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Teens for Nickelodeon

Teens for Nickelodeon AuditionDo you want to be the next Nickelodeon star? Apply to a Nickelodeon casting call today! Nickelodeon auditions are being held for teen singers and dancers for a new project. Miami Talent Casting is now seeking teen girls who look about 15 years old for an upcoming Nickelodeon music project. Auditions are being held on Wednesday in Miami, Florida. Because the project will be shooting in Miami, they are accepting submissions from talent who are local to the area.

Nickelodeon has brought us such fun an amazing TV shows from Henry Danger to Bella and the Bulldogs to School of Rock. If you are ready for your shot to work with the network, here is your chance! The exact project details have not been released, however, we do know casting directors are looking for teen girls who sing and dance. The shoot dates have not yet been set but this will be a paid acting job. Auditions are set for this Wednesday in Miami, Florida from 2:00 to 5:00pm.

Nickelodeon Open Casting Call
Miami – New Nickelodeon Music Project
rate to be negotiated.
Looking for a young girl, age range or that looks
like 15 or so, MUST SING AND DANCE.
If you have any videos, links, demos, etc
along with pics and contact, please send asap.
Casting is in person Wednesday, downtown miami area
from 2-5pm. send all your info asap.

If you would like to apply for a Nickelodeon audition email miamitalentcasting@gmail.com. Submissions should include your full name, age, parent name, phone number and recent photos. If you have any videos, links or reels of you singing and dancing you should also include them in the email to the casting team.

30 thoughts on “Teens for Nickelodeon

  1. Hey my name is Ariah and I'm 14. I am African. I have short dark brown hair and brown eyes. I would love to audition for Nickelodeon. I can sing and act but sadly I am not the best dancer. I have a passion for acting and getting my talent out there. I am bubbly, social and weird in my own special way. I love being active and getting to know new people and exploring new things. I can play the piano and have been an Nick fan for years. Thanx for reading.

  2. Hi I'm kianna Saillant I'm from Winnipeg in Canada (Manitoba) and I am 12 but I am 5 foot 7 I am the tallest kid in my school and I look VERY mature. I can sing ( I take voice lessons) and I can dance very well. I am in lots of drama and acting and all of that and I would love to be one of the main roles on the show! Oh and I forgot to add I have brown hair with a tiny bit of blonde. Ur I can dye it however u want for the show. if so please contact me!

  3. Hi I am Alec Petersen and 15 years old,and I lice in Cape Town in South Africa.I would love to work with this company to inprove my art skills.I am a singer and I play piano,guitar,bass and drums.I was on a few televisionshows in cape town,But hope to hear from you soon Thank you

  4. Hello, my name Alina Lazareva.I'm Russian,but very want take part in American movies.Very like Nickelodeon,I would like to audition for channel.I have blue eyes,long blond hair, I took part in Russian voice and I young dancer and singer)

  5. Hello, my name Alina Lazareva.I'm Russian,but very want take part in American movies.Very like Nickelodeon,I would like to audition for channel.I have blue eyes,long blond hair, I took part in Russian voice and I young dancer and singer)

  6. So much talent is going to waste in not famous parts of Canada and I would love it if you gave other not so famous country's a chance and the people in them at star dome if you choose to do something in Canada I will be at the audition if I fit a role I curently just turned twelve and I am in dance classes I love to sing but have never had anyone tell me I'm good at it but I've made the school musical in grade six as a main role and in my grade seven musical Thirteen as a Geek (Because I wear glasses) I would be happy with any role even an extra as long as you give me a chance at my dream I wanna climb that ladder one step at a time I'm not a quiter I have been told I am veery good at showing emotions and making people think there real I've gotten high gold and an award in my hip hop solo when I was eleven and I'm very a very proud perky and caring person and I take criticism well because that's all I have gotten from dance and I've been in dance competions for as long as I remember Please give Canadians a Chand at acting and at getting that first boost or step towards there dreams it would mean everything to me at lots of big dreamers here to

  7. Hello, I'm Sicily Wotring and I would love to audition for Nickelodeon. I am 15 years old and 5 feet and 9 inches. Red hair, but my natural hair color is brown and I have dark brown eyes. I would love to be in the show Henry Danger. The reasoning why i want to be in this show is to meet new people and get to work with them. please and thank you ~Sicily <3

  8. Hey i'm Maryam from Nigeria and I love to be in one of the nickelodeon shows but no chance cox I am in Nigeria so please find an office in Nigeria
    Pretty pretty pretty please

  9. Your Comment Here …well I think it's not fair that we have to audition in person couldn't it also be accepted via the internet through online auditions
    I love acting but distance is a very painful thing for me cos I reside in Nigeria. please there should be online auditions for people whom distance is affecting

  10. My name is Collins Christopher I will love to be a Nickelodeon star
    I am an actor I will be greatfull if I can be given the opportunity …to be hired for a job in Nickelodeon …and I swear to do whatever it takes to be part of Nickelodeon

    .it is really exciting to have Nickelodeon TV

  11. Hi Im 14 years old, i look 15 or so. im looking for an acting career in disney and nickelodeon, im about 5'4 ft. I have Medium length light brown hair and brown eyes. I wear glasses but i can take them off if needed. im happy to have my hair dyed for a part. i dont mind being main character or semi main, but i dont want to travel long distant to be an extra. I am Australian, from Melbourne. I can sing most song, but i cannot belt, and i can dance almost any style. Im great at different emotions but my weak point is mental break downs, but i can be upset and have a cry. Thanks

  12. Hi. I'm Camden Taylor. I love acting and would love to be part of the Nock family. I love NRDD. I have a huge passion for acting. I am 5'1 and 12 years old

  13. Hi, my name is Ify Okocha but friends call me Emma . I will luv it if I can audition for a Nickelodeon cast I am from Nigeria and I will luv to act but I can because I don't have the chance I have an American/Nigerian voice pls can you help fulfill my dreams plssss🙏🙎🙎🙏 if you can help call

  14. My name is Andrew Dariano. I am a fourteen-year old boy with dirty blond hair and brown eyes I am around 5'3" and weigh 93 lbs. MY shirt size is an adult small and pants are 16. I would LOVE to be on a show of yours like the thundermans, nicky ricky dicky and dawn, or henry danger. I am a smart and creative individual with great acting skills but I have never acted professionally but I also have never applied. At my school I was given leading roles in both shows for my grade level.

  15. Hi, Nickelodeon Iam a big fan of all the nickelodeon movies you. I have always prayed to God to help me become a Nickelodeon kid one day. I know I may be only 12 but at least I have an experience in music and dance lessons. Those are two of my favourite talents. If you think it though , may be you can change you mind and give me a shot. hope to hear from you soon, yours truly Henrietta Mellisa. bye

  16. Hi Nickelodeon my name is patricia patrick I am sending this message now cause the gift I want before Christmas is being in Nickelodeon so please Nickelodeon give me this chance but if you won't like what I wrote or you think I am not your choice for this audition then just reply cause that will mean alot to me

  17. Your Comment Here …hi my name is Catherine and I would like to act.not for fun,but for me to be appreciated.please you guys should bring your auditions to Ghana. this is because there are great talents here.please.

  18. Your Comment Here …am milesu mwanza from Africa, acting is what I want to do my whole life I would love if Nickelodeon would give me a chance to show people what I can do please please am asking to be given a chance to show the world what I can do being part of the Nickelodeon family is wat I want. I want to be a role model for other people in my country so that they too can be discovered. thanks a million in advance

  19. Your Comment Here …Hey. My name is Lauren. I come from Kenya. Im 13 years old. My dream is to be a super star. I would like to join nickelodeon and act . My only problem is that i am in another country. But i hope that i can get to be a nickelodeon actress some day. I hope someone out there can sponser me and make my dream come true.

  20. Hi my name is Hawah Fahnbulleh. I am 13 years old, I would love to be on and in one of Dan Schneider productions, he is my all time favorite Director and I would Love to audition for Nickelodeon. I'm 5ft. 0 inches, brown/black haired with Brown eyes. I weight 99.0 pounds and African American, I can sing, act. I'm realm Friendly. If Dan Schneider asked me The 1 to 15 episode of Henry Danger, Icarly, Victorious etc. I would be able to answer.

  21. Hi my name is melissa adams l love acting.l can sing dance and fake emotions.l have experience in acting since l was little l'm 15 years.my dream is to be a famous actor.plz help me achieve my
    dream.thank you.

  22. I am a local of Dayton, Ohio. There aren't many casting calls down here but I would like to suggest broadening your horizons. There are many talents here that never get a chance to shine because people usually cast major cities like New York, Miami, Atlanta, Texas, and California. I cannot dance but I have been told that I can sing 🎤. I also act and would like to (if given the chance) to prove that I have what it takes to be the Next Big Thing. I am 14 years old and am African. I think diversity is good and I love the social scene and feel that I can bring something new to Nickelodeon. (I cannot dance for the life of me, sadly. But I can work at it because I want this. I may not be the best candidate but I have passion and I want people to know my name. There is more out there for me. I can feel it. But I've never been given the chance to sparkle. I want to walk down the street and have people say "Is that Joselyne Kamikazi?!" I want to be seen. And I feel that I can be a motivation to young people. I have a background that is unique. You probably hear things like this everyday but I promise you that the blood, sweat, and tears I put into this will not go to waste. I feel that small commercials can be a good starter. Just to get my name out there. After that, star in a couple shows (please) and maybe one day become a director. That is my dream and I hope that (with your help) I can make it come true. Thank you. Again and again. I would like to be a apart of the Nickelodeon family and I hope you would help me make my debut into the social scene. I can't say enough thanks for this opportunity. Even though I haven't yet starred on your shows, I'm glad that I can write and hopefully this letter will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. But just know, I never give up. If I'm not casted with you guys I will find another way to climb the ladder to the point you will NEED me on your team. Thank you again. And again. And I hope you consider my request to cast in small cities like Dayton, as well. Because there is talent everywhere just waiting for a chance to let themselves shine. Buh-bye (this is it I promise) and thank you again for this opportunity amd I cannot wait to join you.

    D_ream. 😄

  23. My name is Elizabeth Tapia and I would like to audition for nickelodeon. I'm 4 ft. 11 inches, brown haired with dark brown eyes. I weight 122 pounds and Hispanic. I can sing, act, and can do my own stunts. I am not afraid of an audience and can fake emotions very easily. I currently wear glasses and I cannot see without them. I would appreciate if I got a role in a show/movie as long I have a main role.

  24. hi, I'm only 10 years old and ill love to be on the show thundermans! and ill love to be auditioned. the reason I would love to be on a show is 1. to make the show more exiting. 2. I want to be famous and show my face on tv. well thank you for your time and have a great day!

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