Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

One of the world’s most popular game shows has recruited a new and exciting host and is now on the lookout for new and exciting contestants to take a shot at becoming instantly rich! Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire has cast Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expendables, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) to take over as the keeper of the million dollar questions for an all new batch of fantastic episodes and auditions for contestants are going on now. You can apply today to be the next lucky player.

A hit in Britain since 1998, brought to America to incredible acclaim in 1999 and now with versions of the show airing in 39 different countries, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has placed itself alongside Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune and The Price Is Right on the Mount Rushmore of all time classic game shows and your chance to be a part of the magic could soon be here. A test of general knowledge and nerve, Millionaire challenges contestants to answer 14 multiple choice questions at varying degrees of difficulty for cash prizes. With each question answered correctly the money value goes up until the final million dollar question and a chance at Millionaire immortality. Players are given three helpers known as lifelines throughout their nerve wracking journey that include asking the audience for their opinion, 50/50 where two of the four answers are taken away with the correct answer and one wrong answer remain and the classic phone a friend lifeline where you have the opportunity to phone a friend or family member for help on the question. All of these fascinating elements help make Who Wants To Be A Millionaire one of the longest running game shows of the past twenty years and a favorite of countless fans around the world. Auditions are going on now and will continue throughout the year. If you are interested in sitting alongside the hilarious Terry Crews and taking a shot at the big money you can head here dadt.com/millionaire/auditions/ for more casting information. We will post more details on this game show staple when they are released so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you love the show and why you think you can win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show Audition in 2013

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86 People are talking about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

  1. donna says:

    i would love to be on the t.v. show and see ceddy, and to take care of my whole family.

  2. Elizabeth Moore says:

    I would love to be on the show.. Might not do that great. Always able to answer correctly when watching but it seems different when u r there in person… Plus.. It would be a dream come true

  3. Hildegarde Kahn says:

    At 84 I would probably be the oldest person
    who has been on the show – watch it all the
    time – think I would do well. Am a get up and
    go gal, but I unfortunately don't drive as
    far as Newark airport – I live on Long Island. Really would like to be on the show!!! How else can I audition?

  4. Barbara says:

    In May 2013 I took the test in NY. Passed the test. Got an interview and then an on camera interview/game. I got a post card saying I was selected for the contesant pool. Yet, I still haven't gotten the call to tape.

  5. Patricia A. Wilson says:

    I will be a good contestant on "Millionaire" because I watch it everyday and play along everyday. As I watch, on most days, I can answer between 75-80% of the questions correctly. The questions are challenging and make you think. I am good!

  6. Joseph batts says:

    Because I know all the answers! And I'm a wild and crazy guy! If u pick me your ratings will sky rocket 4 that episode! Reruns will b off the chain, and Terry Crews with his Fridays frame will hit the floor with laughter! I will b rich and who wants to b a millionaire will b lighter in the pocket! By 4 now , call me 4 top ratings, u know it!

  7. Marianne Kight says:

    Like everyone else.. I love the show.. and love trivia, and would love to win some $$. Been out of work for 2 years and age 60, no one wants to hire me.. but I want to mark this # 1 idea off my bucket list.. Please I would love to do this!!!

  8. Karen Rosario says:

    My name is karen im a single mother of 3 boys,the money I could use I've struggle long enuff,,,,,,I am a very competitive person,I've been watching this show since diaper days.I think giving it a try would be fantastic, it can't be that hard can it???!?!?!!

  9. james garrett says:

    My wife always tell how smart I am and rd me that I should give it a try. And after all this time I decided to give it a try.

  10. Linda morrison says:

    I've been watching this show for years I love it I think I would be a great contestant win the million and most importantly have a great experience FINAL ANSWER

  11. bianca says:

    I really love this show. Im a working mother of two. Im 25 years old and struggling to get on my feet with a new house after being kicked out multiple times with my kids. Working a dead end job and winning some extra money would mean the world to me amd my kids. I can finally give them the home that they deserve without any of the negative influences they're surrounded by now.

  12. cheryl giles says:

    I am a retired RN from the great state of Kentucky,home of beautiful women,fast horses and bourbon.I watch the show daily and play it on the computer.I am a cancer survivor and on my bucket list is to play "Who wants to be a Millionaire" Love you Cedric your are a riot!!!

  13. Barbara Collen says:

    I love "Millionaire" because it is great fun and, unlike other game shows, it is a one-person contest. I am a retired 73 year old "Jill of all Trades." I have a broad range of knowledge and a quick wit. I think I would make a great contestant, and appearing on the show is on my bucket list!

  14. Mary Christian says:

    I like Millionaire because it like Jeopardy and Wheel it pays the player for their intelligence therefore should be an encouragement to young people to stay in school and learn along with a daily dose of just plain old reading.

  15. Rebecca Osborne says:

    Thanks for the chance! I am a grandmother raising three grandchildren. Winning some extra cash would make a big difference to my family.

  16. Nick says:

    I'm an out of work teacher. Been trying to find a steady teaching job for 3 years and my student loans are getting harder and harder to pay off. I could really use any extra money to help break even!

  17. Michael says:

    To go from the streets, to the icu, a stroke,and open heart surgery. I have turned my life around and if I could be successful in a setting where a lot of people can see, it could give a lot if people hope who might not have any.

  18. Mel Daniels says:

    I have seen times when the answer was obvious, but the person there missed it. I think I could win some money!

  19. CURTIS PERRIN says:


  20. Tony Kirkbride says:

    My wife has been disabled since 2006 and I definitely need monetary assistance to take care of her. I'm 60yrs old and unable to enjoy my life because I always work, work and work.

    I look forward the opportunity to play the game "Who wants to be a millionaire?"

  21. Eddie garza says:

    I just want to have a chance to win a million dollars straight up

  22. Herb Nager says:

    My goal at 80 is to be the oldest contestant ever on who Wants to be a millionaire

  23. Anthony Melin says:

    I need some excitement in my life. I would love to try playing the game. Cedric is amazing, and I hope to meet him someday. Thank You

  24. Sean says:

    I would be an enthusiastic and fun and kind of charming contestant. I am also rarely stumped when it comes to a movie trivia question. Lastly, I have been a huge fan of the show for many years and really believe that I can win the million dollars.

  25. eve says:

    I have tried out before.
    I am ready to go to conn.
    and give it a shot.

  26. cookie delgardo says:

    sang with an acapella group in the late l950's. husband is currently DJ in the Westchester Area. My son passed almost one year ago and would love to win money for my 12 year old grandson to go to college. Love the show and watch it all the time… love to meet Cedric too…Regards Cookie DelGardo

  27. tristan says:

    Looking to have an a once in a lifetime experience and a chance to win would be nice. Would help tremendously to help me get focused on life better.

  28. CLARK says:


  29. Theresa says:

    I am originally from New York. And my mother was on Queen For a Day. I would love to carry on the tradition of being on a TV game show in hopes my granddaughters will carry on after me. I love to watch the show and compete with my twin sister over the phone.

  30. Magdalene Gonzalez says:

    I know i got this Bring it on

  31. guy mckee says:

    because I think I can win I am very smart and I watch it every day and answer all the questions most of all I play a lot of trivia with my friends

  32. Robert Smith says:

    I should be a contestant because I'm very entertaining lol although sometimes I wish I were smarter. Also my family could use the trip and money and I plan too win BIG!

  33. Scott Kotrch says:

    It's always been my dream to host a game show, and I've watched the various versions of this show over the years and done very well. I am an entertainer at heart, and feel I would do very well on this show.

  34. Andrea says:

    I love to Watch who want to be A millionaire and play along with the contestants I have never won anything in my life and I would love to be on this show and give it a try I'm 55 years old and I dream of having my own home I lived in a shelter for a little while and I never want to be homeless again that's why I would love to give it a try and meet Cedric the entertainer It would be a dream come true for me

  35. Linda Kamadulski says:

    I'm 66 years old and have always dreamed of going on a TV show. Now, since my liver transplant 10/2013, I could really use the money and the fun. It is so much fun to watch. Being there would be a dream. How can I make that happen?


  36. Sharon Ruiz says:

    I LOVE trivia, the show AND Cedric. I watch the show twice a day, Monday through Friday and I do YELL the answers at the TV quite frequently!!! Even if I couldn't reach the million dollar question, I sure would like to get to the $100,000 question, so I could watch Cedric, in person, strumming his imaginary guitar!

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