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Oxygen TV Show Snapped: Killer Couples Seeking Male

Oxygen TV Show Killer Couples Seeking MaleOxygen wants you to be in their killer TV show, “Snapped: Killer Couples”. Casting directors are looking for a male actor for a lead recreation role in the series. Jupiter Entertainment describes the show as being all about passion, which is among our strongest emotions. It can bind two hearts together in profound love. Sometimes, it leads to that storybook wedding, that blissful marriage, and that picture-perfect life in the ‘burbs. But other times it becomes so all-consuming it leads seemingly ordinary people to commit terrible, criminal acts…all in the name of love. The Oxygen series tell the real life stories of passion that turned deadly.

Jupiter Entertainment is looking for a male to play the role of Alex Algeri. Actors must be ages 30 to 35 years old with olive skin tone, dark hair and dark eyes. They are looking for a male with short black hair and a goatee. Men with a full muscular build who are buff are perfect for this role! This role is portraying a victim of gun violence. Shooting will be in Knoxville, Tennessee from August 15th August 19th. The pay rate for the TV series is $125.00 per day plus hotel and 50.00 for gas.

If you fit this role and would like to be considered to play the role of Alex, email paden.schmidt@jupiterent.com. Your emails should include recent photos, your name, age and all of your contact information. In your submission, please note any recent work with Jupiter Entertainment. Also note your current location and acknowledge that filming takes place in Knoxville, TN. This is an amazing way to be featured on a national TV show. True to life shows usually hire actors to do all of their recreations which weave in and out of first hand accounts. If you are ready to be on TV and make some money while doing it, don’t miss out on your chance and apply today to be on Oxygen’s “Snapped: Killer Couples”.

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  1. just a little insite to your movie comming on sunday murder for hire ,in tenn, you need to get the facts straight ,no one has come up to support jason starrick ,you know why ?? his gran ma my sister died , his gran pa also same year ,there daughter ,died these are the people who raised him ,in church ,2 weeks befor he was living in osceola ark, going to church ,going with a nice christian girl ,working ,he lost his job had to move back to nashville where he meet these people , she talked and talked and cried ,till she talked jason and genheart into this , thats why she only gave them the 400 ,because he felt sorry for her?? who feels sorry for them ?no body i blame her for getting these boys involved in this crime where they will never see daylight !!!!! by the way hes my nephew !!!! our church could not believe this !! not jason!!!!!!!! by the way he lied when first question ,he wonted to take the fall all by his self , tried to say gernheart wasnt even there ,also jewel jason frien she new it was gonna happen why didnt she warn the police , this case was so wrong in so many ways ………

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