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School Of Rock – Nickelodeon

School Of Rock – Nickelodeon
School Of Rock – Nickelodeon

It’s official – Nickelodeon will soon have another hit on it’s hands – and a rockin’ one at that! School of Rock is set to win over audiences around the globe with an awesome mix of hilarious zingers and sweet jams and now the search is on for more talented performers to join the party. Auditions for several roles in this fantastic Nick production will soon be up for grabs and up and coming actors, singers and dancers can get more information on how to be a part of the show today.

School of Rock is a TV take on the hit 2003 Jack Black film of the same title. The story follows unemployed, struggling musician Dewey Finn, a man with a passion for rock and roll but few other things going for him. When Dewey decides to pass himself off as a substitute teacher at a well to do prep school he realizes that he may have more in him than he thought as he

opens the kids up to not only classic music but valuable life lessons. The actors cast in this epic production so far are listed below but there are still many more exciting roles yet to be filled.

Featured Cast of School of Rock:

Tony Cavalero – Dewey Finn

Lance Lim – Zack

Ricardo Hurtado – Freddy

Aidan Miner – Lawrence

Jade Pettyjohn – Summer

Breanna Yde – Tomika

Jama Williamson – Principal Mullins

Auditions for new roles of various sizes in School of Rock are taking place now and will continue throughout the run of the series. Actors of all ages and experience levels will be needed for roles in upcoming episodes and interrtsed perofmeres can find more information on casting calls here twitter.com/CentralCasting and here. Further audition and production details will be posted as they come in so stay tuned for news and leave a message and tell us what you think of this project and why you think you would be perfect for a spot in Nickelodeon’s School of Rock.

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  1. Hi I am Isabel and 11 years old. I have been acting for half of my life now and I love to sing and dance, but most of all…act. I have been Matilda and Veruca Salt on Willy Wonka, Cat 2 on Suessical, and Scar in the Lion King. Acting is my #1 hobby and I strongly enjoy it. Most of the people I know say I am dedicated to stage. I love School of Rock and fell in love with the musical the first time I saw it! It would be MY DREAM to be in this!

  2. Hi my name is meenah or Amina I am 12 years old I am Nigeria I can play the guitar I really need to be on nickelodeon because I need the money

  3. hi my name is isabel.I am zambian, i am a huge fan of school of rock.I love acting and i am an ausome singer.When i found out that it was based on the movie in 2003(school of rock)i was hooked .I have been singing ever since i was four.I know that once you give me an oportunity to audition you will be amazed……Please acept me and you won't regret it.

  4. Hi my name is Allen. I am 13 I love playing instruments I can play some instruments like the sax ,violin,guitar. Please give me a changes

  5. Hey. I am Chabod Kimaita. I am eleven years old and I live in Isiolo,Kenya. I am talented in singing and acting. I haven't participated in any choir or competitions because I live in a disabled place. I really love School of rock. I hope you will consider me to join your cast if its God's will

  6. Hello! My name is London J, I'm 13 years old, and I come from the USA. I've done several professional workshops in New York City for acting and singing before, and I've been taking acting lessons and performing in plays for 6 years now. It has always been one of my dreams to be in a Nickelodeon T.V show, and now, I believe that I am ready for it. I am a terrific dancer and learn choreography and remember it easily. It would mean the world if you consider auditioning me for School of Rock!

  7. hey am mercy lived in kenya and am really a fan of school of rock and i love all the episodes.am really requesting for the chance to be part of school of rock.give me a chance to prove what i can do.am ready to work as an extra but just give me the chance.

  8. Hi my name is Harry I'm 10 and I love school of rock I've always had big dreams and if I'm chosen well the best day of my life by PS I'm a great actress and singer and all of that sort of things

  9. Hi I'm Ellie !! I love to work hard !! And I love acting singing , dancing and playing music ! I've had lots of experience with these type of things so this show would be my dream to act on !!!

  10. Hello,
    I'm Isobel Wightman I'm 12, I live in England and I'm a big fan. I would adore being on the show and would like to get in touch.

    Yours sincerely Isobel Wightman

  11. Hey Im Arriana and I always wanted to be in Nickelodeon. I really love this show and it will be a great opportunity for me. Im really good in acting and singing and Im really easy to work with so it will be worth it if you cast me. But if not its fine by me. I will never give up. Please reply. im from the Philippines by the way and hope you inform me more about the auditions.

  12. My name is Josefine!
    I love singing and acting!
    I'm 12, and have brown hair and eyes!

    Contact me If i have a chance!

  13. Hello! My name is Allison Silver, I'm 13 years old, and I'm going into eighth grade. I have an alto singing voice, and I've been in a few musicals. School of Rock is one of my favorite Nick shows, and I've always wanted to be a Nick star. It could really jumpstart a career in acting for me. The cast of School of Rock seems fun to work with, and I love meeting new people with similar interests. During a normal day, I seem emotionless, but on stage, emotion is my best friend. Thank you so much for your time, and please consider me for School of Rock.

  14. Hello Nickelodeon!
    Name: Allison Silver
    Talent: Singing (alto)
    Date of Birth: 4/26/04
    Grade: 8th
    About Me:
    I would absolutely love to be a part of School of Rock. It's one of my favorite Nick shows ever, and the cast seems really fun to work with. I have been in multiple musicals, for example, Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates, Shrek Jr, and so on. I also have an alto singing voice, which I mentioned earlier. During a normal day, my face may seem emotionless, but when I'm on that stage, emotion is my best friend. Before my audition for Shrek Jr, no one had heard me act. When we read our lines in front of everyone, I saw many of my friends and classmates look at me in shock. I hope to be a wonderful part of School of Rock.

  15. I love watching School Of Rock and would do anything to be on it. I am 10 years old in 2 weeks time. I like to sing and dance and most importantly act. I am going into an acting school soon. I have been on stage and taken the lead roll before. I did ballet and i used to play the piano and I can do the splits and do irish dancing and horse riding. I would love to be apart of School Of Rock.

  16. I would love to be apart of school of rock. I can do the splits,I used to play the piano, I used to do ballet, I do Irish dancing. I like to sing too.

  17. I have always dreamed of acting and being apart of school of rock. I am 10 years old and I like singing and many people say I would make a brilliant actor and so did a fortune teller. I do horse riding, Irish dancing, I can do the splits, I used to do ballet but not much and I used to play the piano for a few months. It would be an honour to

  18. I love school of rock it means all my life in would do anything to be part of it a lot of people tell me that I am a really great actor and I have a really loud voice I hope to be part of school of rock is my dream. Love you guys.

  19. Hello my name is Sage and I am 8 years old and I would love to be on the show because I have great singing and acting skills and please reply to me about where they where the auditions are and if the are not in state , my mom can email a video of my auditions.

  20. Hello my name is Sage and I LOVE singing and acting and have great skills and I am 8 years old and it is my dream to be on the show. Please pick me. Please tell me where they are and if they are not in state my mom could email my audition. Thanks

  21. Hi it's me again miran I also wanted to say that since I was a little girl I been dreaming to be a actor so much I play taeknowdo and I have a black belt it's my dream to be on school of rock because it's a awesome show and I watch it every Saturday. And I also love to sing and play the guitar and the piano and drums. I also love to dance and my favorite sport is basketball and I'm 12 years old. I'm born on March 29 2005. And school of rock is a amazing band and great actors and I love all their projects and their really cool people and I think it would be sk cool if I worked with them.

  22. My name is miran and I play taeknowdo and I love to dance, sing, act and I am 12 years old and I love school of rock so much and I hope to be in school of rock. and I also play the guitar and the drums and piano.

  23. Hey! My name is Robert, I'm 20 and I really love watching the channel Nickelodeon. Especially the series Thundermans and the School of Rock! In general I like rock!!!

  24. Hello my name is Arielle. I am 13 years old from Cressona, PA. I love to sing and act. I only took Hip hop for a year but, I can dance like I have been since I was little. I have had a lot of solos in school and I was the lead in our middle school play. I also sing in church and love children. I love to make new friends and think of my self as a sweet and bubbly person. I will always be up for anything you throw at me. I always wanted to be apart of any TV show especially School of Rock. The stage is where I belong and I would love to be in this amazing show!

  25. I am moyinoluwa phillip I am 11 I can sing very well I really want to get an audition badly pls even though pls can you make me a guest star pls

  26. I will be on school of rock because they keep a secret about being singers and I am 8 and I can keep as many secrets as I can

  27. It's always been my daughter's dream of being an actress and I hope she wins the audition but if she doesn't it's ok.

    1. Hi my name is Jolie and I've always wanted to be a part of the school of rock. I can sing and dance and act but I just hope that there will be an audition here in Egypt 🇪🇬. I'm 12 years old and it's always been my dream of being an actress. If I win then I will be the happiest girl on earth but if I don't then it's ok there's always next time.

  28. Hi my name is Emmanuel I love to be in school of took I am Nigeria boy I am 11. Years please accept me please sing and act

  29. Hi my name is Emmanuel I love to be in school of took I am Nigeria boy I am 11. Years please accept me please

  30. My name is Michael Anderson I love the TV show school of rock.As you can see I want a chance of joining school of rock
    Thanks for reading and please reply

  31. Hi my name is Emmanuel ogwuche I am 11 years old I am Nigeria boy school of room is my favorite film I love to be a Nickelodeon star please accept me my

  32. I am Abby and i have done some acting before and i have an acting teacher. I am 12 years old and 4'11. I am a singer, dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader, so i can do flips and things like that. I can play a bit of the piano and ukulele. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I can play emotions very well and i can fake cry. I can do a bit of singing as well. This would be a cast of a lifetime. Please consider me, Thanks!

  33. hi am Zara ,am was born on 5th October 2002 ,and I love school of rock .ive one day wish to act in nickelodeon but my parent aren't so supportive but keep up giving people opportunity to future actors,but I'll promise one day I'll ask a permanent role on nick.by the way am a female .wish you the luck and am also a good actress and a better musician .you can replace in this email: am awaiting your reply .meet you in the future .thank you.

  34. Hi am Wendy am 15 years old i can sing,dance and act and i would love to be an actress in school of rock because its been my dream to be an actress on any nickelodeon show so please i would love it if you guys can make it possible for me to fulfil my dreams.thanks for reading

  35. Hi I'm Jia QI but you can call me Amelia. I'm 14 this year. I started performing on stage when I was 3. I know how to sing , dance and act. I stay in Malaysia. I would loved to be in a part of this

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