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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2013

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  1. Lynette McGill says:

    Hi, my name is Lynette, I am 40 years old and live in RI. (my fiance and his 7 year old son also live with me). Last year (2013) my Mother was complaining of horrible stomach aches. She finally went to the doctors and November 4th 2013 she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and given 1 month to live – 6 months if she was lucky. They told her with chemo she may be able to get 18 months. Well, she told the doctors where to go, went home and never went back to doctors. Instead she did every all natural remedy we could research – and she is still here today! (10 months later). She is not dancing in the streets or anything – she is weak, but she is here and still enjoys company.
    The problem is, I have a mentally ill brother and a special needs sister who were both living with Mom. I was appointed conservator for my brother, he is now out of the house and getting treatment. But, I am now in charge of my special needs sister – for the rest of her life. She has moved in with me because Mom can't do it anymore. My sister Lisa has never been properly diagnosed. She is 32 years old now. She was born missing the fibula in both legs. When she was a baby, a big named hospital tried casting both arms and legs in order to make them stronger. They casted her out of joint and made more handicapped problems for her. She wears leg braces everyday, but she will not be able to walk on her own for much longer. I already have a wheelchair for her for when we have to do a lot of walking. She has limited speech so she can't communicate that well with people who don't know her. She can be cooperative or she can throw the worst 2 year old temper tantrum you have ever seen.

    Back to the problem …. Lisa is now living with me, and won't be able to walk on her own very much longer. I live in a raised ranch – there is no way for me to make it handicapped accessible. I leave her wheelchair at the front door and she crawls up the stairs – most times continues to crawl through the house if her legs are tired of walking. Not only is my house a raised ranch, it was built in the 70's and has never been properly updated and the rooms are so small that even if I could get the wheelchair upstairs, she wouldn't be able to use it in the house. I have given her my bedroom as it is upstairs and across from the 1 bathroom in the house. I have moved my bedroom to the basement.

    I would absolutely appreciate being picked for your show and get a handicapped accessible house, with 1 main level with open floor plan suitable for a wheelchair. A handicapped accessible tub which would make bathing Lisa a lot easier on me and my back! I don't care about the family vacation – we can all stay with a family member for the week for all I care … all I really desperately need is a handicapped accessible house to make life easier for my sister and myself.

    Thank you!

    Lynette McGill

  2. April Turner says:

    Hello, my name is April Turner and I'm applying for my mother and father-in-law. We live in Lenoir, NC. There are 7 of us living in a 3 bedroom house and our family is continuing to grow. The appliances in our home barely work as the fridge is going out and our air conditioning works only half of the time. My father-in-law and brother-in-law work for a temporary service which doesn't lead to a full time job. We are trying to make ends meet but with no jobs available it's a struggle. We are even struggling to pay the house payment. My 6 year old nephew who lives with us has autism, epilepsy, asthma, ADHD, allergies, and is legally blind in one eye. With his condition and special needs it's difficult for him to function normally. My sister-in-law had to quit her job just so she can take care of her son. If you could please help us out, I know my family would be greatly appreciated in doing so. Thank you so much!

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