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Dog With A Blog Auditions
Dog With A Blog

For all of you out there looking to become the next Disney Channel superstar, this could be your next big chance. America’s favorite channel is developing an all new family sitcom entitled Dog With A Blog. This exciting new show is holding casting calls soon and you could be there.

Dog with A Blog is the story of, you guessed it, a dog that has his own blog! This hilarious concept is being brought to TV by It’s A Laugh Productions (Good Luck Charlie, Sonny With A Chance and Austin & Ally) and the creator of another comedy favorite, I’m With The Band. Dog With A Blog will center a newly married mother and father and their 15 year old son and daughter. Kayla and Tyler, the two new step-siblings could not be more different and are having a little trouble getting along. Kayla is a bit of a smart, wallflower type while Tyler is every bit the super popular, cocky guy. The one thing they do have in common is their blogging dog, Stan. Every episode Stan will blog about his family life, specifically the two 15-year-old Tyler and Kayla,and try to help them get along with each other, their new family and life in general. This is high concept comedy at it’s best and who is more equipped to make this the next family hit than Disney? Auditions are on their way so if you are interested you can send an email here backgroundservices@castingcentral.com for casting consideration and be sure to leave a comment below and check back right here for the latest audition updates.

Here is your chance to become the next huge Disney star. Get ready for fun because you could be the next cast mate of the gang at Dog With A Blog!

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  1. Good afternoon I'm Keano Martin roasts Prado live in Pucallpa, Peru Mido 1:82 I would like to work for Disney to help my family and because my dream since I was a boy from my cousins and saw on their televisions where Disney Channel wanted to act for UST Edes hope to pass the expectations

  2. hi my name is cynthia I am 13 years old I am from bucaramanga colombia but I moved with my father to allewton pensilvanya I am tall black hair dark brown eyes and I handle very well the spanish and english language …….. now because I want this paper and why I am interested in entering this world … since I was very little I loved Disney and I was the number one fan of those programs and I began to be attracted by everything about acting, so I started to dedicate myself to that. In my school when they did plays I always offered and I always loved all that so they tell me that I should be actris because I feel it and this is one of my biggest dreams. I love acting I am not shy I am spontaneous I never want to get into trouble I am very sociable and I love constructive criticism. before saying goodbye to another reason not so important for some but significant for me because I want the role is because when I was younger I suffered from bulling and acting the art and wanting this, it was the way out of all my problems I have many dreams and this is the biggest and what I propose I do so I hope they trust me and can accept me to star one of the characters in the cast. Thanks for your time

  3. Hello mi name is fabio i am 15 years old i have 1.70 and brown eyes and very good phisyc wanted i can speak as well in spanish as in ingles wanted to offer me for this role to demonstrate my talent and i promise that they will not be able to disappear and i can not lie that is also my dream but if you are interested do not hesitate and contact me it would be and honor to work with you regards

  4. Hello my namé is julian andres l'm 15 years old l identify with the role because l'm used to get into many problems at school and always very stupid things l have a sister and de are not so united

  5. Hello, my name is Valeria.
    I would like to participate in this new project, I think it's great fun and I would love to be what I always wanted.
    It is an opportunity we want to take seriously and…
    I LOVE ACTING , and I want to dedicate myself to that.

  6. hi i am valentina I would like to be an actress because it's my passion to be an actress is an art and me would mean a lot to act because acting is my life
    I have almost 14 years and I meet the 15, I have glasses, brown hair, cafeces eyes, white skin, I measure 1.70, my academic performance is very good, I'm from Colombia. English is not very good talk but I'm learning that language marvel
    I have very good memories I learn things very easy. My father is film producer and photographer who parcticamente haci I grew up behind a camera for me would wonder who will contact me for this project garn … I hope your e-mail

  7. I have a beautiful german shepherd 22 months
    old and 100 lbs who would love to be in the
    movies. We live in Orlando Florida and would
    love to be part of the casting call. Please
    let me know when and where we will be there
    you will love him.

  8. Hi my name is Abigail I am a 12 year old 6th grader that lives in Katy Texas. When I heard about this audition I thought to myself. "This could be a good chance for me to show my talent and possibly inspire more kids to take on acting. I do not wish to be casted for fame. I wish to be casted to enjoy my time and improv to make bigger goals for myself. I honestly have to say that my favorite Disney channel is dag with a blog. Whenever I watch the show I watch for fun and I like to pay close attention and improv my skill so that I can prove to the world that anyone can make it, anyone can act. I didn't start acting for fame , I started acting so that I can do what I most enjoy and so that I can encourage others to do the same. I also hope to meet my idols. The reason I started to act was Disney channel. Seeing how they acted like that got me curious to try it and now it's my number one hobby. I hope that I can try out for it.

  9. hello my name is Alesia acting is my dream I known I can do it if I put my mind to it I can play any character you need me to I am amazing
    Birth date:21/9/2003
    Hair color: brown
    eye color: brown
    dream: yes
    I think this is my perfect opportunity

  10. hello my name is jennifer
    I would like to be in the range of Dinsey nuva my dream is to be in a series of disney because I have all my life watching this program, I have 14 years mido 1.66 I want to audition for the role , they sing. Thank you

  11. So me gustarias ser Todo de eso cantar. Bailar y actuar tambien we in poco de ingles Quiero participar Tengo 13 años. Y Quiero cumplir mi sueño asi que decidi Hacer lo que mad me gusta y ago actuar

  12. Hello,I´m Ana and I would love to be an actress,and I think I can do this character very well,because I´m exactly like her,smart and a little bit serious.
    I sing and I have danced ballet(classical dance) for more or less,6 years.I´m Spanish.
    I´m 13 years old,I have brown eyes and brown hair.
    I know very well to speak and write english,because I´m preparing in an academy for doing the first certificate exam of Cambridge.
    Thank you very much for your time.

  13. because I want the role because this is my dream since childhood.
    I am 11 years old girl have the clear green eyes live in Colombia but if you give me the role I 'll move to America if God wants

  14. hola soy sebastian lencina tengo 13 años me gusta mucho actuar y participar de esta serie seria mi sueño..bueno em soy alto tengo el cabello morocho y tengos ojos claros

  15. hello my name is Angie .
    I want to be part of the cast because I love acting
    I am a simple girl and for this reason I would like to have a chance thank you for your attention

  16. I'm DIEGO, I've 15 years old, I,m a good Singer, actor and dance, I can be Tyler, I love the dogs. Eyes brown, hair black and 1.60, please reply in my email, I like to see Disney channel all day, and will be a big experience for me be in the cast of "dog with a blog" ( I can sing like dove Cameron) thank you.

  17. Im nine. Im hispanic.I have black eyes.I have blond,black,and brown hair. I love to be fashionable. I love to sing and dance. the end

    1. Hi my namé is juliano andres l have 15 mido 1,55 black hair l am colorado and l would like participante in the disney series no matter what paper lase but really like doing crazy things in school

  18. Hi im amalia im 10 and I really like acting.i do it all the time im very creative it would be my dream. I watch the show all the time I think its very funny I would like to be on the show. thank you for reading


  20. i just wanna say its my dream its my pasone i cant live without singing acting i,m alway,s singing like every song that,s on i sing and when people act and dance i start acting like them and when random times dancing kinda song i start dancing good or crazy hi i,m Lineke call me Victoria um my dad and mom don,t no i go online to follow y dreams well um well i love acting and singing its my howl life and its how i am i wanna make people smile like Disney does to me and Disney x d and wanna make people proud of me please i wanna be a famous but not for the money or the anything i and make people happy laugh and giggle and like ya and please make my dreams come true please please please contact me back soon thanks lol i,m 10 a girl an kinda a tomboy brown hair and brown eyes and like soccer and not being such a girl and like a tomboy and i like climbing wall and ya its amazing to and wanna be a singer when act and sing its like i,m alone and being me and wont let you down its my life ill try my hardest

  21. Hello my name
    is Charlie and I am a 12 year old but small for my age. I have been in several different plays and other theater productions. I think it is time I go after one of my biggest dreams. I have always wanted to be on TV ever since I was six years old. The first time I was on TV was when I was seven years old. I was only in the background of a news report, but it meant the world to me. That was when I decided to become the best actor I could. I have been studying acting for two years and am also a Karate student. I can sing and dance well. I enjoy comedic improvisation and have practiced at coffee shop open mic opportunities.
    I hope you will give me the opportunity to audition for this role.

  22. I am enrique vazquez a ten year old boy it has always been my dream to be in a dog with a blog so please accept this and let me be In the show.

  23. Hello I would like to participate in this cast looks very interesting and I am 13 years old participated in theater in France and I think this character is interesting.

  24. Hello I would like partcipar on Disney Channel I am Peruvian and I work very well though I have 1.60 18 years always tell me I was fifteen I'm thin and I would like to have an opportunity

  25. hola amigos mi sueño es ser actor de Disney Chanel me gusta cantar tengo buena voz y se actuar y imitar muy bien actuaba en una radio soy cristiano tengo 12 años mido 1.47y me gusta Disney Chanel soy fan de stan el perro blogger y fan de G Hannelius

  26. ESPAÑOL: soy muy buena actriz y siempre sonrie se una estrella de disney con mi amiga me acuerdo que agaravamos un palo o cuelquier cosa y desiamos soy cecilia y estas viendo disney chanel. pero como soy de argentina nunca pense que podria estar en disney enserio que quisera estar aqui bueno grasias chau

    INGLES: I am a very good actress and always smiles is a star of disney with my friend I remember that agaravamos cuelquier a stick or something and I'm desiamos cecilia and viewing disney chanel. but since I'm from Argentina I never thought I could be in disney quisera be here seriously that good bye grasias

  27. Hola
    Me gustaría estar en la nueva serie de Disney
    Soy un chico de una altura 1,63 cabello negro
    Y tengo 17 pero aparento los 15 , también soy
    Delgado y mi país de origen es Nicaragua y si
    Recibiera una oportunidad de ustedes de una
    Audición sería una oportunidad que no dejaría

  28. Soy una niña de 13 años PERUANA de altura 1.50 tengo ojos marrones cabello negro lacio me encantan los perros y me gustaria participar en la nueva serie de DISNEY CHANNEL .para poder convertirne en una gran actriz y cantante en EE.UU auque no se mucho ingles aprenderia para poder alcanzar mis sueños y ser el orgullo de mis padres .

  29. me encataria estar en la serie se que encajaría muy bien si me pueden responder a mi mail desde ya muchas gracias.

  30. Hola me encantaría participar en el elenco de la nueva serie. Soy Guatemalteca y en mi país no hay personas que participen en Disney y si yo entrara seria una alegría. Si se un poco hablar ingles y estoy tocando un curso para aprender.
    Soy de cabello rizado y negro, ojos cafés oscuros y morena clara.
    Tengo 19 años
    pero me dices que me miro mas joven
    me gustaría participar seria un gran orgullo para mi país y seria la segunda persona de mi país en ser una estrella.

  31. Hello, my name is Hailey. My biggest dream is to become an actress. I am very outgoing and hyperactive. I think I would be great for this show. All I want is the chance to make my dreams come true, just like everyone else. Please consider me.

  32. Hello mi nombre es leidy rivas vivo en venezuela tengo 15 año

    Soy delgada,cuerpo de modelo,estatura 1.58, color de piel canela, cabello liso color castaño claro,ojos marrones,nariz perfilada, se cantar,actuar y bailar.
    Pienzo que soy indicada por mis cualidades ya que soy la imagen de una chica fresca talentosa que esta dispuesta a triunfar y acumplir sus sueños de verdar me encantaria entrar en esta o cualquier otra serie de disney me encantaria que me pudieran brindar esta oportunidad y les aseguro que no los voy a defraudar

  33. Hi, I'm Marta.
    I'm from Spain, but I speak english.
    I'm 14 for 15 years old. I like act, dance, sing and all that things. My personality is the same as kayla's, so it would not be very complicated act like her.
    My hair is dark brown, my eyes are dark brown, I measure 1'62 meters and weight 54 kilos.
    I would like to get this part because I love everything about acting, singing and dancing and one of my biggest dreams is to succeed in this.
    I'm very excited about this I would love to get it!

  34. My name is Kentral May, I'm 14 years old. I really like this TV show and would love to play a role in it. Because I watch it all the time. I'm the right person for this TV show!

  35. Hello. My name is delissa Carpio, I'm from the Dominican Republic, I have 14 years, I love acting, dancing and singing. Starting small has always liked to participate in school activities, and I hope this paper give me .. thanks

  36. hi my name is nashira and i love dogs and this show I'm 15 years old going on 16 and am a grate high school student i learn fast and I'm a good reader thank you for the opportunity

  37. Hola soy agostinay me encantaria estar en en dog with a blog
    Edad:12 para 13
    Etudio: primario ,actuacion no se cantar basi pero muy poco
    Espero quedar amo dysney channel bss

  38. Dear to whomever this may concern,
    Hi everyone my name is Kyle and I absolutely <3 Dog With a Blog! I am in 6th grade and I live in Iowa.
    It would be my dream come true to be on Dog With a Blog, litteraly (Ive had lots of dreams of being in the show). I have been in a few school plays and have been in Iowa Youth Chorus for two years. I also play sports too= Basketball, baseball, and volleyball. I am very smart and have created my own website before. I am kinda short though 5'0 (I get it from my dads side). I really hope you would pick me :)!
    Sincerely, Kyle

  39. Hi flavio called me and I want to go to a casting disneypero ploblema is the only chili and I'm not English but I would like to teach can learn me to give me some information thanks casting for disney chanel

  40. Hi my name is Clarice Cephas,I'm 15 years old,I live in Providence with my parents,it would be an honor to allow me be part of you guys,Disney channel is like a dream
    for me,I have bit of a acting skills,please people choose me,this is the time for me to show the world the real me,many people think I'm a shy girl,I don't want to be

  41. hi my name is Cassidy. my life dream and goal is to be an actress. I am 12 years old. I live in California. I have been taking acting and singing classes. I can cheer dance sing and act a lot. I watch dog with a blog every day. I would love to meet G. she is my idol I am so great with dogs. acting is my dream since I was 3 years old. I hope you guys will give me an opportunity to show you what I can do.

  42. I love English but nose is English but if I teach I learn fast I'm a proud Puerto Rican I love united states if I have that paper in my hands I will be the happiest in the world

  43. Se un poco inglés pero yo soy una chica que le encanta actuar pero si me enseñan inglés yo aprendo rápido I love Estados Unidos soy una puertorriqueña orgullosa y si yo veo ese papel en mis manos me vuelvo loca jajaja

    Me encanta estados unidos

  44. hi, my name is Alina Akselrad (female), i am from Argentina, and I would love becoming a Disney Star. I am 15 years old, Im tall (175 cm)i have green eyes, and i have blond and long hair.. i know how to dance and sing a bit. I attend to dancing, singing and acting lessons, I study english since I was 4.. Hope you take me into account!

  45. Hello my name domenica is acting but I'm from Ecuador, was dacing but little singing.I have 14 years Iam cheerful attentive but speak litte english.Mi hair is light brown and my eyes like I'm thin and I love acting but the english do not worry because I hope that is a bit like my informatio thanks.

  46. I'm Alexis and I am 13 years old. I have always loved Dog with a Blog and I think I have a good shot at this audition. I love G and I think it would be beyond amazing to get to know her and I love dogs! Thank you for reading and please reply when you can.

  47. Hello I have a ten year old granddaughter whom I very amazed of all the talents she has. Angelina my granddaughter love 's to sing dance act's out some amazing self characters, she really impress's me I don't know where she come's up with so much talent . I really think Angelina would be an amazing great little actress for your show. Angelina has so much energy and charisma it's not even funny. beside being amazing she also a little hard worker at school. I would love for you to give her an opportunity a chance to auditions for a role in your Disney channel, you will not regret her talent she is a born natural actress .I really would appreciated your consideration to this request.We live out in Beaumont Ca in the county of Riverside Ca,twenty minutes away form Palm Springs. But I would go out of my way to get her were ever it would be to get her to audition.

  48. sorry i forget to say a couple more things.my gender:female, hieght:4'6, wieght:82-90.please choose me i will do anything to be on the show plEASE PLEASE PLEASE,thank you!:)

  49. hi i am stephany and i love dogs. If i see a stray dog i always want to get it and keep it.I think i would be great in the show,i will do whatever it takes and will not give up no matter if people say i stink or not.My age:10,color of hair:dark brown,eye color:brown,state:tx,city:olmito

  50. Hi your dog is amazing i would love to see how he talks hes so cute. I have had expeirience with a disney channel comercial.
    And i did make in.

    Name: Chloe
    Age: 11
    Gender: Female
    Height: 4'8
    Hair Color: light brown
    Eye Color: Hazald
    Race: White
    Body: Thin and Muscular

  51. I love to act, I would love to audition for dog with a blog. I just love to act its my favorite thing to do from watching TV to see how stars do it so I would just go on dog with a blog and do one episode, I would be the happiest girl in the world and meet the cast I don't want to stop trying to follow my dream.

  52. I'm Anna, I'm 11 years old and live in California. I love to act. It would be so amazing if I got this chance to be on Dog With a Blog. It would be a one in a life time experience for me to be on Dog With a Blog. I've been in plays before. For example, Alice in Wonderland. I played Alice and it was so fun to act on stage. I hope you will email me back!

  53. My name's Kacper
    I live in CT USA
    I own 2 dogs so I have experience
    I have blond hair and hazle/brown eyes they change color
    I want to be on the show because all my life I kept telling myself how lucky they were so I decided that instead of sitting down and doing nothing about it I'll get out there and try and if I fail I failed trying instead of doing nothing email me if I have a shot 😉

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