor I've had to suffer thru the pain and anxiety and I don't think I can take much more. I've been in the bed for a year.a solid year cause my mom can't lift me and my motorized chair doesn't work and it hurts me to set in it.I do not even have a manual chair.I can't set up straight due to my injuries I pass out.our home well trailor is falling apart.elexrtrixal fires and floors gone AMD my poor mom has been doing what she can to care for me.due to no insurance for almost threw yearsy legs have drawn up and. Can't be straightened. We both get 742 a month but I also have kids to care for and other bills and medical supplies. We need to move but we can't afford to and every where we find is not for a handicap person.I can't bath on kt own or anything. I rely on my mom for it all.we can't afford to move.we can barely affords to live yet we can get no help.at all.dcfs has now retained my son because of my physical limits.I can't get out of bes to care for them.I'd hire a live in nanny but I honestly can't afford it and with the shape of our home that's a problem as well.I don't want to seem as if I'm coming to you for anything more than maybe help on resources to help I s with our house. Doctors. Nurses.anything would be more than greatly appreciated thank up.hannah

  30. Lisbeth Ortiz says:

    I am a NAVY veteran and am writing to ask that you please help my in laws. I have seen that your program has a latin version and that you go to mexico to help people. My in laws had the misfortune of their house being burnt down twice in consequence of other houses burning close by. My father in law is in his 70's years old and is retired. He worked two jobs to support his 6 children. My mother in law is in her 60's. She has a makeshift store where she sales soda, chips, candy, etc.. to help get by. She also sales used clothes an often times gives it away to people in need. The house is in desperate need of fixing. The front gate is corroded and not very sturdy. The house consists of three actual rooms. The living room, kitchen, and bedroom. My father in law made an effort to build a second floor however I don't consider it to be properly built or safe. The house has 2 doors none of which have proper locks the windows and not in great condition. One does not have the glass and others don't close properly. The kitchen has only two outlets and the cabinets are beyond repair. There is no hot water in the sink faucet the roof has serious water damage. Every time it rains the roof leaks. The bedroom is where my in laws and my brother in law sleep. The roof is not properly covered it's just wood beams. The bedroom has a door that is not being used and is only being covered by cardboard. This room is where the bathroom is located. It is not closed all the way the sink is not connected properly its drains through a cut water hose into the shower. The shower walls are falling down and the floor is sunk in. The living room has a window that does not close properly. The laundry room is outside and is covered by laminate roof. When I visit My husband, daughter, and I sleep on a mattress in the living room. There is three people living in this house. They are very loving people that had tragedy hit them twice. They are not in the best monetary standing. I would greatly and forever be in your debt and thankful.

  31. stacy says:

    my daughter near drowned she is on lifesupport she has been on it for a month and they say she has to have a four bedroom house when she comes home she has to be on a vent please help

  32. Kendra Taylor says:

    My name is Kendra my family needs your help right now we are living at my grandparents house because my ant is living in Ares and my mom and dad are divorced me and my brother and my mom are in a small room and we all stay in it we have one bathroom for all three of us I am 16 and my brother is 17 me and my mom sleep on one bed and my brother gets his own my mom go's to college in the morning and gits out at one pm and me and my brother go to school at 10 and get out at 3 and my mom has to go from one place to a nether and after school my mom has to go to the football games on Fridays and work there tell the games are over her work so we haves some money but it is still not a lot of money she struggles with home work and helping us with home work she can't pay the bills for the house my ant is living in and pay for gas and close and she can't help me with school because she needs to do her school work but I need help because I have a learning problem and to add on to that I get migraines and I miss a lot of school and my brother has problems I can't even count them my mom and dad got divorced wen I was 7 she needs your help we can't stand living in the same room I am a teenager I need my own spas so please help us please I can't live like this no more

  33. Cindy Gymrek says:

    Hello, My name is Cindy I am from Elroy, Wi I got married in 2003 and shortly later my husband was burned in an explosion he healed really good my husband is a firefighter and 3 years later he was at a fire and the ceiling fell on him a year went past he had surgery and the dr cut the wrong bone off in his shoulder that was the start of our 2000's we lost our home and have been renting since. Well 5 years ago my husbands youngest brother stayed in school till he was 21 and then called us to come get him out of Indiana he was getting into some bad stuff so I told my husband (Kenny) he had to do what he had to, to help his brother we lived in a 3 bedroom so we had room but when we got there to get him Kenny's step-dad said we have to take Kenny's mom too as it was she was wearing rags for clothes and her teeth all fell out he neglected her see she has Schizophrenia if we didn't take her he was dumping her off at a walgreens. That day we went out and bought her clothes and tore the tags off them so he could not return them for cash we told him he had to give us 3 weeks so I could get beds so we went out and bought twin beds on line and got her 5 years ago July 19th but they sold the house we were renting we ended up finding a home to rent an hour and a half away from my family we lived there a year and found a home back in my hometown still renting will be her 3 years May 2015 but our landlord retired this year so he wants to raise our rent from 800 to 1200 or buy the home it needs a lot of work not worth what he wants and I tried to get a loan and it wont happen and when we moved away my other brother in law who has scitsophrania and manic depression lived up the road from us moved with us and has lived with us ever since and I also have a daughter that lives with us that is cognitively delayed so I am her guardian I need a home so bad and wish someone could help my family I would take more people in to help if I had a bigger home that is what god wanted is for me to help since my mother in law moved in we got her on medicine, ssi and got her some teeth no one deserved to live this way. Please help my family.

  34. jamie searcy says:

    Hello.. my family and I need this home makeover. I have 3 children. 2 boys and a girl. My daughter has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. We bought a run down trailer before she was born. We've fixed it up a little but we need to add additional space for my daughter. We don't have room for her equipment and the next step is getting her a walker. Well we don't have the room for it so we can't get the gait trainer. We also need to add some disability accessible ramps and wider doors for her to get thru. Please help us to give our daughter the best life we can.. we would be forever grateful. We just don't have the money to do this. Please help us. For our daughter and more room for our boys!!

  35. Jodi Steele says:

    My husband and I have both of our mother's living with us. My mother has Alzheimer's and his mother is 89. We live in his mother's home as she will not live anywhere else and is unable to take care of herself. We also have a 13 year old daughter and a daughter in college. The home was purchased when my husband was a baby so it is 54 years old. We had bought a lot of stuff to start remodeling and my husband had a heart attack and suffered an anoxic brain injury. We are still in the hospital and he is not able to begin rehab so soon I will have to take him home or he will go to a nursing home. Please help me remodel the home for a person with a severe disability so I can bring him home. I will take care of everyone if I can bring him home. Not many people survive from an anoxic brain injury and he has and I truly feel in time he will gain some motor function and will get better but no one knows. I have been unable to locate a charitable establishment to assist. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jodi Steele

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