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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. shaun says:

    can u help me redo my house it is really bad and the water pipes are bad and there i have 2 kids here and i need some help to do my house and the roof is bad and it leaks so please can u help me out you can call me thanks

  2. Iva Pifer says:

    Hi my name is Iva I am concerned about my mother in law, father in law,my aunt and my uncle they all live in one house that is not very safe my mother in law have kidney disease,my father in law just found out he has skin cancer,my uncle also has kidney disease they heat with a pellet stove and it don't keep it warm in there they have no carpet on the floor they all get disability and my aunt she the one that keep up the house work but she has a neck injury she had fusion put in her neck they really do need your help I forgot my mother in law and uncle are also on oxygen and a c-pap machine they also have to use electric heaters to keep warm the pellet stove is not enough for the whole house if there is any way you guys could please help them I want to surprise them my mother in law kidneys are felling fast

  3. Amy Morrish says:

    Hello. I know you receive a lot of applications and comments and might not have time to read them all. Hopefully you're able to read mine. My name is Amy and I am from MI. I would like to nominate my mother in-law, Ethel, and my father in-law, Floyd. They live in the thumb of MI. Within the past few years, Floyd found out he had bone cancer. The did treatments, medicine, etc., but nothing worked. This year, 2014, it spread so bad into his leg that he had to have surgery. He would come home from work and be in so much pain and his leg would be swollen. This is the first year he hasn't worked and he just got approved disability a few months ago. He got the surgery in the summer and a month or so after, they actually thought the cancer came back and were going to have to amputate his leg. It was a false alarm. So far, they haven't had to amputate. Just about a month ago, Ethel, went into the ER because she was screaming in pain. Her BP was over 200 and a few hours of not being able to get it down, she got transferred to Covenant in Saginaw, MI. She ended up having to have emergency surgery and had 8 ft of her intestine removed. She was in ICU for about 2-3 days. All together, she was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks. She is now off work as well and she just started her new job not even 1 month before the incident. They have lived in their house for about 27 years. They have 6 kids and 16 grandchildren. Their youngest child is about 24 and she still lives with them. They have a very old farmhouse with a Michigan Basement. It is literally infested with fleas/ticks, mice and rats. When it's quiet in the house, you can here the rodents in the walls, running across the floors. I have seen multiple rats in the basement. The basement always is flooding and the windows and doors aren't sealed so they always leak and it is very cold in there during the winter, especially upstairs. There is 2 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bedroom downstairs, and the laundry room. It is small and hard for Floyd to maneuver around. Floyd sleeps in the living on a hospital bed because he can't even get into his own room or use his bed because he has trouble getting out of bed. About 3 years ago, they had a house fire and lost everything and had to sleep in a trailer. It took about a year before they could get back into their house. Honestly, their house isn't even worth what they are paying for it. It literally should just be bulldozed or condemned. Their daughter has helped them pay the bills because it's so bad right now. They have been through so much, the past 3-5 years and they deserve a chance to have a nice home that's open and easy to get around. With holidays and when the family gets together, the house is way overcrowded. They give what they can but they are always talking about how they can't give their kids/grandchildren more or what they need. They are very hurt by it. They could be down to their last $40 and if somebody asked to borrow $40, they would give it. This would be the best thing to have happened to them in a long time.They deserve a place to call home and not have to worry about all the rodents and fleas/ticks, the coldness during the winter, etc. Please give them the opportunity! Thank you!!!!

  4. Shalbi Ruiz says:

    Hi my name is shalbi. im 15 years old.. ive never had a home really that i could rely on. or even feel content. i live with my grandparents as of now. a houshold of 5. ive always been in and out of homes because my moms never been able to provide that for me and my little sister. i just really wish i could actually have a place i can call home. and not only for me. but my mom. it's always been her dream. she's been a single mom for the two of us for years. my dad past away when i was 7.. but before then.. he didnt want anything to do with me.. evebtually he came into my life and i was agains going home to home. the most ive ever lived in was an apartment. as of my grandparents home. we're lucky to stay in their home.im asking for help because we'll never be able to afford that and although my mothers going back to school.. it could take years till she could ever get her own.. and i'd already be grown and gone. i dont want to rely on other people any more. when a home will always be there. i dont even have my own bed.

  5. amiee taylor says:

    Hi, my name is Amiee I'm 24 and I'm in the United states military and I'm writing on the behalf of my mother and my little brothers and sisters, I have seven brothers and two little sisters growing we had nothing my mom did the best she could by trying to keep a roof over our head and clothes on our backs, she is the kindness person you can run into she's just like my granny I always helping out people, I look at what they are going through now and I wish it was a away I could help, the reason I join the military was to make a better life for our family, we always lived in an apartment the was really small, when I was younger two of my little brother got taken from my mother by the state it was hard on all of us she fought very hard to get them back. When I was 18 I found one of my brothers but the other I couldn't find because he had a disability. The reason I'm writing this because I just want better for my family I try to help out as much as I can but I'm only one person, right now my family live in a slumb house my mom can't afford nothing else living in chicago, she's on disability and it's just so hard on her, she gives my lil brothers and sisters the best she can with so little, it's more I can say but for now I'm just writing because I really think they deserve this chance of a life time

  6. Shawn says:

    Hello I'm writing this on behalf of friends of mine. They are a young couple madly in love with each other and it shows when you see them with each other. They bought a home together abut 5 years ago and it did wonders for them when they started. They are now living in a home that doesn't have a working furnace appliances are falling apart and the roof looks as if it will fall in any day if a heavy snow comes through there region. His wife was just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it's really brought her spirits down. He tries so hard and supports them both on what he makes while she suggested to find a job. To him this is his queen and he treats her as such. I don't know any other deserving people who would give thE shirt off of there backs for you or there last bit of food if you were starving and they could help.

  7. debbie says:

    hello, everyone has a story…But i have no floor,i was having it fix when they said my whole house was about to fall in….so we stop and called the insurance office, they sent out the adjuster,he said it was some termite damage/detration… now they will not help me,my husband can not do the work himself because he lost his leg. And i am at the point i dont know what to do… we have a tolit, but we dont have a shower/tub.. my whole house is open, and i know if you ask not you have not… so i am asking for help… because i do not want to leve my house… thanks for listing…

  8. barbara says:

    my mother just lost her husband he was a fire fighter of 40 yrs in childersburg alabama he died from lung cancer and bone cancer he couldnt fix up her house before he passed he was too sick,she has mold growing all over the house and is on disabilty her check is no more then $450 a month and can barley make it day by day and pay her bills.. so please help me help my mother…. thanks sincerly barbara watkins

  9. wendi says:

    Hello my name is tilisa (: .
    I'm an 14 year old and I live with my mom and two older brothers. We've never really had a stable house hold. Its always been hard for my mom, raising three kids on her own wasn't her attentions. We live in a trailer that's located in the country that again isn't very stable. We moved here about two years ago and its most defently not the best house in the world . we moved here because at the time we had an affordable deal to work with. As we've been living here our rent has gone up twice . we pay an percent of money every month to pay off our house (witch we are not close to paying off ). The house is very damaged . I'm not sure how long its been up but you can tell its been awhile . this house has holes , cracks ,rodents . this house is falling apart . as it gets cold we have a variety of heaters . we constantly are patching up welts and holes and ext. We are also always bombing our house to get ride of rodants and bugs. (Country) Our house is falling apart and we most decently need help. We all try our best to keep smiles on our face . but after awhile pretending to like this nasty old house begins to be to much . we would all LOVE to have a new house , to be comfortable and just love life and not have to worry about this house collapsing when ever it wants . all I want for Christmas is my family to be happy . and again to be comfortable and stable. I now can only pray that they choose us. And think about my one and only Christmas wish.

  10. Rachael Jacobs says:

    Hello! My youth group is looking for a new retreat house. The house that we have right now is functional, but we would love to expand and make the space available for other groups and programs. For years, this "retreat" house has been connected to our church, at once quite literally. When the house was first built, our ministers were living in it.The house was attached to our church! After a while, those ministers retired and so the house, still attached, became Sunday school rooms for adults. After a while, the church decided to expand by building a bigger, better sanctuary right where the house was. So, the church literally picked up the house and moved it over to the back of our church's property. Today we use the house for our youth groups's Sunday school and regular youth group meetings. While it is useful for staying warm in the winter and having a place for us to be, it is not livable for other groups that we want to come, visit, and stay in the house. Our kitchen is almost completely unusable. The only thing that works well is the sink. Our fridge works, but every once in a while the freezer doesn't. The stove just flat out doesn't work, and all of our cabinets are outdated and moldy. There are two bedrooms, however one is much larger than the other. The large one functions well with a small bathroom. The bathroom in this room is very small, just big enough for a toilet and sink. Like the kitchen, this bathroom is outdated as well. The smaller of the two bedrooms is almost too small to function for anything. In fact, we have barely managed to squeeze anything larger than a couch in there, and with that in the room, there's almost no room for people to move around comfortably. Our main bathroom for the house is very outdated. The shower/bathtub is not functioning properly, and we have to fix the toilet quite often. Lastly, our living room. This is where we have the majority of our meetings. It is a good space, but very plain. Big windows occupy the front of the room, however our curtains do not close. There is a small dining space apart from the kitchen, and it only sits six people. This can be a problem, considering we have up to sometimes 20 people eating in the house at a time. All of the floors in the house are extremely outdated and need to be fixed, as well. Now, why does my youth group deserve this makeover? We may not have any terminal sicknesses in the group, but we sure do a lot of good in not only our community, but in some across the country and one even in Africa. This past summer, some of us went on a mission trip to help those affected by hurricane Katrina in Slidell, LA. We have also in past years gone on a mission trip to Texas. We are constantly raising money to go towards schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa. When the devastating earthquake hit in Haiti, a group from our church went to to Conaspeh to help rebuild their churches. Every year, around the time of the Super Bowl, we have our own fundraiser called the "Souper" Bowl. The purpose of this is to raise money for the homeless by selling soup packets to members of the congregation. A couple times a year, our church hosts 3-4 homeless families that are in need of a place to stay. The youth group comes in and plays with all of the children and eats with the families. We also participate in our city's crop walk, which is a 5k walk around the campus of Butler University to raise money for the hungry children in foreign countries. As you can see, my youth group is a deserving group of young people that would love to expand into not only a bigger group but a bigger house. Housing other youth groups that visit and helping host events in this house would be a great opportunity for all of us. Meeting all of our expectations and needs would not be possible with the budget that our church allows. With your help we could this dream into a reality. Thank you for your consideration.

  11. megan leday says:

    To whom this may concern my name is megan leday and I'm writing to you guy in need of my grandparents house that they have been in now for 41 years they have came along way to helping everyone in the family letting even stranger stay with them at time now when it come to them selves they look around and can't help get or fix their home . My grandfather can no longer be a handy man that my dear grandmother needs him to be, because of knees and diabetes that he has they are 70&69 years old and been married since the ages of 17&16 years old they have four kids and the old daughter of theirs is fight for her life do to diabetes at the age of 51 . My grandparents or now raising their great grandchildren which or my oldest sister kids and it is 4 of them all range from 11-4 years of age and also the house isn't stable termites every year are eaten the house inside and outside , making big holes in the old wooden floors ,the house was built 1960"s and these wooden floors that they have are dangerous for the kids and them selves can fall and be hurt badly the income they have coming in is barley enough for them to survive . so hopefully you fine it in your hearts to help make over this family home that is also now sliding of its foundation. my only wish is to make my grandparents house livable for them and my nieces and nephews . thanks megan

  12. jasmine Wiggins says:

    I am jasmine Wiggins and I am sharing this because I truly believe my 89 year old grandma deserves a new built house.she is one of the most sweetest woman I know she gives her last to the people she love. She has helped families around the community.she has token in foster children back then and just never really was appreciated for all she has done. So please please please extreme home makeover help my grandmother she deserves it all.

  13. Destiny Morin says:

    Hi my name is destiny I had already wrote my story but it deleted so Ihere I go again. I know I may only be 16 and just like every 16 year old wants every thing.. A car, license, clothes, and so on and so forth but I'm not the type of person to reach out for help. I'm in a difficult place in my life right now where I can't live with a working parent right now which would be my mom because of something's that happen family issues and I'm living with my dad which is not a comfortable at all. My dad has been trying for years to fix up the trailer to make it livable but at this point there's no hope really. The trailer is falling apart. It's cold at night because it's not very well insulated the place is just falling apart not to mention there are mice taking over the walls and chewing threw the walls..I would really live to be able to live an a home were a feel safe and warm. I need your help can you help me??

  14. Richard smith says:

    We are the smith family and we have two kids and we are both disabled we live in Steele Alabama and we lost everything in a house fire two nights ago and nowhere to live

  15. Kerri says:

    Hi my name is Kerri and I am from star city Arkansas I would like if I could get my mom and dad a good house they have a old house and No hate or air conditioner they have adopted 16 kids and had 300 kids come in and out of the house they still have one young boy he is 22 and he has autism disease my dad is a pastor they have no money to pay their bills and I was just want to do something very nice and get them my house of the dreams they adopted me whenever I was 3 months old about dead we all been through a lot and know I wants to help them please my mom is 71 with apacemaker and my dad is seven days with a lot of bladder issues

  16. Kelly says:

    I am writing on behalf of My Sister. My Brother and I moved out of state years ago but my Sister remained at home with her family living with my parents and took care of them. We have always been a close family and my brother and I go home quite a few times and year and financially do what we can to help. My Sister and her husband bought a house to move my parents into so there would be more room for them all but it was an older house and needed work. Shortly after they moved my brother in law had to go out on disability due to a back injury and the work on the house has never been able to get done. A year and half ago we lost my Dad a retired veteran to COPD which also meant that my Mom lost all his benefits as well so emotionally and finically things have just been going downhill. My sister is an amazing person , a wonderful daughter, wife, mother and friend who is working so hard to try and keep it all together. She works full time at Target while taking care of a Disabled husband, Our Mom and her teenage daughter. Having some work done on the house would mean the world to her and would help her feel like the mortgage payment that she is killing herself to pay is all worth it. She never asks for anything and usually goes without so that she can do for everyone else. She has not had a vacation in years and my Niece who is 16 has never really been on one. The last year has been rough on all of us as my Dad was such a huge part of who we all are and this would ease a lot of the worry and burden of what she is going through.

  17. Tina says:

    I am writing in for my sister who has been through hell and is one of the most deserving persons I can think of. She has lost 3 children and have 3 children left, one of them being a teenager lost a few years ago. She is 42 years old. Her husband left her a little over a year ago with her 3 living children and a grandchild. She has since got another grandchild. She has done her best to raise those kids on her own, without much help from him. She got a low paying job, but had some health problems and is currently unemployed. She had to move in with one of our other sisters because she did not have the money to pay the electric bill last winter and has been living with her ever since. We went in to try to do some repairs on her home recently so she and the 5 kids could move back in, but the house is in complete disarray. They own the house and land, but the floors are falling in and the pipes need to be replaced and she has never had gas or heat in that house since they've lived there. She would heat the house with electric heaters and her bills were always high. The roof is also bad and needs to be replaced. There's broken windows, and from what we could tell from tearing out one of the floors and part of a wall, the electrical wiring does not look up to code either. The house has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen/dining combo & living room. We have asked friends and family for help, but are not having much luck, especially this time of year, when everyone is struggling themselves. She wanted to be back in her home for the holidays, but unfortunately, we haven't been able to gather up enough material. Her name is Teresa and what a great gift to give a family,to be able to be back in their home without worrying about things falling down around them and I can't think of anyone more deserving!

  18. Brooke Whitley says:

    Posting for my best friends family. A family of god and a ton of love. If anyone deserves this, they do!

    Hello,and welcome. My name is Adam Shapiro son of Heather and Simon Shapiro. What you are about to read is the tragic,and painful tale of
    this family.

    The money raised is to help the Shapiro family still have a home to live in. Its to repair the cracked floors and split beams. To fix the caving
    sinks,and the bathrooms from collapsing. Its to pay for doctors,and operations,and dental work that medicaid cant,or wont cover. Its to make sure
    that my father Simon,can leave this world in peace when its his time knowing his wife,and daughters wont be living on the streets,or split apart in
    foster care. Its to help my sisters not suffer by getting the medical treatment they need to receive. Its to save their lives.

    My fathers is extremely sick and,he is unable to work,and while he does earn social security,it is insubstantial to meet the needs of my family.Not
    only is my father critically ill but so are the rest of my sisters. With so much illness and money funneling into medical expenses, many other things
    have fallen to the way side. My parents home is in a state of critical damage. Some time ago my parents home suffered extensive water damage
    due to cracked pipes during the winter one year. While I was able to repair it,the damage was done. Many points in the house are about to fallen
    in on themselves. The floors are split,and weakened both bathroom floors are about to cave in on themselves,and the kitchen floor,and sink are
    about to cave into the floor below. The money I am raising is to help pay for the repairs my family needs in the home,or when it all comes crashing
    down be forced without a home. I have spent all my means to fix what I can,but my expertise only extends so far. Many of the repairs needed
    require a professional to do,which costs money my parents do not have.

    A few years ago my father became stricken with severe diabetes. Though things did not stop with diabetes,neuropathy,heart disease,and lastly
    cancer. Six months ago Simon was diagnosed with bladder cancer,and under went surgery to remove the tumor which had all but completely
    obstructed his bladder. While the operation was a success Simon ever six weeks undergoes BCG Treatments as they pump in a form of kemo
    into his bladder,and drain it. Repeating this process for several hours. When finished Simon spends days recovering from the symptoms that
    come with such an intensive treatment suffering from tuberculosis like symptoms for two weeks,in addition to the host of other pains,and
    sufferings he already has.

    My fathers mind,memory,and mentally faculties have been severely damaged due to his medicines,pain,and treatments. Often he can not
    remember my name,or may even repeat things he has already spoken right after another. Many nights are filled with him howling in
    pain,struggling to breathe,or filled with horrible panic attacks. Unfortunately my father has very little time left with us,and all he wants is to know
    that when he dies his wife,and children will be taken care of.

    In the picture you see a sweet brown haired girl,with a dark complexion. This is Kailee-Anna my loving sister of fourteen. Who is as sick,if not
    worse off than my father. Kailee has three brain tumors located at the base and center of her brain. Each tumor is right over,or next to a vein or
    artery making their removal not possible. As my younger sister had enough trauma to deal with knowing that she can not have her tumors
    removed she is plagued with other illnesses. She is emaciated from some unknown sickness that no doctor we have taken her to can identify.
    Her body is simply not processing nutrition as is should,and as such is losing weight as an accelerated rate to the point of crippling her body. She
    barely sustains on certain fruits,and cereals that she is able to keep down,because eating anything else causes her to vomit. Lastly,we are
    waiting for results to know if my sister has Chiari Syndrome a condition in which the brain begins to seep into the spinal cord. My sister is only
    fourteen,and is suffering in ways no person should ever,let alone a fourteen year old. A girl who wants to,and deserves like any child to enjoy life
    live it to its fullest.

    One of my other sisters was omitted from the picture,due to her delicate emotional state. Because of the illness,sickness,and overall
    bleak state of my families poverty it took a toll on my sister Noelle. Living in such extreme poverty can make anyone depressed,saddened,or
    feeling low. My families situation struck Noelle like a wrecking ball,driving her to the point of suicide. In January my sister Chelsea,my third sister
    found her lying in bed unable to breathe,choking on her own tongue. I rushed into the room upon hearing her screams. Dragging her from the
    bed,I began CPR. For over ten minutes I continued to keep her alive,and following EMT instruction over the phone as my brother dialed 911. I
    fought trying to keep her from dying until the EMT arrived,and took control of the situation. As of now Noelle is okay,the cause of her near
    demise,was an overdose on certain prescription medications. While Noelle has physically recovered with no permanent damage we continue to
    dance with her on an emotional level. Noelle also has four impacted molars in her mouth,and medicaid will not cover the removal of them,and
    even needs to have a jaw surgery too because her teeth grew in so crooked. Once again medicaid will not cover these things.

    Lastly we have Chelsey the sandy blonde my other sister who is thirteen.. Chelsey has a sever case of carpal tunnel syndrome,and needs a
    surgery and medicaid will not cover this operation and in the mean time Chelsey keeps wrist braces on 24/7 trying to stave off the pain of her
    wrists,and hands.

    At the end of all things,my family has been broken,beaten and battered by the tides,and storms of life. They have weathered them well but there
    comes a time when we need an arm to pull us out of the tide. I have given everything to help my parents,and continue to do so. I work multiple
    jobs,and contribute to anything I can,but there is so much I can not do. I have to accept the fact that I alone can not rescue them from this. I want
    my sister Kailee to be able to eat,and savor food without suffering gut wrenching debilitating pain from it. To see Noelle burst from the bands of
    darkness that have entangled her,and soar in the light of the day. For Chelsey to be able to pick up a pencil and draw,write,and type without
    crying from it.

    When my dad dies, if Chelsey is 16 all Social Security stops,leaving my mom at 53 who has been a house mom since her marriage to somehow
    find herself in school and find a career to still support her daughters. I myself continue to juggle work,and trying to find myself a career to better
    help them. As each of my sisters draws closer to 18 there ability to be covered by medicaid becomes a diminishing window.

    So,this is my plight,and the plight of my family I have truly poured my soul into this,expressed the truth with the utmost of my abilities,and turn to you the reader for your contribution to help Save the Shapiros and if you can not contribute,please spread the word.

    Thank you so Much for your time,and your help.
    Adam Shapiro

  19. Crystal Tarpley says:

    Please help! My Grandma has been through so much in life and her home needs work. She has had and raised 5 children of her own and fostered others. She has lost her son 5 years ago (my Dad) and he was their only son. Her Husband (My Grandpa) recently past a few weeks ago. The loss of her son and Husband are very hard on her. She does charity through her church and is always offering her home, love, and kindness to others in need. She also donates her time at the church with my Grandpa who just past. My cousin recently found that the floor by the tub is rotting under the mat yesterday. Also, her washing machine empties right outside the house by the foundation for the last 25+ years. I don't know what is all wrong with it but it is not good and she really deserves better for all that she does and has been through.

  20. Danielle pratz says:

    Hi, my name is Danielle and I would like to ask you to help me and my family out well it's.just me,my grandmother, and my uncle Roy. What I would like to ask is Will you please help make are home fill comfortable? It don't even have to be in the same spot we are now you don't have to build us a huge dream house even though that would be nice. All I am asking is if you could give us a new double wide trailer. It would be nice not to live in this house because it has roaches, rats,mice,spiders,and ect. Dust always collects even tho we try to get rid of it,it comes right back.its hard to breath, it doesn't smell very pleasant, and in my room the walls are coming apart. My grandmas name is Catherine, abd my uncles name is Roy.Roy like video games, candy, and trucks. My grandma likes cooking,chocolate, and watching tv.I like makeup clothes and perfume, and also technology like phones and computers. I would like for you to maybe give me many kinds of perfume from bath and body works and also some lotion from their. I like to work out well when I visited my aunt we would workout everyday on a tredmill or either a punching bag. I also like camo. I would like a Nike gym bag,lime green Nike tennis shoes, and a plain black t-shirt with gray sweat pants for gym at school. I love gum. My dream bedroom would have all the stuff I already mentioned also a queen size bed with a baby blue comforter and pink sheets. Lots of pillows but differential styles one chevron, one with my initials on it, one with a mustache, one with a heart and the rest just plain black. And a tan colored carpet with cool looking rug. I would like my own bathroom it doesn't have to be in my room but if possible I would like a tile floor doesn't matter what color. I would like two or three makeup bags the main makeup I want is eyeliner white eyeshadow mascara, liquid eyeliner, and foundation. I will also need some personal stuff ( pads tampons underwear, bras and also toilet paper) I will need two beach towels just incase I want to go swimming. Some regular bath towels and wash rags. I need a hair straightener. Hairdryer and other stuff to make my hair clean and pretty.I need lots of chopstick and a little bit of light pink lipgloss abd one eos lipbalm egg. I love Hollister jeans and t shirts with quotes. I also love wearing tank tops under my shirt I need tooth paste and a tooth brush abd floss also mouth wash. All kinds off gum and mints. Socks. School supplies like two brand new zip up binders.and led pencils. And paper abd a new backpack. Sorry of I named lots of things I just never really had this stuff I just hear people talking about it at school and makes me feel left out. And I would be very thankful for you to help us out with anything to contact me just email me or text me at 9124806354 I will not be able to answer calls. Thanks hope to hear from you soon. Oh yeah one last thing I would like a I phone or galaxy phone with a front camera. Thanks again.

  21. Morgan says:

    My name is Morgan , and I am the middle child of three ,and I have a family of five.i am 13 years old , and I share a room with my sister , and my moms office is in my brothers room , so my brother shares a small room with an office.my sister has a brain tumor , and just got finished with proton radiation , so they stayed in st.louis for eight weeks while me , my brother , and my dad stayed here in Tennessee while they were there, we got to see them a few times while they were there ,but we weren't that close.we have a messed up basement that has tons of junk in it , but we never find the time to clean it up and have a makeover , and we don't have enough money to fix the whole thing ,and make my mom an office , and get me my own room ,so we really just need a new house , but I don't think we will ever move , so all we need is a home makeover!!!

  22. Samantha Bender says:

    Getting our house redone would touch not only mine but my whole families lives in more ways than you can imagine. Two years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and she had to put up the fight of her life. She luckily survived but paying off all the medical bills along with making a living for my family has been very difficult for my parents. There are six of us altogether and each person has various expenses that need to be paid for. My oldest sister is also in her first year of college and she currently attends a community college because we can't afford a university. My parents do so much for my sisters and I to try to make sure we have a good life/childhood so it would mean the world to me to pay it all back with a new house and fresh start. It would alleviate so much stress for them especially because we live in a cramped house with 6 people and it's very tough. They are so stressed as it is with worrying about expenses and the house that taking the house out of the equation would be so great. On top of this we think my mom's cancer might have been brought on by stress so I'm concerned for both my parents health, I can't bare to experience one of them get diagnosed with an illness again. If you picked my family it would mean the absolute world to me. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  23. Eva F. Parker says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    My Name is Eva F. Parker I am writing this letter to let you know about the problem that my mother is having with her 41 year old home, My mother (Eva V.) and father (Claude who passed away in 2006) built this house when I was 17 years old they worked hard to be able to build a house now we are homeless. We were forced out of our home on May 7th 2014 because of a terrible toxic flood in our basement, the town of Milford told us that we had to leave our home because it is dangerous to our health, we were told that everything that is in the basement has to be thrown out and replaced including the furnace, hot water heater, walls, steps doors, and flooring, all of the bath room fixtures have to be permanently removed. It is very costly, not only does the basement need work, on the main floor she needs new paint and inside doors and locks throughout the house, the kitchen needs new appliances, doors and windows and locks throughout the whole house, because someone broke in and stole our 73 in. 3D TV, my grandsons trampoline, and bike. It is hard enough without people stealing from us.
    I have been fighting to raise the money and failed to do so. We can barley pay our mortgage because both of us are on a fixed income, my mother (Eva V.) is too old (86 years old) not to be in her own home that she/we fault so hard to keep. I wanted to someday get the basement finished and make a big kitchen so I could start my own catering business to bring money into the home so that my family could have everything that they need. Not only that I wanted to help other people in need as well, who may not be able to cook their own food, like the elderly and disabled, and a family room so the children could have a place to watch TV and a place to sit when other family members from out of town could sit and enjoy themselves. Now I can’t even help myself.
    It is so hard on this family to be separated sleeping on the floor, and people’s living room furniture. I am taking care of my mother (Eva V.) the best way that I can, I bathe her, dress her, give her, her medicine, take her back and forth to the doctor and feed her, it is very hard when she does not want to eat, from worrying about going back home she is growing weaker as the days go by, I also take care of my grandson (Tae’Quan) because his mother (my daughter Cachet’) is very ill, and is on the kidney list, and legally blind she cannot see out of her left eye at all always feeling bad or in pain, my grandson is sick too, he has a brain tumor, and has seizures. My son (Raylond) has a mental disability, my son’s future wife (Brooke) and two kids (Jaydah & Raylond Jr.) Live with us as well, because they have where to really go, she and the children stay with her mother sleeping on the living room furniture as well.
    Everything falls on my shoulders, I am at the end of my rope; I do not know what to do, I am doing my best to take care of my family, now on top of all of that our house is not livable.
    I have prayed, about it and do trust in God and I believe that he will provide help for us. I pray that someone can help us in some kind of way.
    Eva F. Parker

  24. Glenda Mason says:

    My name is Vince and we already applied but as they say when it rains it pours . We'll the bathroom started leaking again and down into the kitchen in two areas glenda is afraid that there is black mold in the ceiling on the pipes and I'm not sure so I don't know what to do this is a older house and it has been flooded before so there is other fixes that need to be done and I'm not that handy but I try for her I will try any thing but I just can't fix this house please help me I might have to move her out of the house until we find out what this is ?…..

  25. Lisa Harmon says:

    Hi I have a house I want to sell in Las Vegas in a country club. Unfortunately because I am single mom and recently had a set back financially due to a neck injury. Doctors diagnosed me in July with a bulging disc and that I needed surgery. Unable to work long hours in the hair salon doing my trade, I have been seeking alternative healing as to avoid a 2 month leave completely from work for surgery recovery. I have picked up loose end jobs in California to support my son and put him through college with the help of scholarships he earned. He is very dedicated and helps me as much as he can. I have had my house as a rental property. Recently the tenants left the property leaving it in a bad state. The value of the home has gone down while other homes in the area have gone up because of my lack of funds to maintain upgrades and tenants who did not care for it properly. Last month I listed it to sell and People are excited to come to the location to buy it to only leave with a look of disgust that this home is out dated and have said things such as "this home looks old", "how many animals lived in this house" I wish I could afford to put in new cabinets and counter tops I know this alone will help me sell it for a value it should be worth. Also there is a large dead tree in the backyard and an old shed that seems to also have a negative affect as far as this house being attractive to future buyers or tenants. My income being a single mom and recent set back with neck injury I am only able to replace the carpet and even this will have to go on my charge card, but I can't even get a renter in it as they say the carpets are old, damaged and have animal scent from my last tenants. SOS. This house needs a makeover. I will be happy to supply you with pictures.

  26. jessiva hill says:

    Please help I am 34 and got copd and I just had knee surgery and my husband is 56 and 2012 he fell 15 feet of a latter he was trying to fix a leak for his sister he fell backwards and his head bounce off the ground like a basket ball he was life line to methods in indnaplos Indiana he was on life support for a week but now he has perment brain damage it make him have seizers and we have two boys they have breathing problems to and we have his 72 year old sister living with us she is on oxgeyn all the time we live in a 3 bedroom trailer and it needs a lot of work but me and my husband are on disable we get a check once a month and we can't get a Bette place for are kids the trailer does not hold good heat in the winter the floors are weak its a 30 year old trailer I hate to be asking for help but I have no were else to look we watch out guys TV show and are 7 year said mommy way cat we call them to help so I hope u guys could help us god bless u if u guys could contact us but we don't got any money we live month to month thanks for listen

  27. Larry Grupp says:

    I currently live in Olive Branch, MS about 6 hrs. away from my 82 year old mother. I spent the entire weekend working on my mothers house trying to replace rotted wood facia and removing debris from her yard. My brother and I spend a lot of time replacing rotted wood on her deck and added a hand rail this past summer. She was out on her deck and fell through where one of the ends of the boards was rotted. The board flipped up and almost hit her in the head. She told my brother and I she was stuck there for over two hours and finally broke herself free right before nightfall. She receives a $1163 per month from social security. This is her only income and does not have a retirement account. Believe it or not, she receives too much money to receive and sort of subsidies. She has macular degeneration and has a little bit of a hard time getting around. She will not go out in public because of this. Her house was built in 1972 with a tongue and groove ceiling. Her roof consists of roll roofing and leaks in places. Her drains are made of the older metal piping that are built up with corrosion and sludge. This makes all her drains slow and causes her dish washer to back up at times. There is no insulation to speak of between the roll roofing and the tongue and groove ceiling (unless you want to count the black backer board in-between the ceiling and roll roofing). Her appliances work half the time with the microwave being a fire hazard. She told me over this past weekend that her microwave sometimes sparks while using it. I offered to bring up a counter top version she has in the basement, but she always says she will get by with this one. Her stove top stays hot sometimes (at least that is what she tells me) after she turns it off. I think all these issues are making her an unhappy angry person as she ages. I was wondering if this would qualify for a makeover on your show or do you have any suggestions to get some repairs done for less money. I would give the money back to the show from the repairs and upgrades when she passes away so that someone else could be helped. I could get the money from the sale of the home after probate.

  28. Dawn says:

    I would like to know how to try to get my moms house redone on the show? I'm sorry we don't really have a hard luck story but our house is currently a potenial fire hazard with the breaker box throwing sparks and flames. and we need new faucets for our bathtub. right now we are having to use pliers to turn the water on and off to take a bath. we have no money and we don't need anything fancy. just need to be safe.

  29. Deana says:

    Hi. My name is Deana. Myself and my husband are both disabled combat veterans struggling to make ends meet. Although you can't tell by just looking at us that we are disabled, trust that we are. We both suffer from severe PTSD developed from our multiple tours to Iraq. I also have a Tramatic Brain injury from taking a blow to the head while down range (tour in Iraq), among several other injuries. I am injured literally from head to toe. I recently went thru a major surgery to try and correct one of my disabilities. It was only a fifty/fifty chance and it failed. My husband and I own our home but had to put all of our life savings into the purchase of it. The home is 115 years old and even though the previous owner tried to renovate it, they decided it was a lost cause. There is a draft that flows throughout the house and the foundation has "settled" resulting in the house leaning, uneven floors and multiple other issues. Our heater doesn't work no matter how many times we have it maintenenced or fixed. With myself having an equalibrium problem, a malnurishment issue, and symptoms of Vertigo (currently doin testing to confirm diagnosis) having no heat in the cold ohio winter months and uneven floors don't help with my dizzy and fainting spells. Please we are in desperate need of a livable home for my husband, myself and our two daughters, Nevaeh (5), and Savanah (4). Thank you for taking the time to read our story. God Bless!

  30. Porsche Harty says:

    Hi my name is Porsche I'm from Chicago my grandmother is 83years old who lost her husband and basically lost hope. She has had her property for over 40years and has become a complete dump. I hate to see her live in misery she hates to be home no more holidays are celebrated there's no where to gather family or friends but she strong willed and deserve a bit of happiness before she has no more time left. I just want my family together and if my grandmother home gets improved we can make her feel at peace n everything she worked for don't fade away.

  31. CheyenneLawrence says:

    Dear Ty,
    im 14 and im the youngest of five. On September 11,2002
    my grandfather died of a heart attack. when he died it was like the connections between the family memebers died and we just didnt have it in us to stay together as a family. My mom has a nocontact order on her so i dont see or talk to her and i dont see or talk to my dad because it just hurts to know that he doesnt want me around. i dont talk to my brother or sisters, we dont get along. So i live with my aunt kelsey, my cousin phillip and my grandmother juedell. the house we live in is three bedrooms and in one bathroom there is problems with the tub draining and in the other bathroom we have a problem with mold. me being the teenager in the house i dont really have a room i sleep on a futon in the dining room and we have five dogs. the house we live in we can barely make the payments on and the house is dangerous for my 11 month old cousin and my aunt who just had surgery. neither of my guardians can work due to disability problems and my aunt just having surgery. me being 14 i cant work. and we dont have a car either so if we want to go anywhere we have to walk. and with it getting colder its harder for us to get where we need to go and i know its a little early for christmas wishes but Ty if you can please come help my family. my granmother and aunt pretty much raised me and they deserve a place to call home and that can theirs.the one thing i want for christmas is for my family to get a house that will last for a while so we odnt have to move around alot. i dont want my cousin to have the life i had where i bounced around between my moms house, my dads house, and my grandmothers house, with being in fostercare in between once.he deserves to have a better life and thats all i wnat for christmas so Ty please come help us thats all i can ask for is that you come help us

  32. Marissa Rodriguez says:

    Hi my name is Marissa Rodriguez. I'm 18years old and I live in Oklahoma City. My Mom and Dad owned the only house I can ever remember living in until they got divorced, I was 11 years old and mine and my two other sisters worlds came crashing down. After my dad left , he left us to take care of ourselves. My mom was then a single mother raising 3 kids. We were all sooo close and I love my sisters so much. My mom was working a good job but she was gone from morning to night just to pay bills. We barley seen her me and my big sister took care of my little sister. Me and my sister both got pregnant a year apart, still all living in this house my mom took over. It was so hard to live there with two kids there was no heat or air, it was roach infested from the neighbors who moved in next door and our kitchen… Our kitchen was the worst. It was so unlivable. As a young girl k always wished we lived in a better place or that we could have our home remodeled but there was never any money. After a year my mom had another baby too and was also laid off from her job of 16years. I started working at braums when I was 14 just to help pay bills nd go to school. My daughters father was in jail and went down the wrong path before he got my meet her. We then applied for housing because we just couldn't afford to keep up with the house so we moved a year later to section 8. My mom still owns the house till this day and we left a lot of our stuff there that was all the memories we have but the neighbors always break in. Our windows are so old they don't close nd they are so thin. I've also been doing nails since I was 12 I picked it up as a hobby when I didn't have anything to do. It is now my dream to do nails and I have my own manicure table that I got for my birthday and I do my friends nails on the side to help pay bills. I dropped out of school after I had my baby but I got my GED right after and I'm now attending votech for nails. It's my dream to do nails and I just wish I could have a better home for my daughter and brother.

  33. Angelita Martinez says:

    Hello, my name is Angie Martinez and I live in Hobbs, New Mexico. I have been working for about 3 years at the Walmart as one of the managers and I met a man that has touched my heart. He is a very hard working, funny, and big hearted man that I have met. Recently we found out that he took in 6 kids because his niece/cousin had given them up and instead of them ending up in foster care he took them in his home. He had struggle a bit to put together things for these kids and a few associates from Walmart gathered some things for them. He really needs all the help he can get. A few weeks ago we had gotten a lot of rain here in hobbs and his electricity went out well come to find out his electricity burnt in the house so now he don't have electricity. He needs a lot of help to give those kids a better life. He is such a blessing to these kids that he would greatly appreciate such great gesture. If you could help him out in any way would be great. Thank you for all you do.

  34. Kari Ohler says:

    Hi my name is kari im 23 years old and I have two beautiful baby boys. About 4 months ago my youngest son was diagnosed with b cell all (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) with an mll (mixed lineage leukemia) rearrangement at just 6 months old for the past 4 months I have been traveling back and fortg from our home town Kansas city kansas to Memphis Tennessee for St. Judes… we live in my boyfriend's grandmother's house. We live with my in laws and my boyfriend's neice, the house we live in had at one point caught on fire and now the house is falling apart around us. Not only that but while my boyfriend's grandmother was alive she had taken out a reverse mortgage and now we dont know if we are going to have a place to call home and I am terrified that after my son is able to come home for good we wont have a place to call home and I dont want them to take my kids away. Not only that its not thr best house to bring him home to we have mold all over the place our bedroom floor is concrete thre house isnt very well insulated at all so its always cold the house is just falling apart all around us I really just want a safe enviroment to bring my baby home I want it to be clean and healthy for him.

  35. Robynn Smith says:

    PLEASE HELP. In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I was a single mother raising two daughters until I meet my current husband in 2007 we were married in July 2010 I had just turned 40. A month and a half later I was fighter for my life. We lived in a one bedroom apartment. My mother and father in law were giving my husband and I a house but it was not livable. We were spending all our free time working on the house until I got sick. We found a larger home to rent at $450 per month but therefore did not have funds to continue working on the house. Since then both my daughters have graduated and moved out. Both my husband and I are back to work but with all the medical bills, and the large about of rent we have to pay for a home that trips breakers at least twice a day, is had to heat, has mold throughout (of which I am allergic) and a leaky roof that the landlord refused to fix. Now I received a note from him that he is going to raise our rent. We cannot afford this. I have been looking for another place to rent and cannot find anything as I raise puppy for the hearing impaired. I found a trailer that we could put on the lot with the house but no one will loan us the money due to the large amount of medical bills. I am a Postmaster and help people every day. My husband is a mechanic and works long hours either at his job or down at his parents barn on family and friend's cars. I have gone through so much with this cancer that should not have even effect me (due to my age) and I feel with all of this I am still going through it. Can you please help get our home livable so we can continue to help people wthat are hearing impaired y roof ble to work for two years and my husband being fired for taking care of me not once but twice

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