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“Acts of Violence” Starring Bruce Willis – Movie

"Acts of Violence" Starring Bruce Willis - MovieDo you want to be in a movie? How would you like to work on a film with one of the biggest action stars? Bruce Willis is teaming up with comedian Mike Epps for a new movie. The film “Acts of Violence” has a new casting call that is searching for models and actors. Shooting will be in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a fantastic opportunity because this is for a very featured role which means you will definitely be seen on camera! Casting directors are in need of a blonde female who is in her 20’s. Women must be between 5’7 and 5’11.

“Acts of Violence” follows vigilante brothers who infiltrate a human trafficking ring to extricate a loved one. Mike Epps will co-star as head bad guy Max Livingston, who leads a human-trafficking ring and is pursued by Detective Avery ( Bruce Willis), according to Deadline. This role will be filming this week so applicants should be available on March 27th, March 28th and March 30th. Selected talent will be paid minimum wage. If you are interested in being considered for the film, apply to the movie casting call right away for you chance to be selected!

Acts of Violence Casting Call

Hey everyone,

We are looking for a blonde female in her 20s, between 5’7 and 5’11 for the Acts of Violence film starring Bruce Willis that is filming in Cleveland, Ohio. This is a very featured background role. Pay is minimum wage. Availability is this week, March 27th, March 28th and March 30th.

To apply for the acting audition, please send to angela@angelaboehmcasting.com with “Mia Look Alike” in the subject. Please put your name, age, phone number, height, weight, and city you reside in. Please submit with 2 photos, one full body and one close up on face (does not have to be professional headshot) – Please do not send photos with sunglasses on, blurry pictures, or anyone else in the photo. Your submission will be deleted. You must be local to Cleveland, Ohio to be considered.

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