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MTV's The Real World
Do you think you have what it takes to be on MTV’s The Real World?

MTV’s longest running program is now holding castings for it’s 27th season and you can be a part of it.

Are you a fun, energetic and sexy? Have you always been told that you have a certain something about you? A certain charisma, a “star” quality?  This is your opportunity to make that potential a reality for all the world to see. You can be a part of a world wide show seen by millions of viewers every week.

The Real World will be looking for roomates in New York, Santa Barbara, Minneapolis, Baton Rouge, Columbus and Little Rock very soon, this is your chance to be the star that you always knew you were. You can leave a comment below and fill out the application at this URL bmpcasting.com/casting/realworld/ Meet fun and interesting people! Change your Life! Be a star!

Here are the six casting locations for the new season:

412 14th Ave SE

416 State Street
Santa Barbara CA, 93101

110 S. Shackleford Rd
Little Rock AR, 72211

151 W. 26th Street | 5th Floor
New York City NY, 10001

1562 N. High Street
Columbus OH, 43201

7425 Corporate Blvd. #810
Baton Rouge LA, 70809

127 thoughts on “The Real World 27 – MTV

  1. Hey I'm Cory I'm a 21 year old female who lives in baton rouge I am currently in the Louisiana national and I am scheduled to go to Kuwait in 2013 and was just wanting to know when y'all will be in baton rouge so I can try for something fun and crazy either before I deploy or after

  2. My name is Chris Ammann, I am 20 years old and I am from Long Island New York. I was adopted from San Antonio Texas at birth and have never met my biological parents. I am 6'3, 190 pounds, tan and athletic. I am a 2 time All American in the Heptathlon and Decathlon for track and field and love being active. I am a junior in college and I am studying Computer Science. I love partying and pulling pranks. I am up for almost anything and yes I am from Long Island and I'm proud to say I've never tried becoming a rapper singing in my moms basement or giving myself a nickname like " The Predicament" , I have no problem calling these kids out and telling them to chill out. I have a natural talent at a lot of physical activities I do and I believe I have an unique look.

  3. My life is the Real WOrld and I just need the cameras to follow me! I am a member of Kappa ALpha Psi and not once has the REAL WORLD saw the life of a person in a Fraternity of Sorority (Greek). Imma Kappa and the Real World need to follow this NUPE!

  4. I know that I would be a great fit for a reality show because I tell it how it is . I don't start trouble but if trouble try's to attempt to come I always give myself choices walk away, speak your mind, or just roll the person up . To me it's not all about the fights it's all about being a real person with real actions with a little acting to add in it. I'm not a model who will wear a bathing suit in a hot tub but I'm not a ugly chic that docent have fun no offense we are all beautiful . Just put it this way I have alot to give outstanding television . Bring it on

  5. So I'm a very well spoken person, I'm loud and enjoy life as it is… I'm respectful and always look at both parties in peoples view points, in terms of conflict!!! I'm energetic most of the time… I'm not really from the states, I'm from Johannesburg south africa and iv always been fond of Mtv's "The Real World" that and other Reality shows… If given the opportunity It would mean a lot to me and my family and become apart of the Mtv Family…

  6. whatsup MTV im from harrison new york about a 30 minute drive from the big apple. i live in a small town filled with plenty of italians although im a 6'2 205 lbs spanish kid just tryin to live life to the fullest some people i meet for the first time always ask if im italian as they are confused with our first impression. i tend to say 'YO' and 'BRO' alot and throw curse words out when i talk from time to time. i enjoy going out with my boys looking for girls and enjoy my night lthough i dont look for fights when i go out drinking and try to act like the tough guy bc of my size not just cause im under aged at bars but for the reason i learned my lesson at a young age. i am a well know person in the town that i live in im friends with everyone get everyone to laugh just an outgoing fun loving person that loves to make people laugh. i believe if given the chance i can be a real big hit on the real world. im alaways down to try new things an attractive guy and have a very enthusiatic personality hope to hear from you guys soon! BTW how do i go about sending you guys a casting tape?

  7. i am 22 years old and am spontaneous.. fun.. and crazy to say the least. I speak whats on my mind, and have no filter. I believe to speak the truth no matter what. I hate fake people and will call you out on it. I love honest people and i love to just chill, drink, and hang out. I am fun but get me mad and it could be bad.

  8. Names;Austin
    Age; 20
    Location; ST.Louis MO.

    Hobbies; include(but not limmited to!).. working out, having fun, meeting new people, helping people out,& making people laugh.

    I'm very smart&very outgoing, really nice, but if you get on my bad side i can be a little intimidating!
    I am also a proud (single) father of a 1year old,and would do anything for her even if that means i have to rip my own heart out! thanks for reading! see ya soon!

  9. Real world is stupid.. but I'd be on it for the easy job, gettin hammered, and makin out with babes all night Haha!

  10. Im 22 I'm from LA. Im crazy, funny, loving, hyper, and goal oriented. My friend always tell me that I need my own reality to show people how much I do and can still be the happiest person they know. I love to work, I want to make it big in the future. I love going out with my friends, trying new things is what I'm about. You need someone like me on your show. 🙂

  11. My name is Krystal and I am from El Paso Texas !!! I would love go be on the real world because I have a personality like nobody else. I have always been a fan of the real world and have always wanted to be a part of it! I am easy to get along with and very outgoing. I am 20 years old and love to have a good time and meet new people.

  12. My names Anthony Bradley yea i have two first names
    But everyone calls me T.O like the football player (they say i look like him)
    I'm as goofy and as outgoing as they come
    I'm from all over the world because my whole entire family is in the military
    I love to dance and i think I'm very good at it
    I have insomnia, thats why i prefer to work the 3rd shift because i can't ever sleep Smdh
    I would love to be on the show because i have never did anything like this at all before in my life, my friends recommended me to post this because they don't think i belong where I'm at right now they keep telling me i need to get out of this small ass town I'm in right now (Elizabethtown,Ky)

  13. My name is Shatiera Freeman and i live in the new york area. I always was a fan of the real word and i would love so much to be on the real world. im 19 years old and i have a lot to offer.i am hilarious and i personally have the most best personality you will ever find!!! im not going to sit here and tell you something you never heard before so you would have to just meet me am=nd find out! keep in touch and dont forget that i can bring so much fun and natural talent to the show! smell you later!

  14. Damn!! Sorry I missed the audition in Little Rock. Here's my info

    —My stats—
    name: Desiree Ann Gullett
    Location: little rock, Arkansas
    Occupation: new stay at home mom/ hairstylist
    Height: 5″6
    Weight: 110
    Bra: 34B
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 34
    Shoe: 5.5
    Hair length: past shoulder
    Hair color: chocolate
    Eyes: blue

  15. Wassup wassup! I would love to be on the real world… Just clown and have a good time! I'm from Miami fl so you already know the atmosphere out here. I'm a fun, humble cool dude to kick it with, social as hell! always where the party at!! I'm 22 years old.. always looking for new adventures and this would be a good opportunity..

  16. HI my name is Devon McDoe i am 6'3 tall African American male I have green hazel eyes and Iam 19years of age. I live in Newburgh ny. I have what it takes i am an outgoing but humble person and i do my job . I love what I do and i wouldnt trade it for the world. I have good communicational skills and Im a very easy going person

  17. hola mi nombre es yair trejo marcelo , para mi trabajar con ustedes es mi mas grande sueño mostrar al mundo entero mi gran telento que tengo que corre por mis venas ese talento que tengo y poder mostrarlo , tengo 16 años de edad soy de Perú , mi sueño es formar parte de Disney chanel , soy un chico extrovertido y muy desenvuelto , actuó desde pequeño en obras y la oportunidad que ustedes publican es para mí es una gran oportunidad , bueno yo tendría que ser la estrella porque me considero capaz de hacer todo los retos que me vengas y que me dan y soy muy cómico muchas gracias

  18. whats good wit itt?.. wait i forgot, i'm white. they call me mel, aka blaze, i'm 20, always seeking out new adventures. "you could have your own reality show," i hear just about daily. My friends would say i'm a trouble maker, but mean well. trouble ALWAYS seems to find me… I am probably the most blunt/real girl you could ever meet, yes, I am a hardass and will tell you exactly how it is, but at heart, i'm a softy.. shh. I have definalty gotten a taste of the "real world" I've done it all, for only being 20. Well I could go on and tell you my entire life story, but no one really cares that much. I'm just looking to have some fun and see some legit people on this show instead of all these fucking d bags. Welp get at me. blaze up :p

  19. I am from washburn North dakota. Small town boy living a huge dream 22 years old. Love to have fun. All i will say is i will make this show go prime time.

  20. I am from washburn North dakota small town boy living a big dream i love to party. All i will tell you is i will make this show go prime time.

  21. It would be an honor to be on the real world. I'm very outgoing ,people always tell me im the life of the party and im always open to try new things!!! Born on Halloween so u guys would be in for a trick and treat 😉

  22. I am so interested in new upcoming auditions of reality tv, because I know people will have a big interest in my life on tv

  23. My name is carolann im 21 and i work at hooters. Im a nice outgoing girl just looking to party somewhere different! Whattt! 😉

  24. Heu whats up, this is Micah Branch AKA the 'Real Deal'. Ima 22 year boxer from columbus ohio getting ready to make my pro debut. I also been working towards my modeling career and now living in Cincinnati training with the best! ….AY! The show needs me! You goin learn ta'day!!! 😀

  25. ….my namee iis Vanquariius but most of my friiends call me Munchiie iim down to earth but iim not the 1 too f**k wiith my motto iis that iima bad b***h iits eiither get liike me or fall the f**k back ii dont take s**t from any1 but iim really niice lol!

  26. My Name is Terrance Joseph , 18 years Of age…. i would be PERFECT for the show…… point blank….. i turn the party up… i make a good show to watch from start to finish

  27. First thang first I'm not gona sit here n tell u ill b great for tha part fill my mouth with bullshit just to get ur attention but I'm tired of seeing buffjock perfect bodied people when is supposed to be the realworld not the perfect world fuk let's be real I'm 100% puertorican bilingual 26,with a lil accent not buffed not fat but healthy n alwys real.let's c how real you r.
    What more than a rican when a lot latinos watch the show they love it but can't relate to it u want higher ratings cast me let's do this…like I say segurooooooooo…… att ALEX Tha barber boii….

  28. hey im o'shay im 19 years old im like one of the pretty dark skin girls that you'll ever see in your life so i been told , im from one of the boring states ever….ST.PAUL MINNESOTA i been out this state 3 times and for some reason i find my self back here at my mom house with my 5 sisters..but i would love to be on real world im fun,pretty,funny and once again pretty, im single to the max so i hoping there would be some every cute guys 🙂 am a nice person but if you cross me over it over for you a** , i dont put up with nobody bs because if it's not my way it's the hiway jack..lmao

  29. Being on the Real World 27 would be an incredible opportunity for me, I'm always watching the show and wondering how sweet it would be to actually get the chance to be on a hit show.
    Im fun, energetic i love to have fun meeting new people is amazing, in down for anything and everything, I'm 19 years old.
    Having the chance to be on this show will give me to many opportunities to continue my life and open up new windows for where i want to take myself in the future. I love to travel and can't wait to get out of this city!

  30. I'd be perfect for real world! I'm 23 years old and from new orleans. I love to have a good time but I'm not afraid to be honest with everyone around me. I'm interested in coming out for auditions in baton rouge. I am very cultured, open minded and really wanting something new and exciting in my life! this could be just the thing! Trust me … You'd love me for this show! Meant to be.

  31. I wanna be on the real world cause "it's never a dull moment with Cin" :p guaranteed I'm an interesting character ! I'm 26 yrs old born and raised in the UK England but been living in Texas for 10 yrs .. (still got the English accent) people ask me everyday where I'm from and are very intrigued by me. The guys, the girls and strangers are very easy for me to meet and get along with. I can honestly say I have no enemies and I have a heart of gold. I'm 5"8 , 120 pounds .. Blonde hair, hazel eyes . Im a social butterfly and always have the best ideas . You can call me the 'planner' cause I'm always organizing events whether it's a night out or simply what to do for the day .. Things usually go my way cause they make the most sense. I love to party, raves & concerts as well as be on the chill side and just stay in and watch horror movies 😀 I love cooking and I'm a smarty pants ;P always a laugh and a good time with me :))

  32. Hello, Im a nigerian female by the name of Michelle aka Mimi.I am fun outgoing 5'8.I have a little bit of insecurities with ance on my face but yet I have a nice smile.Im willingly to mingle out and have fun with new people.Not a hostile person unless my buttons are pushed.Im very interested in being on reality tv.

  33. well ive always been an aspiring hip hop artists and always wanted a way to create jobs in my neighborhood.also community centers so the ppl of my community could have somehwere to ea or maybe even slep if needed.i rally feel i wuz put here to help ppl.i think this show is my calling to serve my lord by promoting myself and getting his word out and mine,LOVE YOUR SELF.so amazing

  34. My name is Karen Romain, Im an African American female from Miami, Fl. The reason why I take interest in casting for The Real World is because you've inspired so many young people to go after what they want in life to pursue their dreams. I currently attend The Miami Film School located in Hollywood, Fl where I gained all my talent & I also worked on the set of Step Up 4 as an extra. Im independent, I hold my own ground & have alot of confidence in myself. Im a friendly, easy-going optimistic person who enjoys traveling and hanging out and I wouldnt change it for the world.

  35. Marquise Williams 21 from Little Rock, Arkansas! First off i would like to say how upset i am to have missed this opportunity in my city i dont know how i did not hear about this!

    I feel like i would be the perfect candidate to be on the Real World 27 because i am The definition of REAL! I let it be known how it is from jump! No sugar coating!!

    Great personality, Fun to hang around! && Serious one when need be! Not the one to be messed with!

    Continuously Entertaining!

    Star on the rise…


  36. I'm all honestly I would just love this opportunity to get out of the Bronx! I have lived here all my life and I would love the experience to venture out and live a little … Some may consider me a prude! I would love to prove them wrong!

  37. A book couldn't tell you the half of me, nonverbal communication was never my thing.. Put me in front of the big lights and in the reflection you'll see green.. I want to help MTV help me.. I give you a good season, or two or three. You'll make millions… TRUST me when i say i have the viewers entertained already!!

  38. Hello Real World, My name is Tim and, I am a ambitious, athletic, young individual. I am currently a senior at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, majoring in industrial design(Product Design). I will be graduating in May. In college, I played Rugby for three years and I completed and participated in multiple Triathlon competitions and trainings. I am a very compeditive and high strong person when it concerns completing an assignment or task. And, I believe that I could possibly be a perfect candidate for your show. Thanks for your time.

  39. im a really sweet guy outgoing not shy .. i can be a badass if needed to be … im real to the fullest i dont care what people think im going to be me … i can be blunt at times .. i tell people all the time I TELL U WHAT U NEED TO HEAR NOT WHAT U WANT TO HEAR … dont like it dont be my friend … iv been mma fighting for 2 years semi pro football for 4 years i love sports i coach all ages in hockey football baseball .. i would be good for the show .. i got looks charm crazy and funny .. if im not working or lifting im hutning fishing family time or getting tatted up .. and i know how to party i was born in wisconsin and still here .. love to drink and eat cheese .. and snow baby

  40. I would love to be on real world. i'm a very fun & outgoing person. people love being around me because of my personality. if im given the chance you all will not be disappointed!

  41. My name is Ashley 🙂

    Some people call me "Pookie" um very long story on that topic haha,

    I'm 21 years old from a very small town called "Monticello,Arkansas"!

    I went to Beauty School! One of my passions and I love it!
    I wanna take my career to the next level and show people what I'm made of as a stylist/makeup artist!

    A lot of people say.. I'm crazy in a good way and I love to have fun!! I'm up for anything! Well the Truth is.. It's in my blood haha
    I'm the kind of person who loves to dance alot without a care in the world!
    Sing in the shower from time to time haHa

    I love my margaritas and champagne!! I have to have me a glass from time to time haha
    I love men of course 😉 ha

    I love to Make others laugh! I love listening to people and I truly will hear them out!

    I'm very outgoing, and I love change!

    I'm hispanic mixed with indian! I have beautiful brown eyes, pretty teeth, brown long hair, toned, big boobs, and I'm tiny! 🙂 Haha
    I get to many pick up lines a day but it gives me a laugh haha

    but it's life! Who doesn't get hit on? Ha but I thank my parents for that ha

    if you choose me, you wouldn't be disappointed <3 I want a experience of a life time, that's why you should choose me because, "I'm America's Sweetheart"! You just don't know it yet 😉

  42. i'm 25 years old born and raised in Brooklyn, NY my friends call me bitchney cause i can be a real bitch, but i always have the biggest heart ill do anything for anyone.

  43. Hi im Quilla im 23, born and raise in Atlanta. I should be pick to be on the show because i would bring entertainment. Im a very social person with a big personality. Im a bit dramatic and goofy, but thats the best part. I can also be very out spoken, but u even hate it or love.

  44. Im jasmine from Tx Im 20yrs old a very fun and outgoing person, ive always been told that i should be on tv, or the newest reality show thats out i love to have a good time party.. and just be me without carrying what anyone thinks or says

  45. Im 22 years old. born and raised in Fort Worth, Tx. I love to be in the spotlight, I am everyone's source of entertainment! When people want to find where the party is…they call me! I am the face of UT Arlington. I love to sing and I love the ladies!!! So watch out! If i were chose to be on the Real World, I would definitely give you a show! There is nothing boring about me! I WILL be the show!

  46. I should be on Real World 27, because I am a strong minded person, who will always speak what I feel. I have lost my parents at the age of 6, and ever since I have been independent, and have always depended on myself to be successful. I love the social life. AND I am more than positive you guys would fall in love with me. I am just trying to tell my story to the world, and let the world see the real Brandon Walls.

  47. Im young(20)and pretty with a out going attitude always ready to experience and learn new things in life…I always stand out from others because im just me myself and I. im talented…well rounded im tall enough beyond pretty enough to be a model im a music artist writer rapper and I can sing(a little) My stage name is Yonni Shaunja Taylor Real world and The real me

  48. I have what it takes to make the world wanna watch the show. I'm fun, pretty, and can act my ass off. I love to have fun chill and put my all into things having me on the show will not be a mistake trust me. I'm a Scorpio and you kno what they say about us so think hard and make the right choice.

  49. I don't need to sell myself. This is just for the simple pleasure of having fun, experience something new to open and close another chapter in life. 2 tours in Iraq and most will tell you that nothing really shakes you the same. I miss the adrenaline head rush. When you see opportunity you cease it. It's always about pushing yourself to the next level. 🙂

  50. I'm a Really out going person tat dont care what people think of me and Im 19 From Illinois and I have talent that need to be put out there.I would really be great for this because I can be classy, messy I love to be girly but i also love to wear sweats and a t-shirt and just relax.

    1. I have 4999 friends on facebook and i only know about 50 of em.Why??THAT'S how interesting i am!!!Fun,out going,feminist,shopaholic,a liiiitle bit mean at times(who isnt???lol).Aspiring TV host and actress,love dogs,hot boys,tequila shots,short shorts….!!New York Film Academy L.A. Student(acting for film).100% entertaining!!!Did i mention really cute?hahahaha…want a REAL dose of reality???call me baby.call me and you'll see.

  51. Hi my name is Amro i want to act am not going to say am the best actor in the world but i can show you and am Egyptian am 17 and am brown hire 5.5 ft brown eyes and i have an nice accents and i talked to Steven Spielberg,Adam Sandler,Shia Labeouf managers and a lot more and they all side to me your good to goo i just need to start and it would be an honor to work with you.

  52. I live the night life! partying is my life! ,im 21 about to be 22 im a boxer but ill put it on hold to be on this show! 😀

  53. im crazy and funny. type of dude thats brutally honest . iv always wanted to be on this show i was gonna wait until i was 21 but i cant wait any longer!!

  54. I am Anthony Slade. I am at the young age of 18 years old. i am full of maturity,charisma, and energy. I've been told i have the face, smile, and character for television. i enjoy and live for new experiences everyday and what would be better than "The Real World"!!! i am very passionate and the best at what i do. i can't wait to be able to display my character on the "Real World".

  55. Performing is my passion. If im not on the the stage then life means nothing to me. I love to bring my audience happiness and smiles. In high school everyone recognized me as "The Stage Queen" a.k.a someone that's a rising star on the move. I guess you can say I'm a dream chaser, but to me I'm a dream catcher, I know what I want & I go for it. Its always been a dream of mine to be an actress singer and dancer. Ever since I was a little girl. Every audition I've done for school musicals & plays I've always got the lead.. & that's because I always was hard working & determined. & my advice I always go by is "Reach for the stars because if you don't how are you ever gonna get to touch them"

  56. I've been trying to act for awhile now. I have been told plenty of times I was born to be in front of the camera but never actually thought about doing it till now. I am a very dramatic person at times when I need to be and very funny.

  57. Im young 29 years old i look like im 20 very energetic fun to be around i just make everyone day i love being me im from new orleans i was born in germany im a triplett two girls and a boy n i would love to be a candidate for the show….

  58. I'm a single 21 years old I'm from Fort Lauderdale Florida and I go to University of Central Florida. This is my last year at UCF then I'm planning on moving to Miami Fl. to start my career in event management. Growing up in high school I gave my close girl friends and I the nickname the B.J.S because that's our initials not realizing at the time what BJS actually meant so 9 years later now senior in college we all live together and the name still sticks with us. I was a bartender at a local bar called Deko Lounge and now being unemployed I'm a fun wild college girl that parties downtown Orlando and whenever I get a chance I come down to Miami to go to the club LIV in the fountainebleau. I live by the moto you only live once so you might as well make it worth it!

  59. hey! my names olivia,im 21 and im very fun to be around my friends say im hilarious and my life should be a sitcom,i love to have fun and im very determined,i can gurentee you that if you pic me i will be a riseing star! i consider myself very attractive and wouldnt let anyone tell me different.

  60. i would love to be on the real world because i like to have fun. i am a very energetic person. i like to make friends. and people alwayws told me that im good for a talking show. even though sometimes i dont at all. and i want to be on because i want to be a actress and even a model.

  61. Let me tell you something, if I were to be on this show, it would be THE most viewed season. Why? Because I may be fun, pretty, & hilarious but I can also be sneaky, promiscuous, & blunt. I get along with people…That is until it's time to take what I want. The name's Simiya Victoria. Duh!

  62. *My nickname is "The Show"
    -Always in the spotlight in the clubs,lounges, bars
    -I am people's entertainment
    *I am:
    -23 years old -mostly Italian, Polish, Irish -6ft tall -weight181 -tan -athletic -well toned body -very handsome -was a ford model -very outgoing -people friendly -well liked -great sense of humor
    *My Past:
    -Noone doesn't know how to party like "The Show" -I grew up at the Jersey Shore! I was the top football player down South Jersey!
    **I got the look that people are looking for infront of the camera**I want to be a positive role model for young teens **So theres your ticket to "THE SHOW"!

  63. I've always loved the Real World…I have a star quality outta this planet..please give me the oppurtunity to share it with the world!!!!!

  64. All about it, would be great for the show, some drama, some attitude, and great together along with .. I'm really down!

  65. It would be a great honor to be on "The Real World 27". I have always dreamed of being an actress. I am a camillion of many things. I want to chase my dream, and become my dream. I am motivated just by watching how Jennifer Hudson believed in herself and kept pushing until she made it. Inspite of her troubles I sincerly admire her strength and courage.

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