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New TNT Series “Civil” Looking for Extras

New TNT Series “Civil” Looking for ExtrasTNT has picked up a new show and casting directors are looking for extras to be in it. The series called “Civil” takes place in the wake of a contested Presidential election. According to Deadline, “as America finds itself plunging uncontrollably into a modern day Civil War. The series weaves together the personal stories of citizens from all walks of life, whose actions – amplified in an age of instant media – add fuel to the conflict and affect the fate of the entire country”. The series will star Bradley Whitford and Enrique Murciano.

Deadline reports that Whitford will play Grant Taylor, the Democratic candidate for President. Taylor is a career politician who spent the past eight years trying to appear subservient in his role as Vice President, cutting against his reflex to approach every relationship from a position of domineering aggression. He comes from a background of great privilege, but he works hard to mask this behind a facade of “relatability” and good humor.

Grant Wilfley Casting is now accepting urgent submissions for a shoot that will be taking place tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st. The shoot will be taking place in Pearl River, New York, but transportation will be provided from Manhattan. The casting team is looking for men and women who are ages 18 and up to play Republican donors at a fundraiser.

If you are interested and available and would like to be considered, email civil@gwcnyc.com with the subject line reading like this: Your Name, Union Status, Republican Donor Type FB, Phone # The body of your email should include your name, union status, phone number, availability 6/21 and a current candid photo. Be sure to submit ASAP if you would like to be considered for the series.

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