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Take The Money And Run - ABC
The producers of The Amazing Race, Cold Case and CSI bring a brand new exciting competition game show for ABC called “Take the Money and Run“.

The new TV game show series is a competition between two teams. The audition for Take the Money and Run will be held in the next few months. They are accepting applications and will be booking casting calls soon. This is a week long filming process. Teams need to be two people that are energetic, confident and competitive. We are searching for teams that have extensive knowledge of their cities and will be prepared for an amazing rush to try and score a huge prize of $100,000!

Casting Directors will be searching for exciting teams. Please send your info to takethemoneycasting at gmail dot com. Please make sure your email includes the following: team member names, occupation, address, age, 2 photos of both team members and a description of each teammate.

70 thoughts on “Take The Money and Run – ABC

  1. My brother and I want this. I want it for my mom. My brother wants it so he can get off on a good start in his adult life. He's 18 I'm 15 and we can out do anyone. Our intelligence level together is very high. As a 7th grader I scored a 19 on an act. We can beat any team.

  2. My boyfriend and I should be on this show because no one would EVER find that suitcase! We are huge Investigation Discovery buffs. We know how those Investigators minds work. Without a doubt we'd out smart them. Plus we could use the extra money toward a house!

  3. My husband and I are 2 of a kind! We compete in everything! We are very energetic and quick! DYNAMIC DUO!!!

  4. My girl and I have been together for ten yrs!. We have a 7 yr old daughter. We have not married, but we have out lasted 4 wedding. We have been through a lot in our lives, and together there is nothing we can't do! We have traveled a little bit, and we make for great t.v. Give us a shot, I promise you won't be disappointed!. When we win, we will use the winnings towards our wedding!. And that would be a great follow up to your show! The couple who waited so long to get married, then raced to the alter!

  5. Hi! I would LOVE to be on your show "Take the money and Run!!!" I am an elementary teacher! I'm very enthusiastic, energetic, confident, and COMPETITIVE!!!!My daughter and I love watching your show. I'm a single mom and the money would GREATLY help me financially!!! PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  6. me and my husband would be great for the show we are in the bay area. its big and yes we know our way everywhere!! we have previously submitted an entry form via email. We are both pretty smart, intelligent, confident honest , funny and have children and bills to pay including a student loan. so we ready when you are!

    1. My best friend and I are perfect for the challenge! We have been best friends for 28 years and are confident in our knowledge for our city and surrounding area. We're both intelligent, fun, adventurous and very outgoing! If a little bickering between teammates is tolerated….we should be at this casting call!!!!

  7. Me and my dad would be perfect for the show. We have great knowledge of our area and could really use the money.
    We live in centerville, Louisiana 
    My name is Steven Breaux(in the blue shirt) I'm 21, I work for St Mary parish government, good at hiding stuff and being sneaky, I have one hand and am only able to get a job at certain places this money would be great to my own business and give me the chance to get a job that I like to do

    My dad, Shelby Breaux, jr.(orange shirt)..is 41, and is a self employed floor installer and knows our area very well.He could really use the money, is self-employed and cannot afford health insurance this money would help them alot with medical bills

    We would be a great team for the show and we would walk away with the 100,000 dollars…please pick us
    Thanks for your time

  8. Take The Money and Run would be perfect for me and my best friend. We are in the social service field and used to be Child Protective Investigators for the Florida Department of Children and Families. This would be a great opportunity for us to show off our mental health skills and talents. I am a single parent with two boys, who lives in the Atlanta area. This would be a positive example to show my boys that you can do the impossible if you put your mind to it. Also, this will show others that you don't have to be a criminal to think like one and when the money.

  9. hola mi nombre es yair trejo marcelo , para mi trabajar con ustedes es mi mas grande sueño mostrar al mundo entero mi gran telento que tengo que corre por mis venas ese talento que tengo y poder mostrarlo , tengo 16 años de edad soy de Perú , mi sueño es formar parte de Disney chanel , soy un chico extrovertido y muy desenvuelto , actuó desde pequeño en obras y la oportunidad que ustedes publican es para mí es una gran oportunidad , bueno yo tendría que ser la estrella porque me considero capaz de hacer todo los retos que me vengas y que me dan y soy muy cómico muchas gracias ………..

  10. Take The Money and Run that sounds good to me i'm a young energetic 23yr old ready to get that money that u all r so egar to give away, lol…I work at OfficeMax right now but thats not good enough for me im good at hiding things so I know this show would be a piece of cake and my partner would be my homie that i've been knowing since 7th grade he might not be the smartes but he loves money so i know he would be the perfect partner for me we just love to have fun and enjoy life and adding 100,000 dollars to our life wouldnt hurt….

  11. Hello, so my name is Ashley and like everyone else, being a part of something big would be nothing but a dream. Also, my life passion is singing, i'vedanced for 6 years in my past, and I am currently an actress at JRP Long Island. I'm not your everyday teenager, where all they want is the fame, the fortune, and the glory. Even though having those things would be nice, it is not my top priority with auditioning, or getting anywhere in this industry. My top priority is to give my family a better life. My mom has been a single mom for ten years and life has not been easy on her trying to support three kids by herself. This could be my opportunity to give my mom the life she deserves instead of her having to worry day in and day out about a good life for my sister, my brother, and I. Having this opportunity would mean more than life itself to me to show my mom that I can be a voice, and I can be something to be proud of. This is my time to make a difference in our lives, and being considered would mean the world. Thank You.

  12. Ok my name is Goward Horton II 30, my girl friends name is Shaka 27 we both live in Los Angeles, I am an LAUSD children's teacher assistant, she is a hair dresser, and make up artist at a saloon. We both would love to be apart of this, we are both aspiring entertainers, and we would love to be part of this program not just for money, but for adventure, and exposure. I would love to help the children out there, I work with kids, and I have also worked at churches with them in music, and would love to have money to give more to the world.

  13. Hi. My sister Ashley and I would be the best choice for this show. I am 19 years old and a full-time student (so of course I need the money to help pay for school) and my sister is 26 and she works in the ER of a hospital. I am actually pursuing a career in the Criminal Justice field and I know for a fact I could hide the money. Me and my sister are best friends and would not only be entertaining to watch, but also we would show everybody how family can win ANYTHING when working together.

  14. My name is Ahijah I am ten years old.My mom and I make a great team we play hide the dollar and the other person was not able to find it .If my mom and I teamed up we will have success!And besides I almost saw all the shows off of Take the Money and Run!My mom and I already know where we are going to hide it I doubt the police will be able to find it! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

  15. My husband and I applied by email but haven't heard anything back. I know we would win. We already have our full proof plan! Give us what you got 😉 HEHE!!!

  16. Me and my wife watch this show all the time. I know for a fact I can outlast your interrogations and hopefully my wife can also. We live in Orange County and I know a perfect place I would hide the money. Please consider us for this show as we would be very entertaining to watch. Thank you for your consideration. Sid

  17. Hey im what you would call a go getta,which means if its money,i will get it.I can out do anybody or any tweam you put up against me,i will beat them.Its just one little problem?I DONT A PARTNER!But if i have to i willget my mom or son(who is 18yrs)we will get it.But if anybody need apartner an you like money like me,holla back

  18. I am the oldest of three children i am 17 years old and me and my family are pretty sure we want that money so please contacts in regards to coming in for a screening or a test run so we can get to work and get that money…whooo!!!

  19. CAN'T NOBODY!!. Out do me and my partner Sherard Gibbes when it come to hiding.(coming from the champ of hide go seek).i know we will be the one's to out smart those investigators,i don't think the are ready for us,cause they are gonna have to really bring there a game!.we are in Pensacola,fl and would really appreciate this opportunity.i'm ready yo find your money.lol.

  20. HA……I BELIEVE ME AND MY PARTNER SHERARD GIBBES ARE THE SMARTEST PERSON THERE IS WHEN IT COMES TO HIDING SOMETHING.especially if i'm banking on it. i don't have any fancy story but i do no that getting a chance to out smart an investigator knowing how good they are at there job, is a chance of a lifetime.lol.
    i'm from Pensacola,fl and we would love!! to get the opportunity TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN!!!!!

  21. Hi my name is Amro i want to act am not going to say am the best actor in the world but i can show that am good you and am Egyptian i live in AZ TEMPE am 17 and am brown hire 5.5 ft brown eyes and i have an nice accents and i talked to Steven Spielberg,Adam Sandler,Shia Labeouf managers and a lot more and they all side to me your good to goo i just need to start and it would be an honor to work with you.

  22. My name is Ms. Ketia Josey and I am 21 years old. I am currently majoring in mass communications and I absolutely enjoy the field. I am an entertainer and an athlete as well. I enjoy being physical and competing mentally as well.This would be a great opportunity and I am hoping the chance of a lifetime!!!

  23. We found each other later in life. We will be 47 this month (Nov,) and have known each other for 3 years on Dec. 1, 2011. Ken is my Indiana Farm Boy, Biker Dude, Dad, mechanic/bodyman and I (Susan) am a city girl gone country, mom business woman. We have 3 sons together youngest 19 and it's our turn to be 17 again. Our dream is to be together for the next 40 years as much as possible and travel. We enjoy riding the Harley he built on time off. Would love to show the world even at this age we can take the money and run.

  24. Well I am not going to say that my boyfriend and I are in shape, because we are not. Now after that has been said, I am 100% positive that we will take that money and place it where no one will find it! It is all about being street smart…not athletic. If you care to challenge this, put us up against an athletic team and I bet we come out with the money…not them.

  25. Hi,
    My name is Kahlil Hopkins and I have been acting for about 7 years doing mainly theatre, as well as extra work in a few feature films. My wife Ayinda Wallace-Hopkins and works in healthcare. I ran track for high school and college and go to the gym 5 days a week. Please choose us for take the money and run. We are definitely the the power couple of the 21st century.

  26. Hi my name is rocky, and the reason I feel i should be be on the show, cause ive lost alot, many heart breaks, let downs, betrayal, i just want a new and better start in life. Thank you.

  27. Hello, my name is kameron dunn. I have been acting evewr since I was little and I have always wanted to be on tv and I can play some games with other professionals. Hope to here from you soon.
    Thank You for your time.

  28. ok let me start like this i can hide anything know one ever finds things i hide me and my friend Adam Amparan and fast and sneaky little dudes. we both look like we would be on a T.V. show and we love money

  29. Hi me and my husband Edwin dream of being in a contest like this….We have 3 kids from age 2-12 so we know how to act in exstream situations.And hiding money like I said I got 3 kids lol;) Me and my husband are bestfriends together 15 years we even work together we are both waiters at the cheesecake factory and take pride in doing things right the first time.Please pick us together we are the strongest team in the world.

  30. My name is Eunice Alvarado and my Partner is Angel Lopez.I am 30yrs old and my partner is 46. Yes beside our big age difference we both are competitive and stubborn, when we want something we go after it. Angel is a maintenance supervisor for a big housing complex and Since having our beautiful 16month old daughter Mia i have been fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom. Its been really hard living on one income and our plans to get married and buy a house seems impossible. The opportunity to win some money that can possibly help with the wedding of my dreams would be great.I am from Queens NY and we are ready to play.

  31. Hi my name is Sentineya and my partner is my mom. Her and I are really clever and will easily win the $100,000! She is a stay at home mon trying to find work to help support us and I am a college student. I am a dancer so running will not be a problem and my mom is an awesome driver. We both have smart mouths and are quick on our feet. Which means we will make for a very interesting couple on the show.

  32. my girlfriend and I are sales reps who recently got off the couch and into sports. We are bubbly and a rehabilitated jersey shore like couple who are moving in together. I think this would be a great way for us to get to know how we react under pressure and work as a couple.

  33. My name is Alisha and I am very secretive when it cumulative down to stuff like that.u can enterage me all day but I still want run my mouth.I am a good person for dis show.

  34. I am a single mother of 3 beautiful children. I was married to my first Childs father he was a great guy I was just to young for such a serious relationship. I then met my 2 youngest father fell in love was ready for that next step but he wasn't. So now im 31 years old rasing three kids alone. There 10, 6, and 3 years of age. It hasnt always been easy after my kids dad and I broke up I lost my car, my job, and I am now on housing. If given the opportunity to be on your show I could completely turn my life around. I want my kids to have a chance at a brighter future. I want to buy a car its frustrating getting around town getting groceries an paying bills without a car has been a task because my ride would need to have room for 4 more people. Which is usually unlikely. Winning this show would change my life because I could also go back and finish school.


    Jona Sonnier

  35. Hello,
    I feel my friend would be the perfect team for this. We are both very competitive in all team sports. Im a black belt in martial arts and my friend is into weight lifting. We are best friends and have known each other for 33 years. Whenever we playing a team sport we were always have to be on the same team and we never lose. We both know out home town city like the back of our hands and we can give any competitor a run for their money. All we need is the opportunity to leave them in the dust. This could be the true test of team work and prove we are the best.

  36. Young and in the perfect shape. I feel me, David Cargile in my girl friend which is the love of my life Anjelica Hart are the best candidates for this competition. Since I was a child I always played basketball and ran track. I think that will give me a good chance of winning the money. my girlfriend is very well with playing mind games and hiding things. I know we are ready to take the money and run to get married!!!

  37. Me and my mom are really good candidates for this , i have millions of ways that i can hide money from anyone. So if we are picked we will win! And we are verrrrrrry energetic and competitive, those are my middle names. I know chicago and many other places verryy well. i could hide 100,000 easily , and my mom knows every crook and cranny of chicago, and many other places , shes live a living navigator.

  38. hello my name is Tyra Ross and my partner will be Cornell HUghes my brother and master of money like me. we are looking foward to getting money and RUINNING AND HIDING IT. My brother is a top gambler in los angeles AND KNOWS how to hide the money.

  39. There is no competiton for me an my hubby. He has the brains and strenghts an me im so multitalented i do just about anything u could think of like playing every sport i was the best just like my hubby in football he was in nespapers fims college footbal u get it ,plus were are a young couple we nockout the oldest to tha west so we cant be defeat, Really we Cant be Defeat so give us ur best shot!!!!!!

  40. Hi my name is Tamar and my husbands' name is Tony… we can definitely Take the Money and Run!!!! We need the $$$ so hiding it would be effortless. You have the money to give and we're here to hide and take it!!! Try us if you dare.

  41. Hi, myself and my best friend, Eileen O'rourke wouldlove the chance to take the money and run. I am a Police Officer in Revere Mass and Eileen is a CPA, very serious type of person. We are totally opposites, but work GREAT, together as a team. We would , both love the opportunity to win this cash, to help continue to find homes for homeless animals. We try to help retired greyhounds. We will run and take the money and run like our greyhounds, to help other retired greyhounds, find homes. Thank You

  42. hello my name is keyina I am just a regular hard worker who is in school to be a paralegal I just have one more semester to go and I will be done. I think that my best friend and I would be great for this project, we are energetic (check),we have both worked in the banking industries over 10 years in the banking industrie you have to be competitive in order to survive its a jungle in there LOL! We would look forward to taking the money and runnig!

  43. My husband 50 yrs old and I 43 yrs old are in real need of $100,000. We both would love to be picked for this challenge what a great way to see how loyal we are to one another. I am a nurse & my husband is Pharmacy tech. Between the 2 of us we have 7 children and 5 grandchildren! We have been together for 8 yrs and married for 1 yr. This money could change our lives.not to mention Cleveland needs some positive excitement.

  44. Hello, my Nicole Palmer

    And I would like to be on the show and win maybe can get some money to help pay back school.

    Thank you

  45. Hey, I believe me and my partner are the best at playing games let alone hide money. Sometimes we hide money from each other or ourselfs and find it days or not at all, I figured if we could hide money from each other; we should be able to hide money from strangers and wouldnt say a word about where it is or where we went.

  46. My daughter and I both talk about getting her on a realty show because she has such a big personality and a great sense of humor inherited from both sides of the family. But finally a game show where I feel I would run the show and think like no other. We both feel we have great places to hide the money no matter what route you give us. Pick us we are originally from the Show Me State. We will show you what we are made of and won't give in to that so-call grilling those detectives do. We are waiting ,call us today!!

  47. Hello,
    My name is Dawn Kennedy and my team would be my cousin Jean Smith. We are both highly effective, disciplined, and motivated. We both know Chicago, I'LL very well. I have always had this dream of one day seeing myself on TV or theaters. I would like to expose to my children, that know matter what our circumstances throw at us, never get tired of doing the right thing.

  48. Hi, my name is Rolando Rivera, and my wife is Marta, she is a Dental Assistant, and i am a student. We are very energetic and fun.We are very competitive, and are great as a team.

  49. My partner, Tim(age 47), and I(age 56) are co-workers. We spend 8 hours per day together and ready to take the challenge of hiding $100,000. We are from The Rocket City, but we aren't Rednecks! We are confident that we could win the money. Don't let the sweet southern accent fool you. I can turn on the decent as well as the charm.

  50. hi, sirji this is yash choudhary from meerut. I am good dancer also an actor but i did'nt get any good platform that i show my talent. Plz count on me give me one chance. thank u. (Jai Mata Di)

  51. I would describe myself as a smart,fun,hardworking,determined,and a person that likes to make an everlasting impression, so therefor i am the perfect candidate for this .IM READY ,IV BEEN READY LETS DO IT. I GO HARD!!!!!!!!

  52. I love this show. Iv always imagined a great oppurtunity for me to be on this show being able to contribute my intelligence,skills and qurkyness which is something the viewers as well as the show will enjoy. Theres nothing better than watching a a strong competitor on television

  53. My name is Debbie and I believe my best friend Kathy and I can get through this show. I am an avid criminal mind watcher…so lying would be no probalem. We will hide it and you won't find it.

  54. Hi my name is latasha williams and my partner is no other than my husband Derick Williiams. I feel that we are the perfect candidate for this competition. We are both business owners. I ran track and my husband played football. I believe we have what it takes. We are from Jackson, Ms. Choose us!!! We are ready to take the money and run!!

  55. Hi my name is Lina and I am 16 years old I have been taking acting lessons about 10 years now and I still take lessons I have so much experience to acting and it is my passion I dream about this I have the whole package please send me an email so I can tell about me more.

  56. Nobody on earth can hide money like us. All we need is our chance to showcase our talents to the world. We are both members of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. We both value community service and are in our last years of school in Atlanta, GA. We both have dreamed of getting on television one day and showing the world what we are all about. Having a good and positive time and enjoying life.

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