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Reed Between The Lines Auditions
Read Between The Lines

The call is out for up and coming actors to fill a variety of available roles for the all new season of the family sitcom Reed Between The Lines. Casting calls will start soon for fresh episodes and submissions are being accepted now. This is your chance to star in one of the biggest hits in the history of the BET Network.

Reed Between The Lines follows the day to day life of the fantastically entertaining Reed family as they try to balance their work, school and home lives as a newly blended unit. When psychologist Carol and professor Alex meet and marry they learn that starting a new family (she has two kids and he has one) is not so easy. Each week millions of loyal viewers tune in to see all of the fun and hijinks that the new unit have, knowing in the end that the strong love that they all share for each other will ultimately get them through anything. Reed Between The Lines has been described as a Brady Bunch fir the next generation and has audiences and critics across the board praising this fresh new take on the family sitcom. The show is chock full of talented performers including Malcolm-Jamal Warner (The Cosby Show, Malcolm And Eddie), Michole Briana White (The Breakup Artist, 25th Hour) and Tony Rock (Think Like a Man, Everybody Hates Chris). This is an opportunity for aspiring actors of all ages and races to make their big television break in a monster sitcom hit. Auditions will be happening soon and continue throughout the season. If you are interested in applying for any of the available roles you can send an email here maleextras@hyltoncasting.com or here femaleextras@hyltoncasting.com. Leave a comment for us below and tell us what you think of the show and why you want to be a part of it and stay tune for every casting update for Reed Between The Lines as they become available.

You don’t have to Read Between The Lines to know that this could be the audition of the year. Apply today to join the cast of Reed Between The Lines.

129 thoughts on “Reed Between The Lines – BET

  1. Im keessy im 24 and this show is great if this show is coming back then I would love to be apart of it. I love acting its a passion of me I feel I can go far with it I'm young and energetic

  2. Hello my name is Sade Smith and it's time for me to start living my life for myself instead of others. I love acting it's a passion of mine. I look forward to working with you.

  3. Hey !! I'm Nautica. Acting has always been my passion. I feel that you guys would really enjoy me with my energetic, outgoing, and very humorous character I will be greatly beneficial to the show . Thanks

  4. I love acting, I've had experience in acting. I'm a black girl who rocks✊, and will continue to follow my dreams as long as I live.

    I'm 17.
    I have dark brown hair.
    I have brown eyes.
    *Please contact me
    Thank You! God Bless!!!
    -Tonja H.

  5. Hi my name is Conswayla Frazier. I think I would be a perfect fit for Reed Between the lines, I grew in a house hold that was similar my father had 5 kids and my mother had 3. Although my fathers children weren't my mothers she did everything she could to merge our families and might I say she did an excellent job. So I know what it is to have a multitude of different personalities living under on roof.

  6. I am anthony Nelson and i love to sing,dance,act,and make my peers smile.i believe with this opportunity to be on this show I could better my life As well as my peers.

  7. My name is Nyanda and I am 16 and I live in San Diego, California. I'm in drama and acting classes, and I can make whatever role I play come to life.

  8. Hello, my name is Janika. I am 20 years old. I am very energetic and i am determined to make my dreams come true. Whatever you need I will work hard to provide.

  9. I'm a 30 year old mother soon to be divorced from my kids dad.I have a talent making people laugh being a funny person from Birmingham,Alabama. I weigh 135 5'5 African American independent young woman that pray God answer my prayer being a one day famous actress to make life better for me and my kids.

  10. My name is Bianca Warthen Peyton ,Iam black but very lightskin ,Iam very smart,I make straight A's in school,caring,hardworking,Iam quick at learning new things,I have been in every play at my school,I have been to additions ,I love acting,because I can express myself in my acting and my role,I will be 17 this month on the 29
    From Bianca Warthen Peyton

  11. Hello, I'm Shantrell Mathieu and as of Oct. 8 I will be 19 years old. I absolutely love this show & enjoy acting and modeling. I am 5'5, but I am full of energy and acting tend to come natural for me. I have taken plenty of classes for acting and modeling and have done a few auditions, but now I am more than ready to take my career to the next level. If you invite me to audition, I promise you wont regret it, IM AWESOME! You'd love me and so will the watches of Reed Between The Lines!

  12. Hi my name is itevia Kinsey I'm 16 years old I love to act and just have fun trying new things it's always been a dream on mines to act and be on a tv show I know I can do a great job please contact me

  13. Hi and Thank you for your time today!

    My name is Brianna Rachel, a walking inspiration of many things.

    My desire to be on your show means business. What I mean by that is simply that when I step on the scene, you can always count on me to be in character performing as I should and always listening for positive criticism. I want this to be remembered as my first stepping stone in my acting career. Thank you. God bless.


  14. Hi, my name is Brittoni Mykel Sarson
    I would love to be apart of the show I love to meet new people .I have very high confidence in myself.I love to act, sing, and dAnce I love to play parts in movies shows commercial so this is why I would love to be apart of the show please contact me 732 648 9821

  15. Justin McWilson
    Age: 30 look 22-27
    Height: 5'7"
    weight: 140

    Very interested in being a part of this project.

  16. Hello BET, would love to be a part of this cast (maybe malcolm's childhood running buddy with the sarcastic humor)hit me up I flexible. Have your people become my people.

  17. Hello, my name is Micki I live in Pittsburg Kansas. I'm 36 I am very interested of being a part of read between the lines. I think I'd be good at it. I enjoy working with others, I like to work it keeps me going in my life. Please let me know I'm wanting to work hard and be the best actor. Thanks!

  18. My name is Tabitha Turníer, I am 20 years old, I am extremely passionate about what I love, & acting is one of them! I love & enjoy this show with my family, & it would mean the world to me to even be considered to be on the t.v screen in my mother's room, acting on Reed Between the Lines! 🙂

  19. I love this show,the subject matter is very close to my heart – the synergy that the cast has comes through in every episode. I would love to have the opportunity to join the PARTY;)

  20. I would love the Opportunity to be a part of this show. Im a widower,and im raising mythree alone now after a twelve year marriage. I feel as tho I fit perfectl. I would rejoice in a chance,and promise to become an valuble asset to this show. thanks

  21. Hello my name is Kevin Reynolds I am a 28 yr old male, and I'm passionate about entertaining. i AM A VERY FUNNY PERSON, and I just love to entertain. I am a huge fan and God willing I would love to auditon.

    Thanks for reading this.

  22. Hello.My name is lanesha Macon.I am 27 years old.I love this show.I want to be apart of this show because i want to make a difference in this world.and a great example for my husband and children.And even if i dont get a chance to qualify,keep up the good work.very satisfied. thanks

  23. Hello, my name is Nora Jones,I am 22 years old, i am very interested in this opportunity. I believe that i will be a great candidate for this cast.Please fill free to caontact for any opportunities

  24. Need more info on auditioning for this show..i will seal the role once i have the opportunity to be seen foe it..im confident, excited,gorgeous, eager to learn and ready for a new experience just like this one!! Please respond.

  25. Hello, my name is Khalil Collins, I am 28 years old, and I am a huge fan of Read Between The Lines show. I think it's a great show that reflects on African Americans in a positive way. I am very interested in having the opportunity to be apart of this cast.

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