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Thor 2 – Movie

Thor: The Dark World
Thor: The Dark World

Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel are teaming up again on the exciting new sequel to the worldwide box office smash Thor, Thor: The Dark World. Shooting will be starting soon for a fall 2013 release date and that means open casting calls will be popping up very soon throughout the country looking for talented performers like you for roles of all sizes.

Starring the supremely talented Chris Helmsworth (The Avengers, Cabin In The Woods) as Thor and featuring such amazing Hollywood performers as Academy Award Winner Natalie Portman (Black Swan, , Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins (The Silence Of The Lambs, Mission: Impossible II) and the luminous Kat Dennings (The 40 Year Old Virgin, 2 Broke Girls), Thor was a summer 2011 hit that grossed over $473 million dollars worldwide and had millions of fans waiting for more Thor-ific adventures.  The original Thor showed the origins of the god of thunder cum super hero, his struggles for the throne of his universe and his adventures and interactions in our present day world. With thousands of comics in the Marvel universe to pull from, the second installment in this action packed series is sure to make it an even bigger success than the first. Casting calls will be held shortly and submissions for upcoming roles are being accepted now. To apply for available roles or for more information you can send emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. Leave a comment below and tell us why you want to ba cast in the next great Thor adventure and stay tuned for all of the terrific audition updates.

This is amazing opportunity to work with an award winning, star studded cast on one of the biggest and most anticipated sequels in film. This is your chance to call down the thunder and wield your mighty hammer.  Be a part of Thor: The Dark World.

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  1. hi im mike im 5'10 n 21 im very fit i like to stay active everyday i been in the north eastern acting competition twice in high school i was in the army for 2 and a half years its always been my dream to b an actor alls i know is wen im inspired i push myself to new levels to achieve perfection never really had many opportunities in life but to be given one id take full dvantage of it so look me up find me id like to b given a cance every1 deserves 1 but not many are given thank you

  2. I am 5'11 170 lb. , athletic built , I have blue hazel grey eyes and golden skin . Short hair brown hair, and a very fast learner . I tend to retain my lines verbatim. you will not be disappointed with my look , i have a smooth chiseled face structure and full lips. I am ready for a great roll , and know you will not be disappointed at all. i am ready and available.

  3. Age: 15 (I look 18 though)
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 168 (It's all muscle I'm not the least bit overweight)
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Medium Length emover, Brown

    I am a first degree going on second degree black belt in taekwondo and I have dablings in wingchung and judo as well. I am a tricker (I do all the crazy highfyling kicks)and I travel with a martial arts demonstration team so if you need a martial artist extra; I would be a good candidate. I have done some work as extras in some smalller projects and would like to go bigger.

  4. Emma Stclaire
    previous experience:Mother Mouse in of Mice and Mozart, Older sister in the Birthday Disaster, Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Voice expression for 3 months, once a week, Improv for a month, and general theater for 6 months classes all were once a week and stage placement and movment for 2 months
    manager: Andy Gideon
    Looking forward to hearing from you

  5. hi my name is natasha ekelund im 14 years old but i look so much older than i do i have dark brown hair im 5,5 im cuban,italian,and swedish and im very dedicated to acting i spend half my time practiceing it over and over i dont give up on my task no matter how hard it gets im puting in this audition for a chance and i do have little experience of acting becuase im in drama class i realy would like to audition for this movie im not desperate i would just like a chance thnk you.

  6. Hi!
    I'm a 15 year old look like(15-18)
    Hair Color: Auburn
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 120 lbs
    I have wanted to be in a movie since I was a child! I really think you wouldn't be disappointed in having me in this movie. I have stared in many plays like A Christmas Story to Grease. I know what it takes to be on top and I'm really willing to work for it. I prefer to play a person that is very comical, but I have been placed in a lot of other roles as well and have done great in them. I also think something that sets me apart from someone else is in fact my look. I'm Russian, African-american, Hawaiian, and Caucasian. You will not find another person that even looks similar to me. I appreciate your time for reading this. I have a lot of background with dance also, and I think I could bring something to this production. hope that you will be willing to email me soon. Thanks so much!

  7. My name is Alyssa Gray. 5'4. 105 lbs. 18. Green eyes. Caucasian.
    I just want to inspire people. I want to change the world. I want to be known as someone who can do anything. I want to be a hero. I want to act.

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