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Perfect Score – The CW

Perfect Score - The CW
Perfect Score – The CW Auditions

The CW and FremantleMedia North America, the company that has brought some of televisions most watched reality programs including The X Factor, American Idol and America’s Got talent to the world’s airwaves, are teaming up for the next reality dating show sensation. Perfect Score is set to begin production soon and the producers and casting directors of this one of a kind new series will soon be on the lookout for charismatic and attractive men and women who are looking for the romance of a lifetime. Casting calls for Perfect Score will be held shortly and you can submit yourself today for your chance to be chosen for a shot at love and great cash prizes.

Perfect Score promises to be the most unique and entertaining dating show on TV  The series will feature two friends pitted against each other to find their Perfect match from a group of 12 attractive singles. Each contestant will take a compatibility test and the singles will be assigned a cash value based on compatibility from lowest to highest. Whichever friend chooses the single closest to their score wins a date with that single and a huge cash prize. Perfect Score will strip away all of the typical drama and mugging featured in most reality dating shows and break the connections down to the possibility of actual real romance possibilities. This series is all about fun, prizes and a real shot at love for a group of special couples. If you are searching for your true love and would love to be a part of a project that will be watched by millions of viewers each and every week, then this is the show for you. Perfect Score will be looking across the nation for talented contestants and your chance to be chosen is coming soon. Casting calls are being organized now and you can get a head start on submitting yourself and more information on the project by heading here cwtv.com/thecw/casting/. More details on this incredible project will be coming soon so keep checking back for more exciting updates and be sure to leave a message below and tell us why you are ready to take a romantic plunge on The CW‘s all new dating show spectacular Perfect Score.

16 thoughts on “Perfect Score – The CW

  1. I think I would be perfect for the show because I am ready to find love based off the raw compatibility of a person, not what they try to make themselves be.
    Gender: Female
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 126

  2. Where are the opportunities for second chances. My sister and I are single. She's been looking for years. I'm a widow in my mid 40's. There are so many older singles out here that deserve to find someone to love, again. We have both been through a lot and have level heads and experience to draw from.

  3. Its my time to do what Ive been watching others do I live in a city with no selection. Im looking forward to a experience ive never experienced!!!

  4. 29 but look 21
    youtube vlogist- natfrobella
    has twins
    Looking for real love. I am tired of these weirdo's I attract, the ones who look like they could be my uncle.
    I am looking for a respectful , hardworking man with a career. I tend to attract thugs and I do not know why. I would be a great fit for this new project. I am funny, I am a poet, singer, song-writer as well who is looking for lifetime romance. I am a loving woman, a vegan chef and I am totally into fitness.

    Peace and LOVE,
    Nat ( natfrobella)

  5. Im a correctional Nurse, Hairstylist, designer, fixer-upper, I do it all. Work-a-holic due to toooo many bills. Single, dont even have a boyfriend. 27yrs. living in DC area. Love Shopping. African parents that are so dramatic. Instagram is my life.

  6. My friend and I would be perfect contestants for this show. We're 20 years olds who have been best friends since high school. We're a lot different in the guys we like. We are not like most girls though, we really competitive with each other, but in a humorous way. I'm a tom boy with a hint of girly girl and she's a girly girl with a hint of tom boy.

  7. My best friend Le and I would be the perfect duo for the show. We are both outgoing, funny, and people tell us we are cute! 😉 and what is better than an Asian and a blonde!?!! I say nothing!! 🙂

  8. I am 27 year old Emergency vet nurse. I work in such a crazy environment but my sense of humor keeps me sane and so do my friends and family. I only have a few single friends and we keep striking out big time.

  9. This sounds like a fabulous idea! Love it! I am 24, single and I know exactly what I want! I am a stores meager so personality is the name of my game lol and it's unfortunately not fake ( sometimes I wonder 😉 lol) No need to talk about myself because I know you wouldn't regret picking me! I am so ready for a new adventure and challenge! ( as if I haven't had enough already!);)

  10. I think I would make a good contestant,, I am very outgoing, I have been through a lot in my life and so I am more experienced with handling many situations. I am attractive but I am not vain, I am who I am like me or not.I would love to be on the show because I am truly interested in finding true love. And I am willing to fight for it if need be.

  11. I think I would be good for the show because I am still young, down to have fun, and also if its there love! Im turning 19 May 28th I am overall a funny guy that likes to go with the flow! I think I would be perfect for the show.

  12. Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: black
    Location: india
    wihgt: 76
    hihgt: 5’8”
    Talents: anything work but i can do it

  13. Leslie Holland
    Massage Therapist
    I would be a good contestant because I am very fun,outgoing,a great personality, very competitive, and not to mention attrative. I am a unique person who loves to entertain and is a pleasure to watch. I am sure that I would be a great contestant!!

  14. I will be very happy if you guys take me for this roll. I have what it's takes to become an actress. Smart, beautiful, have the potential and abilities to do things. All my life I have being dreaming to become somebody in life and help other people to accomplish their dreams.

  15. I should be apart of the show because I want to show alot of people the talent god has gave to me an I don't look for the fame I just want to be the perfect role model to the kids an I want kids to follow up to me.

  16. Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: chest length, brown
    Location: Greece
    wihgt: 58kg
    hihgt: 5’7”
    Talents: acting, singing, dancing, Creative Writing, fashion designer, styling

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