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Your new goal should be trying to land as many teen acting & modeling auditions you can! Being a new teen model or actor is an exciting and unique hobby most teens dream of taking part in. Teen modeling and acting auditions can be some of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in a teens life and oftentimes compare to the excitement kids have during sporting events or academic competitions. It can also teach you valuable life lessons that you can carry on into your adult life.

Also, modeling throughout your teenage years doesn’t have to define you as a person. Being who you are and accomplishing your goals to set for yourself, be it landing that big audition or getting into the school of your dreams, that’s what makes you who you are as an individual. Teen modeling, just like sports and other extracurricular activities, has proven to increase overall academic performance in teens and helps with preparing teens for a work filled future. Our site is loaded with free teen modeling and acting auditions; you can browse through the site and find free auditions and find paid modeling jobs.

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  1. Name: Ella Outman
    Age: 14
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blond
    Weight: 100
    Body type: Slim
    Ethnicity: white
    Hobbies: volleyball, working out, and singing 🙂

  2. Name: Ella Outman
    Age: 14
    Hair: blonde
    Eyes: blue
    height: 5'9
    Weight: 100
    Ethnicity: white
    Body type: slim
    Motivation: be yourself!
    Hobbies: baking, singing, playing volleyball, and acting

  3. am very passionate about what i love like acting.Its my passion.I love making new friends and am adventurous..I love singing and acting on stage.I would really love to do this.Please i can accept any roles.Its my dream to be an actress.I participate in plays at school.
    .Talents:singing,acting,writing novels,composing poems
    hair colour:black
    .Eye colour:dark
    .Languages:english and swahili

  4. Hey my name is .Esther and am very passionate about what i love like acting.Its my passion.I love making new friends and am adventurous..I love singing and acting on stage.I would really love to do this.Please i can accept any roles.Its my dream to be an actress.I participate in plays at school.
    .Talents:singing,acting,writing novels,composing poems
    hair colour:black
    .Eye colour:dark
    .Languages:english and swahili

  5. Hey am esther and i love acting with a great passion.I would really love to be a hollywood actress.My talents are :singing,acting,writing novels and writing poems.Please i can accept any roles
    hair colour:black
    eye colour:dark

  6. Hey my name is esther .Am 15 years old from kenya and i have a great passion for acting.I take part in school plays and i would like acting to be a career for me.Please i would like to be a hollywood actress and my parents agree.I believe i will grow in this cause i love it.Please ,,i can take any role
    hair colour:black
    eye colour:dark

  7. Hey my name is esther .Am 15 years old from kenya and i have a great passion for acting.I take part in school plays and i would like acting to be a career for me.Please i would like to be a hollywood actress and my parents agree.
    hair colour:black
    eye colour:dark

  8. My name is Lania I'm 14 I have dark brown eyes and I'm 5'6 and I weigh 244 but am working on losing weight and I have short short hair but I'm going to get extensions when it grows out out a bit more and I'm African American and I love acting and I really want this and I'm going to work hard to make my dreams come true I know actions speak louder than words and I'm going to take action

  9. name: Niya
    State/City: Detroit, Mi
    Height: 5'4
    Age: 13
    Eye: brown
    Ethnicity: african american
    Hair color: dark brown
    Pant size: 2
    Shirt: S
    Weight: 105
    Body type: slim
    Hi, i am Niya and i love modeling and singing! I am obsessed with the camera and my sister has done modeling and she is my inspiration! I loveee taking puctures and i have a very unique smile and style!
    I am skinny only 105 pounds and i have a slim body type. Im healthy and have no allergies or issues. I would love to do modeling and i hope i hear back soon

  10. Hi, my name is Blessing samuel and am 17 yrs old. Am a Nigerian and have dreamt of being a model since i was little. I'll be happy to recieve update on auditions.

  11. My name:Juliet Udeh
    Age:14 going to 15
    Hair Colour:Brownish gold
    Eye colour:Dark brown
    I'm quite tall and can stand on a 6-inches high heel shoe.I'm fair in complexion.I love nature,actually taking pictures in a more natural place makes me "alive"
    Hobby:Reading, traveling, modelling and also acting including making new friends. udeh362@gmail.com is my E-mail, you can contact me…I'm a peaceful and loving girl

  12. hallo there, i am a kenyan .i am 17 yrs old .i am a talented actor. i have taken part in many plays but i would like to take part in any movie. i would be more than happy if i just got a chance out of kenya and out of africa. please hook me up if you can in any way. you can contact my mum. i can take any role.

  13. Hi my names Alanna I'am 8'6 or taller
    I have brown eyes
    I am African American
    I'am very tall for my age which is 13 turning 14
    And I'am one of the nices people you'll ever meet 😉

  14. Hi well i am soon to be 13 years old i am a norwiegen african and live in norway if i get any casting we will travel to liev whith my familiy in new york. I have played alot of plays but know i wanna try a movie. True my life i have lost so many people my dad granmother/father my best friend hamster and i have also been bullyid but the only thing keeping me going is music and acting i have been acting an siging since i could talk. This is a big shot for me. To make my acting dreams come true. And to get miles away from grey sad days i am 166 cm and have brown curly hair brown skin and big eyes. I have a perfect english acent u could not tell i was norwiegen.I take the chanses i get so pleas contact me at my e-mail 🙂

  15. My name is Megan I'm 14 years old. My height is 5'7 and 3/4. I weigh 130 I'm pretty slim. My ethnicity is white. I have long light/medium brown hair and light brown eyes. I have always dreamed of acting and being a model. Also everyone always tells me I should be a model and that's what I want to be.

  16. My name is Digit Aasby wierd name right? but i am 13 years old and live in South Dakota i am adopted by my two foster parents and am a native american and i don't look to native though i have hazel eyes brunette hair with caramel streaks and dark brown streaks I play the guitar and Piano i really do love music very much i am also into acting and although i haven't had many experiences in the acting world i am hoping to get an audition and a good role so i could hopefully have many great experiences in an acting career

  17. 12 turning 13
    hair color light brown
    eye color brown big eyes long lashes
    body size tall & slim
    experience run way modeling 2 years
    Mexican American
    California girl
    when I start something I finish it I never give up no matter how hard it gets I keep my head up and keep going 🙂

  18. Name- Marthalyn Nehwah
    Age- 13
    Ethnicity- African/American
    Height- 4'10
    Gender- female
    Hair color- light brown
    eye color- dark brown
    Location- Minnesota
    Experience- plays at school, talent competion[singing and dancing]

  19. Hi I'm Treance people call me TT and I love to dance sing and act. My dream is to one day be a movie star and help take care of my family and buy me all the things I want. I'm 12 years old and I been a staight A student since i started school.My mom said that it cost money to be on TV is that true? Someone please help me get on TV for Free. This is my dream.

  20. I just turned 13. I live in Chalmette, Louisiana! Go Saints!!!! I go to Andrew Jackson Middle school<<< 8th grader! I am going to be trying out for NOCCA in January for either dancing or acting. I have brown eyes and brown hair… But I have many blonde moments! But I mean a lot of people have blonde moments. 🙂

  21. Name:Samantha Alexandra Mitchell
    Hair:Short and Brown
    Eyes:Light brown
    Hobbies:Singing,Modeling,Drawing,Video games

  22. Hi I'm Clara. I am 14 years old and I am 5ft 11inches tall. I have brown hair blue eyes and my enthcity is white. I weigh 125 and I am slim. I can fit into most anything and yes I can where heels and not fall in them. I live in South San Francisco California. I am good with traveling I have been to 17 out of the 50 states many times. Some of my hobbies are acting, singing, playing soccer and Volley ball. Everyone I talk to always says that I should do modeling so I hope you pick me. Thank you.

  23. Full name: Eden Elisabeth Anyabwile
    Age: 12
    Date of Birth: December 27th 201/
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 104
    Hair: Shoulder length, usually Dark Brown but it varies on the amount of time I spend in the sun.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Skin: Brown
    Acting experience: I took lead roles in my church play as well as minor ones.
    Languages: english,some french, spanish, sign language
    Grade: 8th

    I may not have much experience but i'm a hard worker and a fast learner. I'm shy so if I do get a chance to audition please keep in mind that it might take me a little time to get comfortable. I am willing to take any role you give me as well as none at all U just want to try.

  24. My name is Leia. I am 16 years old and have already graduated from High school. I have modeling and acting experiance already. I want to go farther in this career.

  25. Name: Alayna Renay Myers
    Age: 15
    DOB: February 11, 1997
    Eye color: light brown
    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Height: 5’5”
    State: Los Angeles, California
    Ethnicity: Black

    I am a teenager awaiting my BIG BREAK in the industry. Now is a better time than any to show-off my GOD given gifts. My favorite subject is Math, and I enjoy various types of electronics. I am a vibrant GOD-fearing young lady that has many hobbies such as: hip-hop dancing, skating, singing, acting, voice-overs, writing poems and drawing. One of my favorite actors is Raven Simon; who I imitate rather well; along with Nicki Minage. I have no experience, but very eager to learn. I look great on camera with a great personality. Given the chance; you won't regret it.

    *Pictures submitted upon request*

  26. Name: Mariah Guerrero
    Age: 17
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: medium brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Location: Texas
    Height: 5'4

    My name is Mariah, I am 17 years old. I am 5'4, I have brown eyes,& long wavy brown hair. I would love to be in anything. I have been in school plays in my theater classes for the past 4 years, acting is one of my favorite things to do, I also like dancing, or modeling. I am very sociable, fun to be around, In most cases i can cry on demand, be angry, can laugh on easily and most of all do i prefer comedy and horror. I'm very determined, fun loving, I'm nice. It would make me so happy to get an audition for this. If i do not make it I understand because of all the people that try to get a part but its like they say you'll never know until you try.
    Thank you,
    Love Mariah (: 🙂

  27. Name: Sierra
    Age: 13
    Ethnicity: Asian/American
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: Brunett w/ light brown highlights
    Location: Antelope, California
    Height: 4'9
    Animal lover, gets along with others, can fan fight alittle, likes to sing & dance

  28. Name:Perla Gomez Age:12 Eyes:Green Hair:Dark Blonde Height:5'0 Weight:95 Hobbies:Acting,Singing and Modeling Languages:English,Spanish and British Location:Puerto Rico Hello I have a lot of modeling expirence and i love acting i know 3 langueges and i would love to be famouse sow please think about it and thank you for your corporation.

  29. Full name: Daniyella Harmon
    Age: 13
    Date of Birth: 01/16/1999
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Black, shoulder length
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Skin: brown
    Acting experience: Acting workshops, played extra part in a movie, music video
    languages: english,some french

  30. As a little girl i have always dreamed of persuing my dream which is to become a actress. i would love to be on D.C. and im a hardworker. Im twelve years old and ive been in many school and city wide productions. i love to be the center of attention and as we speak i feel as if im getting closer to hollywood. so hollywood are your ready for this!:):):)

  31. Name: Riana Fidele
    Age: 15
    Ethnicity: Haitian and French
    Gender: Female
    Hair color: Dark brown
    Location: New York
    Height: 5'5
    Anything I put my mind to i'm good at and very athletic. I'm also a very quick learner,
    i'm a full committed and dedicated person.

  32. Name: Kenya Gilchrist
    Age: 17 1/2
    Race: Black
    Height: 5'0
    Weight: 98
    Body Size: Petite
    Experience: Modeled for 3 years for South Dekalb Mall.
    Location: Atlanta Georgia

  33. My name is Irene garcia i am 12 years old and i would like to act in films, but especially Disney channel. I have Brown hair and brown eyes . I've already acted in films, one of them is " deus le volt" which i enjoyed a lot . In my free time i dance, sing and act as they are my passions. I wish with all my heart to act in series.

  34. hey my name is Nhi
    hair:dark brown/black
    hobbies:being outdoors,acting,singing,climbing etc……

    HEY. my name is nhi luu have always wanted to be a actor or singer,but my mane priority is to be an ACTOR! its my passion and dream. it just makes me very happy to act!

  35. Name : Steven Carwile
    Birth Date : 11/15/97
    Brown Eyes and Hair
    I have always dreamt of Acting because I love to act as someone i'm not, it's like a local job for me as of right now, if you choose me, I swear you won't be making a mistake, you'd be making the right choice. I act for the enjoyment of others, not just to become a celebrity, I love making friends, which is good for the community, I love helping others when they are feeling down, once again, if you choose me you won't be making a mistake, you'd be making the correct choice.

  36. My name is Tiffany I'm 15 I will be 16 in Augustbrown
    I live in south Carolina. I once modeled for barbazon.
    I'm 5'8". 112. Brown hair and blue eyes. Activities: singing, horseback riding, 4- wheeling, hunting and fishing, and and modelling.

  37. hi my name is ashlyn hutchinson:) i have always wanted to be on D.C., i love to act out as different people. i think it is good for the future. i love to make scenes out of things to make the people who watch the show watch more, its like they get to one part and want to hurry and get to the next. i love to make people happy. i hope yall enjoy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 thanks 😉

  38. Hello! My name is Hope. I am 17 years old, and a senior in highschool! I live in Pittsburgh Pa but visit LA everyonce in awhile. I am currently a model down here in Pittsburgh. I model for emage models and i've been doing so since I was 12 years old. I took a break when I got to highschool but picked it back up my jnior year. I love modeling it is my passion! I have other talents also. I sing, dance and I can act. I Think this could be a great opportunity for me, seeing how in Pittsburgh you can't really get discovered. So if you could give me a chance I will not let you down:)

  39. F YOU WANT THE NEXT CHAMP IM YOUR GUY!!!!! PIC ME AND YOU WOULD HAVE MADE THE BEST CHOICE OF YOUR LIFEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Hello, my Name is Jarrett Morales I am 15 years old with dark brown hair and light brown eyes.i can handle and job or task given to me. i am determined to be fulfill my dream to be on TV and hoping you can make this happen. I AM the party you NEEEEED to pic me I was bornnnnn to ACT!!!

    i am perfect for this listing because i am a party in itself:
    I walk in my school halls and people scream my name (and i have NO idea who they are)
    I have a laugh that is unlike any other one that is addicting and lovable
    I am invited to every party by many people and am usually hanging out with my friends on the weekends
    i am load, fun, energetic, and an overall pleasure to be around
    My entire school knows who i am and everyone loves me
    i am a kind person not shy in the least i will do the utmost ridicules things
    i have been in many plays as well as been in a performance with the Acting loft.
    i once played a mother squirrel; dressing in hair curlers nail polish lipstick blush the works and I went out there load and proud

    I want to be on Tv so badly and will do anything to do so, please I hope you will fulfill my dream and hopefully Ill get an email from you saying i can at least tryout!!!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO much haha and i hope to hear from you soooooooon BYEEEEEEEE

  40. Name: Denitra Mack
    Hi, I've recently been selected to go to a modeling agency under the name of John Casablancas. I'm a talented young lady. Since a very young age I've been into acting & dancing (gymnastics and hip-hop) so i'm not a rookie. umm.. I'm looking to start fresh including I've been wanting to do commercials, and side plays. My side things beside school would be writting lyrics , designing clothes and shoes and making up dances for students at my old Elementary school.
    I'm passionate about everything I do , if you put me up to the task no worries it will get done! 🙂
    P.s I have a few short films of plays I've did from young years to now.

  41. My name is Estela Davadi and I'm 15 years old. I was born in 1996.
    I have brown hair, and brown eyes. My height is 5 ft 2.6 in, and my weight is 50kg. I live in Norway, and I talk norwegian, but I have relatives in USA, therefore I talk english very well (I have a clean accent), and understands everything.
    I'm a very out-going person. I love being on stage, and I'm always the one who's on it when I get a chance (either to sing, being a host or act). I often make myself a scene in my head, where I need to either act very happy, or sad. I can also cry on my own command. I sing too, but it's the acting that makes me happy and excited. I'm a quick learner, and I can remember lines easily.
    I also play handball and soccer, and I can play the piano, the guitar, the violin and the flute. A couple of years ago, I also did activitys like figure skating, track and field and horseback riding. I do work really hard, and the last thing I want, is to ruin something for someone else.

  42. Name: Emely Adams
    Age: 17
    Eyes: blue
    Hair: blond-brown
    Height: 5'5"
    weight: 108
    Travel: yes
    Hobbies: acting, horseback riding
    Languages: English, Dutch, German, French
    Motivation: no risk no fun!

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