Music Video Castings & Auditions for 2016

Some of the biggest stars of the stage, film and television have made their mark in the world of music videos. If you have always dreamt of being a music video performer, this is the category for you.
The music industry is always looking for fresh faces for videos. Famous music artists didn’t get their name over night. They had to work hard to get where they are now. A lot of music artists started out in other artists music videos. Many performers dream to be along side their favorite artist in a video. This dream can be a reality. The good thing is that the steps to becoming a featured actor, back up dancer or extra in a music video are pretty simple. helps you find every available music video casting call and this category has tons of music video auditions to search through. The website lists auditions from some of the top music video casting directors. It is easy to use and simple to find auditions near you. Let your dreams come true. Come visit to get your career started in the music industry.
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Actors, Models, and Dancers for R&B Music Video

A major international casting director and modeling scout is on the lookout for the next faces of the music video entertainment universe. If you have ever dreamt of being the star in a music video for a world renowned artist this is the casting call for you. Maria de Luca, casting director to the stars (Get Details…)