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Royal Pains - USA Network
Royal Pains

USA, cable’s most watched network has been steadily setting the bar for quality original programming for years and Royal Pains has become one of it’s most entertaining and most watched programs ever. Season 4 is currently in production and casting calls are underway for a variety of different roles for actors of all ages.

Royal Pains stars the very talented Mark Feuerstein as a talented E.R. doctor who loses his position after a wealthy hospital donor dies while under his care. While on a trip to the Hamptons he stumbles into an opportunity to become a “concierge doctor” to the ritzy residents of the community. Royal Pains is filled with equal parts comedy and drama and possesses one of the finest casts on television today including Paul Costanzo, Jill Flint and Campbell Scott – and now that cast could include you. Casting calls for roles of all sizes including extras are going on now so if you are interested be sure to leave a comment below and keep checking back for every exciting update.

Some of the finest work in entertainment today is being done on cable television and it’s time now for you to get in on the action. There is no time like the present to make your big career splash and no better program for you do it on than the fantastically entertaining Royal pains.

290 thoughts on “Royal Pains – USA Network

  1. Hello, my name is Tracy Wakeman and I would love to audition for "Royal Pains"! I love the show and believe I will be a great addition to the cast. I have studied acting techniques for both film and theater, and have performed in various productions. I also have extensive modeling experience. I am a versatile performer, and I am a very hard worker. I get along with everyone on set and I am NOT a diva. I am very upbeat and always have a smile on my face! I want to thank you for this amazing opportunity, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Acting, modeling, singing, dancing, horseback riding, camping, hiking, water skiing, sailing, swimming, sun bathing, exercising, gardening, carpentry, painting, drawing, pottery, photography, laughing, learning new things, meeting new people

    My Stats:
    Name: Tracy Wakeman
    Gender: Female
    Age: 45 (look 35)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green
    Bust: 34D
    Waist: 29
    Hip: 39
    Dress Size: 4-6
    Pant Size: 4-6
    Shoe Size: 8

  2. I am a published author of books for children. Would make a wonderful extra for
    perhaps at a book store or coffee shop! This show has been so wonderful to watch with the
    beautiful scenery, the great actors, and great story lines. I am a 67 yr old woman
    who would love a chance to be on this show
    in a small way. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am from Pennsylvania.

  3. Hello I'm Athos, and I think I'll be great on blue collars. I am young and see the ways of criminals and cops.
    16 years old
    Fast runner
    Can be smart mouthed
    Look a lot older than what I am
    love acting as villain or smart mouthed characters.

  4. I'd love to audition for a small role or even an extra. I want an opportunity to gain some sort of experience doing anything.
    Gender: female
    Age:18 although I look younger
    Hair: brown
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino can pass as Native American
    Location:from Nee Jersey but can travel to NY.
    Please contact me vas soon as possible.
    Thank you so much for the consideration.

  5. I would be apart of this project. I am willing to portray any character and work hard. It would be an honor. Acting is my life.

    Thank you.

  6. Hey my name is sarah Walker I watch your show all the time. Since I was a little girl I've always wanted to act and sing. I have this Idea for your show.I am 15 years old with blond hair and blue eyes. My Idea for your show is that, I'm just using me as an exaple though. You could have a rising star on your show (and i'm just saying that as a charater) and she has heard about Hank alot and wants to meet him so bad, and then one day she comes down with a fever. Her friend called Hank, and she could not see clearly because the fever was taking over her. I hope to hear back from you soon.Thanks.

  7. Hello. I would love to have an opportunity to work on your show. I'm a fresh new talent that's very easy to work with and a very hard worker. I'm in the Florida area but I will travel if I have to. I'm taking acting classes and workshops for a while now and I'm ready to put my talents to use. Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks alot!

  8. Hello. I'd love to have an opportunity to show you what I can do in this show. I played the supporting role as Eleanor Skepple in the super sleeper movie Good Luck Chuck starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba. Ive recently relocated to the Houston area to be closer to potential casting calls. Im easy to work with and highly motivated to show my skills. If interested, I can provide a resume and headshot. Im searchable through IMDB and Im also a Union member of SAG. Hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks again!

  9. I love this show!!! It would be a dream come true to be casted on this.

    Name: LaDarian Raymond

  10. hello,
    hair color:blonde
    eye color:green
    i dont know if you would have a role for me because of my age but i can play older roles because i look a little older.

  11. Hello I am Kayleigh Young, I am 13 years old, white female, auburn hair, blue eyes, and 5'5''.If you could see someone such as myself to possibly cast, I would love to have such a great opportunity. Extra, anything. I am really about the experience.

    Thank you.

  12. Lulu Fonseca
    19 years old
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    130 lbs
    I can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, some sign language.
    I have been in 4 school plays (2 in middle school 2 in high school)
    I haven't had any experience othern than school plays, but I would love to start acting, it's something that I've always wanted to do. I'm open to new things, and I'm always down to try different things and expand my comfort zone!

  13. I know my potential for success is just as great as my potential for failure and I am fully aware of the rejection, but I know I can make it. If you were to ever ask your self what does he want from being a star actor. I will not hesitate to answer this, Because I ask my self this question everyday to remind me. I want to learn all the structure and craft of acting and be able to perform at my very best. To prepare me for the world.. I have before me. I am nothing, but a hardworking passionate person and never hold back.I want to be a true artist in the script. Especially, if it means fulfilling my dreams. I don't believe in many things except God and few things, but I do believe that I was designed to entertain people. Acting has been my life. I have been trapped in my head almost my whole life and when I act i'm set free. But there is no limit to my acting and potential. I have faced rejection due to lack of money to get me anywhere and there's always this elephant in my life telling me I will never make it. I come from a good family, the best. Never been a wealthy family, but our love and support in each other is priceless. I know who I am and what Im capable of… all I need is the opportunity to show it. I was accepted with a scholarship by Two Great performers, talent recruiters and friends like Anthony & John Michael Marrs, who will be like fathers to me in the streets of New York and this very competitive industry. I am attending the school of my dreams in the city or success, never thought this would happen and its good enough for me. I just want to get my foot in the door and become a true working actor. I have always been a quick learning performer. I take things in fast and branch my knowledge off of what I learned and progress as I grow to be the best at whats at the summit of my mind. Having a keen eye and understanding of acting is more important than anything if your attempting to master a craft. You have to have idols in order to create a dream of your own. I look up to such actors as Tom Hanks, Al Pacino, James Dean, Kevin kostner, George Cloony, Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise, Will smith, Robert Dinero, Ryan Gosling, keanu Reeves, Patrick swhayze, Emilio Estevez and want to be recognized in this category of professionals one day. The art of acting is the hardest of all crafts to master, but one day I would like to be close to perfecting it as greats before me, like Leonardo DiCaprio, Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Jack Nicholson and Merrili Streep did. I want to make a name for myself in this industry and leave my prints in the world as one of the best Working actors of all time. I would do it for free if it meant doing what I enjoy doing. After all there is no price to be put on one's passion. From Being an action star and kissing beautiful woman, Or being a comical actor, being the outcast or down right geek. But being a remembered famous character and entertaining the world would be my ultimate goal in life. To change lives would be magnificent and humbling. Having the power to make people smile, lift their spirits, making people really think beyond their knowledge, Putting people in tears with love stories, forcing people to the edge of there seats in suspense with dramatic roles. Being the Hero Antagonist or protagonist are all places in which, I can shine. ..To being the next Edward "scissor hands" (Johnny Depp) there is no limit to the talent I can Bring. I can jump in and out of any character. There is no question to if I set my mind to everything I do. Its all i know. Entering this industry would give me the chance to show the world who I can be. I realize my chances are slim and I don't even care the storm that comes my way. I was born to be an actor because being an actor, well to me.. means I can be anything in the world a doctor, lawyer, hopeless romantic, Hero or even the villain what more excitement and spirit than that, do you need. I want this more than anything. Give me an audition or chance to sink my feet into this business and I assure you I will not diss-point you with my work. The Shows, jobs, series or movies I have before me will never change me as a person. I am resilient and raised by a strong family to be strong. Stardom tends to rip people apart and get them into bad habits. that shortly end their career but for me I will take it in with a grain of salt and Never bite the hand that fed me. There is only one thing I keep my pride in. The only one thing that I am Proud of throughout my life thus far is I can Honestly say, "My previous goal is still my active goal and I plan to Never let it slip without my chance of succeeding. I have said it before and I will say it again. I know my potential for success is just as great as my potential for failure and I am fully aware of the rejection, but I know I will shine one of these days!!! -"This is the Dream Reminding Speech", That I recite to myself to remind me, what I am here for.
    -By Nicholas Conley PICK ME NICK CONLEY IM LIKE NO OTHER! The best is what you get!

  14. Name: James Stelle
    Race: Caucasian
    Age: 27
    DOB: may 17, 1985
    Height: 6"4
    Weight: 250
    Body Type: Muscular large/sleek
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: blue
    Complexion: Light Tan
    Location: Dallas Texas
    Sports: Jujitsu, Muay Thai, basketball, Wieght traning
    I performed in multiple high school plays. A few of which were a musical called "Lil abner" and a Anton Chekov play. I have helped grip multiple shoots for short films in order to gain a better understanding of the film industry. Even though my experience is shallow I have a commanding presence and a booming voice(often told i sound like a radio announcer). I have also been told that I have a kind looking face and in conjunction with a towering body i have a unique look. I would love to join this production and help make a successful movie. Thank You, James

  15. Hello,

    My name is Kiah and Royal Pains is one of the best shows i've ever watched! My family and I watch it all the time and we love it. I'm from Los Angeles, CA. I'm 20 years old can play 15-23 years old. I'm 5'3", long black hair, dark brown eyes. I'm exotic looking, my ethnicities are: Jamaican, Mexican, Chinese, British, French, German, Native American, and African American. I get asked at least once a day if i'm Indian or related races. I would love to be apart of Royal Pains. Acting is what I want to do in life, and what better show than this.

    Thank you,

  16. I'd love to be a part of this great show! I like the storyline and premise of it and I think I can bring my talent quality to the table for this fabulous project!

  17. Name- Tana
    Age- 31
    Height- "5'8"
    Hair Color- Black
    Eyes Color- Brown
    Ethnicity- Pacific Islander
    Country- USA
    State- California
    City- Fresno
    Body Type- Average/ Athletic

    Hi! I would really love to get a chance and the opportunity to be part of this production. I am a very hard working person, I never do any job half way done, when I do something I always give it my all. I am also very energetic fun and very outgoing, I come from a very humble family and I'm Still searching for the chance to full fill my dreams. I thank you all for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

  18. I'm Kelly I am from Chicago Il. I am 23 years old. 5'2 and blonde hair. I have green eyes. I have some experience and I am interested in this role because I love this show. I have a passion for acting and this show would be such an amazing expeirence. I love to work hard and I would give this show everything that I got and more.

  19. Name: Chad Raven
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    DOB: July 1, 1998
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Eye color: Blue-Grey
    Hair color: Light Brown

    Hi, my name is Chad Raven. I am a 14-year-old actor and singer. I have been performing since the age of 5 and love every minute of it. I attended a Theater magnet for middle school in Florida and I am continuing at New World School of the Arts for High School. I will do whatever I am told and will act professional at all times. I hope you will consider me for a role and I thank you for your time.

  20. Here it goes,
    Im 25 year old A.A. female 5'5 , brown hair and eyes, a average build , can pass for (18-25), I have as many people probably have, gone through more than my share of struggles. At a young age I sought out acting as a way to temp. escape my reality of life. Since then I have found solidarity in acting. Being able to be myself, while mysteriously being someone else. I love the possibility of eluding life, while still being able to be myself, helping others and doing something that I love to do all in one. I am currently training with Page Parkes in my hometown of Houston,Texas. I recently became more able in life than ever before to focus on my life goal of not just succeeding in college but also the opportunity of pursuing my goal in this career field.
    I really would do anything to get a break. I want this, it is what i wake up thinking about and what I go to bed thinking about . I believe I have what it takes. I follow direction while not being a follower, and I take direction and criticism and apply it

  21. Hello. I am 34 y/o veteran with no experience in acting. I am trainable and always looking to try new experiences.

    Eyes: Honey Brown
    Hair: Brown, Long, Curly
    Build: Average/Slightly Overweight

  22. Age: 30's
    Gender: Female
    Hair: Natural
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 155

    Honorably discharge Navy Vet of 14 years as of Oct 21, 2011 looking to start a new career. An opportunity for a reocurring role or any small part would put one step closer to my dream. Thank You!

  23. Hello, my name is Shakiyla and Actress from VeilofDreams. I would love to audition for this it would really help my career. Thank you so much.

    My stats:

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 115

    Bust: 34C

    Waist: 26

    Hips: 32

    Hair color: Auburn

    Eye color: Brown

    Dress size: 4

    She Size: 7.5

    Location: Washington, D.C.

  24. I really love this show an it would be a once in a lifetime chance to act alongside these amazing people! I'm thin and fit and I can act very well!!!!! Please give me the chance to show you what I can do'

  25. Name: Laura Pinter
    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: Hispanic
    Height: 5'6
    Eye Colors: Dark Brown
    Body Type: Fit
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Experience: Martial Arts and Karate

    It would be an honor to be part of Royal Pains. I'm a very motivated person that is willing to do any scene that they get in front of me. I have not have the experience yet in acting but I'm willing to learn my script. Furthermore I'm sure I can be a great actress.

  26. Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5"2"
    Weight:Full- Figured / curvy
    Hair color: Brown
    Hair length: mid back
    Eye color: brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    I would be a perfect addition to the Royal Pains Cast because I am outgoing, Friendly,spunky , a fast learner and i dont give up. Please feel free to email me about this casting call

  27. Hi, my name is Denise and i am a 29 year old unknown, yet up and coming actress/writer/director. Although i have tried numerous ways, i have been unsuccessful with getting myself in the entertainment business. I appreciate you guys so much for even giving me the oppurtunity to try and audition for your show. I am very good at what i do and i take my work very seriously. Please consider contacting me, I would love this oppurtunity. Please feel free to contact me with more information about casting.

  28. Greetings Movie LAND!
    Name: Kerry
    Last name: Gipson Jr
    gender: Male
    age: 25 (11/30/1986)
    weight: 176 lb
    height: 6'3 1/2 (Athletic Build)
    Hair color: Blk
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: Blk/American
    Country: USA
    Languages: spanish and english

    I believe in any genre I can be a great asset to your movie/TV series. I has a variety of talents. I am very comedic, with sarcastic humor. I can be serious, frightened, or in love. I have a great professional background and I have developed a variety of personal traits with many years in the social light in clubs, groups, leagues, organizations, and school spirit teams. After completion of college with a BS in health, I decided to follow my path on to become an entertainer. I believe my personality can and will get me far in the acting world and I want to pursue it fully. I'm well spoken, nice, neat, and I can display emotion/tears on cue. I'm a driven individual, determined, disciplined, and responsible. Please give me a chance.

    Thank You, Kerry Gipson Jr.

  29. Hello my name is Bailey Sargeant
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Long, Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    I would love to audition for Royal Pains. I have my bachelor's degree in Acting with experience in theatre in film. I am very persistent and (no matter the role size) have always been the hardest worker on set. I am funny, outgoing, and love working with new people. Thank you!

  30. i should be apart of Royal Pains because i know i have what it takes. i have a lot to offer i am young, full of energy,easy to get along with, great at following directions,open to anything.i am a hardworker i love learning new things. i will work on my off days to be the best at anything i do. In conclusion, thats why i kow i should be apart of Royal Pains

  31. I feel my skills and experiences fit the position as described. I look forward to speaking with you concerning this opportunity. I have attached a link to my demo reels and photo gallery to assist in your decision making process.


    LaToya H.

  32. Hello Royal Pains casting! My name is Andrea Levinsky and I'm 19 years old. I'm Caucasian, 5'3, and 115lbs. I have dirty blonde hair and light blue eyes. I've been singing and taking part in productions since I'm 12, so I have some experience. I would LOVE to be a part of Royal Pains! It would be a great experience for someone my age and it's something I've wanted all of my life. I'm very personable and always smiling. Please email me if you're interested. Thank you!

  33. Name: Ryan Grant
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6"1"
    Weight: 157 lbs.
    Hair color: Black
    Hair length: Short
    Eye color: Brown
    Ethnicity: African American
    Languages: English
    Perfomance skills: Acting, Singing, and Song Writing
    Birthday: 02/18/93

    Hello, my name is Ryan Grant and I am very interested in being a part of your upcoming show. I pray that the opportunity to work with you is extended to me. I know that I can and will exceed all of the things that are expectated and required of me.

  34. Hi! I am Elisabeth. I am currently 15 turning 16 in November. My mom has worked on broadway and she is a nurse. I have been acting since 1st grade. I am down to earth and loving.

    I am actually a professional at injuries. That is my specialty. I actually had an assignment where we had to fake an injury at a hospital and I passed off that I had a broken rib to the point of surgery haha.

    I have watched you show since episode one and have always wanted to be on.

    Thank you!

  35. Sounds like a great opportunity and would love to receive more information about auditions! Thank you.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Location: Atlanta

  36. Hello,

    I am 20 years old, white male, dark brown hair, eye color that varies from green to brown/hazel, 6ft in height and from SOUTH AFRICA.

    I moved to the U.S in 2010 to study, which I still do currently.

    I really enjoyed this show as I do many with regards to doctors and the on going thrill and emotions the shows portray.

    If you could see someone such as myself to possibly cast, I would love to have such a great opportunity. Extra, anything, I'd do it for FREE. I am really about the experience than the pay. If not maybe next time.

    Thank you.

  37. Female
    18 years old.
    100 pounds.
    Dark and light brown hair.
    Blue or brown eyes.
    Spanish and English.

    I'm open to try anything new. I am creative, caring, and down to earth.
    PLEASE contact me for ANY role or opportunity.
    I can sing, model, cheer. And I can and will try my best in anything I put my mind to!

  38. Earl
    age: 57 (look older)
    height: 5'11"
    weight: 230lbs
    gray beard, mostly bald, great character look, haven't acted in 100 yrs


    Well, Now that I have you attention, lOl The name is Alexandria Bayne. I'm 15yrs old but people think I'm 17. It may come as a shock to you but people have always thought I was older that I was *Shrugs* I got used to it 🙂 I have black hair & brown eyes. Im black & white or should I use the correct terminology, African American & Caucasian 😉 I'm 5'3… yupp, I'm a shrimp. lOl. I sitting here now, just wondering "how am I going to make these people want to pick me out of ALL these amazing people that have already commented to you & those yet to come?" & honestly I still don't have an answer to that question, but hopefully you see, what I see in myself & how much I stand out compared to other. If you haven't notice I'm very confident in myself … at times & have a wise head on my shoulders & plan to do big things in life. I feel like this, this right here, could be my break. This is something ive been longing to do sence elementary school watching Barney & Emily Elizabeth & Her Big Red Dog Gifford 😀 . Anywho your probably done listening to me babble on & on about me & my life. Consider Me & Thanks For Reading ;D
    Love ; Alex

  40. This a huge opportunity to be a part of something that has been so successful and I would love to be a part of it. I have a spunky, outgoing personality that can bring any character to life. Just in case you need anymore convincing I'll give you a little more information about me.
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'3
    Hair: Long Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Ethnicity: Native American
    Skin: Tan
    Thank you for your time!
    Rachel Merrill

  41. Height – 43 inches
    Hair – Blonde
    Eyes – Blue
    Weight – 37 lbs
    DOB – August 14, 2006 — almost 6 years old

    Elementary Screen Acting
    May 2 – June 27 2012 ACTS Acting Academy

    I am very outgoing and love to be in front of a camera. I love to make people laugh and love getting the attention of others! I am active in baseball, football, and acting classes. My hobbies are riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, fishing, anything outdoors, watching movies, and acting.
    Email my mom for a HEADSHOT!

  42. Height – 43 inches
    Hair – Blonde
    Eyes – Blue
    Weight – 37 lbs
    DOB – August 14, 2006 -almost 6 🙂

    Elementary Screen Acting May 2 – June 27 2012 ACTS Acting Academy

    I am very outgoing and love to be in front of a camera. I love to make people laugh and love getting the attention of others! I am active in baseball, football, and acting classes. My hobbies are riding dirt bikes, motorcycles, fishing, anything outdoors, watching movies, and acting. PLEASE PICK ME!!! Email my mom for a headshot!

  43. Hi, my name is Cammie. I am 15 turning 16 in 2 months. I am 5”5 with dirty blonde hair. I have six years of acting experience. I have starred in two plays. I have also had to take on the role of another actress she dropped out. I absoulutly love acting and love being in front of cameras. I have done gymnastics for many years and I am very experienced. I would really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your production, thankyou for your time.

  44. Hi, I'm Suzann. I am interested in being a part of this show as an extra. To be honest I would like to try this field out, because I think it would be a great exciting new experience to try out. I love interacting with people and am a hard worker at anything I do. I would love to be given an opportunity to do this job. I have photos upon request.

    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Ethnic: Half Arab/ Half Mexican
    Hair: Brown w/ blonde highlights
    Eyes: Brownish Honey

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

  45. Hello, I'm Laura Martinez and I am an outgoing latina american!

    height: 5'6
    weight: 120lbs
    age: 22

    I have a vibrant personality, and I am down for anything and I am even open to doing something totally out of the box! I am a determined person and have the strong desire to do everything right the first time! Im very dedicated and I adjust very well to all persona's. Very easy to work with and I take direction well! I took a few acting classes as a teenager, and been in a few plays in school taking on the roleS of 'Juliet' in "Romeo and Juliet" and "Rizzo" in "Grease". I also was in a few plays in church as a child but im not sure if that counts.

    Well, I am very interested in hearing back from you!

    I hope to hear back!

  46. Need a 22 year-old, latin hottie for any role? (: If so, I'm your girl with an outgoing personality and energetic attitude.
    Name: Annie
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 138 lbs.
    Body type: Slim/Athletic

  47. I'm Brandi, and I absolutely love that there are opportunities such as this. Royal Pains would be a good fit for me because I, like the show, am equal parts drama and comedy. Or perhaps more sarcasm than comedy. Like my father always says, "Sarcasm is an art". Anyhow, I don't see myself being content in any other industry, and I believe I can nail any role given to me. I am nineteen years young, brunette white girl with green eyes. People say I'm pretty. I guess that'll do.

  48. Kings Rollo, William the Conqueror, Henry I-III, Louis I-IX, Charles V and many others says:

    The Royal Pain in the ______ .
    I am truly Royal as I descend from Rollo, William the Conqueror, the Henry's, Louis and more. Built and look similar to Henry VIII as we share DNA. Can act like Henry VIII or St. Louis dependant upon negotiations. A "legitamate" Royal Pain with pedigree to prove it.

    The Duke of Acquitaine, Michel

  49. I regret my mom not letting be an actress or model when approached in a department store. I would just like the opprunity to see if I have what it takes. Thank you

  50. Name:Jack
    height:6 foot
    body type:slim built athletic
    Hi Im jack I have experience in acting in front of a camera and I am great at taking orders the job sounds great and im greatly interested IF YOU TAKE ME ON I WILL NO DOUBT DO MY BEST TO IMPRESS please consider and email me back thank you for your time.

    Jack Zuver

  51. My name is Ana Cristina Ruiz
    age: 22
    hair: brunette / blonde by choice
    eyes: blue
    height: 5'2
    weight: 118
    body type: athletic/tone
    best physical feature: eyes & smile

    Great Memory, Wonderful Actress and easy going.

  52. I feel i should be in this tv show because ill add somemore funny stuff to the staff already there

  53. I am interested in trying out for a role in Royal Pains. I'm 21 yrs old male caucasian. I am not comfortable putting my personal info out here. Please email me and I will send you my headshot and info. Thank you for the opportunity.

  54. Hey I'm Angelina I'm 15 and I have brown hair and eyes. I would love to be apart of your film. I have been acting for a long time and I am very athletic and in great shape. I hope you consider me for this film. Thanks, Angelina.

  55. Name:Doenisha Forrester
    Age: 14
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Texture/ Length of hair: Curly/ Long
    Skin Color: Tan
    Ethnicity: African American/ White

    I am a resent graduate of Actors,
    Models,& Talent for Christ.I have been intensively trained in the entertainment industry,I have had several private singing lessons as well as group singing lessons, and also have been trained in On Stage Acting.
    The types of acting I have been trained for are:
    On Camera
    Product Endorsment
    Scene Read
    & Cold Read

    I would love to serve your TV station in any way. Thank you for considering me.

  56. Hey my name is Jenna, I’m 16 years old and I would love to be a part of a movie. I have actually been in “Farmland”, with Zac Efron, Dennis Q. and Heather Graham, well I was an extra for a day and after that I definitely. knew that I wanted to get into the movie business. They shot here for a few days and I got to watch them and see how everything worked. So It would be a great Opportunity for me to be in this tv. series. I will give it my all and play the character how she should be played. Everyone has to start somewhere and I would love it if I started here on this show.

  57. Im very interested in acting but I have no experience at all……but whatever I do I'm determined to do well. I'd love this opportunity.

    Black male
    Athletic build
    28 yrs of age

  58. I've been a fan of Royal Pains since it's inception back in June of 2009. I had just graduated and spent a good part of my summer watching the series.

    I am a 6'0" 170 Lbs white male with blonde hair and brown eyes. I am 20 years old and am confident that I can bring something special to an episode of the upcoming season if not to the whole season itself.


  59. Hi my name is darline Merveille, i'm 22 years old, 5'6, eye:brown, hair:black and short. Im interested and would like to be part of your film, i just graduate modeling and acting school at Barbizon, so i think this would be agreat aportunity for me. 🙂

  60. Hi, I am Macie Alexandria Mullis
    hair: long red hair
    I would love to be a part of your film. I am very committed to my work and I have very good work ethic. Over the years i have had some experience and have attended some acting/modeling classes! I would love to hear from you!!

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