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The Kandi Factory - Bravo
The Kandi Factory

America’s favorite multi-hyphenate Kandi Buress is bringing a second season of her hit reality music series The Kandi Factory to Bravo and she and her team of talented music professionals are searching far and wide for the next hot musical talent to mentor into stardom. This is a fantastic opportunity for up and coming musicians and singers to receive guidance in their careers and gain exposure form millions of viewers each and every week. Audition submissions are being accepted now for the all new edition of this hit reality sensation.

Kandi Buress is a singer, songwriter, producer and star of the hit series The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and now she is taking her musical abilities and sharing it with a group of talented aspiring acts. The Kandi Factory finds Buress personally choosing a collection of hopeful performers and turning their raw talents into star material and potential record contracts. This is an amazing opportunity for all of you music lovers out there to make your big break in the industry with the help of one of the most successful talents of the last two decades. Kandi has worked with such huge acts as Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Rick Ross and Usher and next could be you! This could be your shot at working with a Grammy winning artist as she shapes and molds you into the next worldwide phenomenon. If you are interested in submitting for this fantastic hit show you can go here kandifactorycasting.com/how-to-apply to fill out an application and as always be sure to leave a comment below to let us know what you think about this casting and keep checking back for all of the Kandi Factory updates.

Kandi Buress has literally done it all in her storied musical career and now she wants to share her knowledge and expertise with a lucky group of performers just like you. Are you ready to take your career to the next level while becoming the next reality TV star? Submit yourself today audition for the Bravo hit series The Kandi Factory.

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  1. Hello Mrs Kandi and time. My name is Alicia Rhodes and I'm a Gospel Singer/song writer as well a Motivational/ Inspirational speaker. God is the head and source of my life and I give all honor and Glory to God for saving me when he did. I'm a single mother of two son's whom I love more than life. I'm from Anniston Alabama a small town right outside highway 20. Mrs Kandi I've been singing since I was a small child. I absolutely love music of all types. I am very diverse when it comes to creativity. I really don't know if you or your musical team will receive this application submission, but I can only be hopeful and allow God to lead and direct my destiny. I don't have as much experience with my music as some of the other artist who submitted applications, but I do have the passion and the faith to believe in my dreams and one day I truly believe my dreams will become my reality. I'm very hopeful and I pray constantly asking God to lead and direct me in the right path. At this time in my life I'm only focused on preparing a better future and life for my son's and music. I absolutely love singing and performing. I hope one day I will be able to reach people through music or my words to motivate and encourage them to lead a life through Gods Glory, favor and Mercy. I do hope that you Mrs Kandi and your team will consider me as one of the hopeful artist. Because I think it! I believe it! I speak it! So I will Receive it! All what God has for me. I Thank you all for this opportunity and thank you for your time. God bless

  2. I'm 22 years young Currently a medical student until my career of becoming an artist opens up! I am a great singer/songwriter and I've done both since I was child. I'm currently a you tuber looking for my next big break! I believe this show will give me the exposure that I need to further better my career.

  3. My name is "BUT-TAH" I am a live performance artist from Richmond CA! I believe the Kandi Factory Team can take my career to the next level and beyond! Kandi's writing style is perfect for my voice and nostalgic sound. My performance career has takin me on some rewarding journeys but i have yet to establish myself as a recording artist. I need to be a part of a team who can take the talents that I already possess,analyze who i am as an artist, visualize who I could be and make it happen! I
    already have a sense of who i am, some idea of who i want typ become but im missing elements to help me get there. There are parts to my talent that has yet to be brought out of me. Your talented team is hard working and has the missing elements i need. Its my desire to be more than just a singer i need to
    To be branded & make hits so we can get these coins. Right now i currently produce 1940-1970's Cabaret Dinner Showroom style shows and i love it however that is a small part of my ultimate goal. I also write. I need this opportunity to audition with you in hopes youll see something special in me you can add to and help mold my career so i can make my Mark in history amongst the Greats! I've seen what you can do so give me the chance to show you i have something special. I was a contestant on idol seasons 3 5 & 6 and although I was not a finalist I have no regrets for being eliminated off the show.I was a little apprehensive to take this chancebut after thinking long and hard about i truly believe that as long as I stay consistent and keep at it one day it will pop off for me and being on your show just might be the path written for me. I have personality and a vibrant character I'm hard-working and i was born ready to rock! Attached is a clip of the 1970's scene of my BUT-TAH'

  4. the reason I should be cast is simple, I need your exposure! I am from the capital city of Illinois, springfield, "The land of Lincoln". Here we do not have much opportunity to express ourselves musically. If given this chance I am sure that I would be a superior pic among others. Now to sound cocky, but I am a singer, songwriter, Dancer, actor, you name it! With you Kandi on my side, I know that we can do great things.

  5. I am 17 years old, live in Searcy, Arkansas and my dream and my whole being involves singing and performing. I will be 18 years old in September and I write songs and I have actually recorded 5 masters in Nashville and hoping to be signed to a label and would love to record songs that I write as well as songs that I've recorded masters of that were written by Liz Rose,Aimee Noel,Hillary Lindsey and Tim Rushlow. I feel comfortable in the studio and on stage and would love the opportunity to learn from the best and to be involved in the creative process. I have a facebook page – Taylor Eaves (artist page) and a soundcloud account. I would love the opportunity to audition.


  7. Hello my name is Brittnie Harrison and I am a 30 year old woman that live in okc,ok. Im not no Alicia keys or nothing. But I have a nice enough voice to come and,to be taught. What kandi is teaching

  8. If you really want your ratings to skyrocket & you want to find the next Kandi Factory Platinum Artist then look no further, your girl is right here!!!! I have been singing since I was 8yrs. old & I can sing w/the best of them…I am a cross between Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Yolanda Adams & Mihalia Jackson, I am the full flava that the music industry has been missing for a long time, I am Kandi's first Christian artist to bring her Grammys!!! let's get it crackin & bring this home for the team & my legacy….

  9. I'm 30 years of age in my life I have done talent show out the butt, little modeling than just got down on myself cause I never won I was always either okay pretty good or tied with someone so I just was like bump it what's the point. I'm not the best singer I can carry a tune I sung better when I was younger. But I watch your show and your great at what you do as far as finding someone's voice their voice. I would love if you could do that for me.

  10. Singing is like breathing for me. This have been a dream for me since I was 15years old. Im now 39. This is truly my calling. I have the voice, the look and the SWAG!! I desire to be a gospel artist and I know if I work with Kandi we can definitely bring a fresh new trendy sound to gospel music. Its time to change the game baby!!!!!

  11. I'm Ashley and I am 28 years old mother of 2 from Chicago,IL. I love to sing. I don't know where'd I'd be without music. I started at the age of 5 and continued doing high school plays and choirs as I got older. I think that with the coaching of Kandi and her team I can be amazing! I think I have the look, the style, and the voice to pursue my dream. I think I can bring bring originality and personality to your show. I'm spontaneous and I speak my mind. Kandi is my favorite RHOA star and it would be an honor to have her as my mentor. I will give this show my all! I won't hold back. I would love to represent for my city!

  12. I'm a young aspiring song artist with patience and discipline hungry for the opportunity to show the world a new horizon with a different face. & refreshing voice!

  13. I have written a song that no one has ever thought about . This song has a message that has never been expressed by any singer ! I do not write music, but I have given the song ( vocally )a complete melody. You will not find any song like it in the world !

  14. I'm a 27 year old singer/songwriter and I'm interested in auditioning for your show,it would be a great start for my dream goal.

  15. Hello!
    My name is Nicole S., I am a singer in Washington, DC and would lovvvvve to be on the Kandi Factory! It is my dream to work with Kandi, she is so talented and down to earth! I’m a trained vocalist, have a passion for music and know I would be nothing but an asset to Kandi and the show if given the opportunity. I'm ready to shine!!

  16. I as everyone else love to sing. It has been more than my passion for many years, but I followed another path because of fear. Now that I have matured and fear is now just another word I am ready to take on the world. This is only the first step for me, I am leaning on God to direct my path right through all the doors that he has been waiting on me to walk through. Its my time!

  17. I can sing so can my son he's awesome so am I I think I deserve to be on TV because I need redemption in the world please consider us

  18. Hi I am 24 years old , from Miami, Florida I am a singer and a rapper looking for an opportunity to showcase my undiscovered talent. I have allowed my misfortunes in the past year to hinder me from chasing my dreams but I am now ready to show that I am, what this industry needs and that I am the best undiscovered talent not only in Miami but period without question . I look forward to a response . trust me when I say I don't disappoint. I'm willing to do what it takes

  19. I first of all can't thank kandi enough for offering this opportunity to regular people with awesome talent.I'm a female rapper I write my own songs and I just need the right opportunity.

  20. Hi I would love to audition for the kandi factory. I am from a very small town and opportunities like this don't come around often. I am a singer/ songwriter and I live kandi!!! I love her writing style and feel as though I could learn a lot from her. This would be such an honor as well as priveledge for me.

  21. Hi . My name is Davonte Jones I would love to be apart f the kandi factory. The reason why is because I actually sing gospel and it's a treasure from The Lord, I feel like Kandi also have a gospel type voice as well. I don't doubt R&B music at all I actually love R&B but I want to be different and hopefully be there first one who sing gospel on the kandi factory. This conclude why I won't to be apart of the show. I pray and hope you find favor in me and let me grace your time and presence.

  22. We really love singing and entertaining people we are 13 and 12 years old, we will not hesitate to live our dreams, we are looking for a full term contract

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