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Who The “Bleep”…!? – ID

Who The "Bleep"...!?
Who The “Bleep”…!?

One of  cable televisions fastest growing networks is riding high on a mix of original and syndicated programming meant to provoke inform and enthrall and their new original reality TV offering promises to have all of these things in spades. Investigation Discovery’s Who The “Bleep”…!? is the kind of groundbreaking reality show that will delight millions of viewers each week and now you could be a part of what could be their biggest show ever. Auditions for Who The “Bleep”…!? will be held very soon and producers and casting directors for this hot new show are accepting submissions now for real people just like you looking to share their stories with the world.

Who The “Bleep”…!? is looking for people of all ages who have trusted someone close to them only to uncover a secret about them that changes everything they thought they knew. is there someone in your life (a family member, friend, boss, co worker) who you’ve loved and respected until a dark secret was revealed that left you thinking Who The “Bleep”…!? is this person? Have you been conned or betrayed? Fooled or duped? has this experience left you not knowing what to think anymore? Who The “Bleep”…!? wants to hear your story. This an opportunity for you to not only gain closure and healing but to also help heal viewers at home who have known your situation or one like it. If you or someone you know has a story that needs to be heard and you would like to submit to be involved in the upcoming auditions you can send you information including your full name, your phone number and email address, your city and state and your story here whothebleepcasting@gmail.com. Leave us a comment below and tell us why you want to be a part of this monumental reality program and be sure to check back for every casting update for Who The “Bleep”…!?

It’s time for you to help yourself and millions of viewers by sharing your story. Apply today to be cast on Investigation Discovery’s Who The “Bleep”…!?

26 thoughts on “Who The “Bleep”…!? – ID

  1. Hello, I'm a huge fan of Investigation Discovery and have been for a number of years. I just submitted my story via the gmail listed above because I'm very interested in sharing my story with your show, and hopefully will be able to help someone else in my similar situation to get help before it's too late. Please review your gmail account and kindly reply back to me to confirm if you're interested.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hello my name is Roy. I am active duty military. My height: 5'10", weight: 214lbs, hair: bold, eyes: Brown, age: 44. I would be very happy to have an opportunity to audition. thanks

  3. Love your show,and love to express myself through acting! Perfect match!Give me a call! If not,continued success on id discovery!

  4. I have a personal story I would like to share about an obessive and abusive boyfriend that ended badly. Could anybody please give me some information on how to submit a story for one of the ID Channel shows?

  5. I should be on who the bleep because
    I married a man who was supposively
    A deacon from church he was married to
    Me and another woman at the same time she lived
    Twenty minutes from me he had a supervisor job
    He robbed he joined my church and he would
    Testify in church always saying that the devil
    Is trying to still think marriage favorite lines so much more to tell

  6. I am 31 years old and I am trying to find my hidden talent which I believe is acting. I am looking for a positive change in my life. I have been through so many ups and downs in my life for the past 2 years I am ready to move forward be happy and enjoy my life I am a very humble person, a very loyal and kindhearted person. I am a hard worker and first and foremost I am a family person my daughter means the world to me she motivates me please view my pics on exploretalent.com

  7. There is no other channel! I could watch it 24/7 and never be bored. I would love an opportunity to re-enact a part in one or a thousand of your episodes where ever you may need me. Please keep me updated as to when and where and I will be enamored to send you my info. Thanks I.D. Your truly the BEST!

  8. Hello my name is Reba. I am a 16 year old singer/ songwriter/ performer/ actress from MD. I have tons of acting experience. I have been acting since the age of 7. This show will be an amazing opportunity for for, it will be a blessing :). This show is absolutely genius and very interesting.I am most deffinitly up for a challenge. For more detail from me.
    Height: 5"4
    Shoe Size: 8
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: dark brown

  9. I'm the one! I am known for being a rolling stone, Im a 90's baby with no baby, AND I have a hunger for risk taking adventures that get me caught in very dramatic binds.. You would not believe it but I have traveled alot, I ran from a gang, I escaped a kidnapping.. I been stranded in strange cities, I been purposed to 15 times.. I always Dreamed of being an actress but instead I ended up turning my like into a combination of films. I have many stories to tell many talents to share.. ANd currently In a situation right now involving me leaving town on a free plane ride to move in with an old basic training friend…IM 21, Im gorgeous, Currently auditioning for the Coyotes this wed.. COME N FIND ME!

  10. LOOK, I'm probably your best bet. I'm known for being a Rolling stone and being flat out in tight situations, I been stranded In Philli, I ran from crazy ppl.. , I been kidnapped… All of these I manage to escape like the resourceful modern gipsy I am! .. My Current Chapter is about this friend I have from basic training. I met her 3 yrs ago we were that close but she kept on stalking my facebook like I was her biggest Idol so I finally started talking to her.. She begged me for 3 yrs to move to Denver, CO I told her I would once its all planed out.. she buys me a ticket one day (non-refundable) and says all you have to do is get on that plane I had a weeks noticed and was caught between my prior experience and my heart of a rolling stone full of adventure.. I took off and left it all to my friends.. when I arrive she asked me if I ever thought of prosituting I thought it was a joke (being a conservative Kentuckian) Till … she continued her story, now Im not quit sure what I got into I come home she has a different dude to fuck everytime and SHES MARRIED. She started being a bitch to me.. and things got worse.. Alot worse.. Call me in if you'd like to hear some more I'm 21, Im highly talented and I cannot lie I am beautiful to everyones IDEAL look..BORN LIKE THAT 🙂

  11. Hello My name is Michael L I'm 16 Years Old I'm 5.7foot dark brown hair brown eyes Talents: I can sing I do martial arts and i break dance used to play gymnastics and parkour
    I moved to Jordan and i live there at the time and im ready to move back to the state, i love acting and singing and if i can do it for living the would be the best life ever thank you
    Best regards,
    Michael L

  12. Will You Guys Actually Sent this to me , i been checking up for a while , & i this is a good thing , i would love to sure

  13. I would fit this cast very well considering the fact I know how it feels to be very close to someone who revealed a secret about them and left me wondering. I would love to put real life scenarios in a reality show.

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