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Sparkle – TriStar Pictures

TriStar Pictures newest feature film production, Sparkle is looking for someone just like you. Starring singing sensations Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks, Sparkle is soon to be the world’s favorite new musical and they now are searching  for new talent that is ready to make their big break.

Sparkle is the story of three singing sisters and their roller coaster ride of success and excess in the showbiz industry. It is being directed by Salim Akil, who’s credits include this years hit feature ‘Jumping the Broom’ and several episodes of the popular CW sitcom ‘The Game’. This projects pedigree is obviously second to none and now all that is missing is you.

Casting is underway now for hundreds of extras roles. This is your moment to get involved. You can go here michiganacting.com/acting/auditions-casting-calls/sparkle-big-days-extras-casting for more info on this fantastic opportunity and be sure to leave a comment below.

Start your journey on the road to stardom today.  The whole world awaits you.

245 thoughts on “Sparkle – TriStar Pictures

  1. Hi, my name is Pascale, I am 19 years old and I sing and play the guitar since I was 6 years old. For me, singing and acting is the way to express myself and I want to share that with the world.

    gender: female
    height: 5'5
    hair: brown
    eyes: green
    ethnicity: European

    I would love to hear from you!

  2. Hey yall I'm Lindsey AKA LBAE. I'm a 17 year old Caucasian female, I live in Upstate NY, and I have reddish hair, and greenish blue eyes. My natural hair color is blonde however, and my eyes are green up close but blue far away. I can do and love with all my heart doing so many things. Things like singing, dancing, acting, song writing, choreography, writing, and just so much more. I can pretty much do whatever you'd need me or want me to do. I love these things with a passion. I have been in several plays in school, one of which I was the main character. I am extremely serious which makes me serious about the job and getting things done right and 150%. I have been looking up and waiting for an opportunity like this for years. It would be an honor if I could take part in even a little of this.
    Lindsey Arlene Brown
    AKA Linsabella Ariella (LBAE)

  3. Hi, my name is Ana-Maria and I am 23 years old, though I look younger. I am 5'4" and of mixed race (white, black, Hispanic). I have dark brown hair and eyes and light brown skin. I have done some acting in college (one-acts and Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream), and would love to do more with Sparkle! I'm a very hard worker and I always give every project my all, besides which, I've heard from several people that I have great stage presence!

  4. This sounds like this is going to be a great show.
    Im 14 years old
    Im 5'5
    Im African American
    I weigh 148 ibs
    Hair Color-Brown
    Eye Color-Brown
    I Can Sing & Dance
    I Love Acting With A Passion And Would Love To This Show Hope I Hear From You

  5. My name is Christian Rodriguez from Newark, New Jersey and im 22 years old. I have been singing i was 4 years old. I was classically trained first when i went to Arts High School in Newark. During my high school years i was performing and also auditioning for American Idol twice but didnt turn out the way i thought it would be. During the third year of high school i met a gospel director called S3 And The Truth. I was on Bobby Jones and also did background for Wyclef. I eat, breath, smell and think music every day and every hour and second that passes. I would love to have the opportunity to audition. Its not about me being famous i just want to sing and make a change to the world with my music. Thanks very much!

  6. Hi, my name is London and I'm a 13 year old singer from Houston, Texas. Music is my passion. I would love the opportunity to be part of this exciting project. If you would like to see if my unique voice would be a good fit for the show, please search London Lawhon on Youtube (or Lawhonmusicgroup or John Lawhon). My music should pop up. Thanks for your consideration. : ) London

  7. Hello. My name is John Jeravin Gallero. 18 years old, standing at 5'4 ft and from Manila, Philippines. I love dancing 'cause it's my passion, I can sing, but just a beginner, trying to sound like Santana of Glee, in acting, I can act but can't cry 'cause I'm such a jolly person. Hope you consider me. Thanks.

  8. March 13, 2012 at 4:30 am
    Singing is a passion to me. I've been singing at a tender age. I'm now 22 years old and feel like its time for me to make my dreams come alive. I've always been told I give up to easily and need to live my dreams without fear of being turned down and I did. I want to become a singer so bad I dream about it all the time. I just want a chance to shine and let my voice be heard I will do whatever it takes.

  9. Hi I'm Savannh!! I have been singing,acting,and dancing since I was two. I have acting experiences from the musicals I have been in some being The Music Man,Jungle Book,and Beauty and the Beast are some examples. I'm twelve going on thirteen and I live in Knoxville,TN. I have been dancing at Angela Floyds School for Dancers I take ballet at the moment but I have done hip-hop,jazz,contemporary,ballet,and tap.
    weight:134 lbs.
    hair color:auburn
    eye color:dark brown
    personality:funny,humble,dedicated,out-going,sweet,obedient,willing,and smart

    I hope you will think about choosing me! God Bless You all!!!

  10. Hi my name is Sandrea and I would love the opportunity to work in the background as an extra and it would give me the greatest pleasure of doing something different.

  11. Hi, I'm Bonni Dance from San Diego. I remember the original Sparkle from back in the day with Irene Cara. This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for me to be in this production. I am an experienced singer/songwriter/producer who has played with two funk bands, done studio recordings and performed live shows. I am very disciplined and have a great work ethic! I would even be happy just to play a background role such as a lounge singer. Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Bonni Dance

  12. My name is Felicia Santos. I currently live in a small town, Logandale,Nevada (an hour outside of the fabulous Las Vegas). I am 14 years old, Native American and Hispanic. I'm 5ft 3in tall. I absolutely love and enjoy acting. I can portray any character. I can be the popular girl, or even the loner girl. Whatever character you want me to be, that's what I will be. I have been in 3 school plays, and I'm currently in 2. I've been told that I have a funny and outgoing personality! I love socializing with other people. I love to meet new people. I can, and enjoy making people smile when they are having a bad day. I have big dreams for myself. Someday I hope to fulfill all of my dreams. Once I have something on my mind that I want to do, I do it. I am a very determined person. I would love to have a part in your movie! If I don't get a part in your movie, I will be OK with that. I would want your feedback on what I can improve. I take Criticism very well, it helps me to become a better actress. I am sure that if you can just meet me in person and give me a chance, you won't be disappointed.
    Thank you for your time in reading this, I appreciate it.

  13. I'm Bekah. I'm 15 and I live in Alabama. Let me start by saying, I've been in choirs since i was 3. I've had many leads in church plays, probably around 10. We've done 3 local plays I had a part in. I was in the Shipoopi scene in The Music Man as an extra, I played Saralee Poke in HAnkerin Hillbilles, and i played Annie in Annie. I adore Jordin Sparks and have been her fan since she auditioned for American Idol. I am trustworthy, can memorize pretty much anything, and have an amazing talent. I would love to have the opportunity to be in this movie and work with Jordin.

  14. Hi My Name is Amisue I will make this move a #1 box office smash. Please choose me I am a very good singer and love to dance. I have been in drama and chorus for many years through school. My voice has a lot of bravata( I do not mimic) I have been told I am beautiful and have a beatiful voice .(The voice of an angel as my mom would say) I would love to be in a movie. I am in high school,I will graduate in May. My dream is to be on stage. Please choose me. My personality will knock you out! Please let me know as soon as possible.

  15. I am an 18 year old bundle of happiness! I am a wonderful singer, actress, and model. I love to bring positivity, joy, and happiness to every new person I meet and I would love to show that to kids all over the world. I am a vibrant and bright person and regardless of my situation, I will always put my best foot forward and work my absolute hardest. I am also fresh out of high school so I fit the image quite well and can portray what ever character, dancer, singer, or actress needed. Whitney Houston was my idol and I have aspired to show people a brighter side of that person she was, through myself. I hope you will want to meet me in person so I can show you the person, actress, dancer, and singer I am.

  16. Full name: Daniyella Harmon
    Age: 13
    Date of Birth: 01/16/1999
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 110
    Hair: Black, shoulder length
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Skin: brown
    Acting experience: Acting workshops, played extra part in a movie

  17. I'm 20. 125 lbs & 5'3. I can act as a singer/dancer. I would love to be apart of this project as a main character or extra. Choose me I have what it takes to help make this movie a success.

  18. I would love to be considered for this movie. I absolutely loved the original SPARKLE and i have been singing since I was a little girl. I have a range and can sing different parts, I also catch on very quickly. Whitney Houston is my inspiration for singing and I've always dreamt about being onstage or sharing my gift with the world. Thank you for your consideration.

  19. Hello, my name is Sydney and I am, 55” tall and 71lbs., I am a very petite 13 year old homeschooled student and have been singing since I was one years old. I am of both Hispanic and Caribbean decent and I believe that special blend helped me to become who I am today. I was born to act and sing. Many of my practice sessions have been with school choruses, a local theater companies and I have appeared in a local play. My favorite artists are Alicia Keys, Drake, TI, OMG Girls, Jennifer Hudson and Keri Hilson. Modeling also comes easy for me too. But my passion is to sing, especially for my fans. Four years ago, I appeared on 11Alive news because I wanted to sing for President Obama but because I did not get my letter out on time it was not possible. I also appeared on ireport for CNN. Singing is always on my mind, it has always been a dream of mine to sing to anyone who would listen. I love owning the stage and singing front of a crowd. Sometimes I get nervous, but I love what singing does for my spirit as it is so much a part of me. I remember Ms. Whitney Houston as she played in one of my favorite movies, “Waiting To Exhale”. She was the main one that taught me to keep my head held high, the one who taught me how to sing as my first song was Ms. Houston’s version of The Star Spangled Banner. Finally, Ms. Houston taught me how to act and even to love, myself first. Rest In Peace Whitney ♥

  20. I am going to be very truthful and say not sure what I am getting myself into. However I feel as if I need a positive change in my life. Getting this role could change my life and my two children as well. I am 29 I have a great job but I still feel as if there's still something else I should be doin. I always had the passion for acting but singing is something that comes natural to me. I am the woman your looking for I hope you will take a chance out on me and see.

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