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The Big Bang Theory

America’s #1 sitcom is back for another hilarious season and you could be the next talented cast member. The CBS runaway hit series The Big Bang Theory will be holding casting calls for a number of exciting roles very soon. This is your chance to land a part on the comedy show that has millions of fans around the world talking.

The Big Bang Theory stars the fantastic Jim Parsons (Garden State, The Muppets) and Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, Hancock) as Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstadter, two Cal Tech physicists and roommates. Along with their friends Rajesh Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar) and Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg) they spend their days fully immersed in the nerd culture of comic books, science fiction movies and video games. All of that changes when the beautiful Penny played by Kaley Cuoco (8 Simple Rules, Hop) moves in across the hall and the boys learn that there is a whole world out there beyond their lab and apartment. Each week millions of fanatic viewers tune in to see just what hysterical new adventures the Big Bang Theory gang will have. This is the powerhouse comedy force on TV today and the shows popularity grows with each season. This could be an amazing opportunity for up and coming performers to make their break in the world of entertainment by landing a role on television most watched network. Auditions for supporting roles are happening now and will continue throughout the season and submissions are being accepted now. To apply to be considered for a part on this mega hit comedy and for more information you can send an email here Leave a comment below and tell us why you love BBT and why you want to be a part of the cast and be sure to check back for every audition update for The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon, Leonard, Penny and you. Apply today and you could be a part of the all new season of the CBS comedy giant The Big Bang Theory.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the The Big Bang Theory – CBS Audition in 2013

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86 People are talking about The Big Bang Theory – CBS

  1. julie says:

    hello! i always fill my life full of comedy and have dreams of being on a sitcom. i have improv and acting experience, and i even do some singing and guitar playing. LOVE this show! great job! i wold love to be a part of this show. thank you!

  2. Kami Chojnacki says:

    Name: Kami Chojnacki
    Age: 14
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 135
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Skin Color: White
    Hobbies: Soccer, Basketball, Cheer, Singing, Dancing, and of course acting.
    Ect.: Ever since I was little I loved to act for different parts. As a child I would reenact scenes from various movies and shows. Such as: Grease, Footloose, Hairspray, Big Bang Theory, Elf, SpongeBob. I know some of those are musical movies but like I said I love to sing and dance too. My favorite movie genre would have to be horror and comedy. It would mean literally the world to me if I could be on BBT. My dad and I love to watch that show whenever we're together. It's our favorite show to watch together and I know he would just die if he saw my on it. Thank you.

  3. Ethan Hernandez says:

    I'm 20 years old, and I'm currently studying everything that I can get my hands on, aside from majoring in the liberal arts and sciences.

    I'm also 6'2, 150, dark hair and brown eyes.

    Previously, I've done modeling jobs, volunteer work at my local grade school/high school and I've demonstrated products at public events. I've also participated in music, writing, technology, anime, and photography clubs, as well as several plays and musicals at my school. And I helped organize a benefit/fundraiser for my mom when she had cancer.

    Oh, and I also love chocolate.

  4. Rayann McClure says:

    Hello, my name is Rayann. I am a 14 year old girl and going to be 15 this upcoming April. I am Mexican, American, Scottish, and Native American. I am energetic fun,loud,intelligent,and friendly. I enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory because it is hilarious and clever. I enjoy all the superhero comments because I love superheroes. I want experiences in life and I think this show will be a great one. I hope you consider me for a role on the show. Thank you!

  5. Daniel Cantrell says:

    Hello my name is Daniel I am a 27 year old male who is looking to start my career as an actor. I think I would be a great fit for an audition because I am a funny, outgoing guy. I believe I would be bring a lot of talent to this show if I just had the chance trust me I am a discussion you wouldn't regret. I would be able to play any role need.

  6. Karina says:

    Hello my name is Karina, I'm from Brazil and I'm 19 years old. It'd be a pleasure being part of this amazing sitcom where I find awesome actors/actresses, I really enjoy watching BBT and I hope I have the opportunity to join.

  7. Patrick says:

    Hello my name is Patrick.
    Age: 17 but I look younger
    Height: 5'10
    Experience: 2 years of high school drama class. I also auditioned to be a guest star on sweet life of Zach and Cody and high school musical
    Hair color: light brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Skin: kind of tan
    Weight: 160 not fat kind off slim
    Ethnicity: Italian, polish, English, Jewish, white. But if you looked at me you wouldn't be able to tell I look like I am from America which I am. I am from Miami Florida. I hope you look at this and give me an audition. I have always been a fan and think the show is hilarius. I truly think I would fit into the show. All I want is a chance, thank you. I have heads hits if you need them.

  8. Becky says:

    Hi, my name is Rebeca but everybody calls me Becky.

    Age: 15
    Height: 5"4
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair color: Black, but it's dyed like light brown
    Skin: Just a little bit tanned. Not too much.
    Languages: Spanish, English, and a little but of French.
    Body type: Im not fat, but neither skinny.
    Ethnic: French-Mexican
    Hobbies: Play piano, photography, cinematography, sing, acting, write stories or novels, cook, play video games, and dance.

    When I was like 8-years-old, it was when I discovered my passion to the acting. I was never distressed when someone asked me to sing or act. I won the first place singing the Nacional Anthem in a Statewide range since 10 years ago. I get out from my school when I was 15 and I started to study. When I was 13 I started my first acting class at the school, and it was amazing to me, it was too easy, and the teacher told me that I had to teach the whole class how to act haha. When I was studying, an old friend asked me to help her to record an interview on the street, so, we were walking asking the people how to pronounce some words. There it was I noticed that I was not just interesting about the cinematography, I noticed that I had a talent recording. My grandfather was on a boyband, they was called "The sleepers", it was a 70's band. My dad was an actor, he was on TV commercials. My great-grandfather was a Mexican actor too. I like to meet new people, it doesn't matter if is too young or too old. I like to travel and every type of look, but my favorite one is just to be myself. I had an opportunity on a TV show in Mexico but I denied because I was really really busy on a character at my school, so, that means that, if you offer me something, I would not leave you. I'm not looking for a big deal, if its just an extra character it's ok. Thanks a lot!

  9. Danielle says:

    Hi,My name is Danielle Higdon and I am 12 years old. I would SOOOO love to be on this show. It would show my true acting talent and would make my dream come true..It is my favorite show and I watch it every night!!!!!

  10. Emily says:

    Hi!!! My name is Emily and I am 14 years old. I am caucasian and I am 5 foot 2 inches. I love to party and have fun. The big bang theory is Soooo funny I love it. I am not a very experienced actress I was only in one play and one musical. I am not a nerd if anyone I would be like penny because penny is funny and not a nerd like Sheldon. I am in 8th grade. I <3 you penny

  11. Simon Pellegrino says:

    This show is funny, inspiring, thoughtful and teaches its audience how to embrace their inner nerd. To be cast in this show would be an amazing opportunity and something I'd cherish forever.
    I can submit headshots and a resume for your consideration.

  12. Michael James says:

    Name: Michael James
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 6ft 3in
    Weight: 160
    Hair Color: Brown
    Hair length: Short
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Caucasian
    Experience: High School Theater: Arsenic and Old Lace, Damn Yankees, Curtains, Phantom of the Opera, Select Choir in High School

    I am pretty skinny and have that "nerd" appeal. I have enjoyed this show through all the seasons and feel like I would fit right in with the show. I am very energetic and love acting, I have had some training. I have a lot of respect for my superiors and always follow directions. I am a hard worker and would put all my time and effort into this if given the opportunity. I have head shots as well if needed. Thank you for reading and hopefully I get a chance to audition for this amazing show.

  13. Garry H says:

    Getting a part in The Big Bang Theory, would be the greatest day of anyones life. not only because you get to be on television, but also you get to work with some of the best writers. TBBT even has the funniest characters.

  14. Lyazizbek Tajibayev says:

    Name: Lyazizbek Tajibayev
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6ft 1inch
    Weight 150lbs
    Hair color: Brown
    Hair length: depends
    Eye color: dark brown
    Skin: White/Tan
    Languages: Russian, English, Kazakh and Uzbek
    Performance: acting, singing

    Hello my name is Lyazizbek Tajibayev, im from Kazakhstan but live in different countries like SIngapore, Brunei. I am multi lingual being able to speak four languages flawlessly. I am half asian half white with short/medium hair and white skin. Looking for acting jobs.

  15. abie kamara says:

    My name is Abie Kamara. I am Dark&Lovely. I have Short hair. I'm NOT FAT, NOT SKINNY OR SLIM I have the perfect body for my height. I am 22 years old. I was born in West Africa, Sierra Leone. I have taken acting class from Middle School thru my High School and I have video clips of me acting . I have been in the United States for 11 year. I should be part of this movie because I am different from others because I take instructions very well. I am original. I am unique. I am from another country. I have a LOT TO BRING TO BRING IN TO THIS PROJECT/MOVIE. I am hard working woman. I know what I want and I make sure I get what I want too. THE MOST IMPORTANT I AM MADE OUT OF MONEY ANY ONE WHO INVENTED IN ME WILL NEVER LIVE TO REGRET IT BECAUSE I LIVE TO MAKE AND I HAVE EQUALITIES OF MONEY MAKING WOMAN.

  16. Clarissa says:

    Hey!I am a hot nerd and would love to be a part of this hilarious cast. This is one of my favorite shows because I can relate, for instance, big Lord of the Rings and science fan. I have been involved in performing and entertainment since I was young. I am currently a performer at Disney World and also get paid to help energize the crowd at TNA wrestling matches. I am also a dancer and was the captain of my schools team. I am 22 years old, tiny, and in shape with auburn hair and blue eyes. :)

  17. Shane Starks says:

    I would love to have a chance to be on the Big Bang Theory. I laugh at the funny quirks and acts the cast does. I have a personality that people think is a lot like Sheldon. I would like to add another comedic flavor to the show.

  18. Abdul Ayoola says:

    Hi! I am a big fan of the show and believe it deserves to be the #1 show all over the world … I am a Nigeria born (African Canadian ) actor … Member of Actra – Sag – UDA … living in Canada most of my life,
    I think that the show is PERFECT!! But could use a little black pepper … You have all the others seasoning already … What better than a OBM! ( origanal Black man) LOll!! to complete it :)

  19. Toni strait says:

    It would be one of the top bucket list items to appear on Big Bang theory !!!

  20. Presley Delacruz says:

    Name: Presley Delacruz
    Age: 13
    Grade: 8
    Ethnicity: Hispanic (Dominican)
    Hair color: dark brown (curly)
    Eye color: dark brown
    Hi my name is Presley Delacruz. This would be a dream come true if I can play a role in this movie. The reason why is because since I as 8 years old I've always wanted to be an actor. Since then I'd always suck to that. I also keep my hopes up because I say to myself "someday that day would come when some one would give me an opportunity to be on a movie or tv." I think that one of these days my chance would come and have that opportunity. So I still keep my hopes up for when that day comes. I hope that i will get the chance to be in this movie. I hope to hear from you—— thank you.

  21. Priscilla says:

    I would love to be on this show!! Like everyone else I love this show! Watch it all the time, and I definitely could play one of pennys hot friends or something!
    I am 5'6, portuguese native and italian, so olive skin. Brown eyes and hair, big smile, and ive been known to be pretty funny. All i need is a chance to show you.

  22. Melissa says:

    Hi my name is Melissa im 11 years old and love the big bang theory im hispanic and am about 5 foot 4 maybe 3 but i will be great with which ever role i could get im a young preteen hoping to fullfill my dream of being an actress. A good role i think i would be is probably just a classy sheek bohemian nerdy type of girl that happens to come across the guys when she moves in somewhere in the apartment, but then again that`s just an idea of a good charecter or role i think i would be able to play. i have blackish brownish curly hair. i am hispanic and have a unique personality with along with my bubbly, funny, and nerdy attitude. it would be a real pleasure if you chose me to be on the show because it would be a start to not only a career but my dream. i am hoping to hear from you. please choose me, yes i am probably the youngest here but i am really mature and looking forward to a career in acting, thank you.

  23. Dora says:

    My name is Dora. I am 18 years old and I would love to grab a spot on TBBT. I am tiny brunette (5'2) with a very big personality. My dad has always been a comic book nerd. He'd always talk to me about super heroes. My best friend is exactly like Sheldon. He always corrects me and tells me when I'm wrong because he is 'smarter than anyone'
    I love TBBT because it reminds me of my relationship with my friends. They're all in college and smart and I'm just here trying to be discovered.
    Anyway, I think I would be a great addition to this show because I have a lot to offer. I can be nerdy or not so nerdy. This show is the greatest.

  24. Kaylia T says:

    Being part of the Big Bang Theory would be amazing and fun. It would be a wonderful experience. I've always wanted to be an actress or at least part of a movie or show. I have really been wanting to go on game shows. Drama in school was fun. It would be awesome to be considered.

  25. Antoinette says:

    I would love to be in another movie and I would love to be on a t.v. show! I can speak English fluently and I can speak some Spanish, Italian & Brazilian Portuguese. I also know some American Sign Language. In addition, I can speak with the spoken language accents. I have some background extra experience in a movie "Won't Back Down " , "Out of the Furnace", a Budweiser Girl and a Pittsburgh Penguins Gatorade commercial. I love sports, trivia, cooking, baking and photography. My childhood dreams included acting, singing, modeling and teaching. I have worked in the following occupational fields: entertainment, medical, educational and volunteering.

  26. vinit v says:

    Why I want to be a part of The Big Bang Theory, simple i am motivated to give the writers/and directors what they need. I am 22 male indian. I can add a great part to the series with a bit comedic/geeky/player type to the show. If I could get the chance to meet with you guys and show you what i am capable off im sure that you wont regret it!

  27. Jessie L says:

    Hello my name is Jessie L and I Love to Act,I have a fresh face great personality and I'm very talented,so if that's what your looking for please give me a chance and let me know thank you.

  28. Danny C says:

    Hello. I am a good looking (but not unbearably so)37 year old man, and I would be a great fit for this show because I have a natural talent for acting. I have always been great as doing different accents. To me acting is a bit like quantum physics: It's so easy I have a hard time understanding why everyone isn't good at it. I've never acted in any movie or television program, but if you will just give me an audition, I will impress you. Put me on the show, and I will impress you even more.

  29. jodie s says:

    Hello. I'd love to have an opportunity to show you what I can do. I played the supporting role as Eleanor Skepple in the super sleeper movie Good Luck Chuck starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Ive recently relocated to the Houston area to be closer to potential casting calls. Im easy to work with and highly motivated to show my skills. If interested, I can provide a resume and headshot. Im searchable through IMDB and Im also a Union member of SAG. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks again!

  30. cedric c says:

    Im a man of many talents. You can view all my stand-up, voice impressions, music and actors monaloge on youtube or I can send you it via email with headshots and resume. Thanks!

  31. Jodie S says:

    Hello. I'd love to have an opportunity to show you what I can do in this show. I played the supporting role as Eleanor Skepple in the super sleeper movie Good Luck Chuck starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Ive recently relocated to the Houston area to be closer to potential casting calls. Im easy to work with and highly motivated to show my skills. If interested, I can provide a resume and headshot. Im searchable through IMDB and Im also a Union member of SAG. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks again!

  32. Alex s says:

    Hello my name is Alex s I am a 28 American Mexican I am 5 a short brown hair hazel eyes wide smile and dimples I am a very energetic person I love to smile and I think I would be a great addition to the cast I have watched the show many times and I cannot remember seeing any Mexican American on the show. I think that would be great specially someone with a good sense of humor like myself I am a very respectable I do when I'm asked to do and I always put 120 percent into everything I do please if you are interested please contact me as soon as possible thank you have a wonderful day

  33. Cheryl T says:

    My name is Cheryl T, and I am a 21-year-old Indian. Television needs more female Indians, and considering you have a male one, I think he needs an equally funny counterpart, aka me :)

  34. April W says:

    Hi! I love this show. My name is April. I am 15 years old, sophmore in high school. I have been acting for 10 years now. I've had an agent named Sylvia. But I thought it would be more impressive when I get BIG by myself. I know im young.. But I have been acting since I was 5. A little tiny girl. I am a good actor. Good at memorizing. And I know how to have a good time. I have good confidence too..(: Thank you.!

  35. Stephane says:

    I would feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of this movie. I am passionate, honest, and see thie joy in life. I love to act, sing and dance. An opportunity like this would make my dreams come true. My motto in life is `dream big`and I do. I feel I would add that extra bit of light needed in the film. Thank you

  36. Patricia S says:

    Hello my name is Patricia S and I want to be on The Big Bang Theory because I love this show. I am a bit on the geeky side and I think that the cast is just adorable.

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