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Extreme Makeover:Home Edition

ABC’s  Extreme Makeover : Home Edition is currently casting for their upcoming season. Fill out the application today and you or someone you know could end up having a chance of a lifetime to change their home and their lives.

Extreme Makeover, the fantastically popular reality program hosted by Ty Pennington is looking for families and communities for their next round of fantastic renovations! In just seven short days you and your family or community could be enjoying a completely remolded home, school or community center.

Does your family have a compelling and heartwarming story?  Does your school or community center need a re-haul ? You could be featured in an upcoming episode! Millions of people watch this touching program every week and now they could be watching you. Auditions and casting calls will be going on soon for the all new season of Extreme Makeover so submit yourself or someone you knwo today.Here is the application information: a.abc.com/media/primetime/xtremehome/apply/EMHEApplicationS7.pdf Be sure to leave a comment below and stay tuned for all of the exciting updates.

Every family and community has a story, this is your chance to share it with the world.

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Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Apply Now – ABC Audition in 2015

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  1. Shelley Griffith Hoyt says:

    I am writing on behalf of Lincoln and myself. Lincoln and I have been together since February 2003 and we married on December 10th 2013.
    I have an incredible husband and Best friend!
    And I want the world to meet! He is a magiver at fixing and making things. He worked at Boeing for 18 years. When we met he had been homeless but I was taken back by his personality and obvious intelligence. I invited him to stay with me and that began our journey together. He worked several jobs but in between he and I did lots of volunteer work. I was in Americorps for 3 years and did my last posting at Everett Emergency Management where I designed and gave public presentations to prepare for disasters! Five years ago we bought 20 unimproved acres outside of Loon Lake,WA.
    In November 2013, Lincoln was diagnosed with fourth stage prostate Cancer! We have made some modest improvements, but still have no electricity, septic or water. And we have not been able to build the Cabin we both want so badly. We have this incredible wetland and creek on our property. The land is in a small valley between two hills and has a gorgeous view. We Need some Help from you so we can once again Live on our Property. We are staying with my Sister because I can't take care of Lincoln's and my property without improvements being made. I would Love you to Help us and inspire a Small but worthy community. Thanks for all the Wonderful Work you do to benefit families!
    Shelley and Lincoln Hoyt

  2. Nkululeko says:

    Hay Extreme Home Makeover edition, Im a 17year old boy, me and my mom we often watch your show we are located in South Africa Johannesburg. We really love your show and all that you did for the families in need congrats to them. I thought that maybe we might qualify because we are in serious need, in my family theres no one working. I live with my mom, father and 3 brothers one needs medical assisstance since he got shocked by eletricity at the age of 23, we cant afford to pay for his medical needs, the house we live in is completely destroyed, it has cracks everywhere, on winter it is extremely cold the house is extremely small as for me im still schooling we cant afford to pay electricity bills as for no one in the family is working, we survive by my fathers pension and mostly we cant afford proper food to eat, we are living in poverty, we dont live in a normal house my parents cant afford me and my brothers school fees, the house is falling apart each and everyday i just hope maybe we could get some help your'll guys we truely need it thanks.

  3. enrique says:

    my name is Enrique Vallejo.i was place on disability due medcal reason my wife is working 2 jobs to make ends meet. we have 3 children of our own and 2 family members who we frosert them as little babies and froster a aldut with ddd . we live in a 4 br and 2 bathroom . that we brought from her dad in 1999 we have done a lot of work here and there with funds tha we had but was able to contue due to my medcal promblems. I was wonder if you are still doing the show still ad if youre able to help us.

  4. Mandy Steyner says:

    My name is Mandy We are a family of 7.My husband and I are married for 16 years.For all our married life we've been helping others to have their own homes.Today we as the Steyner family has gone through such a storm that ripped almost the last life out of me and family,I've never new people could want to destroy us as such everything we do good to people then they hurt us by destroying everything we own.today we tryning to build up on what we can afford.the house that we living in today isn't fit for anyone to live in.My childrens rooms floor is cracking the walls is seperating from the foundation,no ceiling in the house,when it rains you'll see how the roof has leaks,outside the home is not plastered,its jus bad bad bad.PLEASE we need help.I wanna see my kids happy and free.

  5. Jennifer Hurd says:

    My husband Cory and I have 4 girls and we live in a 2 bedroom house. I'm the only person working and we don't have the money to add on to our house or do all the work that we need done. I'm wanting to add on to the house and make it into a 4 bedroom house and possibly 2 bath. My girls have been begging me for a long time to fix the house and make it bigger. And on top of all that I work nights as a CNA and also help my mom take care of my dad. He is goin threw chemo and radiation right now. Can you please help make our little house into a house that is comfortable and big enough for all of us? We can't afford to fix up our little house and it really needs it

  6. Angela Duncan says:

    Hi, my name is Angela Duncan and I really need help. My house is literally falling apart around me. For the last few years it has been a struggle just paying the bills. My husband was laid off the day he came home from having surgery, so all of the bills fell on my sholders. Not long after that I was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cervical cancer so this ended up having me out of work for eight weeks due to having a complete hysterectomy. Had it not been for some truly amazing family and friends my family would have been hungry and homeless. After i returned to work, the physical demands of my job were overwhelming, so I left my good paying job for one that didn't pay as well but wasn't physically killing me. Needless to say, I got behind on my bills and could no longer afford to do even minor repairs. My husband had been looking for work, but was unable to find anything, so this caused him to get really depressed. After endless arguments about finances, and him seeing me struggle, he doubled his efforts to find work. I thought finally things were starting to turn around. Then on the morning of October 7, 2013 my world changed forever. I woke up that morning to find my husband Bobby uncovered. This caused me concern because we were both just getting over a severe case of the flu. I went over to cover him up and check on him, but found that he had passed away in his sleep. As you can imagine, I lost it. Our 17 year old son Brandon, came rushing through the house when he heard me scream his dads name. Our son held me tight and tried to keep me from shutting down. Our amazing son, I am sad to say lost both of his parents that day. Although I tried to be strong and just keep going on with the day to day struggle of just trying to survive,I just couldn't function all that well. I was completely overwhelmed with going from a happy family, to being a single parent. As you can imagine things just got worse with the house. All of my income went to trying to pay bills and keep food on the table. It was only after a large water bill came in did I realise that there was a water leak below the floor in the bathroom.I called a contractor and he said that a few support beams were bad and that this had caused the floor to drop and start to sag. I filed a claim with my insurance company and they sent an adjuster to look at it. He told them that the damage was caused from a leaking toilet, so they wouldn't fix it. The estimate I was given was 2700.00. There was no way I could afford this. I was paying all the bills and now a bill for the funeral. I have never felt so utterly insignificant in my life. Here I am with everything in my life in absolute chaos and they are telling me that they won't fix it. As crazy as this sounds, the only thing I could do was try to support the floor any way I could, so we took the jack out of my van and used it to try to hold the floor up. I pray everytime we go in to shower that we don't fall through. After that it has snowballed down hill. My wonderful insurance company told me I needed to fix this, that and the other, so I did the best I could to comply. Some dear friends helped me try to get things done,I did everyting they asked, but they still cancelled my insurance. The man they sent out never took pictures of the repairs. I took them pictures of the work done and they wrote a new contract, to the cost of 165.00. Just a couple of days later, they send me a letter saying that they are cancelling my policy again for failing to replace some damaged wood on the back porch, and for having a opening to get up under the house. These things are a liability.I never received any kind of notification that these thing needed to be done or else I would have done everything I could to get them fixed. Now my roof is leaking and I pray that it doesn't fall through. I am truly at the end of my rope, and I just don't know where to turn. I have seen you do amazing things for some amazing familys, I just hope you feel that I am worthy of being helped, Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sincerely yours, Angela Duncan.

  7. Caitlin Richards says:

    My name is Caitlin Richards im 14 years old and me and my family have lived in the same house for 10 years the basement has a huge hole in it and the bathrooms are falling apart.The garage has a hole in the ceiling which leaks alot. my mother tries her hardest fix the house up but it never works out the way she wanted it to. my mother fears that one day a tree is going to fall on our house, because the trees are so close to each other. we dont have alot of bedrooms we only have the bedroom my mother and father sleeps in, my sister angels room, and my sister chasitys room, i live in the basement where all kind of bugs come from the garage we have all this stuff that needs to be done to our house, Can you help us?

  8. Joan Baxter says:

    I am a mom with 2 fabulous children. My daughter Haley (11) and my son Tyson (6). We watch your show as iften as we can. And my daughter ask me every time "mom do we qualify for this home makeover?" And i have to tell her i do not know.
    We live in a 197? Mobile home that have had some additions out on. It is in need if many many repairs that are just out of my fincial reach. It takes all my money to pay what needs to be paid and do a few little nice things for my kids. I do not qualify for a mortage and i have no collatteral to help me.
    i have carried the same job for 18 years but i just dont seem able to move forward. I keep getting sucked under. And i feel like i have to say no too much to my kids cause i have to pay what bills i can.
    My children are my world. Without them i wouldnt be here today. All id like to do is give them a nice, safe, healthy place to live.
    I feel i am failing them. The porch, bathroom, doors and air quality are out of my control to fix. My daughter suffers asthma and exzema. I am unable to putter at things that need to be fixed. If i do, she is sure to land in the hospital again.
    I have no family to turn to. We lost my parents almost back to back due to cancer. My daughter musses them and my son gets upset because he never knew them. My dad was a carpenter/drywaller. And all around handy man. I know if he were still with us, id have all the help id need. And all so that my kids have a good home that wont hurt their health.
    please, please help us. You are our last hope. Please.

  9. Joan Baxter says:

    My 2 children and I watch your shiw as much as we can. Everytime we watch, my daughter asks me if we qualify for a home makeover. I tell her i do not know.
    we live in a 197? Mobile home with additions added. It is very drafty and needs many, many repairs.
    I have held the same job for 18 years and still cannot afford the many repairs that are required. Not to mention that my daughter cannot afford for me to putter at any repairs due to her asthma.
    our pipes freeze in the winter and im never sure if i can do laundry due to freezing pipes or lack of water in my well during the summer. My porch needs to be torn off and replaced so our dog has a better place to spend hus time. As we cannot have an "inside pet". Again due to my daughters health
    Our tub has a major rust spot and needs replacing. Our door in the living room is jammed shut due to ground heaving.
    If someone wanted to break in it would be quite easy.
    The money i make pays my bills. What little extra there is goes towards little things to make my kids happy. But i still have to say no more then i get to say yes.
    i have 2 absolutly amazing children. And they are the reason i keep going everyday. I have lost too many loved ones in such a shirt period of time. my kids havent been able to know my family really. I just want to shower them with love to make up for that.
    i lost my 17 yr old nephew in nov of 2007. My paternal grandmother in sept of 2008. Followed by my dad in dec 0f 2008. On xmas eve. My son was born 2 days later. My husband and i split shortly after. Then my mother passed away in june of 2010.
    To say im depressed and overwhelmed at times is very accurate. And home repairs cost sooo much.
    All i want is a safe, healthy, happy home for my kids. To be able to spend time with my kids and not have to stress over all the little things that never seem to let up.
    i do not qualify for a mortage and i have no collateral to help me out.
    it is very discouraging to keep moving forward when everything seems to weigh you down.
    If you could find it in your heart to help us, i could believe the angels are smiling again.
    Please help me continue to raise 2 happy, and much loved children. Please.

  10. Samantha Robinson says:

    Hi Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Our family has lived in the same house for almost 9 years and we have so much stuff we would love to do to it but can't. Our tub leaks and our basement is horrible. My room has some mold on the window and a crack in the ceiling. Our gutter is broken because of the October snow storm. We live in East Longmeadow Ma. I would love a bathroom upstairs but the bonus room needs remodeling and a new window. My room also needs a new window.

  11. tarlay says:

    First off I wanna say that I love your show! I love how yall all go above an beyond to change all these people's lives by the hard works yall have done. I never thought I'd be doing something like this, but I guess there comes a time in everyone's life when they could use a little help from someone who seems to care, my mom an dad had a home that my dad built with his own two hands and it took him several years to do so (my whole child hood) he ended up sling it to go back to his home town to take care of his mother who was in really bad condition she ended up passing away about a year after being there and also while he was there he had to start seeing a heart doctor he was having extremely bad chest pains then finds out it was heart attacks.. found out he had broken heart syndrome had six stints put in and still to this day he still has the pains in his heart.. I think he may be grieving himself over the lost of not only the home he was able to build back years ago but also over his mother an brother who passed while living in Florida. They're now back in alabama with us kids incase something was to happen towere we can help maybe.. there living in a old apaapartment looking thing that actually use to be a office for my pawpaws shop.. they do own the land an small building they live in. He had plans to rebuild it or build over it. But he's jus not able to do it anymore. My mom works like a dog jus to keep there doctor bills paid and doing the best they can to keep the bills paid. He's even recently quit going to the doctor bc of then not having the money to fork out for there appointments and he's got something serious going on, on top of his heart problems. I kno you have so many ppl who may need it so much more worst then my parents and it's completely udders tana blessed but from my heart to yours if your able to help it's so much greatly appreciated… thank you so much for everything you do to better all these families

  12. Bobbie says:

    Good morning,
    I come to you with a heavy heart and a load on my mind. My daddy is a very prideful man and has always put his family first no matter what. About six years ago my mother and father had to move from their home because my mothers health took a turn for the worse. She was diagnosed with COPD and the house they own is built attached to a mountain which allows alot of moisture in the house that she couldn't handle. So for the past six years my daddy has rented another house so my mother wouldn't struggle so hard to breath. While not living in the house a tree fell on the roof. My daddy, my fiance, and myself done our best to fix the roof, but the house is so old we didn't realize that it damaged the outside walls to the point that you can stand in the house and see outside. The floors are falling in.
    My daddy retired to take care of my mother in her last days. The very same week he retired she passed away after 42 years of marriage you could only imagine how lonely he feels. My daddy wants to move back to the home that brings back good memories and we cannot afford to rebuild the house alone. Could you please see it in your heart to help my daddy!! Thank you so much and may God bless!!

  13. Tami Schumaker says:

    This is for my father. In July 2008 he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and in November 2008 my mom died. He has 2 fires since January 2009 and the house has never been completed. My brother lives with my dad, but has been plagued with injuries. To be honest the house is disgusting. SO much needs done from clean up, restoring and improvements to help with his Parkinson condition. He will be 75 this year and lives month to month on SS, which doesn't go far. I honestly do not know where to begin, it is so overwhelming. Last night I can back from a long weekend and had my dad at the urgent care. Then all night, thinking something had to be done Extreme Home Makeover came to mind. I am not sure if this is something you would even consider, but it was a chance I knew I had to take. Thanks for your consideration.

  14. robin Monterastelli says:

    hello I wrote in about my mobile home I DONT want to double post…but i don't want to lose my one in a million shot

    my mobile home is 1964 same age as myself…and where broken down in need of new plumbing, heating and air , I was sold a faulty home, all over trust..home is not to code…I have been trying for help its hard…seems like everyone is in need now a days…i thought of an idea maybee there's two of us that are smaller projects..can do two for on
    does that mk since …I would be so so great ful for any help..my one dream was always a big kitchen..and to teach cooking to women and children and a big laundry area I wash clothes for needy kids out of my bath tub…suds for love
    I said before I leave this world…i will mk a diffrence …oh a night area to iron…oh I wishhhhh ..♥♥♥:-) :'(

  15. carlea says:

    hi im carlea im 14 and my familys been through alot for the past 4 years dealing with houses about 4 years ago we moved into a place and not even 1 year later it flooded and we lost almost everything and a day later our dog got stollen we all took that hard we had to stay in a hotel for about 4 months which was taking most of our money away but we had to or we wouldnt have a home them we found this house that we lived in for about another year or so only to find out that the landlord covered up black mold and stuff on the walls and my roof in my room started leaking the whole place seemed to be falling apart so we hurried up and found us a new place now the place im living in now for about 2 years is starting to fall apart it has mold and hole problems sometimes pipes break easy my moms ceiling is leaking my family has been getting sick in this house my grandma lives with us she has diabetes and asthma she has trouble breathing at times i want a healthy environment for my family i also have asthma and scoliosis in my back my stepdad has diabetes and hes been having alot of surgeries.we also have these neighbors who are always screaming and beating on things right beside our house. i really hope and pray you pick us we need a safe environment for my family and especially my grandma my whole family has been getting sick in this house im hoping u pick us but if not i understand.

  16. Samone Gibson says:

    Hi my name is Samone Gibson im 26 years old im engaged to a wonderful man he has 4 kids from his first wife that passed way years ago in a car wreak.. his oldest son moved out know we have his other 3 kids and plus our 2 year old daughter. Our 18 year old daughter is in a wheelchair and we tried and tried to get help with wheelchair ramps and my fiance is disabled to. He broke is back 3 years ago and he is unable to work and we really need your help to give our house a make over so it
    can wheelchair accessible for my stepdaughter thank you and god bless!!!

  17. Curtis Zinck says:

    Hi my name's Curtis Zinck, I'm looking into this for my grandparents my grandmother is handicap and the house is no where near being handicap accessible for her. They've adopted two grandkids because there mom became a heroin addict and there dad barley comes around. Neither of them have there own rooms. we've tried to come up with ways to help them out but no one has the money there getting older and we want them to live in the house forever.

  18. shelley moderie says:

    We moved to Hamilton to get my mother closer to her children for her later years of life, we bought an old home when prices were high, our house is old it has wiring problems, I believe it is full of mold, and has sewer problems when washing clothes. we keep on working on this house, ever since we moved here my husband has become very ill and no Doctors have been able to tell us why, he gets very sick has been in and out of the hospital frequently, creating high medical bills, we continue to work and maintain. My husband is always helping everyone else, it would be wonderful to know whats behind the health issues and I'm beginning to think it is affecting my youngest boy that is still at home in school. I am gone on the road alot as a nurse to try to continue to pay everything, so my health has not been affected at this time. My prayer to you and your show, you have helped many people in great need,Thanks to you many people have been very blessed. Hope you have a great season with this next home makeover.

  19. lydia mercer says:

    My mother and my father are 59 and 62 they have struggled all their life to keep afloat iam the youngest 8 kids i currently live at hone to help take care of them and iam 23 in 2012 my mother had a stroke on Easter which left her right side damaged and in 2013 my father had a stint put in his widow maker my dad has been a truck driver most of my life and in March of this year he had a terrible roll over accident it was a miracle her survived well come to find out the people he was leasing the truck from didn't have any insurance to cover his injuries he is having to have a complete shoulder replacment and he is also having to see a neuraligist due to blockage in his neck caused from the accident if it wasn't from him being a veteran and being able to get certain medical from the va i probably wouldn't have my dad today now that he is unable to work finances are horrible and they are currently renting a horrible trailer house that needs alot of repairs that the landlord won't fix iam afraid more than ever for their health the worst part is their landlord has their house up for sale they have no were to go if it sells please help my parents they are extraordinary people who deserve to be rewarded for all their hard work

  20. Cynthia says:

    I think i trust you guys to change my life because I literally been through the STRUGGLE. My life has changed in a bad way since March of 2014. I lost my car, my job, and my house. Why? I had got really sick where I couldn't go to work so that took money out of my check. I couldn't pay my car note so they towed my car. It was already bad my job was 2 hours away from my home. When i lost everything, i had to beg Social Services to help me get a bus ticket for me and my 2 kids to get to Tennessee. My cause said we could stay there until i could find me a job but i guess i wasnt loooking fast enough for her so she ended up putting us out. My mother then helped us get here to Arizona to Assist her but we about to get put out because we not on her lease (she lives in a apartment) and I still haven't gotten a job yet. Will you please help me? :(

  21. Shirly Elliott says:

    My name is Shirly Elliot of Ontario Canada. I am writing to you cause I am seeking help for my family.I'm turning 46 years old this year, and have two kid's ages 17 and 18 and half.the reason I am writing is because I am concern for my family. I've been here in Canada for almost 20 years and yet I'm still not Citizen yet.I'm not worried about that part. what worries me the most is my family. I'm originally from Phillipines I'm not very good in English and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Everytime I'm watching your show I can't help myself not to cry cause I know how it feels when you want something good for your family and can't afford it. I used to work at Wendy's Restaurant for almost 12 years and quit cause the environment is not good fory health and not happy I might say it's not fun anymore working there and I got stress and it's not good for me. So I decided to leave.I used to work there 6 days a week for 4.5 hours in a day.I work during the day somewhere else to meet our needs.my husband now is 65 years old and still working cause he have no choice. We have big mortgage payment plus utilities kids expenses etc. We just have enough money to meet our ends day by day.My youngest daughter wants to stop.for a year to go to school cause she feel sorry for me.She

  22. Laura says:

    Hi TOH,

    My name is Laura. My husband Mark is a combat veteran and firefighter. This winter our home was ruined from ice dams and we took in a lot of water. Our house was basically left to the studs. We are a family of five. Our children are 14, 7, and 3. We were living in a hotel for a month and have now moved into a mobile home on our property. It's been over three months and nothing has been started to get us back in our home. We have a cape cod style home and in order to restore it with some minor upgrades we plan on doing a lot of the work ourselves besides the plumbing and electrical of course. I see the pressure this puts on my husband and thought I would reach out to see if there was anything at all you could do to help. Mark grew up wanting to help people in anyway he could and now I feel he could use a helping hand. Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone

  23. Breanna Pickering says:

    My name is Breanna and this is my story.
    I moved to Arkansas with my fiance,
    Daniel from Oregon in hope for a fresh start. We moved in with his uncle James when we arrived here. Well here's the problem. This house is falling to pieces literally. We have been here now for about four months and since we've been here we have both been sent to the hospital twice. The doctors said Daniel was diagnosed with meningitis and I was sick due to black mold growing not only in the bathroom but our bedroom as well. The house is infested with rodents and bugs. We are hoping to have a child eventually but we can't have one due to the fact the house is not child safe at all. There is a bedroom upstairs that was being built but the construction workers left after not even half of it was completed. Daniels uncle is 64 now and is having trouble getting around the house. Once in a while he sleep walks and ends up walking upstairs. Well a few nights ago he went upstairs while we were at work and fell down them. He has bruises and scabs everywhere on his body. We are scared to death that one day one of us, especially him will be seriously hurt, get sick, or even die because of the condition of this house. Please help us. It would make life go on a lot easier if this house was fixed for all of us. Please help us.

  24. iyalloo Namuhuja says:

    hi am a 21 years old girl from Namibia Africa we truly need your its sarted in 2002 when we lost our father we begin to suffer because nobody was able to provide for us my mother started selling cooked food just to have something to eat we have been helping her wen its weekend time but still it wasn't enough to pay our shcool fees my elder sister failed her matrix and decided to go look for job just to help our mom but after working for 1 year she died and we went back to square one of suffering my sister who followed her failed her matrix again she went t look for job and after 1 year of working again she died and she left mom with a 1 year old girl this was plus 1 problem again because this kid need much care money to buy milk and money to buy nappies we was forced to go sell evn after classes just in older to have enough money in the hause my mother after few months she was diagonised with higher blood pressure which was higher every day because of what we are going thru especially this little girl we can even sleep with emty stomach because there is no food peoples started laughing at us home and at shcool colling us names in 2013 we lost again our brother who followed me he was bumped buy a car and this cause my mother to b admitted in a hospital and she was diagnosed with kidney problem and she was told to stop working(selling ) this was a big shock to us because she was the only bread winner in the family tears is our everyday food exemely, i gave up on my study just to be a bread winner in the hause my mother can't do anything anymore she is just home crying we can't help our self we need your help last week she was trying to help m carry our products and she fallen and now she is having a swollen knee sometimes i will go sell but no customers our hause need renovation it can fall on us every minute its very old no body is to heip us when is rainy we cannot sleep the roof is having holes water use to come inside our things are ever wet this is a living hell come and see for yourself you are the only the last hope to my family i know this will be our testimony but you are the one to make it come true i want to go back to shcool but i just cant please with tears in my eyes i beg you help us we have been living like this since our childhood and until today i want to see my niece living a better life having a better home please come help us you are our only hope hope to hear from you soon thanx for making the dream of my hause come true my God remember you for all good works you are doing love u all team make over

  25. Lisa Wood says:

    My name is Lisa I'm a mother of three. We are in need of help please. In Dec.2013 I got very sick with the Swin Flu (H1N1).The night that my sister took me back to the hospital the Doctor ask my sister to call my family in that I wouldn't make it through the night. My kidneys failed, I was on life support for 13 days.I had a heart attack the doctors maxed out 5 medicines to get my blood pressure up. When I woke up in Feb 2014 I had a trek in my neck. I couldn't talk I was so thin from being in the bed for so long not moving. I looked down at my hands they was curved in and black and flat, my feet the same way.Not sure what was going on or what happened. I was getting worse at night with a fever. The doctors was talking to me and my sister about amputations.My kids finally got to see me after a month not seeing me or knowing if I was going to come back home to them. On Feb 12,2014 I had the most scariest day my AMPUTATIONS.I my left leg below my knee, all my right toes, all my fingers and the tip of my thumb on my left hand, my first three finger tips on my right hand. I now have to learn how to live and do things all over again. It's hard I live with my kids father and my 3 great kids. I sleep in the living room with my 10 year old son. I sleep in the chair I don't have a room or a bed. I can't work anymore I'm disabled now. We only have one bathroom I need a shower seat to shower the kids have to move it in and out we really need a bathroom for me.We don't have the means to fix our home now I can't work. Our drier isn't working with 3 kids it's hard to keep school cloths washed. Please we need our house fixed the yard I can't go out I have no toes on my foot my shoes don't stay on it makes me fall. My kids have been through so much medical scares they was in my car when I went to my father's to help him with his medicine when his friends pit bull knocked him down the steps he broke his ankle and had surgery. I went to help and I got out of my car the dog attacked me my kids was screaming, crying in the car. I was took by ambulance to the hospital my aunt stayed with my kids. They have been through so much with me they are the best kids I'm so happy God let me be their mother. We just need help now please please help us fix our home we really would appreciate it. Thank you so much for reading my cry for help with our need for the help with our life and home. We barley get by make our house payment I just try to keep my kids here this is all they have ever known. Please please help us.

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