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Disney Print Ad – Parents & Kids

Disney Print Ad - Parents & Kids Casting CallThere is a fabulous new Disney casting call for families! 2017 Disney auditions for kids and adults for a new photo shoot! This is a truly incredible opportunity. Families will be traveling to Europe for the shoot, get paid to be in it and get to work and vacation with their loved ones! Casting directors are searching for real families who have children who are between 11 and 14 years old. The print ad will shoot between September 11th and September 25th so you must be available. T

he team is open to Hispanic, Caucasian, African American, mixed, Asian and worldly people. Disney auditions are being held on Monday, August 14th. The casting call will take place in Miami, Florida. Pay will total $3000.00 per family. For the shoot families will be sight-seeing and doing excursions. If you have a child who has always wanted to work with Disney or you are interested in taking the trip, sign up for the photo shoot casting call for Disney today!

2017 Disney Casting Call

MIAMI CASTING for DISNEY : Filming in EUROPE. Project taking place in September. Will have a live casting in CHARLOTTE, on Monday August 14, 2017. We need photo submissions ASAP.

We are looking for REAL FAMILIES with kids between 11 & 14 years old. Need to see NEW FAMILIES that have never worked before for Disney or who have done VERY, VERY little, nothing principal.

The families will be traveling to Europe and MUST have passports for each family member. (you can expedite if needed)

They will travel/fly 1 day to location, shoot 2 days, travel/fly 1 day home.

They have the option to extend their trip & pay the difference. If so, they would be on their own account. (If they choose to stay, they will have to change their own airline tickets)

They need to be available between September 11th – 25th, 2017.

MIAMI CASTING DATE: Monday, August 14, 2017
SHOOT DATES: 9/11-9/25 – include dates available with each submission
PRINT ONLY – They will be sight seeing and doing excursions
FAMILY RATES: $500 X 2 days for travel/fly, $1000 x 2 days for shoot days.
TOTAL: $3000 PER FAMILY of 4 (not individual)

Please email in labeled REAL FAMILY PHOTOS with EACH PERSON’S FULL NAME & AGE as well as the dates that the family would be available between 9/11 & 9/25/17.

All families must be REAL and have passports or be able to get them.

WE MUST KNOW THE DATES THAT THE FAMILIES ARE AVAILABLE, they DO NOT NEED to be available all the days between 9/11-9/25/17.

Email all submissions info talent@frcasting.com. Be sure to include all of the information above.

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