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Queen of the South Season 3 – Netflix

Queen of the South Season 3 - NetflixAre you a musician? Would you like the chance to be featured on a television series? The Netflix TV show “Queen of the South” is coming back for season 3! A casting call is looking for an 8 piece orchestra to be background actors. Musicians will not have to speak in the scene. Filming will be taking place in Dallas, Texas. It is set to shoot on Monday, May 7th and Tuesday, May 8th. This is a great paying gig! Chosen talent will be paid $300.00 for each day plus an addition $30.00 for bringing your instruments.

According to Netflix, the series is described as “Forced to work for a cartel that recently killed her boyfriend, Teresa relies on her street smarts, a loyal pal and a mysterious notebook to survive”. While the casting team would ideally like a real group, they are accepting individual submissions. They need people who can play the accordion, acoustic guitar, violin, cello, upright bass, congo and guiro. If this sounds like you, view the TV show casting call below!

Queen of the South Season 3 Casting Call

Queen of the South is looking for an 8 Piece Orchestra to be non-speaking background actors that work on Monday and Tuesday next week May 7th and 8th. Pay is $300 for each day plus $30 for bringing your instruments. Filming is Dallas and will last 12+ hours per day.

There is a track you’ll be miming playing along to. Please see below for the instruments that are needed. We’d ideally like an existing group but we’ll take individuals as well. If you’ve previously applied you’re still being considered.
Acoustic guitar
Violins (2)
Upright bass
Güiro (percussion-gourd)

If you play one of the above instruments, please email pics and contact info to extras@legacycasting.com.

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