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Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

Worst Cooks In America Reality Show Auditions
Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

Cooking. An elusive skill that many have tried but few can truly master, and that’s exactly what The Food Network is counting on with their all new season of the fantastically popular culinary reality show Worst Cooks In America. The producers and casting directors of this hilarious and inspiring series are conducting a nationwide search for the next batch of hopeless chefs that want to be transformed into the next great American food artist. Take a chance and you could go from burning  toast to preparing exquisite London Broil and walk away with a $25,000 prize.

Worst Cooks In America takes 14 of the country’s most hapless kitchen dwellers and puts them through an extensive culinary bootcamp to try and transform their horrific cooking attempts into something that could be served in the finest establishments in the world. The contestants (referred to as recruits on the show) are split into two teams and mentored, challenged and molded by The Food Network’s biggest stars and some of the finest chefs from around the globe for eight of the most fun and illuminating weeks of their lives. Under the skilled eye of these food titans the recruits will be tested weekly on their preparation, baking, seasoning, knife and temperature skills with a final winner being chosen by three celebrity food critics judging each contestant on their three course meal offerings. Don’t be embarrassed by your poor kitchen abilities, the world famous food experts at Worst Cooks In America are ready to get you into tip-top cooking shape and help you win the grand prize of $25,00 dollars. Auditions and casting calls for this exciting reality TV opportunity will be held across the country soon and you can submit yourself or someone you know today. For more information or to apply for castings you can go here theconlincompany.com or you can send an email with your personal in formation and why you think you’re the worst cook in America and why you weant to change to worstcooks@theconlincompany.com. We’ll keep the updates coming as they become available so keep checking back and be sure to leave a comment for us and tell us why you or someone you know would be perfect for Worst Cooks In America.

Everyone always says that it’s the effort that counts, but those are probably the same people that are sneaking their plates of your food to the dog when you’re not looking. Don’t fret. Now you can turn your kitchen shame into triumph on The Food Network hit Worst Cooks In America.

125 thoughts on “Worst Cooks In America – Food Network

  1. My name is Aaron and I truly feel I am the worst cook in America. One time I was making a lovely meal for my boyfriend- he asked what I had made and it turns out I had made one chicken breast and one pork chop… They were individually sealed in the same bag and looked the same, but I guess they weren't 🙁 I always try to go off of what is told on the box or internet, but always seem to fail.

    PS- I actually thought you could make Kool-Aid with one packet of sugar as well…

  2. I think I can cook, I love to eat, I have been a server of food for many years and I know a good chef when I eat their food. I want to try to beat somebody in the worst cooks in America. When I beat this show then I want you to let me attempt to beat Bobby Flay. I love this show

  3. I can bake but not cook, I can boil hot dogs and make a grilled cheese. My husband is the one that can cook. I'm sure he would love it if I would could cook a nice meal for him for a change. lol

  4. My wife just remodeled our kitchen. It's beautiful but she doesn't know how to cook. She only uses the microwave and K-cup coffee maker. I asked her why she wanted a new kitchen and her answer was she has always wanted this door that says "Pantry". But I figure happy wife happy life so I let her. So I guess I'm just as crazy as she is.

  5. Hello, I'm 54 years old and can't cook at all, I watch your show and laugh because everyone I have seen can cook a lot better than I can. it takes me an hour to cook Hamburger Helper. I was born and raised in Arkansas, I am the only girl in the middle of four brothers so you think I would be able to cook but as time went on my Mom could see I was not meant to be in the kitchen, so my job was to cook the corn bread and stir the pudding. she ask me once to put potato's on to cook well I just put them in a pot of water, she didn't tell me that I needed to peel them and cut them up. I called once to ask how to make her Dressing and she said I had to have dried bread so I went to the store and bought a loaf of bread and laid it out all over the kitchen to dry, I still get teased about that. I would love to be on your show just to see if you can teach an old dog new tricks

  6. Hi, I'm a 60 year old Barista originally from NY now living in VA. Heating the sandwiches from Starbucks is not the same as cooking. Yes, you can burn these too. I burned a sandwich for display when I had a customer at 7am and forgot the sandwich in the oven. The timer goes off and beeps to let you know its done. The oven is so hot but continued to cook. I do miss NY food. Please Help!!!!

  7. I love watching your show, I am not a cook even the dog will not eat what I cook. help I am 68yr old and my mother did not hand down her abilities to me. sorry mom

  8. I will soon be 55 and I can't even make waffles. My pancakes are not consistant, and even my scrambled eggs are watery. Hot dogs tend to split while cooking… I just can't seem to get things right. I will say my lasagna isn't too bad though.

  9. Hi my name is Merrijo. I grew up around cooking and baking. I was really good at it. In 2001 I was the victim of domestic violence, in fact it was attempted murder. I got severely injured both physically and mentally. I suffered from a traumatic brain injury which made me lose my memory for 2 yrs. I regained my memory but all of a sudden my cooking and baking sucked. I have given family and friends food poisening. I now live on boxed and canned meals, they are the only things that turn out right. I would love to relearn how to cook and bake, learn from the best. I truly hope you consider me.

  10. I am a huge fan of you show and I would die to learn how to cook . please help me to learn how to cook for my kids, if I learn how to cook I could honestly say I accomplish something in life.. thank you

  11. I'm a 44 year old, recently separated, single mother. I live in a small town in TN, where southern drawl and southern cooking is a must, but the thing is, if it doesn't come in a box, with a recipe, I'm doomed, and even with that info, I'm sometimes still doomed. I've worked at the same job for almost 15 years, so coming on this show, and learning some culinary skills, could possibly enhance my social life. So, help a southern mom out, and bring me in! I have a great personality and love to meet new people. I would absolutely love to meet Rachael and Ann! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Take care!

  12. I'm a big fan of the show I love Ann she's my hero I am the worst of the worst, I'm from the south and I suck! I would love to get some help with my cooking and hopefully make my wife and children happy for a change when we sat down to eat! I think I would be perfect for the show so please consider me!!

  13. Hi, my name is Angela. And I was excited that there was a show out there that pertains to me, Worst Cooks in America! I have ADD in the kitchen. It stresses me out. Theres been many times when Ive cooked for my husband and 10 yr old son and its been thrown in the garbage. Before my husband leaves for work, I always say, dinner will be burned by 5:00, we're having burnt pork chops, overcooked rice, and mushy brocolli. He just laughs. My dream is to feel comfortable in the kitchen and cook dishes that my family will eat and stop going out to restaurants 4 times a week. I want my son to have a home that smells of home cooking, not Lunchables. Im tired of using a smoke alarm ad my timer

    Angela Lidji
    Dallas, Tx

  14. Hello I love the worst cooks in America. I watch a lot of Food Network shows everyday. I would love to learn some cooking skills. I'm a 52 years old retired truck driver.. If it isn't microwavable,I'm doomed…. I live in Connecticut, and I need help!!!

  15. If it comes in a box I can cook it, usually… maybe, sometimes, it sticks to the pan… maybe all the time. I guess I'm forgetful when it comes to stuff cooking.

  16. I am a huge fan of the Food Network Ch.I love to cook for my family and friends.I been told that I could be the next best chef to come out of the state of Maryland. I love to cook all types of meals and would love to perfect alot of the recipes I learned from watching Bobby,Giada,Anne and Ree to name a few. I hope and pray I get the chance to let the world see how awesome A Baltimore City native can cook.

  17. I swear I be burning with flavors and goodness, I am so proud if my dishes that my family has banned me from the kitchen when we get together and my son tells me in a nice way what's wrong

  18. I'm a mother of two and a grandmother who dream of cooking her grandchildren a meal that they would be proud to say my grandmother cooked us a great breakfast, lunch or dinner and not run when they see me in the kitchen for a bowl of cereal. My two children would not eat my cooking, they would call my father to come home to cook them a good meal because I was trying to make them eat my food that I had cooked. They would give the dog the food when I wasn't in the kitchen. The dog died and they think to this day that the dog died from my food they gave him ,that I cooked. My father cooked for them until the day he got sick and died from lung cancer. I know that I have a great and BLESS talent to learn to cook at lease one great delicious dish for my grandchildren. HELP,HELP, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Omg how do I get on the show. My son never sneaks food off he just tells me how bad it is and never eats what I cook. I try so hard. I cook almost every day but it doesn't seem to help.I also had to buy a glass top stove to stop fires. Almost burned house down. Too many stove fires! Please help.

  20. Hi I'm a father of 3, two girls and a boy I watch your show with my 10year old daughter. She is a big fan of the show, I love trying to cook but I can face the facts that I am the worst freaking cook in the world. I think you all could help me a father and husband, to be able to provide a good meal and provide for my family I live in Tampa Florida and not knowing how to cook in a Hispanic family really really sucks love ya'll.

  21. I'm 52 and just developed a passion for cooking. While I have basic cooking skills, there's obviously a lot to learn if this show is anything to go by! For instance, I've grown up on the Gulf Coast, yet have never fileted a fish! I still can't cook a steak properly! So, see I need help!

  22. My wife got me watching this show not so long ago and I've become a big fan. I've been trying to learn to cook for a while now but I have no professional training. All I have learned to make was tuna salad and most microwaveable foods. I recently learned to make quick grits. I have an almost 8 month old son that I want to learn to cook for as well and would love to be on the show

  23. I'm a huge fan of this show!! I'm a 26 year old girl from Boston and there is a huge Italian population here, which means a ton of good cooks. I'd be perfect for Worst Cooks in America because I am literally probably THE worst cook in the United States of America!! (Hey, I'll admit it!) I'm sick of being the only girl in Boston that can't cook her boyfriend a hot, homemade meal at the end of a long work day. I'm ready to embrace my inner (hidden) chef self and learn how to cook. Help me Worst Cooks in America!!

  24. Cooking is something I want to take up and build open from the very limited knowledge, I mean limited knowledge, in the kitchen. I can roughly cook but when my siblings eat what I make they just look at me after one bite and just shake their heads.
    I want to learn and possibly join Worst Cooks in America to improve and have something that my friends or family are willing to eat and to make sure my siblings get something healthy to eat as should I because its a bit rough when I have no clue in the kitchen.

  25. I am just not a great cook! I want to be the one people come to have a good meal on the holidays. My sons are entering college this year and I would love to have them come to me knowing they are going to get a great meal. I want to learn how to make gravies, moist fish with a crunchy skin among other basic dishes. Help!

  26. I am nominating my husband, Jason, as a future contestant. He's an amazing daddy and has the most witty humor, but lacks kitchen know how…(Like, a lot). I would love to share kitchen duty with my husband and maybe even one day have my husband serve me breakfast in bed… Other than toast and eggs or cereal and yogurt. Since our marriage, he has branched out from good ol' country boy "meat 'n' three" meals to appreciating different spices and ethnic foods. I think he could cook well if he was given the opportunity to learn. And who better to learn from than the best of the best?!

  27. I'm a mother of two children ages six and soon to be four..I would love to learn how to cook better not only for them but for my mom and dad whom is a diabetic..

  28. My name is Zachary Duncan I am a Military Veteran I have a a several different disability's that keep me from working but it does allows me the time to see my 2 son's on a daily basis helping there mother's since they are from 2 different women. I help them with homework and make sure that there fed prior to their mothers getting home from work I'm a terrible cook so needles to say they eat a lot of McDonald's and Taco Bell but I would love to learn to cook so that I can teach them to cook as well as feed them more nutritiously especially considering the fact that there mother's aren't the best cook's either. This would be the perfect opportunity to show my son's no matter what disability's you have or obstacles you face with with a strong belief in God and hard work anything is possible so please give me a chance to be on the show.

  29. I've got so many ideas for cooking but none of the nolige of how to cook. Last time I tried to cook a hamburger I cut my self. Wish I new how to cook anything/something. I've got xxxy 1 higher on clinefelters. Meaning I was born with 2 more chromosomes then I'm sopost to have. I've also got glaucoma and Autism.
    I would love to know how to cook for my family.

  30. Hi,
    My name is Christie and I'm not going to say I'm actually a bad cook but I'm not a chef either. You see my thing is I ABSOULUTLY LOVE TO COOK and most of the people that eat my food love it but they could just be being generous…I'm not really sure.I JUST KNOW THAT I could be on worst cook in other words I have the qualifications….BUT I ALSO KNOW THAT I'M SURE IM NOT QUIET MAYBE GOOD ENOUGH TO BE A CONTESTANT ON "ALL-STAR ACADEMY". Which by they way is what I WOULD LOVE TO ALSO COMPETE ON!!! Just have to built some skills it wouldn't matter which mentor really 'I LOVE ALL OF UM",but in order Micheal, Bobby, Alex,and then kurtis.


  31. I am a manager at McDonalds so I'm literally the queen of fast food but i have a daughter who is going to be two so I need to learn to cook. I burn almost everything I but my hands on from grilled cheese to oatmeal. I need HELP!!!

  32. I am looking for opportunities to showcase my talents. Please contact me about this audition.

    For reference, my food channel is below

  33. My kids feel like my cooking is the worst I know sometimes they don't want to hurt my feelings. When I am in the kitchen my son passes the word and my daughter runs in and pushes me out.The only help I can give her is doing the dishes.I would love to learn how to cook I lost my left eye and I have a son IN A wheelchair that needs better equipment. So if I can go on the show and win it would be a big help to us.Plus Vincent watch this network faithfully and he is crazy about Annie.

    Yours truly
    A helpless father

  34. My daughter Jennifer is really a bad cook she has two beautiful little girls that love her to pieces but they won't eat her food she makes stuff like Knorr's rice and pasta dishes in the bag or they have TV dinners she seriously needs help, she's a sweet funny girl but she can't cook!!!

  35. I'm unemployed with many medical condition. I'm very picky eater which has made my 2 boys the same. My husband is meat and potatoe man. When I cook everything is jarred plain dry and chewy. I have watched the Food Network Channel for years and I want so bad to learn to cook even if it's the basics. I know there are ways to work around my conditions so that I can have a healthy, nutritional, tasty meal on the table for my husband and kids. I have depression, anxiety, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and headaches to name a few. Because of my condition my kids see me sitting around all the time. I need to show my kids I deserve the respect and maybe I can teach them something. Please give me a chance. Thank goodness I have never burned the kitchen, cut myself, but I have burned many meals.

  36. I would love to learn to cook. My husband works 13-16 hour days and then comes home usually around 8 or 9pm and cooks us dinner after he just worked all those hours. I love him so much and thank him for cooking us dinners, I just wish I knew how to cook so I could take over and have it ready for him. I have tried cooking many times in the past and I have caught the stove on fire, burnt my hand, and cut my finger so bad I had to have stitches. I am so nervous in the kitchen that I lose my confidence that I am a good wife to my husband. I would love to be on Worst Cooks in America to learn how to cook/bake and see how far I could actually make it. Thank You

  37. My wife says I will never make a good cook cause all I try to cook is meat and potatoes (which the meat is always well done and potatoes are dry), also cause I don't taste or season any vegetables. My wife would much rather microwave Boca burgers than than my cooking. That's why I need to be on the show so I can learn to fix a romantic dinner for her on our 10th anniversary in September this year.

  38. The reason why I think I should be on the show is because I burn everything my husband hates my food because it's always burnt. I just want to learn how to cook for my family. I have two little boys and it's pretty bad my 4 year old said he doesn't like my food.

  39. Hi I have pictures of my brunt kitchen I almost burned down the house trying to cook can you all please help me not to kill my family with my cooking I have three daughters and a soon to be husband an they never eat my cooking unless I go buy dinner of course LOL but that could change if someone in the world help me not to burn my brand new house down I just got in July an almost burned it down in December someone please help me do better…

  40. Hello, I am a newlywed who loves to cook for my wife but I tend to overcook every dish. From eggs to chicken, it ends up nearly burnt. Whenever I use a cheese grater I tend to grate some of my skin. The only thing my mom taught me is how to burn water. My wife and I eat mainly fast food because of how badly I cook for her. Please let me prove myself to the chefs. My dream is to be able to teach my future children how to cook.

  41. Hi! I've bought 2 houses that I sold with the film still on the inside of the brand new oven. I once made mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving that turned gray because I beat the bottom off the Teflon pan. I have purchased prepared meals to make my own that I messed up putting in my own platters. The funniest thing is that I own every kitchen gadget that exists. I love to cook but it is just a disaster. My family makes fun of the time I first met my brother and sister-in-law because the smoke alarm was going off as my baked potatoes were on fire in the oven! I had removed the film from beach house oven. HELP!!!

  42. Greetings, I'm an energetic woman, wife, mother of two lovely boys, with a newly remodeled kitchen, and I can not cook! I told my husband I need a new kitchen to build my confidence and self esteem to cook like the professionals. Well, it's been two years and still no full-course meal. My seasoning is way off. I over cook my noodles, My chicken breast is very, very dry. Instead of take-out food most of the time, I would like to cook a decent meal. Sometimes, I would like to prepare a dish for the family potluck; but every time I decide to do it my husband quickly says, "we'll get pizza or chicken, it's quicker, no worries." I don't understand why my culinary skills have not developed. My parents were both great cooks; My mother is still cooking. My father was an extraordinary cook! He knew how to add the magic touch to any entree. Growing up, my uncles, aunts etc. would always come to our home because they knew my dad would be cooking amazing dishes – he was simply AWESOME! I so desire to be like him.

    Needless to say, it's becoming increasingly uncomfortable not being able to prepare a wholesome meal for my love-ones. My dad would always say,"food is like raising children, you don't need a book for it, you just need lots of love and patience".

    If giving the opportunity to appear on 'Worst Cooks in America' I truly believe I would learn so much from the very best chefs in the nation. Their experience and education would assist me in achieving my goal, of one day becoming the best food caterer on the WEST COAST.

    Here's to you dad!!!

  43. No matter how hard I try, with the exception of brisket and ribs in my smoker,

    I can not cook anything. I purchased the Pasta attachment for our kitenaid mixer, my pasta comes out in just a big lump. I just cant seem to get the spagatti to not stick together.

    A few weeks ago I was going to make some cheese dip for a get together. After all, how hard can it be to make cheese dip? I dont know what I did wrong, but no one touched the stuff. They just ate the chips plain.

    Dont get me started on the times I have tried to make a desert. I have tried over and over and over to make a good pearch cobbler in my dutch oven and they are awful.

    I can make some food, for example my breakfast mon-friday's is 10 egg whites with a cup of jalapenos and lots of tabasco sauce. My new favorite lunch is Ramen noodles with Campbell tomato soup poured over it and microwave it for a 1 min.

    NOw I can smoke brisket and ribs, but thats not hard. Put some salt and pepper on the meat, then put it on the trager for a few hours and leave it alone. But my wife refuses to let me make the sauce. Mine just doesnt taste right.

  44. I name is Mary Wiley and I've been cooking for over 15 years it's and generalrational curse, but im sorry to say that xooking wasn't pass to my daughter Brenda McGee she os the worst cook ever. Macaroni with ground beef with no seasoning is one of her favorite meal. She rarely allowed in my kitchen so im the only one that cooks in my home, but im getting old and i would like my daughter to allowed in the kitchen so can you please help.

    Ps. Her son says she is the best cook ever he loves her ravioli out of the can and mmmmmmm her oddles of noddles are the boom and he says when she cook those chicken nugget he jiat love hee to pieces.

  45. I am a 53 yr old hal breed half southern half northern. As my Mama would put it. She tried her best to teach me how to cook. She was the best cook. My brothers can cook. They could be Chef's. Me, I could burn water!
    I am a funny person to be around, I talk half southern, half Yankee! I just need learn how to cook ! I can't eat seafood through,or fish allrgic. but need know how to cook my hubby loves the stuff.

    Thanks for your time. Please consider this South Caroloina ,once Wisconsin farm girl.

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