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PrankStars – Disney Channel

PrankStars Auditions
PrankStars Auditions

PrankStars – the hidden camera show featuring the biggest stars of the Disney’s Channel pulling pranks on fans just like you is set to return for another outrageous season! This is your chance to be featured on one of televisions  most popular programs and meet and be pranked by your favorite stars. Casting calls for new PrankStars participants are being organized now and you can submit yourself today to be a part of the fun.

PrankStars is hosted by Hannah Montana’s Mitchel Musso and features such amazing stars as Selena Gomez, China Anne McClain and Raven-Symone playing fantastic pranks on unsuspecting fans of their shows.  Have you ever wanted to be on television with your favorite stars from A.N.T. Farm, The Suite Life On Deck, Good Luck Charlie or Lemonade Mouth? This could be your big opportunity.Hidden camera shows have been delighting audiences around the world for years but there has never been a version like this. Disney has recruited their finest talent to delightfully prank their loyal fans. This is your chance to interact with the biggest stars on television and get your big break in the entertainment industry while millions of fans enjoy at home. Auditions will be starting soon for the all new season of this zany show and you can apply today. To submit yourself for casting consideration or for more information you can send emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting.com. Leave a message below and tell us why you want to be pranked and by which of your favorite Disney star and stay tuned for more audition information for PrankStars.

If you love a good joke and having fun and you love all of Disney’s fabulous stars then this is the show for you.  Warm up your funny bone and get ready to become a Disney ‘PrankStar’.

403 thoughts on “PrankStars – Disney Channel

  1. dear prank stars I have this friend that Have been very stressed out lately and I would love to be apart of this

  2. I am have been a huge fan of prank stars I would love to see Josh Martinez he is from bb19 to get audition for this show I would love for this to happen he is into working out danceing singing also into fundraising

  3. Hi I'm Aidan Young and I would want to audition for prankstars. I love pranks its kinda scary!
    Name: Aidan Young
    Age: 13 y/o
    talent: Acting, singing, and tap (heel spank steep)
    Gender: male
    hair: brunnet
    eyes: blue
    height: 5'5"
    I would love to be on this show! Let me know.

  4. I have this friend name Isaac he's obsessed with Cody Vieth he watches all his YouTube videos and everytime when he sees Cody in tv he stops everything he's doing just to get that tv on his face to see Cody. Since Cody is on a prank show called walk the prank my friend Issac is always pulling a prank on me and my friends and since Cody is a singer he always wants to sing too plz pick him to be on the show he loves Cody so much and this would mean a lot to him.

  5. I have this friend he's obsessed with Cody vieth he watches all his YouTube videos and everytime when he sees Cody in tv he stops everything he's doing just to get that tv on his face to see Cody. Since Cody is on a prank show called walk the prank my friend is always pulling a prank on me and my friends and since Cody is a singer he always wants to sing too plz pick him to be on the show he loves Cody so much and this would mean a lot to him.

  6. I LOVE PRANKS and am kinda obsessed with them! I'd love to be/or be part of punk'd! Please email me with details!
    Eth. : Mixed
    Age: 12 y/o
    Height: 4'11
    Weight: 95lbs
    Loc: Maine US (can travel)
    Gen: Female
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Dark brow w/ green-blue
    Talent: Acting & Singing
    Please contact me as I would like to start a professional carrer

  7. Hi my name is Kateria I am 14 years old in I would love to be pranked by any Disney star because I think that this could be a great fun experience also I would want to enjoy having fun with the stars not just wanting a picture or autograph I would really want them to know that I really care for them .A(lso I am a African American)

  8. Dear mitchell Im 18 I always wanted to be pranked by justin bieber im a huge fan it would be really awsome to get to know him u think you can pull it off im such a big fan it would mean the world to me

  9. hi im safina norova i want to be pranked by zendaya because since i was born i loved to act sing and dance im alike like zendaya she looks like my sister and prank stars is my only chance to meet her i love her mitchel musso please pick me im always in a mood to sing and dance and whatever zendaya does i do to im 10 years old i hope you understand

  10. Hi, my name is Emily Brown. I love to prank people. I think it would really cool to prank my friends on TV. I would love to be pranked by One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Demi Lovato cause they helped me through a lot in my life.

    Full Name: Emily Rose Brown
    D/O/B: June 24th, 1996
    Age: 18
    State: Pennsylvania
    Hair: Black/Brown (dyed)
    Eyes: Brown, wears contacts and glasses

    I'm really funny and love to prank people. I also make YouTube videos and Vines.

  11. Pranking runs in my family, though it was a little extreme, my great grandfather for kicked out of school when he was a kid because his teacher's husband was a milk man and was arrested for watering down the milk. He wrote on the board the next day "looks like it's gonna rain, better put your milk bottles out tonight". Though I don't go that far, I, 16 year old Cooper Tribett, am also a prankster. Send me an email if you want a funny show!

  12. One of my goals since i was little is to be is a disney channel movie, even though i has grown up; i still love this channel. I love how the actor/actress still help out in their community, and i would like to also do that. My favoirte actor is Jason Dolley, and i want to strive to be like him. I'm very hard-working and dedication, and i have fun while doing it. I think i would be a good future disney actor, and i hope i get consider for the role.

  13. My name is Cristian Maddalon. I’m 15 years old. I live in Italy, but I know English well. I love D.C.. Ilove Bella Thorne and Zendaya.
    Name: Cristian Maddalon
    Age: 15 years old
    City: Padova, Veneto, Italy
    Acting: i love to act
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 1,70 cm
    Weight: 42 Kg

    if you wanna know something else about me, I will tell you.

    Cristian Maddalon.

  14. ey I am from singapore.
    Name: Krithika
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Race: Indian
    Skin colour: Slighty light brown
    Hair length: Long
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Black
    Talent: ACting and dancing
    PLs contact me for any disney related auditions in Singapore

  15. Please put a prank on my big sister Nyazuia. She is a really big fan of Mindless Behavior. She thinks about them 24/7. Her favorite boy is Princeton. She loves to sing but would die if Mindless Behavior asked her to do a song with her. She also has posters all over her wall of them. She also wears very exotic clothes. Anything with feathers she'll wear. But she is a fashionista. I just want payback for all of those times she made me listen to Mindless Behavior. She would be the best person to prank because she is easy to prank. Pleeeeeaaaase pick her she needs a taste of her own medicine contact me

  16. Hy i'm loritta Harris,16 yrs of age,i'm a nigerian.i wnt 2 b a part of dis audition cos selena gomez lyf history nd present tym has inspired me so much nd i blv in maslf nd determined.i kw i can do dis so pls giv me dis chance nd il neva let u down.pls!

  17. Hi my Name is Amanda and I would really love to prank my little sister Olivia with one direction she is so obsessed with then she has her room covered with posters and her kindle and ipod filled with only there music and her door has a spot to represent each one of them and its so crazy but she really loves them and also she will not listen to any other music anywhere especially in the car besides theirs and she says that the music on the radio that is not theirs is junk please prank my sister so I can get her back! !! Thanks (:

  18. Hola soy Miriam me gustaria mucho participar en D.C., me encanta cantar,bailar y actuar soy divertida y tengo carcter. Me gustaria saber como entrar en D.C..Gracias

  19. Name: Krasimira
    Last Name: mihova
    Gender: female
    Age: 13
    Birthday: December 22, 1998
    Weight: 108.03;49kg
    Height: Height: 5’5”
    Hair Color: Brown Dark
    Eyes Color: Brown – Green
    Ethnicity: European
    Country: Bulgaria
    Languages: English and Bulgarian
    Personal Note: I am a girl who loves to have fun. I love to paint, sing, dance and hang out with friends! I want to learn to play guitar and piano. I want to try new things. I love challenges and I think this audition is the perfect challenge for me!

  20. Name: Tu Cam Phu (but people call me Kim or Kimmie)
    Ethincity: Part Chinese and Part Vietnamese
    Height: 5'5"
    Hair color:Black
    Hi, my name is Tu Cam Phu, but a lot of people call me Kim or Kimmie. My birthday is in February and am 18 years old. I can speak Vietnamese, Tagalog a little bit of Spanish, Japanese and Korean. Am currently living in New Orleans and am planning to move to Boston, MA after i finish my school. I like singing and dancing, am not that great, but i learn pretty fast. I like acting, mostly funny scene because i like seeing people laugh. Am a random person so, i will talk randomly without me knowing it. Am not that talkative at first but i will eventually become one.

    I always dream of becoming famous, because it look amazing to be one, and i want to earn a lot of money in order to help my parents. It would be really great if i got choosing for this show. I love to fool around those people and see how they react.

  21. Name: Lovey
    Age: 7
    Height: 4'4"
    Location: CA
    Ethnicity: African American / Mexican

    She has experience performing in school plays and church performances – acting, dancing and speeches. She enjoys being in front of a crowd. She's been a cheerleader for 3 years. She has a dynamic personality that wins her fans everywhere she goes.

    She has grown up pranking people with her grandfather. She's a great little actress and she's hilarious. She likes stand up comedy and enjoys watching shows like Punk'd. She'd be perfect for the kids version.

  22. Hi. My name is Angelika. I have 15 years and I live in Poland. I have long black hair and I love sport, song, and dance and art.I have 172 centimeters tall, really.I love Movies. My english is good. I really drem about I play in D.C.. So Maybe you can take me. Please . I'm good actor. Please contact with me on my e-mail. Maybe you can take Polish girl. Please.

  23. Hi My Name Is Jade I Am 12 Years Old,And I'm A Female.
    Weight:87 llbs
    height:5 something lol
    Eye color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown With Red Wash Out Highlights
    Ethnicity: Half white, Half spanish
    Birth Date: 02/03/00
    Hi I Would Love To Be On D.C.. I Have been Watching It For Six Years. I Know I may Not Be The perfect girl In The World, But I Know I would Be perfect For the Female Role. I Have Been Dreaming Of Being Famous For A Long Time, And It Would B "AMAZING" And I mean amazing to be on the show So If you decide to pick Me You Can Email me And I would Be So Happy I would Be So Happy And Grateful

  24. Name:ELicia
    Current Location: Absecon,New Jersey
    Talent- Actor and Dancer.
    Age- 13
    Height: 5ft 1in
    Hair length/color: My Hair is very long/Brown/curly but i wear it straight sometimes.
    Eye color:Brown
    Date of Birth:January 26,1999
    I would love to get pranked by my Favorite Music Group in the WORLD! MINDLESS BEHAVIOR!!! I love them so much!!! I've always wanted to meet them but they never come to Atlantic City, New Jersey. And When they come some where close like Philadelphia I cant go cause the tickets are too much! But my dad can get them free if they come to A.c. So Yea! Please Pick me! Im Their Biggest Fan Ever!!!!

  25. Hey here, I'm Elaine, here are some information about me. ^^
    Name: Elaine Kwong
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'3-5'4
    Hair: brunette
    Eyes: dark brown
    Ethnicity: Chinese
    Passport: Australia
    Language: English, Chinese, Mandarin
    Talents: Acting, Singing, all kinds of sports (e.g. swimming, basketball, figure skating, cycling, etc.), leadership
    I would really appreciate if I get a chance of fulfilling my dreams! Hope I’ll get a chance to be on the show. Thank you very much! ^-^

  26. Hi! I am Shelby Keinath. I would like to try out for this part. I have long-ish blonde hair, with blue eyes. I am fourteen years old. I am five feet one inch. I weigh about 90 pounds. I sing great and I have taken drama at my school and have gotten in the play. People say I am a fairly good actress and an amazing singer. Please consider me for a role in this show! I would love to be in this cast :D. Thank you for your time and for considering me. Goodbye.


  28. hi my name is karina and i would like to audition for prankstars.ib would love to be pranked by selena gomez because im such a big fan of hers.so please pick me.have anice day!

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