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Gamers for TV Show Host

Gamers for TV Show HostAre you a knowledgeable gamer?  Do you love to review games? A new series is looking for you!  A gaming company is searching for people who know a lot about gaming.  Attractive men and women ages 18 through 28 years old have the opportunity to appear on the show.  It will run for 13 weeks with one show a week.  Casting directors are looking for people in Miami, Florida.  This is a non-union opportunity.  This will be a fun gig for any gamer or game lover.  View all of the 2018 acting casting call below!

2018 Gaming Series Host Casting Call

We are looking for someone who loves and knows the gaming field for a news/reviews style gaming show. You will need to know a lot about gaming as you will be helping to script the show. We are looking for an attractive female and male 18-28 years old who has a great and dynamic personality. Please send us a demo/video of you talking about a game / games as if you were doing a news / reviews style show. Personality is 90% of this gig. This will be for a run of 13 weekly shows. We are looking for great talent, non- union. OTT.

Demo just needs to be a video showing off your personality and look. Ideally about gaming but if you just have a video of you talking so we can see your personality that should be enough for us to take to next stage if you are a match. Please have gaming knowledge since that is a requirement for this opportunity. If we like your video, we will call you for an in person in SF or Naples.

Location: Miami/south FL, or Naples
Submit Demo tape to Demos@trilightstudios.com

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