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Tyler Perry New Movie

Tyler Perry Movie
Would you like to audition for the new Tyler Perry Movie? Well you came to the right place to find all the new Casting Calls for Tyler Perry Movies.

You new acting career will begin with landing acting auditions and casing calls. This is where directors will seek actors that they hope can play a part in the new movie.

Most of Tyler Perry’s Movie auditions and casting calls will need you as the actor to prepare a 60 second to 2 minute monologue and read from a part of the new script.

Some agencies will hand you a Tyler Perry audition manuscript a few days to a week so you can prepare.

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  1. I am a talented female who believes that all things are possible. "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH THE GRACE OF GOD" the CAPTAIN of my LIFE. Tyler Perry bring it on!

  2. Mr.Perry I am trying be an up coming music artist I have had my songs played on different statilite radio stations over a year but I have been writing my own song's for 5 years are more feel I can act any part that is played I even have different Skits I played I created my own movie, videos and songs if given the opportunity you wouldn't be disappointed. Thank you

  3. I have acquired acting skills from varied acting sources/schools in New York, appeared on stage and screen and played many Extras, assigned Props and major roles,I am an older woman in 60's but can play varied age persons. I am a student of Wold playwright-Ed Bullins. I am a citizen of Selma Alabama and missed the chance to audition for the movie Selma. This will be a second chance. I am a former school teacher from new York (retired early, 2010)and still have energy to motivate, inspire, do other things. I've watched every episode of the Haves ana Have Nots;I could do those parts.
    call me, I am only a hop and a skip away.My son Tony was an Extra in "Selma'.

  4. Would love audition information and more so to be cast. Love this art. Love the message that him films convey, and the fact that he includes God in them. His films are therapy, some one some where has experienced. That is what I want to be a part of.

  5. You ask why I think I should be picked?? Ok, Im'a tell you; CAUSE IM FUNNY. I have this gift of taking on other personalities and an ability to make people laugh, I have even been told before that I act like Madea. Making others lol isn’t something that I try to purposely do, it’s just a natural gift from God. And I don't want it to go to waste anymore and I don't think the Lord wants it to go to waste either.
    So, I'm reaching out to you and seeking to get my gift discovered because I don't want to get before the Lord one day and He say to me "Judy, I gave u a talent and you didn't do nothing with it". Now I’ma be able to say back to him, " ut-un Lord, I reached out, they just didn't call me” :-). Thanks for reading. Y’all hava gr8t day and I sho hope I hear from ya. 🙂

  6. dear Tyler Perry you are my biggest inspiration. you are the main reason why I want to become an actress. I have wanted to become an actress since I was 7 years old. now I think it is my time because I am ready. you can email my mother at anytime you want to. my name is jaynesha Nicole white I live In Salem Alabama and I am 15 years old. thank you for your time. I love you you are my biggest motivation,.

  7. I'm going to be straight up…I need abreak a serious come up. I am 48 years young mother of a 17 year old son. My eldest son was murdered in 2011 at a very young age,22. It is still unsolved to this day. Now I am raising another son without a father, in the hood!I have no acting experience but I am a fast learner!!

  8. Good day Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Adollyn , I am originally from South Africa Mpumalanga in Nelspruit ,well still living there, I am ,short coffee coloured, have long dreadlocks and 20years old in age and I consider active very serious as a lifetime career.. I KNOW I would make an outstanding , beautiful, funny, or serious all depending on the roll actress for your productions… Acting is one of many goals I'm determined to accomplish ,I'm not a singer , but can rap. My talents are recognised daily by family and associates, some say I have an accent. When it comes to acting , I visualise myself as really being in that persons shoes and take it from there.

  9. Hello ,Mr. Tyler Perry my name is Kimberly , I am originally from Marksville , Louisiana /now living I'm Baton Rouge. I KNOW I would make an outstanding , beautiful, funny, or serious all depending on the roll actress for your productions… Acting is my thing , not a singer , but can rap. My talents are recognized daily by family and associates, some say I have an accent. When it comes to acting , I visualize myself as really being in that persons shoes and take it from there. Warning ‼️I am petite , but will rock heels to the max. Let's put Louisiana on the map

  10. Hello my name is Carli , and I am very interested in receiving more information about audition dates.I am fifteen years old and a well round actress and a African American female . My desire is to become a successful actress's and bring a new light unto the perceptual form of Hollywood. I would love to get the opportunity to receive more information and audition dates for Mr. Perry's films or any auditions available.

    Have a blessed and prosperous day. Thank you so much , Carli Christian

  11. Dear Mr. Perry i am tweenty five years old, i have been singing since childhood, i also have some acting skills, i would love to be a apart of your team,thank you for all the opportunities you have given to so many people. May God continue to bless all your Amazing work.

  12. Mr. Perry, my name is Sheilonda, I am a mother of 3 with a great since of humor. Myself and children are all fans of your plans and movies. If given the opportunity to audition for any of your TV shows or Movies,you would not be a disappointed. I can shut the house down like Madea, Ms. Hattie, and Aunt Bam, I love them all and to be an addition to your team, would be a blessing of the heart, a great honor and opportunity of a life time,to work with . Please email if your are interested by email. Thank you and God Bless you!


  14. Hello My name is Angelo Alston and I am 18 years old. I have comedic sense of humor. Balanced off by the Fact that I am a Youth Minister and I can be very serious. I play the all three saxophones and play the drums. I have seen myself being a valuable contributor in one of your productions. I'm a quick study, fast learn and I participated in several theater production since middle school. I have been in love with all of your productions since I was a toddler. Thank You for your time, God Bless.

    Angelo Alston

  15. I am a 60th years old female (don't look my age as I been told many of times.) from Oklahoma and would love to become an actor in one of your movies. I went back to college at the age 55 and took up acting and graduated with a bachelor degree in
    theatre. However, it was very hard for me going back to school and taken care of my grandson at the same time with know help. Likewise, my husband was here but no help. But I think God because if it wasn't for God I don't think I would have made it. I just want to use my training and experience because I believe I will be right for one of your movies. I can be an extras or a grandmother because I am not a picket person. By the way my grandson is 5 with long hair if you need a child to play a part. I would love for my dream to come true.

  16. with the comedy and emotion that comes with the Tyler Perry movies I would be a great asset. I've been told I was very funny all my life yet I've been through enough emotionally to play the roles given

  17. Mr. T Perry
    I know God has giving me a talent which is acting and sometimes I am pretty good at mimicking people. I really need this Mr Tyler. God bless you so much.

  18. Hello it would be a dream come true to be considered in being apart of this project. I am so inspired by Tyler Perry plays and movies, I live in Atlanta and have followed your career.Your work demonstrates where hard work, dedication and determination will take you.Your work is instrumental in the film industry and I would faint if given this opportunity.

  19. Hi Tyler perry my name is Deonta Eagle I'm from Chicago i'am 20 years old I love your movies every single one of them I love your character U play as Mdea in brown. I love to sing and dance I have a passion for it but Watching you as an actor made me have a bigger passion for actin and wanted to be able to play as many characters I'am very interesting In playing a roll in one of your movies or plays please let me know by email thank you very much and I'm praying for this opportunity.

  20. Hello Mr Perry I am a big fan of your's I being trying to audition with you for a long time I am very out going and a strong black woman I been threw a lot. Of things in my life if you would take one moment to hear me out and what I been threw in my life and what am going threw in my life I promise you will be very interested in what I can do for you and myself oh Lord just please contact me asap

  21. Hi you doing, Mr. Perry. I am a greenhorn when it comes to acting and reading manuscripts. I've often wondered what it's like to become someone else on screen. I really would like to satisfy my curiosity and ignorance of the movie screen. Thank you.

  22. Dear, Tyler Perry

    My name is Rosemary Garcia and I live in the upstate ny area I know I will be a great candidate for your upcoming movie because I believe in dreams and I am a single parent trying to fulfill her goals in life. I always watch movies and tell my self I want to be a actor and would never be able to full fill my dream to be successfully and make my mom proud from up above. I am able and willing to do my very best job that I can do and if given a chance wish you won't pick me because I have no prior acting experience but one thing I know I can bring to a set is my termination to make it in life and to not struggle no more. With regards rosemary Garcia

  23. I do have really good acting skills, and I am looking for an opportunity to audition.I was born in Kenya, lived in Asia,Europe and now here States.I am a good actor given a chance.Thank you for taking your time to read my comment and look forward to hear from you.


  24. hi Mr perry I am a huge fan I think I should be in your movie because I am a good person I get good grades in school. I like being School plays and Im really good at that so give me a shot please I will work hard. so give me a chance please. Because me and my twin practice your stuff and we love too do in a movie please.

  25. Hello Mr perry,
    My name is Nykirah Grant I am a 21 year old female from Philadelphia,Pa. I'm young but I am ambitious strong and talented. I work for what I want and what I have ! . Acting is not just a dream or a passion to me. It's more like a soul drivin task that I have to complete by any means. Your story has been such a inspiration and lets me know that any thing is possible if you work hard enough and remain humbled. I may not have much but I have talent! Getting a chance to audition for your movie will be such a blessing I Hope to get the apportunity to show you true acting from Philadelphia pa ! God bless

  26. Mr. Perry, I have seen all of your movies, and I would love to be part of an African American Cast. Something you don't see much in Movies or TV. I'm sure given a chance I can be incredible actress. I also respect the fact how you came from Rags to Riches with your perserverance, determination, hard work and ethics.

  27. My name is Eva Griffith, 24 years old. I live in Robbins, Tennessee. I love to dance and actor. I am great mother also my fulltime job I work at a prison. I am a hard worker, love I am the tough women but also have a senstive side. I would love the chance to get out this small town not many people from around where I live has a chance or courage to go for their dreams. thanks for your time

  28. Hello Tyler, my name is Elizabeth Roberts I would love to be chosen for a part in anything that you produce. I am currently pursuing my dreams right now, one of them is a flight attendant, next I would like to act.
    Please bless me with a opportunity to audition for a part, you want be disappointed. Live, Love, Laugh!!!

  29. To be quite honest, if I had the choice, I would prefer working for Mr. Perry due to his outstanding accomplishments from starting from the bottom, not giving up and making his way up to the very top. He really just seems so down to earth, unlike most celebrities, Tyler seems very approachable, like the guy next door. I had did some extra work and modeling in the past, I would love to be a part of any Project Tyler Perry has even if its an internship position, I promise to show and prove, and will definitely be on the payroll in the future. If that is possible I would greatly appreciate just a chance.

  30. I'd like to be a part of the Tyler Perry New Movie Audition in 2015 because I want to become a better actress, and Tyler Perry is by far the director, writer, et al to learn from. In return I would perform at the highest level to help ensure his movie is of the same caliber the public is accustomed to.

  31. I am 8 years old I love to act,I would love to have a part in you're movies and I would love to meet Mr.PERRY

    Thank you for the opportunity

  32. Hi Mr.Perry my name is kayla I am 18 years old and in my first year of college. I love you and all of your movies.I had a mini stroke 4 months ago but im fine. My sisters and I sing dance and rap we put you in the mind of China and her sisters. we are very talented please give me this opportunity to audition for you. Thank you so much Kayla.

  33. I am a 24 year old, 5'6, African American, female BALL OF FIRE!! And I am ready. The stage is a passion of mine as well as the camera. I have experience in both and can have fun and be disciplined. I'm not looking to be comfortable because that doesn't allow me to the next level but I am ready. Capable of growth and full of fire.
    Here I am

  34. Hi, Mr.Perry,, I am bless to go around the world were "GOD" sends me to minister in MIME,,off of a song of hope,, if you are interested in learning more about my "MINISTRY please email me,, I am on the battle field for the Lord,,

  35. hello mr perry my name is bethanie salter i have a 10 year old daughter who has attended acting classes and can sing her heart out i would love for you to take a look at her video on you tube under raziyah harris she sings dances and always acts like she is doing a tv show

  36. Good evening Mr.Perry, nothing high on my list about acting except that I love knowing that I can better someone else life out make them feel better about life. Life doesn't always hand you a good deck of cards, but I always try and find that one spade to give me at least one book gives me hope. I would love the opportunity to meet you and not just land a time in your movie, but land a new start of life. Thank you for taking the time to read my email and please help me make that one book in my hand. Kayla 19 years old

  37. I put a comment in earlier about a friend name, Fletcher Williamson. When I hit the comment section it said I had already placed a comment–that was not true–first time. He owns his own business, painting and home repairs. But he is so hilarious. His humor needs to be shared with many.

  38. give me a chance I want let u down I am 39 and had my first baby I am born to do this and I have a testimony I need a chance tyler someone gave u one and I need one u wont be disappointed but I know I will make u proud give me a chance

  39. Hello., Mr.Perry., my name is Lorraine (AKA.) Rainey.. It Would Be my Very First Miracle of Blessings,.to be part of Anything you Invent.,Starting from T.V.,show to Movies., I can be an Extra or a fill in ..,if the Miracle falls that way..

  40. Hello, Mr.Perry I'm 19teen years old I'll be 20 on the 24th of Feb. I'll start off be saying it is a honor to be able to even write you. I believe I have what it take to be what you are looking for. I'm a very hard work I follow instructions very well. I put my all in what ever I do if you would just give me that Chance's I can prove will prove that you won't waste time with me. I truly love church my step daddy mom is a pastor. I have faith I keep the faith love truly Sher'Risa Johnson


  42. Hey, my name is Mikyrraa and I am 14 years old. I love to act and I have always wanted to act. My mother always pushed be to do what I desired to do. Now that she has passed away I truly want to do what i desire

  43. I think I would be great for the movie because of my newly found determination not to let my past or negative thinking about my self and my charter dictate my future. I do have a facial scar on the left side of my face ( mom said she had to scrub gum off my face when I was little) I have let it , my weight and the criticism from others about the the so call ghetto keep me from persuing my dreams. I was my own worse critic. I have decided to change the things I have the ability to change. My solution is to change 1 thing at a time. Two years ago I begin working on my weight problem. Now I'm 100 pounds less. I have always played teacher with the neighborhood kids when I was a child. I would always set up a stage so we could sing , act, etc… I have been talked about many time for believing in the supernatural things of this world that god has for his children to do and see. Now, I say NO MORE limiting myself due to what I look like or where I came from.. I'm on a mission not asking for anything but a chance to learn to be a great actor , singer , etc. and also an excellent example for my son Patrick and grand son Braylon. That's why I think I would be a great candidate for any of your movies,plays, jobs etc. determination and faith carries a made up mind a long way. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EYES AND EARS..

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  45. Hey Mr perry, am in Uganda Africa, but I admire you a lot, someday I hope to feature in your films when I move to study in the US,

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