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“Running With The Devil” Starring Nicholas Cage

Running With The Devil Starring Nicholas CageDo you want a speaking role in a movie with one of the most well known actors of our time? Nicholas Cage is starring in the upcoming film “Running with the Devil” and there are two speaking characters up for grabs! An acting casting call is on the hunt for two actresses. Filming will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Casting will be taking place February 20th through February 25th. Shooting is set for March 12th through March 30th. The 2018 acting casting call for the movie is looking for two Asian women. Actresses will be portraying prostitutes. Because of the nature of the role, anyone who applies must be ages 21 through 30. This is a SAG-AFTRA union paying job.

According to Patriot Pictures the film takes place “When a cocaine shipment is compromised to the dismay of the Cartel’s ringleader, The Boss, the Boss orders his most trusted Cook (Nicolas Cage confirmed) and another master drug trafficker, The Man on a dangerous journey to audit the company’s supply chain from its origins as a coca plant in Colombia, across international borders navigating a spectrum of federales, gangsters, refiners, couriers to the final point of purchase at a night club in Canada. This fast-paced adventure is a journey of life and death, as a rogue Agent in Charge dogs the Cartel’s every turn, and a compromised Snitch threatens to destroy internal secrets… infuriating the Boss”.

Auditions are being held within the next six days so if you are interested be sure to apply to the movie audition right away!

2018 Movie Casting Call

SAG Scale Feature starring Nicholas Cage is seeking 2 speaking roles:


Two Asian hookers, age 21-30, hired by one of our leads after he sees them
in a sex shop show. They show up at his hotel to party. 2 lines, 2 scenes
These roles require partial nudity.

Please send a headshot & resume to kbrinkcasting@aol.com for an appointment for casting.
This film casts Feb 20-25 and shoots in Albuquerque March 12-30.

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