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Super Fan on Top – Reality TV Show

Super Fan on Top - Reality TV ShowAre you a super fan of your favorite celebrity?  Do you consider yourself their number one fan?  A new reality show casting call is looking for you!  A major TV Network is casting a project about super-fans “on top” of their favorite celebrity’s fan army. If you have an extraordinary, awesome & unique experience which proves you’re the #1 fan, we want to hear from you!  The television series is looking for males and females from around the United States to appear on the show.

Super Fan On Top Reality TV Show Casting Call

Did you get a tattoo with Usher’s name in a highly visible place? Perhaps you visited the childhood home of Beyoncé to steal some memorabilia? Or maybe you snuck past security to let Rihanna know she’s at the center of your universe? If you go to great lengths to prove your dedication to a certain celebrity, it’s time to show us you’re the SUPER FAN ON TOP!

Email us now at SuperFanonTop@gmail.com explaining your experience! Please also include the following information:

– Name.
– Location of where you live.
– One picture taken within the last month.
– Brief description about your celebrity idol and the lengths you have gone to prove your devotion!

4 thoughts on “Super Fan on Top – Reality TV Show

  1. Hi I am Adele Wilson and I am a huge fan of Lili Reinhart. She was born on September 13 1997. She has two sisters named Tess and Chloe. She used to struggle with mental health issues. Please contact me because I will not let you down!

  2. Andy black. And selena gomez are my top celeberties i love the most i wasnt able to go to their concerts at all because living in a homeless shelter but when i listen to their music my mind and soul lifts me up to keep me going in my hard times i know every song they made and when ever they had a concert near me i listened out front to their songs and close my eyes wishing them to be safe and keep on with theur dreams. They help me work harder for me to dream harder to accomplish my dreams

  3. Hello I am Allison Marquez I am a super fan of Finn Wolfhard I have like 20-30 pics of him on my camera roll. I know he is a Capricorn Born in December 23 2002 He was born in Vemcover Canada Ill tell you more later but please contact me

  4. Well I really want to be someone on TV but I just never really thought about it and I just really want to make a difference in mine and my family's life.

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