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Words on Bathroom Walls – Movie Extras

Words on Bathroom Walls – Movie ExtrasJulia Walton’s debut novel, Words on Bathroom Walls, is being turned into a feature film. The adaptation is now in production and you have the chance to get in on the fun. A Words on Bathroom Walls acting casting call is looking for adult and teen models and actors! Casting directors are looking for people to portray high school students and teachers. The teen acting casting call is looking for males and females. The roles are open to teens ages 15 and older. Filming is taking place on Saturday, June 9th in Wilmington, North Carolina.

According to Deadline, Charlie Plummer plays Adam, a high schooler living with paranoid schizophrenia and battling wild hallucinations. Luckily, an experimental drug trial promises to help hide his illness from his peers and most importantly from Maya, the girl of his dreams. Robb will play Rebecca, one of the main characters in Adam’s hallucinations who acts as a conduit for the feelings that he cannot express. View the acting casting call information below!

2018 Movie Casting Call

Words on Bathroom Walls

Call time will be early afternoon.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS – ages 15 & up. Must look like you’re in high school. CAN NOT HAVE BEEN IN OUR PRIVATE SCHOOL SCENES (Prom is okay).

TEACHERS – female & male, ages 30 & up
Pay rate is 64/8:

To be considered please email a current photograph along with the following information to wobwextras@gmail.com please make subject line ROLE you are applying for
Phone Number:
List Other Scenes Worked In Wobw:
Location You Live: Please remember this is shooting in Wilmington, NC & travel is not paid.
List Any Visible Tattoos:

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  1. Hello my name is Wren Rowland, I have been acting for a little over three years now and would like to work with this film. I am almost 15 years old as I am still a freshman, and I am 5'4. I do not have any tattoos and can travel.

  2. My name is Sydney loudermilk and im 19. I have my GED but acting and performing is my passion, along with music. Im willing to do whatever i have to, to get where i want to be. I have borderline personality disorder which allows me to be extremely convincing and as bad as it sounds, manipulative. I have to play different roles everyday when meeting people, putting on faces and having them see me the way i want them to (perk of BPD), so acting feels very natural.

  3. HI i'm ecladore nick 22 years old and wanted to be an actor. first of all i live in cameroon and i'm ready to do everything to play in one movie specially in actions movies. i'm available to

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