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Survivor Casting Calls

The world’s most watched reality game show is back for it’s 25th and 26th exciting seasons. This is your chance to show the world your toughness, cunning and resilience and compete for a MILLION DOLLAR grand prize!

Survivor has spawned tens of variations in countries throughout the world but the crown jewel of the empire is the US version which has entertained millions upon millions of viewers for over a decade and it shows no signs of stopping.  Contestants of this immensely difficult reality series are dropped into a remote tropical area with limited tools and resources and are challenged to face off against sixteen to twenty other players in a series of contests of skill, athleticism and mental and physical survival. The contestants are gradually whittled down week by week until there is just one “Survivor” left standing with ONE MILLION DOLLARS in tow.

This legendary reality show completely changed the face of TV games shows upon it’s debut and to this day remains as freshly entertaining for audiences and extremely daunting for challengers. There is simply no other show like it on television. This is your chance to take your shot at the amazing Survivor crown. Audition submissions are being accepted now. To submit your casting call tape or for more information on the upcoming editions of this exciting test of physical ability, mental strength and endurance you can head here cbssurvivorcasting.com/web/apply. Leave a comment below and tell us why you think you can conquer this game of a lifetime and keep checking back to stay up to date on all of the casting updates for Survivor.

If you have ever dreamt of participated in this fantastic challenge, to push yourself to the limits or to find out what your limits in fact are, this is your opportunity. Apply today and soon you could be America’s next SURVIVOR!

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  1. Im a senior in high school and will be 18 this upcomig january. Im from wilbrahm MA and grew up with a farming back ground. I love the outdoors, and I befriend people easily. I believe this would be an amazing expirence to be involved in. If your looking for the girl next door. Thats me. Except me, im in it to win it.

  2. Just hit the big 50…2x breast cancer survivor with a wicked wit, compassionate and caring but disrespect will not be tolerated. I'm a mother of 3 grown kids so I am very much an investigator and body language reader…I can see a lie at 100 paces. I can tell you what you are thinking before you can verbalize it. Life has taught me to play the game but the rules differ with each game. I'm not afraid of hard work and not afraid of straight talk. Life is short, gotta take that chance!

  3. I love a challenge what better challenge then driving in isolation with a random group of people all trying to win the same thing… O ya… Bring it

  4. Hello,

    I am an 18 year old female who lives in Pennsylvania.
    I grew up in a family of eleven kids, all who were homeschooled.
    I am an equestrian competitor and trainer.
    I've trained in multiple sports and love a good challenge.
    I believe I would bring forth a unique dynamic to the show with my background and competitive personality.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  5. Not sure how I would fare on this show. I'm physically and mentally strong, but not always a good judge of character. Love physical and mental challenges, but hate missing a meal lol! I'm easy to get along with, but my major peeves are laziness and unfairness. I'm former Army and currently a nurse anesthetist. In my forties and 5'4", 143-ish but look lighter (in my opinion haha)

  6. hello

    My name is Kevin W. Medley


    I live in Philadelphia Pa

    I can do anything u need me to do. Just give me a chance. I will do it

  7. I am a selfish person, tall 6' long blonde hair. used to be a top athlete. degree in biology. very nice but won't get pushed around. watched every season of survivor except most recent ones. dream of being on the show. was working 80 hours a week plus online business plus doing things for the community, I would be fun to watch. don't know if your looking for me, but would love to try. Humble and respectful too. Huge fan. People either love me or hate me.

  8. I would love to be on Survivor! I'm a married mom of 3 awesome kids and I live on a cattle ranch in a tiny middle-of-nowhere-Texas town. I'm a substitute teacher who would love to prove that I've got what it takes to step out of my comfort zone for a chance to improve my life in many ways! Thank you!

  9. My name is Mike Cvitash. I am a Croatian/American mountain traveler from the Alaskan wilderness. I have aspired to be cast for your show for many years but now is my time as my once small children have now grown!! I eat dirt, plants, meat, inner bark, drink mountain water with unfiltered silt, swim in glacier water and revel in the bliss of mosquitos and fierce winds and life sucking cold. I sleep with brown bears and talk moose grunting. I have a professional degree (from college and medical school) and a family supporting career. I am ripped with muscles on top of muscles and very pleasing for the female viewers to watch, but guys relate to my level and logical thinking processes so from a viewers marketing standpoint, I am a great participant! I train MMA, high level soccer and have run marathon races through the Alaskan wilderness and I was a mountain guide for 10 years. I am very motivated to be a part of your production and show. My passport is HOT and I can travel at a moments notice. If I need a participant partner, my girlfriend is a 10 year GirlScout and a current supermodel and viewers will not be able to turn off the TV when she is being shown!!
    Please have the casting agency contact me. I am happy to forward pics and any professional paperwork necessary from my acting, guiding, education or other.
    Michael Cvitash

  10. I am 53 young. 5'-7 1/2" 127 lbs cute. I am French and that makes me unique, interesting personality fun funny bubbly, kind but very firm when I need to be, bold not at all afraid of saying what needs to be said and do what I have to do. I get along with everybody but do do not respect laziness. I have overcome many adversities that life brought my way; a deadly illness (endocharditis), and breast cancer and a terrible divorce. I can only say that all of it has made me a better human being, able to tackle any challenge either physical or mental. It gave me humility, endurance and perseverance. I own businesses that are very successful. I am very focused and know exactly what I want. I am married to the love of my life who supports everything I do. He and I work very hard together, on all that we do. I am a team-player but a leader most of the time as an owner of business. I am very competitive, I know how to negociate, I know how to deal with every personality. I am fun and very serious when it comes to doing something well. I work under deadlines all the time. I expect a lot and I get good results. That is what makes me a survivor. I am very fit I work out everyday and eat well. I have all of what it takes to take the million dollar home! For those reasons, I am a survivor. I WILL bring the unique dimenssion that you need for this show.

  11. I feel i have an Addendum that has not finished within my own life. I have applied to Survivor the past 8 0r 9 seasons with little success.A little push from an outside agency would be a bonus.I am 53 years young.I have 1 son who is 19 yrs old and graduating from high school this year. My daughter is a sophmore and is active in AAU Basketball in Syracuse,NY.Both are active in National Honor Society.My wife is Teacher for the past 33 years. This Addendum is unfinished as far as my life goes. I am active i 5K Runs and Physically and Mentally in good shape.This would make my Addendum complete. Please. Thank You

  12. I am a hotel clerk from Indianapolis IN who is trying to find a job and has struggled in finding a job. I have watched Survivor and root on and against players each time. I feel I would be a Survivor similar to my hometown commerade Rupert. I have a sweet and honest personality but get angered when screwed over. I feel I can bring spice to the show. I would also like to test myself in something with pure toughness and know I can do it and win a million dollars to change my family's life

  13. Hello Survivor, I have been a loyal watcher since season 1 !! I have always wanted to apply, but while the heart & mind were able, the body was not. I was ashamed of my weight. This yr however, I have changed my life!!! I am no longer sitting on the couch wishing for things to happen in my life ! I am now out there MAKING things happen! For motivaiton I signed up for Warrior Dash in Jan2012 & set 2 goals…#1 to drop 40 lbs by race day & #2 to raise as much $$ as I could for St.Jude's ( the main purpose of WD). Not only did I lose 42lbs by race day (6/9/2012), but out of almost 7000 runners, I placed in the #3 spot for top donations raised !!! I am extremely driven, & I never quit! I am the best shape of my life for the 1st time in my life & I thought that this would be MY yr for Survivor! Sadly Hurricane Sandy delayed my video internet application. I tried several times to upload it (working thru the night on the video last night),but I just couldn't make the deadline. My application video just started to upload at 1:30 my time, but my laptop died before completion! Talk about rotten luck, it was an awesome video too! Basically it tells you How I know all the gameplay, I can build anything, an avid rock wall climber there would be no challenge too hard! I now have a 6pack where a keg use to sit, so my strength would speak for itself at all the challenges. I am a wiz at puzzle solving, & I grew up on a beach so I would be a big asset around camp. Lying & backstabbing is all part of the game as well. I'm not in it to make friends, but im in it to win ! I may be approaching 50, but that just means I posess life experience ! Besides, 50 is the new 25 right?? I have an awesome winning attitude, & I would fight to win, it's my competitive nature. After Warrior Dash I did Rugged Maniac just for the challeng ! It was kinda like a mini tough mudder with 18 obstacles designed by navy seal ! As i said, no challenge to big for me. While training for my 2 races, I was also planning & oranizing my 30yr HS reunion ! I am great at multitasking. If my life isn't crazy enough I am also the mom of two kids with autism!!! My daughter is 17 & my foster son is 9. Living the autistic lifestyle is a big plus for Survivor… I have to think quick, plan several moves in advance, & ALWAYS have a plan B !! All great Survivor traits. So, as u can see , I am clearly the right choice for Survivor. I am ready physically, mentally, & in my heart ! I am heartbroken I couldn't get my video to you, u would have loved it ! I bet u a million dollars I would be the next winner of Survivor !! 😀

  14. I am 13 years old but dont count me out yet! I have GREAT survival instincts and the audience would love me!! I would be a perfect fit! CONSIDER ME!!!!

  15. Hey cast. I should be a contestant for competing on a season of Survivor, since I like new adventers. I like meeting new people. I am not afraid to be different. I like to travel to new exotic places. I am also a fan of Survivor, and ever since I watched a full season of this show, I was like I really want to be on this gameshow, and once I said I want to be on the gameshow, then I am the type of person once I set up my mind to be on a gameshow, then I will do that and be on the gameshow that I said I will get on.

  16. I am a huge Survivor fan. I always wanted to be on a season of Survivor. I like to travel to new exotic places. I also like to meet new people and I am not afraid to be different and as well as I like adventers.

  17. Hello, I'm known as John, I’ve never seen your show whatsoever. Although I have seen spots on the TV but never have I watched an episode. I'm well rounded in many different cultures and languages from my many travels around the world. I am able to blend in and adapt in a very short time to any and all environments. I feel that there would be nothing that would prevent me from employing any and all tactics to prevail in whatever the endeavor may be or circumstance that my present itself.

  18. I work for the Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ. I am 23 years old and just graduated college last May with a degree in Sport Management and Business Administration.

    I absolutely LOVE challenges, I'm very spontaneous, and I love being outdoors. I do have some fears that I would like to get over, and I think this show would help that. I grew up riding quads, racing cars, hunting with my dad and fishing. I'm a tom-boy who doesn't really look the part! I am also a recent graduate struggling with student loans, so if I won that would definitely help out my financial situation! 🙂

  19. My name is Liz. I am 20 years old,I have blonde hair,blue eyes,and I am 5'7. I have a very outgoing personality and can get along with anyone. I would love the opportunity to prove my family and friends that I can do the "impossible". I am athletic but also have a girly side to myself. I am very picky about what I eat, but I would do whatever it takes to be on survivor! Thank you for your consideration!

  20. Hello my name is Vance Lane Vasser. I'm 23 years old, standing 6’3 weighting 240 pounds. I'm a former D1 prospect, former WWE contender, and a Real World hopeful. They say I'm a Channing Tatum type, but I don't know about that. I am a nice looking guy, good friends, love to laugh, and like to do new things, and meet new people. Are you looking for someone like me?

    Thank You for you time
    Lane Vasser

  21. Im 23 years old, a single mother of a 2 year old son. I'm 5'6 and 110pnds. I'm extremely determined and competitive , I'm full of personality and very outgoing! I would like to win 1 million dollars to give me and my son a better life 🙂 I think I would be a good competitor on this show!

  22. My name is Alex, I'm 6'4" 180lbs. I was born in Wisconsin. I've lived Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and now I'm in California. I have 2 brothers, I'm the middle. We grew up with a single mom. She taught me the ropes when it comes survival, camping and otherwise. I've worked full time since I was 14. I'm craftsman / contractor by trade. I've framed houses with the Amish and sold $100,000 Persian rugs at auction. Please consider me for this audition. I know I'd be perfect for this show, though I've never really seen it. Sorry… Id love to take the lead and share what I know.

  23. My name is Gus and I am a professor at a college. You need that on an island, right Gillagan? I am a pastry chef in good shape and avid outdoorsman. Mind games are my specialty as I have been playing them for over 30 years. I would love a shot.

  24. Hi, I'm Chance. I am a big fan of the show and I'd like to think I'd be fit for it. I am 18 years old. Though I've experienced things that many people wouldn't in their entire lives.
    I've had an extremely tough past involving abuse and narcotics. I am clean now of course.
    I have gotten my life together but through it all I've learned a lot.
    I think all of the things I've been through have made me strong, strong enough to win survivor.
    I come from a big family of 7. I have 5 younger siblings and I've had to run the household for many years.
    I am 5'6. Very intelligent and good with people. I know how to talk my way into and out of situations. As a kid I used to be able to convince others to do a lot of things I wanted. That ability has grown but I no longer use it for evil.
    Unless I have to. (;
    Please consider me, it'd be wonderful.
    Thanks, Chancelor Karbo.

  25. We are a newly wed couple interested in putting ourselves to challenges we have 6 children 1 grand child. been thru the hardest times in life like homelessness etc and need the opputunity to prove the world we are extraordanary overachievers

  26. Hi, I am a 40 year old artist and love a good adventure. I joined the military at 38 yrs of age as a 90S (Officer Candidate), and right toward the end of the hardest part of basic; called 'red phase' I broke my ankle (pretty severally)…I stayed with a company called 120th FTC "Fitness Training Company" for almost a year. So I lived with Drill SGT's for that time; HUGE learning experience. I was greatly saddened at the fact I did not heal completely and recieved a Med Board. I was released Honorably 12/09/10 and since have had another ankle surgery to try and regain more mobility…I have graduated my physical therapy and am ready to try and get back to the tides of life…My husband (active duty army)encouraged me to apply with you all, and am excited to show you what I have got. I have two beautiful children and am eager to show the world my endurance and stamina.
    Thank you for you time and patience,
    Sincerely, Jill Marie Jaime

  27. my name is rachael ott. i am a female 14 year old girl who can survive. Do not look at my age and tell me no. i have just as much strength as anyone else how trys out. i am 98 pounds, have blonde hair, blue eyes, and am not afraid. Dont judge me. i have survived a shark attack. i think i know what pain and survival is.
    contact me for more info

  28. Born in a poor setting, and have struggled all my life to get what I want/need. I have been through many experiences that has shaped my life. I'm a hard working person who is intense in all the things I do. Some hobbies of mine are wrestling, boxing, cooking, and science. I'm a working in progress doctor, who wants to save the world one person at a time.
    -Ready to SURVIVE!!!

  29. I'm 23 years old, a senior in college graduating with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Southern Arkansas University. I grew up in a small town in Texas all of my life. I have been in athletics since I was 5 years old. From that time till now, I have been participating in sports throughout my school years. I ran track in college till the team was done away with due to lack of funds. The wilderness has always been something I enjoyed being in, and I have spent many hours camping under the stars. I get along with people rather well and can make friends with just about anyone, and have the ability of a natural leader that I've used throughout school and sports. I'm also an amateur MMA fighter and have participated in fights and Martial Arts since I was 19. I am a Christian, and believe in God with all my heart, and know I will be in Heaven once I die. I'm an active member in my Church and do my best to fully rely on God. Being apart of Survivor will give an opportunity to show that Christian are still "alive" in this world and truly trust in God.

    Green Eyes
    Long Dirty Blond Hair

  30. Okay I'm don't have anything dramatic going on in my life. No sob stories or anything heart warming and touching. I honestly have always wanted to be on the show since I was nine years old when the show first came on. I only watched the first two or three seasons, but even back then I always thought I would have done a better job than the contestants. I believe that even more so now that I'm 21.
    Right now I mostly want to do this for the money and that's it. Not to prove anything to myself or anyone else. I just need money to get my life where I want it. I thought "Hey why not try and get it by doing something I'm already really good at and takes very little effort?…by manipulating and scheming other people."
    The best thing about this is that I'm a really like able person. So by the time any one actually realizes what I'm doing, I've already gotten what I want. After that it's either trying to make amends because that person is still useful to me or I'm (very subtly ) kicking them to the curb.

  31. My name is Sammy Crum, I am 21 years of age, although I do look younger. I am a little overweight, I have black hair, and black eyes, I am a white male. I am interested greatly in real estate, and any sort of business endeavor. When I was 18 years old I was interviewed to speak on a two minute session on the local news, WBIR, in which I talked about my interest in the stock market, and my plains for the future. Since I was interviewed, I have come to obtain various rental properties throughout my town. I would love to have an opportunity to speak to the youth about my early success in the business field. Living in rural Appalachia, my ancestors have all lived in the mountains of Eastern Tennessee; therefore the way I speak is very unique. I have a very thick and noticeable Appalachian accent, which I feel would fit in roles of movies that require someone to speak with an accent. I could talk about myself for hours, upon hours, and state my dreams of becoming a very rich man, and being on TV, but I shall not. I would love to be interviewed shortly. I would do great in shows or movies that require someone who has an authentic southern accent, and requires the actor to be young in appearance. I am open to anything.

    Height: 6'0
    Weight 220
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black


    Sammy Crum

  32. I'm not here to give anyone a sad story or try n make people feel bad for me im just trying to tell you little facts about this guy here. I'm 26 285 lbs ya that's right but don't let the weight fool u this big boy can move lol I have a great personality!! I always try and keep a confident mind state! Im a spirit lifter lol no dull moments around me n if your sad/or bummed just try n keep me from making you smile lol I'm deff a big family man with great friends!I currently have no kids no gf /wife just single and trying to live life as god intended. I just got laid off from my job so as of now I got plent of time to find job/career but this is an opportunity that I can't pass up especially if i can lose some weight in the process thats a bonus!I may not be built like a survivor or some one that can't pass up on food lol but this big boys been ready for the challenge!!! ……Mario+phone call=survivor

  33. I am 19 years old, 100lbs but dont let that fool you. I am a sophomore in college studying criminal justice. Voted most likely to make people laugh in high school and captain of my varsity basketball team all four years. I am very outgoing and have been watching survivor since elementary school. I am a daughter of a single father and just met my sister 3 years ago. I would make a interesting character and would love to be on this show.

  34. I will be 30 this year. I have two children ages 12 & 8. I have been divorced for over a year. I get no child support from my ex-husband. I work full time doing sales. I am a very eager, outgoing, determined, stylish, devoted, caring, helpful, loyal & etc. I help others all the time even when I dont have it. I hate to see people struggeling. I am very grateful for the little that I have to offer my children. There are many people on earth who are doing worst.

  35. i am a 20 year old male, 135 lbs and a surviver. i have trained and done everything possible to learn how to survive in the wild off the land. i am the oldest of 7 kids and i would like to do something special for all of my family to prove i can do something right. and to give all of my brothers and sister something to look forward to a good start at their life. i think i would be a great canadite for the surviver show and if you would give me the chance to i can prove it to u all as well. thanks for your time and consideration.

  36. I am a 53 year old Restired/Disabled construction worker. I am also a 3rd generation Eagle scout and a 3rd generation Scoutmaster. I came down with Osteoarthritis in both of my knees requiring total knee replacement surgery. During this time my wife and boys have been my rock. I don't what i would have done without them Plus now i have a beautiful 2 year old granddaughter. I want this chance NOT FOR ME but for my family. I would love to buy a home so my wife can have one to call her own. I would love to buy a car for my sons and put them through college, I would love to set up a bank accout for my granddaughter so she will never have to worry about anything. As for me? All i want to to be able to say Thank you to my family and to prove to my self and the world that a handicapped person is still a person and can comptete just as well. Thank you.

  37. Hi my name is joseph i'm 18 with long blonde hair and green/blue eyes and Physical Mesomorph. I would like to say when I was 16 my sister died,My grandparents offered to pay for a tombstone. and never did….It never stops hurting. I would like this chance to provide for my family and buy my sister the Tombstone she deserves.She was my second mother.Plz reply…change my life Plz.

  38. I will be 18 June 28th. This might make me the youngest SURVIVOR contestant but it does not make me the weakest. I put up with two older brothers who never let me get a way with much of anything. Im tough for a girl and I have a lot of faith that i could surpass many in the fight for survival.

  39. I have been a fan of Survivor since day one, there is just something about watching complete strangers learn to live together in such unusual circumstances that makes me want to get in there and proove I could do so much better then them. I am a 34 year old father of 4, my wife and I have been married for 11 years, and definitely gone through our fair share of hard times. I would love the opportunity to be on Survivor to prove to my family and myself that I can do it.

  40. I'm a 30 year old single mom of two boys born and raised in Atlanta Ga I have 7 siblings it's 5 girls and 3 boys my father always joked and said his girls was harder then his boys so I want to prove him right I can get this money and retire my parents and take care of my family I have struggled a lot in my life so if I can get a chance to make it better I'm gone win it all so I know I can survive anything .

  41. I would love to be on survivor, id be great to be on that show i do whatever it takes to succeed and i enjoy having a challange i am 18 years old and im great with a competition

  42. Im the youngest of 6 siblings. Growing up I would spend my summers with my grandparents up in the mountains. I learned to fish, hunt, and fend for myself. Ive survived a bear attack and also numerous wolf attacks. Im very knowledgeable about wilderness. This seems like a challenge I would thrive in.

  43. The reason i need to be in survivor is that i am a young fit male that can tackel any obstacle anyone or anything throws at me. I feel the need to show people im not a loser. that i have what it takes to make it out in the wilderness yes ive spent the night outside for a week straight and made it. it was freezeing outside me and my buddys do this kind of stuff all the time. So this is something ineed to show people i can do and i can be very helpful and smart about the right situations.

  44. " I Am Me" I am a 23 year old thats looking to challenge myself. Ive good at so many things, and just trying to find what im great at. I think this show will help me see what my true weaknesses are, if I can respond under pressure, work in a team, build a team, and step up to any obstacle mentally!

  45. I'm a tough as nails retired forest ranger.
    I've sailed across the Gulf of Mexico 3 times, 2 times alone just for fun and to see if I could do it. I'd love to do survivor just for fun, if I win, that would be good.

  46. The thrill… Is just amazing.. Id just be happy with the opportunity even though i do have several fears in which i dont believe i could pass up a million dollars on

  47. I been on my on since i was 14 had to feed my self take care of self everything i have done i done on my on so if i can survive that i can survive anything

  48. I am the oldest of three boys. A few years ago, my baby brother was murdered and left behind a son. My family has always been very poor. I myself have a 22 year old son and two grand daughters and would really like the opportunity to do something that would help out my family and make them proud of me. If I were too win this money I would be able too die happy knowing my family would be taken care of. I'm use to having to struggle to get by. I don't want our next generation to have too suffer like me and my brothers have.

  49. Im amanda
    im 5'5
    100 percent ethiopian

    im a girl! and survior is the perfect chance to show everyone i know i am tough and on tv. I make good stradegys and will flirt my way to the top. Boys will fall for me and little do they know how smart i really am. Ive watched this show a million times and seen the stradegy! I can win. give me a chance to twist the game, and make it a little more interesting now before you stop reading this, because it may seem like another boring audtion. I would like you to know i just need one chance, i promise when you meet me and see how talented i am you will relize im perfect for the part. im 18 and have a beautiful smile and been told i should model. My goal isnt to brag, but obviously you can see me. my dream is tv i live and breath modeling acting, and making the world a better place. I can do this, and all i ask is for one meeting and you will see. I just need someone to give me a chance. i live in a small town, and ive been told many times i will not make it big anywhere. Let me prove to them their wrong. im clever, witty, funny, out going, in no way shy. thank you so much for this oppertunity.

  50. I know i have got what it takes. Even though i am just 12 years old . I hope that you can give me a chance. IN JEUSES NAME AMEN

  51. hello my name is Zach and i am 19 6'2 and 200lbs. i am tumbling coach in tulsa oklahoma. i am a skydiver, scuba diver, free style climber, and tumbler. i have many hobbies like camping and hunting. i am adventurous and I'm always outdoors. i would like the chance to compete and win.

  52. I am very talented and athletic! This is totally for me! Only thing, I don't know how to swim!! Other than that I'm good!! Pick mee guys!! 🙂

  53. I wanna b on survivor so bad. I'm a 25 year old wife and mother. I'm pretty good at hustling people without them knowing . I would kick ass and bring home the money!!

  54. I am 12 years old, male, 5'10 and weigh 215 lb. and my dream is to be an actor. I have taken after school drama classes and been in one school play. I played a guard in the play snow white. Please consider me, but I understand if you can't because of all of the comments. Thank you very much for your time. P.S. if u want a picture, email me and i will email you a picture of myself.

  55. I am a huge fan of the show. I am likable funny cunning and resourceful and I have a good chance at winning the game of survivor. Im your guy!!!

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