Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire - TV Game Show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

One of the world’s most popular game shows has recruited a new and exciting host and is now on the lookout for new and exciting contestants to take a shot at becoming instantly rich! Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire has cast Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expendables, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2) to take over as the keeper of the million dollar questions for an all new batch of fantastic episodes and auditions for contestants are going on now. You can apply today to be the next lucky player.

A hit in Britain since 1998, brought to America to incredible acclaim in 1999 and now with versions of the show airing in 39 different countries, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has placed itself alongside Jeopardy, Wheel Of Fortune and The Price Is Right on the Mount Rushmore of all time classic game shows and your chance to be a part of the magic could soon be here. A test of general knowledge and nerve, Millionaire challenges contestants to answer 14 multiple choice questions at varying degrees of difficulty for cash prizes. With each question answered correctly the money value goes up until the final million dollar question and a chance at Millionaire immortality. Players are given three helpers known as lifelines throughout their nerve wracking journey that include asking the audience for their opinion, 50/50 where two of the four answers are taken away with the correct answer and one wrong answer remain and the classic phone a friend lifeline where you have the opportunity to phone a friend or family member for help on the question. All of these fascinating elements help make Who Wants To Be A Millionaire one of the longest running game shows of the past twenty years and a favorite of countless fans around the world. Auditions are going on now and will continue throughout the year. If you are interested in sitting alongside the hilarious Terry Crews and taking a shot at the big money you can head here dadt.com/millionaire/auditions/ for more casting information. We will post more details on this game show staple when they are released so stay tuned and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why you love the show and why you think you can win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Leave a comment below and tells us why you should be part of the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show Audition in 2013

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109 People are talking about Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – TV Game Show

  1. Sandy stewart says:

    I love this show and would love to have the honor of being a contestant. As to why I would like to be on the show. It's simple. I want to make a better life for my family. If I were on the show and won I would be able to help so many people. Want to build a house that my 16 year old would be proud to bring his friends to. We live in a double wide trailer and while I am grateful and blessed to have a roof over our head, I would love to be able to build a house. So I suppose my answer as to why I want to be on your show is my family.

  2. Bradley says:

    Every time I watch your show I know most of the answers. I love games that test my intelligence and memory. I also really need the money to start planting a food forest here in Austin, which is my dream. I have a great sense of humor and I do very well under pressure, especially when the challenge involves me utilizing my mind. I'd love the opportunity to test my knowledge of many varied things. Oh yeah, I'm also really good looking and I have a great sense of humor. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  3. claude meyer says:


  4. rita says:

    my 4 maltese think I should try out one more time because thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and mommy needs extra money for their turkey and and Christmas stockings

  5. Angelina says:

    my granddaughter is 12 years old and would love to appear for the audition for 12 to 18 year old. She is in the gifted program for the bright kids and loves to sing. Her Dad is a single Father who works hard for them. They are living with us at the moment and this would be given a opportunity to appear on the show on lets play millionaire.

  6. Barbara says:

    I need the extra money !!

  7. Chaston says:

    I would love to be on the show. I'm on a fixed income and I would be excited to take my time and answer the questions to the best of my ability. I am in my 30's and I have a passion for discovery.

  8. Gina says:

    I have been a fan of the show since Regis hosted it and have watched every since…I always get most question and am always happy when people win…plus it would just be a great experience for me to put my memory to challenge….

  9. Dante Brown says:

    Hey my name it's Dante' Brown and I think I know it all. Not in a obnoxious way but more so genuinely funny way. I'm also intelligent tho me and Cedric would be a funny favorite with my outgoing personality as well as Cedric's. I love this show however before he was the host it's a good way to exercise the brain. Hope to give you guys a great show and a chance for myself to win it all.

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