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Punk'd Auditions

America’s favorite prank show, the show that coined a phrase for the world is coming back for an all new batch of shows. That’s right America, Punk’d is back and looking for all new talent. Auditions for brand new episodes of the coolest prank show in TV history will be happening very soon and you can apply to be part of them today. No, you haven’t been Punk’d – the casting of a lifetime is coming soon!

Punk’d is the groundbreaking show produced by Ashton Kutcher (That 70’s Show, Two and a Half Men) and Jason Goldberg (The Butterfly Effect, Beauty and the Geek) that set up high profile celebrities in a series of hilarious and outrageous pranks. This version will follow in the same footsteps but with an interesting twist – each episode will feature a new star in the van setting up pranks on other unsuspecting celebrities! As always talented actors and comedians are needed as part of the troop that infiltrates the stars lives and plays the elaborate pranks. This could be you. Imagine working alongside and Punking some of the biggest stars in entertainment! You don’t have to imagine anymore because your opportunity could be right around the corner. Casting calls for this legendary MTV series will be under way soon and you can submit yourself today. To apply or for more information you can go here punkd@magilla.tv. Keep checking back for all of the up to the minute audition updates and leave a comment below and tell us why you want to help your favorite stars get Punk’d..

If you’ve always wanted to be an actor or comedian, if you’ve always wanted to rub elbows with your favorite celebrities, if you’ve always wanted to be a star  — this could be your big break.  Be a part of one of the funniest shows on television. Watch the world get Punk’d!

183 thoughts on “Punk’d – MTV

  1. I love this show and would love to work with a great cast/producers. I have been dreaming of being on tv and would love this opportunity. I enjoy joking around and having a fun time any chance I get. I have an outgoing, fun, sarcastic and energetic personality. Would love to prank Ellen Degeneres or any of the Kardashians/Jenners. I'm excited and ready to prank the

  2. Hello,
    I am so sorry if I in any way derailed your punk'd episode on 6/2*/13 at Jet!! If I did maybe you can use me on the show!! If I didn't then …. whew … my career as an actor will live another day! But who exactly were you punking??
    Really, I have a ton and a half of pranks and can be as serious as a heart attack when delivering a line or a lie.

  3. I will be the perfect prankster around because I two of my friends with great pranks.That why I will be perfect on your show.Here are the people I want to punk ie Selena,Gomez from Wizard Of Wavererly Place,Miley Cyrus,Hayden Pantiere and many others too as some local stars here in Georgia too.I would love to punk Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson,Lyssa Chapman,Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen,Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy too.Then when I punked them and in some of the later punk shows they can get me back too.

  4. Hey! My name is Maddie and I'm a 20 year old college student. I was just thinking about how much i missed Punk'd so i googled what was going on with the show. It would be badass to be apart of the punk'd cast. I'm really sarcastic almost always. I'm ready for a good time!

  5. I'm 50yrs.Old and they could be the best Prankster and Punkster around in this Retirement Home.I got a former activity Director on pranks and I got this Activity Director twice allready.It would be great if you the T.V.Show Punked T.V.Show come to Dunwoody Pines Retirement Home.and ther are 5 other Local Famous people here that need to get Punked Too and one New Oreleans Person andtwo Daughters Of the Lady of Pitbulls and some other name too.

  6. My name is Roshana ,I am 11 years old and live in the uk.But really want to live in the usa.I love acting,singing and dancing.I know because I live in the uk you dont want me but I just want to tell you about how much I have a passion for acting.I would really love to be a actress and hopefully you can make my dreams come true. I have so much respect for you.It would be a dream come true.Please fulfill my wishes and help me to become a actress .If it dosen’t work I will still try everything I can do to become a actress and maybe one day you will hear about me.Please help me to be a actress.I have no hope as a actress in the UK.But usa is where all the dreams come true so please let the dream be mine.

  7. I am 18 and in high school I was picked as senior class president, which obviously shows that I have personality and wit. Upon meeting people I am never shy and I am always down for a great laugh. I love joking around and just having a fun time. I adapt to change very well.
    birthday: dec 6,1993
    height: 5'3'
    weight: 112
    eye: brown
    hair: dark brown
    from Houston

  8. Hi my name is Wyatt I am a 13 year old boy and I love to act. I have been in some plays but I've always wanted to be on T.V. It would truly be my dream to be on this show! I watch it every time it comes on. I know I might be a little young, but I think this world needs more roles with younger kids. Lol. Anyways, I think this show would be a great way to start iff my career as an actor. I would absoloutley love to hear back from you! 🙂

  9. Name Michael Harris
    Height6 0
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Brown
    Ethnicity:African American/Hispanic
    City and State Redlands California
    Hi im Michael very talented i play piano i love to act and this show is really funny and it inspires me to become a better actor when i just act myself im very outgoing nice and what my friend tell me funny and im gerat when it comes to improv im Athletic i was in Soccer Football Cross Country and Track i love to perform in front of people and love to make people laugh so if your looking for any actors im the one. Thank You for your time and have a good day -Michael

  10. Hi My name is Iris Chvaez am 22 years old 5;8".I am multi- racial(Puerto Rican, Mexican and native American) i have naturally curly hair, pretty exotic looking but i also look African American. and I would love to be part of this show just because i always saw myself doing a show like this. I love the action involved, and being able to pull off a like punk. I can prove my skills and be able to jump start my career. I can cry, i can laugh, i can be scared, i can play dead, i can be obnoxious. I can play innocent or guilty. i can over exaggerate and just plain play it cool. I always wanted to be part of a TV show that have some reality to it. I love to make crazy facial expressions and scream and flip and run. I hope being me will get me considered. With a little time and the opportunity I can be who you want me to be.

  11. Hello,
    My name Allison Mathews but I like to be called Ally. I am in Seymour Middle School, Grade 6 almost 7. I think I would be great for this series because there is a lot I can offer. I have a GIGANTIC personality. I can Sing , Act , and a great "small" friend. I am often reffered to as the "nerd" because of my outstanding brains and niceness. I have been in multiple plays both school & non-school related. I feel as if I can represent my unique cultures from around the world due to being from so many different people.

    Age:12 years old
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, White, Japanese, German, and Dutch
    Skin: Tan
    Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost Black
    Hair Type: Thick and sometimes straight or wavy
    Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Height: 4'5
    Weight:120 lbs
    Religion: Catholic/Christian
    Location: Seymour,TN
    Activities: Band , Drama, Soccer, Singing , BETA, Swimming , Basketball, Volunteering, and lots more.

    I can do a young girl or something! 🙂

  12. my name is Victoria and i would love to be part of punkd! i love making people laugh and playing tricks! im almost 16,5'5 and weigh about 115lbs. my eyes are big and brown and i have long dirty blonde hair (natural) This would so much fun! thanks for your time!

  13. i am 19 years old and i love watching this show.you guys are so cray!!..adding me into the mix would only add more craziness to the show.my improv is the bomb lol.im a very hard worker and very dedicated.you WILL NOT be disappointed.i could see myself pranking people for a job.like seriously.this is all me.look forward to hearing back.thanks for your time.

  14. OMG! wtf?!ive always wanted to be on this show.You guys are CRAZY Iwould def fit in.me being on this show will only bring more laughs.im 19,5'3,weight130,from TEXAS.(WHOOP)…and im hot LOL but i would love to hear back.thanks

  15. Hi im 22 years old and would love to be a part of your show im funny always have been and funny looking.. the sky is the limit on what i can do, from class clown to pranks let the games began ..im ready too do anything to make the show a success and ready too prank all of my favorite celebrities .. im young and ready for the prank world, im ready to make people laugh and cry there eyes out with prank celebrities on your show

  16. Hi, my name is Alexa Licciardello and I am 18 years old. I don't have much acting experience but comedy is an area that I am extremely interested in. I have a very out-going personality and I am a bit sarcastic which always gets a laugh. I am 5"3 and I weigh 120 lbs. It would love the opportunity to show you that I can be a part of the hilarious show Punk'd.

  17. My name is Roberto Hernandez. I'm 26 years old. Hispanic. I'm from Albuquerque, NM. I haven't act for the last 5 years(at least to the public)I used to be a comedian for many years, and when I was a kid I did theater acting. I always say that if I got an opportunity of acting again it have to be comedy.I know that someone new and different for this great show will be perfect. Someone they haven't seem before, and of course I'll like to be that new person.

  18. Name: Ashley Wheat
    Age: 20
    Location: Oklahoma City
    Height: 5'7"
    Eye color: brown
    Hair color/length: brown, little over shoulder length
    Ethnicity: caucasian

    I would love to be a part of punkd! I've watched the show since it first started and can definitely imagine myself enjoying pranking people! I've taken a few acting and speech classes in school and plan on majoring in acting (I am currently in college for my basics and plan on transferring to a major university for a degree in acting.). I've acted in a few plays and I also have a love for comedy. I love pranking my friends and making people laugh. Being a part of this show would be a blast and definitely a dream come true.

  19. hi my name is Ernie and i am 17 years old i love watching punk so much
    i'm a Male
    hight 5'6
    wight 65kg
    hair short and dark brown
    ago 17
    eye color hazel
    and i think i got the be punk idea to punk justin bieber and it will blow ever one's mine so please email me back and ask me what it would be thanks for reading

  20. My names dayanara im 18 and im a huge fan. And i would love to be part of the prank cast if its pranking someone or playing along with the prank. Its always been a dream and im gonna go to school for acting and i think this would be an amazing experience. Please pick me lol i also been told im really funny im the clown of the family and my group of friends.

  21. My names dayanara and im a huge fan. And i would love to be part of the prank cast if its pranking someone or playing along with the prank. Its always been a dream and im gonna go to school for acting and i think this would be an amazing experience. Please pick me lol 🙂 i also been told im really funny im the clown of the family and my group of friends.

  22. MTV my name is Paolo Kurti, from boston MA. I would love to play a role on Punked and even more id love to see another person getting punked. Im a huge fan of the show. Im always pulling pranks on friends so being a part of this show would be an honor. My presence is always enjoyed and people love being around me 🙂
    Age. 20
    Hight. 5/10
    Hair. Dark brown
    eyes. Dark brown
    Skin. Tan
    Ethnicity. Italian/albanian

  23. My name is Jasmine Serrano I am a young Hispanic 22 yrs old female with a lot of charisma. I enjoy getting a good laugh, I'm a dedicated and hardworking person. Although I do not have experience in the "acting world" I know i can get the job done! 🙂 I have been told by many people that I have great potential for acting especially comedic roles. If given the chance and with more information I would like to audition for this role. I am from Houston, TX! I'm 5'4 and weigh 135lbs….I hope to hear from you soon, so we can get to "Punk-in" some celebrities!!! (yes I did "say" that last part in my Texan accent! 😉 )

  24. I would LOVE to be a part of this show, I have watched the show since a young man. I am a recording artist struggling to make it and would really dig being a part of such a cool show. 23 6ft 175lbs multi-racial solo artist Jesse Scott colab with THE WEIRD OWES…. Check me out!

  25. Hello my is Eva. I'm 17 year old female, Latino. I do not have any acting experience but I've been told by many that I'm funny. I have the potential to do anything. You will not be disappointed if you choose me.

  26. I'm your girl! I'm a 21 year old female from Tulsa, OK. I'm very outgoing and freaking hilarious. Everyone says I have "it" and was born to be in the spotlight and to entertain people. I just need someone to give me my big chance!! I can't sing. Or dance. So acting, it is! I look forward to hearing from you!

  27. I'm your girl! I'm a 21 year old female from Tulsa, OK. I'm very outgoing and freaking hilarious. Everyone says I have "it" and was born to be in the spotlight and to entertain people. I just need someone to give me my big chance!! I can't sing. Or dance. So acting, it is! 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you!

  28. name: feriel
    Age: 17, female
    Date of Birth: 26/04/1995
    Height: 160
    Weight: 50 Kg
    Home Town : Tunisia
    Hair:long Black Brown
    Eyes: brown
    languages : fluent English, fluent frensh ,fluent arabic , learning Spanish and korean
    Skin: tan
    Acting experience: Leads in school musicals, acting class, singing lessons …
    + My ability to improvise and adapt to many situations are just one of many talents I could bring to the stage of performing a perfect prank.

  29. Zee smith here and I enjoy getting a good laugh out of a prank. I don't have to be the star, I wouldn't mind playing a role in the prank and what a honor it would be to prank someone and work with a great cast not to mention the great producers and directors. I'm only 14 out to be 15 and I'm 5'5"-5'6". Thank you for your time.

  30. Hi, My name is Cheyenne Knoll, and I am 14 years old. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, US. I look older than my age (oldest I've gotten is 16.) I haven't had any acting experience, but I'm really interested in acting. —more information below—
    Name: Cheyenne Knoll S.
    Age: 14
    Grade: 8th
    Height: 5'3(around)
    Hair Color: Naturally it's dark brown, but I like to dye it funky colors.
    Eye Color: Hazel (green & brown)
    Ethnicity: I'm 1/4 Korean and I have some Native American in my family.(I also have European in me, but nothing specific to my knowledge.)
    Skin: I have pale- light skin(white/Caucasian)
    Thank you so much for reading, I hope I hear back from y'all.

  31. I do not have any acting experience. It I am often told i am a "character" because of my sarcasm. I do not need to act, me being myself will enhance any role giving to me.
    From Queens, NY
    Height: 5''10/11
    Weight: 145
    Ethnicity: African American

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