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The Originals – The CW

The Originals - The CW
The Originals – The CW Auditons

In 2009 The CW debuted supernatural soap opera The Vampire Diaries starring the delectable trio of Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. Initially it was seen by some as nothing but a Twilight knockoff but the series quickly developed into one of the most critically acclaimed and adored shows on television. Now nearing the end of it’s fourth incredible season the producers are ready to expand their beloved universe with the spin-off series The Originals. Production on this high anticipated hour long drama is starting soon and auditions for exciting roles are happening now. Up and coming actors of all ages can submit themselves for available roles in this sure to be hit today.

The Originals will focus on the story of the first family of vampires in the world. The series will be set in the French Quarter of New Orleans and will focus on Klaus, his protege Marcel and a cast of fascinating characters interacting in the city where it all began. First introduced in season two of The Vampire Diaries, these “Originals” proved to be extremely popular amongst the millions of loyal Vampire viewers and an obvious choice to help lead this fanatic new storyline. The cast for The Originals is forming now and has so far landed the talents of Joseph Morgan (Casualty, Silent Witness, William and Mary) to continue his portrayal of Klaus, Phoebe Tonkin (Home and Away, Tomorrow, When the War Began, The Secret Circle) as fan favorite Hayley, Claire Holt (Mean Girls 2, H2O: Just Add Water, Pretty Little Liars) as Rebekah and Daniella Pineda, Danielle Campbell and rising star Leah Pipes. Casting is still in the process of being finalized and many roles for supporting, extras and day player are still available for aspiring actors just like you. Auditions are happening now and actors interested in be considered for open parts can head here facebook.com/pages/GO-Casting/137882322903754 for more information. More exciting updates will soon be on the way so keep checking back for all of the latest news and leave a message below and tell us why you want to be cast in the all new CW pin-off series The Originals.

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  1. I'm white male and a pro name fighter in the smaller leagues. I love the show originals and would love to play any vampire or hybrid character on the show. I wouldn't mind either side really but since I've watched the show and seen how they became immortalized as the vampires they play I just wanna know how that feels first hand.

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