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Extras for NBC’s Gone Season 1

Extras for NBC’s Gone Season 1Have you always wanted to be an FBI agent? You have the opportunity to play one on TV! NBC is now casting extras for their new series “Gone”. A television casting call is searching for models and actors. Casting directors are seeking men and women in their 20’s through 40’s. The team is looking for fit people who look like active field agents. Filming will be on June 14th, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA. These could be up to 12-14 hour work days!

According to Deadline, Gone tells the fictional story of Kit “Kick” Lannigan (Rambin), survivor of a famous child-abduction case, and Frank Booth (Noth), the FBI agent who rescued her. Determined never to fall victim again, Kick trains in martial arts and the use of firearms. She finds her calling when Booth persuades her to join a special task force he created dedicated to solving abductions and missing persons cases. Paired with former Army intelligence officer John Bishop, Kick brings her unique understanding of the mind of a predator.

This is an exciting opportunity to work on the series and play a fun role! If you are interested in signing up for the casting call apply right away.

NBC TV show Casting Call

Also FOR JUNE 14th-
We are looking for 4 FBI AGENTS
Men and women
Ages 20’s-40’s.
Should be physically fit like active field agents.

Please write in the subject line for what you are applying for. To be considered email goneextras@gmail.com. Include your current photo, name, age, height, weight, wardrobe sizes.

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