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Professional Grade - HGTV
Do you own a home and have a renovation planned? How does appearing on HGTV and winning some money sound?

HGTV’s new home improvement show Professional Grade has put together a challenge for you! Do Think you can finish your home renovations under your budget? If so, you have the chance to win the difference between what you spent on your home renovation and what the experts think that renovation would cost.

HGTV’s Matt Blashaw is the TV hosts for Professional Grade and is searching for homeowners join in on the challenge and a chance to win BIG MONEY! Your goal as the homeowner is to find higher end building materials on for cheap, do the bulk of the labor yourself and manage your subcontractors to get the highest quality of work at the best market prices. When the renovation is done, our experts price out the job based on the quality. If their estimate is higher than what our homeowners spent, the homeowners pocket the cash difference. Our BIGGEST winner took home $40,000. This could be a great opportunity for someone who is gearing up to renovate a room in their home. Auditions for Professional Grade are on for the fall. For an Application homeowners should email generalcontractor@highnoontv.com.

36 thoughts on “Professional Grade – HGTV

  1. My daughter (28) is buying her first home in Atlanta, Georgia. The area is Brookhaven. The house has great "bones" (according to the inspector). There are interesting angles from rooms being added. The home was built in 1945 but has been added on to and remodeled more than once. It is need of much repair, but a portion will be taken care of by the seller. The fun part of this project will be the reconfiguring of walls (and floors) to bring the house up to date and functional for her busy lifestyle.

    She has many ideas of what she wants, but unsure what is realistic and feasible within her renovation budget . She has a younger brother, parents and many friends willing to help with the projects, but needs some guidance and assistance in prioritizing and designing a workable living space in this cute house.

    I believe this is the perfect project for a show. There are so many fun things that could be done within her budget. A team with creativity and skill would enjoy working with her as she works towards finding ways to make this dream come true.

  2. I purchased a home built in the 1940's it needs lots of repairs and some updates. I would love to be a part of this program. I am pretty handy with some things and would love to learn more.

  3. Have you ever been in a home built in the 1890's? Wow, there are so many projects! But the BEAUTY underneath is amazing. Second home built in this town. It has been a slow remodel since our purchase. But with imagination and creativity anything is possible. As a new home owner I felt I got a great deal, and I love my home. So much charm here and in this warm and cozy town. The home offers 3 bedrooms 1 bath, an old cegar room turned bedroom/laundry, living room, kitchen & dining room. Let's just say the kitchen & bath situation is not pretty and my 5 year old autistic son hates his shared room due to the noise from the laundry. This opportunity to appear on a show to wage a bet on how cost effiecient we could be seems very exciting and could help better our life's as a family. The disorganization and incompletion of the home creates anxiety for him especially. I hope and pray that you take our application into consideration. Thanks.

  4. Single mother of 4 successful and highly entertaining, good looking and humorous adult children. I'm 60 and just sold my home and have a 30k budget to reno my 3rd daughter's huge basement into an in-law suite with a kitchenette, bedroom and artists studio. My daughter and I never agree on colors, materials or style. We argue constantly about the project and are always at a stalemate. I'm an artist and have owned a tailoring and marketing business in the past. Two of my daughters (Summer & Spring) are in fortune 500 software sales. One daughter (Autumn) has sold over 100 paintings and has been featured in high end interior design magazines. My son (Winter) is an event planner. All of us are opinionated about how to proceed in moving ahead with materials, design and style. I've redone the ceilings so far. We live in Sandy Springs (Atlanta) GA and need a mediator and professional help to move ahead. Please help!!!

  5. Hello my name is Alisa and I'm applying for my Aunt Mavis and her two young kids. Our family lives in Navarre Florida where all the Hurricanes seem to hit from the gulf of Mexico. My aunt's single wide trailers roof got damaged in the aftermath but she didn't have home owners insurance to replace the roof, which FEMA helped but it was not permanent and got torn to pieces by the next hurricane. By this time it had grown a dangerous black mold in the ceiling and the roof could cave totally at any given time with only 2×4's holding the remaining ceiling up. She is a loving and caring single mother to her children. The oldest child has Austism and numerous other mental health issues. My aunt Mavis just found out she has Stage 2 triple negative ductal carcinoma a very aggressive breast cancer and is going thru radiation and chemo. She also has an upcoming surgery for a double mastectomy soon. She has no where else to live and owns the trailer with the falling, moldy roof and no money to fix it since she only has a fixed income, barely scraping by to keep the bills paid. If anyone deserves a blessing it's her. Thanks for your time, hope to hear from someone soon I pray. – Alisa

  6. My name is Josette Beauvais. I am writing on behalf of Niko Kontonis. His sister Maria Kontonis was brutally murdered by her husband Robert Crumb. On 11/4 leaving two children behind. Tiffany 16 years old who was stabbed numerous times by her father in a failed attempt to kill her. Robbie 12 years old witnessed his mother being murdered by his father. Niko and his wife Evelyn are taking the children to live with them and their two small children and grandmother. They have a small modest home 131 S. Fordham Rd. Hicksville, NY.
    We laid Maria to rest yesterday and I know they are very concerned about having not enough bedrooms for the children.
    I've never written a letter like this nor have I ever asked anyone for help but my heart is broken for this family.
    I do not know if there is anyway your department would be able to help Niko with an addition to his home to have enough space for he children to work on getting some type of normality.
    If your department can not help can you recommend anyone I can reach out to that might be able to help.
    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  7. I recently just purchased a home for myself, girlfriend Randi (soon to be fiancé), and her son Bryson. Randi had a massive stroke and brain infection on Dec. 6th of 2015 and has had many physical and mental effects. She has one more surgery to replace her bone flap on her skull. I am in need of some upgrades to my new home so I can have it handicap accessible for Randi. On top of that, I enjoy wood working and also could use some upgrades to help clean up my space to do my work. The house is a cute little rambler on .25 acres with a detached 2 car garage. We have had many struggles in the past year and could really use some help to do some upgrades sooner than my salary will allow. We are reaching out to your show for a few specific reasons. First reason, Randi is a huge fan of home improvement shows, it is where she gets a lot of her awesome ideas. Secondly, as the woman I love so much, I couldn't imagine a better of bigger way of showing her just how much I love her. This stroke has left her confidence, self image, and hope at an extremely low level. I love her so much and still find her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. I know she knows how I feel but she has a hard time wondering why. I want to put her story and our story out there to help with her self doubt as well as raise stroke awareness and give others hope. The doctor's said she wouldn't walk again, and though it isn't fully functional, she is walking. She is amazing, strong, and deserves something like this show to help us with our new life. Thank you

  8. Hello my husband and I bought our home 13 years ago and we were not able to afford many upgrades at the time. We have two young boys and we are looking to remodel our master bedroom and on suite and backyard. My husband has recently overcome some health issues and we feel this show will give us a chance to love our home again. Thank you!

  9. Hgtv always do shows and renovations in diffrent state except Florida. I live in Kissimmee Florida. Im a homeowner and will like to renovate my house like a open concept. I can volunteer my home to be renovated since I dont have the money to do it myself. Im sick with Fibromyalgia condition and strugle a lot with pain and cant work. I will love the property brothers to help me out. Or Chip and Joana Gaines but as usual its only Texas or other state the lucky ones. Love your shows God bless you guys

  10. Up till now, I’ve only made cards to give to my friends & family; and from their engcruaoement, was only just beginning to think about selling them. Having just read your (very helpful) post, I’m not so sure about the whole selling business now. It might well turn something I absolutely love doing, into an absolute chore. Has anyone else gone through this mind set & is it worth it?

  11. Hi my husband and I have owned 11 homes in the last 15 years. We so want everything in our home. The current home we have no garage or a place for 21 year old to go and watch TV and have friends. We are not a fair to remolded. We have rehab almost all our homes to make it ours.
    My husband works very hard and all he wants is a garage. We are currently to move again and that is really not what is right for us again again . I'm so tired of packing and purging and buying. Would love for us to be Happy in one house.

  12. I think having me on your shows, can really turn things around for the average home owner. My ideas the projects I do as well as the smile I put on others faces when they see my work me me warm in side. Were tired of seeing people with big money making big dreams happen. Now lets me show how its done from your local manards. Lets take the dreams of up grades to a new level not only by helping others with low buget pockets but big dreams. Iam the New show that makes even the poor tune in for ideas to make there home there castles.

  13. My new wife and I just bought the house that we plan to raise our family in. It's the perfect house for us except for the kitchen. My wife is an amazing cook, and we love to entertain. However, the kitchen is a complete disaster. There is limited counter space and cabinet space, not to mention the missing cabinet. The renovation will require a full gut job including: new cabinets, new counter tops, new appliances that require moving gas lines, new flooring, and a custom island. Since this is the house we will be raising our family in for the next 30 years, we plan on using high end materials that will last our family a life time. I have rental properties and have done many renovations myself but have never tackled anything this large on my own. Please pick my wife and I! Any extra money we could get from our kitchen would be a great kick start to our new life as a family.

  14. Hello there! I am up for a good challenge, I have been wanting to do some DIYS projects around the house. I am a 37 yearl old with a 17 year old and a 6 year with and a long time boyfriend. I am from Dallas , Texas and would love to be on the show and also fix up my home that needs some things done here and there.

  15. Hello,
    I thought I'd write you a litte bit about our family history. My father was a builder all his life. He built in Toronto and beyond brick by brick, stone by stone since 1951. For the last 20+ years he lived in our East York gem. I was his daughter, caregiver, his heartbeat. The love between us was immeasurable. Like father like daughter we loved life to the fullest. Our home has such a small kitchen, yet such wonderful meals were created there for Dad, my son and myself. It was a magical home. Laughter was on the daily schedule. We use to garden together. My son on the other hand is quite the intellectual and works now in the medical field. He makes me very proud. His passions are reading, music, and socializing. My father loved him.
    Three years ago we thought Dad was ok after surgery. He succumbed to cancer in May of 2014. I would like to dedicate this makeover to my Dad if we ever get it … I wanted to fix the house myself. I started with the renovations. Now I need help. Professional, honest help. And Dad's not here to help … Can you come and honor a viewing?
    Sincerely, G

  16. My husband and I are renting a house in Suffolk, VA and this place needs a lot of work done to it. We moved in dispute it needing so much (to include a kitchen sink and counter top.) we wash our dishes in our bath tub. We moved in just to help our land lord out who are good friends of my husband's family. We want to do this remodel ourselves, but will take a lot of money that we don't have being veterans. However, we want to do as much as we can to help out. The wife if the landlord is very sick (in and out of the hospital often), and his son (only 30 years old) has cancer and not sure how much time left on this earth. He has been helping out people for a very long time who never gave him much in return and sometimes not even rent, and left everything in a worse condition. One time though, he had a renter who was staying here and saving up money to move to their own home, when they left he gave her all the money she gave him for rent and said go put a down payment on it. All I know is that this is a great family who helps out everyone they can and never gets anything in return. We are only staying here till we get on our feet, so this will be good for them when we are ready to leave, or for them to take this house back over. It would be nice to help out this family, they more than deserve it!

  17. It's a toss up between finish the basement or an outdoor space. I keep hoping I see someone from DIY at Lowes! Please somebody come to Kentucky!

  18. Doesn't say whether this is available for Canada, but we would love the chance to be part of this. We purchased our home and so far have begun renovations on the kitchen, basement, landscape, fencing and bedrooms with many more projects to go. I love saving money while creating rooms for a fraction of the cost. With baby #4 on the way we are planning to completely renovate the entire house!

  19. What an opportunity this would be. Our home was built in 2000 and every single space needs renovating. Just recently I have been placed on disability and due to this we had a fire in our kitchen. It's not only outdated, but some areas are darkened and melted due to the oven fire. We do renovations as we can afford them. This really needs to be done. It would be awesome to be on this show. I love it!

  20. Our house was built in 1992, we have maintained the home but have now discovered a leak in the master bath. The bath is on the second floor and has caused damage under the shower pan, since we will have to some rework to fix the issue we thought we would go ahead and remodel the whole bath. We are pretty handy but need guidance on how to do it properly.

  21. I have put in about $45000 to have 2 rooms and a bath added on to my house that I just closed on in Feb 2013. t only have the money stloen from me by the contractor and later have to come out of pocket paying people he owed for labor so I wouldnt have a judgement put on my house. later to have to get a new Hvac system and take si months to install and not pass inspection. Now to be stuck with an incomplete frame of an add on and a mess of my dream for my kids. this is a reason for us to deserve this and I know y=that we can do it under a budget. try me

  22. Hmmm, well i have an idea in my head but dont have the money to put it together… If i could some how win some money i would love to,. our house is a project not enough space we have the SPACE i guess to extend out- side ways forward??? we just dont have the money, i watch HGTV everyday at some point in the day, and Love it!!!!

  23. Not even a question! I am absolutely positve that my husband and I could design and remodel our master bath for one-third the price (or less) of a "professional contractor", guaranteed!
    Everyone would be amazed and we would walk away with some big bucks!

  24. We are planning a sunroom remodel to accomdate our growing family. We have a 16 month old son and one due in April. We deperatley need the space for a bedroom/play area for our boys! Thye cement floor, wood paneling and non-functioning, outdated windows all need to go! Thanks!

  25. My mother's home is the poster home for the 70s. She's 74 years old and has never had the money to do the things she would like. Wood paneling in the den, small kitchen with no counter space. Pink commode, ceramic tile bathrooms with the glass sliding doors surrounding the bathtubs. It desparately needs to be updated to reflect 2012. PLEASE help us!!!!

    1. My parents both were in a serious car accident in June 2011. They were blind sided by a semi-truck in Hawaii. They live 2 miles from where the accident occurred. My mom is 81 and my dad is 92 years old. My mom has a rod in her spine and worked very very hard on rehabilitation for 8 grueling months. I stopped my life and moving 4000 miles from Wisconsin so that I can help my parents. We just found out my dad has pancreatic cancer. I just arrived back from Wisconsin to take my mother home from the rehab hospital. Their house needs updates and decorating. Most of my money went to buy a chair lift for the stairs for my parents and to clean and update somethings in the house. But we need help decorating, updating the kitchen, and the bathroom for handicap access. I am sure that if we are chosen, my mom will be much happier in her home because now she is partially disabled. Before the accident she was an avid baker and gardener. Thank you for considering our family. We have been through so much over the past months but keep our hopes up as much as we can. The worst is not over yet.

  26. Hi
    we are planning on a master bath remode. We have a great old home build in the 20's and its time to update. Our home was featured in an architectural magazine in 1926 and our landscape was designed by Olmstead which I would like to bring back to the original plan. . We are alot of fun and would love to be consided.


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  29. Would love to hear more about Bryan Baumlers new show, Leave it to Bryan. As a senior, I am well past doing a total reno on my kitchen. My husband of 49 years, took 40 to do the laundry room. Love to have help. Maureen.

  30. Our home is 5 years old. We purchased it with the standard options and feel that it is time to upgrade the kitchen to something more our taste and style. We think this would be a good way to put our DIY skills and shopping savy to the test…

  31. We are planning on remodeling our kitchen. It is small, but we want to do it in a French Country, while maximizing the space. We are both school teachers, so we would like to do it during the summer, most likely June.

  32. Young and dumb is what our parents say, but we love to attempt our own DIY!!!! The renovations next on the list include a conversion of a garage enclosed by the previous owners into a bathroom and bedroom. We are smart shoppers and always come in under budget! I challenge DIY to pick, unless you are afraid you will lose to much money!!!!

  33. My husband and I are first time homeowners who bought 12 months ago. We are golfers by profession but our boss was a land developer who has inspired us to buy low and improve! We have a project to convert our "bonus room" into a great upstairs escape space and have it overlook the Lanai we are going to put in over our pool and large patio. We live outside the Tampa area in Florida. Please Pick us!!!!!!!

  34. Hello my name is aqui jackson and i would like to be a part of this program . i am very talent and i would love for u to see what i got of a great gift god has giving me

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