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Wall Of Fame – NBC Game Show

Wall Of Fame - NBC
Wall Of Fame – NBC

Who’s ready for the ultimate family game show? NBC and a host of your favorite celebrities and athletes are set to bring Wall Of Fame to television’s everywhere and the producers of this sure to be hit are on the lookout for several fun and upbeat families to test their trivia skills for a shot at incredible cash prizes. Audition submissions are being accepted now for the all new game show series that will have everyone in America talking.

Wall Of Fame will pit families against each other in an entertaining test of pop culture and general trivia knowledge. Not only must the charismatic broods chosen have a strong handle on a number of facts on a wide range of subjects but they will also need to be able to predict the answers of several celebrities, athletes, socialites, politicians and musicians who will also be playing along. This fabulous new game show promises to be a super fun mixture of trivia and star sighting and you and your family could be chosen to compete for cash prizes in front of millions of viewers very soon. Wall Of Fame will be hosted by the hilarious Andy Richter, the long time Conan sidekick and talented star of several film and television projects, his intoxicating brand of charm and whip smart humor will surly be the perfect fit for what critics are hailing as the most highly anticipated game show of the year.

Auditions for NBC‘s Wall Of Fame are set to be held soon and interested families can get a jumpstart on the process by sending their names, ages, locations and contact information along with a picture and brief description to olgagsd@gmail.com. We will post all of the fantastic casting updates as they are released so stay tuned for more details and be sure to leave a comment below and tell us why your family should be chosen for the all new NBC game show Wall Of Fame.

8 thoughts on “Wall Of Fame – NBC Game Show

  1. My fun and lively family loves a challenge. When it comes to trivia, WATCH OUT, because we know it all and it would be an honor to show the world just what we can do.

  2. My whole family is alot of fun to be with. We are all really into games and trivia and competition. We would all LOVE to be on a game show and show off our smarts!!

  3. This would be amazing, I would love to take my family on a game show and win some much needed money that we are in desperate need of, we have all struggled the last few years and it would be a break that we have all needed!!

  4. My family we always challenge each other and every body thinks their right. This would be a good way to show our skills and to end the family thinking they are right. We can work together and show our skills

  5. My family has so much character and we always compete and dare each other on things. And we always test each other nobody is wrong so this would a good way for us to get together and put our skills to. the test

  6. My family and I would be great for the show. My husband is very worldly, I love a challenge and my two teenage kids think they know everything else!!!!

  7. My family would be amazing on the Wall of Fame. We have a wide range of interests that would assist us in answering questions from almost any genre.

  8. My family and i would be great for the show because we love the entertainment industry and we are very knowledgeable when it comes to trivia games. We have many board games here at home so we're ready for the challenge.

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