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CMT’s “Nashville” Male Speaking Role

CMT’s Nashville Male Speaking RoleIs it one of your dreams to have a speaking role on a major TV series? CMT is search for the perfect actor to fill a speaking role for their show “Nashville”! The former ABC show was picked up by CMT for the upcoming season. According to ABC, “Nashville’s” singers, songwriters and superstars struggle to reconcile their public and private realities. Some will fight to climb to—or stay on—the top. Some will succumb to their own ambition. And all will learn how to survive in the wake of loss—proving that music may be at the heart of Music City, but drama always reigns.

Casting directors are looking to fill the role of Clay. He is a young African American musician in his mid-twenties who is destined for great things. He is a creative, self-aware, highly motivated young man who suffers intense mood swings, but is nonetheless charming and outgoing. His musical style is eclectic, with modern elements but also nods to roots Black music, Bluegrass, and even classic Country. They are looking for an African American male musician who is between the ages of 21 and 26. According to the casting call, candidates must be between 21-26 years old (or pass as such), have a great singing voice, and play either guitar or keyboard.  Because the show films in Nashville, Tennessee, that is where the auditions are being held.

Los Angeles based casting director Jeanie Bacharach and Atlanta based casting director Mark Fincannonwill be conducting the open call on Saturday, September 10th. Auditions will be held between 10am and 4pm CT. The casting call is open to the public. Actors and musicians should bring a recent photo, your own guitar or keyboard and be prepared to sing and play one verse and a chorus of your song choice. The location of the audition is at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel, BALLROOM WEST 2025 Rosa L Parks Blvd Nashville, TN, 37228. There is free parking available. Free Parking, For more information, contact: Nashvilleopencall@gmail.com. If you think you have what it takes to appear on the CMT series Nashville’s fifth season attend the audition!

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