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The Ridiculous Six – Movie

The Ridiculous Six - Movie
The Ridiculous Six – Movie

Adam Sandler has used his unique brand of comedy to tell stories about sports (The Waterboy), parenting (Big Daddy) and romance (The Wedding Singer) and now he is gearing up to lasso some laughs with his first ever western. The Ridiculous Six is ready to ride in front of cameras and auditions for a number of exciting roles in this knee-slapping production are set to be held.

The Ridiculous Six will see Sandler playing a orphan raised by an Indian tribe who reconnects with his birth father. This is a true passion project and details are being kept under wraps but what is known is that all of Mr. Sandler’s talented friends will once again be coming out to play in this latest laugh out loud production. The staggering list of supporting players involved

in this sure to be blockbuster hit includes Luke Wilson (Bottle Rocket, Idiocracy, Legally Blonde), Rob Schneider (You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, The Benchwarmers, Around the World in 80 Days), Terry Crews (Gamer, Get Smart, Scary Movie 5), Taylor Lautner (Cuckoo, Tracers, The Twilight Saga: New Moon), Jorge Garcia (Lost, The Wedding Ringer, Once Upon a Time), Steve Buscemi (30 Rock, Ghost World, The Big Lebowski), Will Forte (Lab Rats, Rock of Ages, Baby Mama), Nick Swardson (Portlandia, Pretend Time, Almost Famous), Jon Lovitz (Big, Casino Jack, NewsRadio), Dan Aykroyd (Ghostbusters, Grosse Pointe Blank, My Girl) and Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte (Warrior, Tropic Thunder, Affliction). With direction by Frank Coraci (Click, Blended, Here Comes the Boom) and a script by Sandler and Tim Herlihy (Little Nicky, Happy Gilmore, Mr. Deeds), this is shaping up to be the comedy of the year.

Auditions for the all new Adam Sandler comedy The Ridiculous Six are happening now and actors of all types are needed to fill several roles. Interested performers can apply today for consideration by sending emails to thesixextras@gmail.com. Note that this movie is being filmed in New Mexico. We will be posting further casting call updates throughout the shoot so stay tuned for updates and leave a message in the box beneath this post and tell us what you think of the story and why you would like to be included in the auditions for The Ridiculous Six.

16 thoughts on “The Ridiculous Six – Movie

  1. My name is Nick Daglas and I am 14 years old. I am interested in auditioning for The Ridiculous Six. Please contact me for additional information.



  2. Please Adam Sandler I would love to be in your film to make my kids proud and to learn from you would be amazing and to learn comedy from you would be an honour

  3. My name is Carly Suhm, and I have been trying to find a role in any type of T.V series, or movie, and I saw that you were taking teens of any shapes and sizes, and I thought that this could be an amazing opportunity!

    I've had some experience with acting-obviously not professional-,by being in a school play, and drama class. I am absolutely in love with comedy, and I used to do small skits in the comedy genre in my class.

    I am not the smallest person, but I saw it said "any shapes and sizes" and I think that it would be amazing to have a lead role with a girl of my physique! I feel like it would give girls- and maybe even boys- the confidence to strive for something in this business.

    I am 14, and will be turning fifteen this November, I have strawberry blonde hair, I stand at around five feet six inches, and I am around 194 pounds. I know my weight may seem over the average for a fourteen year old girl, but I am trying to lose that weight healthily! I have played soccer, basketball, baseball, cheerleading, dance, (I can throw a football), and I am currently playing softball.

    I'm sorry if that information seems too detailed, but I am trying to start my acting career, and I think this could be the one thing to set my career in motion.

    If there is any possible information that could be sent to me, I would greatly appreciate it! I can promise you that I would never take the job for granted, and it would be an honor to work with you!

  4. I should be in this movie because I'm a young comedian who's looking for a break in life. I'm love acting and been doing it for years

  5. To whom it may concern my name is Victoria Bedford and I am interested in auditioning for this movie. Feel free to contact me anytime, you can view my profile on StarNow.com Thank you for your time.

  6. Hello I am Alyssa Bird, and go by Ally. I would love an opportunity to audition for a role that will challenge my skills, but also let me flourish. I am versatile in age-playing, and currently look younger than my age.

  7. I love Adam Sandler and I've always wanted to work with him. I love acting and to act in a movie, especially with Adam would be a dream. I am 12 years old and have been in the school plays The Wizard of Oz. I loved it and I think acting in a movie would be even better. Thank you.

  8. Hi I'm Arianna I'm a new actress and my acting directors with my acting classes said that I should start to look for additions because they think I'm really good at acting so if I could addition that would be great!

  9. Ever since I began taking acting classes, I have become devoted to being on stage and in front of a camera. Even though I'm thirteen, it is my dream to become an actress.

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