Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

One of the world’s most popular game shows has recruited a new and exciting host and is now on the lookout for new and exciting contestants to take a shot at becoming instantly rich! Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire has cast Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expendables, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) to take over as the keeper of the million dollar questions for an all new batch of fantastic episodes and auditions for contestants are going on now. You can apply today to be the next lucky player.

A hit in Britain since 1998, brought to America to incredible acclaim in 1999 and now with versions of the show airing in 39 different countries, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has placed itself alongside Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune and The Price Is Right on the Mount Rushmore of all time classic game shows and your chance to be a part of the magic could soon be here. A test of general knowledge and nerve, Millionaire challenges contestants to answer 14 multiple choice questions at varying degrees of difficulty for cash prizes. With each question answered correctly the money value goes up until the final million dollar question and a chance at Millionaire immortality. Players are given three helpers known as lifelines throughout their nerve wracking journey that include asking the audience for their opinion, 50/50 where two of the four answers are taken away with the correct answer and one wrong answer remain and the classic phone a friend lifeline where you have the opportunity to phone a friend or family member for help on the question. All of these fascinating elements help make Who Wants To Be A Millionaire one of the longest running game shows of the past twenty years and a favorite of countless fans around the world. Auditions are going on now and will continue throughout the year. If you are interested in sitting alongside the hilarious Terry Crews and taking a shot at the big money you can head here dadt.com/millionaire/auditions/ for more casting information. We will post more details on this game show staple when they are released so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you love the show and why you think you can win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

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245 People are talking about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

  1. Nell White says:

    I love this show, looks like so much fun. I love a challenge and this would be just that. I could also use the cash! If I won it would help me overcome financial problems and if I didn't win, I would have something to remember for the rest of my life. My grandkids could enjoy seeing "grandma" on the show.

  2. Linda Davis says:

    I love this show. would love to be on with Terry Crews. I think it would be fun.
    Lets Play Milionaire

  3. Jeff Tothill says:

    I love the show. I am QUICK witted and smart!
    I have a great sense of humor and think I would make great use of the life lines. Like many others I could give 100 reasons that I want the money. I in fact I would use a portion to help animals. Most importantly it is a great show and business. I would be a memorable and fun contestant.

  4. Don Stager says:

    I've watched since Regis brought the show to TV and enjoyed it more than any other game show. I think I would do well and would enjoy the opportunity.

    Don Stager

  5. Sharon stickley says:

    For me, it's not about the money but the experience. I have overcome many obstacles. Even though I am physical disabled, I am intellectually still very bright. I would like the chance to show viewers that not all disabled people are mentally slow… And meet Terry Crews, of course.

  6. Lori Coates says:

    Hi,I am a big time fan of Millionaire and watch the show all the time. I think I would make an excellent contestant considering I do extremely well when playing at home, I am smart, cute and have a great sense of humor. Not to mention, I sure could use the money. Pick me and you won't be disappointed!

  7. patricia ruffie says:

    LOVE the millionaire show and as a flight attendant I see many people around the world who could use help and I would love to be that person to do for others..thank you for the opportunity of possibly helping others..

  8. Juanita Rodriguez says:

    At 10 I was asked what I wanted for my birthday; -"an English book" with science stories I translated although Spanish is my primary language. I have been an avid reader indulged by my curiosity of the school of life, culminating in a Doctor of Medicine Degree. Now I work for Social Services and close to retirement, I would like to finish paying my student loans, go to Paris, finish writing a novel and purchase an energy efficient home.

  9. Celeste says:

    I am ready to play! Love, love, love this show nad would love to be a part of it. Pick me please!!!

  10. Larry says:

    Great show, not one that you have to be a rocket scientist to do well on.

  11. Frankie Reyes Vogt says:

    Previously I was on "Let's Make A Deal" & the "The Price Is Right". I lost a 1966 RED Triumph sports car on "Let's Make A Deal". I still have the dress that I wore on the show. The dress is in great condition. I recently found it when I was having new water lines installed through a grant. I was without running water from Dec. 17, 2013 until February 25, 2015. I'm extremely grateful to have running water.
    I am the mother of six successful grown children & 8 grandchildren.
    I live on Social Security of $1060. per month. I've collected cans to make ends meet.
    My life hasn't been easy. I've had 38 low paying part-time jobs, moved 23 times, & lost homes due to divorce, foreclosure, and not being able to afford my mortgage. I've also lived in tear-down rentals.
    I've currently lived in my home for over 11 years. It was a fixer-upper and still needs a lot of work. The gas was turned off many years ago and the temperature inside my home was 32 degrees. Although I now have an all electric home when my new heating system was installed several years ago they left the old duct system in place. Just about every month I get shut-off notices.
    I watch "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" every night. I'm surprised that I can answer a lot of the questions correctly. I know from experience that when a person is actually on the stage it is totally different. Stage fright definitely kicks in.
    Thank you for your consideration. I've sent links to two of my six grown children.

  12. Elise A. Joyner says:

    By far, Millionaire is my favorite game show. I have watched it consistently over the years through the various hosts such as Regis, Meridith, Cedric and now Terry. I believe it would be a very exhilarating experience for me to become a contestant on the show. I pray for the opportunity.

  13. Robert Hutzly says:

    I don't want to play just to win a few thousand bucks… not really. Play to win it all. My 'Plus 1' would be my mom and I would hold that until the end and call her out. Just so she could be the first to know that I was going to win One Million Dollars. Love this game!

  14. Jamie K. says:

    Am happy to 'throw my hat into the auditionist ring"!
    I love spontaneous travel and NYC!

  15. Corkie Reid says:

    I want to try just for the fun of it. If I win some money, bonus!!!

  16. PAT says:

    Have loved the show since it inception. When away from home make sure the show is recording. Sometimes I am good and others I really suck. Still, it the second thing on my bucket list. The first is seeing my grandson graduate from college.

  17. Bill Finlan says:

    My brilliant (42) teacher daughter in Florida has a costly and painful life-long malady, and, now, her daughter (7) has the same. She can barely keep up. She's a great stage gal and reads 3-4 good books a week. I can't beat her in Scrabble. Just lost her job. I wish she would get a chance.

  18. Kathi Dougherty says:

    I am a single parent with a daughter going to college, and I just got laid off from my job.
    My daughter and I are living with my mother who is retired and we are doing our best to help out. My mother keeps telling me that I should try out for your show. She is an avid fan, and since I got laid off, I am joining her as a fan. Would really appreciate being consider as a contestant. thank you

  19. Joseph Biondo says:

    have watched the show almost from the beginning. I am now approaching 88 years of age. I still sing with 2 choral groups,am a soloist, and act in a community group. My wife and I are ballroom dancers and we are still both very active….and we've been married for 62 years. I'd love a shot!!!!!

  20. jeanette phillips says:

    Love the show. Love the limelight. Love to win some big money so I can take another cruise.

  21. Greg schleyer says:

    In the early 2000's I passed the test and had an appointment in Manhattan for an interview. Unfortunately my car broke down and I was unable to get there. I have never gotten over it.

  22. Mary Green says:

    I grew up watching late night television and still enjoy these entertainment/interview shows. They are a great place to strengthen one's knowledge of the arts, entertainment, and many other subjects! Currently, I'm a big fan of Charlie Rose, so I am burning the candle at both ends. Oh, and my hometown of Greenwich was not named after me!

  23. Bruce Blackburn says:

    I am a long time bartender in Washington D.C., my colleagues have often called me a human google. I am conversational and anecdotal on many subjects. I have been in the production field in the past so I am comfortable on camera. I have always enjoyed the show with all it's hosts.

  24. Sheri Burgoyne says:

    I've watched the show for several years and do very well as I compete along with the show contestants. I'm well educated, comfortable in the spotlight and am a person that loves to make people laugh. I could use my earnings to save for a new car, new A/C, help my son afford car insurance, his 1st car & College and be able to help the needy.

  25. Karen says:

    While I watch I play along and generally do really well. I would love to see how well I would do when it counts. It just might be my ticket to getting school loans paid off.

  26. Charley Johnson says:

    I was born and raised in Hazard Ky the son of a coal miner with 5 brothers and 5 sisters no electricity or running water would like to earn money to give away I am retired railroad conductor 65 years old

  27. Christopher Monroe says:

    Recently lost my wife(March 02,2015) daughter graduated from high school May 26,2015 and I don't know how I'm going to pay for her acceptance to Hofstra U. would welcome a chance for a better life.

  28. sandra hill says:

    My favorite show that I watch each day. I would love to be a contestant on the show. It would be the thrill of a lifetime. I think I would do well!

  29. Maria Di Pinto says:

    I am a, long time fan.Iwatch the show daily.I would love to challenge myself &win money also.

  30. Carl Tymoniewicz says:

    I have been a really big fan of millionaire for years. I think it's an opportunity of a lifetime. I am on social security and about to get remarried. I believe I could do real well on millionaire with the life experience I have accumulated.at this point in my life any help would be great. Thanks for your consideration. Carl

  31. Cindy Ruebsamen says:

    Would love to be on a couples show with my husband of 42 years.

  32. Alvin Joyner says:

    wife says I could do well on this show, which I have watched since it first aired in the states. Happy wife, Happy Life!!!

  33. Daniel Melia says:

    Retired but still lively professor wants to strike a blow for geezers. Also to win some money to support Celtic language study. Did good on Jeopardy! some years ago.

  34. Ayre Harris says:

    I have watched "WWTBAM" since day one! I love the dynamics between the host, and the contestant. As a sociology instructor, I would love the opportunity to experience the interactive dynamics for myself. Oh yeah! I would love to win some $$$$ too!

  35. Barbara says:

    I would like to be a millionaire so I could help the starving and anyone who may need help. Just to have that financial freedom. I feel really good when I can help someone in need. To be able to help my daughter to go to college also. Sincerely, and thank u for allowing me to express my feeling on this.

  36. Sondra Hemler says:

    Watch everyday from noon to one and know lots of the answers. As a 72 year old retired RN it would be a hoot and I am pretty comfortable in most situations.

  37. kathy brooks says:

    my boyfriend and I play along regularly. I would just love to play for real and win some money to pay off my bills. It doesn't have to be a million but a couple of thousand would be great!

  38. tracey albers says:

    I have been a fan of the show since it first came on, and now that Terri is the host that is just an added bonus. I know I could win the million, I play at home and yes I am one of those that yell the answers to the t.v. Please pick me I could really help my family

  39. Gerard labastida says:

    I love the show, I'll live the presenter, I'll loved the movie, and I'll love to be on the show for a chance to have fun and to win money, it is exiting!!!

  40. gordon page says:


  41. Sharon Steele says:

    I have been a long time fan of the show as well as a trivia game fan. Currently supporting my mom and trying to pay down student loan debt and other bills.


  42. Diana williams says:

    Whenever I can I watch game shows so I feel I have become so what of a expert at answering all type of questions. Me and my boyfriend have challenges about who will have the next answer correct sometimes we both will be correct and but I will give it to him he is quite smart for a man(smile) it makes it really fun when I can watch it with him. I really use to enjoy calling my mother and she use to love watching game shows.

  43. Dennis McCarron says:

    Hi, I was a contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2001, my wife and I travelled to New York by train, as it was 2 months after 9/11 — My six sisters happened to be in NYC visiting and also came to the taping of the show. I did very well in the practice rounds, but when the show taped, I wasn't successful in getting to the seat to continue – very disappointing!! I'd love to return to show everyone my crazy memory that remembers random things – thanks for considering my return to Millionaire!! Dennis McCarron

  44. Mary Clay says:

    My husband and I watch the show every day possible during his lunch break. We are right there with Terry as I play along. I would jump for joy for an opportunity to be a contestant on the show! Absolutely!!!!

  45. Anne Pierce says:

    I am a long time fan of Millionaire and have thought about becoming a contestant. I would love to be fortunate enough to win some money – I am badly in need of a new car (mine is a 2003) and some furniture and of course help with some expenses. All the money I have put in my car could have bought mr a new sofa. I really need some help.

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