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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Jacqueline Morales says:

    Hello to all of you! I want to thank you for helping make so families dreams come true. Now I am asking for someone to listen to my story, my name is Jacqueline Morales all my life my family have struggled to live in descent home, but we always end up being in home that are old and filled with roaches. We have had everything done to make these roaches go away ,but they won't. My mother has two jobs I have always known her to have that many jobs. My poor father died in May 2009.He has renal failure he suffered so much. He is in a better place. My mother has been threw a lot and its always seems like we have the baddest luck. Then something happen to me that I thought in a million years this would happen I fell in deep depression that made me stop working and can't seem to find a job to help my mom with the bills, even though my brother and sister moved in no one seems to help. We live in a house that has no kitchen at all or a floor everything here is horrible. Our boiler just broke everyday It seems more depressing than the next. Everywhere in the house seems so sad and broken that everyone seems to live only in there rooms. I have a nine year old daughter this is not a place for her to live in. we hate being stuck in the room. I hate having my daughter in this house.Is there anyone that can help us it will be you guys! Please help us live a better life that my mom and daughter can come home too. Thanks

  2. Charise Farmer says:

    Hi ABC FAMILY! My name is Charise Farmer and i am writing about a loving family that lives in Hastings, NE. The Vertin family has 3 children with a rare disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. There muscles become weaker and weaker until they can no longer use them. Max, 8 years old, is the oldest boy with this disease and they just got the measurements for his first wheelchair. A Duchenne MD says that the kids will be in a wheelchair around the time they are nine and will live to their twenties. They have good days and days where they get tired just walking to the mailbox. Betty and Jason Vertin didn't know the wife was a carrier until their fifth child was born. The Make-A-Wish foundation granted the oldest son, Max, a wish in which he wanted to be like IRON MAN, every boys dream right;). Betty, the mom, home schools the kids and is a full-time mom. I get the pleasure of babysitting them every once in a while to give her a break and i know they are going to have problems when it comes to having wheelchairs in the house. Right now the school area is their basement/movie room/playroom. The main floor of their house is a standard living room, kitchen/dining room, master bedroom & 2 additional bedrooms, and 1 bathroom. Everything else is down a flight of stairs. The hallway is about one wheelchair wide, can you imagine getting around with 3 wheelchairs? Nothing in that house is handicap accessible and Hastings doesn't have much to offer in that market. I have seen your show many times and i couldn't think of another family more deserving. They are constantly traveling via plane and/or car for doctors appointments in different states. I have news videos i could share to show you a little more about the family and their story. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a disease that has no cure. These boys (Max, Rowen, & Charlie) will melt your heart with their smile and i hope you can help these kids live a life they could only dream of.

  3. Doris Whetsell says:

    well we lost everything to a house fire we lost our two dogs we had no fire insurance this was on Feb.17 than on March 16 our granddaughter who is 8 years old lost her mother so now we are raising her and we have no home to take her too we both are on social sercuity we own the land where our house was

  4. Dee says:

    Hi my name is dee. I have 2 children. I am cutrently living with my husband, my mom, and dad.. In June we will be having another family on our house. We will be having my brother john he has type 2 diabetes. There will be 3 more kids added to our household. My sister in law wil be having another baby. We have 6 rooms and one room is filled with mold.. Each one of us has a room except for the other 3 children that will be moving in. We are trying to help their kids because we know my brother won't be there for them.. And they need extra help because there will be another baby coming.
    We have a large chicken coop that's messed up and it's very hard for my dad to go down and close the gates because he is very sick..
    My mom is very old and she is working to help support my brothers family because they can't support themselves because my sister in law is pregnant and she can't work and also my brother has type 2 diabetes so he can't work either because he's very sick..
    Our home has lots of cockroaches and spiders.. We have been having them since our house was made. We can't do anything about them because they'res too much of them and we don't have money to pay to get rid of them.
    I am mostly the one that pays the bulls around here because the only people that are working in our house is my mom and I.. My husband broke his arm and it's very hard trying to find a job ..
    It would be a great big blessing if you guys would help us out.

  5. kristina huth says:

    Hi… my name is Kristina and I live in Belle Glade Fl.. Im wanting to have a home makeover… Im on SSI because of depression n I have anxiety n panic attacks n been having them for 14 years when I lost my first born daughter to SIDS.. I have 2 other beautiful children that I lost custody of because of going the wrong way in life.. now that im clean n sober n have been for 6 years now!!! Im wanting to get my children back but the state of Fl wont until I have a suitable home to bring them home to.. I live in a camper trailor with no space to have them n the floors are falling through :( so please help me if u can I will be greatly blessed!!!!

  6. rodhlyn hendricks says:

    Hi my name is rodhlyn hendricks I'm from south africa cape town born in port elizabet I just want to say that I am verry much inlove with your show it brought tears to my eyes wen I saw what good thing you guys could and can do for so many family"s may god bless your hard working hands….my reason for writeing to the extreme makeover aditions I'm I move to a cape town not so long ago with the most amaizing family they always giving and being good hearted to other people but never seem to resieve any so today I write to you guys to please help them with there house is in a verry bad shape and unsave we only woman in the house two young girls between the age of 8years and 1years old the baby always ends up in hospital because of the cold comeing thru the sealing is open wen it rains the launch is under water the carpets is wet please help us it would be the least I can do to help this family if you guys could help me help them please god bless you all thanx…..rodhlyn hendricks

  7. Trudi Hardman says:

    I am writing this hoping that you will consider my family for an Extreme Home Makeover. I married my husband 4 years ago and now we have 6 children and us living in a 3 bedroom home with 2 bathrooms. He had 3, I had 2, and we have 1 together. We have a 15, 14, 11, 11, 7, and 4 year old, all of which are boys except the 4 year old.
    Our current living situation means that one of the 11 year olds shares his bedroom with the 4 year old girl, the 15 and 14 year old share a room, and then the other two (11 & 7) sleep on a futon that is in the dining room. I love to have all of our family eat together but our dining room is so small that we barely fit around the table. We squeeze around a table that, when extended out, is suppose to sit no more then 6 people and our chairs are hitting the walls because the space is so limited. We spend a lot of time together playing games, attending sports activities the kids are involved in, and just being a family. Our living room is too small to even let everyone have a place to sit. We have seating for 6 right now which means that the 2 little ones usually end up on a lap or on the floor if we are hanging out in there.
    My husband was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 16 years old and has been living with an insulin pump since he was 23. In recent years he has been having to go to the hospital a lot more because his blood sugar gets out of control – even with proper diet and care – and it makes him extremely sick. We spend days in ICU every time that he is admitted to the hospital. The most recent time he went, 4 weeks ago, he had a blood sugar of 1026 when we arrived and it got up to 1470 before finally starting to come back down. Normal blood sugars are 70-120! While there, his blood pressure dropped dangerously low and he was almost totally non-coherent. It is a miracle that he didn't go into a coma because most people would before it ever reached that number. He is waiting on a new insulin pump that should improve his quality of life by being able to take his blood sugar and report it to the pump – allowing him to track it throughout the day and week.
    My husband and I are both school teachers and teach in economically challenged districts. Around 80% of our students are on free lunch. We both have a heart for kids! We love teaching but sometimes, especially in smaller towns, it just barely covers the bills that come with a family of 8. We also have hospital/medical bills that will probably NEVER be paid off because he didn't have insurance until August 2013.
    I would love to have a home that had room for everyone to have their own space. Shared bedrooms are ok but kids like a place to call their own. We don't have the space to do that now and we don't have the financial ability to provide it at this time. I would love to have a home where we can be together with plenty of room to eat together, cook together and play together.
    Thank you for considering our family for your home makeover show.

  8. Melissa Ramos says:

    Hello my name is Melissa Ramos, I am not writing to you for myself but for a good friend Toniann and her two boys Tyler and Nicholas who live in Centereach New York Long Island. Ages two and three years old. Brother who were born with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy. As you can imagine just for any adult this is hard to live with day to day as you would be faced with unimaginable struggles that you and I take for granted on a daily basis. What I am asking for is for you to give these two beautiful baby boy brothers the chance to have an easy day for once and help them & their parents out on raising them and help build them a handicap accessible home to grow up and live in and make loving memories as the mother is trying to do for them now. Toniann, their mother, is the most unselfish caring loving giving person you will ever meet in your lifetime. Please I am begging you help this family out and please let them win this and make their homes handicap accessible for these two loving boys thank you very much. You would be making a HUGE difference in these boys lives. Thank you.

  9. Rachquel Jones says:

    On April 7 2014 I lost my mom Allison Green. She left behind 5 beautiful kids. She had back surgery that resulted in a unsuccessful surgery Her health declined that resulted in her death. My mom died unexpectedely at the age of 48. She struggled to maintain her home. Our home need repairs and other cost. She left a graduating senior and 2 adult children at her home and grandkids.It would be nice if we could save her home and remember her legacy. Not only that she raised 5 beautiful children on her own. My lil brother is the last to graduate on june 13 2014. We as a family want to make her proud of us.W would love to have a home that her 5 kids and grandkids could have a home to go to. She was a wonderful lady that is truly going to be missed.

  10. Shauna Young says:

    I don't want to through a pity party, but we need help and considering my desperate situation, I was wondering if you could help us. I'm a married woman with 4 children. I've had 3 cancer operations in the last year and have pushed myself to be the greatest I can be. My husband had a very successful business that suddenly crashed. We have a house in nh that's paid off but it's too small for our family. Our other home is in New Bedford and not only do we have a large mortgage, but this city is a dive and I can't take my children outside for a walk without crossing dozens of syringes. My mom is blind and I'd like to have an in law for her. We also have a daughter that we sponsor an are involved in the fresh air for children foundation. My hope and vision is to create a magical, playful, whimsical home environment for everyone to fit, including the many kids I support and care for. I know this is a rather short synopsis, but I'm desperate and as embarrassing as this is to reach out to you, it's my only hope. Sincerely Shauna Young

  11. amanda c says:

    hi me and my husband just bought a mobile home and. its our frist one in poca wv it has leeks and it has roff damage and the floors do to and thir is only a couple windows and the hotwater tank dont work and some of the Electric dont work and dont have a cooking stove we have a old frigerator very old 70s trailer moble and we heat with electric heaters and we pay a 1000 for it we get ssi we dont have the money to fix it up I have asthma&bronchitis and we live on our own im 22 he is 24 we would love to be on the show we are desperate for a makeover plz help ty

  12. patience says:

    well my name is patience, i live in licking mo. i am 16 years of age and i am writing today because i watch your show all the time and watch all that you do for a lot of people. i feel you and your staff are a great inspiration to a lot of people. well i am wanting to be a great inspiration to my family as well. however i need your help. we live in a very small house on 11 acres. the owners are in the middle of selling it. My parents are hard working individuals. My father is a hard working man who works at a charcoal plant in Raymondville Mo. which is only 9 miles from the town we live in but i would love to be able to buy the land we live on and get my parents a new house built. my parents have helped so many people here in our town and i hate to see when they stress. when i see my mama cry i go to my rooom and cry right along with her. my mom has sleep apnea really bad and therefore now when she stands on her legs and feet for more than 10 minutes her legs swell real big. therefore she has been forced to have to sign up on disability. there are a total of 6 of us kids. we alll take turns helping mom and dad so we all have to kind of stay close. i wish that we could move three trailers in on the land so that my siblings could be close but still have our space. my older siblings try to move out and get their own places but my mom watches their children. we are a famiy that helps ourselves. the older kids help out with finances and taking out the trash , and us smaller three girls help with the grandkids keeping busy. dad and us kids go to the woods on the weekends so we can have a couple dollars for the week, and get the babies thier items needed. my moms biggest thing is worrying about getting us kids to collge one of my sisters are in ged right now and another one starts college the 24th of this month. my brother also works with my dad at the charcoal plant. at this time my parents are not able to buy a car so we are borrowing rides to and from fom doctor appointments. i have been on rolla net trying to find my mom and dad a car. since my mom watches the grandchildren i wish we could also afford a really neat play yard for the kids. please consider to help us

    if i can do anything at all to help please
    let me know.

  13. Tasha Spivey says:

    Hi… I am Tasha R. Spivey I live in a small town named Itta Bena,MS . I have six children & I am currently living with my mother. I had to move in with her because of the lack of jobs in our area I wasn't able to take care of my children alone. I have had odd jobs but nothing last for very long. my mom house is built on bad soil & it is sinking in the ground. Every time there is heavy rainfall the water comes up through the floors & we have to dip water out of the house. My Kaylee has asthma & very bad allergies also my mom has very bad allergies & I know that the walls in the house has mold from the water & it keeps Kaylee flared up. The house has a large crack running straight through it & the plumbing also backs up regularly. I have tried & tried but this house is all we got & its falling apart on us. My oldest son has joined the National Guard cause he says that he wants to help families in their time of need. He always put others first just like his mommy. I volunteer & help the kids out at our local high school we live in such a rural area and money is so very little here. I try to raise my kids to follow their dreams and be all they can be and I feel like I have failed them but deep down I know they know that I love them with all my heart. My mom is getting older & I know she wants her own space the house is so crowded with us. ABC help us get out of this water… Sincerely Ms. Tasha Spivey…

  14. Linda Reinhard says:

    I.m trying to find out if you can help with Cornerstone Christen Church and its also Zac's place Childcare Center.They had lost over half of there single on the roof from all the bad wind storms insurance will not help and now 4/13/14 the rain Saturday night its leaking threw all over in the Church and really bad in the kitchen Church members are trying to help Minister Steve Stolle when they can they are in very desperate need of help.So I thought I would contact you to see if you can.If it wasn't for me going to Church I don't know how I would of got threw the last year of my life I left my husband I lost my job last March of 2013 had to sell my townhome and moved back in with my ex-husband I could'nt find a job for over a year but I am working temporary for a couple of months now I know praying has helped me through everything.

    Linda Reinhard

  15. paul bennett says:

    my home is to small for my family, and I got layed off. I am struggling to pay all my bills. so to improve my home is out of the question. please help me…

  16. Lisa Olson says:

    Two years ago I ended up on life support and can no longer work. I am disabled and live in a small apartment. I cannot have a surgery until i find a home without stairs. I have always opened my home to teenagers in need of a home and feed them when they are hungry. I have a dream of having a home with enough space for troubled kids. There is such a need. But I lack the space to help. My health is in desperate need for surgery. I can only dream of a home that i will never have.

  17. Joy Conti says:

    Hello to all of you heaven-sent people helping other(TY, and his whole Extreme Makeover Show),
    My name is Joy I am a mother of 2 and a grandmother of 7 one of 7 the youngest I have been raising since a few weeks old he is 5 now and in kindergarten. Joey is ADHD and has a extreme case he takes medication to help him function a little in school. I am disabled I have COPD and I am on oxygen plus breathing treatments and inhalers. I almost died last February with Blood clots in my lungs. I live in a home that is full of black mold. The house Joey and I live in was built in the 1965 a small 2 bed 1 bath home in need of major repair to roof and inside where the roof and AC has leaked to cause mold. After reading some of the stories maybe I shouldn't be asking for help but the problem is I live on such a fixed income $831.00 monthly,$ 400.00 going to rent right off the bat then I so to say rob Peter to pay Paul I extend the electric to pay the water or I skip the water to pay the electric the stress is also weighing on me. We can not keep living in this mold that will get worse with rainy season coming. I can not afford to move there is no where that I can find for $400.00 a month. I have tried all agencies there are to many people waiting that there are no longer waiting list or for habitat for humanity I don't make enough money. I am really asking for your help because I don't know where to turn and I don't want my grandson to developed any other health problems because I cant afford better living conditions for him. Thank You Extreme Make Over for any help you can to do for Joey and I.

  18. lesa ann says:

    I am asking for my home to be next on extreme makeover! Why? We bought this home after my fiancees ex suddenly gave him custody of their 2 kids. We needed space. Amish lived here prior to us…we hired people to fix electric an water,only for it to be incorrect! We added 2 rooms one for our bedroom the other to put a Woodstove in. As we were trying to get it together I was diagnosed with breast cancer! We have spent the past 3 years dealing with my cancer. My fiance lost his job I've been unable to work house is totally unfinished, depressing! During all my cancer treatments an surgeries not once has anyone offered to help finish house! Thru my journey I have realized how much you need an how little there is to help. Thus the birth of 'birds of a feather' a group to help along the journey. We have taken a paper route an orgami owl to make money we donate 10 per cent to the group. I just wish we had the money an help to fix our home !!!!

  19. Mindy Braithwait says:

    Early 2005, both my parents left their home in Elm Creek Ne to move to Columbus NE to take care of their Mothers. My grandma (my mothers mom) has alzheimers and my mom is the only child. My dads mothers' mind was amazing she was just getting older and needed some help. My dad was on disability so he had a hard time doing somethings that is also when my mom would help. My brother and I resided in Kearney NE. My brother didn't for long as he was in the Army. After my dads mom got sick and wasn't doing good, I decided to up and leave my apt (had lived there 8yrs) and be with my family in Columbus. as of feb. 2011 my grandma had passed. My dad still resided in her house but he had a very hard time losing her as he took care of her for so long and just felt lost without her. Then June of 2011 my father passed. After his mothers death he had failed with his health but also had a rough go at it at the VA hospital in Omaha NE. We fought so hard for this man and we just couldn't get any answers from doctors, nurses,etc. I had set up a nursing home stay for him in Columbus do to he was doing well and was suppose to come back home for rehabilitation, next morning he was on life support and later passed away. That was a Friday, had funeral Tuesday and then family decided it was time to get everything moved out of grandma and dads house to sell house. In a matter of little time our house over at my moms moms was filled with two of everything. Then in that situation you mourn so much you cant and don't want to get rid of anything. A few weeks later the basement floods, we have no money, no experience with this problem and a basement full of beds, dressers, clothes etc. Its not liveable at all. The upstairs is ok but just not enough room for us 3 girls. Now as of March 13, 2014 my brother had an aortic dissection and stroke at the age of 32. He survived (bless the lord almighty)He had the 5hr surgery in Norfolk NE. The Doctor came out to talk to my mom and I and said "the rest is up to the Lord and your son/brother." My mom and I lived in that hospital. He has had a very tough go at it, we didn't want him to go to the VA hospital for recovery do to what my father went through but he had to since that was paid for. We were there every night. Watching like a hawk and living there to be sure he was ok. His blood pressure was up and down, his behaviors were crazy do to the frontal lobe stroke. he also had no movement of left leg and left arm/hand. He is now in Madonna Rehab. Center and is doing amazing. He is back to his normal self. Still a little weak on his left side. Mainly his arm and hand still, but able to walk. Next concern is VA will only pay for a few weeks at this rehab center. We want to bring him home instead of him going to a VA nursing home where we feel he will fail. Even though he is the toughest person I know, (2 terms in Iraq, huricanes, Nebraska floods etc.) he just deserves better. Our home (like I told you earlier) is in no shape or form for anyone let alone someone who has a disability. God has truly blessed us already, but this opportunity would be heaven sent as well. Thank you, The Braithwait Family

  20. Starley Sheffield says:

    Hi! My name is Starley Sheffield. I am writing and asking for help for my Disable father and disable brother. My father is 83 years old and have had ten strokes. My brother is 46 yrs old and was born with a birth defect. We just lost my mother last year. And I have moved back home to take care of them. We live on a fix income. We are still paying for the house. I'm trying to do as much work as I can to it. But it is steading go down on us. And our home needs some work done on it. It is falling apart on them. The cellin is fall in. When it rain out of the south I have to park my truck beside the house so that the rain doesn't come in the house between the floor and the wall. We need windows and wall plugs, doors and ect. and we just cant afford all of this.We have a living room /bedroom/ dinning room,we dont really have a living room. Because my father still sleep in there. I really hope that ya'll can help us. Thank you for your time. Any and all help will be deeply appreciations. Thank you, Starley

  21. Katrina Gardner says:

    This morning my dad had an electrical fire in his home burning out the master bedroom as well as other damage. Unfortunately, he couldn't afford insurance so he has to try and repair all the damage by himself. Please can someone help him, he's on a fixed income because he doesn't work and can't do this alone. I know you probably get tons of emails like this but just seeing his face broke my heart because I can't do as much as I'd like to.

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