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Do you have a “big time dream” that you have always wanted to live out? The Big Time is a new and exciting reality show like no other that gives everyday people the chance to bring amazing dreams and opportunities to life while millions of people watch the action. Submissions for upcoming nationwide casting calls are being accepted now! Live your dream of a lifetime on The Big Time.

Budweiser and ABC are combining their ample resources to give everyday people the chance to live out such unbelievable opportunities as performing a live music concert in front of thousands of fans, pitching for a professional baseball team, running an award winning Las Vegas kitchen with world renowned celebrity chef Hubert Keller and race car driving with Nascar champ Kevin Harvick — and that’s just for starters! There is literally no limits to what this new program can help you achieve. Sets of three fans will compete for a Big Time shot each episode with the winner performing their dream of a lifetime.The upcoming all new season is sure to bring even greater dreams and greater celebrities to help you realize your experience.  This is an opportunity to live out outstanding experiences that could change your life forever! the brand new edition of The Big Time will be casing soon and you can apply today. If you are ready to make your most amazing dreams a reality you can submit yourself here facebook.com/budunited. We will keep you updated on every audition detail as they become available so stay tuned right here and leave a comment for us below and tell us what your Big Time dream is and why you want to be a part of the show.

Everyone has that one special dream that they have always wanted to accomplish, this is your chance to actually make it happen.  This is your shot at ‘The Big Time’.

215 thoughts on “The Big Time – ABC

  1. Hi, My name is Crystal Martinez. I live in New York. My dream is to be able to help my dad get an extreme makeover. Unfortunately my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer a few years ago. Due to this horrible disease he lost his hair and lost an extreme amount of weight.His teeth and overall look has put a hold on his life. He doesn't enjoy being out in public. It has made him very insecure and depressed. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to get my dad on your show and just bring joy to his life. Please consider my cry for help.

  2. I since high school have had a vivid imagination especially when it comes to art anything art related… i came from a home where there was not much support coming from my mom she has a very negative personality but Itried to push forward and be thebest I could. I remenber competing in arf shows and beong very excited to show off my ribbons but she would shrug and say now only if you put that much effort into cleaning your room… i ended up getting pregnant at 16 having my sin at 17 and beong jomeless hortly after… i bounced back and got on my feet got my ged the next year… i had some more xhildren within that time but went to college based on mu favorite teacher in high school mrs merkel telling me if i did not pursue somethomg in art i would of wasted my talent… so i went for graphic design… i have my degree but in Cincinnati it is VERY COMPETITIVE for that field… my ultimate ultimate dream is to have a T shirt line with sayings that I makE up that are finny or catchy i mean who does not love to read shirts with sayings on it… but on the way up i have this design for a cologne line for Eminem that i know for a fact he is gonna love the whole design down to the bottle the slogan everything.. i tjimk Eminem is a phenomenal lyricist and rapper… if i never did anythong again creative if i could please accomplish this you would make me very very proud i did not just waste my time so my mom can be proven wtong for thinking it was stupid me going to college… Eminem deserves tobe all over everyone on cologn form.. i mean why not? Everyone has somekind of line whther its shoes. Orclothes., colognes, cars etc…. please let me fulfill this.. i dont have many years i willbe able to draw…

  3. I have different sorts of ideas as to what an amazing day would be like. Some want to be a rock musician for a day, some play Carnegie Hall, some coach a professional sports team. Me? I want to get about a hundred homeless folks in NYC and feed them, clothe them, teach them they can be what they thought they could be when they were in the fourth grade, and I want to hug them. Probably isn't television material, but I know the hundred would have the day of their life!

  4. Hello, my name is Daphney Hubbard. I have a had a very strong desire to sing since the age of 8 years. I desire to share my gift with nation and tell my story. I pray that God will speak to you through reading my post to allow me the opportunity to show myself approved. I will continue to follow my dream forever until it happens. It will happen for me! Thank you for allowing me to post my comments. Blessings.

  5. Good Day,
    My name is Tyrone Sutton and I'm the Executive Producer of a Docu-Stlye Reality TV Show entitled Pocono Scrappers Inc. I respectfully request your permission to share with you my website, which includes Pocono Scrappers Inc.'s Logline / Shortpitch, Synopsis, Sizzle Reel, and a sample 10 Episode Arc. If you are interested I'm ready to sign all submission release forms that are required. I would like to thank you again for your time and attention to this very entertaining show idea and concept, and I look forward to your response.

    Thank You
    Tyrone I. Sutton

  6. Hello, my name is Lusmarina but my friends and family call me Lucy. I have a dream of working with disabled children and making a difference in their life.

  7. Hi my name is Joshua I'm from Phoenix,Az my big dream is to be the next star I have been trying since a kid, dream. i have do to get the job done. I want to be on tv again, it was an adrenaline rush when I won first prize on the Jenny Jones.

  8. I have a dream to have a success in being there for my spouse as he be self employed.
    He had a dream and it fell when the housing market fell.
    I also have a dream to be able to take care of my mother

  9. Hey my name is Dena im 20 Years old and I live in central New Jersey. Becoming a star is something i have always dreamed about every one has big dreams, and i know i can overcome anything to fulfill it. I would truly love to show the world that you can do anything you want. I have always wanted to have an opportunity to do this I hope you can give me that chance.
    Thank You,

  10. Hey. My name is Dena im originally from Long Island, and now i live in central new jersey. Ever since I was little ive always been the class clown, and ive always wanted to show my talent to the world but have never gotten the opportunity to do so. I would love to be given a chance to show everyone that dreams can come true. Even though times are hard i know i can prove to everyone that no matter how hard things are you always have to stay positive.
    Thank You,

  11. I am a performer. I live and breathe theatre and musical theatre. My name life would be incomplete without it. Theatre is my major in college right now, although it was originally English …I changed it and my mother still doesn't know. No one in my family understands my love for the arts and how much I would sacrifice to make my dreams come true. Please help me achieve my dreams.

  12. Hi. My name is Ashanti and I am 20 years old. My biggest dream is to act, but not just any acting but with my favorite most famous actors, having the actors I've always looked up to knowing who I am and me aspiring them as they've inspired me. I dream to meet those who has allowed me to see acting differently and take it to a whole new level as I've never imagined. That kind of acting… And if you choose me to live out my dream I will now and always be greatful and very appreciative… Thank you so much.

  13. I have two VERY different dreams, and would be THRILLED to be able to live out either of them.

    One would be to be able to bicycle ride in the most scenic places in the world.

    The other would be to get a chance to address both houses of Congress to tell them what I think should be done! (The alternative would be to record and air a 30- minute "infomercial"-type TV or radio show or write and have printed a full-page ad in the country's major newspapers to give my ideas to the general public so that THEY can harass their members of Congress!)

    Of course, we could always combine the dreams! I could bicycle ride with Barak Obama!

  14. Hey yall I'm Lindsey AKA LBAE. I'm a 17 year old Caucasian female, I live in Upstate NY, and I have reddish hair, and greenish blue eyes. My natural hair color is blonde however, and my eyes are green up close but blue far away. I can do and love with all my heart doing so many things. Things like singing, dancing, acting, song writing, choreography, writing, and just so much more. I can pretty much do whatever you'd need me or want me to do. I love these things with a passion. I have been in several plays in school, one of which I was the main character. I am extremely serious which makes me serious about the job and getting things done right and 150%. I have been looking up and waiting for an opportunity like this for years. It would be an honor if I could take part in even a little of this.
    Lindsey Arlene Brown
    AKA Linsabella Ariella (LBAE)


    Ever since I can remember, some form of auto-racing has been in the family. My cousin races, grandfathers built cars, dad raced quads… And, when I was 9 years old, I finally got my shot. I raced Quarter Midgets for 8 years and learned more about myself in those 8 years than I thought possible. They were the best days of my life. Unfortunately, moving up cost too much, and my father told me I needed to go to college first; so my racing career was put on hold. I attempted to turn my own race team into a business, but could not find anyone that would invest in my idea. I am now back in Jersey, still trying to find sponsors.

    Being a female in a male-dominated sport has definitely been a disadvantage. I lost friends because I may have beat them in a race or two, but that didn't discourage me. I wanted everyone to see that I could do anything all the boys could do. It's more than my passion for the sport, but I want our younger generations to realize that ANYTHING is possible.

    As an employee for the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ, this is something I preach to our council members quite often. Being on this show would definitely prove that you can do anything you set your mind to.

  16. ello,
    My name Allison Mathews but I like to be called Ally. I am in Seymour Middle School, Grade 6 almost 7. I think I would be great for this series because there is a lot I can offer. I have a GIGANTIC personality. I can Sing , Act , and a great "small" friend. I am often reffered to as the "nerd" because of my outstanding brains and niceness. I have been in multiple plays both school & non-school related. I feel as if I can represent many unique cultures from around the world due to being from so many different people.

    Age:12 years old
    Ethnicity: Hispanic, White, Japanese, German, and Dutch
    Skin: Tan
    Hair Color: Dark Brown, almost Black
    Hair Type: Thick and sometimes straight or wavy
    Hair Length: Shoulder-Length
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Height: 4'5
    Weight:120 lbs
    Religion: Catholic/Christian
    Location: Seymour,TN
    Activities: Band , Drama, Soccer, Singing , BETA, Swimming , Basketball, Volunteering, and lots more.

    Please consider me. (: Have a nice day
    (Also: I can play an extra if so)

  17. I'm 18 years old trying to pursue the professional life of a pop star big ad Rihanna. I would love to perform with her one day.

  18. Name: Selam
    Age: 13
    Height: 5ft 3in
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    I love to sing, dance act and preform. I love singing it's my passion and i really would love to be on the show

  19. Hi, I'm Cheyenne Bradley, I'm 17 years old and my biggest dream in life is to act. Being an actress has been my dream since I was in preschool. Since then I've acted in every school play I possibly could. Being an actress would give me an opportunity to do what I love as well as support my family. That dream has gotten me through countless homeless shelters and dealing with a broken family. This opportunity that you guys give t people is amazing and kind. Thank you.

  20. My name is Riana; i'm 15 and i'm from New York. I'd love to live out my dream and become a singer but i don't know if I have the greatest voice. See I wish I had the money to higher vocalist but my family is going threw tough times and my dad barley has enough money to pay for the house I live in, my mom passed away when I was 9 and if had the people that could help me find my voice and my big break it be happiest thing day off my life. I feel like my childhood may have been gone but i'd love for my teenage years and beyond to be extraordinary. I'm a hard worker at anything and everything I do, i don't care what it takes to become #1 but i'll put in the work harder then anyone else.

  21. My name is Liz. I am 20 years old, a nursing student, and I currently work at a retirement home. I come from a middle class family that taught and raised me to earn things on my own. My dream is that someday I will make enough money that I can give it away to people who really need it. People tend to take their life for granted and don't take the time to realize how fortunate they really are. I have a heart for all and hope to someday, somehow, make the world a better place. Thank you for your consideration!

    Feel free to email me!

  22. My dream is to be a on air radio personality/tv personality,actor but my main focus is to be a on air personality/actor. Ever since i was a little kid that has been my dream. Since I was 8 I have been doing mini talk shows, since 9 been making music. I'm Justin Thomas, 5'7,140 pounds. White.Dark brown hair. My idol is ryan seacrest. I have so much dedication,motivation,ambition to get big and famous. Please help me… My dream is to be famous but unlike most people I will put the work/effort to get there. Please select.

  23. I am a young female insurance agent (spoiled city girl) that has always dreamed of rodeo! I want to rodeo! You should pick me- guaranteed hilarity!

  24. Words can't even describe me and my love for acting!! I'm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma so please, please, PLEASE hold casting calls here. I think I would make a great addition to this show because I do dream of acting someday and I'm ready for my BIG TIME!!!

    Thanks! 🙂

    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 250lbs
    Ethnicity: African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic
    Talents: Acting, Singing
    Past Experiences: High School Drama Productions, Summer Music Programs

  25. Hello my name is Vance Lane Vasser. I'm 23 years old, standing 6’3 weighting 240 pounds. I'm a former D1 prospect, former WWE contender, and a Real World hopeful. They say I'm a Channing Tatum type, but I don't know about that. I am a nice looking guy, good friends, love to laugh, and like to do new things, and meet new people. Are you looking for someone like me?

    Thank You for you time
    Lane Vasser

  26. (readvised)Dear Casting Director, I want this chance to come on your show and make my dreams come true. I have always wanted to be a "MovieStar" because I deserve it. I have been in modeling and had some acting experience.
    I'm in great shape for being 49 and I believe that it's never to late too make your dreams come true. Thanks, Chase

  27. Dear Casting Director, I want this chance to come on your show and make my dream come true. I have always wated to be a
    "Star" because I deserve it. I have been in modeling and had some acting experience.
    I'm in great shape for being 49 and I believe thet it's never to late too make your dreams come true. Thanks, Chase

  28. I am transgender and have big dreams of showing the world the different side of us. I love to sing and act which is much different than the fighting and non sense the world sees of out transgender community.

  29. Hello im Missy! You wanna know what my dream is? To preorm. period. Im a very big dreamer! I want to be an actress, such as movies, tv shows, commercials, ect. I want to be a singer. I want to be a model, such as runway, advertisemet, and yes a role model.I want to be a dancer, such as backup dancer ect. I am trained in all three of those catagories. I am ready to take any challenge that gets thrown my way to accomplish my goal. Im outgoing, white, 13 yrs old, and I live in Colorado. Im ready for my big time!

  30. I'm 25 and I've been making beats since 2001. I went to Full Sail University but was unable to get a second loan to finish my education. Now I'm struggling to pay back a loan that I have nothing to show for. My dream is to sell beats in the music industry and get music placements for film, tv, and video games. All I need is a chance to showcase myself.

  31. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
    ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
    My name is Yuliya Cheban and I am 19 years old. It would be an honor to partake in this show. I have always wanted to try everything out in my life. My dream though is to be an actress/singer. This could be a life changing experience for me.

  32. I'm 24 years old and I've always heard dreams can come true and I just want to be a prime example of that. That some girl from a small town could get the opportunity so many others have. My dream is to be a rapper and sell out to sold out crowds. It's not just a dream its my destiny. I hope you chose me and give me the chance I've waited my whole life for.

  33. My name is gus. I am 50 and love to fish, drive fast, and was a washed out coolege pitcher. I am a professional chef as well.SO……………I'm in right? haha

  34. I am a 26 year mixed race female, single working mother of 2 living in CT. My dream is to become a professional barrel racer/cowgirl….Pick me!!!

  35. Hello my name is Ryan I am 15 years of age I love to sing and that is what I do best its the love of my life I am also passionate about acting I am currently a in the tenth grade and i am in Theater Arts II i have acted in many school productions fall plays as well as spring musicals I have tons of personality I feel I would be a great addition to this show

  36. Hi just a 12yr old boy,striving very hard to become a professional Basketball player.I should be chosen,because I understand what it takes,dedication,humbleness,good grades,hard work.I don't have to think about what i want in life I know.I will be an great investment for the show.Mom been researching many years on internet,books etc, on how i can get a big fame break!I'am very athletic and gifted in basketball,football, and baseball,just need money to make sure i can get the skill training needed so i will get noticed by coaches and scouts. I want to attend camps,be promoted on t.v. and get personal trainer for basketball.i'am an A-B student.They call me flash,because i run so fast.Thousands want to be famous ball players,so the list and chances of getting noticed for me is slim,but your show will finally give me that opportunity i need.You have to see my potential, just need the right person to mold me.I start middle school ball next year,and i wanna be off the hook,and give a show,just need trainers.i know one day,that who ever takes a chance on me my skills,and talents will be pleased.I have other hidden talents, but this is my dream that i want to become an reality. Wouldn't do this if i couldn't back it up,and didn't feel like i had what it take.If i get choose,all i can say is that it is on….PRAYING N FAITH TO LAND THAT BIG BREAK!

  37. I am 16 soon to be 17 and I would love to be actress and singer. My role model is Selena Gomez. I would love to be like her. Please consider me. Thank you. 🙂

  38. my dream is to become a rally car driver. i have wanted this for years but it is a very expensive sport to get into. please help!


  39. Hello my name is Andrew every since I was young I always dreamed of playing professional baseball I played for many traveling teams and was always ahead of my age group always getting pulled up to play with the older kids after a great high school career including pitching and winning a state game I went on to play college baseball in Oklahoma in my junior season I hurt hurt my elbow at the start of the season and never really recover after that season I didn't return and got married and had my beautiful son I went to a few tryouts and was only throwing low 90 and the scouts said for being 23 I would have to throw high 90s to get a look I no I have what it takes just wish someone would give me the chance to prove it so I can show my wife son an family I am professional baseball quality thanks

  40. I'm a 19 year old girl who loves to sing,dance, and act. i love to entertain people. i get a kick out of making people smile. i love the feeling i get whens you know that your the reason for someones smile. I love when people come up to me and say you inspire me to do what i want to do. I also love when someone says thanks for making me laugh. i love to see people smile and happy. I know i can do that if you give me a chance. I want to live my dreams and i know you can help me.

  41. hello my name is andrew my dream is to become a nascar driver ever since i was young i had the passion to driver that would be my biggest dream i would change the world of nascar if you gave me the chance so please pick me thank you

  42. To whom it may concern,
    My name is Edyn Fransico Zapata, i am 15 years old and about 5'10. i am currently living in meriden,ct.i have been acting for a couple of in many school plays. I am very easy to work with and enjoy proforming.
    -Weight: 141
    -very humble, kind
    -people person
    -talent- modeling,acting..
    Thank you.

  43. The Judges Got it all Wrong!! For the Nascar episode. Katie Should have moved on to the first and second place Challenge with Eric. Mike Can't even Work an impact gun!!!!!!!!

  44. Professional bass fisherman.
    My dream is to be a professional bass fisherman. It is impossible to do without sponsors. To be on this show might be the break I need. thanks.

  45. I have always been into cars all the men in my family are/were in the profession with cars. I am currently in school for my degree in automotive and want to start my own race shop once i get my degree I love Vaughn Gittin Jr drift car for Monster Energy Drinks. It is my DREAM to become a famous drifter like him. I would do anything to be able to have a shot to drift like him.

  46. Hi My name is Smith waller 28year old from Ny… I want to race the best… I grew up watching racing my whole life.. I've been trying to live out my racing threw a pc simulations Iracing… This simulations emulates what the real cars do in real life threw actual real life data put into the game.. I've raced the top from nascar star like dale jr to just a average joe on the PC.. I've always have put dedication and heart into anything that I'm doing with a never give up mentality… I grew up battling so things won't change.. Bring this virtual racers dreams to reality!

  47. Hi, my name is Carlos Garcia, im from Dominican Republic and i came to the United States just to reach my dream of being a singer and actor. I have waited all my life for this opportunity and i really want to be a role model for all those young guys who does not have enough confidence on theirselves. Life is what you make of it, and i will never stop dreaming and trying to reach this because when you stop dreaming youre not living. Im up to everything. I will go for it !

  48. Hello, lets start by saying my positive point is when I put my head into something I want to achieve I will do it and with outstanding results, BUT my weakness is I lose interest easily and have always ended up quitting. Now i feel like I have no value whatsoever, just having "what if?' thoughts and dreaming of so many life experiences that would be the 'happy ending' to my painful life story so far. I have read books and watched videos on the most successful people in this would, and they all have the same formula to success, they may say it in their own way, I have obsessed over my idols and the most inspiring people of today, yet no action? Could this be the breaking point for me? Could this make it happen? My favorite Latin quote, 'prefer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit Olim,' can finally reflect on this life experience if I was to be selected. The English translation is ' be patient and tough; some day this pain will be useful to you.'

    If I am to be considered would be most grateful and look forward to hearing from you.


  49. I really want to be in the T.V or movie business and I really need help breaking into this field and I would love to be on this show. Every since I was a little kid I've wanted to be on T.V and have some one other than people in my school know my name. So please please pick me.

  50. I am just your everyday girl…ha not really. I am very fun and outgoing and this would be the perfect opportunity for me to start my acting career. I honestly just want to get my feet wet and be an extra in a couple of movies. My first goal it to audition for: "Austin Powers 4" and actually get a small part. That is my dream that I hope and plan to accomplish this year: 2012. I feel with your help you can help bump me further to my dream coming true

  51. I WANT TO BE A RADIO STAR. I HAVE LOTS OF EXPERIENCE and cant wait to show the world what Im made of.Its entertaining the world through a mic and an persona its what i strive to do I WANNA BE BIG TIME!!! PICK ME PICK ME!!!!

  52. Hi,I have a patent pending jean company that i dream every motorcycle rider would wear . I designed a comfort panel in the jean witch i can put designs on like skull, flame or any logos on my jeans , they are premium demin made in L.A – love to see Jay Leno in a pair of gravitate jeans. Im a breast cancer survior and this dream helped me get thru 1 year of treatment, love to see my dream a reality. Margaret

  53. I am an aspiring actress and I love would love the chance to work on a major motion picture. I am currently full time in the Air National Guard and I do acting on the side. I love my job, but love acting more and it would be an amazing opportunity to work on a major motion picture. I have been dreaming of an opportunity to work with Hollywood actors and showcase my talents in the big time.

  54. I would love to have an opportunity to work with your company. I am a Model, Makeup Artist and Board Certified Aesthetician. I have a dream of launching my own skin care line. I am a Pivot Point Graduate. Scientific research studies have revealed that ethnic skincare is not taught in American Medical Schools. I would love to develop a product that is natural and formulated for All skin types including ethnic skin. Feel free to visit my website at www.ebonyandcompany.net. Thank you for your time and consideration. Have a great day!
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 150
    Size: 8
    Bust: 36 D
    Waist: 26
    Hips: 38
    Shoe: 11
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Cinnamon
    Age: 26

  55. I am 20 years old and I am a bodybuilder. I come from a family with no backround of bodybuilding. I was a runt all the way up to my senior year when I really took lifting seriously. When I graduated high scool I started bodybuilding and noticed just how hard it is. My dream is to become and IFBB pro, which is very hard when the price of food, gym memberships, and supplements have sky rocketed..especially healthy foods. When I am pre-contest dieting I spend around 250 dollars a week on food, about 7 meals a day..not eating any carbs after 6pm. I have met almost all the pros and actaully have some good things coming my way in March In Columbus Ohio. Bodybuilding is a very hard sport but I love it and will continue it till I reach my goal! I think this would be a great way of life to show on live tv especially showing all my results since high school.

  56. Freedom!!! Finally! I want to be on Sesame Street.
    Taught elementary school for 37 years and I just want to hug Elmo, Big Bird and Scruffy and Zoe and Snuffy and Oscar and Cookie and all those lovely, charming characters!
    Thank you for listening!
    PS : My favorite: The two-headed monster!

  57. s always had the dream to become a famous country singer she had been inspired by Dolly Parton. Her dream was so close she landed a major deal with Motown only for them to tell her she was to country for Motown. So close but yet so far away. She has the love for music and lives to sing and write. Her dream would be to get another deal with a label and help her family. Her dad is disabled with ms and lupus. This would be her perfect dream. Please consider Leeann for your show you can listen to her at www.leeannakers.com Thanks from the family of Leeann Akers.

  58. This would be on amazing opportunity. I honestly could say I don't want to be a racer or a super model but just be myself. Letting people see how changes in life can help you be very successful even if you don't turn out famous. It's all about what you learned right?! Having some see how young adults can juggle school,private and social life all in one. Being you and not being afraid to show the world the struggles you have over come as a person, I would like to be part of a reality show !

  59. Hello, My name is Talisha, i am 31 years old but look like im 20 and I have always dreasmed of becoming a super model or famous actress walking down the red carpet receiving praise for my hard work and beauty!! Every since i've been young ive dreamed of becoming the next Naomi Cambell or Tyra Banks….this was not only a dream but a pssion, I auditioned for many different modeling and acting agents in many different cities and have never been turned down, my issue is the money. I have also auditioned for Americas Top Model as soon as i found out they would be in Minnesota,,,,,i browse and search the internet to see when they would air a show for people who still wants to live sout there dreams, I want this so bad and would prove to the producers and world that this is my passion and dreams. I dont have the experience but I know this is whatni wanna do and can do!!!! Please pick me you wont be dissapointed:)

  60. My name is Liz Jusko and I am from Snohomish, Washington. I have been playing softball for almost 13 years now. I have always had a love for the game and sadly it is coming close to the end. It is unfortunate for woman that there is not much of an opportunity to play professional softball after college as there is for baseball players so my dream would be to be able to play at the professional level or even the USA National Team. I know I can do it and I want to show everyone else that I can do it too! If I am chosen, I will not let anyone down!

    Thank You so much for this amazing opportunity.
    Liz Jusko

  61. I would love to get an opportunity to live out my dream of being an actress because over the last 7 years society has been telling me that that's where I belong. I've dream of being an actor since I was in college but I didn't believe in myself. Now I have the confidence, looks, and skill to be exceptional. I owe it to my "fans" friends, family, strangers and former colleagues. I'm currently a stay at home mom. In the past I was a socail worker and teacher. I taught for 7yrs. My students always told me that I didn't belong there. They said I belong in Hollywood. As a result, with so many people believing in me I've decided to resign from work and give acting all I've got. I hope to hear from one of your casting directors. I promise I will not let you down.


  62. I am a 25 year old Music Producer and Engineer of every genre. I own my own studio in Houston partnered with DJ Rapid Ric (Chamillionaire, What it Dew). We run a successful production house and I have been very blessed. I have been working with the most talented rising artists in the city and my Mixing and Production have been growing as they are meant to do. I would like the opportunity to produce/mix a song with a major artist with the hopes of making it a popular success. I have a very strong ear for successful sounds. I am very relaxed and comfortable on camera and to be around, so that will not be an issue. I am aspiring to the likes of greats ilke ep.1 Narada Michael Walden Rick Rubin, Mike Shinoda, Timbaland, and all creative brains that have revolutionized how people see music. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

  63. This would be very good to see. My engineers and producers are so helpful in molding my music together. They deserve their credit.

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