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All The World For Fifty Cents

All The World For Fifty CentsAre you looking for a way to get started in acting?  Being an actor in student films is the perfect way to gain some experience. There is a new student production that is looking for several actors.  The student production, “All the World for Fifty Cents” is now casting. In All the World, a poor college student strikes up the deal of a lifetime with two Aliens in the park.  Filming will be on November 15th and November 18th. The shoot will be held in Denton, Texas.  All chosen actors will receive a copy of the film, meals while on set and be a guest to all film festival screenings. Casting directors are searching for male actors between the ages of 18 and 27 years old.  This is a great opportunity to begin your career.  View the 2018 acting casting call information below.

2018 Movie Audition Notice

In All the World Now Casting

Shooting will be the 15th and the 18th of November in Denton, Texas.

A link to the final film, Food,Drinks, and transportation during the shoot. All actors will be honored guests at each film festival screening. This is a student production.

Character: LEAD ROLE
Jason- Age range 18-24
Jason is a hapless college student down on cash. He’s tired from staying up until 2 AM and eating cup noodles for two meals a day. He likes to study in the park and dresses pretty shabbily, wrinkled plaid shirts and three day old jeans. He’s a little scruffy, but he’s just trying to get by.

Character: LEAD ROLE
Allen- Age range 20-27-White
Allen is dramatic, well to do, and sure of himself man. He’s business, always, and the kind of man you’d see eating a country club with a napkin on his lap. He’s a little flighty, and dresses formally, in a suit and tie.

Martin- Age range 20-27-White
Allen’s business partner. He’s a little bit of a lackey, and kind of dopey. He carries around Allen’s business cards for him and snacks on whatever is lying around. Also wears a suit and tie, but his style is sloppy.

Please send Bio, Headshot, Resume and/or Reel to us at MidnightDriveInProductions@gmail.com
Once we receive your information we will contact you to set up an audition time if we are interested.
PHONE: 254-717-0052

***All Actors must be comfortable with some form of makeup during this production.***

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