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Pair Of Kings – Disney XD

Pair Of Kings
Pair Of Kings

Disney XD’s hit series Pair Of Kings is coming strong this year with an all new season of smiles and laughs. Casting calls will be starting soon for many roles for this fantastic sitcom. It’s time to get ready to be a star.

Pair Of Kings is a hilarious show that follows a pair of Chicago teenagers named Brady and Boomer who find out that they are heirs to the thrown of a Polynesian island. The boys get into all sorts of crazy hijinks as they adjust to their lives as a Pair Of Kings and their surroundings in their new home with their new friends and subjects. Pair Of Kings takes the classic fish out of water premise that has been a staple of comedy for years and turns it on its head in all new knee-slapping ways every week for millions of loyal viewers! This is by for one of Disney’s most popular programs and season three will find all new twists with the arrival of an all new character played by Adam Hicks (who has previously been featured on Zeke and Luther) which will lead to many more fresh and exciting episodes to entertain us all. Anticipation is running high for everyone at Pair Of Kings as auditions will be starting soon. If you are interested in trying out for season 3 of Pair Of Kings please leave a comment below and stay tuned for every casting update.

The time is now for anyone with dreams of being a part of one of America’s most beloved sitcoms! Parts of all sizes will be available for this years batch of hilarious episodes. Stay tuned and you could be the next Disney star on the all new season of Pair Of Kings.

410 thoughts on “Pair Of Kings – Disney XD

  1. Hi I'm Ty'Darrius im African American I'm 5'7 and I would love to be in this movie I have no acting experience but I always wanted to be an actor and I'll work hard

  2. my name is dana im a male, african american, 5foot11, long black hair. im a class clown i love making people laugh ive been in 7 school plays and passed my acting classes

  3. Im alao mixed black and white
    Brown eyes
    Hair black
    Weight 159
    Pls pls pls pick me they say disneyis where dreams come true i hope mine of being on tjis project will come true to and one shot at disney opens all kinds of doors for actors and actress

  4. Hi my name is john around 15yo 5"4 and
    i think i should be on the movie because I'm really fun an ongoing and its just been a huge dream of mine and I see this show really support the movie and I just want to be a real big part of it cause the show was a big part in my life and with and hopefully the movie will be such a big part of my life and I love acting

  5. hi i love love this show and it would be an honor to be in it i am just 15 years old but i am really talented and smart and i wouldn't let you down if you believe in me

  6. I think this show suits me very well .Im a complete character lol , i love to have fun & just put smiles on peoples faces . GENDER:Male
    ETHNITICY:Mixed(black and white)
    EYE COLOR-Hazel
    HAIR COLOR-Dark brown
    AGE:15 about to be 16

  7. Hello. my name is Courtney lawver im a 15 year old boy who loves to act i would love to be apart of this film im very talented i play drums and piano….THANK'S.

  8. Hi my name is Zaycore I am 10 years old and I am a male and I am 4"5 and I am from Minnesota I was just interested in the show I was hoping if I can meet the hole cast sincerely Zaycore ps thanks if u get this message


  10. I would love to be part of Pair of Kings. If you let me audition you will NOT be sorry.I will give 1,000,000% to my work.Please pick me.

  11. HEYYY !!
    I would love to be cast for any role !
    I can sing, i can act!
    I'm 15 with brown eyes and about 5Ft7"
    I have done some acting before especially with the courses I'm taking
    This would be an awesome experience for me
    Please reply

  12. hi my name is autumn i am 10 i am a female and my birthday is august 22 2002 my hair is dark brown and my eyes are brown and my skin color is tan i love this show i watch it all the time and i will like to be on the show for season 3!!!!!!!

  13. Love this show !
    Im Grace Choi from Toronto,Canada,
    I am willing to do any moving, changing, practicing if i do get this role,
    I am very good at adapting to new circumstances and situations
    I am 16, ready to take on anything!
    I am a small girl in such a big country but i finally found my dreams and what i truly have a passion for !
    I am known to be very bubbly and friendly
    and can assure i will not let anyone down
    please contact me
    thank you ! – Grace

  14. Hi! My name is Javier I would really love to be on a like a extra dosent matter. So i can see where it leads to hehe! Well my info is…
    Age: 13 almost 14
    Height: 5'6
    Hair: Black
    Ethnicity: Salvadorian (Latin)
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Acting Experience: Not really but I will try my best to reach my goal of becoming an actor.
    Thank you! And I hope you reply Cya!

  15. Hi my name is Homar and I would like to work with you guys on set and on pair of kings MY FAVORITE SHOW.
    Cool I would like to work with them for the whole show
    Height : 5'4
    Weight : 210 lbs
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Skin color : white
    Ethnicity :latino
    Im mexican
    Im open to new things im really good at it ( acting )
    And I want to take it to the next level
    Ive been in plays before
    I really want to be in the show please im an ok actor and I would be a great addition to the set please
    I play soccer amd basketball drawing , swimming I would be the best addition to the set if you give me a
    script for a role in the show I will not be good I wikl be great im 14 years old I live in the state of california
    Hope to hear back from you guys DoB : 7/10/1998

  16. name : Kerre' Tinsley
    age : 14
    height : 5'1 or 5'2
    hair color : black & blonde
    race : black & indian
    My name is Kerre' Tinsley. Im nice, pretty, outgoing, fun , funny , easy to get along with and more. I have had a little experience i did model productions modeling and also acting classes. I always give 110% in what i do and i try and do my best and work hard to be the best. If you cast me you will not regret it. i love acting its a passion and i really love disney xd im always watching it and soon i would love to be a part of disney xd, well THANKS . I hope i get cast(:

  17. Karina
    hazel eyes
    brown wavy hair
    from Russia and Greece
    Acting is a passion for me. Every time i am acting i think to myself and say this is what i really want to do.
    I would love to hear back. 🙂

  18. My name is Natalie Lauren I'm 19 years and I would love to be in the show Pair of Kings. I love Disneys show and I've always wanted to be part of it some day. I love acting more than anything and I would love a chance to make my dream come true. Thank you a lot.

  19. i'm kaylin i'm 14 years old and i look mature. i have dirty blondish hair with big blue eyes. i'm about 5' and 100 lbs. i LOVE watching this show. since i was little i wanted to act up until now i still sit in my room pretending to be on a television show. I also like to dance and sing. but this really would be a dream come true

  20. hi my name is gavin cole sauerbrunn
    height:4 11 1/2
    weight: 110
    hair color: brown
    body type: athletic
    Experience: dancing,singing,acting,been in comercals,can play instruments,
    life goals: To become a good actor and perform on shows and i enjoy showing people what i can do i want to go further in acting and singing and i have been in acting classes since i was 4.
    I think i should be in the show to better my experience and move onto greater things .
    thanks for reading about me and contact me, thanks for your time and efort

  21. i want to be on pairs of kings because i like acting and im funny and i like telling jokes
    im 13
    weight 159
    height 5.4
    body type muscler, large
    date of birth june 1, 1999
    im a chirstan
    please email me back

  22. i think i should be on pair of kings because im funny and i can tell jokes i performed at school but now i wanna take it up a level.

    age 13
    weight 159
    height 5.4
    form kansas city mo.
    date of birth june 1 1999
    i play sports (football)
    im a chirstan
    god bless and i hope u email me back thanks.

  23. i think i should be on this show because im funny i tell joke ..

    age 13
    weight 159
    height 5.4
    race black african american
    from kansas city mo
    i play sports (football)

    i hope u email me back

  24. My name is danielle from Lenexa,kansas and it will be a big opportunity for me. I loved D.C. ever since and always be dreaming to see myself in tv. I always wanted to be an actor. It will be amazing if you took your time to choose me! Heres my info to get to know me a little! 🙂
    AGE: 17
    HEIGHT: 5'6"
    this would literally make my dream come true if this happen. Thank you!

  25. Hellooo! My name is Ralitza but i go by the nickname of Rally.I am "adorkable" as my friends like to say. Haha. Im not the perfect student at all! I get yelled at by all my teachers for talking too much. I do get good grades tough. I get along with people unless they think they are too cool to talk. I am 12 years old but people tell me that I look around 14ish. I love acting, singing, drawing,dancing. I am from Bulgaria. Very small town but I moved to IL. I love to play sports such as soccer, football, track and feild. I havent performed in public but i love to sing in my room. I did win a dance battle at the B96 pepsi summer bash! I also was dared to dance in public and my mall ( I did) and there was a whole crowd that formed a circle around me but then the security gaurds came and i had to leave! Hahaha I also LOVE fashion, was ranked best dresses in my school and I LOVE FOOD! Pickles are my life! I would love the chance to show you what i can do. Email me if you have ANY questions.

    Weight: 110
    Height: 5'4
    Hair: Light brown (curly)
    Eyes: Green
    Foot Size: 5,6
    Gender: Female
    Race: Bulgarian (white)
    Favorite Animal: llama,peacocks
    Cool Facts: I can shake my eyeballs ( creepy )

  26. Hi, my name is Floortje, I love acting! I have no real experience.
    but my drama teacher find me very well.

    Name: Floor de Wolf
    Age: 13
    DOB: 30/03/1999
    Hair: long, dark blond
    Eyes: dark blue
    Height: 1.70
    Weight: 116 lbs
    Build: sports body, thin
    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Yes, I can speak English

    Thank you for reading this.
    Greetings, me

  27. Hi! My name is Madison.
    skin color:olive i can get very tan though

    I love acting.Since i was in third grade i have been doing church plays and school concerts. I think being on this show would give me a chance to show what i have to give to the acting buisness. Please send me an email

  28. My name is Cristian Maddalon. I’m 15 years old. I live in Italy, but I know English well. I love D.C.. I love Pair of Kings,it is my favourite Series. I love Mitchell Musso and Doc Shaw. I love recite. I would like to audition to become part of the series Pair of Kings.
    Name: Cristian Maddalon
    Age: 15 years old
    City: Padova, Veneto, Italy
    Acting: i love to act
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 1,70 cm
    Weight: 42 Kg

    if you wanna know something else about me, I will tell you.

    Cristian Maddalon.

  29. Hi, Im Alexis!
    Age:15->turn 16 July 3.
    Ethnicity:African American(light skin).
    *Take advanced drama(recently did a monolauge & a show).
    -Very outgoing & love to make people laugh!
    I would love to audition for this show!(:

  30. Hi.
    I live in Bigfork Montana.
    I am a master at the English accent!
    I'm pretty thin,blonde hair,hazel eyes.
    I've been in many many plays,Annie,alladin,hansel and gretel,and lots more! I really hope I can join the world of Disney!

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