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Kids Casting: Boys & Girls 10, 11, 12 Years Old

Kids Casting Call
Kids Casting – Web Shorts

A national production company is currently casting 4 up and coming child actors for a series of web shorts. This 9 time Emmy Award winning production company is in charge of all production materials for a major education websites re-launch and they are looking for fresh and exciting talent to be a part of it.

The web shorts auditions will be for 2 boys and 2 girls who are vibrant and mischievous ages 10 to 12. These roles will be non-speaking but will require the actors to be fun and light while showing how NOT to do several tasks. Casting directors are searching for just the right performers who can convey these “how not to do’s” non-verbally in a funny and entertaining way. This is a tremendous opportunity for any young performer to not only test the limits of their talents but to be exposed to a very large audience. This will be a fun, rewarding and educational experience and also a fantastic resume builder.

If you are an aspiring young actor looking for a great start to your career, this is could be the production for you. You can leave a comment below and take a look at the casting information from the production company.

Casting Information :

Auditions are Saturday May 5th / Shoot is mid-late May in Brooklyn NY.

Parents are invited to apply on behalf of their children via the email scholastic2@yahoo.com by responding with a headshot or representative picture of your child along links to any relevant previous work.

343 thoughts on “Kids Casting: Boys & Girls 10, 11, 12 Years Old

  1. Hi I'm Cali Cloutier (kah-lee kloo-chay) and I am 10 almost 11 years old. I am a dancer a swimmer and a drawer. I am in 5th grade. I have blond hair, glasses soon to be contact lenses, green eyes, big lips, pearly white teeth, and high noticeable cheekbones. I love to write, and sing. I think I would be good for the part of a 12 year old, for I am tall and weigh a little more for my age. My acting weaknesses are crying,I can't always cry on command. My stength is that I have the ability to express emotions clearly. I have never been in any sort of entertainment or advertisement, but I do have a YouTube channel. I live in Canada so I may not be able to fly out to the US if auditions or shoots are there. I think I would be an amazing actor on Disney,but I accept any channel.Well anyways this is my resumé so I hope I get the part!

  2. Hi, my name is Emily. I am 12 years old in grade 8. I have some experience with acting. This includes, over 8 years of local musical theatre plays. I have blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Also, I am 5'5". I really hope I can get this role as I am very fun and silly.

  3. Hi, my name is Emily. I am 12 years old in grade 8. I have some experience with acting. This includes, over 8 years of local musical theatre plays. I have blue eyes and curly blonde hair. I really hope I can get this role, as I am very fun and silly.

  4. Hi, my name is Kei'Shaila S. McDaniel, I'm 10 years old and in 5th grade. I have curly, dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I am 5'0. I have a little experience of being on camera. I do a show called "The Morning News Show" and I sometimes run the computer and sometimes give them the news. I have been dreaming of being a actress since I was seven, I like dancing and I am going to write a piece to act out and then I'll post it on Youtube. I like basketball, and singing. I just really want to meet my idols who are Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart, Dove Cameron, China Anne Mcclain, Skai jackson, Karan Brar, and Peyton List. I would really like this acting job because I would like to work right beside my idols. Thanks and if I get the part, I would be so happy.

  5. Hi my name is percis I have been acting for five years I am in acting class I hope there are acting auditions there for me I am a good runner and I play soccer.

  6. Hi I'm lavonya Hough in live in South Bend IN I am 11 years old I have been in 2 musical and 1 play.I can play basketball,la Crosse,dance and sing I can remember line very well and I enjoy meeting new people.One last thing is I have a big family it is me,my mom,my stepdad,my little sister and my cousin.So I really hope you consider putting me in a show or even a movie.p.s I can only do show,movies in Chicago, Wisconsin and any where in Indiana 😎.

  7. Also I play netball, can swim very well have blond curly hair and dark blue eyes! Please choose me for an acting part if I sound like who you need!!

  8. Hi I'm 11 and I have been in some of my school productions including playing the parts of jafar in Aladdin, rudyard Kipling in a play about the poem 'if' and king Harold in a play about the fight to be king resulting in the battle of Hastings and William the first to be king, I am very passionate about acting and love it, it makes me feel like I am that character and that is the world I live in! My name is ella!

  9. I am 11 years old i am althletic,I am weird (acationally),I have blue eyes 4'10 i am around 135 and 140, I have blond hair,my favorite sports are soccer,swimming and,riding bikes,I've always wanted to be in a movie,and tv shows and,this would be a big step in life for me I've never been so hopeful and thank you if I get in and I didn't get inspired myself it was jojo siwa

  10. Hi, my name is Layla Stone and I am 12 years old. In 6th grade going into 7th this year. I am 5'4 in height and 110 in weight. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. I have tanned skin, dark hair and dark eyes. I have some experience in acting and singing. I love acting, it has been my dream for as long as i can remember. I can cry on cue and be very dramatic. I have lots of emotion.

  11. Hi, my name is Hannah. I am 12 years old and going into 7th grade. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5 feet tall and around 80 pounds. I swim, run, and play basketball and soccer. I have been in 6 school plays, as well as some in my free time. Some of my roles include Snow White, in the production "Snow white," Roo in Winnie the Pooh, and the beloved cow milky white in a rebooted version of Jack and the Beanstalk.

  12. Hi I'm Justin Miller I'm 11 years old and i've been searching for disney chnl & nickelodeon audition and im trying to get a gig on a tv show

  13. Hi my name is Mona I am 11 turning 12 in oct. I am very active and positive. I've always wanted to be an actress and be very successful. I can speak English and Bengali , taking Spanish next year at school. I had drama class before in 3rd grade and did pretty good at acting. My school have mucicals , my opinion not the best at singing, but I can act. I love being outside and meeting other people. I hope I get this audition, Thank You.

  14. Hi,my name is Lisa I'm 12 years old in 6th grade going to 7th I have brown eyes 4'3 I love art can play piano kinda sporty Born and raised in New York and would love to been an actress and I can accomplish anything if I try hard

  15. Hi, my name is Isabelle Harris, I am 12 years old, I have beach blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 5'2 and I am about a little less then average weight for my age. I am very athletic. I play three sports, Basketball, Soccer and Softball. I am very outgoing and a people person. I am very friendly. I am homeschooled, so I am always free. For my elective I do all music.

  16. Hi I'm Amber and I'm 12 years old I love dance and gymnastics I also love singing and I would love to be a star one day please consider me!

  17. Hi,My name is Sydnie.I am 12 years old,and I have curly brown hair.I have a ethic culture.I am a mix of Hispanic,Korean,and African American.I about 5'2" and about 80 pounds.I would love to be chosen for a part because it would be a very helpful,and awesome,and great opportunity for me! I have straight 'As' in school. Please consider me! Everyone started somewhere!

  18. Hey, I'm Reagan. I am twelve years old, and I have been acting for 4 years. I have been in serious roles and goofy roles. I have a wide range of acting and have a moderate singing voice. I can tap dance, figure skate, and can cry on cue.

  19. I also do ASL which is American Sign Language. I'm so sorry but I'm very proud of learning it so I had to post it. Also I'm learning French.

  20. It's me again, I also do ASL which is American Sign Language. I'm so sorry but I'm very proud of learning it so I had to post it. Also I'm learning French.

  21. Along with my other comment, I forgot to mention I was on the school track team and I swim. I was in the chorus at school and I volunteer for something called RVAccess where you help kids with disabilities. I'm also very mature for my age. Thanks!!!

  22. Hi, my name is Mirab and I am 1 years old. I can play the flute and piano. I have a very strong passion for singing and acting. I play volley-ball and basketball. I have medium length brown hair and I am 5'4.5.

  23. Hi my name is Zoe Turgelsky and I have a huge passion for singing,acting , and dancing I'm ten years old eleven in one month and I understand if I don't get picked but hey I'm just a girl trying to make my dream actually happen.
    I've been singing since I was 5
    Acting since 6
    And dancing since 4
    And now I do musical theater and dance ever since age 6 , 5 , and 4

  24. hi I'm called Gwennan, I'm 11 years old short curly brown hair. I love swimming, netball and playing the drums. I can also play the piano. I love acting and I'm not camera shy.

    1. Hi my name is Madeline and I am 12 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes and I'm 5'3. I'm a level 8 gymnast at VIGS and I love to read and write. I'm writing a book at the moment. I've always dreamed of being in a movie. I absolutely love nature and animals, I have 9 pets. I'm curious, have an amazing imagination, and I'm brave. I would love to be in a movie, especially one that was made from a book. Thanks an you can contact me anytime.

  25. Hello my name is keisha ghenda I am 12 and I have a passion for singing and acting. I have been looking for acting jobs on the Disney chnl unfortunetly I am in the UK I want to know if I can still audition. I would also like to know if I could make a video audition. My suitable character in acting is silly clumsy and generous and I love to relate to my characters personality. I also like singing shows. I can also draw.

  26. My name is Heidi I have been in two school plays Beauty and the Beast and Charlie and the chocolate factory. I play basketball, volleyball, I go to college for kids, This is my first year, I do drama camps, I do community service and I love to cook. I hope I get to the stage. Thank you !


  27. Hi, my name is Inara Chowdhury. I'm in 6th grade and I'm 11 years old. My birthday is August 1st. I'm a bit underweight for my size, and my height is 4'5. I'm somewhat athletic, I can run, swim, play volleyball, and play soccer. I'm good at school, with a 93% average. I have this weird shade of brown hair, which is mixed with red. It's all natural. I can play really good pranks on friends and my brother. At school, I take chorus and I can speak English, Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi. I can also speak a bit of Spanish, Italian and French. Also, being an actress and a model has been my dream since I can remember.

  28. Hi! My name is Kennady and i'm in 6th grade. I am 12 years old. I have golden brown hair, light brown eyes, and I am 94 pounds. I do sports like softball, basketball, and some gymnastics. I love to be hyper and I am a small town girl.

  29. Hiya, my name is Taniya I'm 11 (12 in mid may) and in year 7. I love to act and draw and express myself..
    I have medium brown skin and dark brown eyes and hair..

  30. Hi my name is chinatu i am tweleve years old and in jss 2 i love acting i hope some day i will be an actress and am very good at acting. Thanks

  31. Hi I am Abby I am all most in 6th grade but I am in 5th at the moment. I am ten soon to be 11. I am sort of obnoxious at times. My friends say I am really funny and pretty😌. I was in a show choir camp and I am in chorus and band at my school. I play soccer, basketball, and softball. I also went to an after school acting club and I learned a lot about acting. I dont care whatever role I can get it doesn't really matter to me as long as I participate. So that is basically all about me!

  32. Hi my name is Angela Jankova I am 10 . I"m from Macedonia.I chold sing draw play sports and imitate .Whonce i was on a compotisene for singing. So plese e-mail my mom becase this is my dream .😊😇

  33. Hi my names Angela i am 10 I "m from Macedonia .I chold sing draw and imitate . Whonce I was on a compotison for singing and i won 3 place . Also i chould play tenis soccer doge ball . I want to adisseion for a movie so please e-mail my mom on
    Because it"s my dream

  34. Hi my name is Sarah. I am 12 years old. I have great passion in video games,acting, and art. I can play the violin, guitar, and a little bit of the violin.I am athletic and creative. I have been cast as the lead in a grade play that I along with a few buddies wrote. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and about 5'3. I am average weight but i am very skinny.


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