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babyGap & GapKids Contest

babyGap And GAPkids Commercial

You have been waiting all year for the new babyGap and GapKids Casting calls and auditions. They are finally right around the corner. Entry your ad worthy offspring to this year’s new online contest! One of the world’s premiere child clothing lines is ready to choose a new group of very special kidsΒ that will be the faces of their fantastic new marketing campaign.

When babyGap holds their yearly baby modeling contests, they offer great prizes to all the winning babies including 40 finalists and the final 4 grand prize winners, one from each age category. The winning babies will also appear in Gap ads and promotions inside the stores all across the country!

Last years winners from the babyGAP & GAPkids modeling contest were Dylan, Evie, Sofia and Keyghan – A boy and girl from different age groups, BabyGap and GapKids.

Submissions from bright, beautiful kids ages 0 to 12 are being accepted at the official contest site now. Parents and guardians can download photos and videos of their speacial little ones at gapcastingcall.com/us-en. Β We will make sure to keep you updated throughout the contest process so stay tuned right here for more exciting details and place a comment below to let us know you are interested in getting more information about the Gap Casting Calls!

Gap is looking to find it’s newest crop of incredible kids and your could be one of them. Submit your child today for their chance at modeling stardom!

5,877 thoughts on “babyGap & GapKids Contest

  1. My girl is love to smile and enjoy being around stanger, Her name is Skye and she is 9mths old and i also have a boy by the name of River he is 6yrs old, he is a cheeky fellow and he have to looks.

  2. My son is 6 months old, and has a million dollar smile, an awesome personality for a 6 month old, he is not camera shy, he is a happy baby so getting him to smile is not a problem. His style sense is over the top for a six month old.. He has the potential to be the next GAP baby

  3. My daughter's name is Penelope who is 21 months old.
    She's my Sweet,curly blonde hair & green eyed darling. I'm always being told she should be a gerber & gap model. She is the sweetest, most happy little girl. She loves to socialize & say "HI" to everyone.
    She really would be the perfect Gap model.

  4. LOOK NO FURTHER, THEY'RE HERE. My identical twin grandsons, 21 mos. old. They are absolutely gorgeous. They are also very smart boys. Wherever we go they are the center of attention. They are talking well beyond their age and bring a smile to all they meet.
    Gerald Anthony & Christopher Michael..

  5. My grand daughter is a 8 year old fashioesta she love clothes and shoes better than any toy !! She wears a true 8 in gap clothes and absolutely has to go to kids gap every time we go to mall !! She is blonde hedged and green eyes and real cutie pie !! She is not shy on stage at all she has done several natural beauty pageants and has been selected to be Miss East Tennessee Iris Princess !! She has wonderful attitude!!

  6. Hello I have a spunky 6 month old , her name is Elisah Marie Irvin. She's very happy and always is dancing and smiling and laughing. She talks up a storm. She absolutely loves the camera, especially when she can see herself.

  7. My son's name is Mark, he is a very happy 6 month baby. he enjoys taking pictures and smiles all day long. I have been wearing Gap since I am 7 and my biggest dream when i would have a baby was to dress him in Gap clothes from head to toe. He would be a great addition to the Gap family.

  8. My daughter is going to be 18 months on the 1st. She is always smiling and so happy! She has redhair and blue eyes and her name is Ariel! She would be perfect for this! A rare baby for a awesome company!!

  9. My daughter is going to be 18 months on the 1st and she is the most sweetest most smiley baby you'll ever see. She is a redhead, just like her mommy and daddy! She has blue eyes, and is tall for her age! She is always smiling!

  10. My son, Keito is 12 years old. He is such a generous happy boy. He cares everybody around him and he loves to take care of little kids. You can tell that his character is showed on his face. His smile makes everyone happy. I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with some more detailed information on casting. Thank you very much!!

  11. Hello, I am interest in entering my handsome happy little man into the BabyGap casting call contest. He is the cutest little guy, with big blue eyes, and always has a smile on his face! He has a great personality, always smiling and laughing. Everyone is always telling us just how handsome he is, and how beautiful his eyes are! Please send more info. Thanks.

  12. I have a 18 month old son and a 4 month old daughter.They are my everything they are constantly laughing and smiling. When my son gets new clothes he loves to show them off by heading outside or leaving. I think they would be great Gap models.

  13. My boy Adam is so intelligent and photogenic. His smile brights up my day. One think about Adam, he is very bold, doesn't seem to be scared of anything. Loves people and definitely loves the camera.

  14. I'm entering my daughter Chloe Cannida whom is four because this it's not what her mother wants for her but what she wants for self I have paid numerous companies ex- 9-nine agencies one source talent before the name change and many more but all they did was took our money but she works hard she loves it. Modeling comes natural to her I also went to local boutiques to let them let her model their new arrivals. My daughter loves this and I will continue to be behind her until she gets her big break

  15. My daughter Rilynn is 6 months old. She is a very happy baby. She is full of life and has an infectious smile. Rilynn's beautiful smile and hair will look adorable in your magazines. Rilynn has big blue eyes, dark brown hair with natural red highlights. She would be a perfect model for Baby Gap.

  16. Hi, I just entered my daughter and I'm so excited! She is 4 years old and loves the camera! I'm always taking pictures of her but if I'm not she's taking her own selfies lol. She has beautiful green eyes, light brown hair and loves playing dress up and drawing. She is a sweet and smart little girl. God truly blessed me with a princess. Good luck to everyone πŸ™‚

  17. Good afternoon.I have a son that is going to be 5 yrs old in May.He has blue eyes ,blond/brownish hair,50 pounds he weights .His hair is medium length.I think if your company got a chance to meet him you would know that he is that kind of kid that you are looking for.He also likes to pose for pictures,listens well ,and loves everybody who he gets to know.very friendly and humble.

  18. Hi my baby's name is Jason Bakos he Is par Hungarian and Mexican. He. Is 6 months old. We hope you consider him for an audition. He's so cute with big eyes. This could be the first experience for my baby.

  19. Hi my daughter Diptheka was born 15yrs after my son. Infact we are blessed to have her on our lives. She's given me a chance to reminisce motherhood again. Seeing her cutie smile and dimply cheeks
    makes any sad emotionsfade away. The picture i upload was she was only 11days old..so sheis already intuned with cameras

  20. My baby is almost a year. She is a beautiful baby girl with a smile that melts your heart. She would be a perfect gap baby.

  21. My son Sioeli Vazquez is 2 and a half years old. I think he'll be great as a model he is half Puerto Rican and half Tongan (Polynesian) he has dark brown eyes and black hair. He loves to dress up and enjoys taking pictures.

  22. yes my son name is Stanley and is 9 yrs old and loves to model for the family.He enjoys clothes a lot.My son would be a great model for any company.Every where we go they tell us how good looking he is.

  23. Arianna is 5yrs old. She is very friendly kind hearted and a easy going kid.she loves to dress up and take pictures. She loves to sing and dance.she is very sweet and has a lot of manners and also polite. She is such a people person. Great listener and follow directions very well. Last but not least she enjoys being a kid.

  24. My daughter wears all Gap – The clothes seem to work – the bathing suits are great – I just had pictures taken of her – the clothes happen to all be from the Gap.


  25. Amanda is 7 year old has a look a unique look and an enjoyable attitude toward the camera. I think she would be great for the 2015 Gap Kids Photo Contest. She has a smile that can brighten any ones day! and hair you can do anything with it. She is very king and sweet.

  26. My daughter is almost six and she is very photogenic and has some experience with modeling. She is of Asian descent but has also gotten many comments that she looks mixed. She loves being a model and can be very dramatic.

  27. Just entered my daughter lili-ann, she is 9 mths old , and had the biggest smile ever, always smiling and very happy little girl

  28. Hi All, May I introduce my daughter, Fiona. She is 9 years old, height is about 114cm and slim. She study in North London in UK.
    Fiona first discover modelling is when she was 4 and she was wearing ????? holding a silk scarf walking around in the house. Its one of the enjoyable memory for my family.
    Fiona loves horse riding, ice skating and playing piano and singing.
    She said all the kids model in Gap are beautiful and she want to be one of hem but afraid of shyness with innocent looks.
    Thank you…

  29. My kids would be perfect! I have a 2 and a 3 year old, they are half Mexican and half Caucasian, tall, dark skin with blonde hair. Both have long hair. My one daughter had the darkest eyes with long eye lashes.

  30. My son Lukas would be the perfect lil Gap baby!! He's hit blue eyes blonde hair, and is a very happy baby. He's always smiling, and loves to get dressed up. I would really be interested in getting some information on casting.

  31. Hi, I have two daughters. They r soo friendly with the camera. They can pose however ur asking for it .forst one is Kawenaa maharajah . She is 7 years old. And the second one is Neshna maharajah. She is two now. Both have nice attitude. They r so brave also .

  32. My 23-month old Calaeb is the cutest of the bunch! He's very energetic and is in to books and reciting his abc's and 123's. He's always looking for new and exciting adventures and would be perfect for GapKids!

  33. My daughter, Summer Rae, will be 2 years old this month and she's a sparkling ray of sunshine. She loves all music and just loves to dance. Summer sings along to almost every song she hears and knows. She absolutely loves shopping and has already developed her own great sense of fashion. She loves dressing up and showing off her outfits. This would be a great experience for her and she would love to show you all her lovely personality.

  34. My two year old daughter La Bella Zaragoza is a model in the making. She love taking pictures, love posing and smiling for the camra, not afraid to show emotions end expression she is a sweet toddler with a big personally Please give my daughter a chance to shine. Thank you

  35. My little man Logan, is full of love and always laughing and smiling. Blonde hair and blue eyed with a cheeky smile. Loves fashion and looking cool! He plays lots of sports and enjoys going to new places and having new experiences. He's very well behaved and gets on with other children and adults alike.

  36. My little "ginger" 8 year old has a look as sassy as his attitude and hair color! I think he would be great for the 2015 Gap Kids Photo Contest. He has a smile that can brighten any ones day! He stays very busy racing his go kart at the local race track. We are very proud of the kind, caring young man he has become!

  37. My little beauty is Mila ! Mila is 10 months old and has such a smile that brightens the room. Wether we say "cheese" or not, she chinks up her eyes with her round blushed cheeks and shows her eight little teeth. She laughs and talks endlessly. She enjoys music as she dances and sings! Mila is a star waiting to make an appearance.

  38. My 20 month grandaughter, (my 5th grandchild) Clover, is constantly getting comments from strangers on how cute and beautiful she is. They comment on her eyes, which are a striking light blue gray with a dark blue gray rim around the outside of the color and long dark eyelashes.

    Her hair is a beautiful light beige blonde that looks like silk with flowing big curls on the ends. Her skin is tan looking, and will tan very well in the sun.

    Her Mom and Dad are both white, with dark hair and olive/tan toned skin.

    She is the happiest, smartest and most content baby I have ever seen. If you tell her no, which is very rare, she'll immediately back off and move on to something else to keep her self entertained.
    She's already talking in sentences, asking questions and soaks everything up like a sponge.
    If she's tired, she'll ask to go ni-night. She sleeps very very well and takes a late morning nap for 1 1/2 hrs. She is interested in everything and is very observant and behaves better than any child I've ever seen.

    And of course I think she is the most beautiful child ever. And I don't say that about all my grandkids. She is really something special and I think you should take a look at her. One look and you will want to meet her, I guarantee it.

    Where can I post pictures of her for you?


  39. I understand your job is very hard ,and long days. I'm here to let you know my daughter has something very special.Kirsten is part Norwegian and English Irish.shes a 9 yr old that is really tall and thin. very beautiful face and skin.and there is nothing she can't wear and it not look good on her.im sure IV over stayed my welcome , if shea not what your looking for, good luck thanks for your time

  40. My 5yr old daughter Sofia has the most gorgeous brown eyes and longest eyelashes you've ever seen. She is always so happy and smiley and is really working on posing for the camera πŸ˜‰

  41. My daughter, Kher Rei is a little Sunshine in the family. She likes to laugh, posting and the most important is she only like beautiful stuffs put on her body. She will be graduated from most famous modeling academy on 5 June 2015. Hence, hope to get more info from you. Thanks!

  42. My 9 month old Layla is so adorable. This baby rarely cries, she always has smile on her face. When she smiles you can see the sparkle in her eyes. Her face expressions attire people's attention. We get stopped at the mall, at the grocery store, on the street and wherever we go because she is just too gorgeous for her presence to be ignored. I know that my baby can represent Gap and her face will attire not only parents but other kids as well. On top of that she loves camera, looks like she was born to be a model. I have been using gap clothes since my first child and their store has been my number one destination to dress my baby.

  43. My 8 month old daughter is just one of the happiest babies I know. She loves the camera, and I take a million pics a day of her lol. She has the prettiest blue eyes u will ever see, dirty blonde hair, and the cutest dimple to top it off. Every time I go out I have people stopping me to tell me how beautiful she is and what gorgeous eyes she has. She steals the show where ever I go and all eyes are on her when I walk in a room. She truly is a beautiful baby!!!! U must pick her πŸ™‚

  44. Today I went shopping with my 10 month baby girl, I always have such a hard time getting the shopping down because of all the people stopping to get a big grin from her, today someone said she looked like a perfect Rose, what a nice compliment, but it does really describe her. Thank you!

  45. My daughter Skype is 15months and she was made for the camera. She's a social butterflY and such a happy kid. She's very friendly and seldomly cries. I get stopped everywhere I go because she's extremely gorgeous! She has an amazing character and is beyond her age group when it comes to intelligence. She would be the perfect face for Baby Gap! πŸ™‚

  46. My 4yr old daughter Amirah is a very bubbly child. She lights up the room with personality. She is great at modeling and following directions. She loved the camera and looks amazing in cute outfits. This would be a great experience for her and to teach her new skills.

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