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Stitched Season 1 – Fashion Competition TV Show

Stitched Season 1 – Fashion Competition TV ShowAre you a designer, seamstress, home sewer, maker or costume designer? Do you want to showcase your skills on a new TV show? There is a brand new reality TV show casting call for you! Fashion Competition TV is returning to Canada and it is everything! Casting is now open for SEASON ONE of STICHED and there are only a few weeks to get your application in!

Stiched is a brand new competition series that brings the fun and fierce return of fashion to television. In each episode, four top-notch designers compete over three skill-testing fashion challenges. The deadlines are tight, the expectations are high and the expert judges are hard to please. The one designer in each episode who knocks our judges’ fashionable socks off will walk off with fame and a cash prize! Applicants must be residents or citizens of Canada or the USA and must be over the age of majority in their Province, Territory or State by January 31, 2018 in order to apply.

Stitched Season 1 TV Show Casting Call

We want the biggest, brightest talents who are ready to show the world their best designs. You must be able to design and execute your own clothing designs in order to compete.

The one designer in each episode who knocks our judges’ fashionable socks off will walk away with fame and a cash prize! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and only the BEST will make the cut.

We are looking for established designers, home sewers, makers, costume designers – if you can sew it and you can kill it, we want to hear from you! Apply now at www.stitchedcasting.com. There are only a few more weeks to apply, so sign up for the reality TV show casting call right away!

8 thoughts on “Stitched Season 1 – Fashion Competition TV Show

  1. Hello ~

    I would love the opportunity to nominate my daughter to appear on the next season of Stitched. She is immensely creative, talented and has an unique and dynamic flare for the dramatic! She would be a great addition to your cast.

  2. I cant believe some of these responses. Everything you need to know is right here on this page. Read it. I am interested in applying for this opportunity to show my creative talent while encompassing each challenge level. I will follow the instructions and keep my fingers crossed for a call. Stay well.

  3. If you want an elemental designer on your show who is tuned into the world of sprites and the universal elements then that's me!
    Peace Out!

  4. Hi there, I love the show!!!!
    I would love to apply for next season plz let me know the steps for the application ???
    thank you Elizabeth

  5. Hi I'm Erika moultry I'm interested in the show I own a women boutique and I make alot of the items my style is very unique and more like exotic costumes my fan base is high I'm at 60,000 followers and I have pictures of all my clients and it's alot pick me to give your show a twist

  6. I have a way of turning blah into OMG! I am a certified Interior Designer and Event Manager! Being very creative is easy for me!

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