Top 10 Modeling Agencies

Are you trying to find the top 10 modeling agencies in the world? If you are you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the top ten agencies and their locations!

1 ) Elite Modeling – Is one of most known modeling agencies in the world. They have represented models and actors like Tyra Banks, Carol Alt, Cindy Crawford, Janice Dickinson, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Uma Thurman and Ashley Judd. John Casablanca was the founder of this company. He is well known for his modeling agencies and schools around the U.S.

2 ) Ford Models

3 ) Boss Models

4 ) Q Models

5 ) Storm Modeling

6 ) Action Agency

7 ) New York Models

8 ) IMG Models

9 ) Wilhelmina Models

10 ) Nexus Personal Management

27 thoughts on “Top 10 Modeling Agencies

  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    I am very interested in the project and think it sounds like an amazing opportunity.
    I would be a great addition to this project.
    I am very athletic and egger to work hard for you. People tell me look great for my age (56). You give me an audition and you won't regret it.
    I appreciate your time and consideration, and will look forward to hearing from and working with you!


    James Skipworth

    My name is Adrianna Marie Lathers.  I am 20 years old (21 the end of August), and I live in Colorado. I have brown eyes and blonde hair.  I have wanted to be a model for as long as I can remember! I have taken some modeling classes here in the Denver Metro area with Aspire Talent and Model (out of business) and John Robert Powers Modeling Agency in Denver/Aurora. 
    My approximate measurements are:
    Height:  5' 7"
    Weight: 109 lbs.
    Bust:  30"
    Waist:  23-23 1/4"
    Abdomen:  28 1/2"
    Hips: 32"
    Arms:  9"
    Legs:  18 1/4"
    Look forward to hearing from you!

  3. Hi, I'm joy, I'm from Nigeria. I wanna model,but I'm not tall, and I'm size 10. I'm 5'7. I'm good at what I love, and I love this. I'm good in front of camera. I love fashion, and the arts of photography. I would love to receive assistance. Thanks.

  4. Hi. I'm Alisandra, but can be called Ali for short. I'm 17 years old with blonde hair & blue eyes. I'm 5'1" & 120 lbs. I stay in shape & I'm very tone. I have very fair skin & would love to have my senior pics looked at! I'm very outgoing, energetic, & great in front of the camera! I'm what you're looking for (:

  5. Hi my name is fahima I'm 14 turning 15,I'm a female from south africa. I love modeling very much and I would love to be a victoria secret model one day just seeing myself in those beautiful wing and being part of the angels would top my dreams I am 230 cm tall,I'm dark I'm completion,black hair,brown eyes,my shoe size is a 6,my waist is 57 cm,breast I wear 36b I would love to get signed to ford or elite thank you

  6. Hey my name is shakeria i an 18 years old i am african american and i would love to be a model I'm young but I'm hard working determine. Work well with others work well under pressure And i am FIRECE!: )

  7. hello! my name is Rachelle.. i really ant to be a model. I can pose that photographer want. But i have a little problem.. Im not tall.. its just that i'm 5ft tall.. i can be possible to be a model?

  8. hi my name is Hannah Pessagno,
    Im hearing impaired i can hear and speak very well. photo shoot is my passion that i can create expressions any kind of poses and art to what the photographer want for his work and magazine to look good.

  9. Hi my name is milleasha rice and i want to enter my two year old son nasef in the auditions for gap kids. I want my son to try out because he is very photogentic and love to sport the latest fashion!!!!!

  10. Hi, My name is Shakita Wynn. Im 20 years of age, African American 5"9 female that is seeking opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills that I have to be a model. I KNOW I have what it takes to become a model. I really just need that big opportunity to let my talent shine. Thank you

  11. Im a 21 year African American woman proud of her nicely shaped body. I have been wanting to do some modeling for a while now and now Im looking for someone to give me that big opportunity to show my talent and my natural beauty. I dont wear make-up much since I dont need it and I love wearing my real hair because I know a person's first impression of you should not be what they can make you look like but what you actually work with. I hope that you all consider me for a postion in your company. Thanks and God Bless!

  12. Hello, my names is Madison. I am 15 years old, 6ft in height and i have long dark blonde hair with green/blue eyes. I love acting even though I have no experience. I have always wanted to be on TV and am looking for openings in this industry. I am witty and sarcastic but outgoing and adaptable. I love helping people and animals. I love to sing sometimes and I love to travel.I can take direction and am always ready to work and have fun. I was born in New Zealand and lived for two years in Australia but at the present time I am in England. If you could please find me an agent or email me it would be greatly appreciated thank you

  13. Hello , my name is katie! I'm twenty years old I'm about 5'7 and I weigh 105lb . Ever since I was in grade school I watched Americas next top model and always loved the fashion industry . I have a great balance in heals and a awesome smile. I would love this opportunity and will be looking forward to hearing more.

  14. i am a 25 yrs old female. i would consider my self for this because i am very energetic bright enjoying and has a face to die for.

  15. Hi i shoulb considered because i love taking pictures of myself i love wearing fashion clothes swimwear im 10 im african american i love having fun thats all the info you need to consider me Bye tybl 🙂 (text you back later) tybl

  16. Hi my name is Keyia Johnson im 15 years old African -american.I should be considered because im very hard working,determined,energetic,entertaining,helpful,fearless,always have a smile on my face an a good sense of humor.I hope im everything your looking for.
    -keyia j.

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