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Teens for Nickelodeon

Teens for Nickelodeon AuditionDo you want to be the next Nickelodeon star? Apply to a Nickelodeon casting call today! Nickelodeon auditions are being held for teen singers and dancers for a new project. Miami Talent Casting is now seeking teen girls who look about 15 years old for an upcoming Nickelodeon music project. Auditions are being held on Wednesday in Miami, Florida. Because the project will be shooting in Miami, they are accepting submissions from talent who are local to the area.

Nickelodeon has brought us such fun an amazing TV shows from Henry Danger to Bella and the Bulldogs to School of Rock. If you are ready for your shot to work with the network, here is your chance! The exact project details have not been released, however, we do know casting directors are looking for teen girls who sing and dance. The shoot dates have not yet been set but this will be a paid acting job. Auditions are set for this Wednesday in Miami, Florida from 2:00 to 5:00pm.

Nickelodeon Open Casting Call
Miami – New Nickelodeon Music Project
rate to be negotiated.
Looking for a young girl, age range or that looks
like 15 or so, MUST SING AND DANCE.
If you have any videos, links, demos, etc
along with pics and contact, please send asap.
Casting is in person Wednesday, downtown miami area
from 2-5pm. send all your info asap.

If you would like to apply for a Nickelodeon audition email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com. Submissions should include your full name, age, parent name, phone number and recent photos. If you have any videos, links or reels of you singing and dancing you should also include them in the email to the casting team.

131 thoughts on “Teens for Nickelodeon

  1. hi Nick my name is Mark Anthony I am from Nigeria, I love Nickelodeon so much and I have always wanted to be a part of your team and here in Nigeria we don't have audition center I can act,sing,dance and I am a comedian by the way am 18yrs of age I will be happy if you pick me to be in your show.and also noticed that you guys don't have African cast well I will like to be one.tanx

  2. Hi, am victor oladipupo,i am 15years old, i am from nigeria i would like to be an actor in nickelodion,i am a big fan of your work,and I will love to audition if i get the oppotunity because it has been my dreams.and it is really hard to get to you since you are not in nigeria, i wish i could get the chance i love u guys because u made me discover my talent as an actor.so pls accept my request and make my dreams come true.Thank you

  3. Hi nick ,my name is Henry Dim .I am from Nigeria ,i always wish to be a nick star ever since i was seven.Nick is one of my favourite tv shows i wish i had an opportunity to express my talent but no opportunity because there's non .please we Nigeria kids also wants to be like other kids so we can help our country. Please hear our cry nick .

  4. My name is Akor Joel Nicholas from nigeria and i love acting, it been a dream of mine since i was 9 i can also sing and would be happy to hear from you…

  5. Hello Nickelodeon
    I am Blossom Sunny, I am from Nigeria. Well ever since, I watched the current series of Nickelodeon, I have been inspired to act. I can sing, that's for sure and I can dance, it would be an opportunity to act in Nickelodeon

  6. My name is ADETONA FAVOUR. I am from Nigeria .I can act films , dance,sing,play instuments,make people laugh,anything you want me to do please NICKELODEON help me don't let me waste these talents here in nigeria .thank you

  7. Actually I write this with an heavy heart that Nick has no audition Center in Nigeria. We teens I'm Nigeria have hidden talent which obviously Nick is the best platform to pull us to fame. I no this might not get to Nick or might get there rather too late. but I love yah!!

  8. Your Comment Here …hi nick i am aliyah and i stay in Nigeria please can you bring audition to Nigeria cause most of us can't go to other countries

    1. Hi everyone
      My Name is faith am 15year old am a big fan of the Nickelodeon .
      I can sing dance and act and I represent various platform in my school church everywhere I go . And if am given the opportunity I will be happy because I live all my life in making children happy in my community. And I am quite funny which makes children happy .and if you give me the opportunity I promise I will not let you down
      Thanks for reading" faith "I love you all

  9. Hi,my name is Tyler and I'm 13 years old.I live in South Africa and I looove Nickelodeon. I loved it since I was little.My only dream is to become a Nick star.I hope that I will get the opportunity to act for this amazing show.

  10. hi nick my name is Ernest Thelma I'm a Nigerian and I have been watching Nickelodeon since I was little and i would love to audition for one of your shows I'm 17 years please reply me

  11. Hi nick my dream was always to act and also not from the head but from the heart and I need just a chance to prove my self but am in Nigeria and am ready to audition anywhere, my hope keeps glowing don't let my dreams shatter thanks

  12. Hello,am Anderson Darlington from Nigeria, am 19,it has been my dream to become a movie star since I was a kid. I watched every show on Nick and wished to take part in one of the shows,pls if there is any way for us here in Nigeria to take part in an audition we would love it,i would love it.
    Pls give us a chance stage an audition in Nigeria we won't let u down👍

  13. Your Comment Here …Hi Nick my name is Abaji Kamilah. I am thirteen years old I am A Nigerian and I really want to act on nickelodeon it has been my dream whenever I watch I wish I was on it and it would be the other way round. Pls I need this Pls.

  14. Hi am kira I am 15 years old and I really love Nickelodeon and acting and I know you would not come to Nigeria but I just want to say if I ever get any chance

  15. hello there i hope all is well My name is brian It has dream to be on the nickelodeon tv shows.I am very good in acting.All that I am saying is that may the good lord bless you.

  16. Hello I'm victory wodu I live in bayelsan state and I'm 11 but looks 15 and I would really like to take the opportunity of acting in a nickelodeon seriespecially it would bexpect a dream cometrurgent anytime I watch nick cHanney I ask my self if that was me outo there it would be a dream come true for me and I would really love to takeep hold of this opportunity and also I have a passion for singing and acting and seeing me on stage would my family really happy so please pick me thanks.

  17. Hello,Nick stars.I am Clarence by name.i am 14 yrs old eversince i was 7 i have always dreamed being on stage,acting before an audieunce weather large or few as long as i become the actor i have always dreamed of.And my inspiration has always come from the Nick stars especially Jace Norman.i really hope this convinces you of understanding how much this really means to me.THANK YOU

  18. Your Comment Here …hi,we are victory and favour by names and we are sisters from Nigeria.we are 17yrs and 14yrs respectively,you guys are awesome, cool and the best!!!we love you and your shows so much!!!

  19. Hi I'm Oyinkansola and I'm 16 I would really love to audition …..i live in Nigeria and I love Nickelodeon a lot. Thank you.

  20. Hi, I am salami afolabi. Am a Nigerian. I have always wanted be be part of nickelodeon… I mean their TV shows production since I was 15. Now I am 18. I can't really sing, I don't dance but I am learning the keyboard and I think I am to an extent good at it. I am artist also, a digital artist. If u can help me fulfil my dream in any way? Pls do, I will really appreciate it. Thanks

  21. Hi my name is Queen-Esther James,I am 16 year's old and I'm a Nigerian. I would like to join Nickelodeon, I am good at singing and quiet good at dancing. I would appreciate it if I could get a chance

  22. Hi my name is Queen-Esther James and I'm a Nigerian. I would like to join the Nickelodeon. I'm good at singing and also good at dancing, I would really appreciate it if I am given a chance.

  23. .hi, am favour by name, I really wish to join Nickelodeon ever since I was 12 and now I'm 15, I would really appreciate it if you can sign up for me Pls, I live in Nigeria but I won't mind leaving this place just to fulfil my dream I wish you could give me a consideration, am good in singing dancing and In comedy also. I wish you could help me out

    1. hi nick i am P.T i am from nigeria,i love watching nick channel and next year 2019 i and my siblings are coming,dont be suprise to see one beautiful and talented family

  24. Hi Nick my name is Doyinsola Adewumi. I am 14 years of age,i know that you will not come all the way to Nigeria because a bunch of teens are posting comments but I just want to say that a lot of us have unseen talent and I must add are amazing and I know that the question is don't we have kids shows to go for audition and your answer is no unfortunately ,Nick is what we need to rise to fame and is our alternative option (no offence).So Thank you for at least giving us HOPE.😊

  25. Hi Nick my name is Doyinsola Adewumi. I am 14 years of age,i know that you will not come all the way to Nigeria because a bunch of teens are posting comments but I just want to say that a lot of us have unseen talent and I must add are amazing and I know that the question is don't we have kids shows to go for audition and your answer is no unfortunately ,Nick is what we need to rise to fame and is our alternative option (no offence).So Thank you for at least giving us HOPE.✌✌✌✌✌

  26. Hello am maryann, am from Nigeria and am 17 years and I really love Nick channel and I want to audition. Is there a way some of us here in Nigeria can get an opportunity to audition for Nickelodeon without haven't to travel to Miami,Newyork.

  27. Hey Hi I am Adeife. I live in Nigeria in Africa. I am 14 years old.I want to be casted for nickelodeon please nickelodeon try to do audition here so I can become a very famous actor

  28. Hi I have always dreamt of a day I will act on the Nickelodeon stage am a 13 year Nigerian and Nickelodeon has always made me smile and it will make me the happiest boy on earth if someday I too can make kids at home even on hospital beds smile no matter what I must go through

  29. Please I am Silas from Nigeria
    I love Nick so much but I also want to act with some Nick stars which have been my biggest dream since the age of five and am now fifteen.
    Please help me and I will forever remain grateful

  30. Hi I am just 11 years old I am a Nigerian I love to be a nickelodeon actress, to act my own show. To collect an award on Nickelodeon kid choice award. Because I want to show my Talent on TV. I hope my dream come true.

  31. my name is Agatha Abel and my dream is to be a Nickelodeon actress and my best show ever seen in the world if you want me to come

  32. hi, am Anji and am 14. I would love to be a cast on nickelodeon but i live in Nigeria. I can sing, dance, cry if necessary, and i also am a good actress. i can write scripts, come up with new filming ideas, i can draw and i am willing to act if chosen. I don't have stage fright, and i am funny or "crazy"like some people say. But, i feel that auditions should be made favorable for people in far distances because someone might be really good but might not be able to attend of fund their attendance. And also, it should favor school schedules. I want to be at rehearsals but my boarding school resumes on the 10th. Lastly, i can assure you that am good for any role and i recommend myself.

  33. hello,my name is bilal ibrahim,i am 14 years old and i would love to audition for nickelodeon,its always my dream to be a nickelodeon actor because i love acting for audience but most especially nickelodeon audience,and if you accept my request i would like to audition for The thundermans,knight squad and game shakers.thank you for reading this.

  34. Hi, I'm Jennipher Steve or you can call me J.P. I am a really great singer ,I can take both high and low notes. I love acting .I have brown eyes and medium lengthend black and a touch of brown coloured hair.I am not a great dancer but I can learn dance steps quickly. I am a Nigerian and I live in Nigeria.I can play any role but I would really like the main roles in a movie . I am a really fast learner and can learn my script and get the portrayed character excellently. Thanks

  35. Hello I'm deborah from nigerian I am 11 years old and I really want to act on nickelodeon I'm a great singer and I can act very well it would be a great hon our to act on nickelodeon

  36. Hi i am Ese massen from Nigeria am 15 year's old . I have always wondered what it felt like to be a nickelodeon
    actor because i love Jack Griffo. So i am writing for you to recognize me and at least give me a shot on one of the famous series on nickelodeon. I promise it will be a blast.

  37. Your Comment Here … I have really wanted to act since 8 I wish I could audition for a Nickelodeon show I watch it a lot I love Nickelodeon i can take any part

  38. Hi,my name is Emmanuella Anthony.I am 14 years,am born on November 24 2004,my aim of writing this letter is to tell you how i love nickelodeon so much.My dreams is to become a star for nickelodeon and not just for nickelodeon its also for my family too,when i was 5 I once told my grandmother that i will take her to UK,but i dont have any money to take her there and i also dont have a father too and my mother is trying her best for me and my brothers and she does not have money to take my grandmother to UK,thats one of the thing that want me to join nickelodeon.I want to join Nickelodeon so that i will make my mother and my grandparents to be proud of me.

    Ever sense i started watching nickelodeon i fell in love with the channel i always browse about nickelodeon,Nickelodeon is my dream channel i always wish to act for nickelodeon and i you can give me the chance to fulfil my dreams and my family dreams i will be very happy.Am from Nigeria thanks and God bless you

  39. My name is Imeh success, an aspiring actor. I have been longing to be a Nickelodeon star since 2010, i am 16 years old. I would love to showcase my acting talents in a Nickelodeon series

  40. My name is Solomon Lohnan am 17 and from Nigeria….. i love nickelodeon and really hope to cast in one of your TV shows.

  41. Hello I am Deborah I love acting so much I am from Nigeria I would like to be on one of Dan sheineider show I will soon be thirteen years old and I am funny some how too please help me thanks bye

  42. Hi am Bianca Samuel am 14 years old and I love to sing,act and dance I live in Nigeria and I love nick cause you made me discover my talent as an actress and I love to be one of you if am permitted . thanks

  43. My name is Sarah from Nigeria it has been my dream I am13 years and I would love to act in nick and I can act any part and contribute to the ideas I would be so glad if I could get a chance to audition

  44. Hi Nickelodeon
    I'm a very big fan of your work and I also love it
    My name is Lizzy from Nigeria
    I love to act,sing and dance…And I would love to audition too if I ever get the opportunity 'cause it's really hard to get to you Nick since you are not in Nigeria…I wish I can get the chance…..
    But great work you guys are doing out there
    Keep the great work on
    Won't stop loving you Nick
    Lizzy cares😘😘😘💕💕❤️

  45. Hello I am 13years old I am from Nigeria I am a big fan of Nickelodeon I would like to work on the thundermans the reason why I said this is because that was my dream and I want my face to show on TV reply

  46. Yes Nick is a very good place to show people that we children can also make it, I am I Nigerian and I which to join ,not for the fame but to make my country better to prove to them that we can be like the USA

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