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Shark Tank

Do You have the next great invention? Are you an entrepreneur looking for capital to kickstart your company? ABC’s Shark Tank is here to help. This is your chance to start on your path to millions on this hit reality program. Auditions and casting calls for all new episodes of this amazing program are happening soon.

Shark Tank consists of 5 mega wealthy investors who as a panel are pitched new products, properties, services and concepts by up and coming entrepreneurs looking for financial backing. The entrepreneurs pitch and demonstrate their products and goals for their business and the Sharks decide whether or not they will invest their money and how much of the business they will receive. ABC has lined up an impressive array of self made business dynamo’s to inhabit their Shark Tank including Real Estate billionaire Barbara Corcoran, Software billionaire Kevin O’Leary, prolific inventor Lori Greiner, FUBU founder and fashion millionaire Daymond John, Tech mogul Robert Herjavec and Dallas Mavericks owner and media giant Mark Cuban. Shark Tank is a top notch series filled with fantastic products, interesting people and exciting negotiations that keep millions of viewers on the edge of their seats each and every week. This is your opportunity to bend the ear of some of the most successful people in the world and possibly become their next partner. Auditions will be coming soon. If you would like to be considered for new episode and for more information you can go here abc.go.com/site/casting and be sure to keep checking back for more casting updates for Shark Tank.

Do you have the idea that will make you the world’s next millionaire? Billionaire? The Sharks are looking for you. The time is now for you to present your venture to some of the smartest and richest minds in business today and maybe walk away with a business deal of a lifetime. Submit yourself today to be the next star of ABC’s Shark tank.

Leave a comment below and tell us your idea for Shark Tank.

99 thoughts on “Shark Tank – ABC

  1. I have created a childrens board game. It is played with candy. It is patent pending . It has not currently hit the market yet but I have manufactured some and am about to release it.

  2. Jason m clark: I hope to be considered for the show because I'm tired of seeing my inventions on tv years after I thought of them and never doing anything about it.I believe this one will have a huge impact on conserving our natural resources,drastically reduce our waste epidemic(this product is 100% recycled material)therefore making it cost effective and also lasting many years longer than anything on the market.My product is the future.To here more contact me.Thank you

  3. I recently patented a new idea for cell phone protection. The phone leash is a small retractable leash that anchors between your cell phone and your case. It prevents you from dropping (cracking the screen), Losing it and theft.
    The cost is under 35 cents which includes packaging and will easily sell for $9.95. My first production will be 10,000 units which will be completed by april 2017.

  4. My invention is a necessity for any new parent wanting to exercise with a new born baby. The best exercise device designed with women in mind after giving birth. Patented and ready for manufacturing this device which is small enough to take on the go. In fact it's designed to get you up and going. For more info please contact me to discuss.

  5. I have written a short Children's book written in a poetics style. about a great king and a beautiful queen the book reinforces that good always wins over evil. easy to read and has a happy ending..need help getting it published..
    it's the best thing since green eggs and ham.
    and will be just as good.

  6. Sharks,

    I certainly have an idea that is targeted at one of the biggest markets that is known throughout the world that is steadily growing and already generating billions of dollars, Hair Care. Sharks statistics say 50 million American have scalp problems. In the world we live in today, when it come to the hair people will spend money, especially women. We all have seen, listened and now I am delivering a solution to a problem that people deal with on a daily basis. I have designed an dual purpose applicator that will allow you to apply almost any kind of liquid/cream base treatments directly and thoroughly to the scalp in approximately 60 seconds give or take. The best part of this is that you don't have to part or comb through a single strand of hair on your head to get amazing results. This applicator's primary focus is to help keep a healthy scalp, a healthy scalp equals strong, long, healthy hair. So Sharks I've tapped into the right market, saw the problem and came up with a solution. Yours Truly, USAF Vet, San Antonio, TX. Who survived the Bad Lands of Afghanistan and am now trying to fulfill my dream.

  7. I have developed an hair care applicator for the 50 million plus Americans that statistics say have scalp issues. Also for those who want a quicker and direct way to apply almost any kind of shampoos, conditioners, hot oils, medications, homemade treatments direct to scalp, without ever having to part or comb one single strand of hair on your head. All of this can be done in approximately 60 seconds give or take. One problem that my idea solves is the application of Dandruff shampoo. For example many types of Dandruff shampoos have been know to be very harsh to the hair because they strip the hairs of the natural oils and proteins needed to keep the hairs strong, healthy and shiny. There are basically two types of shampoos, shampoos for the scalp (Dandruff & Dry scalp) and shampoo for the hair. But why are they applied the same, (All over the hair), even though it is said to target different areas. My applicator targets the scalp not the hair. So before you wash your hair use my applicator to apply dandruff shampoo and allow it to penetrate dandruff on scalp. At this point the dandruff shampoo is applied is applied at 100 % full strength directly on the scalp, "Not the hair". The results will be amazing when you begin to wash your hair, the dandruff will come off easier because it has been properly treated. The hair care industry is tremendous and steadily growing more and more each year. My product is affordable and fills a need. Thank you

  8. I own Chocolate 2 Die for,I created the amazing peanut butter truffles.Once you taste my awesome candy you will know why its called chocolate 2 Die 4.My truffles sell themselves, One taste and your hooked.Everyone loves my truffles.People keep telling me I should franchise my business.I want to go on shark tank to grow my business and sell franchises so my amazing truffles can be purchased all over the world. please visit my facebook page Lisas chocolate 2 die 4 Thank You Lisa Beaudry

  9. im not leaving any info on line ….I am a very innovative type person and a leader. I have several ideals. I moved to Colorado because of the legal marijuana … please contact me I will inform you about my ideals…tks

  10. I have a product that every dog owner needs for walking their dog, I have made and sold many in my area and would love to show the sharks

  11. Let me start straight away by explaining that I do not have a new product or invention. However, I do have a beautifully unique concept of a project. I ask that you please read my complete comment before discarding it. I wrote, produced and directed what I like to call "A Family Oriented, Light – Hearted, Musical Drama entitle, "Looks Like Rain!" I wrote it in my very own new Urban – Broadway Style. The LLR! Production will start out as an on stage, weekend touring Musical Production which after approximately one year maybe less of performances, will be able to self finance a second project called; "An Ark In The Park." Let me first tell you a little about Looks Like Rain! It is based on the Scripture and Bible Story, "Noah's Ark." My version does has all the usual Bible Characters. However, it has a ZOO of other characters such as; God's nervous Administrative Assistant Simon, an Evil, Wicked Queen with her entourage of Guards, Servants/Slaves, Mrs. Noah's Nosey Girlfriends, The Sinners from Fun City, 2 Talking/Singing Flowers, a Gorilla with a military type personality, Miss Hen who accidentally lays eggs when she becomes frightened, Wings the Raven, Miss Pretty Bird the female Dove, Lovey Dovey the male Dove, an unseen Narrator and so many more. You will never read or hear of Noah and his three sons dance and perform "Aint to Proud to Beg" made famous by the Temptations in the Bible's version as you will see them do in mine, after Mrs. Noah tells Noah that she is leaving him. The Talented Cast Members, recite a mixture of serious and comical dialouge. They also perform songs of Contemporary Gospel, Southern Gospel, Old School R&B, Soft Rock and a little Rap as they teach Lessons of life such as; Never be afraid to follow your dreams, believing in ones self, not taking part in idle gossiping, to not criticize and make fun of a person's faith or belief, unconditional love and so much more. The second project, "An Ark In The Park," will be FREE performances of "Looks Like Rain! that will take place on the stages of City Park Amphitheaters or Temorary Moble Stages constructed in the parks or other City Recreational Areas and only during the Spring, Summer or early Fall of the year. These park performances will mainly be held in the parks of inner cities in many different states or the recreational areas of very low income families in different states. All families from all areas will always be welcomed and these park performances will always be FREE to the public. Each single adult or each adult couple must bring at least one child the age of 13 or under but can bring as many children as they like, to be admitted. An Ark In The Park will give adults and/or children who would not other wise get to experience such a performance, the opportunity to enjoy a very colorful bit of the Performing Arts. During these Park Performances, families will be able to use the seating tears or bleachers provided there at the parks but will also be allowed to bring lawn chairs, comforters, blankets, etc and snacks. No alcoholic beverages will ever be allowed. By the time I am ready to present my first "Ark In The Park" performance, I will be able to afford to pay Police or Security Personnel to insure a safe family environment. I am asking for the opportunity to audition my concept on Shark Tank to possibly peak the interest of one of the investors who may be willing to fund just enough for me to be able to afford old costume upgrades, new costume purchases, purchasing of props, the rental fees for use of the Auditorium or Theater for our first performance, newspaper, radio and TV advertisement prior to and of our first performance, production of the first tickets and program booklets, etc. I have only been able to present this performance 3 times on 3 small stages once in 2004 which was a free showing to an audience of 200 plus, once in 2005 and 2007. I have never been ale to afford the promoting and advertisement of it that it deserves, to truly get it up, running and on going to a touring level as it should be. I feel that I can produce and and direct "Looks Like Rain!" to the Musical Production Status as that of the live, on stage, touring production of "The Lion King." I am constantly asked by many of the people who have seen it, when will I bring it back to the stage? Looks Like Rain! is not only great Family Entertainment for audiences of all ages, it will be long term jobs for cast and crew members which in turn will be good for our economy. If I should get this opportunity to present "Looks Like Rain!" to Shark Tank, I would want to and would love to bring some of the Cast Members along to perform a few of the scenes for you live! I understand that my concept and venture is more unorthodox than the project ideas that Shark Tank is use to receiving. However, I hope that will not be a reason for not considering me as a strong future candidate to audition. I have included my contact information as instructed and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you! Respectfully, Marie Brown

  12. have a u.s. patent entitled "the automatic tire sealing and inflating system". upon a rupture, unit will automatically seal and inflate tire, while driver never has to exit vehicle. system will also inflate air into tire if psi drops.

  13. I have a new card game. Teenagers have a blast with it. Parents play it with their younger children. It's called "Integrity". Loads of fun and a great way to teach character qualities displayed on the cards. Need distribution help. Would love to present it to the Sharks.

  14. I, Dr. Marva Herring am a general Dentist
    residing in Lanham, MD. I am a Veteran of the
    U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. I am also a
    Two time breast cancer survivor. I have numerous inventions designed to make Dental
    Treatment fun for adults and children. Children laugh when they come into the Dental Office and see these products in use!! I am asking for a $150,000.00 for a

  15. I have a patent #8,669,878 for the Carbon Monoxide Activated Garage Door opening System. This product has yet to be made and will save countless lives. When made it can replace the button on your garage door opener that is mounted on the wall. It has two Carbon Monoxide detectors inside and when they both have a positive reading for the excess presence of Carbon Monoxide it will open the garege door automaticaly. Once this is in the market place I beleave that it will soon become a law that everyone must have one of these detectors in their garge. So lets save some lives shall we.

  16. Maybe you will see this, maybe not. I have a 1yr old daughter. Im tired. Tired of trying to keep her entertained,spending so much time to get her to sleep, make the car rides less screaming and more scenery-watching. Well, i have an idea that will satisfy the both of us.She will be entertained while i can do the things i want to. I have made a very "rough draft" of it. It works for her, but this thing could be more streamlined for sure and help all the parents with young kids out there.

  17. My husband has 5 inventions …. Two patent pending, one a full patent … 4 of them are for contractors make work easier, faster, saving time money material, …. Also woodworkers, builders , weekend warriors, suppliers, DYI shows would love these products. hand made all the prototypes himself.
    Would greatly appreciate & Need your help & expertise …. He is an inventor, idea guy, contractor, carpenter, Can build a house top to bottom with his eyes shut but know little about the business side, marketing, etc please help! His 5th invention has the broadest audience appeal . Everyone in the world can use this and it saves time, money , frustration , makes life so much easier in this technological world… and those I've shown the inventions too say each one is more ingenious than the last! I'd like You to tell me your thought on these inventions you being the experts In Your field! All products would sell well in a home improvement store setting! They are 100% made in America … Much gratitude, Susan
    PS Bry is a walking miracle in that he is missing an entire left descending artery In His heart has a deformed right descending artery and yet just keeps going! Would love him to see his hard work & dream take off sooner than later

  18. I have 5 inventions …. Two patent pending, one a full patent … 4 of them are for contractors make work easier, faster, saving time money material, …. Also woodworkers, builders , weekend warriors, suppliers, DYI shows would love these products. I hand made all the prototypes myself.
    Would greatly appreciate & Need your help & expertise …. I'm an inventor, idea guy, contractor, carpenter, Can build a house top to bottom with my eyes shut but know little about the business side, marketing, etc please help! My 5th invention has the broadest audience appeal . Everyone in the world can use this and it saves time, money , frustration , makes life so much easier in this technological world… and those I've shown my inventions too say each one is more ingenious than the last! I'd like You to tell me your thought on my inventions you being the experts I. Your field! All my products would sell well in a home improvement store setting! They are 100% made in America … Much gratitude, Bryon

  19. I have a great idea and I want to show it to the sharks it needs to be patented and made but it's a awesome idea and I'm sure it will sell in the billions….please let me know when the next auditions are in LA & I will be there.

  20. Hello
    I'm seeking an investment for a historic documentary-film that I've researched and written on America's immigration situation. I,ve shot a 3 min trailer of the film for viewing on you tube and on my you tube page at mrsmokey717. I'd love to have the opportunity to pitch my idea on Sharktank and would like to know when auditions will be near the Washington DC area in 2015

  21. My name is Martin I have a product that I have invented and used for sometime. I been getting alot of inquires
    of where they could buy one. now I am putting them on the market . It's a better way to apply all types of lotions on your back. It's great for seniors who have to apply medical lotion, and for sun tanners . It's soft and easy to wash.

  22. Hello Sharks,first I want to say all you guys are like family in my household,my 2 children know the schedule,and during the show my house is the quietest.Well I'm reaching out because my mom has the best sweets,made from scratch everything is always rich,moist,and presentation is always amazing,and beautiful.A little about my mom mother of 5,resides in Tennessee (Chattanooga) originally from SC.My step dad is an assistant director of the hospital there,and if you check with the hospital they will tell you my mom is an awesome cook.If chosen I'll have her present her sweet potato pie,red&white velvet cake,upside down cake,banana pudding,and German chocolate cake.Although she's great with sweets she's also a soul food queen.The kitchen is her life,she has a passion for cooking and its always I mean always good.We would like to open up a bakery,with just a little start up money I think we could make a big difference in our lives.Please a chance is all we need and Phylisita's Sweets and Treats will be born.Thanks so Much Crystal

  23. Hi I have Idea..Need Start up Patiemts I'm a Amputee from diabettes…my idea can be sold to hospitals..cvs walgreens Etc …billions to be made…

  24. Hey I have some good ideas on January 15th and all this month both times i was trying to get on the sharks tanks show the people told me they will help me with buying tickets right now I am on SSI I did not get the amount fully this month but the only thing happening is they trying to take my ideas for their self I am hope in to get your help with getting on the show and showing my wonderful ideas thanks you all have a bless day

  25. I really would like an opportunity to speak with someone regarding my line. It is unique and guaranteed to sell. Please give me a chance, I guarantee you will not regret your support.

  26. Your show is a fantastic venue in helping those with great ideas in making life easier for the public. My husband and I have a prototype of our invention which is a reciprocating baby stoller which moves back and forth to sooth a fussy baby or a baby that falls asleep after a walk in the park! as soon as the carriage stops moving the baby wakes up. With just the push of a button the stoller well roll back and forth allowing the baby to stay asleep.We have spoken to many new parents regarding our idea,they want to know where it can be purchased. We would love to show you our product. Can't wait to hear from you. Sincerely The Brien's

  27. Hello my name is Lauren. I am 23 years old and have been designing and sewing clothing since I was 16 years old. My mother, Deborah, since she was 12 years old. We have designed a 1-piece, all-season, versatile, zippered garment that you can bring with you anywhere and be 'covered' for ANY occasion, i.e. scarf (infinite ways to tie a scarf), poncho, 1-shoulder shirt (2 options), skirt, beach wrap, dickie, hoodie, strapless shirt (2 options), or halter. We call it the HoboWrap. It has over 10 wearable options in one garment. Some of the options will need a camisole or tube top. Can also be belted for more variations. Great for travel!

  28. I would like to have my design idea licensed to be manufactured and sold. I designed a sports bag prototype that could coincidently feature all sports teams. I've made several representing the Saint Louis Cardinals. I also make scarves,hats,and clothes as well. Please help take my creativity to the next level so the world can see.

  29. My idea is to keep babies and children safe. We have all heard of the horrific stories of innocent lives being lost due to careless or unthinking parents who are usually overstressed or overworked and make the tragic mistake of forgetting a little one in the back seat. I have come up with an idea and have already had a market analysis done on this simple yet life saving device. I am not financially able to go any further at this time as I would need about $20,000 to get this on the market. I am retired, 62 year old grandmother and I am deeply concerned about the needless deaths of innocent lives because their car seat was missing a simple device. I appreciate the opportunity to contact you. Thank you

  30. I sent a video audition into Shark Tank six weeks ago for the Evacuation Sidekick. When should I expect to hear from the team?

    Thank you so much!

  31. Hello,
    My name is Todd, I am 38 and I am self employed and owner of Warlords Crusade Leather Armoury. My business, is a made in the USA Historical Leather Armor and Goods I sell at Renaissance Fairs across the country, and my web store. The Good thing Is I am the crafter and leather smith who makes everything by hand as well as the person at the Fairs and shows selling and demonstrating my wares and goods. I do not think I would ever be a millionaire with my current work structure. I enjoy being the leather smith and being hands on selling my own wares. People get to meet the actual creator of the goods they are looking to purchase, and every pattern, piece is hand cut, tooled and dyed. I am currently participating in 4 shows a year and business is great. But I would like to do a few more shows and what I need Is an investiture to back me so I can be set up for longer trips while on the road. Its time to expand, and I think a business made right here in the USA, involving a dieing craft (leather working), with an owner is 100% hands on would be a great opportunity. I would love the opportunity to speak to the sharks and explain my business plan and projections of the future. Thank you for your consideration.

  32. Hi, my name is Kenyetta Moore and I would love to be an contestant on the Shark Tank. I am a Michigan resident who were born in Detroit and would love to help my city out by providing a catering truck to for an business venture in the Detroit Downtown area. Their are not a lot of food trucks in our downtown, and as a matter of fact it's only a couple that I know of. By Detroit going into bankruptcy, I feel everyone could benefit from my idea of an Sandwich and Soup Truck in the downtown area. I am an culinary graduate of Oakland Community College 2013 and I've been cooking in the restaurant industry for over 15 years now and have not gotten where I want to be in life as far as my career. I can make millions of dollars going into the food service industry on my own with the help of one of the Sharks. I create delicious, beautiful sandwiches no one an resist. I am asking for an 150,000 loan for the business for 30% stake of the company. This is an great investment and with time going by and my life quickly decreasing, I think I can work better for myself to create an million dollar empire vs. making someone else rich by cooking for them making 11.00 dollars an hour. I am 38 going on 39 years old and the rest of my youthful years I would love to spend building an retirement fund for my self and my husband. I really need your help, and would love to pitch my idea on National Television to you. I guarantee once you guys taste my cooking you will be jumping at investment ideas for me and or hiring me as your personal Chef. I will get my whole presentation ready for the day of the television appearance and guarantee that you will be quite satisfied at my brilliant money making tatics, that I've been thinking about for a long time now. please call me in for an audition.
    Sincerely, Need your help Moore

  33. I have created 70 professional original songs which feature study content appearing on the multistate law bar exam. The idea behind my product is that melody facilitates memorization (we all can remember the lyrics to old familiar songs without any effort). The songs appear in an IOS-compatible app and users may purchase songs as singles or in albums which are categorized according to topic. With each purchase, users also receive lyrics and clickable terms or phrases which pop up definitions or explanations.

    I intend to expand my product to state specific bar exam topics and ultimately outside of law to other arenas. I believe in my product; it speaks for itself and simply needs to get the word out. With essentially no marketing, in a two month period, over 1000 users have downloaded the app and have made in app purchases.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Erika and the Study Songs team

  34. Painless tattoos!! Tattoos are growing more acceptable by the day and I have an idea that can make them virtually painless. Painless tattoo is exactly what it is.i have a poor mans patent but do not have the principal to get up and running.the device I have in mind can easily cost 3 to 500 dollars and only 50 bucks to make.a product that every artist in every city state and country would need to have to compete for business.not only is there a huge profit there the equipment will need refil attatchments that will provide an annual revenue of huge amounts of money at low cost to the owner.serious people respond.i do have the poor mans patent and a lawyer for a stepfather so don't bite or I'll bite back !! Thanks

  35. Hello,
    I have a cool new product called Suncloth. It attaches to your seat belt with the Velcro adapter and drape over your arm or any part of your body exposed to the sun. Suncloths help keep you from getting burned while in your vehicle. Suncloths works for both the driver and passengers. We've had them tested and they blocked more than 90% UVA/UVB and is rated 50+ UPF. I have a Full Utility Patent and filed for Trademark. I have sold them at fairs and home shows. Suncloths is packaged and ready for store shelves with UPC codes for each color. I would love to make a deal with one or two sharks who could help me with getting it national attention. Eventually, my goal is to produce Suncloths in major sport team colors with logo and a shark's experience and connection will make this happen. To review the product, please look it up at suncloths.com.

  36. Storage Beds are the place to keep Expensive and Personalitems,plus prevent young children from playing with any guns, or other dangerous items. Product is becoming more usefull for elderly and retired persons each day.

  37. We all luv our pets & care about their well-being while traveling with them. I've designed a pet carrier for any furry pet to keep them cool & aerated throughout the carrier! I know my idea will sell "well!" The design is simple, but requires manufactures I can trust not to steal my idea! I've Facebooked my protos…everyone luvs them, but I need to make them affordable for everyone because I hand make them it isn't cost effective…& I ran out if money! My little carrier's "PortaBella" named after my dog whom I've dragged from icee snow conditions to the depths of desert heat! There's more to this story! Bella's Trek!

  38. I invented a sock holder, please look my name up Sandra Hartage looking for the whole works,with a great kick off

  39. If I can ask the lord to bless me it would be to have a chance to show my product on shark tant I have worked on this ideal for four years, and I finally have them in Walmart as well as save mart coming soon it is a pet item, is their any way this comment can be also great.

  40. I need more information or a number were I can call or maybe be contacting by phone
    my # thank you berry much I am a inventor how needs help to make my idea reality please help me

  41. I have come up with a device that categorically defeats car hijacking and defeats car theft. I am just starting this venture — and this just might be a little premature to appear on your program….I really don't know…… your call

  42. We are a business that has grown from one little retail store to sixteen stores in less than three years. We have annual sells of over a $1,000,000.00. We would like an opportunity to take our business model Nation Wide. The company is Steve's World of Golf and our website is stevesworldofgolf.com

    Thank you for your time sharks!

    Thank You,
    Steve Pitts

  43. I have invented an exercise device that can tone and lean down your arms,back,waist and legs with its' use.I would like to license the product to a company to manufacture and sell.

  44. I have a jigsaw puzzle that can go on any surface. flat table or upright wall and stay where you put it untill you move it. the puzzle can be put together over and over.

  45. After long thought I would like to be considered for a Shark Tank Audition. I know the sharks will fight over my idea, cause I won't have to sell it to them, the product itself will literally do it for me.
    Gary W. Vandelinde

  46. I have new improved baby bottle. It cost to make $1.20 it will cost retail price $16.95. Imagine every year how many babies are born? well take a big guest. Lets make big money call me. Thank you.

  47. I am Ed le Blanc. I am 71 years of age. I created a company that built the PEGASUS motorcoach. We were on eht cover of FMCA and ROBB REPORT in the 90's
    I have come up with a NEW way to build these wonderful motor coaches. Not the complete unit….but the shell and all the things that make it work. The main point…all of the complex things that make it work will all be the same and can be serviced all over the world. If U buy a million and 1/2 coach today….it will be great. Problem is it will take 6 months to a year to complete and no one can work on it except for the people that built it. I have come up with a way to build the shell (bus) that will go to the conversion house with all the working parts in a generic form that will fit ANY floor plan. The cost will be reduced dramiticaly. The time to get it out the door will be reduced. Sales will increase because for the 1st time one does not need worry about service or warranty.
    One could sell 100 of these a year at $450,000.00 to $650,000.00 in this country alone….Then there is OTHER countries. So far the company is called Eqqus. We could double our money on each unit. Each unit could be built with a Letter of credit and of course each unit will be collateral.
    HOWEVER it would take a sizable investment.

    This is a a small part of the story.

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