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TNT’s Civil Looking for Political Rally Goers

TNT’s Civil Looking for Political Rally GoersTNT is now casting men and women for their new pilot called “Civil”. According to Deadline, Civil takes place in the wake of a hotly contested Presidential election, as America finds itself plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War. The series weaves together the personal stories of citizens from all walks of life, whose actions – amplified in an age of instant media – add fuel to the conflict and affect the fate of the entire country.

Casting directors are now casting background actors ages 18 and up to play political rally goers for the TNT pilot that is being directed by Allen Coulter. This scene involves the depiction of a violent accident in which some people are portrayed bloody & injured. The shoot will portray fall scenes and will be an exterior scene. The shoot will be taking place over a three day period. Everyone must be available for the shoots on Wednesday, June 29th, Thursday, June 30th and Friday, July 1st. The series will be filming in Tarrytown, New York but transportation will be provided from Manhattan. The pay rate is $100.00 for 10 hours.

If you are available and interested please email Civil@gwcnyc.com with the subject line reading: Your Name, Union Status, Political Rally FB, Phone #. In the body of the email please include: Your Name, Union Status, Phone, Availability 6/29, Availability 6/30, Availability 7/1, Confirmation you are ok with Exterior Fall Scenes, Have you previously worked on the show? If so as what? Also include a current candid photo.

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