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Pretty Little Liars Casting Calls
Pretty Little Liars

All new installments of the fantastically popular drama-mystery series Pretty Little Liars are coming soon and casting for guest stars and day players is underway. Auditions for a variety of roles in this thrilling hour long TV production are happening very soon and submissions are being accepted today.This is a great opportunity to be a part of one of the most popular ABC Family programs and a must watch show for millions of viewers each week.

Pretty Little Liars is based on a series of hugely popular young adult novels by Marlene King and tells the story of four high school girls ( played by Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, and Shay Mitchell) whose friendship group is destroyed after the disappearance of the groups leader (played by Sasha Pieterse). The four girls soon begin receiving mysterious messages from an unknown source who threatens to expose all of their secrets. Full of tense drama and intrigue and fueled by fantastic performances and even better writing, it’s no surprise that this show only continues to grow into one of the highest rated shows on television.

Production on all new episodes of this runaway ABC Family hit will be starting soon and so will open casting calls for exciting supporting  day player and extras roles. If you would like to apply for consideration for any of these parts you can send an email here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. Leave a comment in the space provided below and let us know why you love the show and why you want to audition and stay tuned for casting information for Pretty Little Liars as it becomes available.

This is your chance to be a part of one of televisions most tense and exciting shows! This is your chance to be a star of Pretty Little Liars.

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  1. Hi. Note im using my moms email shes totally ok with it
    Moms name:natasha harrison
    My Name:anakin harrison




    Skin/race:mixed black and white

    Hair color:brown like hershy brown

    Hair texture:sometimes strait sometimes poofy-ish

    Acting skills: 80/100

    Eyes: brown

    Body type :kind a like a box/hourglass

    Note: i really wanna be on the show of the new pll i admire the way its turning off i finshed it twice

  2. HI, my name is Tatiana and im from the "big city of dreams" a.k.a NYC. They say you can make it here doing anything, but everything seems too far fetched. My dream is to model and act, but how many scams do you have to go through before you actually model and act? I'm young, talented and beautiful in the eyes of everyone I meet.. I just feel its time to show my talent to people whose opinions really matter. Thank you.

  3. My daughter Ashlyn Davis is 13 and looks a lot like Lucy Hale. She has hazel green eyes and brown hair. She is in dramatics and has been on stage in Shriek jr. She is funny and loves to act. Her dream is to become an actress one day . She would be perfect for the role. She thinks outside of the box.

  4. Hi my name is Valentina Villarreal
    I love acting so much it would be my dream come true to be on season 7 and other seasons of Pretty Little Liars with Aria , Spencer , Hanna , and Emily I follow them all on Instagram. I love this show so much im on season 6 and I cant wait for season 7 to come out and it would be an honer to cast for a role like this

  5. Hello. My name is Sarah I have wanted to act since I was in a play at 9 years old. I'm currently 17 have light brown hair and im very interested in a role, I have watched this show since the first day it came out I know everything there is to know about pll I recently visted warner brothers where you guys were shooting that day and have been intrigued to try and prussu a part. Thank you.

  6. hi, my name is Alyssa Doino. I absolutely love PLL, I've watched every single episode, and believe me, i have my favorite characters. I love acting, singing, and playing instruments. I'm hardworking, yet i know how to have fun and good around.
    -I'm 5'8
    -178.6 lbs (in process of weight loss) and don't look like i weigh as much as i do
    -Medium Length Brown Curly hair
    -Medium width shoulders
    -Hazel/Green/Brown eyes (depends on lighting)
    -wouldn't be opposed to coloring my hair

  7. Hey, my name is isabella but i people call me bella, i am 13 years old, i am from Guatemala, i am a brounett and im pretty tall for mi age ikimda of look older.There are thousands of reasons why i want tl be part of this amazing show! First of all this would be my dream come true!
    I love this tv show because i love drama and mistery, you never know what's gonna happen, i have pretty great facial expressions when it comes to acting ?????????? besides i think the cast you have is amazing and i could have a great relationship with them, just for you to know i am good at hiding things or emotions obviously. I sing and play the cello, and i also act, i love painting, and drwimg to. Hope you'll concider me for this audition. Where can i have more information about when do i have to do the auditons?

  8. Hi! My name is Analicia! Literally my dream/life goal is to be a part of PLL! Even if it is just as an extra! Literally my heart would melt. I've watched PLL soo many times and I'm IN LOVE with it and them so much! I would love to be an actress one day as well, I like the fact that you get to act as someone you're not and just be able to escape from reality for a bit. PLL is so thrilling and literally leaves me on the edge of my seat EVERY time. Even if I'm re-watching an episode. I love the feeling of fear/excitement/romance all in the same show. Not to mention how georgous everyone is on that show! They are literally all goals! This would mean soo much to me. I would love to be a part of season 7B, it is my last chance to be a part of PLL. I am 20 years old, 5'1, 110 lbs, brown hair & eyes. Thank you in advance for your consideration!

  9. Hello my name is Rebecca I am 19 years old looking to get in to the acting criteria and what better way to start than to start on my favourite to show? It's always been really hard for me to get to my dream goal due to being a young carer most my life then having my daughter 14 months ago. But I am now ready to work for my dream! I'm a hardworking fun individual who works well in a team and I am ready for a challenge! I will work at my best to persu my dreams. I'm 5ft3 with blonde hair and blue eyes. Thank you

  10. Hi my name is Hannah! I am an amazing actor I can fake cry,fake laugh,and many more things!I am not camera shy at all! I do have some experience acting! Actually quite a bit of experience. I never have watched a better show in my life! I'm 12 years old only but I can memorize alot of stuff! Acting is a pasaion of mine. I get so caught up in the act I feel like it's actually happening!I would be so excited to gey on this show! (The best show ever!) If someone is reading this I would be so happy if you emailed me! You would also be so happy to find such a great actor! I'm going to tell you some stuff about me!

    Eye color:Brown
    Hair color:Brown
    I would be perfect!
    It would be a dream come true!
    Well if someone's reading this Thanks! Hope I get in! ?

  11. Hello, my name is kalene I'm 21 years old and a follower of the should I would love an opportunity to be casted into this crown jewel and give it all I can to add to the show and make it phenomenal. I'm 5'1 130 athletic build and I'm also very pretty, lol not to toot my own horn.

  12. Hello my name is Aaliah. I started watching pretty little liars four years ago, after that I fell in love with the show, I know mostly everything about the main characters, I've been keeping up with all the episodes. It would be a dream come true if I got a part in the show, because ever since watching the show I've payed close attention on how every character acts and what you guys are looking for. I have a little experience in acting because I took it as a course during my sophomore year in high school, and I'm really good at it. I am 16 years of age, for more information about me, you'll have to contact me. I hope to work with you guys soon.

  13. Hello my name is Feliza Rhudy I am 14 years old I love this show and I would love to be apart of your pll family contact me if you would like to have me thank you

  14. I absolutely love the show Pretty Little Liars. I started watching this show going into my freshman year of high school with my sister and our two friends. We all feel in love with this show and have been watching it ever since.
    My name is McKenzie Norris and I love outside and going on adventures. I feel like this would be such a fun opportunity! And a chance for moving for a new life and trying something new. I would love to be considered for this opportunity. I am a determined gal when I'm given something to do I go at it full force!(: I would love to be on a season of PLL even if it is something small I would love to be given this opportunity(:
    Name: McKenzie Norris
    Age: 20 will be 21 this fall
    Height: 5'4"
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: blue,green,hazel
    Current location: Arlington, WA but will move if given this opportunity
    I would love it if I would receive an email back!(: and I look forward to talking with you!

  15. My name is Carmi and I'm 14 years old. Pretty Little Liars is and has been my favorite show for years now. I just get pulled into the drama and the mystery of every episode. Acting has been a passion of mine since I was very young. I started acting at my high school when I was in kindergarten. Over the years I have fallen more and more in love with theatre. My directors have taught me how to project my voice, how to get along with everyone, and how to play every role with everything I have in me. When I play a part, no matter how big or how small, I put my all into it. I would love to join the cast of Pretty Little Liars so I can continue learning more about acting, and so that I may be apart of an amazing and thrilling TV series. Thank you for your time and I hope you will consider me. 🙂

  16. My name is Sydney Jones. I am 17 years old. I have always had more of a secret desire to fulfill my passion for acting ever since I was in my first theatre class, as my parents are not very into the idea of me going into that field. Pretty Little Liars is my favorite show, and I believe I am good fit for a role in drama. I view myself as having a diligent work ethic, in academics, athletics, and employment. Even so, I am often told I have a great sense of humor and am very sociable. I recognize that since season 6 is out this comment may be irrelevant, but I would greatly appreciate it if it was read and I was taken into consideration.
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'8
    Weight: 140
    Hair: Strawberry blonde/ginger
    Eye: Green
    Build: Athletic

  17. Hello,
    I am it familiar with the acting world, however I feel that I have the ability to take it head on. I am 26, red hair, 5' 9. I have the ability to manipulate my emotions and take on roles in demand. I know acting is my calling. I have been through deep moments in my life from an early age and have an attune to all of them. I have had no formal training, but I am more than willing to listen and learn. I would love to get a start in something that could potentially turn into more. Please contact me at your convenience.

  18. Hello, my name is Lissy. I am sixteen years old and endearment pretty little liars more than anything else. I have experience in dance. I can do ; contemporary dance, modern, and lyrical Greek. I have experience in many theatre productions. Soon I shall be doing a course in performing arts.

    Height- 5,2
    Hair- dark brown
    Eyes- Amber brown
    Build – slim.

    I love acting so much , I simply do it because I love to act it is my passion and I would like to do it for the rest of my life.

  19. Hey. My name is Mercades (Sadie for short) and I'm 13 going on 14 soon. Anyway, I love Pretty Little Liars because of all the suspense and it's just amazing because you get shocked about alot of things you really don't know what's going to happen and who's going to be "A" next. I think I should get this audition because I can act pretty good and I just really have a passion for acting and I love exploring new things and meeting new people. I hope to get an email back. Thanks.

  20. I LOVE pll, it is dramatic, mysterious and sometimes it can get scary but that is why I love it so much. Im 12 years old I turn 13 in november. But I love to act it is always so much fun you get to play a character that does something you never would do and that is the great part. I did acting when I was in 2nd grade it was a Mooseical and I did the school play in 6th grade and also took drama class in 7th grade and right now I am doing dance. I know I'm young and maybe not as experienced but that means I will work that much harder. If you choose me I will be so thankful, honored and exited to start acting again!!!!

  21. I would love the opportunity for any role on Pretty Little Liars! I am a fan of the show and am very familiar with the characters and plot development. I have acting, dance, and singing experience and I am willing to travel.
    Age: 25 (but look younger)
    Hair: dirty blonde (willing to dye)
    Eyes: blue
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 125

    Thank you for your consideration!

  22. Hey, my name is Bianca and I am 15 soon. PLL is my absolute favourite show and it would be great to have a chance to be part of it. But that is not the only reason why. It has been my dream to act and I didnt really think that could be possible until a few days ago when I realised anything is possible. I love acting out everything and I just love being in another world. I used to think that because everyone thought I was not worth it I should listen to them but I am confident that I shouldnt listen to what the people who don't matter say but the people who do and my heart. I love being in a separate world and most of my days I spend day dreaming and creating scenerios in my head. Also my mum says I am dramatic enough to act and what she said has convinced and pushed me to do this. I really hope I get chosen beacuse it would be a dream come true!!!

  23. name: Madison McGee
    DOB: July 25, 2001
    height: 5"7
    eye color: hazel
    hair color: brown
    skin: white/tan
    location: Columbia, South Carolina

    Hello, my name is Madison McGee and I am a freshman at Gray Collegiate Academy. I am the oldest out of 9 kids in my family. I remember the first time I watched Pretty Little Liars and I fell in love with it.The thing that fascinates me about Pretty Little Liars is that the show leaves me wanting more and that in a real life situation anyone who is black mailed they would runaway or hide, but Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are the opposite. They are brave, smart, and they face whatever/whoever they have to deal with. This would be such a great opportunity for me because I think that I could make a difference and be a role model for my family and my community. Thanks!

  24. Name: Madison McGee
    DOB: July 25, 2001
    Hair color: brown
    Eye color: hazel
    Skin: white/tan
    Height: 5"7
    Age: 14
    Location: Columbia, South Carolina

    Hey, my name is Madison McGee and I am currently a freshman at Gray Collegiate Academy. I think that this would be a great opportunity because I would love to be a role model for my family and my community. Pretty little liars has always fascinated me because it leaves me on the edge of wanting to know who "A" is and also I think that in a real life situation everyone would try to run or hide themselves, but in the show Emily, Aria, Hanna, and Spencer are brave and face whatever/ whoever is in front of them. Thank you for considering my application and contact me if your interested!

  25. Hi! I'm Kierra Carpenter and I'm a 15 year old girl. I've always love pretty little liars and would love to be a part of the experience! I've been acting for 7 years and I also dance! It would be such a huge honor ro meet the cast and film with the crew bevause I look up to so many people on the show! It has been such a great journey to follow with the girls and I can't wait to see what the future will bring! Say hello to Benzo for me!

  26. Hi I'm Abbie Bagwell and I'm 12 years old. I love acting,singing and dancing. I love to drink coffee. I started drama when I was 9 years old. I love the Pll cast and I think if I got a job in Pretty Little Liars I think I would have good coordination with them and I think we would have a good friendship. I love to travel to different places and to become famous. My biggest dream is to become a famouse actress and I would want everyone to know who I am. If you gave me a chance I would not let you down. I like to be focused on on my acting but I love to be funny and make everyone laugh. I like to make people happy and put smiles on all your beautiful faces. If you read this and give me a chance this will put my future way in front of me. If this happens I wouldn't know how to repay you. So I hope you understand and hopefully e-mail me back. Many thanks -Abbie Bagwell x

  27. I think that my personality is a perfect focal point for a character in PLL. Every episode I watch I break down the facts and clues to come up with the answer. I'm outgoing, optimistic, organized, fun, intelligent and creative. I think my personality is a blend of multiple liars. Although my friends say I am a pure product of the one and only Spencer Hastings. I hope that this is taken into consideration, and thank you so much!

  28. Black short hair. Dark brown eyes. Indian-American. 12 but I look 14. I love the show because of the mystery and thrill and of course the couples.

  29. Hello my name is Ruby, I am 21 years old and from the UK. I am 5ft tall, brown hair, blue eyes and Pale skin. I would love to have a chance to audition for Pretty little liars because I think Bryan Holdmans work is incredible! Weather the part was small or big I would love the chance to show his work of to the world. I am an outgoing happy person who loves acting and taking adventures so this would be the most amazing opportunity for me. If you've read this then Thankyou and all the best!

  30. Hi, I'm D'Anna Sauceda
    I'm 12 years old
    I'm in 6th grade
    I would really loke the
    chance to be on a T.V show,
    i love to act and it would
    be my dream to bcome an

    Albuquerque, NM
    Thank, you

  31. Age:19
    Gender: female
    Hair: long strawberry blonde
    Skin: pale
    Eyes: blue

    Hi im jodie from the uk, i have always had a passion for acting and think this would be a great opportunity. I am willing to travel and do whatever it takes to have a part in pll no matter how big or small. I am confident, outgoing, friendly and very hard working and would like to try and take acting further as it is always something i have wanted to do. I am always willing to try new things and Would love to be considered. Thankyou

  32. Hey! I am a 14 years old girl who would want to take my passion to the next step and get discovered. I have the craft of being a character on Pretty Little Liars because I have adapted the characteristics for the genre and I am comfortable with being seen and heard. Secondly, I am interested in humanity and what goes on. I love meeting new people,making friends and I am good at hiding my emotions as well as showing them and making them stand out. One of my hobbies are watching drama movies,writing and reading as I like the idea of imagining yourself as someone else while your imagination let’s you run free and wild. I am also good at remembering different parts and could even memorise the entire script by heart. My first experience of acting was in primary school when I started writing the school plays. I would be able to respond to any given acting situation and able to reflect it on real life. And would stick to the script as much as possible and practise as often as I can. Also, I wouldn’t let you down as I could easily ignore the camera and audience.I am willing to do what it takes to prove that you made the right decision choosing me.

  33. Hello, my name is Stephanie. I have acting experience in Stage plays, paid roles, and short films. I am obsessed with the Pretty Little Liars franchise and have read the book series. It would be an honor to star in the show.
    I am a Hispanic female
    Black hair
    Brown eyes
    185 lbs
    Curvy but athletic.

  34. Hello, my name is Pranjal and I am from India I am obsessed with acting and I have just started my modelling career in India but I wish to pursue my future in Hollywood. I promise that I will give my best to prove my capabilities to you.
    thank you for your precious time

  35. Hello my name is Alexandra. I have been part of The Acting League and John Casablanca acting and modeling agency in Hollywood. I have experiences in acting. I know English and Spanish, I am Hispanic. I love these show and would love to be part of it too. If you pick me you won't regret it!

    Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
    Age: 12 years old
    Hair color: brown
    Eyes color: brown
    Skin color: Olive / tan
    Date of birth: October 14,2002
    Place of birth: San Diego, California
    Place where living: California

  36. I would love to be on ppl.Im beautiful,smart,not shy,outgoing,and a fun person to be around I'm a big fan of ppl.I love taking chances too.

  37. Name: Denisse
    Age: 25 (but look younger)
    Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
    Current City: Anaheim, CA

    I am currently attending college for a degree on Criminal Justice, but have always had a passion in acting. I love PLL, because it is something different from other T.V. shows, it has suspense, romance and unbeatable friendships. It is what every girl wants to have and would be exciting to play a role as a villain or fighting agains "A."

    Thank You

  38. Hey there, my name is Sierra and I'm 12 years old. I know I'm too young to be commenting but I think I should be on the show! I think I should be on the show because if you put me in the show it could be more mysterious and have a little twist. If I was an actress of PLL I would die but I would work hard! I have always wanted to act with like Robert pattinson or something but I want to act in a drama series. In fifth grade I was the drama queen and I acted a lot ! When I am up set I read drama books or just have someone act with me to make me laugh and feel better! I feel like if you put me in your show you won't regret it and the show will become a big success. I would absolutely love to work with you guys, it would be a dream come true 🙂 thanks for reading , hope you email me back, bye.

  39. Hello my name is Tiffani Behr. I'm 24 years old and I am probably PLL's biggest fan ever. I've at LEAST watched the whole series (1-5) about 3 times and never get sick of it. Words can't even describe how excited I am for season 6. It would be an actual dream of mine to be a part of this show and amazing cast. Even if it is an extra. I've never acted professionally but everything I have tried at, I've been succesful. I'm a very fast learner and very passionate about what I love.

  40. Hi my name is Tearra Birchfield, I love pll because it's a show where you have no idea what's coming next. It's such a mystery everything about to show is. It would be an honor to have a part on one of my few favorite TV series. It's always been my dream to become an actress. I would do my very best on whatever type of role/position I possibly get.

  41. hi my name is Dahna
    *i have brown hair
    *brown eyes
    *110 pounds
    *12 years old almost 13
    PLL is my favorite tv show and ever since I started watching it became my favorite tv show. I have some acting experience, and many people have told me that I should become an actor.so I would be the happiest person on earth if I could be on PLL

  42. Name: Naoise O'Connell
    Date of birth:24/12/01
    Hair colour:Dark Brown
    Eye Color:Green
    I have been acting since I was 3 and I would love if I could get a chance thank you 🙂

  43. My name is Haylie. I would absolutely love to work on the show it is such a great opportunity. I have not been casted in any acting jobs but have lots of practice and act very naturally. Also, I have been dancing for 11 years and recently started voice lessons. In dance, I have danced/met the DanceMoms cast multiple times but have not been a member on the show. I am also cousin to Mari Dudash who was on Candy Apples team and more recently Jeanette's team on the show.

    Age: 13
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 109
    Eye color: Hazel
    Hair color: Brown
    Born in: Arizona
    Lives in: Michigan

  44. I believe I should be on Pretty Little Liars as I am a hard working driven actor who has performed in many shows consisting of Frozen where I played the role of Anna, I have been involved in a show called Starlight express and am currently taking Drama in GCSE. This would be an amazing opportunity and I hope to receive an email back as this would improve my career greatly and will be the breasted experience of my acting life.

    Imogen Daniel

  45. I' believe I should be chosen because I strive hard for what I want. I may not have acting experience but not every actor has. I watch this show religiously and will do everything it takes.
    I am age 20, 98 pounds, 5'4, and I do hair and makeup. I also do modeling on the side.. I have 2 tattoos.. But hey! Who doesn't nowadays. Lets add a pinch of flavor to the show (; I'm biracial white, black, and Native American.
    It will be greatly appreciated if I can be apart of something big and amazing such as this. Xoxo

  46. Hi my name is Danielle I am 12 years old and I would love to have a role in the new season of Pretty Little Liars because I want to be an actress and the best way to start off my acting job is be in my favorite show. I love PLL because its so eye catching and it pulls you in like I need to watch more. Its very suspicious and suspenseful it has me screaming at good and bad parts its just an amazing show.
    Auditioning for PLL would be a great opportunity for a young wanna be actor like me I feel I have the right enough sass and enthusiasm and good enough potential to being a character on PLL. I've seen how the other girls act on the show. I think I could do very well on the show as anything you choose for me to audition. Thank you.

  47. I love love love pretty little liars and would love more than anything in the world to be part of pretty little liars. I feel that I have what it needs to be part of the show and would love to hear back from you guys. I'm a senior in high school and would love to start a career as an actress.

  48. Hello my name is Alondra.
    I would love to be a part of the successfull show Pretty Little Liars. I have been watching pretty little liars sense 2011. I am 13 years old my hair is dark brown, My eyes are brown and Im 5'4. I have been in several plays before and in one of them we were sponsered to go to San Francisco California.
    I really hope you reply back. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a wonderful day.

  49. My name is Araceli Acosta.I am 12 years old. I love watching pretty little liars all the time.It is my dream to be on the show.I have brown eyes.Black short hair.
    I'm 5'1. I weight 106 pounds.I live in San Francisco Ca. I was born in Long Beach ca.

  50. My name is Gael Diab. I love pll and I have been watching pll from season 1. I'm 12 years old and I have been in some acting opportunities.
    I have been:
    – Elle woods in legally blonde
    – Cinderella's mother on into the woods
    – princess jasmine in Aladdin
    – Annie in Annie
    – Ariel in the little mermaid
    I will live this opportunity to perform with my favorite actors thank you

  51. I really love acting and it would be a great opportunity to perform with my favorite actors. Also I have been In many plays and I have been the lead

  52. Hello!
    My name is Tessa. I am 17 years old and love acting and singing. Fun fact: I can also play the flute. I am 5'5" with short blonde hair. My eyes are blue/green.
    In my spare time I read, write and play music. I would absolutely adore to be a part of your cast and it's my dream to be able to be a performer.
    Thank you for your time and have a great day

  53. My name is Cynthia Eliane RABESON, I'm currently 19 y.o, but I'm turning 20 on 29 June. I'm French (basically from Madagascar) , but I can speak English quite fluently. I would like to audition for a role, whether big or small, on Pretty Little Liars. This is my favorite showsince its very beginning! I'm looking for some opportunities in the USA, as I'm thinking about moving abroad from September. I don't have any experience in acting, but I learn fast, and I'm a very motivated person! If you give me the chance to, I will prove you that you are not wrong to hire me !
    Here are some details about me :

    Height : 5'5
    Weight : 165.3 LBS
    Eyes : Brown/Hazel
    Hair : Medium/ Black/ Wavy
    Occupation: Student, but about to graduate from the University of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) in English Litterature and Civilizations.
    Hobbies : Dancing,Cinema, TV shows, Travel, Languages.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Cynthia R.

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