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Reebok Commercial Campaign Ad – Baby & Kids

Reebok Commercial Campaign Ad – Baby & KidsDo you have a baby or child who is perfect to be in ads and commercials? Are you always hearing people tell you that your child should be a model?  Reebok is holding auditions for babies and kids! The athletic wear giant is searching for infants and toddlers who wear a size 4 shoe. Children who are 1 to about 3 years old are needed. While this isn’t a common size, this is what they are looking for. Because filming will be in Los Angeles, kids must be local to Southern California to be considered. If you have been wanting to get your child started in modeling and acting, this is the great way to begin. Sign up for the Reebok audition for this incredible opportunity.

Child and Baby Auditions

Casting Infant/toddlers who fit a SIZE 4 shoe.

They must be able to stand unassisted/ walk. Approx age 1- 3 ish yr old. Now, I understand this is not common!

Children must be:
– Located in Southern California
-Available for a casting session tomorrow
– A work permit will be required, if the child is selected
– Stand unassisted, able to walk
– Fit a toddler 4 (I did look on -line and saw that there is a 4Y and 4C to distinguish between big/little kid!)

Parents who would like to apply for their children should send a private message on Facebook to https://www.facebook.com/thedamecat/. Submit and they will reply to all appropriate applicants. Please include photos of the child and verify all the qualifications above.

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